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Poems from 2004 and 2005

© by azure chaos (NathanielR)


For Mandarin

(for valentines)


She looks at me with eyes of pure desire

Seeing right through this soul of mine,

Burning with an intense blue fire

Holding me with warmth and hope.

Catching me up when I falter and tire.


Raining on me like an august shower,

Lost in pain and silence,

Lifting me up, giving me power.

Calling to me with care,

Summer sun in my darkest hour.


Life and love, purity and pain

Golden light as the time moves on

Sharing with me the rush in my veins.

The look of trust, teasing and care.

Burns deep with in and I breath again.

©NateR 13/2/04


How Did I Get Here


Somehow when i look at me,

An image eclipses, that i cannot see.

Something inside, that seems to take hold.

Nothing is sacred, but i cant let it go.

Creeping so slowly, it's almost bypassed.

Imagined complexity, for each look i cast.


I look around and what i feel,

Seems to me, like anothers kinda real.

Something happened, i can't recall.

My head spinning, my body in free fall.

Tripping over, i fail to get up.

I crawl and tremble, my body, my trust.


Who am i, when i'm no longer me?

When i turn around, and look but cannot see?

What's the truth, when i see no lies?

And it all adds up, to my sad eyes.

Where's the way, when the path has gone,

But the way you came, is wholly forlorn?


The future stretched out, and there's nowhere to turn.

Lessons of life, refuse to unlearn.

Many a path, but no one to take.

A hand to hold, a heart to break.

Misery and mystery, Longing and pain.

Realities and histories, they're to remain.


Try to break free, but it's not letting go.

It grips tighter, the dark says it's so.

Ripping open, the inner part.

Awaiting the symphony, the play to restart.

Stopping and stammering, a pause in the play.

Someone to surrender, and send it away.


I look behind, and i cannot see.

The way i came, is blocked to me.

You call back, from upahead.

I strain to hear, the things unsaid.

The time passed by, is out of reach.

What lessons learned, that my life did teach?

©NateR 18/2/04


So They Say


Look don’t leap,

You can’t land on your feet,

The fall won’t be broken

And the words will remain unspoken.


Dance and you’ll fall,

Try to walk tall.

Stop, look and glisten

For silence is golden and you won’t listen.


Everyone must do their duty,

Age before beauty.

Beauty’s only skin deep,

So look before you start to leap.

©Nate 5-1-2005


Escape in music


When the music’s rocking

And it’s got your foot tapping,

Climb in the stereo

And dance in your head.


No one’s there to see you,

You’re no fool no matter what you do.

You’ve got your grove on

And you’re funky cool.


Don’t sit on the sidelines,

The speakers give a sign.

Get up on your feet,

Move your body to the electric beat.


Let music take you over

The rest can run for cover.

Just let it flow through your veins,

Wash away all pain.


Drink it in like water,

Quench the thirst and thought

Breath the notes like oxygen sublime,

Turn the music into rhyme.

©Nate 5-1-2005

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