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A to Z chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – L is for Leather & Licking


The bites and bruises that Warren had left on Harry’s neck had faded over the days following their encounter. He hadn’t even been tempted to heal them, opting to wear them like a trophy, much to Hermione’s disapproval. She said they looked so common, he’d rolled his eyes and told her she was just jealous. He’d been fucked by an angel. Ok, so he wasn’t a real angel but anyone looking at him wouldn’t be able to see the difference. He’d felt considerably lighter since the time they’d spent together, the man really knew what he needed and had given it to him.


He’d been reading the transcripts of the other scenes so far, as well as the one of his own experience. They were fascinating. Harry had never felt so damn horny. He’d also never felt so completely at peace with himself.


So, when his name finally appeared again, there was no fear only excited anticipation. Snake Charmer18 and Demon Dancer were paired together for the letter L. Leather and Licking. Demon Dancer was apparently a switch and that left Harry unsure about who would take the dominant role; he had to admit though that he really wanted to himself. After his experience as a sub he was eager to see it from the other side and Demon Dancer seemed to have been so beautifully submissive during his previous pairings.


His partner had already replied but, as with Warren, had stated that where he lived wasn’t suitable for Harry to join him. It made him wonder about partners and children; he really knew nothing about these people. But he’d talked a little with Warren before and after they’d fucked like bunnies and the man was neither married or had children.


Harry clicked on the reply button and drummed his fingers on the desk a moment before typing. //I look forward to it and would like to invite Demon Dancer to come here, SnakeCharmer18// He hit send and sat back in the chair a moment, hands behind his head while he planned.


The young wizard had never felt particularly sexy until Warren, and now he was starting to have belief in his looks as well as himself. He could sub, he’d shown that much, but he also felt that in that experience he had realised that he could also take control too. With a smile he got to his feet and headed off to transfigure some of his clothes. He didn’t own any leather, but he could soon rectify that.




How was this going to work? Remy thought as he looked at the young man’s reply while drying himself off. He’d posted his own reply and then showered, not wanting to waste any of the time he might have. He’d read the CBT transcript from the Fallen Angel and his partner and now he was paired with the eighteen year old. Admittedly, the young man had handled his last scene well even though it was obvious from the comments on the transcript that he wasn’t very experienced. Snake Charmer’s profile stated that he didn’t know if he was dominant or submissive and looking to explore both sides.


Leather and licking was a fairly tame kink, sure it could be taken as far as the players wanted and could be arousing as hell, but it was probably a good forum for a new dom to flex their muscles. Remy didn’t mind the idea of subbing again. Sure he was a switch but really, he just liked sex and it didn’t really matter too much to him either way. Of course, he might meet the guy and his dominance might stir back into life, but until that happened he would be happy to let the other man run the show if he wanted.


He had the perfect outfit and once he’d dried his auburn hair he went to his wardrobe to look over the contents. Yes, leather was something he had no problem with at all.




“Is he still your hero, boy?” The game master asked his pet.


The younger man glanced up at him from the computer screen with a smile on his face. “More so. Legend is one thing, but seeing with your own eyes…I can only imagine what his life was like, I suppose you know better than me about that, but to see him come apart in Warren’s arms like that… that took a lot of strength.”


Over the days since the encounter between Warren Worthington and Harry Potter, the pet had been trying to work out why his Master had seemed almost disappointed by how well the two had got on. He’d given many hours thought to it and he’d come to a conclusion, well several conclusions. The first was that his Master was a sneaky SOB, the second was that he cared what happened to Harry, actually, he cared what happened to all of them but especially Harry. And finally, from the beginning of the whole game, there was already a plan in place that some people were ideal for a longer pairing. Yes, sneaky indeed. The severe older wizard quite obviously was playing matchmaker. Of course, he hadn’t voiced his suspicions; he was still in the evidence gathering stage.


He gave a sneer that didn’t reach his eyes. “Quite.”


The dark-haired young man had been surprised at how much he’d enjoyed the knife play. When it had first been mentioned he hadn’t look forward to it at all, but watching Angel wield the blade had been fascinating, and then when his Master had marked him up. It was a pure miracle that he had stopped himself cumming without permission. His flesh still carried one of the marks; the rest had all been healed. He suspected that the one remaining mark was destined to remain permanently… the mark of his ownership.


“Time to go and collect Mr Le Beau, pet.” The stern voice prompted as a surprisingly gentle fingertip ran over the mark on his shoulder blade that was hidden from view by a t-shirt.


The young man gave a shudder as a surge of arousal shot down his spine and settled in his groin. He let out an involuntary groan before nodding and vanishing in a shower of blue light and tinkling bells.




Remy was ready for his visitor this time, it would be the third time after all. So when the young man, whose name was still a mystery, appeared in his room he simply gave him a charming smile and a quirk of his eyebrow as the eyes slid over him in a display of naked lust.


“Y’like what y’see, petite?” Remy asked with a mischievous lilt and twinkle.


The Game Masters’ pet swallowed and forced his eyes back up to meet those stunning red on black eyes. He gave a little cough and with slightly pink cheeks admitted, “God, yes.”


That made the mutant laugh and he slid fluidly from where he’d been reclining on his bed and moved to stand in front of the young man. He held out his hand and inclined his head slightly. “Off we go then, oui?”


“Oui,” the dark-haired man replied automatically, “I mean, yes.” The blush increased and Remy chuckled with amusement.


The best way he could think to deal with his embarrassment was to orb them out. It wasn’t his fault that Remy looked so damn hot in all that leather.




As much as he was expecting the arrival of his visitors, he still jumped when they appeared in his room. He’d spared some thought over the last few days to how it was that the young pet could apperate through all his wards, but then he’d never seen anyone apperate quite the way that he did. It confused him, the guy was obviously a wizard but perhaps something else too.


All thoughts about “how” were obliterated from his mind as surely as if someone had just obliviated him as he looked at the vision in front of him. If Warren’s fluffy white wings had left him staring, he was now practically drooling. His already half-hard cock was suddenly like an iron rod. And if the fact the guy was so incredibly sexy wasn’t enough, he was looking right back at Harry with the same kind of lustful look on his face as he had to have.


“Remy, Harry…Harry, Remy.” The pet said with a grin, “I can see you have things to…er… yeah… later…” And he was gone.


Neither of the other two really even noticed.


Of all the things that Harry might have imagined his play partner in, a leather corset was not one of them. His agile body clad in tight boned-leather and buckles that cinched his waist in and restricted his breathing. Combined with the leather pants that had a bunch of padlocks periodically fastened in places. Chastity pants, Harry had seen some on the internet. Leather cuffs that buckled round both wrists finished the outfit off.


He surprised himself that he didn’t blush, instead he felt himself growing more confident. Remy had put a lot of effort in to showing his body off for him. He took several steps forward then held his hand out.


“Key.” He commanded as his eyes held the red on black orbs. Just what kind of demon was Remy?


There was a moment when Harry thought that the other man would object, but it quickly passed as the hand came up and placed the small silver key in the waiting palm. Not that he really needed it, he had magic on his side, but there was something very symbolic in that key being handed over and then those stunning eyes fell away.


He was barely more than a kid, and yet Remy couldn’t help the slide that had already started the moment he’d seen him. Young, he might be, but there was a presence about him: unassuming but with such power radiating off him. He’d gone with the intention of allowing himself to be dominated but when faced with Harry, there really was no allowing involved. He would be dominated and he would love every damn minute of it, of that he was sure.


The Cajun gave a charming smile and sank down onto his knees and presented himself in a posture-perfect formal kneel. Thighs parted, butt resting on his heels with his hand clasping the opposite wrist behind his straight back.


Harry’s cock leapt in his own tight leather pants at the sight of the stunning man going down on his knees for him. It was a miracle that he didn’t cum there and then just from the image he presented. His hand pushed the key into his pocket while the other reached out and threaded through auburn hair that was so silky soft. Remy was like a walking wet dream and suddenly Harry was acutely aware of being only eighteen.


To have control over someone so strong, confident and good looking, and that he’d given it up so freely, it was heady. He turned towards his bedroom. “Follow me, but don’t get up.”


And there was the Slytherin side, the part of him that he’d been running from for nearly eight years. He could make a grown man crawl, so he would, but the thing that separated him was evident. Remy wasn’t doing it out of fear, or anything else other than that he wanted to. He had free will and chose to obey. And from the glance back that Harry gave, the cat-like crawl was fluid and spoke of enjoying every step. He looked damn good while doing it too.


Harry took a deep breath and composed himself silently as he pushed open the door and stepped inside the room. He hadn’t bothered to transfigure it back after Warren’s visit. He didn’t care what Hermione thought he liked it and it was convenient.


Licking,’ Harry thought, there were so many parts of the body that he wanted Remy to lick, he rather liked the idea of him starting at the bottom and working his way up.


Hips swayed enticingly as Remy made sure his body was as appealing as possible while he crawled after the other man. Sure, his dom for the day wasn’t currently watching, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t turn and look at any given time. Besides, Remy Le Beau did everything with gracefulness, whether it be crawling or falling down drunk. He just didn’t know how to do it any other way, that was just how his body was: relaxed, fluid, agile and graceful.


He looked up at the room and took in the opulent reds and golds. The young man was quite the surprise. Eighteen years old and living like a king it would seem. The room was part playroom and part bedroom. Although he would hazard a guess that the bed could easily sleep four people and not be in anyway cramped.




The voice interrupted Remy’s musings about the room and his eyes flickered up Harry’s legs and he had to strain his neck slightly to look up into those amazing green eyes. They were directed at him, as was the statement and he smiled almost shyly, an emotion he certainly wasn’t used to.


“Merci, Sir.” Remy’s silky Cajun tones purred.


They had fallen so easily into the roles, not that Harry would complain about that, and so far he was just following whatever felt right. He tried to avoid planning or deciding what to do next; he just knew that it would come as naturally as the instruction for Remy to hand over the key had done.


He slowly circled the man who was on his hands and knees for him, eyes sliding over the solid body, muscles clearly visible and inviting his touch. He reached down and slid a hand over one hard shoulder and smiled at the soft moan that the action elicited in response.


“So many things that I could do with you, boy.” Harry had never used the word like that before, never called anyone boy in that tone and certainly not someone who was a good eight years or so older than him. It gave a little tickle of excitement in his stomach. His hand moved to run through that soft hair again and this time his fingers curled in tight, gripping and pulling upwards, as he dipped down to place a kiss on soft plump lips as a groan fell from them.


He let go suddenly and crossed the room to a plush chair where he sat down and looked back at the obedient sub who had remained exactly where he’d been left. He beckoned him. “Come to me, boy.”


This time he watched that seductive crawl, the flow of the lithe body was so enticing, he couldn’t look away even if he wanted to. He bet the only angle that could beat that one would be the one from behind that sexy arse – watching it sway back and forth.


Remy reached the seated man and stopped, easing back into a formal kneel and looking up at him through hooded eyes as he waited for his next order. He didn’t have long to wait before a booted toe was pushed between his legs and rubbed against his leather-clad crotch. His hips rocked as he couldn’t stop himself from humping that boot for more friction on his balls.


The foot pulled back, “Ah ah. Naughty boy. Did I say you could take your pleasure like that?” Harry asked sternly with just a hint of teasing to his reprimand.


Remy’s eyes and head dropped slightly, his hair acting almost as a veil as it hung forward. “Je suis désolé, Sir,” he apologised. “It no’ happen again.”


Harry nodded, satisfied with the sincerity of the apology and ran the toe up the length of the bulge firmly. Remy hissed in pleasure but didn’t move. The boot ran back down and pressed hard against the mutant’s balls, rubbing minutely with the continued pressure.


“Good boy,” he praised after long minutes of teasing Remy’s genitals through his pants. “I think you deserve a reward. You may clean my boots… with your tongue.”


The Cajun groaned and his hand tightened around his wrist behind his back. His legs spread wider and he leaned forward to kiss first one boot and then the other. The leather was new and the scent filled his nostrils. His cock was aching hard and he ran his tongue over the toe and up along the instep. His lithe and agile body allowing him to lean down so fully to administer to the boot as the feet parted to allow him room.


Harry watched closely, surprised by how arousing it was to feel someone licking his boots so intently, like they were the centre of the universe. His cock pulsed and flexed in his pants as that talented pink tongue swirled over the leather and then lapped at it alternating long strokes with tiny kitten licks.


Boot worship! He’d heard of it, but this was the first time he’d ever experienced it from either side. Harry wondered why more doms didn’t have subs on their hands and knees licking their boots. He figured nothing would ever get done. He could no doubt cum just from that, and from the quiet pleased noises that Remy was making he suspected he was probably in the same position.


Remy ran his tongue around one of the buckles on the boot and focused on the metal like he would an erogenous zone, the tip of his tongue teasing it and sucking at it before circling it and placing a delicate kiss. There were two buckles on each boot and he repeated the action on the second buckle. By the time he’d finished, his eager tongue and lips had covered every millimetre of that first boot and he was achingly hard.


He swapped his attention to the other boot and began to give it the same treatment. Swirling his tongue in delicate patterns before lathing the leather in long cleaning strokes. Remy couldn’t help but moan, it was such an arousing position and Harry hadn’t spoken since he’d started. He had no indication of whether the younger man was even paying the slightest bit of attention to him. The thought that he could be going to such effort and not being watched was powerfully arousing, he didn’t dare glance up to find out, instead he found himself doubling his efforts. As if licking more firmly or delicately could affect whether the other man cared what he was doing.


Worshipping Harry’s boots was intoxicating, and long after the boot was completely covered with his saliva he continued to lick and kiss, caressing the smooth leather as if it were sensitive flesh.


Finally, a hand wrapped in his hair and tugged, his eyes rose as he did and he looked into bright green eyes. The look of lust on Harry’s face was unmistakable as he was directed towards the leather-clad crotch. His face pressed against the groin in silent command and his lips and tongue began to slide over the leather, feeling the hard cock that it covered.


Harry groaned then, the pressure against his erection proving too much to be able to hold it in. Merlin, but it felt so good. He closed his eyes, keeping his hand threaded tightly in that auburn hair as Remy treated his groin to the same attention as he had his boots.


Determinedly licking at the leather as if it were the flesh it covered, swirling the tip of his tongue over it and alternating between firm flat licks and tiny delicate patterns with just the tip. A second hand joined the first in his hair and held him there, pressed against the leather, surrounded on either side my solid thighs, and the scent of masculine arousal mixed with the leather filling his lungs and driving him crazy with need.


The young wizard was practically shaking with arousal. He wanted to unzip and drive his cock into that wickedly talented mouth, but he wasn’t ready for it to be over, not yet.


His tongue ran over the ridges of the zip, careful not to cut his tongue on them after the butter-soft leather. Remy’s mind didn’t ponder how he’d achieved such softness with such obviously new garments, he had more important things on his mind. A boot had found its way back between his thighs and was rubbing hard against his aching cock. He whimpered and sucked at the zip-pull. Catching it in his teeth and giving it a light tug. His eyes looked upwards, wanting the go ahead to release the hard flesh contained within.


Harry watched him as his boot continued to tease, he was tempted to see if he could make the boy come in his pants, the practical part of his brain telling him that he could easily clean it up with a spell. He wanted to know if he had that sort of power over Remy, but he didn’t want to find out that in making him cum he’d lose some of the eagerness. And that tongue was certainly eager as it slid over the leather.


He nodded at the silent question and watched as the zip was pulled down with only teeth. Of course, that was as much as he could do without using his hands, the button was still done up and he watched with some amusement as the Cajun tried to unfasten the button. Frustration obviously growing as the attempts grew more jerky and frantic. His hands tightened once more and stopped the attempt.


Remy slumped in disappointment. He’d wanted to taste his dom. Wanted to show him what else he could do with his mouth. But he couldn’t get that damn button undone and now he’d been stopped. He went back to mouthing the hard-on through the leather.


His hips knew better than to rub himself against the boot between his thighs now, and he moaned and whimpered as it stimulated him slowly but insistently. Just when he thought that boot was going to take him past the point of no return it was gone and he groaned with frustration and disappointment. The sound was echoed doubly as the hands that had been buried in his hair pulled him back from his oral treat.


Harry grinned at the pout on delicious lips and he pulled Remy forward so that he could run his tongue over the plump pout. He licked at the lips then teased them open, licking at perfect teeth and the wicked tongue that he found inside. He tasted leather and the faint remnants of cigarettes, so Remy was a smoker, everyone had their faults, he figured. He could forgive it; he was too damn sexy to hold it against him.


The kiss was long and slow, he held the older man in place with his grip on his hair as he slowly mapped his mouth and teased his tongue. He finally pulled back and, in the true spirit of their theme of the day, licked the tip of Remy’s nose playfully.


The Cajun grinned at the tease, red on black eyes blazing with need and arousal. “Please, Sir…” he gasped breathily.


Harry gave a smile and an upward tug on the hair before letting it go.


“Stand up,” he ordered as his hand retrieved the key and his play partner obeyed.


Shifting forward on his chair brought Harry level with the taller man’s crotch. The bulge was unmissable. He ran a hand over it, squeezing and massaging with the heel of his palm before leaning forward and licking from bottom to top over the outline of Remy’s erection.


The Cajun shuddered, and his perfect composure weakened slightly as his knees dipped from the surge of pleasure.


Harry made quick work of unlocking the tiny padlocks and removing them. “Take the pants off, but leave the corset on,” he instructed, there was just something about the boned-leather that turned him on…a lot.


It seemed that Remy knew that too as he gave a cheeky but charming smile as he moved to obey. Sliding down the zips and undoing the button before pushing the leather down his strong thighs. He wasn’t wearing underwear; it wasn’t really a surprise to Harry as he wasn’t himself. Leather didn’t really lend itself to it.


As Remy straightened up, his cock jutted out lewdly, demanding to be noticed. Harry didn’t stop himself from leaning forward and swiping his tongue over the leaking tip.


That hot sweet tongue almost brought the X-man to his knees, and he only just managed to steady himself before his legs could buckle under him.


“On the bed.” Harry almost growled out in his lust. There was something about having a hard-bodied, half-naked sex kitten in his flat that was rapidly unravelling his self-control.


He watched as the other man moved to obey him. And as if reading his mind, climbed on the bed and onto his hands and knees.


Harry was presented with the finest looking arse he could ever remember seeing. Before they were finished he would be buried deep inside it, but before that, he hadn’t quite finished with the tongue action. Remy had enjoyed his turn and now it was the wizard’s.


He unfastened his boots blindly, not wanting to take his eyes off that perfectly sculpted muscular arse. They were tossed aside with twin thuds and he climbed up onto the huge bed without removing anything else. Bending forward, Harry flickered his tongue over the bottom of Remy’s foot and grinned as it twitched from the ticklish sensation. He moved across to repeat the action on the other foot. He might have had a target in mind, but he was in no rush to get there.


The agile tongue ran up and around an ankle bone, flickering over the flesh, tasting the leather that had just been worn and something else that had to be purely Remy. He felt the fine hairs under his tongue on the Cajun’s flesh, a departure from the smoothness of the leather.


The tip of Harry’s tongue slid up over a muscular calf, pausing to swirl intricate patterns over the warm flesh. He braced himself on hands and knees behind the sexy man, listening to the hitch of breath and the occasional moan of pleasure. He smiled at the reactions and continued higher, pausing to tease the crease at the back of Remy’s knee. The whine that was emitted in response caused his own dick to pulse and some how Harry resisted the urge just to go for a home run there and then.


Instead, he switched to the other leg, returning back to the ankle and swirling around it repeatedly as if he were trying to get a reaction from the bone. The response he garnered wasn’t from the bone but from the almost wagging of Remy’s arse as it wiggled from side to side tantalisingly.


It was thrilling to know that Remy was holding the position because he wanted to, not because he had to. There were no restraints necessary, although, when he was done this time there was still plenty of time to tie him down and play some more. After all, he had some pretty enticing nipples on view above the edge of that corset and he was looking forward to tormenting them with his tongue and teeth.


Harry wasn’t entirely sure where this side of himself had come from. It was like it had been there, bubbling away under the surface waiting for the right person to release it. He wasn’t sure if Warren or Remy were to thank for that, maybe both of them. No doubt Hermione would say that this was totally out of character for the Harry Potter that she knew, but to be honest he didn’t really care… and why the hell was he even thinking about little-miss-know-it-all when he had a hot guy on his bed.


He released his own moan of pleasure and slid his tongue upwards to dip into the corresponding crease behind the other knee. That was one sexy spot and he had to admit he thought it was massively under-exploited. Hidden erogenous zones, someone had been sneaky with them. There was another moan and wiggle from his partner and it made him grin. Maybe he could spend some time later finding them all.


Nudging the legs further apart, Harry shifted his position to change his angle, and started to slide his tongue up one powerful looking thigh.


His goal was well and truly in sight and he almost ignored the soft needy whimpers that Remy was making as his tongue slid up the inside of his thigh and then along the crease where arse met leg.


The Cajun gave a full-bodied shudder that ran down the length of his spine and practically all the way back up again. He thought his tongue was wicked but Harry… he was undoing him just with that single innocent muscle. And Remy really was ready to come apart at the seams. His heavy cock was a dusky purple and his balls were pulled up tight, he was leaking steadily onto the bed covers. He never wanted it to end but at the same time he wanted to be granted release so he could shoot his load and scream the place down in every Cajun curse he knew.


Finally, Harry reached his target, his tongue running down that sweet crack as his hands eased the cheeks apart. He zeroed in on the winking pucker and circled it slowly.


“Merde!” Remy cried out and bucked as the pleasure of that caress shot through every nerve ending and almost made him cum. The slow teasing pressure as his sphincter was rimmed was a combination of heaven and torture.


Harry grinned at the response, flattened his tongue and licked his way slowly back up the crack and then back down to the fluttering hole. He wanted to fuck it so bad but he wasn’t ready to do that yet. He wanted to turn Remy to jelly first. His tongue ran around Remy’s anus once more and he dipped the tip in slightly, massaging as he did so. He felt the muscle relaxing under his tongue, could hear the other man’s breath hitching more.


The corset that he was wearing restricted Remy’s breathing; he wanted so badly to take deep calming breaths, but the leather prevented him from doing so. Not only that but the constriction served to turn him on even further, of course, that was part of why he wore it in the first place. That evil tongue was driving him crazy and the moans fell steadily from his mouth. He fisted his hands into the covers to stop himself from rocking back on it for fear it would be pulled away in punishment.


Warm hands slid over even warmer butt cheeks and as his tongue invaded Remy’s sphincter, his finger slid into position to join it. “Lubricus,” he murmured and his fingers were covered in a slick substance. Harry smiled to himself and moved back as his finger teased the opening before sliding in easily.


Remy couldn’t stop himself from pushing back on the invader, gasping and moaning as he did so. He was lost in the sensations, Harry was playing his body so perfectly, he didn’t care how old he was, he obviously knew a thing or two about pleasure.


A second finger was quickly added and Harry scissored them in the snug sheath, stretching and urging Remy’s hole to relax around them. His other hand worked at the button on his pants and released his throbbing erection from confinement. He was so hard it hurt and beyond ready for sliding into that hot body and fucking them both senseless.


He muttered the spell for lubrication again and coated his cock with the slippery stuff. Harry made sure he prepared that sexy bottom properly, he didn’t want to spoil the fun they were having by being over eager with his entry. He worked his way up to three fingers and then, when he was satisfied and Remy was practically cooing, he eased them out. Shifted himself to kneel behind his partner and slowly eased his hard cock into the clutching ring of muscle.


He felt it flutter around him as he sank deep and the deep-seated groan from Remy vibrated right through him. Harry moaned in response. “So hot, so damned hot.”


The auburn-haired X-man felt himself being filled up and split apart, no doubt Harry wasn’t the biggest guy who’d fucked him but right now he felt huge.


Harry knew he wasn’t going to last long, his control was rapidly slipping away as he began to thrust slowly into that clutching channel. The noises that Remy was making as he panted for air were adding to his arousal and driving him on towards completion. His pace picked up and he started to thrust harder, faster, driving in over and over.


“Cum for me,” Harry gasped out and drove in one last time before he started to fill Remy with his hot spunk. His body shaking as he tingled from head to toe and he felt like his head would explode. He panted, his desperate attempts to catch his breath matching those of the other man who was shuddering below him.


There was a load cry in a language he didn’t understand and Remy went rigid. Then, as if a dam had broken, the body beneath him started to move again wildly. Harry gave a few more thrusts and collapsed forward breathing raggedly and kissing the nearest available flesh.


Remy had cum so hard the room was spinning, but he could have taken more. The weight on top of him felt good and he slowly eased forward, lowering them both to the bed with a content sigh, careful not to lose their intimate connection.




The Game Master’s pet shifted as he looked up at the screen. Of all the kinks they’d had so far, he’d thought this would be the tamest, that there was little fun to be had in something like licking and leather. He’d been wrong and he had the erection to prove it. His Master seemed equally as affected.


“Who’d have thought he could be like *that*.” The pet said quietly.


His Master gave a snort and stood up, he left the room in a swirl of black robes. His pet waited only a heartbeat before following.



Chapter 13 - M is for Medical Play


Warren smirked, he couldn’t help it, growing up with fantasies of Doctors and Nurses had blossomed into a fetish that he rarely indulged in anymore. He wondered how the Game Master knew, so far the man had correctly paired him for kinks that he had an interest in and the other assignments seemed to be equally perfect. Oh yes, he might be the consummate business man, but Warren Worthington the third definitely had a thing for dressing up and playing Doctor.


He went under his bed to retrieve his kit and started to sort through it. He had some of the things he would need, including the adapted lab coat that he had from occasionally helping Hank in the medical bay. But he was lacking a few of the desirable items. He rubbed his hands together in glee as he tried to come up with a list of things to do that wasn’t too long. His partner was Dark Kitten, intriguing. The young man’s previous scene had been almost two weeks ago and the transcript for it had made interesting reading and he didn’t seem averse to a little pain.


Returning to his computer he typed a reply. //I shall require some assistance to procure some items. Could I perhaps utilise your pets travelling capabilities for a while before meeting with the Kitten. Also, I require a suitable location for the scene. Fallen Angel//


After hitting send, he waited.




The Game Master read the reply from the winged-mutant and thoughtfully scratched his chin while making his decision. It was just as well that he hadn’t incapacitated his boy with the previous day’s play. He was looking forward to seeing what a creative mind could come up with for such a fetish.


//Very well, I shall send him in five minutes, I understand that this sort of scenario can require specialist equipment.


Game Master//


“Pet!” he called out and bare milliseconds later the young wizard was there in a shower of lights even thought he’d only come from two rooms away.




“I need you to take our Mister Worthington shopping for some items. He requires transportation for a speedy expedition. You… might want to put some clothes on,” he suggested with a sneer.


Pulling his wand from somewhere inside his black robes the Game Master cast a quick disillusionment charm on the collar around his neck. “Now only people in the know will be able to see it, pet. Hurry, we don’t have all day.”


The brunette grinned at the spell and orbed out to get dressed and go to the waiting X-man.




For ten days Xander had been checking the group mails and hoping to see his name and each day he’d been disappointed. Of course, it had taken three days before he could walk properly again. He’d taken time off, after the fourth call from headquarters he’d unplugged his phone and burrowed into his bed to hide from the world content to just bask in the afterglow of his time with Gil Grissom. The man had been fantastic, he’d required a little while to recover after his first orgasm and Xan put that down to his age. But once his engine was revved again, it was all good.


Work had been its usual stressful crap and his relaxed state had been gradually fading over the last few days. It was with some relief that he saw his name appear once again, this time with Fallen Angel. It was so wrong that it immediately made him think of the Angel he knew. He shook his head and focused on the kink.


“Gah!” Xander had spent far too much time in a hospital for the idea of medical play to appeal to him. He thought about declining, but didn’t know if he had the right to, if it would forfeit his place in the game completely. Perhaps he would just give it a go and see, he could always use his Safeword if he got too freaked out by it all.


There was already a reply from his play partner and he shuddered as he read it. A trip for equipment, what was he getting himself into? He was more nervous this time than he had been the first time. Although he reminded himself how well that had turned out, so maybe it would be ok.


//Er, ok, I’ll be ready…whenever.// Xander replied, his words no doubt reflecting his obvious discomfort with the subject.


“Get a grip!” he told himself as he shut down his computer and headed out the door for home. “It’s not as if you’re going to an actual doctor, and besides, what’s the worst he could do?” Xander continued to mumble to himself as he walked through the corridor. His brain babbled back at him that there was a whole lot he could do and it involved sharp things like needles and scalpels. He eeped to himself and told himself to shut up. There would be no cutting of the Xander!




“You want me to wear what?” The pet looked at the outfit that his Master held out to him.


He’d just returned from taking Warren on his jaunt, the man had turned out to be interesting if a little aristocratic. His posture and manners were perfect and he seemed to expect the same of everyone else. He had money and it was glaringly obvious for all to see. After having word from his Master, he’d transported him to the magically prepared room that they’d used for the Gloryhole kink and left him to sort through his ample purchases and other equipment.


“It will set the scene, boy, enter into the spirit of things,” The tall lanky man urged with a smirk.


“I don’t have a choice, do I?” the younger man asked with a pout. He didn’t need to hear an answer to know it was true and he took the offered outfit.


He changed silently; the mutinous look on his face was enough to register his displeasure despite the smug look on his Master’s face. Just how did he get himself into this in the first place? How did he fall in love with this man who could be so damned unapproachable and severe? He looked down at himself and sighed. “There better be some kind of reward for this,” he muttered.


“I think you look adorable.”


Was that a grin? Was the bastard actually smiling at his discomfort? The occurrence of a smile on that stern face was rare in itself but he never for one minute thought that he would find something to grin about in dressing his slave up in a naughty nurse’s outfit. How embarrassing! He hoped his mother and aunts never found out, he’d never live it down.


“Don’t forget the stockings pet.”


His jaw dropped and green-brown eyes glared in dismay.


His Master laughed, of all the things that it could have taken to access the man’s sense of humour, he had never dreamed that this would be it. A thousand curse words ran through his mind but he bit them off before they could fall from his lips.


“Just so you know,” he started as he carefully rolled one fishnet stocking on, “I do not find this in the slightest bit arousing.”


“Duly noted,” came the amused reply.




Once dressed fully he gave a glare and orbed out.




Xander was pacing back and forth when the melodic sound caught his attention and he spun around about to tell the pet that he didn’t think he could do it… and stopped in his tracks as his brain derailed at the sight in front of him.


The Game Master’s pet was glaring at him, just daring him to laugh or say something. “That Master of yours is one SOB it would seem. What did you do to deserve that?”


“Apparently I’m entering into the spirit of things. It made him smile so I guess that’s a small triumph.” He gave a shrug. “Anyway, the Doctor is ready for you Mister Harris, shall we go?”


“I…er… hospital stuff, I’m not too sure of it. That whole equipment thing. I know some people really go for the roleplaying angle. Doctors and nurses and all that but it’s been a long time since I liked to play those kinds of games and I’ve spent far too much time at the hands of medical professionals.”


“Xander, it’ll be fine, he’s a nice guy and he knows his stuff. If you want to stop just use the Safeword.” He rested a reassuring hand on the older man’s arm. “Trust me, I think you’ll enjoy yourself, you just have to relax. It’s nothing like going to see a proper doctor… there you worry about getting a happy this time it’s positively encouraged.”


Xander slid his eyes down the white nurses uniform, stalled at the stockings and glanced back up from behind shaggy brown hair at the little hat that was perched on the other man’s hair. “Ok, let’s go.” If the pet could dress up in a silly outfit for his Master’s amusement then he could go and have orgasms… provided he was allowed and when did he start to sound like Anya?


He received a smile and then that weird tingling sensation passed over his skin as he was transported to the waiting Doctor.


Warren was sat in a hard backed chair tapping his pen on the clipboard he was holding. White wings were tucked neatly behind him through the holes in his adapted lab coat. As the two men orbed in, he raised an eyebrow at the pet’s attire but said nothing. He noted that the two subs could be brothers and with a smile he stood.


“Ah, nurse, this is my next patient, Mister….?”


“Mister Harris, Doctor,” he informed him and with a grin, orbed out. Ok so the outfit might be ridiculous but it was amusing.


Xander made a quick assessment of the situation and realised that they were going to be doing this seriously. Not like serious serious but with the full-on pretence of a real doctor’s visit.


“Um, hi, y’know I really don’t know why I’m here, I don’t even need to see a Doctor, I’m perfectly healthy. I haven’t had a cold in… well years and when it comes to fit then…”


“Mister Harris, allow me to be the judge of that. Now if you’ll just pop behind the screen and remove your clothes I’ll be with you shortly.” Warren interrupted the younger man as he started to…babble, it was best to cut that off quickly.


“Clothes off?” Xander’s eyes widened.


Warren wasn’t sure if the man was acting the part or seriously was feeling very off-balance with the whole scene.


“I assure you, Mister Harris, I’ve been doing this for many years, you have nothing I haven’t seen before hundreds of times. However, if it makes you feel better I’ll let you choose a word that will let me know you’re seriously uncomfortable and do not wish to continue.” Warren thought he was being quite smart with working the Safeword in like that while still keeping it as part of the game.


Xander swallowed and looked to think about it before nodding slowly. “Ok. The word is babble. No confusion there with that,” he said reusing the word from last time.


“Babble! Good. Now, if you could pop behind the screen for me and we’ll get started with the physical exam,” Warren instructed patiently. He’d heard all kinds of safe words over the years and whatever worked was ok with him, he suspected it was linked to the way the guy did babble when nervous; at least that was his initial observation.


Behind the screen, which he thought entirely pointless as the doctor would be coming around it in a minute when he was naked, Xander pulled his T-shirt off over his head and folded it neatly before placing it on the chair that sat by the exam table. He was already having those nervous feelings in the pit of his stomach; the whole scenario was all too real. Of course, he’d been so anxious he barely gave himself chance to recognise how pretty his partner for today was, with blond hair like spun gold, blue eyes and perfectly sculpted features, he was almost too pretty to be a boy. Then there were the wings that he’d peeked at.


The room wasn’t cold but his nipples snapped up hard as if it were. He fumbled with his belt before dropping his baggy jeans around his ankles. The brunette crouched and unlaced his boots before pulling his pants and socks off. He wasn’t hard, in fact he was probably the furthest thing from hard that he could ever get. Xan half wished he’d called it off, but he’d promised himself that he would give it a try and he would.


“I’m ready, Doc,” he called out, his hands self-consciously trying to cover his groin and then his nipples, not sure which he wanted to cover most.


Warren stepped around the screen and let his eyes sweep over the naked young man. He was well-muscled under those too loose clothes and he took in the tanned flesh and the hardened nipples. He smiled and made a little note on his clipboard that was actually just a scribble. “I see you keep yourself in shape,” he commented idly.


Xander’s cheeks heated up under the cool scrutiny. “I try… I get a lot of exercise with work. Mostly running but some…other stuff.”


Warren nodded and set the clipboard down on the exam table. He started the exam off like any normal doctor would and completely ignored the fact that his patient was stood their naked. First, he unwrapped a sterile spatula and told Xander to open wide. The younger man looked a little worried but opened his mouth. Using the spatula to hold his tongue flat, he peered down the other man’s throat as if he knew exactly what he was doing.


“Say ah,” he prompted.




“And swallow,” Warren told him.


Xander gulped.


“Good good, strong throat muscles,” he commented as he discarded the spatula and mimicked palpating the outside of Xander’s throat. His fingers lingered and lightly stroked in a very unprofessional manner a moment.


Out of his pocket he pulled an ear scope and placed it in each ear in turn, peered through it and made “hmm” sounds. The scope disappeared and he reached for the clipboard to once again scribble on it.


“Now, I think we best take your temperature.” He removed a thermometer and Xander opened his mouth to accept it.


Warren shook his head with a small smile. “Oh no, Mister Harris, that’s not how I take a temperature. Please turn around and brace your hands on the bed.”


Slightly stunned, Xander did as he was told, not thinking to question it.


“Might feel a little bit cold,” the doctor warned him.


Then there was a slick cool feeling of something thin and solid sliding into his anus. Xander’s eyes widened but he didn’t protest. His cock however made a slightly jump of interest.


Warren rubbed small soothing circles on the young man’s lower back as the other hand kept a hold on the thermometer for long minutes. Then he pulled it out and looked at it studiously.


“Hmm,” he murmured in consternation. “You can turn back around now, Mister Harris.” More notes scribbled and the used rectal thermometer was discarded.


He batted away a hand that Xander was trying to cover himself with and cupped the hanging balls, fondling them lightly at first then more firmly, a little frown on his pretty face as he groped his patient in the name of examining him for lumps.


Xander’s cock really started to take notice of the touch, and he had to swallow a moan at the way the warm hand was rolling, squeezing and lightly tugging at his balls.


When Warren was pleased with the resulting hardening of Xander’s cock he loosened his grip and instructed, “Turn your head and cough.”


Xander did and his balls bounced in the man’s hand.


“And again,” Warren said, purely for amusement.


“Hmm,” he murmured yet again. “I think maybe we need to do a more in depth exam and collect some samples.” His voice was full of professionalism, but there was a wicked, teasing glint in his eyes.


“Uh, whatever you think best, doc.” Xander replied, his nervousness was easing somewhat but he still wasn’t completely there, even though he was over halfway hard now.


“I think it’s best to get you cleaned out and then we’ll do a full rectal exam. If you just pop up on the bed, I’ll get the necessary equipment set up.”


“Cleaned out?” Xander asked dumbly even as he obeyed the command to get up onto the exam table.


“That’s right, Mister Harris, don’t worry, I’m told the experience can be quite pleasurable,” Warren reassured him as he undid the brake on the wheels and moved the bed out from the wall enough that he could get all the way around it.


“On your hands and knees is easiest,” he prompted.


A dubious look flickered across the handsome face before Xander rolled onto his front and pushed up onto his hands and knees, his cock bounced at the exposed position.


Warren wheeled a drip stand in close to the bed along with an enema bag that he attached. He paused to push some pillows under Xander’s chest and encouraged him to lean on them. Then he started to fill the enema bag with warm, mildly soapy water. The winged mutant took a moment to run the water through, making sure that there would be no air in the tube and then lubed up the nozzle.


“Slight pressure,” he warned and slid the nozzle into the waiting man’s body. The balloon was inflated to make sure that it wouldn’t fall out and then he slowly opened the flow of water.


Xander’s eyes widened and his mouth formed an,“Oh”. The sensation of the warm water running into him was incredibly strange. At first he moaned in pleasure and his cock concurred as it continued to harden. And then he felt the first cramping in his stomach and groaned in discomfort.


Doctor Warren immediately shut off the flow, his warm hand rubbed soothing circles on the base of his spine once again but this time he uttered calming words, “Ssh, it’s ok, just relax, pant,” he coached demonstrating the breathing pattern that would work, “that’s it, it’ll relax the cramping,” he kept up the words and coaching until Xander relaxed again.


Xander felt stupid panting like a woman in labour, but he did as he was told and found it worked. Regardless of how embarrassing the situation may be, his cock had hardened and stayed that way.


He restarted the flow and let it run slowly, continuing the gentle circular motions as he watched the fluid trickle through the tube. They had to stop a couple more times when Xander’s stomach cramped slightly and the final time it happened Warren left the flow shut off; it was almost fully run anyway.


“You’re doing incredibly well,” he encouraged. “Now I need you to hold it. So, as I ease the nozzle out, clench and keep clenched.” Warren eased the nozzle out and hoped that the young man had listened to the instruction.


Xander gave a little disconcerted whine but clenched and held onto the fluid like his life depended on it. It would be far too humiliating to fail.


Warren quickly but thoroughly rinsed the bag and the tube before hooking it back on the drip stand.


He looked at his patient who was panting heavily again and returned to his soothing stroking. When the young man calmed he helped him move. “Slowly,” he urged.


Xander wanted to run for the bathroom, he felt full…bulging and very uncomfortable. He also felt like he was about to lose control any second. But he did as he was told and moved slowly, continuing to clench his muscles as he got off the exam table. Warren opened a door that he’d not noticed before and revealed a small bathroom and Xander waddled his way towards it with the support of the doctor.


He’d barely sat on the toilet seat than he lost his control and evacuated with a groan of release. It was slightly painful and he flushed at the noise and smell. After about ten minutes, when he was done, he sat there a moment longer to make sure he was finished, sagging in relief. Warren handed him toilet paper to clean himself.


“You’re doing really well,” he told him, only just resisting the urge to play with the floppy brown curls, “Just one more run through and we’ll be able to do the internal exam.”


Brown eyes widened. “Again?” he asked and then sighed in defeat at the imperious nod that he received. His arousal had softened slightly but was still evident. He flushed and followed the doctor back to the exam bench where the process started all over again.


The second time through Warren used clean warm water and it went smoother and quicker. Xander didn’t have to hold it as long because the bag, tube and nozzle were simply discarded and before he knew it he was cleaned out and done. He felt a little drained but his arousal was still in evidence as he made his way back to the bench.


“Now up you pop and I’ll take a proper look,” Warren patted the bench chirpily and watched as his patient stiffly complied.


Xan was feeling tired, but he was also feeling relaxed. He was cleaned inside and out, which meant anything that Warren wanted to do would be just fine.


Warren lubed up a finger and pressed it against the exposed hole, he slid it slowly in and sought out the walnut sized lump. “Ah, perfect, there we are,” he said with a triumphant smile that his patient couldn’t see. His free hand pulled a small sample bottle from his lab coat pocket and flipped the lid off easily. “Lets see if we can get a sample shall we?” he said as he exploited Xan’s prostate.


The brunette moaned and then groaned deeply at the pleasure from the stimulation. His cock jumped and bounced happily at the sensation and he found himself breathing heavily. Before long he couldn’t help himself and started rocking back and forth on the finger.


Warren’s other hand placed the specimen bottle on the bed underneath his patient and started to stroke the hard cock. The moans of pleasure increased until Xander’s muscles snapped taught and with a mewling cry he came. The cum splattered on the bed, missing the cup. “Oh dear, looks like we’ll have to get another sample,” Warren said with mock seriousness.


Xander groaned and his softening cock twitched. “If you think that’s best doctor,” he said breathlessly, now feeling almost completely at ease with the situation.


The blond doctor grabbed a cloth and quickly wiped up the cum from the exam table. “Maybe we should try it with you lying on your back this time,” he said with a warm smile.


Xan was moving before he’d even finished the suggestion; glad to be lying down without having to expend any effort into keeping himself upright.


“Perhaps we should focus on getting you erect again, I think I know just the thing.” Warren gave a little smirk before retrieving a penis pump from a drawer. “This ought to do it,” he said as he started lubing up the outer seal.


There was a soft whine but no other protest from his patient. So he slid it over the relaxed cock until it was settled in position at the base of his cock and started to squeeze the bulb pump.


At first, Xander didn’t feel much, then there was a slight tingle as if it was the start of a nice suck job. Then it felt like it was trying to suck all his blood into his cock and out through the skin. His eyes went wide and instead of a cry of protest when he opened his mouth, he was surprised when a groan of pleasure fell out. “Oh god,” he groaned and thunked his head back against the bed.


Warren watched as the lax cock rapidly hardened with the pressure that was being exerted in the tube, as every pump removed more air from the chamber.


“Excellent,” the doctor told him. He left the tube where it was while he looked around for another implement to use. “If you could bring your legs up, bend them at the knees, that’s it perfect, now spread them apart, “perfect!”


A slick finger once again probed at his hole and his eyelids fluttered in pleasure. Ok, he had to admit that this was hot as hell, and nothing like being at a real doctors. A second finger slid into his hole and he shivered in pleasure. Xander had to bite down on his lower lip to stop himself from begging for release.


The two fingers played over his prostate and he thought he might cum again, but then the fingers were gone and something cool and hard was being slid inside. Xan groaned deeply again, the plastic of the penis pump lay against his belly, his hard cock pulsing away inside and feeling like someone was pricking it with thousands of tiny little pins.


Warren was delighted to see the effect that his actions were having on the young man. He knew that it may well be a scene where he didn’t get to cum himself, but he was enjoying every minute of it. He was sure he could find a way to work his own orgasm into it somewhere if he wanted to, but he found that it didn’t really matter; they could always play more after. He slowly started to expand the anal speculum that he’d inserted, dilating the pucker further and further.


The sensation of being opened up made Xander’s eyes widen again, it was starting to become something of a habit in this scene. He gasped for air and then felt his ass being opened up more. He had no idea how much the other man had dilated his sphincter by but he felt like he was propped wide open.


The doctor abandoned the speculum for a moment and squeezed the bulb of the pump one more time.


Xander arched, his hands gripping at the side of the bed. “Oh, god, fuck…please…”


“Hmm,” Warren said, “maybe we should look at the hyper sensitivity that you seem to be suffering from. See if it affects any other parts of your body.”


He left him splayed open, his cock engorged in the tube and feeling like it might explode at any minute. He selected a Wartenberg pinwheel from the drawer and returned to his patient. Slowly, he ran the wheel of sharp pinpoints up along the tanned side nearest him and back down again. Then he crossed the heaving chest to repeat it on the other side. The pinwheel ran back and forth across Xander’s chest and up over his nipples.


The young man cried out in pleasure-pain as he teetered on the edge.


Warren exploited it, circling the hard sensitive nipples with the Wartenberg wheel, occasionally pressing harder. The young man’s eyes were squeezed closed as he fought to remain in control with all the sensations that were filling his body. Then the wheel ran down and over his exposed balls and it was too much.


Xander cried out and came inside the tube, the explosion of cum inside it looked incredibly impressive and Warren found himself watching as each spurt coated the inside of it.


“Oh dear, looks like another wasted sample,” he said with a smirk as he released the valve on the tube and slid it off the softening cock. “Hmm, I wonder what we have to do to get a viable sample from you, Mister Harris.”


Xander gave a soft exhausted moan. If it weren’t for the speculum still dilating his ass, then his legs would have flopped down on the table. As it was, he had very little strength to hold them up right.


Warren looked at the younger man, worn out on the bench and almost called it a day.


“I think I have the answer,” the doctor told him, “do you have enough energy to try again?”


The brunette turned to look at him and his eyebrows rose slightly. He let his eyes slide over the magnificent form of the other man, his eyes landed on the wings and he found himself nodding despite himself.


“Good, it will take a lot of commitment on both our parts, but I’m confident that together we can manage to get a sample,” Warren told him and quickly released the speculum. He drew it out slowly and discarded it along with the rest of the used equipment. He lubed up his fingers and pushed three straight into the relaxed hole.


Xander gasped and then groaned as the fingers struck his prostate. They slid in and out slowly and then the doctor wrapped his other hand around the twitching cock. It seemed that it didn’t know whether it wanted to get hard or not. He watched as the hand rhythmically squeezed him and he felt blood rushing south again. His eyes fluttered closed but flew open in surprise as warm wetness wrapped around him.


Warren wrapped his lips around the young man’s cock and helped it make up its mind by sucking and licking at it. It slowly started to harden again. He moved his fingers in and out while his mouth worked on arousing his patient once again. He added a fourth finger to Xander’s ass and slowly worked them in. His tongue ran up the length of the hardening shaft and teased the tip before he once again enveloped the shaft in his hot mouth and sucked hard. He kept it up until the young man was mewling and his hips were bucking and pushing back on the fingers.


He relinquished the cock and moved further down the bed so that he could watch his fingers disappearing into the relaxed hole. Silently he added more lube and worked his thumb in along side. The patient made strange noises that sounded torn between pain and pleasure, the doctor stroked the hard cock with his free hand and the noises soon became more pleasure. Slowly, he carefully folded his hand until it made a fist inside the brunette and Warren grinned down at the accomplishment.


“It’s quite incredible,” he told the younger man, “you have such amazing capacity, we should investigate it further some time,” he said with a playful smirk.


Warren fist-fucked Xander slowly.


The brunette was lost in the waves of sensation, eyes closed and body positively thrumming with pleasure and need. He’d never felt anything like it before. The man had his whole fist in his ass, it was both ridiculous and incredible at the same time. He thought he might die from the sheer amount of pleasure. Each pass over his prostate threatened to make his head explode. He thought it would take ages for him to cum again, but he was raring to go. It might have been the blowjob or it might have been the fist in his ass…or maybe both, but he was completely gone.


Xander arched, opened his mouth in silent cry and a small amount of cum splattered his stomach before Warren could get the specimen cup there. He really didn’t care as he collapsed exhausted from his third orgasm. He was dully aware of soothing tones and touches and then the flash of pain as Warren eased his hand out. He thought he whimpered but he couldn’t be sure the noise actually came from him.


“Looks like you’ll have to come back another time to give that sample,” the doctor said with amusement in his tone and he gently cleaned Xander up.


Xan gave a soft grunt, looking up at him with dazed eyes. Going to the doctors would never be the same again.




The Game Master’s pet looked from the screen to his owner, he swallowed hard, his eyes almost comically huge. “I…I don’t think…” he swallowed again.


A hand with long slender fingers cupped his chin and tilted it slightly. There was a surprisingly soft look in dark usually hard eyes. “I have never asked anything of you that you weren’t ready for, my pet, and I’m not about to start,” he promised.


The young slave nodded. “I know, I do…it’s just…” he looked back where the image had faded of the two players.


“I have been following their lead, but I’m not closely following the script. You may have noticed that.”


‘Was that a smirk?’ the pet wondered, he was fairly sure it was. His Master was teasing him; it wasn’t his fault that he was mostly out of it when they played. Subspace was a wonderful place to be.


“Now then, nurse, I think it’s time you paid a visit to the doctor yourself.” The tall, dark-haired man got to his feet, black robes billowed around him as he turned and looked down his long straight nose at his pet.


There was an audible gulp, but the slave rose to his feet, still wearing the ridiculous nurse’s uniform and prepared to follow his Master. “Of course, Master, wouldn’t want me getting sick now, would we?”



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