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All In Hand

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from CSI. No money has or will be made from this ficlet.

A/N: written for knightmusic’s Gil!wank challenge on the grisskink LJ community.


All In Hand


Gil snapped his cell phone open. “Grissom” He had only just got back into his car and not yet had chance to start the engine.


“Where are you?” A hushed husky voice asked.


“Nicky?” He asked questioningly, curiosity in his voice.


“Tell me.” Nick’s commanding voice demanded.


Gil’s blue eyes dilated at the tone of Nick’s voice and he answered him immediately. “I’m in my car, just about to leave the Lewis Scene.”


“Unzip your pants.”


“Nick.” He started to protest.




“Yes, Sir.” That voice always brought his acquiescence and made him feel about 18 years old again.


The sound of a zip being pulled down echoed round the car and into the mouthpiece of the cell. Nick smiled on the other end of the phone.


“Now, slide your hand in.” His tone of voice reflected his lust at the thought.


Gil looked around the area outside the car, there was no one watching to see him. His cock was already waking up at the direction he was receiving. They didn’t play these sorts of games nearly enough, but when they did… it always blew his mind.


“Sir.” He sighed as his hand slid inside his pants, to touch his hardening cock.


“I hope you’re not wearing underwear.” Nick’s voice was thick, his accent stronger. Gil wondered if he had his own hand in his pants.


“No, Sir… no underwear, just as you like.” His voice shook slightly with his arousal.


“Stroke it. I want to hear you.”


Hand in his open fly, Gil Grissom, supervisor of CSI night shift slowly started to squeeze and stroke his cock. He was glad it was dark out and that no one would be able to see in. He grazed the thumb over the head of his uncut cock and gasped. A soft moan fell from his lips as he stroked his throbbing cock.


“Squeeze your balls for me.”


“Ohhh god.” Gil moaned out as his other hand cupped and squeezed his balls through the fabric of his slacks. “Nicky… Sir… Feels so good. I wish it was your hand.”


“I know you do, baby. Just think of how I’m gonna reward you later.”


The older man’s hand moved faster and faster, Nick could hear the slap of flesh down the phone and moaned at the implications.


“I want you to cum…”




“If I don’t get to hear you cum in your pants like a horny school boy then you wont cum for a month.” The authority in Nick’s voice sent shivers down Gil’s spine.


He moaned in lust at the images and thoughts of being denied release, he knew that Nick wouldn’t threaten something he wasn’t prepared to follow through on and his cock twitched and leaked in his hand. He moaned again in pleasure, his hand squeezed as he pulled at his hard flesh. The car filled with his grunts and groans of pleasure. His balls pulled up tight and he gasped for breath.


“Do it baby, cum for me… cum now.” Nick’s voice urged him on lustily.


Gil cried out as his body went rigid and he flooded the inside of his pants. “Oh god,” He moaned, breathless “Nicky…”


Nick looked down at the mess coating his own hand and smiled. “Love you, baby. You did real good.”


“Love you.” he eased his hand out of his pants and looked at the sticky mess.


As if able to see exactly what he was looking at Nick’s dark voice told him, “lick it clean.”


Gil’s softening cock leapt in his goo filled pants. “Oh crap, Nicky, you’re going to kill me.”


There was a dark chuckle and without further words Gil Grissom licked spunk from his hand, making sure to add a noisy slurping sucking sound that could be heard down the phone.


“Oh yeah, wait ‘til I get you home.” Nick promised.


There was a click and the call disconnected. Gil sat and looked at the phone in the darkness of the car.



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