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Type: Drabble - 100wds

Rating: 13+

Pairing: Oz/Xander

Summary: Oz muses.


Dream Come True.

Type: Slash, short fic - 2,499wds

Rating: 18+

Fandom: BtVS

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Warnings: AU, BDSM

Summary: When dreams come true, and you face a moral dilemma…what would you do? Save the world, save yourself… or enjoy it while you can?


Lost and Found

Type: One shot slash - 4,760wds

Rating: 18+

Pairing: Angel/Spike

Warnings: Attempted n/c (not much/really mild), hurt/comfort, slight dom/sub, m/m graphic sex

Summary: Post S5 Angel has been looking for Spike since that fateful night in the alley.


Soul Illusion

Type: Series - 30,453wds *WIP* (last update 25 Feb 08)

Rating: 18+

Fandom: Angel/BtVS

Pairing: Xander Harris/Angel, Spike/Greg Sanders (minor)

Chapters: 9 + Interlude (spike/Greg)

Warnings: BDSM, m/m graphic sex, violence, AU/post s5

Summary: Xander goes to see Angel some time after Angel s5 about the tension that's always existed between them. The team are working on a prophecy that turns out to have unexpected repercussions.


The Sickness

Type: Fic - 8,515wds

Rating: 18+

Fandom: BtVS

Pairing: Xander/Spike

Warnings: AU, m/m sex, bdsm.

Chapters: 2

Summary: Spike overhears an argument between Xander and Anya and decides to help.


Who Knew?

Type: One off - stand alone 2,207 words (16 Nov 08)

Rating: 14+

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Warnings: Angst, Character death.

Summary: Spike promised Xander they’d be together forever, but then he was gone and Xander was left with a Spike-shaped hole in his heart. Based on the song by P!nk “Who Knew” (Lyrics are included at the END of the fic).

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