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A/N This drabble was inspired by George Eads doing the new L’oreal Dandruff Shampoo Ads. I just couldn’t resist :D

Because You’re Worth It


Greg paced in the corridor. He’d rehearsed this conversation at least a dozen times. He was still unsure if he should go ahead; but Nick would be more upset if he didn’t. Just as he decided that he had to do it, Nick rounded the corner.


“Hey, G. What’s up?”


“There’s…um…something…can we go somewhere private?”


Once they were in the deserted lab, Greg took a deep breath, “See, the thing is…” he paused to compose himself. “Nick, you…have dandruff.”




Greg reached out and brushed his lover’s shoulder with an apologetic smile.


Nick blushed; eyes on his shoulder, “Oh! Um…thanks.”