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Kinky Boots




Fandoms: NCIS/BtVS

Characters: Abby Sciuto/Xander Harris

Rating: 18+

Type: One Shot – Stand alone.

Warnings: BDSM, F/m, Foot Fetish

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or ideas behind NCIS or BtVS, no money has or will be made from this fic.

Completed: 8th Jul 08. 1421 wds.

Summary: Abby has some new boots and her boy takes quite a liking to them.


A/N: Written for my Kink Bingo card: Foot Fetish .



He hadn’t been watching when she came out of the bedroom, occupied as he was with lacing his boots up while his leather pants threatened to cut off the blood supply to his legs. It was only when he was finished that he straightened and looked up. Xander’s brown eyes started at the bottom and went upwards. Black leather boots, with four inch stiletto heels, that were all buckles and zip, they went on and on upwards under her long skirt. As long as the skirt was, though, it had two long slits up either side that went to mid thigh. He could just see a strip of skin between where the boot top fell and the slit ended.


Xander felt himself harden instantly as he forced his eyes up past the corset to meet her eyes. Hazel-green eyes smouldered with amusement and mischief.


“See something you like, my boy?” Abby asked in those gravelly tones he loved so much.


He swallowed hard to try and make his voice work. “I… er…yeah…” he stuttered. “You look great, Mistress. Not that you don’t always look great but you look especially great right now.”


Abby’s lips were quirked in a teasing smile; she knew exactly what she was doing to him. He thought she’d deliberately set out to melt his brain. He could swear that he’d never seen those boots before, they had to be new, which meant this had been planned.


“Thank you, Xander,” she said sweetly and crossed the room. Abby wrapped a hand in his hair and pulled him in for a quick chaste kiss before breezing past him and grabbing up the car keys.


After shaking the dazed feeling from his head he moved hastily to open the door for her. Xander almost did a little dance as she handed him the car keys. His eyes dropped to the stilettos that she was wearing and he figured that she probably wouldn’t be able to drive in them.


The party was private, only the select group of friends were invited. Abby and Xander were one couple among twenty-five people. The host was Abby’s boss and Xander was still wary of the man. He’d faced down Angelus, Glorificus and The First but Leroy Jethro Gibbs put the fear of god into him.


They weren’t the first to arrive but there also weren’t that many there yet. Xander was happy to leave his Mistress talking with Gibbs and a couple of others (that he didn’t know very well) and went to fetch her a drink. Bourbon… neat. He knew there would be some as it was also the host’s drink of choice.


He found the ‘bar’ set up in the kitchen and the bottle he was looking for was almost hidden in the back. Xan poured the drink in a low tumbler and poured himself a glass of orange juice, drinking it down and placing the glass in the ‘used’ bowl, before returning to Abby.


He went down on one knee to present the drink to her smiling when she ruffled his hair and then settled on his knees beside her seat. His eyes were continuously drawn to her boots: he couldn’t help himself. Even the hand in his hair and the conversation that was flowing around him, wasn’t enough to distract him from his study.


“Looks like someone approves of your new boots, Abs,” a teasing voice broke through and he glanced up to meet the all-too-knowing grin of Tony DiNozzo.


His cheeks heated up even though his lips lifted into a smile. He ducked his head slightly as the others started to chuckle. He felt the little tug on his hair and followed the direction of its pull to meet the smiling mischievous eyes of his Mistress. Xander blushed harder.


“I think you might be right,” she told Tony as she took in the state of her boy.


Xander didn’t mind some public play while surrounded by others in the lifestyle but he wasn’t so good with humiliation, so being laughed at in a way that made his cheeks burn didn’t sit too well. It was enough to fade his arousal a bit.


Her smile softened as she realised the discomfort wasn’t of the good kind and her harsh hand went back to petting him gently. He closed his eyes and let it soothe him as she turned the conversation back on Tony.


“I seem to recall someone else can get a little hot under the collar by certain footwear,” she said and then the laughter was aimed elsewhere.


The ex-scoobie pulled himself together and something else was quickly occupying the gossipers. So much so, they didn’t seem to notice as she slowly guided his face to her boot at around knee height, visible as they were through the slits in her skirt. The message was clear and he pressed his lips against them gratefully. The first scent of leather filling his nostrils was enough to harden his cock again as his tongue peeked out to lave over the bootleg in small appreciative kitten licks. It was so gradually done that the others either didn’t notice or decided that this time they shouldn’t comment.


Xander didn’t care, he was happy. Shifting his body slightly so that he could get into the best position to do a thorough job. He kissed and licked slowly, unhurried as he cleaned and worshipped the boots that had occupied most of his thoughts since he’d first seen them on her. The thing was, it wasn’t just the boots but he knew that underneath them were her pretty feet.


So, he had a thing for boots and feet, it was understandable that some found that strange, since some feet were just plain ugly. But Abby, her feet were perfect. They were towards the larger size of average, but she was a tall girl even without the heels. She sometimes painted the nails black; she’d even let him do it a couple of times. That had been fun but he’d been terrible at it. She’d told him that he would improve with practice and he hoped that he would be allowed to practice often until he could do them as perfectly as she did and as she deserved. He liked it best when they were painted a wicked blood red and she did her fingernails to match. Ok, so he had a seductive Vampiress fantasy and she didn’t mind playing to it.


The sounds of talking and other noises had long since faded into the background. He was achingly hard as he ran his tongue and lips lower. He ignored them and he figured that they were either ignoring him or simply enjoying watching while they discussed other things as no teasing broke through and Abby didn’t interrupt him in his ministrations. She’d once let on that the feel of lips and tongue over her boots was echoed as clearly as if they were directly in contact with her skin, it turned her on, made her wet and made her moan.


He retuned his attention to see how she was reacting. Xander knew it was naughty but he liked to make her composure wobble from time to time; especially in gatherings like this. It made him feel good… skilled in what he was doing. He loved it when she joked about him being so talented she would hire out his wonderful mouth. Even Gibbs had looked at him speculatively once. He shuddered at that thought as his cock leapt in its tight confines. Ok, so the guy scared the hell out of him but that didn’t mean that Xander couldn’t see how sexy he was…for an older guy. And those boots that he wore to things like this looked military dress, shined to perfection and just begging for attention.


Xander wondered if he had a problem when he was turned on more by the idea of going around all the feet at the party and paying them lip service. It was an effort to stop himself from touching himself, his fingers twitched but he held himself in check. Above him, he heard Abby cover a moan with a little cough and he noticed a slight twitch run through the muscles under the leather as his hand held it reverently.


One boot taken care of he placed an all-encompassing loving kiss on the toe before shifting to start on the other one.


Abby didn’t think she would survive his worship but she sure did love Xander’s foot fetish.




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