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Disclaimer: The characters and Xmen universe belong to Marvel and co. The song is "Bring me to life" by Evanescence.

A/N: song lyrics



Bring Me To Life





Remy was looking at Logan, he was silently pleading but he didn’t know if the other man even had a clue. Since he’d returned he didn’t feel much any more. Sure people were being civil enough to him but no one was really connecting. He longed for that, for someone to see his suffering, to see how frozen he’d become inside. He had lost something in Antarctica, something he wasn’t sure he would ever be able to regain. Before everything had happened he’d had high hopes for his relationship with Rogue but that had been proved to be a myth of his own making. Now he was looking at Logan, as he had been doing so much since he’d returned. The man seemed to promise him something just with his presence if only Remy had the nerve to ask. But he was scared and the words wouldn’t come so instead of speaking up he looked at the man and hoped his eyes said everything that he couldn’t.


“How can you see into my eyes like open doors

leading you down into my core

where I’ve become so numb without a soul my spirit sleeping somewhere cold

until you find it there and lead it back home”


Logan felt like he was being watched, shifting slightly where he was crouched he raised his blue eyes and met the Cajun’s red on black. He gave a slight smile and a grunt of acknowledgement. He was about to return to working on his bike but there was something in that gaze that was almost tragic. The kid’s eyes looked almost vacant, like the owner had packed up and gone on vacation. His breath caught in his chest as he thought of how Remy had been so distant lately. What if they really were losing the kid? Maybe he was already dying inside. He couldn’t look away it was as if those normally bright orbs held a flame that was slowly fading.


“(Wake me up)

Wake me up inside

(I can’t wake up)

Wake me up inside

(Save me)

call my name and save me from the dark

(Wake me up)

bid my blood to run

(I can’t wake up)

before I come undone

(Save me)

save me from the nothing I’ve become”


Logan got to his feet slowly and turned his body to face the kid. Remy’s eyes followed his movements but the rest of him remained motionless. Something about the way he looked was breaking the Canadian’s heart and his stomach felt full of lead.


“Remy?” Logan asked as he came close to the kid but there was no recognition that he’d moved.


He reached out a hand and then wondered what he should do with the thing, he finally settled for resting it on Remy’s shoulder. He was carefully studying the boy’s face. He’d lost a lot of weight Logan realised, when had that happened? Why hadn’t he noticed sooner?


“Ya alrigh’ Remy?” He tried again.


The kid didn’t move and Logan started to worry about the state of his mental health. He gently wrapped his arm around him and led him from the garage. He was trying to decide what to do, should he take him to Hank? Would the kid hate him for that when he came to his senses? Was he equipped to deal with this himself? What would Hank be able to do for him anyway other than pump him full of pills? Logan’s mind whirled and before he realised it they were standing in Remy’s bedroom doorway.


Logan looked around the room at the mess inside, how unlike the kid that was, he was normally so fastidiously tidy. He gently led the unresponsive boy to the bed and sat him down on it. Crouching in front of Remy he unfastened his boots and pulled them off.


Logan stood up and eased the kid back onto the pillows. He tenderly stroked back the long silky auburn hair that hung in his face. Then picked up one of his hands and held it gently between both of his.


“Ya scaring me here kid. An’ ya know there ain’t much that scares this ol’ man.”


Still no response came. Red eyes stared at him and Logan wasn’t even sure if Remy could see him. Logan felt tears stinging in his eyes. He wasn’t going to be able to help here he had to admit. As much as he cared deeply for the kid he’d let him down too badly by not being there for him when the farce of a trial took place. He considered how differently that would have gone had he been there. He had appointed himself protector of the kid ever since he arrived at the mansion. Not that Remy knew that, the Cajun was too busy flirting with the young and gorgeous to notice him stood in the background. Logan sighed softly, kissed the boy’s hand gently and laid it down on the bed. He quickly covered him up and turned to leave and seek out Hank.


“now that I know what I’m without

you can't just leave me

breathe into me and make me real

bring me to life”


Logan had turned away and missed the blink that the gentle touch had received in response.


“Don’ go Logan.” The whispered voice caught the big man’s attention as he reached for the door handle.


He turned back to face the source of the voice and found that Remy was looking at him with slightly more signs of being home. His body took him back to the edge of the bed as if it had a mind of its own.


“Remy?” Logan’s voice was soft and filled with concern.


Remy gave a long slow pained blink, his eyes closed long enough for the older man to wonder if they would open again. But they did and they stared up at him filled with such torturous pain that he just wanted to take away from the kid.


“S’il vous plait, don’ leave me.” Remy’s voice was almost a pleading sob.


Logan sat down on the bed and smiled softly. “I’ll stay with ya Gumbo. Ya wanna tell me what’s goin’ on?”


He felt cold fingers wrap around his own and looked down at the slender hand. He grasped it back.


“Feel… empty Wolvie… like ders not’in’ inside no more. S’cold.” He shivered as he tried to explain.


“Bring me to life

(I've been living a lie, there's nothing inside)

Bring me to life”


Logan felt like his heart would break at Remy’s tone and the look on his face. He squeezed the hand slightly, his body saying the words that he never seemed to be able to say. He stroked the back of the other’s hand with his thumb. ~I’m here Remy. Not going anywhere~ He was so desperate to say to him but as always it stuck in his throat and his heart beat wildly with the threat of exposure.


“What d’ya need Rem, how can I help ya?”


Remy studied him carefully testing the other man’s sincerity. “’old me Logan?” He asked barely loud enough for the other man to hear.


“frozen inside without your touch without your love darling only you are the life among the dead”


“Oh Rem.” Logan shifted his position, climbed under the covers and pulled the kid into his arms holding him tight against his chest.


He’d waited a long time to hear those words from Remy, but hearing them had not brought the joy he had always assumed they would. They had been full of so much pain and fear that Logan’s heart hadn’t soared, rather it felt so heavy. And the too thin young man in his arms clutched to him like a life preserver. A large hand stroked up and down the slender back soothing and comforting.


Remy realised he couldn’t remember anything that felt that wonderful, to be held in such strong arms, by that powerful man, he never wanted to be let go. It felt so damn good and he slowly began to feel like he wasn’t dead yet… not quite alive but certainly not dead yet. The intense chill that seemed to lock his emotions in its icy grip slowly started to thaw. He could finally feel his heart beat in his chest. He took a shaky breath and burrowed his face in cotton plaid shirt that smelled of cigars and the outdoors.


Logan was holding him and he started to feel like everything would be ok after all. The muscular man would chase away the demons and keep him safe. He would calm him from the fear filled nightmare and wake him from the frozen wasteland. He never wondered when, why or how, he just knew that this is what he’d needed all along. He’d been so blind to have not seen it before, to have not seen this amazing creature in front of him, this beast that everyone but him seemed to fear.


“All this time I can't believe I couldn't see

kept in the dark but you were there in front of me

I’ve been sleeping a thousand years it seems

got to open my eyes to everything

without a thought without a voice without a soul

don't let me die here

there must be something more

bring me to life”


Remy sighed deeply and raised his eyes to look up at the man holding him. His tentative gaze was met with a warm smile and blue eyes full of concern and… some other undefined emotion. He chewed on his lower lip as he blinked up at the other man. Suddenly it wasn’t enough that he was just being held, he wanted to taste, touch, explore. He needed to be warmed from the inside out.


Releasing his grip on the shirt he raised a hand to stroke the stubbly cheek with such tenderness that Logan’s eyes fluttered closed at the contact. A soft rumbling growl rose up unbidden and he momentarily wondered if he was overstepping the mark. But the Canadian wasn’t pushing him away, he wasn’t telling him to stop, he was… purring. Remy realised that odd sound coming from the other man’s chest was a purr. That brought a smile to his face, an honest true smile. He couldn’t remember the last time that had happened it was usually a carefully placed mask. His touch caused the mighty Wolverine to purr and that felt… amazing.


“Cher.” Remy’s breathy voice stole into Logan’s thoughts and he slowly opened his eyes to look down at the beauty in his arms.


Those eyes were staring at him again with such intensity, but unlike before there was a spark now, a hint that life was on its way back to the kid. Logan’s hopes were raised that Remy was still saveable. Remy’s pink tongue darted out and moistened his dry lips.


“Logan… I…si’l vous plait.”


He wasn’t sure what Remy wanted but his voice was full of need. His hand moved with a mind of his own and cupped the kid’s chin lightly. He moaned softly feeling his lust start to rise. He drew that face close to his and lightly kissed soft thin lips. It was like everything and nothing he’d ever expected it would be.


It was the barest of contact, their mouths hardly connecting and holding there as unspeakable emotions sparked silently between them. Remy’s upturned face, eyes closed and long lashes fanned over delicate cheekbones, drank in the kiss as if the sun was caressing his face. Logan’s strong grip urged the younger man to shift his position.


Complying he straddled muscular thighs and his hands reached up and cupped either side of the feral man’s face. He pulled back from the kiss and his eyes burned into blue. When he leant forward he could feel the hardness of the other man pressed against his own. He had never shared such a tender all encompassing kiss that seared his very core.


He leaned in and claimed those luscious plump lips again, this time was much more passionate though and he parted his lips and flickered his tongue out to trace the outline of the other man’s mouth. His gentle exploration was met with Logan’s tongue and he allowed him in to probe his mouth. Remy groaned into the hot wet mouth of the man he had needed for so long but had only just realised. Tears started to track down his cheeks as lips melted together so fully it was almost impossible to tell where he ended and Logan began. Their tongues played gently against each other.


Logan smelt the tears and grew concerned, he wasn’t sure if they were tears of sadness for what they were doing or of relief at being held and cared for. He eased the kiss to an end and parted their lips.


“Remy?” It had come out far more of a breathy sigh than he had intended.


“(Wake me up)

Wake me up inside

(I can’t wake up)

Wake me up inside

(Save me)

call my name and save me from the dark

(Wake me up)

bid my blood to run

(I can’t wake up)

before I come undone

(Save me)

save me from the nothing I’ve become”


Remy smiled softly at him with trails of salty wetness down his cheeks and tears dripping unchecked from his chin. Logan had never seen someone crying as erotic before, but there in front of him was the most delicious creature and he looked so damn edible… even more than usual because of those tears. He pondered whether it was the vulnerability or the opening up of the other man. He leaned forward and carefully kissed the kid’s tears from his cheeks.


He felt his jeans getting tighter and he could smell the Cajun’s lust in the air too. The other man ground his crotch against him and Logan couldn’t hold back a loud lusty growl. Remy grinned at him and winked. He responded with a feral grin and turned them both so Remy was on his back and he was hovering over the kid. Slowly his mouth began to taste, kiss, lick and tease the flesh of the slender neck. Teeth occasionally grazed the skin and elicited a moan of pleasure or a curse in Cajun. While his mouth explored his hands were busy running along slim sides and over hips. He found the bulge at the crotch and kneaded it gently with the heel of his palm.


Remy arched his hips up off the bed trying to press harder into that hand. Logan blindly unfastened button and zipper and pushed his hand inside. His brain briefly noted the lack of underwear before shutting down and letting the lust carry the movements onwards. He firmly rubbed the palm of his hand along the length of that hard shaft. His hand moved back and forth while his mouth licked and nibbled on tender flesh. The moans that were coming from the body under him were arousing him almost to insanity.


Logan hungrily claimed those soft lips and devoured the pliant mouth while his hand teased and stroked, wrapping around the hardness still semi encased in its denim hideaway. His mouth caught soft moans and returned them with a mixture of growls and groans. Remy was moving his hips rhythmically in time with his caresses, pushing into his hand over and over… desperate for release.


A groan of frustration filled the room when the Canadian pulled his hand from inside the jeans, it quieted though as that hand joined his other and stripped the young Cajun out of his T-shirt and jeans. Then the big man’s clothes were gone and they were naked against each other, physically and emotionally. Logan had never felt such closeness with another person before and he hoped the feeling was the same for his lover.


Logan drank in the sight beneath him. The pale skin pulled tight over muscles and… ribs. He pushed the thoughts of guilt aside at the knowledge that the Cajun had been ignored to the point of starvation. He focused on pink nipples and dipped his head to lap at first one then the other. Treating both the same he circled them with the tip of his tongue, flickered it against the tightening little tender nubs then sucking on them, teeth lightly latching onto them as he teased with his tongue. Remy writhed and moaned, his hands gripping at his flesh for encouragement or stability Logan wasn’t sure and it didn’t really matter that much. He blew cool jets of air over the damp hard nipples and grinned at the muttered Cajun curses.


The large man slid himself down the bed, laving the slender form with kisses, licks and light nips with his teeth. Finally he reached his target and he took the long thick erection in his mouth, he’d seen Remy naked before but never when hard and he hadn’t expected such a magnificent huge cock.


He sucked on the head and played his tongue over the sensitive head, teasing in the slit of the cut Cajun cock. His tongue trailed down the shaft tracing the big vein that meandered along the length then back again. He felt the kid’s hands tangle in his hair and the sexy little moans that came from him spurred him on. He took as much of the cock into his mouth as he could and sucked, slowly pulling his mouth back on the shaft before sliding back down and swallowing around it. He wanted to take the whole damn thing but he was pretty sure it would choke him so he settled for the first 6 inches.


Logan went to town bobbing his head up and down, sucking and swallowing. He licked and grazed his teeth lightly against the hard flesh and was rewarded with a buck of hips and the shouting of Cajun expletives that he thought were because it felt good rather than bad. He couldn’t remember a time when he’d enjoyed blowing a guy so much as he was enjoying this.


He loved the way Remy’s body was responding to his mouth. The way his cock jumped when he licked the base of the shaft where it flared into his tight balls and the moans of pleasure when he sucked just on the very head. Then there was the way the slender hands tightened in his hair when he swallowed around the shaft. He let his hands caress the elegant thighs while his mouth worked to bring the pleasure to the thief that stole his heart.




Remy groaned and bucked his hips up, thrusting his cock into the older man’s mouth over and over drawing himself closer to the edge. Logan’s talented tongue worked its magic and every muscle in the Cajun’s body tensed, his mind spun and coloured stars sparked behind his eyelids. He shot his hot cum into that warm eager mouth and his hips collapsed back down onto the mattress. Logan for his part drank down every drop of that bitter-sweet offering.


Slowly he kissed his way back up the shivering body and claimed Remy’s mouth with his. Reaching a hand between them he gripped his own cock and gave a couple of pulls and strokes and growled and shook as he spurted his hot cum onto the Cajun’s stomach. The kid wrapped his arms around the big man and pulled him down on top of him like a Wolverine blanket. Logan was careful not to let too much of his weight onto the young man, but allowed just enough to give him the feeling he was so obviously seeking. Blindly he pulled the covers up over their cooling bodies and turned onto his back pulling Remy with him.


“Merci, Logan.” Remy whispered, not thanking him for the sex but rather the rescue, he hoped that he understood.


“Ya not alone no more Remy. Let me fill the emptiness.”


Remy swallowed hard at the Canadian’s words. “Si’l vous plais.” His eyes flared brightly and he sighed contently curling around the other man.


“(Bring me to life)

I’ve been living a lie, there’s nothing inside

(Bring me to life)”






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