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Disclaimer: The X-men concept & characters belong to Marvel etc. Angel & BtVS are the property of Joss, mutant enemy and co.

A Cajun In LA


Chapter 1


Remy charged a card and sent it sailing towards the beast that had trapped a girl in the corner of an alleyway. He watched as it exploded in the disfigured face and the creature howled and advanced on him. The auburn-haired mutant reached out and touched the guy’s seriously out-dated clothes and focused harder to charge his attacker. He exploded into ash.


Dusting himself off he wondered what on earth had possessed him to come down this alleyway; in fact what in God’s name was he even doing in LA? Suddenly he missed the cold of New York. He helped the girl to her feet and she started to thank him until she saw his glowing eyes. Her terror battered against his empathic shields and he stepped back to allow her to do a runner.


Shaking his head he took out a beaten up packet of cigarettes, shaking one out he lit it with a look and took a deep drag as he returned the packet back to a concealed pocket. He sighed with the pleasure of the nicotine hit and started to make his way out of the alley.


He hadn’t got too far when something hit him over the back of the head and the world went black. //Merde//




“Cordy, what on earth were you thinking?” Angel shook his head as he looked at the stranger crumpled in a heap on the concrete.


“I was thinking his eyes were all glowy and perhaps he was like something demon.”


“You took him out with the heel of your shoe.” He pointed out as he carefully lifted the young man into his arms.


“What… what are you doing? Are you insane? Angel… his eyes glowed… Red and all… glowy.” She waved her hands to emphasise her point.


“So you said. He’s just a boy Cordy and your shoe knocked him unconscious. I don’t know too many deadly demons that can be taken out with a shoe… even yours. We can’t leave him here like this, god knows what’ll happen to him.”


“At least I called you.” She pouted.


“You said he dusted a vamp and saved a girl Cordy. What possessed you?” He shook his head again with a weary sigh and laid the young man on the back seat of his car. “Are you coming?” He asked as he climbed into the driver’s seat and keyed the ignition.


Still pouting Cordelia climbed into the passenger seat. She kept turning round to look at the young man. As they came out into the streetlights she could make out his delicate features, his fine cheekbones and shoulder length auburn hair. He was stunning.


The smell of female arousal assaulted his senses and Angel almost balked. He kept a check in his rear view mirror to see if the young man was alright. He shook his head thinking that the silly bint could have cracked the kid’s skull with the heel of that thing. He knew why she was getting turned on of course. He’d been able to see the boy’s beauty even in the darkness of the alley. But there was something infinitely wrong with being aroused by someone who was unconscious. He didn’t smell like a demon, he didn’t smell entirely human but he certainly wasn’t a demon, not a hint of it clung to him.


They arrived back at the Hyperion and the guy was still out of it. Angel wasn’t too worried; he could still hear his regular heart rate and breathing. Gathering him up, he carried him inside and up to his room. He could have taken him to any number of rooms but none of them were as cosy as his was. He laid him gently down on the bed and stroked his beautiful silky hair back from his face. He really was a vision. Tentatively he lifted one relaxed eyelid and gasped at the colour of his eyes. Red on black… he’d never seen anything like it on human or demon. Reluctantly he left him sleeping to go and ask if Wes had ever heard of such a person.


When he descended the stairs he could still hear Cordy defending her actions but to Gunn and Wes now. He walked over and slouched in a chair.


“He’s still out of it.” Angel said pointedly as he absent-mindedly scratched his exposed upper arm. “Wes, you heard of any humans with… unusual eyes?”


“He’s definitely human then?” Wes asked as he cleaned his glasses lens. “Only Cordelia said… What sort of unusual?”


“The whites of his eyes are black and his irises are red.” Angel was thoughtful and his mind drifted a million miles away.


“Don’t forget the glowy and blowing up thing.” Cordy interjected her two cents worth.


“Oh my! I can’t say I’ve ever heard of such a person. At least… not in reality.” Wes went to a shelf and retrieved a book that he started flicking through.


“Good move Wes, hit the books. What’s that, the who’s who of demons?” Cordy cheered on the research.


Wes coughed nervously.


“What did you mean, not in reality?” The tall dark vampire stood and walked over to the desk.


“No… it’s… um…” Wes stammered nervously as he flicked through pages.


Cordy lifted it from the table and read the front aloud. “The ultimate guide to comic book super heroes?” She spluttered and screeched in shock, then fell about laughing.


He found the page he was looking for and turned it towards them and pointed. They both stared in silence.


“Picture doesn’t do him justice.” Angel grumbled after studying it carefully.


“You have got to be kidding, Wes. There are no such thing as super heroes, no such thing as mutants and the X-men are… well… they’re not real. It’s a movie and I don’t remember him even being in it.” Cordy still sputtered and poured some whisky into a tumbler, looking as if she was going to hand it to one of them but downing it herself.


“There’s no such thing as vampires either.” Angel pointed out impatiently and shifted to game face to prove his point.


“Vampires are different.” She shivered and protested.


“And Demons?” He persisted.


“Them too.”


“The chosen one… The slayer… Witches…Hellmouths…the multiple apocalypses…” He continued to cite the unlikely underlife they were party to.


“Ok ok… so… weird shit happens but that doesn’t mean…” She jabbed a finger at the book.


“What would be the plural of apocalypse?” He suddenly stopped and mused. “Apocalypses doesn’t sound right. Apocali…apocalypsi…” he tested the sound of the words. “Hmm.”


“Ok. And they say that I’m an airhead,” Cordelia huffed.


Angel looked at the picture in the book again. “He certainly wasn’t wearing anything like *that*.” He indicated the colourful spandex and shuddered. “Remy LeBeau… Gambit… Hmm.” He straightened up and headed back up the stairs to check on the injured man.


Cordy watched him go. Sometimes the big brooding boss could be so… camp.




Remy had come round with an unfamiliar softness under him. The air didn’t smell familiar, the back of his head hurt and he had no idea where he was. He lowered his shields a little to try and gain some clues. His mind touched an approaching presence that churned with so many emotions that he snapped his shields back up and closed his eyes pretending to still be asleep. He heard the door click open and felt the approach.


“Hey.” Angel tried to soften his voice so it was as non-threatening as he could make it. He knew the guy wasn’t asleep from his breathing and the speeding up of his heart rate. He cleared his throat. “Remy?” He tried.


He noted the hitch of the breath and the stutter in the heart beat. //Wes is right. Oh my god Cordy nearly killed a super hero// He suddenly felt like an excited kid at the prospect of meeting a real life super hero, almost like meeting Superman or Spiderman. If only the others knew what a geek he could be. Pulling himself together he sat on the edge of the bed. He could smell the guy’s fear.


“I know you’re awake, Remy. I’m not gonna hurt you.” He fought the temptation to reach out and stroke back that hair again.


“My name’s Angel. I’m sorry about my friend hitting you.” //silly bint// “She gets a bit over zealous sometimes. She thought… well she thought you were a demon.” He continued to talk to the unresponsive form; occasionally he registered the change in breathing or heartbeat that signalled that he was awake and listening.


“Look this is crazy. You can open your eyes. You can leave if you want.” He tried to placate but couldn’t help but want this attractive young man to never leave. “Are you hungry? You’ve been out of it a couple of hours. I could make you something to eat.”


Remy couldn’t help it, that voice was just so delicious, smooth and masculine full of depth. The mention of food was too much and he carefully cracked an eyelid to peek. He gasped and his eyes snapped open. The man was… drop dead gorgeous. He studied soulful dark brown eyes and spiky-gelled hair. Muscular arms were displayed to perfection by the white wife beater. He gave a wobbly smile.


“How y’ know m’ name?” He asked with suspicion crossing his face.

Angel coughed nervously under that intense crimson gaze. “Well, it was a guess. My friend is a… well he’s a nerd. He had this comic book guide.”


Remy laughed. “Merde, de way dey picture Remy in dem, dey make ‘im look shockin’.”


Angel thought the sound of that laugh was the best thing he’d heard in around two hundred years and his body started to respond of its own accord. He watched the auburn-haired beauty attempt to sit up but he winced in pain and lay back.


“Mon dieu. Remy’s head ‘urts. Y’ friend a nutter.” He reached a hand back to feel the lump.


“Yeh, sorry about that. She over-reacted. Too many vamps and demons.” He waved his hand in explanation.


“Vamps and demons?” Remy looked confused. “Y’ all been watchin’ too much TV?”


Angel chuckled a deep rumbling sound that almost made Remy’s toes curl in pleasure.


“Oh I wish. She said you dusted a vamp before she… err…” He mimicked the action of clobbering him with a shoe.


“A vamp? Dat was a vamp? As in a vampire, oui?”


The dark-haired man nodded affirmative.


“Mon dieu. Remy t’ought dat be one ugly mutant, like Sabertooth. Now I got t’ be worryin’ m’sel’ ‘bout vamps and demons. Merde.” He shook his head in despair but discovered it hurt he groaned softly at the pain.


“Shall I get you an aspirin or something?”


“Non, merci… dose t’ings no’ good for moi. Mais, I am hungry though.”




“You can all go home now.” Angel said as he trotted down the stairs and into the kitchen.


“What?” The others all asked in unison as they followed him through the doorway.


“He’s awake and he’s fine.” He gave a pointed glare at Cordy, //no thanks to you// “So you can all just go home or whatever. I’m making him food and then he’ll sleep so there’s really no need for you to be here.”


Angel busied himself with making sandwiches and coffee.


“He could be dangerous.” Cordy huffed.


He glanced over his shoulder at her and shook his head. “He’s not a demon Cordy, he’s one of the good guys. Sure, he’s dangerous… but not to me.” He indicated himself. “I’m a good guy too… remember?”


Cordelia snorted, “Except for when you go all… grrr.” She raised her hands into claws and bared her teeth in imitation.


Angel had his back turned so she missed his eye roll. Gunn, Wes and Fred were already beating a retreat it was only Cordy that was putting up a fight. He suspected it had little to do with how dangerous she thought Remy was and more to do with how utterly desirable he actually was. He started humming as he put the food together. She huffed and flounced out, grabbing up her jacket and pocket book before storming out muttering about vampires being ungrateful.




Remy had once again lowered his shields so that he could feel when anyone approached. He registered the dark brooding presence and slowly closed them back up. //Merde, what a mix of ‘motions dat man has. What was dat, guilt…pain…loneliness…// He catalogued the few he could put names to.


The door opened and Angel came in balancing the tray in one hand. He gave a genuine smile and brought the offering over to set it on the young man’s lap.


“You managed to sit up alright?”


“Oui, took m’ couple o’ tries. Heads a li’l dizzy.” Remy studied him then looked down at the tray. “Merci. Dis looks bon.” He picked up the sandwich and started to eat. He’d also removed his duster, laying it on a chair near the bed.


“It’s not much but I don’t keep a lot in.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.


“Y’ prefer t’ live off junk? Remy can identify wit’ dat.” He smiled and sipped his coffee. “Merde… dats strong.” He gasped.


“Sorry… I…”


Remy waved a hand, “Non, it’s bien. Remy like it strong.” He smirked to himself and winked reflexively.


If Angel could he would have blushed. This stranger… this X-man was stirring things in him he hadn’t felt in a long time. He found himself staring into those unique eyes.


“So. Y’ frien’ t’ought Remy was a demon, eh? Why she t’ink dat?”


“Your eyes.” He said and smiled apologetically.


“Oh.” Suddenly saddened, Remy cast his eyes away. “Je suis de’sole.”


“What? Why?” Angel’s brow creased and he stepped near the bed.


“Le Diable Blanc.” Remy sighed quietly. “Dats what dey use’ t’ call me.”


Angel shook his head and sat on the edge of the bed. “You’re no demon.”


“Y’ Speak French?” He picked at the food and refused to look up to meet the dark smouldering eyes.


“I speak lots of languages. I’ve travelled… a lot. And I would know if you were a demon, I know you’re not. And for God’s sake don’t even think about apologising for your eyes they’re the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, like rubies set in onyx.” Angel might have many skills but a poet he wasn’t, that was Will’s thing.


Remy looked up at him curiously and Angel felt an odd tickling on the edge of his mind and scowled.


“Merde, am sorry.” He blushed and hid behind the mug of coffee.


“That was you?” the dark vampire asked uncertainly


Remy nodded slowly, not knowing if he’d annoyed the big man.


“What…what were you doing?” He tilted his head slightly, studying that angular face.


“Jus’ wanted t’ see if y’ were tellin’ Remy de trut’.”


“And was I?” His lips quirked up into a slight smile.


“Oui.” He hesitated.


“What else could you tell?”


Remy swallowed hard. “Lots of t’ings. Y’ a very complex man.”


Angel silently raised an eyebrow.


He had felt a lot of different emotions from Angel and as much as he knew there was a need to respect people’s privacy and understood the desire to keep secrets, he also realised that sometimes talking about worries was a big help. “What y’ feel s’ guilty ‘bout homme?”


The bed shook as Angel stood and turned away to look out of the darkened window folding his arms across his strong chest. “Lots of things. I… I’ve done some bad things in my time.”


Remy snorted “I know all ‘bout dat mon ami. Remy de king of bad t’ings. Mais, der comes a time y’ gotta let de guilt go an’ move on.”


The dark head shook from side to side. “No, you don’t understand. I can’t ever let it go. I…” He took a deep breath, “I killed a lot of people.”


Remy cocked his head studying the slumped demeanour of the brooding man. He knew all about the guilt of being responsible for the deaths of many. “Moi aussi.” He said quietly. He had learned that you had to give trust in order to gain it.


Angel turned to look at him then, arms still folded protectively across himself. “You’ve killed people?”


Remy nodded sadly, “Didn’ mean t’. Remy was tricked… mais, I set de events in motion wit’out even knowin’.”


Dark eyes blinked and the vampire moved to sit on the bed beside him. “I think it’s probably very different,” he reassured quietly. “I wasn’t always a good man.” He sighed at the understatement. “I actually killed for…” He closed his eyes hardly believing he was going to say this and knowing that the gorgeous man in his bed would up and leave when he heard it. “Fun.”


Scarlet eyes blinked up at him with confusion and compassion he didn’t move. “Is dat why y’ go after de vamps and demons now? To make up f’ it?”


Angel nodded. “I’ve a lot to atone for, a lot of years of killing innocent people. I was different then.” He was picking at the comforter.


Remy could identify; that was why he’d joined the X-men after all. He laid his slender thief’s hand over the larger sturdier one. The flesh was cool to his touch. “So y’ make y’self lonely and hurt y’self wit’ de pain from all dat guilt?”


He couldn’t stop the sad nod of affirmation. That warm hand caressing his felt so good and his arousal grew. He wanted to pull his hand away, he knew he should, but something about that touch and those eyes was drawing him in. He was almost becoming powerless to resist. He tried to swallow the lump in his throat.


“Y’ don’ need t’ be lonely mon ami. Dats a tragedy o’ monumental proportions.” He regarded the painfully sexy man in front of him. He couldn’t ignore the stirrings that this Angel was causing.


The dark-haired vampire caught the scent of arousal and suppressed the moan that welled up in response. Remy was unaware that his skin was tingling with more than lust until he felt the charge crackle on the hand under his.


“Mon dieu.” He pulled his hand back and scooted back on the bed desperately. “I’m s’ sorry.”


Angel looked at the singed skin curiously… it healed as they looked at it.


Remy gasped. “Y’ like Logan? Y’ a mutant aussi?”


“No… I…” He slumped as he studied the healed flesh. He had to be honest; he couldn’t lie because he figured Remy would be able to tell. “I’m a vampire.”


Those red eyes went saucer wide. “I t’ought y’ said…”


He held up his hands. “I’m good now. I’ve got a soul and everything.” He wanted to say ‘see’ and show him his slightly battered looking one-original-careless-owner soul.


“Dat why y’ got all dat guilt.” Everything slotted into place in Remy’s head. He didn’t like the heaviness of this conversation and decided to lighten it up. “S’ de stories ‘bout vamps bein’ sexy…”


The flirtation was obvious even to the usually oblivious vampire.


Angel stood up. “I… I can’t. Look.” He laid his hands out palms up as if they showed something important. “I really like you… god knows I do, but I can’t do this… as much as I want to.”


Remy tried not to look hurt but he was, the sexiest guy he’d ever met was rejecting him. “If y’ wan’ it den why no’ have it mon ami?”


“It’s complicated.” Now that right there was an understatement of apocalyptic proportions. “There’s this curse. If I… If I achieve a moment of perfect happiness then I go bad. And trust me when I say there’s none as bad as me when that happens.”


“Can’t y’ get the curse removed?”


“God no. I mean, the curse doesn’t make me bad, it stops me from *being* bad but the moment of happiness breaks the curse and I go all…grrr.” He did his impression of Cordy when she imitated his vamp status.


“Oh. An’ y’ t’ink dat bein’ wit’ Remy would give y’ a moment of perfect happiness?” He grinned. “I should be flattered. Mais, as good as I be in bed mon ami… I have t’ admit dat de likelihood of me bein’ perfect is very slim.”


Angel couldn’t help but smirk at that. “Remy, you already are perfect.”


“So, dis be like a clause in de curse. Maybe der be a way t’ remove de clause.” Remy said thoughtfully. He’d grown up in New Orleans and was more than familiar with voodoo and it’s curses.


“Yeh I guess that’s one way of putting it.” He sighed heavily.


Remy patted the bed in invitation. “Remy give it some t’ought tomorro’. Need t’ sleep now though.”


“You want me to.” The big man could be a bit stupid sometimes and he indicated the bed. “You want me to keep you company?”


Remy gave a genuine warm smile. “Y’ no’ goin’ t’ achieve perfect happiness snugglin’ wit’ a Cajun dat snores like moi.”


Angel closed the heavy drapes to avoid any nasty surprises in the morning and unbuckled his boots. He realised he was actually nervous at the idea of sleeping with a super hero… or maybe it was just because he was so damn good-looking and he was so insecure about his looks what with the mirror thing. He slipped onto the bed and Remy wriggled into his arms, resting his cheek against his muscular shoulder. It felt nice even though the body holding him was cool rather than warm.


“Mon dieu.” He sighed. “It be a li’l weird wit’ y’ not having a heart beat.”

Strong arms wrapped around him and one of those big hands carefully stroked his hair.


Chapter 2


According to the bedside clock it was lunchtime when Remy woke up. He was alone in the bed and that confused him. He had limited knowledge of vampires but he was pretty sure they were supposed to sleep during the day and be awake at night. He slipped out of bed and ran his hands through his hair to smooth it out. The silken locks obediently fell into place and he smiled. He was hungry, but checking the small kitchen in the apartment revealed only blood in the icebox. He went towards the door and pulled it open.


Remy opened his shields as he stepped into the corridor and felt for the brooding presence that typified Angel. He felt the vampire and several other minds; curious, hungry and undissuaded he set off in the direction of the emotional signature. The journey took him along the hallway of what looked like a hotel and down the main staircase into a large lobby. His curiosity piqued and he wandered into the open space with a smile.


“Int’restin’.” He mumbled to himself and closed his shields back up.


“Hey, you’re awake.” Angel’s head peered out from around a door and stated the obvious. He stepped out fully and gave a self-conscious smile. “How you feeling?”


“Remy be fine, head ache ‘s all gone.” He grinned. “So, dis friend of yours dat tried t’ crack m’ skull, she round?”


Angel looked momentarily concerned before he concluded that Cordy deserved whatever Remy would dish out. “Yeah, she’s in here.” He indicated the room he’d just come out of.


“Bien.” Remy nodded and glided into the room past an almost drooling Angel.


The Cajun realised he was in an office and smiled at the assorted piles of paperwork that lay around. There were also four other people in the room. He gave them his most charming smile and sat down. Angel had followed him back into the room and went around the desk to sit in the chair there.


“Bonjour.” He said simply as the others gawked at him.


“My word.” Wes uttered,


“Damn!” Gunn exclaimed.


Cordy started to fuss her hair and fluttered her eyelashes.


Fred just blushed and said a quiet “Hi.”


Remy felt a smirk tug at his lips. “Nice t’ meet y’ all.” His eyes scanned them and fell on the prom queen-alike. She was obviously the one who had hit him the other girl didn’t look like she would be much of a threat.


“Would y’ be s’ kind as t’ no’ hit Remy again?” he asked the girl that was trying to flirt with him unsuccessfully.


Cordy blushed, “Well… I didn’t know that you were…” She waved her hands. “I thought you were a demon with the glowy eyes.”


“Remy no demon… mais dat will be irrelevant de next time y’ try t’ attack ‘im.” He had that air of quiet confidence that he carried with him so well, the one that said ‘you really don’t want to mess with me.’


“Why’s he talking about himself like that?” Fred whispered to Wes.


Angel heard her and glared at her, which elicited a squeak from the mousy girl.


“May I say what an honour it is to meet you Mr. Le Beau, I wish it was in better circumstances.” Wes said as he shot a brief sideways glance at Cordy. “Wesley Wyndham Price at your disposal.”


Remy switched his gaze to the bookish looking man with the glasses. He smiled, “Y’ must be de comic book fan.” The Cajun automatically appraised the man’s looks, while he was attractive he was nothing compared to Angel.”


Wes blushed at the reference to his interest in comics.


“So. Y’ all are Angel’s friends?” Remy asked, his mere presence commanding their attention.


They all nodded.


Remy tilted his head to one side. “So, presumably y’ actually like de man.”


They all agreed again although with slightly less certainty. Angel shifted in his chair wondering where his guest was going with this.


“Perhaps y’ can tell me den, why y’ ain’t helped de man wit’ fixin’ his soul an’ easin’ his guilt?” Remy kept his tone reasonable despite the fact he felt annoyed at them for letting Angel suffer alone. His hands crackled slightly as the suppressed anger and he consciously pulled the charge back.


He swept his gaze over the silent gaping faces; he briefly noticed the cringe from Angel before he fixed his eyes on Wes.


“Y’ look like de kind a man who shoul’ know his shit.”


Wes did a perfect impersonation of a goldfish as his mouth opened and closed. Truth was none of them had an explanation as to why they hadn’t done more than return Angel’s soul to him whenever he lost it.


“I like this guy.” Gunn muttered a slight smirk.


“Y’ got a copy of de original curse?” he asked while looking at Wesley but then turned to look back to the handsome vampire.


Angel looked to the other girls, “Cordy? Did you file it after…” he trailed off, leaving it unsaid about the last time Angelus had been loose.


“Y… you know about gypsy magic?” Wes finally found his voice and asked.


“Remy know a li’l’ ‘bout everyt’in’ Mr.Wyndham Price. He also knows about voodoo magics and although dey be different t’ de gypsy curses de same principles can be applied.”


Cordelia had snapped out of her shock and disappeared from the room. They could hear the sound of metal filing cabinets being opened and closed. She returned looking triumphant holding a file. “It was under ‘G’ for Grr.”


Angel shook his head in despair at her filing abilities as Remy held out his hand for the folder. Cordy briefly glared at him before handing it over. The Cajun thief opened the cover and scanned the pages.


“Merde, dis gon’ need a powerful witch.” He spoke without looking up. “Mais, Remy t’ink he knows a way t’ remove de clause and bind de soul.” He closed the folder and looked up at the still stunned looking group. “Y’ know anyone dat woul’ be able to perform de spell?”


“Well, um… I performed it last time.” Wesley said almost embarrassed to admit to the fact.


Remy appraised him again. “No offence, homme, mais, I t’ink wit’ de changes it will be out a y’ league.”


“Willow.” Cordy exclaimed proud of herself for thinking of her.


Angel nodded. “Willow is without a doubt the strongest witch I’ve met.”


Remy’s stomach took that moment to growl out his hunger.


“Cordy, fix Remy some lunch. Fred can you fetch us anything you can find on binding spells, Wesley, call Willow and Gunn…” He ran out of orders.


“I’ll go clean some weapons… just in case.” Gunn smirked, his leaving the room snapped the others into action and they all followed him leaving Remy and Angel alone.


They stared at each other for a minute before Angel spoke. “Well, you certainly know how to set the cat among the pigeons.”


Remy grinned. “Oui, Remy like t’ stir t’ings up. Mais… meant what I said… was no’ happy.”


He slipped out of his seat and across to Angel’s desk. “B’sides, Remy got a vest’d int’rest in dis soul o’ y’s.” His charming smile worked its magic and Angel almost melted in his seat.


“Dust me now,” he groaned as he felt his cock pulse to life.


Remy chuckled. “Gon’ need y’ in one piece f’ what I wan’, mon ami.”


An hour later Remy had a full stomach and was surrounded by balled up pieces of paper containing attempts that had not met his high standards. He scratched his head.


“Willow’s on her way.” Wes said as he dared to peek around the door.


“How long ‘til she gets here, homme?” Remy asked absently without looking up from his latest scribblings.


“About two to three hours.” Wes estimated.


The Cajun merely nodded and the former watcher took that as a silent dismissal and left. Angel couldn’t help but watch the young man work. He was so attractive and when he was concentrating it just added to his appeal. It didn’t help that there were some seriously strong pheromones drifting off him.




When Remy had finished the spell he’d sent Wesley and Fred off to obtain the supplies that they would need for it. He smiled coyly at Angel and rounded the desk before plopping himself down in the vampires lap. He wrapped his arms around the brooding man and gave him a chaste peck on the lips.


There was a cough from the doorway and they both looked towards the intrusion. Remy smirked but Angel looked startled and stood up, tipping the Cajun off his lap. The thief landed gracefully and straightened easily.


“Harris.” Angel growled and Remy had to suppress a chuckle at the nostalgic sound, it reminded him of a certain feral Canadian. The emotions that battered his shields were interesting though.


Xander was silent, no quip could come to mind. He had thought that Angel had a sexy red-headed girl in his lap, but then when they had turned towards him he’d been speechless as he realised it was a man.


“Deadboy.” He nodded and slid his gaze to the stranger. “And Deadboy’s de…” His voice trailed off mid sentence and his eyes grew wide. “Oh… my… god.” He did the very manly thing and fainted, the vampire was there and caught him before he hit the ground, thanks to his supernatural speed.


Angel looked up at Remy. “You often have that affect on people?”


Remy smirked. “Moi? Well… Remy t’ink it be de Cajun Charm.” He chuckled.


“Harris. Wakey wakey,” Angel gently tapped the boy’s cheek. The eyes fluttered in response and then opened.


“Just had the weirdest dream, Deadboy,” Xander said as he looked up at the looming broodmeister. “I dreamt I walked into your office and you were making kissy face with Gambit.” He started to chuckle but it was cut off by a tinkling laughter from across the room.


Xander’s eyes slid from Angel across to the source of laughter. “Not a dream then.” He realised and struggled to regain some dignity by getting to his feet.


“Bonjour, homme.” Remy gave him an acknowledging nod as his eyes studied the young man.


“Hey,” Xander tried hard to sound nonchalant and offered his hand in greeting. “Xander Harris. Xan… Good to meet you. What you doing here. Here as in at Angel’s but also LA? Are you on a mission? That would be very cool. Are you on your own or are the others with you? Man I’d like to meet Wolverine. Not that I don’t think you’re cool or anything, coz you are, you’re like my favourite alongside Wolvie… but… well y’know you were kissing Deadboy and since when are you gay?” Xander’s attempt at keeping cool failed as he babbled then turned the last question towards Angel.


The Cajun was laughing loudly at the babble and the look on Angel’s face.


“Nice t’ meet y’ aussi,” Remy said when he could stop laughing.


The vampire was sputtering, “Not gay,” was all he could manage.


“You sure looked gay with the Ragin’ Cajun in your lap.” Xander smirked recovering somewhat.


Remy was laughing again. “Y’know Angel, Remy t’ink he gon’ like dis boy.”


Xander grinned at him.


“He kinda cute…like a li’l’ puppy.”


Xander’s grin fell and it was Angel’s turn to chuckle.


“P…puppy?” He turned his incredulous look back to Remy.


“Oui.” He smiled innocently. “Remy like puppys.”


The Scoobie shook his head to free it of the surrealism of it all. Gambit, who had been almost making out with Deadboy when he arrived was… was… hitting on him? The realisation struggled for purchase in his mind.


The X-man lowered his shields slightly and smirked at what he found. “Well, when we get dis soul t’ing sorted, der gon’ be a whole world of fun,” he said with a grin.


“Xan, there you are, oh hey Angel and… oh…” Willow slipped into the room and stopped short when she saw Remy, not because she recognised him, but because of his exotic eyes. “Are you a demon?” she asked tactlessly.


Xander rolled his eyes. “Will’ this is Remy Le Beau. He’s a… superhero.”


Willow bounced on the spot, “Like Angel, how cool. Nice eyes, it’s a great look, suits you.”


All eyes in the room turned towards her.


“What…? What did I say?” She asked with genuine innocence.


Remy broke the silence with a quiet chuckle. “Y’ must be de young witch, Willow, right?” He took her hand and kissed the back of it with a slight charming bow.


“Oh… erm… yes.” Willow was flustered, which was not entirely unusual.


“You’re bad.” Xan grinned at the Cajun. “Are you going to hit on everyone?”


Remy simply winked at him, then handed a sheet of paper to the red-headed girl. Willow’s eyes quickly scanned over the spell a couple of times and she smiled.


“This is… brilliant.” The closest word she could find to describe the way Remy had written the spell. “You did this?” She directed at him.


Gambit nodded and smirked. “Oui, Remy come from Voodoo country.”


They assembled in the lobby a short time later. Willow made a start with the spell ingredients while Remy stayed close by Angel and held his hand reassuringly. The vampire was understandably nervous but he wanted this so much he was willing to take the risk.


Everything was almost set when Angel pulled the Cajun aside. “Promise me if something goes wrong you’ll take me out.”


Remy’s brow creased. “Wha’ nonsense y’ talking, cher?”


Angel shook his head, “If it goes wrong and Angelus reappears, the others have promised in the past but, I think if it comes down to it they’ll hesitate because they think they can keep saving me. If it doesn’t work… I don’t want to go on like this.”


The thief nodded his understanding. “Mais, Remy wrote de spell, ain’ gon’ go wrong.” He winked.


“I’m ready.” Willow’s voice interrupted them.


“Let’s do dis t’ing.” Remy smiled at him, squeezed his hand and led him into the centre of the symbols that had been drawn on the floor.


The Cajun returned to the side of the room to stand next to Xander. He smiled at the nervous looking young man as Willow placed candles at certain points around Angel. When they were all precisely in position she started to recite the spell and light a candle on key words. Eventually she had lit all of the candles and returned to stand in front of the Vampire. Producing a small silver dagger she offered it to Angel.


He took the dagger with a glance out of the circle at Remy before cutting the palm of his hand and squeezing out two drops of blood into the bowl that she held in the other hand, it already held the right herbs and other ingredients. His hand healed quickly and he offered her the dagger back, which she dutifully lay down on the ground at his feet.


Willow added two drops of holy water to the mix and made sure to follow the instructions for mixing it right. Satisfied she took a pinch of the mix from the bowl and flicked it at Angel while continuing to recite. The vampire hissed at the slight sting but didn’t flinch, the lights in the lobby flickered then went out and all that remained was the weak candlelight. She didn’t miss a beat though and continued unfazed. The flames on the candles flickered and danced, they slowly grew higher. Willow took another pinch and cast it towards Angel. The flames flared then went out.


They were still and silent then the main lights came back on and Angel was in a heap on the floor. No one moved.


Remy was the first one to break out of the stunned state and he moved forward. “Willow, remove de candles.”


He waited and watched while she did so before approaching the crumpled form. He opened his shields to Angel and felt him. He bit down on his lip at the differences. Remy crouched beside his would-be lover and stroked his hair. There was a soft groan from the vampire as he struggled back to consciousness. The Cajun watched as his eyes flickered open, brown flecked with gold.


“William,” Angel mumbled wanting to move but too weak to, his eyes fluttered closed again.


Remy looked around at the others when he heard subdued gasps from a couple of them. “Who’s William?”


“William the Bloody, also known as Spike.” Wesley intoned when it was obvious no one else would. “Angel’s Grand Childe in the vampiric sense.”


“Grand Childe.” Remy murmured thoughtfully as he continued to stroke the dark locks. “Merde. Dis William, he got a soul too?” he asked Wesley.


There was a chorus of snorts and a confused X-man looked at the sources.


“Spike’s an evil son of a bitch,” Xander said simply.


“Y’ know where to find him? He migh’ jus’ have had a life… er… unlife changin’ experience.”


“What do you mean?” Wes asked as Remy picked up the considerable weight of Angel and carried him to a sofa.


“De spell, t’ink its affect might ‘ave worked on William too. Ya got t’ fin’ him.” Remy went over the spell in his head, “Merde. Angel have any ot’ers?”


“You mean in his line? He and Spike are the last now.”


“Bien, y’know where t’ fin’ ‘im den?”


There was silence before Xander spoke up. “I do. He’s back in Sunnyhell.”


Chapter 3



Remy was there when Angel woke up a few hours later. Wesley had called someone in Sunnyhell by the name of Giles and they called back an hour later to say they had found Spike unconscious and they were bringing him to LA. Angel gave a soft groan as he opened his eyes and Remy smiled sympathetically at him.


“Y’ feel ok, Cher?” He stroked the pale vampire’s cheek.


“Yeah, kind a strange though.”


Remy felt a little guilty, he should have warned Angel what the spell would do. “Cher, dats…um… de soul and de demon are bound toget’er now. Y’ neit’er Angel nor Angelus… mais Remy suppose y’ more Angel b’cause of de soul.”


Angel understood; he could feel the demon closely intertwined with his sense of humanity but he was also in control of it…mostly.


“Der somet’in’ else.” Remy started, he was going to tell him about Spike when an older gentleman and a blonde girl brought an unconscious blond man through the front door.


“Spike?” Angel didn’t try to mask his confusion and looked from Spike to Remy, then to Giles.


“Dat was de somet’in’ else. De spell, didn’ jus’ work on y’ mais y’ blood line aussi.” He looked apologetic, not knowing how Angel would react to that. Xander had explained to him the animosity between the two vampires and he was nervous.


Angel surprised everyone when he let out a very Angelus-like laugh. Buffy let Spike’s body down and pulled a stake from her back pocket; that only made Angel laugh more.


“Oh my god… how ironic.” Angel managed to sputter in between fits of laughter. “All the shit he’s given me about being soul boy, and now he has one too. This is too good.”


Buffy looked from her ex-boyfriend to the strange man stood with him. “What have you done to him?” She huffed and moved towards Remy.


“We bound ‘is soul.” the Cajun said smoothly to the girl who he’d already decided he didn’t like.


“What kind of demon are you? Giles?” She didn’t take her eyes off the two. “How did you turn him back into Angelus.”


Angel started laughing again.


“He’s not Angelus,” Wes said as he appeared from nowhere and helped Giles lift Spike onto another of the couches in the lobby. “And Remy isn’t a Demon, he’s a mutant.”


“You’ve got to be crazy, Wesley, Angel hardly ever laughs… and never like that.” She pointed the stake at him. “And as for him…” the point turned towards Remy. “Demon or mutant it doesn’t matter… if he’s evil he dies.”


Remy chuckled sweetly and concentrated on the lump of wood in the annoying girl’s hand. It started to glow and she dropped it with a yelp.


“Giles?” She turned towards her watcher.


Giles however was polishing his glasses and studying Gambit. “Fascinating,” he murmured.


“Who is dis silly li’l’ girl?” Remy asked the room in general.


Angel laughed as Buffy pushed out her lower lip.


“My name is Buffy, I’m the slayer,” she punctuated each word indignantly.


Remy raised a perfectly arched eyebrow. “Is dat so? Well, I don’ see what de fuss be about m’self. Mais, den… all I see is a spoil li’l’ girl.” He had stepped almost up close to her and could still hear Angel chuckling behind him.


He tilted his head to one side to regard her, letting his eyes flare just a little with intensity. “Honey, if Remy were evil, y’ wouldn’ still be stood in dem dere shoes.”


Buffy’s mouth fell open. “Are you going to let him talk to me like that?” She directed at Angel.


The dark-haired vampire dampened his laugh.


“Now Buffy, this man… he killed a vampire just by looking at him. It’s not what he says you have to worry about. If I was you… I would listen to him.” Wesley cut in before Angel could make the situation worse, and he was fairly sure he would of too.


Buffy snapped her mouth closed. “Where’s Willow and Xander? If you hurt either of them.”


“Willow is sleepin’ de spell tired her out and Xander is…” Remy really thought it was best not to say what Xander was doing. “I t’ink he’s takin’ a shower.”


Remy returned to the sofa and sat down next to the still giggling Angel.


“Spike is so not going to be happy,” Cordy said coming down the stairs and looked at the bleached blond vampire.


“That’s not exactly new. Perhaps we should chain him up,” Angel offered with a grin


“Kinky, cher.” Remy winked at Angel and set him off laughing again.


“What on earth have you done to Angel? He’s… laughing.” Cordy looked at Remy accusingly.


“My thoughts exactly.” Buffy crossed her arms demandingly.


Cordy shot her a look that spoke of a slow painful death before looking back at Remy.


“Tol’ y’ de soul bein’ sep’rate was stoppin’ de man from getting’ past all de crap. Now dey be entwined… he can be happy.” Remy explained and patted the dark vampires knee. “Gon’ have to get a new hobby, cher, non more broodin’ fo’ y’.”


Angel chuckled then announced that he was hungry. Several of the people gathered in the lobby gasped audibly, Remy however took his hand and led him off to the kitchen. On auto-pilot he reached for the pig’s blood packets in the fridge. It was only when he had it open, heated and almost to his lips when his face wrinkled. His demon was screaming at him. The Cajun had hopped up onto a work surface and watched him with amusement waiting for the rebellion. Angel looked at him with those brown puppy eyes.


“I can’t drink this.” He was slightly concerned by that realisation.


Remy tilted his head to the side and held out his hand. Angel looked at the pulsing artery that wound its way up that pale neck and his eyes turned gold. He shook his head to clear the hypnotic vision.


“I’m invitin’ y’, cher. Maybe y’ don’ wan’ t’ go for de main artery or not’ing. Mais… y’ need t’ eat an’ I’m guessin’ dat ol’ demon of y’s wants human blood.”


Angel took a step towards him; he looked uncertain as he reached a hand up to stroke Remy’s cheek. “Are you sure?”


A self-confident smile split the thief’s face and he nodded. “Oui.”


The dark-haired vampire, still in his human visage bent his face to Remy’s neck and licked the cords of muscle. A moan of pleasure fell from the Cajun’s lips as blunt human teeth grazed his flesh briefly. Angel could smell only arousal from the other guy there was no hint of fear and his heart rate was steady. Satisfied that Remy was a willing participant he allowed his fangs to distend as he shimmered to his demon features. With precision he pierced the skin, making sure to miss any vital arteries and drank. The first taste sparked on his tongue and he moaned with pleasure, his cock hardened at the tingle, he’d never tasted a mutant’s blood before but he was sure nothing would ever compare to the taste of the Cajun.


He savoured the small amount that he took into his mouth before swallowing it as if it was the finest most expensive champagne ever produced. Angel was careful not to lose himself in the moment and get carried away, so that he wouldn’t take too much. He felt a strong hand come to the back of his head and thread fingers through his short dark hair to hold him in place. He drank slowly and only took the smallest amounts at a time.


The kitchen door opened and Remy opened dazed eyes to look at who was intruding. Xander stood in the doorway, freshly showered and his hair still damp. The door shut behind him and all he could do was stare. His mouth was suddenly dry as he took in the scene in front of him. A smile graced Remy’s face as their eyes met.


Blinking several times Xander couldn’t understand why his cock was hardening at the thought of vamped out Angel and having him bite him. He swallowed the brick in his throat and blinked again, “S…so… I guess pizza’s out then?”


Remy’s amused laugh filled the room and shook his torso. Angel pulled his fangs back and licked the wound to seal it, changing into his human face before looking up at either of the two young guys… of course most were young to him. He could smell the pheromones from both of their arousal and he could feel his own hardness pressing insistently against his pants. “I think we should go to my room.” He declared and Remy hopped off the counter as gracefully as a gymnast dismounting the beam.


“G…good idea, then I can find out what alternatives to pizza y…” Xander started to say but was cut off by Angel’s predatory smile, the shake of his head and the few short steps he took until he was in front of the boy.


“No, Xan… both of you… my bedroom…now.” His lips were so close to his ear that Xander shivered from the lack of breath tickling them and then whimpered softly as a tongue teased his earlobe momentarily. “Now!” He reiterated and clapped his hands causing the other two to jump and move towards the door, breaking or making some kind of whole new spell.


Grinning and giggling they emerged into the lobby, all eyes turned on them. Buffy was in front of them again causing them all to stop.


Remy rolled his eyes, “Merde, will someone get dis femme outta Remy’s way ‘fore he does somet’ing y’all regret.”


Wes came forward to try and coax Buffy away but the girl stood firm. “I’m not going anywhere, I want to know what you’ve done to my… I mean… to Angel?” She demanded.


Remy let out a deep long suffering sigh and stared at her. “Look, li’l’ girl. I done already tol’ y’ whiney ass what we all did. Now, y’ can choose t’ deal wit’ dat fact or y’ can continue t’ piss moi off so dat I explode dose cheap Prada imitations dat y’ wearing on y’ feet.”


Buffy opened and closed her mouth then stared accusingly at Angel where he was trying to stifle his sniggering. “Are you going to let him talk to me like that?”


Angel appeared to think about it a moment before pulling his features into a serious look. “Actually…yeah.”


Xander laughed and received an evil stare from Buffy. He shrunk back muttering, “I am so dead.”


“Can help you with that,” Angel murmured into his ear causing Xan to gulp.


“We…I… um… tired… lie down… all of us… spells…nap now.” Xander stammered and grabbed for Remy and Angel and dragged them from the room.


The two were dragged away leaving open-mouthed onlookers and a laughing Gunn. All eyes turned on him and he shrugged. “I think they’re all gonna be busy for a while.”


“What do you mean? Giles? What does he mean?” Buffy turned to look at him, her brain refusing to acknowledge that it knew full well what he meant.


Giles simply responded by cleaning his glasses.


“Yes, well, I think we should start working out how to deal with Spike when he comes round,” Wes stated slightly flustered.


Chapter 4


The trio crashed through the door into Angel’s bedroom and Xander looked from one to the other blushing to his ears.


A predatory grin on his face, the dark-haired vampire closed and locked the door and turned on Xander.


Remy sat himself down on the end of the large bed and kicked his shoes off; he leaned back and watched as the vampire circled his prey. The prey, Xander, was hard as a rock, his erection tented his pants and his lust was bombarding the mutant’s shields it was that strong.


A nervous smile lit Xander’s face and he tried to laugh… tried to think of something witty to say. Instead he found his legs shaking with arousal at the look on Deadboy’s face. “Fuck,” he muttered under his breath.


Angel chuckled, “That’s the plan, Xan…” And he swooped, his lips locking onto the startled youth’s. Kissing him hard and possessively as his hands pulled him tight against him.


The brunette human melted into those strong arms, he thought he would faint from the sensation of being kissed by Angelusy Angel. //Danger with a safety net…// he quipped to himself mentally as his mouth was thoroughly explored by an eager tongue. So this was what Buffy saw in him. As quickly as the thought of the blonde slayer entered his mind, he shoved it out… no room for her in this. There was only the two…er… three of them here. //Oh god… I’m about to have a threesome with Angel and Gambit.// He moaned into the mouth pressed against his as he felt a hardness digging into his hip.


Angel backed Xander up towards the bed and between the waiting spread thighs of the semi-reclined Cajun. Slender thief’s hands slipped around the boy’s waist and deftly unbuttoned his jeans and yanked them, and his Daffy Duck boxers, down his hips in one swift move.


Xan yelped into the vampire’s mouth at the suddenness of the move that left his ass bared and his naked hard cock pressed against the fabric of Angel’s pants. Then those hands were sliding up the front under his shirt, leaving a burning trail behind them. Xander moaned against Angel’s lips and thrust his tongue out to meet the tip of the vampire’s, tangling and teasing them together.


Remy’s deft hands slid Xander’s shirt up as his hands moved upwards underneath, teasing and revealing a strong torso. He interrupted their kissing just long enough for the shirt to be pulled up and off completely, tossing it absently aside.


While Angel kissed and licked at the inviting lips, nimble Cajun fingers were seeking out the human’s nipples, pinching and gently twisting them, while their owner’s lips were nuzzling at his neck.


Xander moaned into the waiting mouth, his back arching and his cock pulsing. God, he wanted this more than he could remember wanting anyone before. The two of these guys were just wicked. And their talented mouths and hands were driving all thought from his head. He was practically vibrating with need.


Angel relinquished his mouth and looked hungrily into dazed eyes. His hands went to the partially opened jeans and yanked them all the way down and off in one smooth show of strength.


Xander sucked in much needed air as he was left completely exposed to them.


“Always knew that you would be a hot one, Harris,” Angel purred.


The sound went straight to Xander’s cock and it bounced and waved happily.


“I’ve never…” Xan managed to say, but was silenced by the Cajun.


“Shh, Petit, it be fine, we gon’ take good care o’ y’, promise.”


Angel smiled at Remy before leaning over Xander’s shoulder and kissing those smiling lips.


Trapped between the two of them, it was like a living wet dream for the Scooby and he could only moan, his hands almost too afraid to explore on their own.


As if on some kind of telepathic cue, Remy and Angel’s lips parted and they moved to opposite sides of Xander’s neck, each of them licking and sucking at the tanned taught flesh. They were so in tune with each other that they could be mistaken for having done this sort of thing before, despite it being their first time together.


The Cajun held Xan in place with a firm palm against his chest while his other hand wandered just as the vampire’s did. Nipples were teased, his hard cock brushed against and his balls fondled firmly. He thought he’d died and gone to heaven. If he said he’d never fantasised about being held down and fucked before he’d be lying… and if he said that it had never included Angel in the role of the aggressor he would go to hell for the sheer scale of the lie. And there he was, held firm between them while they teased and aroused him to within an inch of his life. Maybe he’d hit his head when he’d fainted earlier.


Angel pulled back and looked into dazed brown eyes, the human looked completely high on lust. He smiled, not quite a feral look, but pretty close to it. “You liked what you saw in the kitchen, didn’t you?”


Xander swallowed and after a brief hesitation, he nodded.


The vampire could smell something close to shame coming from the young man that they had every intention of ravishing unconscious, but it was also mixed with a heavy dose of arousal and need.


“You want to know what that feels like, Xan? Want me to sink my fangs into the tanned flesh at your neck and drink your blood, taste you, savour you?”


Xander groaned and rocked his hips upwards.


“If you want it, you have to ask, boy.” Angel’s tone was soft, enchanting, drawing him in whilst at the same time letting him know that it was entirely his decision.


Did he trust the souled-vampire that much? He’d watched him feed from Remy and surely if anyone would know if he was trustworthy it would be him. He swallowed the bowling ball sized lump in his throat and nodded.


“Please, I… I want that… Angel…?” he gasped as talented hands skimmed over his abdomen, not meant to distract but merely maintain the mood.


Angel smiled gently at him and leaned in to kiss him slowly, thoroughly. He drew back from tempting lips and worked his way round with soft kisses and licks to Xander’s neck and shoulder. Slipping into his vampire face, he grazed sharp fang points across the flesh and was gratified when the young man shivered. Golden eyes held red on black ones as he slowly sank his fangs in to the young man held between them.


It was Remy’s turn to swallow hard at the look on Angel’s face when he took his first taste of Xan. A look close to bliss flickered in the golden eyes and he was practically entranced by them before they fluttered closed. Both of his hands found Xander’s nipples and pinched them, gradually increasing the pressure, and slowly starting to twist them, wondering how much the young man could or would take. He’d lowered his shields ever so slightly to glimpse the reaction and was content with the mixture of emotions he felt from him. He’d been right that the younger man liked a little pain with his pleasure, but it was more than that. He would bet that if they said they were going to tie him down and use him thoroughly he would be more than willing.


The Cajun wondered how long the human had harboured the feelings he had for Angel, he practically radiated with devotion for him. It was a strange sensation, complex, but undoubtedly he’d wanted him for a long time. He grinned and bit down with human teeth on the other side of Xander’s neck.


The taste of Xan’s blood was better than Angel had expected, it was every bit as good as Remy’s and he wondered if that was significant. It held such vitality and strength. He took just a little, not sucking deeply, but enough to stake his claim on the young man. Whether he knew it or not, whether he particularly would like the idea, he belonged to the vampire now.


He couldn’t take anymore, the ecstasy of feeling fangs in his neck with that slow slight draw, combined with the wicked fingers on his nipples, Xander arched and cried out as his body snapped taught. He came hard, panting harshly as his spunk shot between him and Angel, coating them both in the sticky white jizz. He gasped to catch his breath as he felt one last pull on his shoulder before the fangs slid out and a firm tongue lathed the wounds.


When Angel moved back far enough to look in his eyes, he was back in his human face and smiling.


“Thank you, Xander,” he told him sincerely, then glanced down between them and when he looked back into dazed brown eyes the smile was more a smirk. “Oops, looks like I’ll have to lose these clothes now they’re all messy.” He waggled his eyebrows playfully.


Xan breathlessly chuckled. He wasn’t sure why Angel felt the need to thank him when he was the one who’d had the amazingly mind-blowing orgasm. And hey, he could feel a hard cock digging into the back of him too. Wow this was just insane.


When Angel took a few steps back to shed his clothes, Xander turned in the strong arms that were holding him and his lips sought out Remy’s. Feeling bold after his release, he gently claimed the warm inviting lips that seemed to be ever so slightly pouty. The kiss was long and slow, tongue tentatively exploring the other man’s mouth and glad that he was being allowed.


Warm hands were sliding over his ass and back as their mouths moved together. Soon, they were joined by a second pair of hands that felt lovely and cool against his hot skin. Xander shivered as fingers trailed down his spine and lightly skimmed down his crack. The soft press of cool lips at the base of his spine made him moan into the Cajun’s mouth.


The lips were gone all too soon and the hands disappeared too. He broke the kiss to look back over his shoulder and see where they’d gone. His breath hitched at the sight in front of him and his softening cock quickly started to revive once more. Angel was an Adonis. All sharply carved muscle and a long thick cock that was pointing straight at him while it’s owner lovingly caressed it. Xander’s mouth was dry and he squeaked.


He guessed that Remy had seen the same as him, because there was a lusty moan from the Cajun followed by, “Mon dieu, I hope y’ plannin’ on sharin’ dat, mon ami.”


Angel chuckled deeply, “It’s not much fun if I keep it to myself now, is it?”


Remy tsked as he looked at the vampire, eyes wandering the length of his body before returning to centre on the hard flesh jutting out from his body. “Xander, why don’ y’ get acquainted wit’ Angel’s friend der while I get outta dese too hot clothes.”


Xander smiled shyly, his cheeks flushing with colour as he slid off the lithe Cajun’s body and turned to peer up at Angel through thick lashes.


The vampire’s cock flexed at the sight, innocence… Xander was a virgin. His demon was practically bouncing with pleasure at the realisation. He gave a small wicked smile and crooked his finger to beckon the boy nearer.


“Just do what you think would feel good, you can’t hurt me and if I don’t like something I’ll let you know,” he instructed.


Remy watched a moment as the young human moved into position until he was level with that monster cock. He enjoyed the sight of Xander reaching a tentative hand out to touch the flesh. Angel looked like he might just explode into dust on the spot as fingers fluttered over his flesh before wrapping round.


With a smile the Cajun slid off the bed to undress.


Xander surprised even himself as he leaned in and flickered his tongue over the tip of the uncut cock. Just because he’d never done it before, didn’t mean he hadn’t fantasised about it for hours and hours. He knew all the things he wanted to do if he ever got in this position. In his imagination, though, he’d never envisioned surviving for very long afterwards.


He opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around that perfect dick. So big it stretched his lips obscenely wide, but for some reason this only thrilled him to the core. As did the smouldering brown eyes that he could feel watching him from above. A hand came to rest on his head and then fingers tangled in his hair. The touch made him moan around the hardness in his mouth.


The brunette sucked at the cock like it was a large lollipop, he tried to take more in and there was a rumble of approval from above.


Remy finally finished undressing and turned back to see what they were up to. His own erection jumped at the sight of Angel’s being sucked. “Mon dieu, dat look damn hot,” he murmured and started to slowly stroke himself as he watched.


Dark eyes flecked with gold rose from watching the suckling boy and met red on black. Angel smirked at the lust on the pretty face before he deliberately lowered his eyes to where he was stroking his cock. There were so many things that they could do right now, so many possibilities, he wasn’t really sure what he wanted to do the most.


He let Xander continue with his ministrations, for an amateur, he was enthusiastic enough to get away with it, but someone would have to teach him some technique. Angel wondered if he could get Remy to do that. Now that would be pretty damn hot, lying back while the Cajun sucked his cock and showed Xan how to do it just right. He assumed that the mutant would be good at it; he had perfect cock sucking lips.


The hand Angel had buried in brunette hair tightened slightly and at the same time he tugged it back he pulled his cock from the eager mouth. “Enough for now, boy.”


Xander actually pouted at the loss of his treat, he looked up with almost baleful puppy dog eyes. Angel groaned, he was sunk, those eyes made him want to do the most debauched things to the white knight.


“Lie back on the bed, Xan,” he ordered.


After a long slow blink, the boy scrambled to do just that, reclining naked, with his reasserted erection lying hard and heavy against his abdomen. Two sets of eyes raked hungrily over his spread form before they turned to each look at other; silent communication passing between them.


Angel shifted to kneel on the bed, then slowly stalked the length of it on his hands and knees like a giant panther. He loomed over Xander with a predatory smile. “How do you feel about being tied up, Xan?”


Xander swallowed hard and his heart rate stuttered. Angel would have been unsure whether it was from nerves or arousal if it wasn’t for the flood of pheromones that washed over him. He chuckled softly.


“I’ll take that as a yes, shall I?”


A pink tongue flickered out to lick his suddenly dry lips and without thinking Xander found himself nodding yes. A response that seemed most approved of as he noticed both Remy and Angel smiling.


“Don’ y’ worry, cher. We no’ gon’ hurt ya. Wan’ make y’ feel so good, promise.” Remy reassured as he gently stroked his fingers through the younger human’s thick brunette hair.


“Ok, I’m ok… I want it,” Xan stuttered.


Angel nodded and moved to retrieve the cuffs that dangled from chains down the back of the bed.


Xander raised his eyebrow at that.


The vampire gave a one-shouldered shrug and a small smile, “Angelus precaution. They’re enchanted to be unbreakable, but they’re comfy.” He held the cuff up for Xan to see, and at his nod proceeded to fasten it around his nearest wrist.


Angel lowered his lips and kissed the forearm just below the leather, almost reverently and the half-bound man shivered and moaned.


On the other side of him, Remy repeated the action, fastening the cuff and then kissing the skin. They left his ankles unsecured, there really was no need to go that far and it would only hinder their access.


He had a moment of panic as the leather fastened into place, wondering if he’d done the right thing, if he’d live to regret it. But he told himself that if either men wanted to hurt him, they didn’t need to chain him up to do it. Then all worry fled as two sets of hands started to touch him in gentle exploration: one warm and one cool. It was a stark counterpoint that left his mind unsure how to process the sensations. He moaned as his nipples were teased again. He wanted to watch them both but he felt powerless to keep his eyes open as they slid closed in pleasure.


Then there were lips and tongues joining in on the action and he always knew which was which by the temperature of the body part caressing him. A cool lick to a nipple, a warm hand stroking the inside of his thigh, a warm mouth at the crook of his neck, a cool hand on his stomach. He hardly knew which way was up, but he knew who was doing what to him as it turned him inside out and his moans became almost incoherent at the caresses.


A warm tongue circled his belly button and a cool one wrapped around his hard cock, he cried out in pleasure, the stark counterpoint heightening it more.


“Please…” Xander gasped.


Angel and Remy worked well together, they were so in tune and the Cajun wasn’t even using his empathy. It seemed they were a good team.


The vampire released the boy’s erection and it was replaced by a warm wet mouth, making Xan cry out again in pleasure.


Angel kept his hand moving lightly over the bound body while he used the other to reach for the nightstand to retrieve lube. He might not have been sexually active for sometime but that didn’t mean he never masturbated.


He pinched and sucked at a perky nipple while he squeezed lube on Remy’s fingers. The Cajun pulled back and from his treat and simply grinned as he warmed it with his body heat and altered his position. He slid his hand between Xander’s thighs and his slick fingers sought out that tiny pucker there. His index finger found the secret entrance and circled it teasingly slowly as his mouth returned to its task, moving up and down the hard shaft, pausing occasionally to flicker his tongue over the sensitive head.


Xander tensed slightly as the finger touched him there, but soon relaxed when it merely teased, dissolving into moans as two mouths and hands once more distracted him. He didn’t even realise that the finger was pushing inside him until it had already breached the outer sphincter.


“Oh god…” he gasped.


Angel chuckled darkly, “He doesn’t have much to do with it.”


The brunette groaned and shuddered as that wicked finger continued to push inside and his hole fluttered around it, trying to consider whether it objected to the invasion or not. It appeared to settle on ‘not’ as the talented finger touched something deep inside that made him see stars.


Xander’s muscles tensed and his body flexed as he moaned and gasped for air.


Remy grinned to himself and set a slow rhythm stroking his finger in and out as he sucked at the young man’s cock. He heard the moans from above become incoherent babbling, he didn’t even bother trying to decipher since it sounded all good he wasn’t too concerned. A glance along the tanned well-toned body revealed that Angel was working over the boy’s nipples with intent.


If he could have smiled around the cock in his mouth then he would have. Satisfied that Xander was suitably relaxed and distracted, he slowly added a second finger to his hole. He eased the digits in, taking his cues from the response of the young man’s body and the tone of the noises he was making constantly. It didn’t take long until his slender fingers were buried in deep again and Xander appeared so far gone on lust that he didn’t give any sign of discomfort at all. Remy took that as a good sign and slowly worked on relaxing the hole further so he could add a third finger, occasionally brushing that little walnut sized nub to keep things interesting for the brunette.


Angel was having his own fun while Remy was preparing Xander. He was rapidly growing to think of them as his boys and he hoped like hell that this would be more than a one off. At the very least he wanted to keep Xan around, he knew there was a good chance that the Cajun may have to leave to attend to other responsibilities, but there was a chance he might return again. He alternated pinching and sucking on the juicy nipples until they were hard, red and pulsing, he hoped that they’d be nice and sensitive for a few days to come, a reminder of what the three of them had done together.


Xander felt like he was flying as Angel’s cool mouth and fingers worked on his top half, while Remy’s warm ones worked on his bottom half. He was in heaven and glad for his first orgasm or there was no way he’d still be going now. His insane babbling was a constant stream of words and he didn’t even know what he was saying himself… for all he knew he was summoning the next apocalyptic demon and he wouldn’t give a damn. As long as he got fucked, he’d be a happy Xanman.


It looked like he was going to get his wish, he gasped and groaned as a third finger entered and started to stretch him. He was glad for the patient preparation but he was so beyond ready to feel that hard cock driving into him.


The warm mouth released his erection and he opened his dazed eyes to look up into deep soulful brown ones. Angel lowered his head and kissed him hard, he cried out into that mouth as the fingers were removed from his ass. He would have protested but his mouth was preoccupied and then there was something else nudging his entrance, bigger, blunter, there was a moment and then it popped in. He cried out again into the cool mouth, his shouts swallowed whole by the vampire.


Remy pressed the head of his slick erection into the hot tight virgin hole and paused there to give Xan time to adjust. The muffled cry that he heard was music to his ears as it sounded mostly of pleasure. There was no sign of hands fighting to try and escape at least. The tightness felt incredible around him as he slowly began the long slide in.


Angel relinquished the boy’s mouth so that they could better judge his reactions. Although one look at him and there was little doubt that he was enjoying himself. He looked up at Remy and found he had a mixture of bliss and concentration on his face as he held himself back from just slamming home.


He kept up the pressure until he was all the way inside, Remy was aching with need, his cock was so hard and the tight grip around him was almost enough to drive him crazy. He was obviously doing something right though, because Xander was completely blissed out, panting and babbling, pleading and moaning incoherently below.


Angel shifted and moved slowly round behind the Cajun, he wrapped his arms around him and pressed his hard shaft along his ass crack, letting the slippery head slide back and forth slightly, drawing a moan of pleasure from Remy.


“I want to be inside you like that,” the vampire told him seductively.


“Merde, oui.”


“I could bend you forward and slide right in, no preparation just the lube on my cock, would feel like being split in two,” his silky voice continued, gratified when the auburn-haired mutant shivered.


“Y’ so big, Angel,” he worried his lip, the idea was erotic and intoxicating, but the reality, they both knew would result in some not-nice pain.


“Lean over and fuck Xander real slowly,” Angel instructed.


When Remy did as he was told, the vampire slid down and flickered his tongue down the exposed crack. Bent over as he now was, he had perfect access to the Cajun’s pink pucker and he set about tormenting it mercilessly until it was fluttering under his tongue and he wasn’t sure whether the hitches in Remy’s breathing where from the act of fucking Xander or getting rimmed.


Angel blindly lubed up his fingers and his cock all at once and began to prepare the inviting pucker that had relaxed so well under his tongue. He wanted to bury himself balls deep in the mutant and feel that fluttering around his dick instead of his tongue. He pushed one finger in unceremoniously, avoiding the joy spot deep inside for fear of pushing Remy over the edge too soon.


The sounds of Xander’s pleasure filled the room, gradually becoming mixed with those of the Cajun’s as he was finger-fucked by the vampire.


Angel was almost merciless as he worked rapidly to open him up enough, quickly adding a second finger and starting to scissor them inside. He thrust his fingers in counterpoint to Remy’s thrusts into Xander’s slick hole and the twin sensations were unravelling his control rapidly. He pushed deep inside and stilled to recapture his composure while the man behind him finished his preparations, adding a third and eventually a fourth finger. Compared to the long drawn out way he’d prepared the human, he himself was prepared in double quick time.


The next thing Remy knew there was a battering ram at his entrance. He sucked in air and bore down on it as it slowly made it’s way inside.


“Mon dieu, dat… ohhhhhhh,” the Cajun dissolved into moans of a mix of pleasure and pain. “C’est incredible,” he murmured.


“Merci, mon cher,” Angel rumbled in reply and seated himself fully. “Let me control the rhythm.”


And control it he did. Remy was the meat in the sandwich as the cock was thrust into him thrusting him forward into Xander. Angel’s strong grip on his hips pulled him back and slid his cock almost all the way out before driving back in and forcing him deep into the brunette once more. They were all so worked up by that time that it really didn’t take much to drive them all towards the edge.


With almost simultaneous cries, they started to tumble over into orgasm, Remy led the way from the double stimulation, followed by Xander and closely after that Angel completed the trio.


Angel was mindful not to collapse on top, knowing with the weight of two people on him, Xander would be crushed and that was not conducive to repeat performances. He looked down at the young man into eyes that looked a million miles away. He wasn’t sure that Xan was even in the same dimension as them right then.


His second climax had been incredible, it felt like it was building forever and when it came it was like an explosion in his head knocked him free of his body. He could hardly breath as air seemed to burn his lungs with each attempt and his heart thundered so loud and fast he couldn’t hear much past the sound of rushing blood in his ears. At least the babbling had stopped, he noted with a slightly detached feeling.


Angel eased himself out of Remy and with a hand on his shoulder, silently instructed him to stay where he was. A quick trip to the bathroom was to clean himself and he retrieved a damp cloth and a towel before rejoining the recovering young men.


“Slowly ease out, Rems,” Angel told him in a bare whisper.


The Cajun did as he said and when he moved away he found himself being gently cleaned off. With a silent, but insistent hand directing him, Remy moved to lie down beside Xander, curling into his side as he reached to unfasten the nearest cuff and caress the wrist.


Angel turned his gentle attention onto the young brunette and ever so tenderly cleaned him up, first his stomach and groin and then his backside. There was a quite moan but little other indication that Xander was still with them. He tossed the used towel aside, unfastened the remaining cuff and carefully rubbed the circulation back to normal in the wrist and arm.


Some how they all worked their way under the covers and Angel and Remy curled into Xander from either side.


They were slowly dozing when there was a soft delayed exclamation from the man in the middle, “Wow!”


The other two chuckled softly and kissed him gently on the nearest body part before succumbing to the inclination for sleep.


Chapter 5


Xander woke first, his mind still blissed out from their sexploits. He felt more at ease than he had in a long time. He slowly came to consciousness, the first thing he noticed was that he was sprawled over a solid body and that the body, while not cold wasn’t particularly warm. The second thing he noticed was that they were one short in the bed. He frowned and raised his head.


His suspicion was right, there was no hot Cajun. He briefly wondered if he’d imagined Remy’s presence. Maybe Angel had drugged him or something. No, he’d definitely been a willing partner and it wouldn’t have taken much persuasion to get him to go to bed with the vampire. He thought he’d probably protested too much over the years about hating the guy.


The next logical thought was that the sexy thief was in the kitchen getting food. The solid body stirred and one soulful deep eye cracked open and then a smile pulled at those inviting lips. Xander started to get hard again. He waited for the brooding to start. It never.


“Hey,” Angel murmured and ran a hand down Xander’s naked back to cup his butt. “How you feeling?”


“Sore, but so good,” he smiled goofily, “It was awesome, please tell me we can do it again.”


“For sure,” Angel smirked. Then gave a little frown, “Where’s Remy?”


“I dunno, wasn’t here when I woke up, maybe getting food?”


The vampire gave a subtle sniff at the air. His other eye opened and he eased Xander off him to sit up. Remy had been gone a while. He looked around the room and his eyes found the note on the nightstand. He already knew what it would say but he read it anyway.


“Merci, Angel & Xander, you were both fantastique. Alas, I must go and finish the job that I came to LA for. I’ll be back when the job is done, maybe couple of days at the most. Take care of your boy, Angel. If you need me, just call. Remy.”


The note finished with a phone number and Angel gave a smile, it wasn’t what he’d expected. The Cajun would be back and soon, he’d half expected never to see him again.


Xander was looking at him, confused and expectant.


“He’s gone…” Angel started to explain the note.


The younger man didn’t give him chance to finish as his lip trembled and he looked at him with puppyish eyes. “Well, should have expected that, I mean Gambit…Remy Le Beau, like I have anything that would actually keep him here. He’s a superhero and everything. Has his own battle and hey at least I didn’t dream him and if it wasn’t for him then I wouldn’t have…”


His babble was cut off by cool lips covering his own. Angel kissed him hard and fierce, his tongue pushing into his mouth and exploring.


“That was effective, wish I’d realised that would work years ago,” the vampire smirked. “Now, if you’ll let me finish? He’ll be back in a couple of days. He has a job to do first. Told me to take care of my boy.”


“Your boy?” Xander asked quietly with a frown. Angel had a boy?


There was a raised eyebrow and understanding dawned.


“Oh.” A hint of a blush stained his cheeks at the realisation, “Will you?” Xander asked, almost afraid of the rejection.


Angel caught his chin with his hand and cupped it gently. “Always.” His other hand skimmed over Xander’s neck where he’d bitten him and he was gratified at the shiver that ran through his scoobie.




Remy was perched on the top of the building looking over the city as the sun went down. It had been a long time since he’d felt so alive inside, so much more like himself. The world looked small, but at the same time felt so much bigger.


He raised his hand to where there should have been a mark on his neck. He knew what Angel had done. He’d claimed them. Both of them. He’d felt the possessiveness as he’d bitten Xander. At the time he’d been too full of lust and need to really consider how he felt about it, but in the hard light of day he’d been able to think of nothing else. Even while staking out his target, he had still been thinking about it to the point he’d almost missed his opportunity.


And now… now he was sure. He flicked his cigarette out into the air and with the slightest charge it went pop and fizzled out. He stretched and got to his feet. He’d finally found a home with someone who wouldn’t judge him for his mistakes. He dropped off the side of the building with cat-like grace and landed lightly on his feet. The Hyperion was only a short walk away and so was the rest of his life. He idly wondered what kind of vampire he would make.



The End.

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