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A Cajun In LA

Type: Series - 14,272words 

Rating: 18+

Fandom: X-men/Angel crossover.

Pairing: Remy/Angel/Xander

Warnings: Anal, AU, BDSM, Blood play/Biting, Bondage, Mild-violence, M/m/m slash, Mild nipple play, Oral, Rimming, Threesome, a tiny bit of Buffy bashing, and some humour.

Chapters: 5 Chapters - Complete (25th Oct 07)

Summary: Remy goes on vacation to LA and finds that he has more than feral mutants to worry about.



A New Start

Type: Series - 16,780wds

Rating: 18+

Fandom: CSI/The DeadZone

Pairing: Gil Grissom/John Smith

Warnings:AU, Crossover, first time, Graphic m/m sex, some bondage/BDSM

Chapters: 7 (complete - 30 Aug 06)

Summary: Johnny Smith has moved to Las Vegas, but no matter how he tries to avoid trouble, it refuses to leave him alone; Is it possible that it can be a good thing?



A to Z

Best Use of Toys - Slash

Type: Series - 60,339wds WIP

Rating: 18+

Fandom: multi – CSI, Xmen, Angel/BtVS, Harry Potter

Chars: Remy Le Beau, Scott Summers, Warren Worthington, Logan, Gil Grissom, Greg Sanders, Nick, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Angel, Xander Harris, Spike, & Oz

Warnings: There will be BDSM, graphic m/m sex, bondage. (the title of the chapter will depict the kink within)

Chapters: prologue + 13 (last update: 5th Jan 2008)

Summary: 26 letters of the alphabet, 26 different kinks, 26 different pairings. 1 Voyeuristic Game Master and his pet.



Jokers Wild

csi fanfic award category - crossover

Type: Series - 21,140wds

Fandom: CSI/Xmen xover

Pairing: Um… not the ones I intended when I started writing lol.

Warnings: AU, violence, m/m/m, hurt/comfort,

Chapters: 9 + epilogue (Complete 01 Sept 06)

Summary: Greg Sanders is on a case, but the DNA recovered from the scene indicates that this is going to be no ordinary case. And a past he thought he'd left behind long ago catches up with him.



My Stalker Is An Alien

Authors: Co-written by azure chaos & the fabulous Kender Mouse.

Type: Series - 65,783wds

Fandom: NCIS/Torchwood Xover

Pairing: Abby Sciuto/Captain Jack Harkness, Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo (past Jethro Gibbs/Cpt Jack)

Warnings: (for all chapters) Adventure, AU, F/m, M/m (later), BDSM, Bondage, Food sex, *Het*, Intense Abrasion, Objectification, Oral, Rimming, Strap-on Sex and Mild Violence.

Chapters: 9 (started: 3rd Jan 2007, completed 5th July 07)

Summary: Abby has a stalker and a worried Gibbs calls an old friend and lover from the UK to help. Jack has done this kind of thing a thousand times and it should all be so straightforward, but it’s Abby, and this time it’s not going to plan.




Type: Drabble - 100wds

Fandom: CSI:NY/X-men

Pairing: Scott Summers/Don Flack

Summary: When two different worlds collide in New York.




Type: Series.

Rating: 14+ (for v.occasional lang & nature of relationships)

Fandom: BtVS/NCIS/Angel

Pairings: Special Agent Jethro Gibbs/Anthony (Tony) DiNozzo, Xander Harris. Angel/Spike.

Spoilers: Set post s7 Buffy and anytime post s2 NCIS though non-specific there are very brief spoilers for several eps up to then.

Warnings: Angst, H/C, General D/s dynamic (no nudity/smut), pre-polyslash

Chapters: 9 Chapters; 34,080wds. Complete 5th Jan 2008

Summary: NCIS are investigating the murder of a Marine when they find the beaten and battered body of a young man who is at death’s door. Inexplicably, Tony feels a connection forming with the young man even before he wakes up. But something was done to their victim and even though he refuses to provide them with any information on the people responsible they’re pulled into his world anyway.



Stranger Than Fiction

Type: Stand alone/one off - 2,882wds

Rating: 18+

Fandom: CSI:NY/Supernatural

Pairing: Don Flack, Danny Messer, Dean Winchester

Warnings: weird stuff; AU; hurt/comfort; established pair; hints at threesome & D/s.

Summary: An odd crime scene brings unexpected lab results and Danny starts to doubt his belief in science.




Type: Drabble - 100wds

Fandom: CSI:NY/X-men

Pairing: Danny Messer/Remy Le Beau

Warning: Kink



Talk is Cheap

Type: Series (not poss to give accurate word count)

Rating: 18+

Fandom: NCIS/Angel

Pairing: Abby/Spike, (refs to Angel/Spike and poss Angel/Tony]

Warning: BDSM, Het, Langauge and sex talk.

Chapters: 10/? (last updated 17 Dec 2008 - ch10)

Summary: Abby uses an online chatroom, over the last few months she made friends with a guy, he claims to be a vampire, she doesn’t believe him and won’t meet him: but what happens when she needs him?



Touch With An Edge

Type: Drabble - 100wds

Rating: 18+

Pairing: unspecified - anyone you want.

Warnings: kink, slash

Summary: What a lover's touch can do.


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