Don’t Speak




Fandoms: Harry Potter/BtVS

Characters: Harry Potter/Xander Harris

Type: One Shot – Stand alone.

Rating: 18+

Warnings: BDSM, Toys, Double Penetration (1 Hole) & Gags

Disclaimer I don't own the characters or ideas behind BtVS or Harry Potter, no money has or will be made from this fic.

Completed: 27th June 2008. 1226wds.

Summary: Harry has found a way to temporarily quiet the babble.


A/N: Written for my Kink Bingo card: Double Penetration (1 Hole) & Gags .


Don’t Speak



Everyone thought they knew Harry James Potter: the boy-who-lived; the boy-who-saved-the-world, and; the boy-who-all-kinds-of-other-rubbish. They all thought they knew a thing or two about him. He was an orphan, he’d defeated Voldemort, he spoke parseltongue, he played bloody fine quidditch, he was the youngest person to ever enter and win the tri-wizard tournament. Ask any wizard what they knew about him and they all had an opinion. The trouble was, most of it was built on who he had been at Seventeen years old and people tended to change…just a bit.


Certainly, no matter how many wizards or witches you asked, not one of them would have said that he liked guys and especially not that he liked guys on their knees for him. The fact was, Harry James Potter: blah blah blah, was a Dom. Pure and simply put! Of course, he was now in his late twenties, had failed to settle down with Ginny Weasley and most definitely did not have two children and a house with a white picket fence. The thought almost made him shudder.


What he did have, however, was the most handsome boy he’d ever come across: naked, on his knees, bound and gagged, making the most delicious sounds he’d possibly ever heard.


Xander Harris was a bone fide hero. Not like he was. Xander had chosen his path, had opted to fight against the darkness despite not having any special powers and or a prophecy that had condemned him to a life as fate’s butt-monkey. He’d really saved the world, more times than he could count, and every time the subject would come up he would tell Harry about yet another apocalypse that they had averted. He spoke about it like it was nothing more than going out for coffee.


Harry was constantly in awe of the other man with his shaggy brown hair and one chocolate eye. The eye patch spoke as many words as the myriad of scars that his boy wore and he was the proudest man in the world for owning him.


Of course, none of that mattered right now. Because at that moment in time he was lubing up a slender vibe and pushing it into a slick hole that fluttered and twitched around it. If Xander protested he didn’t show it, not that he could say anything with the rubber penis gag that was buckled in place, but he did have the little ball in his hand that he only had to drop in order cast the de-binding spell. The low keening noise that was being emitted around the gag certainly didn’t sound like a protest anyway.


The vibe really wasn’t all that thick and he knew his boy could take much more than that… and tonight he would. With a guiding hand he directed Xander into the position he wanted him in: his butt in the air and his forehead pressed against the mattress. He fucked him insistently with the vibe and then turned the base so it started to purr softly with the vibrations. The keening seemed to go up a note or two, which made Harry immensely pleased. He pushed the vibe in and expertly found Xan’s prostate making him jump and twitch, and his cock mirrored his full-bodied reaction.


He varied the motion, sometimes fucking him slow and shallow, other times deep and fast; mixing them up so Xander didn’t know what would come next. It left him breathing heavy around the gag and his muscles quivering minutely in pleasure.


Harry teased the fluttering hole while he prepared his cock. Seeing his boy coming apart like that was driving him insane with need. Switching it off and sliding the vibrator out of Xander’s ass, he pushed his dick in slowly with a sigh of contentment. It always felt like he was coming home when he entered his boy, like his cock belonged there. The reaction from Xander was noticeable too, he wriggled around the welcome intrusion, his muscles flexing deliciously around Harry’s shaft. Reaching a hand underneath it was impossible to miss his boy’s arousal. He gave a couple of strokes that were oh so satisfying as they were reflected in the way he was gripped and massaged.


It wasn’t easy to set a leisurely pace but Harry had a plan and although he didn’t always get to carry them out, he seriously didn’t like it when they were disrupted (unless it was for something better). As he thrust undemandingly Xander started to push back to meet him: craving more…harder, and communicating it in the only way he could. Some subs hated gags, and Xander had protested a lot the first time they’d used one, but Harry had quickly come to realise that his boy actually enjoyed them, they helped him to relax and just be. All responsibility was removed and he knew exactly what was expected of him. It also meant that Harry could have some babble free time, which was a blessing.


His pace was quickening and his thrusts becoming a little erratic. Harry was breathing hard and he had to force himself to slow down and to stop the hips from pushing back to meet him. Fingers gripped one of Xander’s hips tightly as Harry pulled back. He stopped just shy of pulling all the way out and placed the vibrator against his shaft. When he pushed forwards the next time, he slid the vibe in with him. It was tight: tighter than he’d known Xander to be, and he smiled happily as he turned the dial and the toy began to vibrate against between his cock and the inside of Xan’s ass. He groaned and let himself just enjoy the pleasure for a moment, carefully holding his boy still so he wouldn’t try to get more before he was ready to give it.


The keening went up almost an octave for a brief moment in shock of the combined sensation. Harry grinned, triumphant and wicked.


It was surprisingly difficult at first, to co-ordinate his thrusts and keeping control of the vibe. But as he got into a rhythm, Harry was relieved that it got easier. The little frown of concentration melted away and he was able to truly enjoy it.


Xander was shuddering and shivering around him, meeting every thrust with tentative enthusiasm. His boy was needy and it wasn’t always easy keeping one step ahead of the some times bratty brunette, but Harry liked to think he managed to get the balance right; especially at times like this when they were both breathless and sweaty.


Orgasm raced up to meet him, almost catching him by surprise with its suddenness. He recognised it in time though and was still able to issue his command. “Cum for me,” he managed to gasp out.


The words were as good as any magic spell he’d ever uttered: as if they physically released Xander. He shuddered and bucked, his muscles locking down hard on Harry’s cock as he cried out around the gag and came. Harry didn’t even bother trying to resist the affect it had on him and let himself be pulled over the edge with a soft cry of completion.


For long moments the only sound was harsh panting breaths being dragged in and then Harry leaned forward and unbuckled the gag. The temporary babble-amnesty was broken.