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Dream Come True

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Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters here in or Bill Gates. No money has or will be made from this fic

A/N: This bunny was courtesy of mentalme85 from LJ.

Dream Come True


“Please Master, let me suck your cock?”


Xander blinked, pinched his arm and blinked again. He looked down at the blond vampire who was on his knees in front of him. This was a dream, it had to be… he’d had it before but surely that didn’t mean it wasn’t a dream now. Except, in his dreams there were no demons to slay and no Buffy to walk in and spoil the moment. Wait… that wasn’t happening now either, he looked around the room, nope.


Confused, the brunette reached out a hand to touch the guy in front of him. His hand contacted gelled blond hair that felt more real than anything he’d ever touched in his dreams. He gulped. Spike was on his knees in front of him… and it looked like it was real.


“Please, Master, I’ll do anything.” The vampire begged, bent forward and kissed his boots with such reverence that it went straight to the human’s cock.


“Hmm,” Xander contemplated, “Do you deserve to be allowed to?”


Long lashes fanned across high cheekbones as Spike looked down. “I… I made you a chocolate cake, Master.”


The brunette blinked slowly, ok, so that was weird… that was almost exactly his dream come true. He froze. Oh that would be so unfair. Sunnyhell strikes again, gives him his hearts desire then it’s snatched away again… and worse Spike would remember and rip his throat out. Dammit, he couldn’t take advantage of the vampire without risking his life. But… he pondered; at least he would die happy.


He wanted to bang his head against the wall. There was obviously something wrong in the world if he had his vampire where he wanted him. Ok… that was part of the problem, Spike wasn’t, nor would he ever be, *his* vampire. He sighed. While he loved the idea of making the most of the situation he just couldn’t do it.


“Stay there, don’t move.” He told Spike and went to the phone.




Xander listened as it rang on the other end; it seemed to take ages before it was answered. “Um, hey Willow… I was wondering if anything weird had happened today?”


“Today? Well… now you mention it, I just had a call from Bill Gates inviting me to come and work as his right hand woman.”


Well that confirmed it for him; they were in some kind of dreamverse. “I think that something’s happened and we’re getting the things we wanted in our best dreams.” He congratulated himself for being brainy guy for a change.


“You think so?” Willow asked, doubtfully.


Xander looked across the room at the vampire who was looking crestfallen at being left kneeling there. “Oh, I’d say 110% yes. How often has Bill Gates called you in the past Will?”


“Well… he hasn’t actually really called before, but I…”


“Dreamt it before?” He finished for her.


“Oh Goddess.”


“Call the others and I’ll meet you at the magic shop. I’ll… um… make sure Spike gets there.” He tried to sound ambiguous but it didn’t quite work.


“Xander? How would…”


“See you soon, Will… gotta go get ready.” He cut her dead and hung up before she got any further.




Spike had pouted and begged the whole ride over to the shop; he eventually stopped and with a quivering lip asked if he’d displeased his Master. Xander felt his insides clench and he turned to look at the seemingly distraught vampire.


Gently, he cupped his face and spoke. “No baby, but there are bad things happening and we have to help sort them out. Now, when we see the others I need you to be good and stay quiet for me… no kneeling or pleading and no pouty lip. Ok?”


God but Spike looked adorable and so fuckable like that. He watched the blond nod his understanding and gave him a gentle smile. The universe sucked, dangling this in front of him and knowing he couldn’t…wouldn’t, take it.




It didn’t take Willow and Giles long to work out that someone had cast a “Dream Come True” Spell. They cast a reversal and all was right with the world once more. Xander blushed as he looked across the table at where Spike sat. The vampire had an odd look on his face, it wasn’t murderous but that didn’t mean anything. The brunette ran over everything that had happened in his head, to be sure that he hadn’t said or done anything to make Spike want to rip him a new one.


“Well, I’m gonna head home to bed. Been interesting guys… catch you tomorrow.” He stretched over-dramatically and got up from the table, heading for the door. Xander didn’t give anyone chance to try and convince him to stay he was off and out to the car before there had been anything said.




Two days past. Two long days where he would look at Spike and find the vampire staring off into the distance with that same look on his face. He had hardly said a word to anyone since the spell. There had been no smart remarks, no requests for blood or money for cigarettes. Demons and Vamps were dispatched without the usual verbal sparring or taunting. To be quite honest, Xander was worried. None of the others had a clue what had happened, or almost happened and he was more than happy to keep it that way. He couldn’t voice his worry without saying why.


He was walking through the cemetery, stake firmly tucked in his waistband. Spike stalked along beside him, silently. They had been patrolling for around half an hour and already they’d dispatched a couple of fledges. Suddenly, the blond vamp stopped dead.


Xander stopped and turned, his eyes scanning the pale face in the moonlight. “What?” He whispered, wondering if Spike had heard something.


But instead of an immediate answer or the listening stance that he would usually have taken on, the blond scuffed at the ground with the toe of his boot, watching the leaves that he disturbed before looking up. He took an audible, deep and unnecessary breath.


“Look, the thing… that happened…”


The brunette barely recognised the uncertain British voice that came out of the usually overconfident vampire.


“It’s ok Spike, it was a spell, forget about it. Nothing happened.” Xander verbally hurried to reassure and redirect him away from it. He expected a sigh of relief… but that wasn’t what he got.


“I don’t want to forget about it.” Piercing blue eyes came up to meet his. “Hell, Xan, you think you’re the only one who was living out their dreams? Christ.” He shook his head and turned away. “Unless it wasn’t really what y’wanted.”


Xander blinked, he was a little worried someone had cast the spell again but suspected that asking that right now might get him punched. Besides, this definitely wasn’t a dream of his. There weren’t any graveyards in the good dreams. He took a step towards Spike not knowing what to say right then.


“Are you ashamed, is that why you didn’t want the others to know?” Spike spat accusingly at him.


“What?” Xander’s brow creased. “No… I didn’t want them to know for your sake, well… mine too in that if they knew and you got pissed off I’d be the one wearing my intestines on the outside. So, I figured I’d save us both the embarrassment that that would cause…” He stopped babbling when Spike smirked.


“You’re such a prat. Didn’t you think that the spell would be giving *me* what I wanted too?”


“Well…no?” He answered uncertainly.


There was a soft growl from the blond, “Why not? Y’ think vamps don’t have dreams too?”


Xander shook his head, “Not that… I just… I mean why would anyone want me like that? Not exactly dream boy material, am I?” He shrugged.


The growl came again and the human shuddered. “Stop growling at me.”


To his surprise the growling did stop, he blinked. “You really?… I mean you dreamt about me? Like that? I mean probably without the chocolate cake because I can’t imagine you dreaming about making me one of them, but hey if you want to make me one then feel free because even though you’re a vamp I know you like human food too but just don’t drizzle blood on it or anything coz that’s pretty gross when you do that.”


There was a quiet chuckle, “Xan,”




Another snort. “Still not getting it are you?”


“Um.” He looked around the deserted cemetery; Xander didn’t know if he could do what he wanted to without laughing or babbling. But then he’d done it that day; it couldn’t have all been the spell because he could do it in his dreams. But in his dreams he knew what Spike wanted… he naturally wanted what Xan did because it was his dream. He wanted this, he could do it; he took a deep breath and pulled himself up taller.


“It all seems pretty quiet out here, we should call it a night.” He told the vampire.


He was met with a raised eyebrow.


“My place.” Xander clarified. “C’mon on.”


A slow smile spread across Spike’s face and he nodded, falling in beside Xander as he’d already started walking towards the way out. Heaven help anything that attacked them now.



The door to his apartment was clicked closed behind him and locked. Xander looked across to where Spike had walked ahead. Neither of them had said much on the walk over, there was a determination thrumming through both of them. The brunette almost stalked towards the vampire and was surprised to see the pale neck ripple with a hard swallow.


“Take your coat and boots off.” Xander told him.


He barely recognised Spike like this as the vampire dropped his eyes and did exactly as he was told. The trademark duster was slipped off and draped over the back of a chair before he crouched and unfastened his boots; pulling them off he set them neatly out of the way. Instead of straightening up he went down onto his knees in a position reminiscent of 2 days earlier. Xander’s cock swelled at the sight.


The things he could do to that beautiful man, he stepped up in front of him. “As I recall you were begging me for something when you were last in this position.”


Blue eyes came up to look at him, full of need and desire and damn this was real, he didn’t think he was going to last very long.


“Please, Master. Let me suck you?”


That lust filled British voice was quiet and submissive and sweet in Xander’s ears. He was tempted to make a comment about chocolate cake but now really wasn’t the time. He reached out a hand and gripped the gelled hair; stepping closer he pulled Spike’s face against his denim covered crotch. He knew that he had to be able to feel the hardness underneath.


“That what you want, boy? You want my cock?” He couldn’t believe how easily this was coming; he just delved into his fantasy and ran with it.


“Yes Master, please, anything you want.”


Xander smirked, “You might regret that offer.”


There was a sound from under his hand that sounded awfully like a cat purring. He had never heard Spike purr before, but it was a hell of a sound and he would be happy to hear it over and over, especially if he was causing it. He pulled the giant kitty’s head back enough to be able to unfasten his fly and push his pants down over his hips, freeing his hard cock. He was surprised even more when the other man didn’t pounce on it, but waited, eyeing first it and then looking up pleadingly. God, someone had trained him well, he was so perfect like that. His mind briefly flickered to Angel and a moan bubbled up at the visual idea of the two of them together.


“Suck it, boy, I think we’ve both waited long enough.” His voice was thick with arousal and he watched with pleasure as that long tongue snaked out and flickered over the tip of his cock. Part of him had still been expecting Spike to laugh at him… up until that point, then his fear had finally dissolved. The physical contact was the last shred of evidence he needed.


Xander moaned as the vampire wrapped his lips around his hard cock, sucking at just the tip then slowly making his way down the shaft. His talented, long tongue rubbing against the underside as his sucking gained in intensity. The blonde head bobbed back and forth slowly, eyes shut and lashes fanned across cheek bones… he’d look almost angelic if it weren’t for the cock in his mouth.


The brunette’s hands wrapped themselves in strongly gelled hair. He’d have to do something about that shit, he idly thought as he used his grip to guide Spike’s mouth up and down his erection at his own pace. The joy of being blown by a vampire was that he didn’t have to worry about suffocating him and he grinned as his hips started to thrust forward as well.


“God, you’re so hot like that.” He muttered, knowing that he’d be heard.


Spike didn’t miss a beat, instead he seemed to double his effort, the suction increasing and Xan threw his head back and let out a long deep groan. A swirl of tongue over the sensitive tip and he cried out, cum spurting down the cool throat while it was swallowed eagerly. He thrust all the way in to that willing mouth and just held it there while he regained his breath.


The panting had died down and he looked down at the stretched lips. His vampire had continued to suckle and it felt so good that he hadn’t completely softened. “I could keep you like that all night.” He told the kneeling man, one hand releasing its death grip on the bleach blond locks and stroking down the angular cheek. “Maybe I could sit and watch TV with you between my thighs sucking happily away.”


The vampire purred around his cock and it felt amazing. “Oh yeah, you like that idea?” The purring continued and Xander smirked.


Stepping back he pulled his half hard member from the cool confines of that mouth and looked down at slightly swollen pale lips. They were going to have to talk, to work out details and how things were going to be from here in out.


“Look at me, baby.” He said softly and blue eyes obediently rose to look at him.


Spike’s pupils were dilated and filled with desire and submission, a heady combination. He smiled softly down at him as his thumb stroked his cheek. This was better than a dream come true…it was real and spell free and for once Xander was glad to be a scoobie.

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