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Disclaimer: I don't own either John Sheppard or Evan Lorne, neither do I own the Stargate franchise. No money has or will be made and no offence is intended.








It was dark, not just dim, the sort of all consuming blackness where you couldn’t even see the shadow of your hand two inches in front of your nose. John Sheppard was feeling distinctly disorientated. His body ached in ways he couldn’t remember it doing in so long, despite the regularly ass-kickings he seemed to receive at the hands of Atlantis’ enemies; it wasn’t unpleasant though.


Arms wrapped around him from behind, strong and certain, as two hands pressed flat against him – one on his chest the other on his abdomen. His cock flexed in response to the intimacy as he felt the hardness pressing against his ass and he let his head fall back onto one solid shoulder. Unlike all the other times that he’d been tied up and beaten, this time it had been more than welcome; in fact it had been positively invited. It was a new experience and a lesson, but not just for him.


Warm breath tickled his ear and he caught the scent of mint and soap. “I’ve got you,” Evan’s warm voice told him, reassuring and grounding him.


John had no idea how the Major could be so at home in such complete darkness, but the fact was, he was coping far better than he himself was. A tiny part of his brain wondered why Evan hadn’t just used a blindfold, but then it was dismissed as the hand on his abdomen started to lightly ruffle the trail of hairs from his navel to his genitals. His breath hitched and he realised just how ragged his breathing was.


The finger’s flattened out again. “Breathe from your abdomen,” the quiet voice instructed. “Visualise your diaghram and as you breathe in imagine it pressing downwards, expanding your lungs and pushing your abdomen out.”


Sheppard frowned but did as he was told, focusing on a muscle that he’d never really paid any attention to before.


“As you breathe out, visualise it slowly pushing back up and forcing the air slowly back out,” Lorne told him without raising his voice.


He hardly recognised the quiet commanding tone of his second in command. Sure, John knew that Evan was every bit as laid back as he was, but he usually had a cheerful tone to his voice that put a smile on almost anyone’s face. He was like another man right now…but then he probably wouldn’t recognise himself if he could see right now; he was kind of glad that he couldn’t. He thought he knew how to breathe, he’d been doing it for his whole life – almost forty years – but as he followed the instructions, it was apparent that he’d not been doing it right.


“In…” Lorne, told him in almost a whisper, then paused “…out…”


He was even following his own advice, Sheppard mused as he breathed in and out on command, Evan’s warm breath tickling his ear as he led the lesson on how to breathe. The ragged quality was disappearing from his breathing and his body was relaxing fully against the reassuring strength of the man behind him.






His eyes fell closed as they went through the cycle a third and then fourth time; and suddenly the darkness didn’t matter.


On the fifth cycle Evan didn’t even tell him, John simply copied his inhalation and then matched him as he exhaled. His hard dick flexed as they fell into a perfect synchronicity. They were like a machine, breathing in and out at precisely the same time. His mind started to drift in a pleasant way when all his focus became about breathing and those hands that were grounding him to his own body; keeping him from floating away completely.


John’s mind went to how they’d ended up in this situation in the first place: it had all started when a mission had almost gone badly. It was only upon their return, when Sheppard had had his injuries checked and the rest of his team had been kept in the infirmary to be patched up, that Lorne had cornered him. Evan had backed him up against a wall and hissed at him about trust. The fact was, the younger man didn’t think his commanding officer trusted him and that he had decided it was time he taught him how that worked.


Apparently, learning to trust involved getting naked together, a pair of leather handcuffs and a flogger, followed by complete impenetrable darkness and learning how to breathe as if you’d been doing it wrong for your entire life. Although, considering how he felt right now, John was fairly sure that Lorne might be on to something with that.


The hand from his chest slowly slipped away, it was so gradual that he didn’t even realise it was gone until he felt it slip between his ass cheeks. The digit probed his hole and slowly slipped inside. He was too busy breathing to moan though and his body was so relaxed it accepted the intrusion easily. It had been a while since he’d been fucked by anything other than his own fingers, but right now he realised he’d been craving it since forever. A second finger joined the first and he felt his body starting to come into sharp focus.


Evan easily shifted them both when he was sure that he’d opened John up enough; lifting and tilting him forwards, angling himself so that the head of his cock was in line with the relaxed opening. As Lorne eased him back down he felt him slide inside. He ordinarily would have gasped, but right now he was focusing on breathing.


The slow, steady penetration continued until Sheppard found himself seated on Lorne’s lap. His breath hitched then, minutely.


The warm air continued to slide over his ear and the side of his face and John turned his head to the side and breathed in at the same time as his new lover. Their air came from the same place and when they breathed out in harmony it mingled together and became as one. They sat in silence, sharing air.


Breathe in.


Breathe out.


Breathe in.


Breathe out.


He lost himself in the sensation of feeling so full and sharing every breath with a man he’d never fully appreciated before. He doubted that he’d underestimate Evan Lorne ever again.


After what seemed like forever, John felt himself moving again, and ever so slowly he was tilted forwards, ass in the air, until he was pillowing his head the best he could on his hands. He continued the pattern of breathing almost religiously as Lorne began to move. The other man leaning over him, his breath still a constant tickle over his skin as he pushed in on an exhale and retreated on an inhale.


It was a slow fuck, perfect in every way: steady and deliberate and possibly the most incredible sensation Sheppard had ever experienced. Lorne felt huge inside him, felt warm, safe and oh so familiar as he surrounded him, like they were melding and becoming one; not just in breath but in body. He was fairly sure they both could have lasted for hours keeping up that pace, even as hard and desperate as they both had to be for release. The destination wasn’t the important thing, what mattered right now was the journey.


John felt the twitch of the hard cock deep inside him and a moment later his insides were bathed in liquid heat. Without a word his body mirrored that of his lover’s and he came with an exhale.





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