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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 8 months ago

I thought I might find it helpful to make a list of all the fics I'm working on. then maybe I can work through a chapter at a time on each.


Works In Progress (WIPs):


Part posted:


  • A New Start - DZ/CSI Johnny Smith/Gil Grissom - finished: Being editted being posted on LJ.
  • A to Z - Mega crossover of doom (12 chapters down)
  • Claimed - X-men god knows and he's not telling
  • Harry Potter and the Vampire Slayer only one chapter published
  • Jokers Wild - X-men/CSI Remy/Logan/Greg -Finished!
  • Lost and Found - Angel One chapter, unsure where going with it
  • Meaning of Rings - X-men Warren/Scott (co-written with LS/Sarafimm)Lots written in need of editting
  • Rescue Pup - NCIS Gibbs/Abby/Tony recent WiP, 13 chapters
  • Soul Illusion - Angel Xan/Angel Greg/Spike all in my head, in need of writing
  • Talk is Cheap - NCIS/Angel in progress, 7 Chapters posted

Not yet posted at all:


  • All New Vision Boy - SPN/Angel now a collab
  • Blood Ties 2 - X-men
  • Cajun in LA - X-men/Angel Completed & Posted!
  • Darkest Desire - X-men
  • Do What - Angel
  • Mysterious Ways - CSI
  • Promised - X-men/Angel
  • Remade - CSI/NCIS 1st person, may never see light of day
  • Shadows of the Mind - X-men got too emotional/personal for me
  • Ultimate Reality - X-men
  • Unconventional Relationships: Happy Birthday, Gil - CSI Lady H/Gil/Greg


Edit and repost:


  • Blood Ties - X-men Logan/Remy omc/omc Scott/omc
  • Ultimate Mission - X-men Scott/Logan Scott/Logan/Remy Remy/omc posted


Planned Sequels - unstarted:

  • The Sickness - BtVS Spike/Xan not even a zygote bunny... more oocyte or amaebic

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