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Hang Tough

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Hang Tough




Fandoms: NCIS & CSI:NY

Characters: Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo/Mac Taylor

Rating: 18+

Type: One Shot – Stand alone.

Warnings: BDSM, M+/m, Threesome

Kinks: Bondage, Double Penetration.

Disclaimer I don't own the characters or ideas behind NCIS or CSI:NY, no money has or will be made from this fic.

Complete: 12th Jun 08. 2031wds.

Summary: Gibbs thinks Tony can take so much more.


A/N: Written for my Kink Bingo card: Double Penetration (1 hole).






It seemed like hours had passed since Gibbs had blindfolded him and tied him up. The chain ran from a hook in the ceiling and his arms were pulled up above his head, heavy leather fur-lined cuffs were wrapped around his wrists and his collar was fastened around his neck. His eyes were blindfolded and Tony suspected that was why it seemed that so long had passed. Time travelled so much slower when at least one of your senses was dulled.


There was enough slack in the chain that he could comfortably kneel on the bed rather than being simply suspended over it. His Master seemed to be waiting for some thing but he had no idea what it was. Normally he would hate being kept hanging around, literally, but his patience seemed to be strengthened with the lowering of his headspace.


They’d been playing for much longer than he’d been dangling there. In fact they’d started their session that morning and it was now mid-evening. They’d eaten a late lunch/early dinner while in bed; Gibbs had hand fed him, so even food hadn’t allowed him to rise from the submissive mindset. His butt had been blistered with both a paddle and a cane and his nipples were still incredibly sensitive from the pain they’d endured. His cock… well let’s just say it felt like they were testing the theory on blue balls. His genitals were bound now although they hadn’t been earlier; it had simply been his Master’s command that had kept him from his orgasm then. Although no longer stinging, there had been scratch marks and sucking bruises.


Gibbs had fucked him twice and then plugged him with a large plug he’d only been able to take once before. Now as he knelt there, his shoulders and arms aching, his butt resting on his heels, he could feel the plug press against his prostate with each shift or shiver of his body.


The room was so quiet that he didn’t even know if his Master was still there, but he trusted the man would never leave him for long. He took deep, slow breaths, inhaling through his nose then letting it out through his mouth. The room smelt of sex and it made his aching cock twitch and pulse.


There was a slight scuffing sound and then a hand touched his back, fingers sliding down the vertebrae as if counting them carefully. He held still, not fighting the inspection and resisting the urge to shiver in need. He knew better to beg too. His Master had taught him well.


“You’ve trained him well,” the unfamiliar male voice observed approvingly. A rich baritone with a mixed accent, that was mostly east coast but had a similar transitory quality as Gibbs’.


“He’s a natural, Lieutenant,” Gibbs replied.


And familiar work roughened hands ran down his front and lightly teased a sore nipple. Tony sucked in a harsh breath at the contact, the sparks of pleasure-pain zinging down his spine and settling in his rigid erection.


The new voice of the Lieutenant softly chuckled in amusement, and he could only guess that the title was more military than PD.


“How many times have I told you that you don’t need to call me that anymore, Jethro?” the lieutenant chided and the brunette could have sworn he heard a raised eyebrow thrown in there too.


He liked this guy, the tone and touch were making him tingle and he knew that by pleasing him, he would be pleasing and making his own Master proud. The fingers that had skimmed his nipple pinched it lightly and he winced while biting back a yelp of surprise.


“My boy, I’d like you to meet a good friend of mine, Master Mac,” Gibbs’ voice murmured in his ear.


“Sir, pleasure to meet a friend of Master’s,” he managed to say some how.


The sound was of pleased and impressed smiles. No doubt wondering how he was able to sound so damn coherent when he didn’t feel anywhere close to it.


It wasn’t the first time that Gibbs had brought someone else into their playtime, but it was the first time he hadn’t met the man before hand and given his agreement. This was new and Gibbs obviously trusted this man completely to involve him in upping the ante of their relationship.


Soft lips pressed against his shoulder blade, so tender but so completely in control.


Then the lips were by his ear again, warm air teasing the lobe as his Master told him, “Feel free to make as much noise as you feel tonight, boy,”


“Thank you, Master,” Tony said, and it was all he could do not to moan just at the granting of permission.


He thought maybe that time had stuttered or maybe he had drifted off somewhere in his mind because the next thing he knew was two hands were resting gently on his shoulders, warm and calloused. A body was close behind him on the bed, every bit as naked as he was.


Hands silently urged him to kneel up and just when he expected the chain to be tightened to hold him in the new position he felt a tug on the plug. At first he bit his lip, but then he remembered, noise was allowed tonight and he let his groan of frustration and pleasure fall freely. His ass was a little sore, more so outside than in after the cane and paddle. To both his delight and increased frustration the plug wasn’t completely removed. Instead, Gibbs (and he was sure it was his Master) chose to slowly pull it part way out until the flared bit was just in his hole and then fuck him with it. Moving it in and out slowly, twisting and rotating it.


He had a vague recollection of the size of the plug, was it two maybe two and half inches in diameter at the widest point? Either way, he couldn’t remember being stretched so wide before and he had to wonder at what was coming. Just when he thought the plug was finally going to be pulled out it was plunged all the way back in again. He cried out as his hole swallowed around the stem of the plug not having chance to adjust before it was once more yanked all the way back out to the tip. Tony gasped for air. It felt incredible but at the same time it was agonising. There were tears in his eyes from the action that was repeated over and over and his body was trembling.


Then just when he was beginning to get into the rhythm of it, Gibbs changed the rules again and pushed it in just to the widest point. Rotating it around like he was stirring a saucepan, only this time he was turning Tony’s insides to jello.


He’d been so caught up that he had completely missed Master Mac removing his clothes and also hadn’t heard the opening and squelch of lube or felt the dip of the bed. His head was reeling and his breathing was loud and harsh in the room as his heart thundered in his ears.


Then the plug was gone and he was being pulled back onto his Master’s magnificent cock. Tony moaned loudly in appreciation, eyes tightly closed behind the blindfold. But the plug had opened him almost too much and he felt almost too loose around the invader. He was seated fully on Gibbs lap as the man knelt behind him.


Tony was lifted upwards back onto just his knees again but was surprised when Gibbs rose with him. Then a hand urged him to spread his thighs and as he did, he felt the brush of something sliding between them. He groaned, his head falling back onto his Master’s shoulder as he revelled in the sensation of being filled by him and of someone else being involved.


He was lifted further up almost a crouch and the legs between his thighs became hips and a waist as he was lowered to straddle the other man still knelt up and Gibbs snug inside him. The brunette submissive let out a deep groan as he realised what was going to happen.


Then Gibbs cock pulled half way out and he was being lowered, urged downwards. The slick head of another cock, this time covered in latex nudged against his hole and pressed in as hands continued to urge him downwards. There was a stab of pain as the cock all but forced its way inside alongside Gibbs’. Tears sprung up behind the blindfold as he whimpered slightly in discomfort. Neither man made to move and he hoped that Master Mac wasn’t as well endowed as his own Master.


Bit by bit he was eased down on the second cock as the first pushed in. He felt like he was being split in two, more than he’d ever felt the first few times he’d had anal sex. He wondered if this was anything like being fisted. After a lot of effort on all their parts and Gibbs hand stroking his cock gently, he finally found himself fully seated on both their cocks while both he and Gibbs sat astride Mac.


The straps on his cock and balls were a godsend right then, because the realisation of what was happening would have been enough to make him embarrass not just himself but his Master. His breathing was ragged while hands wrapped around him and pressed against him from in front, soothing and reassuring, calming him down. He took deep, slow breaths the way he’d been taught in the past to get through other pains and pleasures. It started to work and he felt himself relax.


“Move, pet, fuck yourself on our cocks,” Gibbs rumbled from behind him.


Tony thought he might just fly apart as he started to tentatively rock his hips forward and back ever so slowly. Only a little at a time but slowly increasing, he could do this he could do it for a man that Gibbs so obviously respected and trusted. Bit by bit he was pulling further off and pushing back deeper and his breathing started to pick up again, but this time the others seemed to be right there with him.


Strong hands held and guided him, directing his thrusts, determining the rhythm now that he was comfortable with the stretching of his anus. The noises that were falling from him sounded distant, like they belonged to someone else, but he could feel them as they shuddered past his larynx and it rumbled his chest.


They were moving together all as one and he hadn’t expected it to come quite so easy but he guessed Gibbs knew this man as well as he knew him and that made him gasp louder. He could swear he could feel them flexing inside him as their cocks slid over each other, not only stimulated by him but by the other man.


Their hands were sliding over each other too as they touched him: the three of them joining together in more ways than one. Then one of the warm hands moved and he cried out in surprise and pleasure as, with a flick of the wrist, the bindings on his cock fell away and he was suddenly having the most incredible orgasm ripped from his body. He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t get enough air into his lungs and then he felt like he was falling.


The clamping down of his boy around his cock was enough to send Gibbs over the edge and one look at Mac and the man was following him over, muscles flexing impressively as his face contorted in pleasure. The grip he had on his boy was fortunate as he felt Tony go limp in his arms.


Even before he eased the blindfold off it was obvious that the brunette had passed out. Gibbs gently kissed his shoulder and released his wrists to lower him forward onto Mac’s body, not at all surprised when the other man took over running soothing hands over the unconscious man and gently cradling him.





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