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I’d Do Anything




Fandom: NCIS/Torchwood

Pairing: Abby Sciuto/Captain Jack Harkness

Type: One Shot, Stand alone.

Warnings: BDSM, Fem Dom, First Person, Het.

Kink(s): Pegging

Disclaimer I don't own the characters or ideas behind NCIS or Torchwood, no money has or will be made from this fic.

Complete: 6th Jun 08. 1249 words.

Summary: Jack is claimed completely.


A/N: For my Kink Bingo card: Pegging




She stands before me, my beautiful Mistress, gazing down at me through stunning light-hazel eyes. And I kneel; naked as the day I came into this life, my hands bound behind my back and head bowed in supplication. She’s my world, my Goddess I live to please her.


I hear the last couple of straps falling into place and then a hand catches in my thick brunette mop. We’ve been playing for hours and this…this is the culmination. She is finally staking her claim. Not that I wasn’t already hers. The hand tugs, not forcing but encouraging…communicating silently for me to raise my chin. I’ve never been able to deny her. Not that I ever wanted to be able to.


The phallic latex extension of her slides over my lips. I’m surprised but delighted at the same time. She intends to use me for her own pleasure and if this pleases her then I will give it my everything. My eyes lift to meet hers for silent permission. She nods making her soft raven hair bob and shift around her porcelain doll features.


My tongue flickers out and swipes over the tip. Life thrums through me tingling my fingertips and making my head rush. Cock laying heavy and hard between my spread thighs, open and available for anything she wishes. Right now, she wishes me to suck her fake erection. It would be easy to give it just a cursory going over. But I want…no, need to please her. So my lips slide down the shaft, sucking while my tongue plays against the underside. I treat it to my best blowjob techniques, showing her that I’m a worthy slut.


I hear her dark chuckle as I feel her eyes watching my every move. Then she moans as my head starts to move back and forth, my lips sliding up and down as I take more and more of her. I work my magic, tongue twisting and swiping, pulling out all the tricks picked up over a century and a half of debauchery. And when she speaks her voice is even huskier than usual.


“Up on the bed, Jack,” she commands me in her soft tones.


Her voice is gravelly, amused, aroused, playful and I know with all my being what is going to come…I’ve known since we started to play three hours earlier where the finale would lay.


I scramble to obey her, even though I’m bound and exhausted, I’m energised by the promise of her attentions. My mind providing the many scenarios for how she will take me, I don’t need telling how she wants me.


She chuckles darkly once again as my movements are less than graceful. I guess she has me, finally seeing what I can be for her. The great Captain Jack Harkness, stripped bare of his secrets and barriers, willing to do anything for the woman he adores. My Goth Princess; my Abby, the goddess who is watching as I clumsily struggle onto the bed. At least she finds me entertaining and I have to resist the urge to laugh at the image I must present.


Some how I manage to position myself on my knees, my shoulders and cheek resting on the bed while my ass is raised for her. There’s a noise from behind me, and with a smile I recognise her deep moan of approval. It’s followed by the sound of a bottle being opened and the unmistakeable sound of something squishy being squeezed out. I don’t have long to wonder about what would come next, if she would use fingers to open me or just drive in. My curiosity is beaten by the touch of a slick digit against my eager hole and I strive to open my legs further for her.


A second hand lands gently on my lower back, slowly caressing the skin as her finger circles then eases into my ass. I moan in pleasure at her touch.


“Please, Mistress,” I gasp out, desperate for more, for her to possess me.


I can practically hear her wicked smile from behind me. She loves doing this to me, reducing me to this mess of carnal needs and desires where my pursuit of pleasure is second only to hers.


The first finger twists and rotates inside me, sliding back and forth as it relaxes the tension in my muscles. Then a second is added and I moan trying to push back on it. I’m surprised by a firm smack to my ass and it stills me again. Before I know it there are three fingers opening me up with slick determination and my breath is catching in my throat.


I’m breathing so hard that I only vaguely hear the sound of more lube being squeezed out and the next thing I’m aware of is the feel of her pushing the tip of the cock against my hole. Slick and realistically fleshy it pushes in with minimal resistance and I gasp. It’s a struggle to hold still, to resist the urge to buck back and impale myself fully on her strap on. I have moments to consider that pegging is a damn silly name for this, but the words explode in my head as she finally drives into me. Who cares what it’s called when it feels so amazing.


Fingers grip my hips and she starts a slow steady rhythm, sliding in and out. I squeeze my eyes closed as I feel her taking complete control. Nails bite into my flesh and I look forward to inspecting ten happy half-moon marks. Each thrust in pushes deeper and soon she’s slamming into me with an intensity that steals my breath and makes my nerve endings vibrate with pleasure. Liquid heat is running up my spine and making my head spin as her fake cock starts to rub continuously against my prostate.


There’s a moment when I wonder if she gets pleasure from the act or if it’s just seeing me being blown apart. The curiosity is driven away by her moans of pleasure behind me. It doesn’t matter, so long as she’s enjoying it…and she obviously is. I’m hers, her little slut; in the cutest of ways. And she has no qualms about making sure I remember that.


Her thrusts become harder, hitting deeper and increasing in pace. Air burns my lungs as I gasp for breath. Sweat sheens my body and I feel both hot and cold as the air tickles my skin. I feel it building, growing inside me like a hot ball of molten lava that’s steadily leaking into my veins.


My world centres around the sensation of her inside me, and fake cock or not, it is indeed her inside me. Her thrusts become erratic as she gasps and moans behind me and I feel her riding up to the edge of oblivion right beside me. She drives into me, slamming in over and over then there’s a moment, a microsecond where everything seems to stop, it’s followed by everything sharpening into glorious surround sound digital clarity as my world explodes into tiny Jack fragments. I cum hard, not sure whether that great whooshing sound is me breathing heavy or the blood rushing in my ears.


She collapses over me, panting hard and murmuring soft words of love and pride. I feel myself swell and despite the exhaustion creeping up on me I feel like I could do it all over again if she wanted me to.


~The End~


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