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Kink Bingo

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My Kink Bingo Card




As I'm taking part in the livejournal comm Kink Bingo I thought it would be good to put my table up here so that I can post the related fics. As each fic is finished, I'll post it and the hyperlink will appear in the table, clicking that will take you to the fic page where header info will be included.





Kink Bingo!
Virginity/ Celibacy

DL: Virginity & Roleplay/AU (authority figures)

DL: Virginity & Roleplay/AU (authority figures) Begging Barebacking Double Penetration (two holes)
DL: Body Part Fetishes (misc) & Pegging Pegging

DL: Body Part Fetishes (misc) & Pegging

Gangbang Snowballing Locked Up
DL: Object Pentration (toys-not worn under clothes) & Fucking Machines DL: Object Pentration (toys-not worn under clothes) & Fucking Machines Wild Card! Knife Play Foot Fetish Orgasm Denial
DL: Caning & Penance/ Punishment Penance/ Punishment

DL: Caning & Penance/ Punishment

Chastity Devices Voyeurism Teasing
Double Penetration (one hole)

DL:Double Penetration (1 hole) & Gags

DL:Double Penetration (1 hole) & Gags Breathplay Silence Food








X-Pattern completed 26th June 2008 = 300pt

Extra: Double Lines Completed 30th June 2008 = 500pt


Total = 800


visitors =


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