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Look What I Caught

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Disclaimer: Neither Logan or Remy belong to me, they’re the property of marvel, and the person who caught them is a real person that belongs only to themselves.

A/N: Just a lil humorous drabble inspired by Patsy (aka Angelnatia)

Look What I Caught


“Is dere somet’ing y’ wan’ t’ tell Remy, Cher?” The Cajun tapped his foot impatiently an action that was mostly lost on the man with him. His red on black eyes burned into his companion in the true ‘if looks could kill’ manner.


“Um, Gumbo, look, ain’t like I planned fer this ta happen.” Logan looked nervous.


“Den don’ y’ t’ink y’ better make dem claws of y’s useful an’ get us out of dis net?” Remy glared at him harder, even without enhanced night vision, anyone would have been able to see that the thief was pissed even in the semi-dark.


They hung suspended in the air in a large net that pressed them close together as it held the two men.


“SNIKT” the noise rang around the cave followed by a strained silence.


“Well, what y’ waitin’ f’? Get us de hell outta here.” The annoyance was clearly apparent in Remy’s voice.


“I…um… tried, but I think it must be shot through with adamantium.” Logan’s voice was quiet and filled with apologies.


“Merde. Dis be the last time I agree t’ go campin’ wit’ y’ or investigatin’ odd noises in dark caves.” The Cajun huffed.


“I heard what I heard, Rems. How was I ta know it was a trap?” Wolverine got a grip on his nerves and growled.


“Remy can’ even charge dis t’ing if it’s got adamantium in it. How long y’ t’ink we gonna be stuck here?”


Logan shrugged his shoulders and Remy could feel the movement, pressed together as they were.


A little while later, a light came on and a woman stepped from the shadows.


“Merde.” Gambit tried to imagine what mutant power this woman might have, she looked normal enough, the married, middle America average housewife even.


They both looked at the woman together, she had a strange smile on her face.


“Let us down.” Logan growled.


“Boys, the only way you’re getting out of here is if you put on a good show for me.”


“Mon dieu… she’s a slash fanfic writer…Wolvie, get us de hell outta here.”


Patsy laughed wickedly; they weren’t going anywhere until she got her performance.

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