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Lost And Found

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Disclaimer: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon and co. No money was or will be made from this fic.

A/N: Post s5.

Lost And Found


He wasn’t sure what he was even doing there, he had followed a feeling and that was where it had led him. Looking round the warehouse he found no clue, the ground was thick with dust and grit, the large area, virtually empty, providing little in the way of hiding places. Angel sighed heavily and ran a hand through spiked black hair.


It had been almost 18 months since the final battle and he was tired and lonely. The fight had been intense, his attention had been taken up by the dragon for much of it, but he had managed a lucky blow, rolling out of the way just in time, as the beast crashed down on the ground where he’d been stood. The scent of blood had permeated the air and caused a growl to rise up. He barely had chance to draw an unnecessary breath before he was being attacked by a 6 limbed, Krullith demon, he sliced off one limb at a time in order that he be able to reach the heart of the beast.


There was no pause as assailant after assailant came at him. He could hear his friends fighting near by and it had spurred him on. The last opponent went down and he had stood among the bodies and blood. He had injuries; cuts across his chest and arms, bruises and smeared blood marred his usually perfect flesh. Satisfied it was over he allowed his sword to drop to the ground and looked around for his friends.


Gunn’s body had been the first that he spotted and he’d crouched over the man, his head lowered in painful regret. A sound from behind caught his attention and he swung round ready to fight on, coming face to face instead with Illyria, who looked every bit as dishevelled as he. Spike had been nowhere to be found.


As the dark haired vampire turned to leave, his boots scrapped in the grit on the ground and it pulled him back to the present. He sighed again and his foot falls crunched as he walked towards the exit.


18 months he’d been looking. He was simply not willing to accept that his grandchilde was dust. How could he? William had been dust once before and come back, that meant he could do it again… right? But it had been a long time; he’d covered a lot of ground, making his way across the US several times before stopping in Miami. He’d even had help from Buffy and the gang, keeping their eyes and ears open for any sign of Spike. Still there was nothing, it was like he’d ceased to exist.


Angel had left LA immediately, not knowing what resources remained available to Wolfram and Hart, if any. He wasn’t willing to take the risk by making himself a sitting target. Illyria had stayed with him for a while before deciding she wanted to go play with the slayers. Against his better judgement he set it up, the old one had since made a real impact with Buffy, Willow and the others. They had thought about reforming the Watcher’s council but decided that it was a better idea to create a whole new, less corrupt, agency. Giles had taken over the running of it and it was working well by all accounts. Illyria was thriving under their tutelage.


The dark haired vampire was bone weary; he missed his friends so much he ached inside. Occasionally, he would seek out his son and watch his life from a distance, he was so proud of the way Connor was growing up, he was a fine young man, intelligent and well rounded. He was also fighting the good fight. Angel had been surprised when he observed the brown haired youth going out late one night, he’d followed and watched as his son tracked and efficiently took out a group of vampires. He’d never let his presence be known to Connor though, always being careful to leave no trace of himself to be recognised by.


Angel left the warehouse, not able to understand why he’d been drawn there in the first place. The dark figure moved through the city undetected, moving with the shadows, he travelled quickly and easily, silently, telling the tale of one who was well used to stealth.


He slipped down an alley and pushed through a large metallic door. The heavy beat from inside, caught him up in its web and pulled him into it. Making his way through the writhing crowd to the bar, Angel ordered a bottle of juice and perched himself on a stool, turning to watch the dancing humans. Sure, there were a few vampires there, but for the most part they were there for the same thing as the humans.


Dark eyes scanned the crowd, he felt so removed… so detached from them all. He wasn’t even sure why he went there anymore. He sipped his juice and watched the dancing, watched as men paired up and moved through the arches, watched as some didn’t bother to leave the dance floor to explore each other.


“Hi.” A voice to his left broke through his musings.


Angel turned to look at who had dared to approach him. After his first few visits, most people in the club had learnt that they shouldn’t try to pick him up. Unfortunately, it would appear there were newcomers that would have to learn that all for themselves.


“You’re wasting your time.” He half growled at the young man, not waiting for a response before returning his gaze back to the dancers.


“Oh, I’m sorry, are you with someone? Only, I saw you come in on your own and I was pretty sure you weren’t with anyone.” The young man babbled in a way that reminded the vampire of Xander Harris and it brought a slight smirk to his face.


“I’m not.” He replied without looking back at him, his tone suggesting that he had nothing else to say on the matter. He was loath to admit that the young man was cute even though he was pushy. If he had been looking to find himself a submissive boy there, the up front attitude would have done the boy few favours.


“Oh. Sorry to have bothered you.” The bemused and saddened looking young man, left him sitting on his stool and disappeared back into the crowd.


Sometime later, Angel slipped off the barstool and wandered through the arches. He managed a small smile at the sights and sounds that greeted him there, he loved the playrooms, it was the only pleasure he seemed to get of late. He stood watching two beefy guys working over a young slender boy with paddles and floggers. He could smell the arousal of all three. As he watched, a movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention, he looked and his eyes met those of the young man from the bar. He was gifted a shaky smile, but simply nodded politely in response before moving past the scene and gathered voyeurs.


Moving along a dimly lit corridor, the vampire could hear the sound of leather against flesh, as well as flesh meeting flesh, accompanied by the passionate cries of pain, pleasure and need. He could hear thundering heart rates and scent arousal and desire. He passed one enclave though and paused. A stuttering heart rate, the smell of fear, not the delicious lust/fear, just plain fear… and there was a begging voice, saying “no… please…stop.” over and over. Two other heartbeats were in close proximity, and dark voices, telling the boy to shut up and take it like the little slut he was.


Angel bristled, and pushed through the cloth-covered doorway. One man was pressing the slim figure down while the other was tearing away ripped clothes, a whip lay discarded near by and the scent of human blood and distress was clawing at him. He growled and the two men’s attention turned to him.


“Hey, you come to join in? He’s a fine one, little whore he is… protests a lot but likes i…” Whatever the man, holding the boy down, was going to say next, was cut off by the flash of yellow he saw in Angel’s eyes.


The vampire was barely holding back from slipping into his full visage.


The other man chimed in then, “Really, have you ever seen such a tight little…ummph.”


The punch came so fast the guy didn’t even have time to duck, and it sent him sprawling backwards into the wall.


Angel growled again and didn’t have to add anything else; the two men were already scrabbling out of the room. He turned his attention to the young human who had curled in on himself when he’d been released, and was now sobbing. He took a moment to ensure his eyes were back to their deep dark brown before approaching. The vampire could smell the salty tears and moved to crouch by the young man.


“Shh, it’s ok, they’re gone. You’re safe.” He said gently, a hand reached out, but didn’t touch the pale skin. He wanted to stroke a hand over short, sandy blond hair in reassurance, but knew it might possibly prove too much for the guy at that moment.


The young man was naked, his clothes in ruins, and he was shaking from residual fear and shock. Angel slid his duster off and laid it gently over the red striped back. A gasp and sniffle was the only response. The shaking and sobbing eased.


“Can you stand?” Angel asked in his more normal voice.


The head snapped up and turned sharply to look at him. It was the vampire’s turn to gasp as piercing blue eyes and unmistakable aristocratic features stared back at him.


“Spike?” Angel’s voice was quiet and disbelieving.


He didn’t have chance to say anything else before he had his arms full of the man.


“Angelus… you’re alive… well not alive but… well… undead.” Spike cried into his grandsire’s shoulder.


“Unlike you… who’s very much alive… and human.” Angel said softly, as he held Spike close to him, hands rubbing circles over his back.


They sat there for a while until tears subsided and Spike sat back. “Ok y’ bloody ponce, y’ can let me go now.”


Angel chuckled and let go of the slender body. They both stood up together and Spike slipped his arms in the too-big duster, pulling it around himself. They stood looking at each other for a few moments, dark eyes searching azure blue. Neither knew what to say, or if they even needed to say anything.


“Lets get out of here.” Angel eventually said, and held back the curtain for his now human grandchilde.


There were so many questions that he wanted to ask, but his protective instincts were telling him to get his human out of there. Spike nodded and headed out of the little room, he almost protested when Angel’s arm wrapped around his shoulder but thought better of it, the familiar body felt right and he’d already discovered he wasn’t capable of defending himself against some of the guys when they were determined.


Once out in the alley, Angel’s hand dropped away and they walked in silence to his apartment.




Spike let out a low whistle as he looked around the swanky apartment, all chrome, glass and clean lines. He recognised the specially treated glass the windows were made from, and paused for several minutes to drool over the large screen plasma TV.


“How’d y’ afford all this, peaches?”


He received a truly Angelus-like smirk in reply, “Call it… severance pay.”


Spike laughed, “Pet, y’ve been learnin’ after all.”


“Make yourself at home. Hungry?” Angel was already heading towards the kitchen to heat blood.


He had human food tucked away in his cupboards, he had been used to stocking up for his friends and, with them gone, it was something he did from habit. He’d actually discovered how delicious some of it could be when he’d started to eat it for comfort. Spike had followed him into the kitchen and sat himself down on a kitchen chair, still only wearing Angel’s duster.


“Got any hot chocolate?”


The vampire grinned and searched the cupboard, he set to, heating milk and mixing up the drink for his guest. He worked in silence, finally presenting the steaming mug to Spike a short time later and removing his mug of blood from the microwave.


“So…human? How… when?”


Spike shrugged, “killed me a fair few of them bad guys. Saw this hairy arsed demon headin’ for y’, but before I could call out to warn y’ there was this flash and I passed out like. Thought something had smacked me cross the back of me ‘ead. Woke up in some weird inter-dimensional place. Everythin’ was white. Thought I was in ‘eaven or somethin’.” Spike snorted at himself and shook his head as he slurped his hot drink. “Dunno how long passed. Had this weird sensation, tinglin’ like. Next thing I know I’m back in that bloody alley, breathin’ and with an ‘eart beat. Everyone was gone. Found out that almost a month had past. Couldn’t find out what had ‘appened to you, there was no trace.”


“Yeah, sorry… I thought that was the best way to avoid any remaining Wolfram & Hart members finding me. I’m really happy for you, Will.”


Spike smiled and nodded. “Ta, peaches. It means a lot to me. I know you wanted…”


Angel shook his head, “I signed away the right to the Shanshu prophecy. It likely was never meant for me anyway.” He shrugged.


“Didn’t think I would be such a feeble human.” Spike snorted.


“You’re not feeble, Will… you weren’t before you were turned and I’m damn sure you aren’t now. What happened tonight…”


“Wasn’t the first time. I’m an easy target now, keep forgetting I ain’t the big bad no more, got this habit of gettin’ meself into shit I can’t get outta.” Spike cut him off.


“It’ll take some getting used to, I guess. I like the hair, it’s a good look on you.”


William smiled, “Thanks.”


Angel watched as his former grandchilde stared into his mug, lost in thought. “Have you got a place to stay?”


Spike looked back up at him with a wry smile, “Yeah, ain’t as fancy as your pad though.”


“Which translates as?” The vampire raised a concerned eyebrow, he was well aware of the places Spike had lived in the past.


“Not quite a sewer.” The blond gave a slight shrug as if he didn’t really care that he was living in a rat and flea infested hole.


“You’re welcome to stay here if you need…”


“Don’t need charity, peaches.” Spike drained his cup and moved to stand.


“It’s not, you earned a severance package like the rest of us. Except, there’s only you and I to divide it between. Besides… I missed you.”


Blue eyes narrowed as they studied the dark head that had turned away from him to hide embarrassment. “Yeah?”


“Damn, Will, 18 months… Yeah… I missed you.” He looked meaningfully at the human.


“Y’ve been away longer than that before.” A petulant tone crept into Spike’s voice.


Angel looked away again but quickly looked back. “I’m not going to apologise for past mistakes. I did what I thought was right at the time for all of us. I missed ya… not jus’ fer the las’ 18 months, but fer the las’ hundred years.” He slipped into an Irish brogue part way through his reply.


Spike studied him closely, saw dark eyes full of emotion and sauntered over to him. “Y’ daft ponce.” He admonished, even as he wrapped his arms around the bigger man.


“Don’t expect y’ to keep apologisin’. Just want y’ to know that it hurt. Y’ right though, it’s in the past.” Spike nuzzled his cheek against Angel’s chest. “I was so busy trying to get you to acknowledge me as an equal, I forgot that I never could be.”


The vampire’s brow creased, and his hands lightly gripped the blond’s shoulders to move him back so he could look in his face. “What do you mean, Will?”


Spike shrugged, “Our relationship, s’always been a power game, about y’ bein’ the boss and me the good little boy doin’ what his ‘daddy’ says.”


Angel continued to look into the blue eyes looking for an answer to his question.


“Don’t get me wrong,” He sniffed, “I liked it like that. Then y’ went an’ got the soul, it all changed. Even when y’ lost it that time, y’ weren’t the same. What they don’t realise is… even though y’ were an evil bastard as Angelus, y’ were still a caring lover. When y’ lost y’ soul… y’ were jus’ plain cruel… now, I’ve got a theory ‘bout that but it’s not really important.”


The dark eyes were still firmly locked on him, “I’d like to hear it.”


Spike shrugged, “Figured that y’ knew the soul would be returned somehow and when it was… y’ didn’t want to have had the recent reminder of what y’ missed. Or maybe y’ wanted me to keep hating y’. Probably knew I was the only one who would ever stand a chance of staking y’. Didn’t count on me not being willing to do it though.”


Angel swallowed the lump in his throat and pulled Spike back into his arms, tearing himself apart inside at how much he’d hurt his precious William.


“There’s nothing like thinking you’ve lost someone forever to make you wake up to yourself.” Angel stated, simply.


He felt Spike nod against his chest and couldn’t stop the quiet purr that started from deep down.


“Stay?” Angel asked, softly.


Blue eyes looked up at him, “Promise y’ won’t leave me again?” Spike knew he was leaving himself vulnerable, but he was mortal now and time would run out on him if he kept messing around and pretending he didn’t have the feelings he did.


“Promise! I want to take care of you, want to show you that I love you.”


A genuine, happy smile split the human’s face. “It’s all I’ve ever wanted.”


They curled up on the sofa together, Spike resting in Angel’s arms, they sat talking quietly about the things they’d been doing for the last 18 months. A natural lull hit the conversation and they sat in comfortable silence a moment. William was lightly stroking the back of the larger hand that he held in his.


“I know it can’t be like it was before… not with me bein’ all human like. But…” Nerves hit, the way they always used to a century previous, before he became all bravado and he was just William.


“But what, Will?” Angel’s voice was gentle and he placed a soft kiss on the top of Spike’s head.


Biting his lip and taking a deep breath the human spoke, “But… I’m still yours. I still belong to you.”


“You’re right, it can’t be like it was.” Angel said, almost wistfully.


Spike felt his stomach twist itself into a knot of pain at those words; he was about to chip in with something sarcastic to cover himself, until the dark haired man continued.


“It can be better.”


William turned in the strong arms and looked up into those deep soulful eyes, imploringly, desperate to know that he was serious. All he saw was sincerity. Then Angel was leaning down towards him, he closed his eyes as he leaned forward as well, lips lightly brushed his then claimed them in a tender kiss.


It had been over a century since they had last kissed, but lips and tongues remembered what the other liked. Angel’s tongue pushed its way between thin pink lips, forcing submission from the blond, probing and exploring, thrusting in and out of the warm mouth. Spike shifted, and tilted his head back, giving himself over to the possessive kiss of the vampire. His hands grasped at Angel’s black shirt, balling it into tight fists; whether he was clinging on for his own grounding or the security that the other man couldn’t leave, was irrelevant.


A pale human lip was sucked into the cool mouth and chewed on eagerly with blunt teeth. Then a strong tongue was teasing the swollen lip and swiping over his teeth. Spike moaned, deeply. His hands blindly unbuttoning the black leather duster he was still wearing and sliding it off to leave him naked. Angel’s hands gently caressed over the pale back forgetting the cuts that had been placed there by the whip earlier, it caused a sharp intake of breath and the vampire pulled back from the kiss to look at William.


“So gorgeous.” He blinked with a lusty gaze, then shook himself, “ I forgot about the injuries, we should take care of them.” He smiled, softly. “Lie down.” He urged and lifted himself off the couch to allow Will the space to stretch out.


The blond complied without discussion, pulling a cushion under his chest as he swung himself round and down onto his front. Angel ghosted his hand over the back, not quite touching the skin but registering its presence in the human’s aura. He leaned down and slowly started to lick over the wounded flesh. He couldn’t contain the quiet moan at the taste of Will’s blood, a pure human taste that he’d never had the privilege of sampling from his boy. Unhurried, he moved over each whip mark, licking each wound like a cat, then planting a kiss of completion on each. He watched as they sealed and started to heal.


He kissed his way up the pale back, nipped lightly at the back of Spike’s neck with human teeth, and then laved his tongue over the flesh. He could taste and smell the arousal rolling off him in waves.


“My beautiful boy, I want you.” Angel rumbled into Spike’s left ear.


“Yours.” Was the only verbal reply, as Will rolled onto his side and looked up at him.


“Bedroom.” The vampire took his hand and pulled him to his feet, leading him through the apartment to the bedroom.


Spike didn’t hesitate he moved in front of Angel and began unbuttoning his shirt; he slipped it off the strong shoulders and tossed it aside. Going down on his knees he unlaced the heavy boots and pulled them off. The dark haired man looked down on him and felt his cock harden at the sight of Will on his knees in front of him. While Spike struggled with the boots, he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, pushing them down. The blond eased them off, and then looked up, eyes level with Angel’s proud erection.


A strong hand ruffled short blond hair and pulled him forwards, Will followed the tug and moved his mouth to meet the hard flesh. He nuzzled at the crotch and took deep breaths of the familiar scent. Slowly, he started to lap at the rigid cock, one hand came up to hold it steady while the other hand clutched at the vampire’s ass. He covered the head with his lips and sucked hard, letting his tongue flutter over it as he sunk his mouth down, he wasn’t careful of his teeth; he knew the way Angel liked it.


Spike sucked and swallowed around the cock then pulled back off. Digging his tongue under the foreskin then nipping it lightly between his teeth, he moaned happily at his task. Angel groaned and gripped either side of the human’s face; he started to slowly slide himself in and out. Will let out a moan around the invader, he offered no resistance and the pace picked up, soon Angel was slamming into his mouth with wild abandon.


Feeling his impeding release, the vampire pulled out, looking down at his gasping boy, he grinned and walked to the nightstand. He retrieved a bottle of moisturiser, the closest thing he had to lube. He tossed the bottle to Spike and climbed onto the bed, reclining, naked and invitingly.


“I want to watch you ride my cock, boy. Prepare your ass and my cock.” He growled out, his eyes glinting with gold flecks.


Will didn’t need telling twice, he virtually leapt onto the bed, bottle in hand, he straddled Angel’s thighs, flipped the cap and poured the lotion into his hand. He wrapped his warm palm around the cool flesh of Angel’s erection and made sure it was thoroughly coated. Then he poured more on his fingers and reached back, pressing two fingers straight inside his hole. He cried out as they slid inside, his cock jerking and pulsing in response. Spike fixed his gaze on the dark brown eyes as he fingered his own ass, slicking and opening it, the memory of the first time Angel pushed into him as fresh as if it had been yesterday not almost a century and a half.


While the human stretched himself, Angel reached up and pinched his nipples, tugging on them a little. Spike moaned and arched into the touch, pulling his fingers from his ass and scooting forward till he could feel the vampire’s cool hard flesh rubbing against his crack. He reached behind him and lifted up, guiding it to his pucker, he pressed down on it, gasping as it popped inside but not pausing to adjust. He kept on until he was seated fully on the full length. Strong fingers dug into his hips and Angel lost control of his features, slipping into game face.


William struggled to regain his breath, his hands rested on Angel’s solid pecs as he panted, ass spasming around the hardness seated deep inside. He lifted up slowly until only a little was left inside before dropping himself back down. Both men cried out together at the pleasure. He set up a rhythm of rising and falling on the vampires dick, gaining in pace and force. He pressed down and clenched his muscles, grinding his hips in circles. He felt the grip on his hips tighten and golden eyes fluttered closed. He rocked his hips back and forth grinding the head of the invader against his prostate. Moans of pleasure fell constantly from Spike’s lips as he felt his need rising.


As if sensing what his boy needed, Angel flipped them over easily and thrust into the pale ass repeatedly, hard, deep and fast… setting a punishing rhythm as he drove them nearer to their release. His hips pistoned and his boy grunted with the depth of each penetration slammed into him, his own slender hips rising to meet each one. Angel threw his head back and howled, as his body tensed and spilled his cool semen inside the hot channel. The feeling of being filled was all it took and William arched off the bed and splattered his chest with his hot spunk.


Angel collapsed forward, his hands either side of the human’s head, supporting himself. He forced back his demon face and looked down at his boy, lowering himself more to press a sweet, tender kiss against still swollen lips and then all over the sweating face. Will was panting, a dazed and bemused look on his face, even as he reached up to return the kiss.


A worried look crossed Angel’s face as he looked down, “What is it, baby?”


“I just expected you to bite me.” Spike smiled, shyly.


“Did you want me to? I wasn’t sure, we hadn’t talked about it so I thought it best to hold back.” Angel’s voice was full of concern.


The vampire eased out, causing a gasp from the human. He rolled to the side and pulled Will with him to snuggle up against him.


“I’m not sure, I just… expected it I guess.” Spike was confused by his own whirling thoughts.


He could feel his eyes drooping with exhaustion, a reminder that he was no longer a supernatural being. Curling against his lover with a soft sigh, he rested his head on the broad chest and closed his eyes. He felt a strong cool hand stroking his back.


“It’s you’re choice, Will. I do want to, I want to mark you as mine so everyone else will know. But I won’t do it without your consent.” Angel whispered.


“Talk ‘bout it tomorrow.” Spike mumbled, sleepily and drifted off.



A/N not sure at the moment if I’ll leave it at this or continue it.

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