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Meaning of Rings - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8


Scott drove south. They'd just passed the White Plains city limit sign when he began to slow. The sign for Harry's Restaurant and Bar was an old fashioned ‘A-frame’ on the side of the road pointing down a recently paved black top. Scott turned down the side road and behind a screen of tall bushes; Warren could see the roof and neon sign that declared the business within. The parking ran along two sides of the building and Scott turned into a parking spot. The lot wasn't nearly full, but it wasn't empty either as Warren spotted several vehicles, some of them work trucks. Harry's appeared to be an over-large wood cabin out in the woods with a sprinkling of shade trees throughout the parking lot and a grove behind the building.


Warren looked across at his lover and smiled as he unbuckled his seat belt. He was nervous but he wouldn't show it. He climbed out of the car. Looking up at the building, it looked quite inviting, but he was doubtful about the tolerance level there would be.


Scott walked up the entry ramp and opened the door to let Warren in. He wondered what he'd think of the place. Harry's had been in existence in one form or another since the 1800's. This latest incarnation had reopened at the beginning of summer and still had it's fresh look. Sturdy wooden furniture made the tables and chairs that filled the main restaurant area. Pictures and prints of the eras that Harry's had survived covered the wooden walls. A doorway to the left led to the bar area.


A waiter in hiking boots, black jeans, flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up and suspenders with his nametag attached greeted them. The diamond stud in his left ear marred the image of a lumberjack. He looked behind them searchingly and smiled, recognizing Scott immediately, "Hello. You want your normal table."


Scott smiled and shook his head, "A booth please."


Warren was more than happy to let Scott take the lead. He realized that this probably spoke a lot about his role in the developing relationship and he was fairly sure that the other man would like it that way. At some point they were going to have to talk about all these little things. The web sites he'd visited had left him somewhat confused about etiquette ... would Scott want their dynamic only in the bedroom? Or would he want it to extent to dates or even all the way through their lives?


The waiter grabbed two menus and led them to a booth covered with a green hunting pattern along the right wall, giving them a view of the rest of the restaurant and a peek through the bar entrance. Warren could see more tables and chairs through the doorway and a glimpse of the long wooden bar along the back wall. The waiter placed the menus on the table and asked them for their drink orders. Scott ordered a diet soda and then both men looked at Warren.


He had been too busy looking around to notice both men looking at him at first. A blush crept up his cheeks as he realized they were waiting for him. "Er, the same for me please."


The waiter nodded and headed off. Scott scooted into the half circle of the booth, placing his back to the wall. "So, what do you think of the place?" he asked.


Settling more comfortably, Warren smiled at him. "It's nice ... quaint I guess is the word."


"You should've seen it before. It was all black and chrome with spot lighting. A total 180 from the exterior," Scott said.


He laughed, imagining how it must have been like stepping through a portal. "I like this, although black and chrome has its place in the right setting." No matter how he tried to steer his mind away from the subject and the contents of the trunk of the car, he couldn't get past it. He sighed inwardly and tried to think how to approach the topic again.


Scott nodded, "Yeah, it looks 110% better as a restaurant than a club. And Harry was having enough problems as it was with the politicians coming down on the club aspect. I was with the Professor when he had lunch with Harry and advised changing the place back into a tavern." He pushed the menu towards Warren, "Their cooks are pretty good, too."


A gray haired man in faded jeans and a button down shirt came out from the kitchen area. He looked around and spotted Scott and Warren in the booth and headed over.


Warren picked up the menu and started to look it over. "Any recommendations?" He had to admit the meals all looked mouth wateringly tempting.


"Heya, Scott," the man said after he walked over. "Where's Charlie?"


"Just about anything," Scott started to tell Warren and then smiled up at the man who'd approached their table, "Hello, Harry. Warren, let me introduce you to Harry Van Stein. Harry, this is Warren Worthington. He's one of the Professor's other students." Harry held out his hand to Warren.


Warren reciprocated and shook Harry's hand. "Hi, nice to meet you."


"Always nice to meet one of Charlie’s boys," Harry said with an appreciative smile, eyeing Warren's good looks.


"Harry," Scott chided. "You know the Professor runs a school for the gifted."


Warren blushed slightly at the look Harry was giving him and looked over to Scott almost shyly.


"Yeah, yeah," Harry smiled and gave Scott a wink. "You're both pretty ... gifted." He got a serious look on his face, "I need ta talk to Charlie when he has a chance, ‘kay?"


"Is there something wrong?" Scott asked, turning serious also. He sent a quick glance to Warren who had dropped his menu and was listening to them intently.


Harry shook his head negatively, "Nothing you prep school boys can do. Its just politics, mostly. I've reopened as a restaurant, but it seems someone lost the paperwork for the bar."


"I'll tell the Professor when he returns," Scott offered. "He's at a conference in The City and won't be back for a few days."


"And you're not with him?" Harry asked.


"He took one of our other students this time. The Conference has to do with psychology and genetics and her field of study includes psychology so he took her," Scott answered.


Warren's hands fidgeted in his lap, he felt a little out of his depth. Didn't know how much Harry knew about the Professor or the school. So he thought it was probably best to leave Scott to do the talking and just smile in a friendly kind of way.


"So the mice play while the cat's away," Harry's smile included both of them. "Don't get into too much trouble." He got back to what he'd been concerned about, "I know Charlie keeps copies of all the paperwork and I hope he has the one's for the bar. I've already had problems with customers leaving because they couldn't get a drink here."


"If I talk to him before he comes back, I'll ask him about it," Scott assured him.


"Thanks," Harry replied and stood up, "Nice meeting you, Warren. Have the steak; we just got some good ones from the butcher. I'll talk to you later, Scott."


Warren smiled, "Thanks."


Scott nodded, "I hope your problem gets cleared up soon. And thanks about the info on the steaks."


"So do I, kid," Harry answered and with a smile, walked towards the entrance to the restaurant.


Their waiter approached and set down their drinks, "Ready to order?"


"Thank you," Warren lifted the glass and took a sip.


"I'll have the steak," Scott ordered.


Warren grinned and nodded, "Same for me, it came highly recommended."


The waiter nodded with a smile and turned away to tell the cooks that the order was from friends of Harry’s so they’d give the meals priority and extra care in cooking and presentation.


Scott's hand slid along the seat and rubbed against Warren's pants.


Warren shifted closer and smiled at him, cheeks slightly tinged pink.


"Harry's a great guy and I think he's the man the Professor talks about when he says he used to have a relationship with another man," Scott said.


"He seems nice. You think so? I guess it would make sense and you've seen them together so ... you'd know better than me," he smiled and covered Scott's hand with his own.


Scott turned his hand palm up and squeezed his hand, "They're really good friends. They went to school together. I believe the Professor loaned him some money to change the place back into a restaurant. That's the only reason I can think of as to why he'd have duplicates of the paperwork."


"I did wonder, thought maybe he was a silent partner or something. I bet the Professor has his finger in lots of things we don't know about." Holding Scott's hand felt good and right. The arrival of Harry had momentarily redirected his thoughts, but with his fingers being held in his lover's, it pulled him right back. He figured the questions wouldn't go away until they were dealt with, but he wasn't sure of his place in invoking such a conversation.


"I ... uh, I was wondering if you didn't mind that I opened the door for you," Scott said tentatively.


Warren looked thoughtful, playing over their entry into the restaurant, it hadn't really registered with him at the time, "No, I didn't mind in the slightest." And the more he thought about it, the more he liked that Scott had. "I quite liked it, actually," he admitted.


Scott smiled at his approval; "I just don't want you to think I'm treating you like a girl."


He almost laughed, "Never even occurred to me.”


"I was thinking about it when we first sat down. I took you shopping and now I'm taking you to lunch. A girl would call it a date."


"So would a guy I guess," Warren blushed slightly. "Are you wooing me, Scott Summers?" he chuckled.


"I don't know," Scott answered, "am I?" He pulled his hand out from under Warren's and then reached up with both arms and placed them along the back of the seat. His fingers brushed the back of Warren's neck in the process.


Warren smiled shyly as a shiver ran along his spine at the gentle brush of Scott's fingers. "Well, I would say you were. But..." he chewed on his lip self-consciously. "I have been known to read signals wrong."


Scott leaned sideways and his arm dropped from the seat back and around Warren's shoulders, "You're not reading anything wrong so far. Scoot closer."


His smile grew and he scooted to press his side against Scott's, fitting into the crook of his arm. It felt so good and he'd pretty much forgotten there was anyone else around to interrupt them.


"What toys would you like to play with first?" Scott whispered into his ear.


Warren shivered as warm breath tickled his ear and the words sunk in and went straight to his crotch. He wasn't sure, there were so many to choose from he had to admit, "I ... I dunno. Not sure what I'm going to like."


"Would you like me to tie your arms behind you?" he whispered.


He bit his lip to suppress a moan as the suggestion caused his cock to harden, "Yeah, that sounds ... good."


"Would you like me to spank you?" Scott asked quietly, his eyes watching their waiter as he assisted other patrons.


Warren blushed and his heart sped up with nerves. "I ... I don't know. Is that what you'd like to do?" he whispered back.


"I'd like to do a lot of things to you," Scott purred, "but I want to find out what you'd like me to do to you first. How about I tell you something I'd like to do and you can tell me what you like about it?"


He felt like his cheeks were on fire now, he must be blushing so much, "I ... want to try things to find out if I like them, I guess. I'm kind of scared of some of the stuff though." He rested one hand on Scott's nearest thigh, "It’ll be difficult to tell you if I don't know what they're like?"


"When we get back, we'll get everything unwrapped and wash the toys that need it before we use them," Scott said, he was tempted to turn into Warren's hand and let him feel how excited he was becoming with the images in his mind. "I'll line them up and we'll start slow. First, I'll have you strip until I can see all of your beautiful body."


Warren's eyelids fluttered at the idea of being naked with Scott again and he chewed on his lip to try and keep a lid on his arousal. He couldn't find his voice so he nodded.


"I'll grease you up and we'll try the littlest plug. If you take that easily, I'll remove it and give you the next biggest," Scott leaned forward and picked up his soda. He wished he could dump some of the ice into his lap. He needed to be able to walk when they left the restaurant.


His hand tightened on Scott's thigh. His mind running a mile a minute at what his lover was describing. "Y ..." he coughed to clear the shake from his voice. "You need to tell me the rules."


"No rules just yet," Scott answered, "This is learning what you can take. You tell me how the plugs feel to you, whether you like them or not. We'll learn what you like and don't like, as well as what I would like to do to you. No safe words, just communication. This is a preliminary to a dominant-submissive relationship.”


Warren looked at him, "I can understand that, it’s just..." He took a deep breath, "I feel like I'm floundering. I know that the way you want things to be isn't how I'm used to things in my relationships and I have no idea how to act or what you expect from me. I think my mind is already leaping ahead with all you said and the info from those sites."


"I love you, Warren," Scott opened his heart, "I don't want to force things on you. I want to know what will give you pleasure. How to give *you* the most pleasure."


His cheeks flushed at the declaration, instinct drew him to lean in and kiss Scott, pressing lips together in a gentle kiss. "I know you wouldn't force anything on me," He thought a moment, "Its weird ... I've automatically slipped into wanting to follow what you want ... perhaps this is how its meant to be, how I need it to be. I'm just uncertain how to do it right. I guess we'll figure it out together, right?"


"Yes," He smiled softly. "Rules will come soon enough and we'll make them together. The websites are guidelines and have tips and ideas of how to start. They're not set in stone. I'd prefer to find out what will be acceptable for both of us. Such as will we carry this out only in the bedrooms or only in your bedroom and not mine. When we go to a club do the rules apply? How about when we're alone, but in public like right now? Things like that."


Warren understood those questions all too well; they were the ones that had been running through his head for most of the day too. He nodded, "Yeah, my head is crammed full of those questions."


"I could direct where you go, if you dance and who with. I could order your food for you. Order your drinks. Take all responsibilities away from you in a club or public place like here, but I don't know if you'd prefer the lamb over the chicken or the beef. Arbitrary decisions like that might be too much control for you. That's something I'd need to know."


"I think it’s probably best we build up to stuff like that..." Warren trailed off. If he were honest the idea was pretty hot, but at the same time it was embarrassing and if his father would have a fit at him being gay, how would he react to his son essentially being a slave to a guy? A slave ... he would be Scott's slave if they went that far. He reached out for his drink, taking a long pull on the soda to settle the surprise rise of arousal that those thoughts had caused.


"Building up would be good," Scott agreed. "If you told me often enough to order for you, I'd probably get the hint," he smirked and then his smile turned serious. There could be dangers to a dom-sub relationship. "I wouldn't want to go overboard on a power trip. I called you my slave earlier and that's what you'd become after a while. I'm not exactly sure that's how far you'd want to take it, but ... if it made you happy to let me take so much control, I would."


"At the same time, if you want me to only take control lightly. Sort of similar to when the Professor puts me in charge of the team, I could do that, too. We'd need to find what suited us both best. I couldn't just pop into your room and immediately tell you I wanted you to suck my cock unless I had an idea that you were in a submissive mode. We'd need some sort of signal. Some way for me to know when you're not Warren Worthington, III the son and heir to Worthington Enterprises, but Scott Summer's lover and ... and boy toy."


Warren smirked inwardly at being Scott Summer's lover and boy toy. Everything Scott said made sense. He gazed at his lover with a smile playing at his lips, "I'm fairly sure that you're not the kind to go on a power trip, the Professor wouldn't have you leading the team if he thought you had the potential to get power crazy. You know, I half expected you to order for me. I guess I forgot that you're probably as unsure of your footing on all this as well. I ... I don't think I would mind if you did, but we'd need to talk things through and make sure we both understood our limits and stuff."


"Heh, yeah, the Professor's taught me that the more power I take, the more responsibility I will have. It can be pretty overwhelming. He taught me to learn what my teammates can and cannot do and create tactics that use their strengths as well as exploiting possible weaknesses when necessary."


Tracing an idle pattern on Scott's thigh with his fingertip, Warren thought how similar that ideal seemed to what they were talking about embarking on in this kind of relationship. He smiled. He knew that he could trust Scott, that his friend and now lover would take good care of him no matter what. He knew that he would demand a lot from him, but that he would be fair and understanding. Beyond that, he knew he was safe in a way he'd not felt for as long as he could remember.


"You keep that up," The brunette’s hand covered Warren's stopping the wayward finger, "and we won't get lunch." To belie his statement, the waiter appeared with their plates easily balanced on his arm.


Warren chuckled at the way the food was brought just as he would willingly have allowed himself to be dragged back to the mansion hungry. He grinned at Scott and thanked the waiter before starting in on his food, regretting that he'd had to leave the comfort of that arm tucking him close to his lover's body.


The steaks were seasoned and prepared exactingly, the potatoes well spiced, but not overly so; an excellent meal and worth more than the menu stated. Harry's had an exceptional kitchen staff and it showed. The restaurant should be doing more business than it was, but it's history and lack of a liquor license hampered its appeal. Scott and Warren finished off their meal quickly. Both thinking about what would happen when they returned to the Mansion, apprehensive yet excited to explore a new dimension to their relationship. Scott finished first, barely, and rose to pay the bill at the register too impatient to wait for the waiter to bring the tab to their table.


Warren finished up and followed Scott without protest; a glance at his lover's crotch while they were eating was enough to let him know that he wasn't the only one in a state of aroused need. So he followed, understanding perfectly what the rush was. His insides flipped nervously as they crossed the parking lot, they were going to be playing with the toys. He pushed his hands into his pockets and tried to ease the pressure on his erection.


Scott got in the car and opened the door for Warren. He had barely pulled the door shut when Scott's hand pulled him over for a deep and passionate kiss. His tongue begging for entrance as his other hand explored his lover’s body, roaming quickly from chest to crotch and back up once it confirmed Warren's anxious state.


He moaned into the hot mouth as he let the tongue in to explore, the actions had caught him by surprise. Warren couldn't remember ever being so obviously desired. He could definitely get used to this. The rapid grope dragged another moan from him but the hand was gone again all to soon. He pulled back from the kiss, eyes blazing with need.


Scott sucked in air; he needed to cool down. Not for long, but long enough to get Warren sequestered in his room with all their purchases. He hadn't thought he'd be this horny. A whisper through his brain told him it was the first signs of a crush fulfilled, puppy love. The hormones were racing through his body on waves of adrenaline and he liked it. It was a rush with a grand fulfillment and slow relaxed termination. Better than the Danger Room simulations that always ended in cold discussions of tactics. He put the car in gear and grinned at Warren, "Hold on." Speed limits were broken, cars were recklessly passed and the mustang drove into the Mansion garage in record time.




Chapter 9


By the time the car engine was turned off, Warren felt like all the blood had drained to his feet, he wondered if his face was as bloodless as it felt. He had white knuckles from gripping the seat so tight. "Well," His voice cracked, "I guess we're home... but I think I left my stomach and brain behind." He tried to unclench his hands.


Scott grinned at his white face and knuckles, kissing his cheek before hopping out. The popped trunk flipped up as he began grabbing bags and packages. The large unwieldy foam cushions hadn't been bagged and he stuck one under his arm as he loaded up.


Warren managed to pry his hands from the upholstery and climbed out. He grabbed up the remaining shopping and shut the trunk lid. "Your room or mine?" He asked, color slowly returning to his cheeks, he probably would have blushed if it wasn't taking all his body's effort just to get the blood circulating normally again.


"Yours is bigger and more secluded than mine. And it has all the stuff for your wings," Scott had already thought it out.


Nodding, the blond man set off towards his room, he couldn't wait to release his wings, they were aching.


Scott followed Warren admiring the tightness of the jeans over his ass. He wanted to grab it squeeze it and he planned to do just that when they'd locked the door to his room behind them.


Warren pushed open his bedroom door and set the shopping he was carrying down on the end of the bed. The more he'd thought about it on the way up, the more his wings had itched to be out until it was almost unbearable. He unbuttoned and pulled his shirt off and then unfastened his harness. His wings almost sprang out and he spread them, arched and sighed in contentment as a flutter ran through them. He looked around at Scott, almost sheepishly. "It was driving me crazy." He explained.


Scott set down his packages within the door and turned to lock it. He waited until Warren was done freeing his wings and gave him a moment to let them settle before descending upon him. His hands ran down his sides and around to cup his tight ass in his hands and squeeze while bringing their hips together. His tongue demanded entrance and gained it easily in Warren's surprise at the attack.


It took the blond a moment or two to realize he had Scott pressed against him devouring his mouth. Then his libido caught up and his cock was almost instantly hard. He groaned hungrily into the possessive mouth. His hands wrapping round Scott's waist to hold his ass and wings curled around them, wrapping them both in a white feathery cocoon.


"We're not gonna make it to the toys," Scott panted as he released Warren's mouth to take in a decent amount of air to breathe, "Unless we calm it down." A few more deep breaths. "We could fuck now and play with them later?" Scott half queried, half suggested.


"Fuck now... play later." He gasped out, his hands reaching for Scott's shirt. "Need to be able to make it last, don't we." He winked..."Have to be able to concentrate on whether I really like it or I'm just desperate to cum." The shirt hit the floor and he started to remove his own pants.


Scott's fingers found his fastenings and ran through them, opening quickly and efficiently with the long practice of one who has done it blindfolded many a time, eyes never leaving the form of his winged lover. He debated quickly; would it be better to 69 or wait the extra time to open him up for his cock. He had to remind himself that he wasn't in charge of all the decisions yet, "You want to fuck or suck each other off?"


He wondered how on earth he was meant to choose between that, and then something tickled at his brain about the plugs. "If we fuck then it will be hard to judge with the plugs coz I'll already be loosened up." That made sense somewhere in his lust addled brain. "So probably suck?"


Scott nodded his assent and tossing off his last remaining piece of clothing, a clinging sock, he moved to the bed. He crawled upon it and then turned upside down on his back. It would be easier for Warren to join him if he was already upside down as the 6 part of the 69.


Warren smirked at the eagerness of his lover and was tempted to leap on him, but something in the back of his mind declared at him that he was still a Worthington. He vowed to have that something disemboweled at some point and climbed on more sedately. He straddled Scott's face, and leaned forward, his wing spread wide automatically as he leaned down and ran his tongue along the inside of a thigh.


Scott moaned as the wet trail left by the tongue cooled his heated flesh. So close, so tempting yet not under his control. He let his hands roam the body above him, gliding across muscles made strong from constant practice. He found a flat disk of a different texture and circled it until it formed a nubbin, a nipple.


Warren moaned and arched his back at the feel of fingers circling his nipple. He used his tongue to trace approximately over the area his fingers had been on the thigh earlier. Then he planted a trail of kisses up the thigh leading towards Scott's erection. He leaned in and lapped at the tip, unable to hold off any longer. He wanted that hard cock in his mouth and he wondered if he'd always been a cock-sucking slut waiting to be discovered by the right man.


Scott hissed, he was so hard, so ready. Warren's slightest touch could set him off. He didn't realize he was this close. He needed to show control, couldn't let his submissive, his boy, last longer than he. He thought about his training, how to focus on one individual event and follow it through. Concentrate on what he was going to do to Warren, not what Warren was doing to him. It was difficult and he shuddered slightly at Warren's eager tongue then grabbed onto his iron control. The faster he made Warren cum, the sooner he could and then they could get down to the business of learning their roles. He turned his head and licked the tip of Warren's dripping cock, the clear fluid a salty beacon to tempt his taste buds. Another lick, followed by another and another until it was wet enough to be engulfed whole.


Suckling on just the head of Scott's cock, Warren ran his tongue back and forth along the slit, collecting pre-cum and savoring it. He slowly began to make his way down the shaft, the feel of Scott's mouth on him made him shudder and buck. His head snapped up, away from the deliciousness of his lover's cock as he cried out, his hips finding their own rhythm and thrusting into that hot mouth which was wrapped so fully around him. He took a moment to just enjoy that before lowering his head again and redoubling his efforts to bring Scott to completion. He sucked, licked, nibbled and swallowed around the hard shaft, head bobbing up and down in a furious attempt to bring as much pleasure as he was feeling. Tingles ran up and down his spine and his wings were slowly flapping as he felt himself drawing nearer to orgasm.


The thick hot meat in his mouth was a delicacy. Cock d' Ange. And further down his body Mouth d' Ange licked, sucked and ate upon his swollen flesh tempting his body toward an act his will denied it. Later, when he had his boy on his knees before him he could enjoy that mouth to it's fullest, but not now. He couldn't concentrate on what his beloved angel did to him, he must concentrate on what he needed to do to his angel. He licked around the head and into the well of fluid that dripped and dribbled continuously, he sucked with his whole mouth and part of his throat, his teeth scraped gently and then more forcefully as he realized his boy enjoyed the semi-sharp sensation, knowing his lover would not bite.


Warren's hips shimmied and squirmed, then there was a rush of fire through his body as he tensed, arched and flooded Scott's mouth with his cum. He gasped for air, his head hanging so that his breath rushed back and forth over his lover's hard cock, tickling it. Recovered enough he took it back in his mouth and sucked for all he was worth, his tongue swirling over the shaft as he tried to take it deeper, he felt it against his tonsils and fought down the urge to cough. Swallowing around it and sucking, he moaned around that hard flesh.


Scott swallowed the thick fluid that gushed into his mouth in relief. He could feel again and it overwhelmed him, his hips bucked repeatedly trying to fuck the mouth above them. Moans and groans erupted from his mouth uncontrollably as the warm receptacle pulled on his heated, sensitized flesh. Now licking, now sucking. A moan and quivering around him brought him to a new height. He was on the brink, a quick thought to the future and the pleasures to come pushed him over the edge with a wordless yell. His cum pumped out of his body on waves of mind blanking white ecstasy, hips thrusting hard with each spasm.


Warren swallowed impulsively, trying hard not to spill any, when the spurts stopped he licked his lips then slowly licked the softening cock clean, not stopping even when it was clean. His tongue swirled over the flesh and he kissed it tenderly. His wings had finally settled themselves down and pulled back in. He moaned happily, thinking he was fairly sure it was going to get better even though it was already fantastic.


Scott sighed with happy repletion and awkwardly turned around on the bed, grabbing a pillow for his head. He opened his arms in silent invitation.


Letting himself ease down onto Scott's chest, he snuggled close, enjoying the thrum of his body beneath him. He idly licked and kissed a nipple before leaning up and kissing Scott's lips with sweet tenderness.


Scott kissed back, the merest hint of the taste of his own cum on the lips that pressed against his. He knew Warren could probably taste himself, also. "You did really well," he assured tiredly, "the moaning really did me in. The vibration."


Warren blushed slightly, it was a habit he hoped he'd get over soon. "Hard not to moan with your cock in my mouth...tasted so good." He smiled and licked at Scott's chin.


"You taste good, too," Scott smiled back. "I think I'll create a menu," his index finger began to cruise, following his words, "Lips, neck, shoulder, nipple," a sharp tweak to the nub, "a six pack to suck on, a nice and meaty cock," his hand engulfed the softened flesh, tempting it to rise again, "balls to roll, ass to bite, chew, and," a sharp slap, "spank when it doesn't present itself for my viewing pleasure." A gentle rubbing to take the sting away. "And as a special delicacy, wings." Here he began to rub the bases in small, slow circles.


Shivers and moans followed the path of the finger, a yelp and gasp at his nipple being attacked and then another as his ass was slapped and if the hand on his cock hadn't already started his arousal to recover that smack would have. He buried his face in that spot on Scott's neck and shuddered as he felt blood rushing to his cock. Oh yeah... there was little doubt that he was meant for this.


"Did you like that?" Scott asked, taking in Warren's shudders and moans as ascent, but he needed to know what turned him on.


He nodded mutely against his neck, the blush staining his cheeks further. He knew that he was going to have to put voice to the things he liked as they started their explorations, but he'd never been one to voice his sexual desires in the past. He was pretty much raised with sex as a taboo. He wondered if his hard on pressed against Scott's hip wasn't confirmation enough. Talking about this stuff was not going to be easy on him.


Scott's hand dropped back down to his ass, "This?" then climbed it's way forwards, back up to his nipple, "Or this?"


He shivered and murmured, "Both."


"Ah," Scott smiled, "Good." He felt recovered enough now and he needed to get away from Warren's growing erection before the temptation to play with it led to more unproductive exploration. They had other items on the agenda. "Rest," Scott told him as he moved out from under him. "Stay on your stomach and relax," he commanded softly.


Warren pulled a pillow under him to replace the void that losing Scott's chest had caused. He snuggled into it, his wings occasionally flexing and fluttering as he closed his eyes and felt himself pulled towards a content doze.


Scott quietly searched for and found the items that required washing and the liquid soap that was recommended. Moving into the bathroom, he placed a towel for drying down on the counter. He began to open the packages and lined the items up on the sink for their first washing. He waited until the water was warm before he began and washed each and every item thoroughly. Examining how they worked and checking to make sure the batteries were well charged on the items that required them.


After he was done with the toys, he washed himself to remove saliva and cum residue before returning to the bed area. He fished the remaining items out of their bags and removed their packaging, labels and tags. It would be interesting to see Warren in the chest harness and when he was more bold maybe get him matching black leather pants or a kilt would be even better in the right situation. Maybe a set in blue or white. He was thinking too far ahead. ‘Concentrate on the here and now’ He told himself. He picked up the wrist cuffs and approached the bed. Quickly and efficiently he placed them on Warren's wrists. He didn't attach them to each other yet, "Warren, wake up."


Mumbling about something non-descript, the winged man's eyes fluttered open and he looked up into Scott's red gaze, he gave an apologetic but sleepy smile, he hadn't meant to fall asleep but he felt a bit better for it. His wings rustled and he shifted, suddenly registering the cuffs wrapped around his wrist he studied them for a moment before his eyes came up to look at Scott again.


"How do they feel?"


"Comfy." It was the best way he could think to describe the soft presence around his wrists, they were reassuringly *there*.


Scott attached them together, "Now?"


Warren felt his cock twitch in response, as his automatic reaction was to pull on them to check their strength. He moaned, "That's..." so many possible words he could use to describe the way he could almost tangibly feel the rise in his hormones. "...arousing."


Scott was a little taken back by Warren's words, he didn't expect Warren to take to the restraints so quickly. He could change his tune though with more restrictions. He smiled and caressed Warren's head before going back to the small pile on the floor. He picked up the ankle cuffs and attached them. "How about now?"


He shivered, his toes wiggled, he liked the feel of them there, but he was apprehensive at the idea of his legs being immobilized. "I like them there." He said honestly, chewing on his lip a moment, “but idea of being totally immobile scares me."


"Thank you," Scott rubbed his back just below the wings, "that's what I needed to hear. Safe words wouldn't tell me anything. Just your refusal after I'd started something and what you thought I was doing could be different from actuality. Now you see why this was the best way to start?"


Warren had nodded his agreement, he had understood why this was the best way to start, but if he was truly honest, the dominant and submissive roles were firmly in place in his head already. He had been honest because he felt like it was required of a sub to be honest with his Master. He shivered at that thought. The idea was freeing that there'd be no repercussions for his honesty in this situation, and where as in the past he had found saying what he wanted to be almost impossible, here he was encouraged to do so.


Scott went back to the pile. The leg spreader would have to wait. He picked up the multi-strand whip. Warren had liked being spanked. Would he like a light touch from a whip? "I'm going to try something else. I'll be gentle and you tell me what you think of it," he brandished the whip that looked more like a long haired wig attached to a stick within Warren's view.


He had been smiling over his own thoughts, but then he saw what was in Scott's hand, the words melting into his brain as a secondary effect. Scott would be gentle, but crap that was still a whip of sorts. He remembered the sting of that slap to his butt and the way it had made his cock harder and his balls want to contract.


He nodded, "Okay. I trust you." His voice was quiet, but the truthfulness of the statement was obvious.


Scott rubbed Warren's ass with his hands almost as if making a slate clean. He started out slowly, letting the whip tendrils brush across his ass. No sting, no hurt at all just the feel of the materials as it crossed left to right and back again, right to left. Then he let his wrist roll with it. Barely there, but the motion was in it. Then again, with a little more quickness to the wrist and a small sting. He paused almost as if in question.


The blond shivered at the caress of the tails, and the first time they came down they were so light it was like being tickled. The second time only brought one thought to his mind and he blushed furiously as he voiced it unbidden. "More!"


Scott slowly began to build the sting of the whip, hesitating after a particularly sharp snap and seeing an earlier red mark that stayed on the skin even after two more lashes.


Warren couldn't believe how those stings would fire up his spine then down to his dick, making it pulse and leak. He groaned, oh god, it felt so good, and the warmth that remained in its wake was so good. He wondered if he could get addicted to it? He had to restrain himself from humping the bed.


"Warren?" Scott asked, "Do you want more? It can cause an adrenaline high just like a jogger's high."


"Yes... oh god... please..." his voice was shaky and full of need.


Scott began to move the whip strikes further up and down Warren's back and legs, carefully avoiding the kidney area and starting with lighter stings to build them up to match the color of his ass.


"Does it feel good, Warren?" he asked as the redness leveled out.


Warren was gasping in lungfuls of air as the heat and sting in his back felt like a raging fire, he'd never felt so completely alive. It was incredible and he felt too incoherent to put into words just how good it felt. "Yes..." He groaned loudly. "So...good!" He didn't want the intense pleasure-pain to stop.


Scott continued the whipping slowly building the intensity and careful to spread it out and not concentrate in one area. He decided to add something to it. He nudged Warren's thighs apart, spreading his legs while his arms were still bound. He sucked his middle finger and with the next sting touched it to the little pucker.


Warren's gasps and moans of appreciation of the fire from the whip turned to a cry of pleasure as that finger pressed against him... "Please." He gasped. He wanted to cum so badly, he was so hard it hurt, and his body was one giant nerve of liquid fire. He breathed raggedly... "Scott... please." He cried out.


Scott tantalizingly pushed his finger into the first notch, pulled out slightly and then went back in to the second knuckle. All the while another sting and then another. Pulled back out to the first knuckle, back in, out, in, out. Once Warren pushed back, he let it enter fully and rubbed. Another sting… and another!


Warren's hips pushed back on the invading digit as he gasped for air. He cried out with every fall of the whip now, the pain growing over the pleasure as each strike built on the previous... he was going to cum soon... too soon but he couldn't... didn't want to hold it back. His body shuddered, his wings fluttering. He fell over the edge into the abyss with a howl that had there been any more people been in the mansion they no doubt would have come running.


Scott dropped the whip to the floor and grabbed hold of Warren lovingly where the whip hadn't fallen, lifting him up slightly so he could maneuver beneath him and hold him as he came down off his high. His own aroused cock pressing against his lover's heated thigh.


Warren curled into the warm body and whimpered softly. His mind felt so fuzzy and his body was still burning.


"Shhhh. Shhhh," Scott soothed. "You did fabulous for your first time. Wish you'd been opened, I could have fucked you. Given you a better high. Maybe next time." He paused, "Do you want a next time?"


He moaned his assent as the words leaked in through the fog. It felt good being held, he no doubt would have liked to be fucked too, but neither of them could have anticipated his response.


Scott lay still, just being there and holding him. After a while he said, "We'll see how long it takes to heal. I didn't really do much damage. No welts or breaks in the skin. I've seen much worse on the Internet. We should make sure your bathroom has supplies in case your pain tolerance increases. Don't want anyone to see marks during a shower after a Danger Room session." He gave a small laugh, "Guess you like the slave routine after all." He unhooked the cuffs from each other.


Warren brought a hand up to tangle in Scott's hair and he rubbed his cheek against the strong chest. He swallowed and struggled to find his voice, "I...I think I'd like it very much." He said quietly, his eyes still firmly shut, as he felt so heavy and sleepy.


Scott looked down at his cock and sighed. He'd know better next time. Open Warren up then spank his ass good. Punish him for leaving his master with a hard on while he fell asleep.


"Sleep," he told the somnolent angel. He got up and rooted out a sheet from the linen closet and covered Warren with it. His body would feel cold as the heat dissipated, but a blanket would be too heavy on the newly sensitized nerves.


At Scott's insistent tone, sleep claimed Warren and dragged him down into its warm fluffiness. He really did like the feel of the fur-lined cuffs around his wrists and ankles; they were reassuring.


The brunette put on his pants and headed downstairs, only to find that his fears that Warren's outburst had been overheard had been for naught. Hank hadn't yet returned from his shopping. He decided to make them a picnic dinner for when his boy woke up.


Chapter 10


When warren woke, he stretched and whimpered as he realised his body ached from their previous fun, he felt bruised all down his back. He opened his eyes and found the bed was empty except for himself, he scanned the room and his eyes fell on his lover sat at the computer. He smiled to himself as his eyes slid over his back.


Scott waited, the rustling of the sheet and muffled cry of pain telling him Warren's current state. He finished reading a Dom's blog and closed the site before turning. Time to assess the damage. He stood up and stretched with a glance at the clock. It was a little past dinnertime. Hank still hadn't come home yet. He wondered about that, but he was a grown man older than he. "How are you doing?" he asked, lifting the sheet that hid Warren's nudity.



“Sore... like I've just spent 3 days in the danger room”


"How was the high you got from the whipping? You conked out on me before we could discuss it."


He thought for a moment then said, "Felt like I was flying while on fire." He paused, "My mind was all fuzzy, a bit like it was detached."


"Did you like it?" Scott asked, curious.


"Oh yeah, just don't ask me to formulate coherent thoughts in that state." He grinned then winced as he shifted and he was reminded that he was still sore. "I never expected it to be like that." He confessed as a blush crept into his cheeks again.


"Good," Scott smiled, "Let's see the damage." He lifted off the sheet. "Not bad, not bad. Just a little bit pink."


"Feels like it should be black and blue." Warren tried to look over his shoulder to see for himself.


"It's not," he bent down and touched the back of his thigh, "how's that?"


Warren jerked away from the hand; it wasn't sore as such as it was extremely sensitive. "Hypersensitive." He concluded.


"That might preclude any activity for a while. Let me get you some pain reliever and see if it helps."


Warren nodded, remembering the supplies that Scott had picked up in the medical supply store. "Thanks. I guess I got way too into it to think about the after effects. Maybe we can watch a video while I recover." He suggested.


"I've got dinner made downstairs. Let me go get it and we can watch and eat," he stopped into the bathroom and picked up the pain medication and a glass of water, letting Warren have both before he headed downstairs.


He smiled and thanked his lover, watching him go before taking two pills and a long drink of water. He set the glass aside and tried to get comfy. He ended up on his side, facing the door.


Scott came back with two trays of food filled with cold cuts, cheese slices, fruit bowls of fresh fruit and vegetables with a creamy dip. He placed one in front of Warren and then looked at the video's they'd picked up and chose the one with the highest recommendations to pop into the player. He sat down on the floor, leaning against the bed next to his lover, to watch the show and eat.


Warren reached out a hand and ran it through Scott's hair, smiling warmly at him when he turned his head in his direction. The video started and he turned his gaze towards it as he started to pick at the food, realising he was hungry again.


The video was a typical fantasy ignoring normal conventions with extraordinary stamina and endurance. As the credits began to roll, Scott asked, "See anything you liked?"


Warren blinked at the screen, opened his mouth then closed it again. Not really sure what to say. He wondered if his eyes were as wide as they felt. Either way, though, he couldn't deny that he was hard.


"Wish we could set up a sling," Scott said wistfully, "but we couldn't do that here. I'm a little worried about trying the whip again with people in the house. We’d need to rent a motel or something."


"I could talk dad into an apartment in the city." He said, regaining his voice.


Scott stilled for a moment, "That'd be a really big step."


He turned onto his stomach and looked at his lover properly. "Think we've already taken the biggest step, don't you?"


It was Scott's turn to blush, "Probably." He was still a little frightened this would all go away. That Warren wouldn't like what they were doing and decide to back out. An apartment. It would be a retreat they could go to and set up the way they wanted. Working for the weekend would have a new meaning. He could whip Warren as he wanted, tie him up, get a sling, buy even more elaborate toys to play with and a big screen television for films or sports should they wish. And they would be that much closer to some of the really good clubs he'd like to get information on. There were a few "juice bars" that allowed the 18 year old crowd to mingle with the veterans. Maybe even, eventually host a party. "Do you think he'd do it?"


"Sure, he's offered before... I don't think he likes me spending all my time here. I think he'll actually be really happy to finance it." Warren smiled, happily.


"Where would it be? Could we be noisy?" Scott smirked, "Could YOU be noisy?" "How big of a place do you think he'd pay for?"


"I don't know." Warren grinned, "I'd say nothing flashy, but you know what he's like. It'd have to be fairly impressive for him to put his name to it. Lets work out what we want, then look on the net, see what’s out there and then I'll know what to go to him with."


"We could make one of the bedrooms a playroom," Scott said getting into the idea. "Soundproof it. That'd allow us to have it anywhere as long as it was big enough."


Warren's cock pulsed at the idea of them having a playroom like had been on the video. "Yeah, he'd probably only want to see the place once...if that, then we could do what we wanted with it."


"I can always tell him I need somewhere to entertain the ladies." He smirked.


"He might not bat an eye then, even with 'improvements'," Scott joked. He got up and looked up the rentals and for sales around The City area. There were hundreds. "Wow, this could take a while," he sneaked a glance at Warren. "Think he'd spring for a real estate agent?"


Warren laughed, "And what will we tell them... yes it just needs to have a big enough room for us to tie someone up and wield a whip in?" When he'd stopped chuckling he moved over to Scott's side. "Ok, well lets start with how many bedrooms we need?"


"A play room," Scott began to tick off on his fingers, "A real bedroom where we'll sleep when we're not playing, a second bedroom for guests or if we ever want to sleep separately. An office so that he thinks you're serious, but we may just put the computers in there to play games on so part den, too. Living room for sports night or film nights. Maybe a bar for later if we keep the place for a while and a decent kitchen. I don't think I'd like a maid or butler like the Professor employs. You can't trust them not to gossip or tattle to the media, but we could hire a once a week maid when the place really gets messy and just lock up the playroom. What do you think? Is one bedroom enough for guests, or do we want more or less?"


Warren smiled at him, "Sounds perfect."


"So, three bedrooms, two bath, an office. They have search criteria on this site. That should narrow it down." Scott confirmed.


"We'll also need a good security system since we won't be there all the time, especially for the playroom. And a decent neighbourhood," Scott added. He typed in the search criteria and hit enter. Nearly one hundred locations popped up.


"Have to be a decent neighbourhood or he'll get suspicious." Warren nodded.


Scott narrowed the search to the better parts of town and got it down to 25.


"Most of them are in apartment buildings and condos," He scanned the list. "Here's one that's a penthouse, but it's bigger than we need." He clicked on the picture for the penthouse. "It is nice though. And access to the roof would be good for you if you wanted to go flying."


Warren looked at it and whistled, "Very nice. Daddy dear would approve."


He clicked on a few more penthouse pictures, "Looks like some executive's show place." He clicked out to the main batch of locations.


"No nosy attendants or doormen. We don't need anyone that he can pay to keep an eye on my coming and going." He added, thoughtfully.


"He could be doing that anyways," Scott said, giving him a reality check. "But they wouldn't be able to follow you if you flew. And who minds if you have your friend over. I chase the girls, too. We could get a few escorts every now and then to throw them off."


Warren nodded, "Yeah, true." He leaned against Scott's shoulder as they flipped through the available properties.


"Here's another one," Scott clicked and read the description, "it takes up the entire floor of the building and has six bedrooms, 4 baths, a restaurant quality kitchen. Nah, too big." Scott clicked on the link that led to the pictures for the Master bedroom. It had a mirrored ceiling and the bathroom showers were big enough for four people with a full sized Jacuzzi. "Nice though."


"There is no way I could convince him that I need a place that huge” Warren shook his head even though he had to admit the place looked nice.


"The master bath would be big enough for your wings," Scott pointed out. "You could actually take a real bath in that Jacuzzi and the shower's big enough for you to open your wings all the way," he added. "But that's really the only selling point."


"Yeah, and if he wanted to come and visit I couldn't put him off by saying I didn't have the room." He smirked.


"Isn't his place a mansion? Why'd he want to stay at your place?"


"I don't know, but the smaller the place is, the less likely he'd want to visit. Besides, we can always get a 4 bed and convert one to a big bathroom." He pointed out.


"He has to like it enough to approve but not so much he wants to visit. You think I could give a real estate agent that brief?" He grinned and looked at his lover.


"A really big bathroom," Scott pointed out. "Okay, one of the smaller places. What would the renovations cost? The real ones and the ones we would add on? Think he'd give you an interior design expense account?"


"I don't know how much, the bathroom would be about 6k at least, I've no idea about the rest, where do we find kink friendly workmen? Of course he'll give me an expense account, only the best for the Worthington heir's first pad." Warren winked, his hand sliding over Scott's hip and rubbing the bulge he found.


"Wet room." He said absently, "no shower stall just one room with showers on the wall and drain in the floor."


"The Professor," Scott grabbed the hand at his crotch and squeezed it around his growing hardness. "He needed them to build the special parts of the school. I don't know if he mind wiped them or if they owed him favours. I'll ask." Scott was glad Warren was showing interest again. The pain pills might have kicked in. He delicately touched Warren's thigh once again to judge his reaction.


Warren nodded, his hand continued to squeeze and rub. He didn't jerk away like he had earlier instead, he shivered; the skin was still sensitive but not unbearably so anymore. His fingers unzipped Scott's fly and he ducked half under the desk between his thighs. His hands pulled out the half hard cock and he looked up for approval before daring to lean in.


"You like your cuffs?" Scott asked reminding him about them.


He looked at his wrists and smiled, he'd forgotten they were there. Looking up again, he nodded with a smile, "Yes."


He couldn't understand why his heart was pounding at the thought of their positions. Or why it turned him on to think of Scott working away while he sucked him off under the table. He chewed on his lower lip a moment as a blush once more worked its way over his cheeks.


"How will I know you're mine and not Warren?" he asked. "There should be some signal I can recognize. We need to determine that before we go any further."


Warren lowered his hands and rested his cheek against the inside of Scott's thigh as he thought. He wasn't much good with signals. "I'm open to suggestions." He said.


"Something innocuous. Jewellery perhaps? A ring, bracelet, necklace, something that tells me that you're 'taken', that’s appropriate to where we are," he smiled. "A collar would work when we're at our own place, because I won't expect you to always be my submissive when we're there." Scott added, "Something you definitely wouldn't wear during Danger Room sessions,".


"I like the idea of a ring." Warren smiled, broadly.


“From what I've read, it becomes a mindset. After a while, once you put the item on and you change modes. Take it off, you're Warren. Put it back on and you're at my beck and call."


Scott nodded, thoughtfully, "Yeah, a ring you could easily take off and put back on at a moment's notice. Place it in your pocket until you resume your position."


He was thoughtful a moment and was fairly sure it wouldn't make much difference, wasn't he already at Scott's beck and call? "Subtle enough that others won't question it, and if I wear it on my ring finger people will leave me alone knowing I'm taken."


"Exactly," Scott smiled. "Did you read up on a submissive's first position? Kneeling on the floor with your legs spread, hands at rest on your thighs and head down? I don't like the head down unless I order it. I'd prefer you look at me and anticipate my needs if necessary. And we'll need a safe word if we’re going to play like that again. It should be something we wouldn't normally say. Do you have an idea for one yet?"


Warren's head swam, he shook his head, "I saw something about kneeling, but I didn't read up on it. I've no idea on a safe word." He wondered if that was the position Scott wanted him in now? He didn't really have much room under the desk and he was kind of comfy resting like this, it felt nice. If he was honest though, what he really wanted was to suck on that cock.


"I know," Scott leaned forward and caressed Warren's face, "it's happening pretty fast. We still have a long way to go in learning each other's preferences, but I think it's warranted with your response to the whip." He leaned back and touched himself, "You want this?"


His eyes fell to where Scott was running his hand over his cock. Subconsciously, his tongue darted out to lick his lips. He tore his eyes away to look up into his lover's amused face. "Yes...please."


"You may have it," Scott released the semi-erect cock and spread his legs as wide as the limited space allowed.


Warren smiled and moved in to take it into his mouth. In its semi-hard state he was able to take it all into his mouth, he sucked hard on it, feeling it swell and grow in his mouth. He pulled back a little and rubbed his tongue against the underside, feeling it harden. He moaned happily, feeling so powerful; that he was the one getting Scott hard. His own hard cock pulsed as if to remind him it was there, but something inside told him not to touch it.


Scott continued to search for an apartment; narrowing their search with each click of the mouse. Five choices and he included the penthouse in them. They could remake it to suit their needs given enough funds, but he wanted to be conservative and do improvements over time and as their experience grew. Roof access would also allow the Professor to pick them up in an emergency in the new aircraft he'd commissioned for the school. Warren didn't know about it, but he did. Besides, the opportunity to watch him fly over the New York skyline was too irresistible.


It was getting harder to ignore how well Warren was sucking his cock. One small lesson and he became a master. Girls always took so much longer to learn. He held back a grunt, not wanting to give away how much he was enjoying the feeling of Warren's mouth around his cock. The longer he could ignore it, the harder Warren had to work; and he really liked how Warren worked.


The blond moved back and wrapped a hand around the now solid length; he slowly licked his way up the shaft, twirling patterns as he went, then swirling it over the slit. He pressed a kiss to the base and then repeated it all way up. He paused to tongue the slit again, before taking Scott's cock in until he felt it against his tonsils. His other hand burrowed into Scott's pants for his balls, pulling them out and rolling them in their sack.


He pulled off the shaft and grazed his teeth down the side to lap at the meaty globes. He loved the musky manly scent of his lover and daringly decided to suck one into his mouth. He rubbed his tongue against it as he sucked hard on it, his hand stroked slowly up and down the shaft of Scott's cock, thumb playing over the sensitive head.


"Ahhhh," Scott couldn't stop himself from making the sound once Warren's mouth took one of his balls into his mouth; they were so sensitive. If he'd stayed on his cock, he'd have been able to ignore him for a while longer, but his balls...they were a different matter. He put a hand on Warren's head: part caress, and part command to continue as he was doing.


Warren moaned around the testicle in his mouth, the hand on his head felt good and he wondered if Scott would grasp his hair tightly and fuck his mouth hard the way the 'Master' in the video had done. He let that ball go with a soft pop and lapped at both before taking the other into his mouth for the same treatment. Suckling on it and squishing his tongue into it.


His hand clenched in the thick blond hair and he groaned. "I want to fuck you so bad, boy," he said thickly, using the sub term instead of his name.


Warren moaned in response, not sure if it was the tight hand or the words. He let his jewel fall from his mouth and licked up the underside of Scott's twitching cock, covering the head and sucking hard as he could.


"Would you like me to fuck you, boy?" he asked, voice husky. He gave a slight tug on the hair in his grip. He wasn't sure whether Warren was ready for pressure against his bruised back, but it might add another dimension to it for him.


He moaned around the hard shaft; he wasn't sure if he wanted to be fucked or if he wanted to have his mouth full of Scott's cum again. He flickered his tongue against the head, thoughtfully and looked up with blue eyes full of contemplation.


"It might hurt, but I don't know how much you can take. Tell me now before I pass the point of no return," Scott needed to know. If his boy stopped sucking him, he could calm down and restart after sufficient prep time.


He moved his mouth back. If Scott wanted to fuck him then that’s what he would get. His lips felt swollen as he looked up at him through lowered lashes.


Scott's cock bobbed as he pushed his chair back and stood up. "Lay down, on the bed," he said, leaving it up to him to choose which side he lay upon.


Warren crawled out from his position half under the desk and climbed up onto the bed, the taste of his lover still on his lips. He lay down on his front, not risking lying on his back just yet. He was almost afraid to get comfy in case he fell asleep again.


Scott ran his hand up Warren's naked legs, nudging them further apart, searching for signs of pain he didn't want to endure.


Warren parted his legs obediently, allowing his lover the access he wanted. He wondered if he'd go straight for the fucking or use the opportunity to try out the plugs, either was fine with him, he was in a happy place it would seem.


When Warren showed no sign of unwanted discomfort, Scott went into the bathroom and retrieved the first two plugs and picked up the new lube along the way back. "Just like I said at the restaurant," Scott crooned to him as he loaded a dollop of gel onto his finger and then began to massage the little pucker Warren had presented, "you tell me how you feel. I need to hear if it's painful or feels good, or if it's not enough." There was a smile in his voice with his last words.


Warren smiled, remembering the request for more when the whipping first started. He nodded. "Ok."


Scott lubed up the first small plug; it was only as large as his finger so he knew it should enter easily and leave him begging for more. He watched, somewhat fascinated, as he let it press against the entrance and then slowly enter to the hilt. "You have all of the first one," he said rubbing near the base of Warren's wings, an area he had avoided with the whip.


Warren squirmed, wiggling his butt, testing. It felt nice, rubbing in all the right places, but it didn't feel as good as Scott's cock; it was slim and barely stretched him, there was little to choose between that and a finger. But it was good enough. "Nice he said, I like it."


He figured it was the sort of thing he could handle for longer periods of time with little trouble. He'd read about that on one of those sites, how some doms had their subs wear them under their clothes. It was big enough to remind him it was there but not so big it caused discomfort.


Scott pulled out the slim plug and set it aside. He lubed up the next one, it was measurably larger, the size of about two and a half; he wondered why there wasn't one in between as it was quite a jump. He pressed it against Warren's hole slowly, waiting for a response of some sort as he provided an even pressure.


Warren gasped as the wider plug slowly entered him, he felt it flare out a wider than the last and moaned, it stung a little, like the first time he'd taken Scott's cock, but it wasn't too bad at first. It continued to spread him wider though and he was sweating, unsure how much more of it he could take. He was about to start to ask for it to be taken out when it passed the widest point and dipped back inwards, his hole closing around the stem.


Scott gently pulled on the plug's stopper, drawing it back out slightly, "How does this one feel?"


Warren winced and moaned slightly, "Stings a bit. It'll take some getting used to, I think." It filled him more fully than the last, but the plastic feel of it was no match for hard flesh. He was going to have to admit it, not only was he a cock-sucking slut, but a slut for Scott's cock in general.


Scott gently removed the plug, amazed by how the pucker opened and then closed to allow it to withdraw. The human body could be amazing in it's own right. He was heartily tempted to let his own cock be the third, but the one that had been provided was actually slightly larger than his own girth. He wanted to know if Warren could take it, if he liked the pain it created or if he would reject it. He fetched it from the bathroom, careful not to let him see that it was a little larger and lubed it well before beginning to press it inwards. He wanted an honest opinion, "And this one?"


Warren had shuddered as the second plug left his hole; it left him feeling a little empty. He felt and heard Scott move away and return. Then there was another plastic tip pressed against his pucker, it wasn't too bad at first but it flared out quickly and widely and he almost jerked away from it, sheer will power held him in place. "It hurts." He admitted. He took a moment to assess how much it hurt and then shook his head. "Too much... please... take it out."


Scott immediately pulled it back the moment Warren asked him to do so. He put it aside with the others. The smallest one had many possibilities. The second had a few also, but not as long lasting. "One last one," he said putting the lube on his own dripping cock. He moved forward, lining his cock up with the stretched pucker. He began to push forward, it was hard to restrain himself, but he closed his eyes and gave a little sigh as the rosebud began to give way, allowing him to enter.


He couldn't suppress a moan as he felt the tell tale flesh at his entrance, and as it push slowly in he grinned. "Oh yeh... I really like this one... can't get enough of it." There really was no comparison, he'd take his Master's cock anytime. He did a mental flip as he realised what he'd just called Scott, even if just in his own head. He groaned in need.


Scott pushed down his pants more and leaned forward over Warren as his cock was nearly sucked inwards, he couldn't restrain a laugh at his words. "You'll be getting a lot of it from now on. Maybe even when you don't want it or don't expect it," he said trying to rebuild his authority by putting a sternness into his voice. He reached for Warren's hips and carefully pressed against the still slightly pink tinged flesh. "God, I want to stay in you forever," he whispered as the velvet caressed his cock in ways no vagina or throat could. He needed to angle himself to give Warren that ultimate pleasure. He shifted and then pushed the last inch in, biting back a moan of pure delight.


Warren bucked and squirmed under him, "Ohhh yessss..." He pushed his hips up to meet Scott's, moaning happily as his ass was filled fully. His hands clawed at the bed, gripping the covers tightly, his hole fluttering around the cock stuffed deep in it. His wings ruffled and shifted slightly as the muscles in his back twitched.


Scott pulled out a few inches and then returned to the warm nest he so craved. Again…and again. He could tell Warren was enjoying it and he trailed his hands down his pink back and buttocks, bringing the remembered pleasure-pain of the whipping back into the avian's mind.


The gentle caress of hands over his still healing flesh sent shivers racing up and down his spine, it made him twist and squirm on Scott's cock and he figured from the sounds his lover made, it must have felt good. He moved in counterpoint to the brunette's thrusts, pushing back to meet him time and again. His moans grew louder with the increasing stimulation.


Scott took hold of Warren's hips to make them move together to both of their satisfaction, his cock withdrawing more and more with each stroke until only the head remained before slamming home only to nearly exit before forcing it's way deep inside his lover’s insides.


"Gah, God ... ugh, Warren, fuck, wanted you so much! Going to fuck you so much! You're gonna get sick of my cock. Aargh!" he felt the need to speed up, but wanted the full sensation as he slipped in and out. He was on the verge of going into a frenzy, but he didn't want to hurt his love.


Warren cried out, "never... get... sick ...of it." he responded as Scott pounded his butt. He clenched down around him tightly wanting to feel him cum inside him. He felt the firm grip on his hips, revelling in every deep hard thrust.


He tried to hold it off, but it was inevitable. The feelings and sensations had only one outcome. He quickened his strokes and they intensified, staying within the warm confines for a few seconds longer until his control broke and his last few frantic strokes were forced deep into Warren. Scott's yell was loud, but not earth shattering. The warm cum spurted into his lover's channel as he shuddered and nearly collapsed on top of him.


Warren felt the urgency of impending orgasm as Scott's thrusts came faster and more erratic, and then there was a flood of liquid heat in his ass and the sound of him crying out completion. It was all too much for Warren and he followed him over the edge, his body tensed and his mouth opened but no sound came out as he shot all over the covers and added more to the mess he'd made of them earlier. He panted heavily.


Scott rocked back and then rolled his hips forward as the blond followed him into orgasm. He didn't want to leave the warm confines so soon so he clutched his hips trying to keep them connected for a little while longer. He tried to find a way so they could rest without Warren moving forward. He pulled him up and into his lap, chest to back, his hands reaching around the wings to stroke his chest.


"I'm going to fuck you every hour until the Professor and Jean return, you know," Scott said conversationally between pants.


Warren moaned as he was pulled back onto his lover's lap. He let his head fall back on Scott's shoulder and sighed. "You're gonna kill us both." He pointed out breathlessly.


"What can I say. I've been deprived. I'm going to have as much of you as possible even if it sends me to the hospital," Scott laughed.


He would have shuddered, but he didn't have the energy for it. "How are you going to explain to them the reason I can't walk?" He chuckled.


"You accidentally tripped down the stairs and hurt your tailbone."


Warren laughed loudly.


"Ah, shit. I'm coming out," Scott's penis finally couldn't stay within Warren any longer. "Give me fifteen minutes," he said, "and I'll stick it back in."


He turned and blinked at him incredulously, "You don't have to make up for it all in one weekend you know? If you break the toy you won't be able to play with it anymore." He gave a smirk.


"Awww! But it's the best toy in the world! I have to have it!" Scott exclaimed with a little boy pout.


Warren chuckled and squirmed in his lap. "You already have it... but you've got to look after it or it'll go on strike."


"Ah, crap," Scott replied. "Can't I just tie it up and use it over and over again. I promise I'll be gentle." In a stage whisper he added, "Most of the time."


"Gotta feed it, let it rest and bathe too." He admonished. "Don't want it getting grumpy or stinky."


"I already fed It. It's rested a few minutes and it already had a bath this morning," Scott countered.


And how weird was it that he was talking about himself as an it? Warren shook his head and realised that it was tickling something deep inside, his instinct was that it should offend his sensibilities, but it was actually kind of turning him on.


"I think someone stole my bones." He went limp in Scott's arms.


"I knew it," Scott said to himself. "I let him have too many orgasms. Have to limit his. One of his to ten of mine should be about right." It was hard to hide the grin on his face.


Warren's eyes went wide. "You have to be kidding, definitely will have a strike on your hands then."


Scott scooted them both into the mess on the bed, it was unavoidable, Warren had sprayed it everywhere. "Okay, maybe a one to two ratio and you get to cum every time I fuck your ass," Scott negotiated as he turned Warren into his arms.


"I can't believe you're negotiating orgasms." He shook his head with a smile on his lips.


"As the Dom in this relationship I could just decide arbitrarily. I'm being nice by negotiating," Scott kissed the smile.


"Being a dom does require a co-operating sub, does it not?" He raised an eyebrow.


"You read to much. Yes, I need a cooperating Sub." He sighed with fake drama. "You're right, we stink of sex. Good sex, but still stinks. You want me to wash your wings?"


"A shower sounds good, we can change the bed and open the window for a while too." Although admittedly he was too exhausted to think of moving.


"Then we can sleep," Scott was thinking along the same lines.


He nodded but made no effort to move. He'd pretty much lost count how many times he'd cum since this had all started, but they had definitely taken their toll on him. There'd been 3 just since they'd been shopping.


Using his leadership and cajoling skills; Scott forced Warren out of bed and into the shower despite all his tired protests. He carefully washed his boy and his wings until he was clean before washing himself. He left Warren in the warm shower while he cleaned the toys they'd used and then stripped the bed and replaced the linens. He dried off Warren and lay him down in the bed so he could massage lotion into his still tender skin, before situating himself under him; giving his boy a warm, breathing pillow before they drifted off to sleep.



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