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Disclaimer: I don't own the X-men or any recognisable characters in this fic. No money has or will be made from this fic.

A/N: Written in collaboration with Sarafimm/LS

A/N2: Sadly because of Sarafimm's health this was never completed. There's more in rough draft form that I may bet around to editing at some point but even then it would be left hanging. Sorry all :(



Meaning of Rings

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Chapter 1.


"Can you believe Xavier gave me a car for my birthday?" Scott asked Warren as he caressed the old Ford Mustang. "It'll need a little work to get it in top shape, but it's worth it for this Baby!"


Warren smiled, “Yeah, it's going to look really cool when you fix it up.” He shuffled his feet a little as he looked at his friend cooing over the car.


"You want to help me wash it? I'll give you a free ride anywhere you want," Scott asked, pulling off his shirt in the bright summer sunshine.


The blond paused a moment, his eyes drawn down to a body that was starting to show signs of the training that Scott was putting in. "S...sure." He shook his head, wondering where his thoughts had been wandering off to?


Scott headed into the garage for buckets and sponges, "Could you get the hose?" After liberally dosing each bucket with soap and tossing a shammy towel over his shoulder, he headed back out to the car.


Warren grabbed the hose and followed Scott. He couldn't understand why he felt a bit uncomfortable in his friends company. They hadn't got on at first, but then they'd become friends and he was used to being relaxed in the other teenager's company so it was quite thought consuming that he now felt almost on edge.


"You going to take your shirt off?" Scott asked as he set down the buckets at Warren's feet.


Warren blinked a little dumbly, looking at Scott then at the buckets. He nodded and started to unbutton, a blush slowly crept up his cheeks. It wasn't the first time that he'd been shirtless in the company of the other guy; in fact there'd been times in the showers when he'd been totally naked. So why should he blush now? And why was it that the realization that he was blushing, made him blush more. He suddenly wished he had something else he should be doing. He tossed the shirt aside and continued to look at the buckets.


Scott grabbed the end of the hose and walked over to the spigot, bent over and attached the line before turning it on full blast. Water suddenly shot out of the other end dousing everything in its path as it began to writhe on the ground.


"Grab it!" Scott yelled as the water snake twisted and turned, dousing Warren's shoes and socks.


Warren yelped and bent down trying to grab a hold of it. By the time he had it secured in his hands he was soaked, water ran down his chest and he flapped his wings to shake the water from them automatically. Even his hair hadn't been spared.


The brunette approached with a grin, "Sorry, 'bout that."


He took the hose from Warren, watching the water droplets cascade down the older teen's muscular chest. The water in Warren's wings caught the light and created dozens of tiny dazzling rainbows. He forced his attention away from the beautiful sight and focused on filling the buckets.


Warren fought down a wave of indignation that was fuelled wholly by the embarrassment of his pants being wet in the crotch region. He didn't dare look down, he was sure he would look like he'd pissed his pants. "Coulda warned me before you turned the water on." He tried to sound grumpy, but it didn't quite come out that way.


"Sorry. You're right, I should've waited until you were ready." Trying to defuse the situation. "You want to go change into some shorts?" he asked. "I'll start on the tires and wheel walls. They're the dirtiest."


Warren shrugged, was there really any point in getting changed? He was already wet. "I'll be fine. What do you want me to do?"


"You sure?" At Warren's nod, he said, "Why don't you start on the top and work your way down while I start on the bottom and work up?" He tossed the shammy onto one of the bushes that lined the drive to the garage before grabbing a sponge out of the partially filled bucket.


As he retrieved a soapy sponge, the blond nodded his assent. He started reaching across to wash the roof of the car, his height and long arms were an advantage but he still had to stretch a bit. He was tempted to beat his wings to lift him but figured it was probably more effort than it was worth. He washed one side of the roof then wandered around to wash it on the other side.


Scott crouched next to the tire as he washed it, trying to get the dirt out of the folds of metal that formed the wheel. The sudden loss of light made him look up and realize it was one of Warren's wings that was putting him in the shade. The first splash from the hose had created a pattern on the front of Warren's pants and his eyes were drawn to it.


As Warren stretched to reach the middle, his wings stretched and fluttered as if this would some how help. Soapy water ran down the sides and down the front windshield. He stepped back and started to soap up the side of the car. Warren's wings relaxed and settled back neatly.


The fluttering of white shade strobing with warm sunlight, made him blink and Scott turned back to the wheel. He saw his reflection in the silvery metal, face and ears tinged pink with embarrassment at possibly being caught looking at another man's package.


As he worked, Warren cast a glance at the other man who seemed to have been spending a hell of a long time on that one wheel. When he fully realized that he was crouched there though, a spark fired and he felt a tingle begin in his groin. Scott was practically on his knees and that sent all kinds of interesting images running through his head. He dropped his sponge and it landed on the floor with a wet splat.


Scott turned at the noise and placing a knee on the ground reached over and grabbed the sponge on the ground. Foam spurted out around his fingers as he squeezed the holey square. A little devil and maybe a dose of envy made him toss it at Warren's chest where it left a foam pattern before returning to earth.


Warren looked down at the foam splat on his chest, he stared at it a moment. Slowly, a smile spread across his face, which broke into a grin... then he started to laugh.


The brunette grabbed up the sponge again, after dipping it into his bucket, he leaned back and tossed it at Warren again. The blond tried to glare, really he did, but it failed miserably. He gave a slight shrug and leaned down to dunk his own sponge then threw it at Scott with a twinkling grin. The younger man barely missed scraping his back on the ground as he leaned back to twist out of the way of the sponge. It hit the ground with a solid Thwak! and sprayed the area with soapy water. An evil grin crossed Scott's face as he shook the water out of his hair and wiped a foamy speck from the red tinged goggles he’d put on, preparing for just such an occurrence while he washed his new car.


Warren was grinning widely as he picked up the sponge that his friend had thrown and dunked it, adopting a fighting stance; he stood ready for the next move. They were at a stand off as each looked at the other, trying to work out what would come next and Scott hoped that the blond couldn't see his eyes behind the goggles searching for the hose. He spotted it and got ready to leap towards it once Warren threw his sponge.


The winged man held his position, there was the occasional flash of brighter red from behind the goggles that kept him from making the next move, he knew that Scott was sneaky and no doubt already had his strategy mapped out. This was confirmed when he faked a move toward his bucket and then ran over to the hose dodging the thrown sodden sponge with a leaping roll onto the grass that bordered the driveway asphalt. He came up with the hose spray handle in a two fisted grip.


After releasing his ammunition Warren had ducked behind the car but it was only as Scott gripped the hose that he realized he wouldn't be safe even there. He came out from behind and started to make his way towards the other man. He held his hands out as if to placate, but the smirk on his face was enough to make anyone wary.


Laughing and with a huge grin on his face, Scott aimed dead into Warren's chest. He let a small amount of water release as a warning shot. He knew Warren was stronger than he was and he was prepared to shoot. Actually, he just wanted the excuse to get the avian wet. Ideas had begun to form in his head and he wasn’t sure of their reception.


Warren tried the glare again, but his laughing belied it, he moved quickly and lunged for the hose. He got a hand on it despite Scott letting rip with the jet of water. Only, at this close a range it meant that they both got equally wet. He directed it downwards, his own crotch had already been soaked so he didn't care, but he revelled in the idea of giving Scott an equally embarrassing wet patch.


Reflexively the brunette cranked the hose full bore when Warren grabbed it. The eruption of water that resulted shot into Warren's chest and back splashed onto his own chest and began running down onto his shorts and shoes. He backed up trying to pull the hose away from Warren's grasp and tripped, falling to the ground. The sudden fall pulled the blond off balance and he stumbled forward, his hands letting go of the hose to shoot out in an attempt to stop his own fall as he landed on top of Scott.


"Uff!" Scott gasped as all the air was knocked out of his lungs. He clung tightly to the hose sprayer with his right while he tried to shove Warren off with his left, but his hand landed in the slick wet feathers and slid down and out landing on Warren's hip.


Warren reached for the hose. He was still laughing, he couldn't remember the last time he'd relaxed and just had fun like this. He also hadn't realized how aroused it had made him and as he reached it caused him to press against his friend. His laughter stopped as a blush crept up his cheeks, knowing that if he could feel his erection then so could Scott. His cheeks burning he moved to roll off, muttering an apology.


The heavy weight of Warren along the length of his body stirred something inside Scott, an awareness that recognized Warren's state of arousal and gave Scott pause and food for thought. His hand tightened on Warren's hip and as the man tried to roll off, Scott rolled with him, pinning Warren's wing beneath him. "Don't move," Scott said breathlessly, moving the hose down to Warren's neck, "or I'll shoot."


Eyes going wide, Warren bit his lip, "Scott..."


Sitting up, Scott spread his legs, trapping Warren between them. The thick ridge of Warren's arousal pressing against his balls made his own cock take notice. His wet shorts suddenly felt colder, tighter. He leaned back down into the warmth of Warren's abdomen and pressed the metal of the hose sprayer into Warren's neck. He whispered, "I've got you. Surrender now."


Warren swallowed hard, the sun was warm on his wet skin and Scott's closeness was doing nothing to help decrease his state of arousal. The word surrender echoed around his head and he felt a shiver run the length of his spine and settle with a throb in his groin. He decided to play along, guessing that he couldn't get anymore embarrassed than he already was. He slowly raised his hands. "I surrender, you've got me... I'm at your mercy." As the words fell from his mouth there was another pulse of pleasure that registered in his hard on.


Scott felt the shiver that rolled through Warren's body followed by the twitch under his sac with a dawning realization. He looked into his friend's face and saw something he never thought he'd see, submission and ... lust? He silently let got of the sprayer and tentatively ran his hand down the face that had haunted his dreams.


Searching his friend's face, Warren almost jumped when the gentle hand caressed his cheek. Then his eyes fluttered and he tried his hardest not to moan, he felt himself turning into the touch, silently requesting more. He opened his mouth to speak but found his mouth was dry and there were no words that would come out anyway. He took a deep shaky breath.


Scott leaned down, watching Warren's eyes closely, tensely, expecting the man to shove him away at any moment, trying to catch him off guard. "Warren?" he whispered, his mouth perilously close to the lips he'd been fantasizing about since he’d first met the winged mutant.


His heart was beating so hard it felt like it was going to burst its way out of his chest. Scott was drawing close and he had no desire in his body to move away. His eyes fixed on pink lips, at the sound of his name he looked up into the red gaze, annoyed that they gave him no clue as to what the other guy was thinking. A dozen responses ran through his mind, but only one fell free from his lips, "Please..."


His own arousal growing more intense at the man submitting to him, he groaned slightly when he pressed into Warren, feeling the man's hard abs against his stiffened flesh. He touched Warren's lips with a feather light touch, still hesitant that he might be getting the wrong signals. The blond avian moaned at the barely there kiss. His lips tingled and he wanted more, the thought scared him. He didn't know where this had come from; he'd never thought of Scott like this before, never thought of guys in a sexual way before. But there he was… wanting his friend to kiss him ... wanting more than that. And they were sprawled on the grass, out in the open and on display for anyone to see. He felt the heat in his face again.


Scott saw the changes in Warren's expression and the tinge of pink that enveloped his face and neck. Was he hurting him? Was he afraid? The stiff cock beneath his ass was an ambiguous sign. Xavier was teaching him to obtain all the facts before making a plan of attack. He needed more data before he could decide what to do. He had the advantage so he decided to use it. He grabbed up the sprayer and climbed off of Warren. If the man was in pain, he'd show it and probably start the water fight all over again trying for supremacy. If it was something else ... he'd do what he told him to do. "All right. Get up. You're my slave now." It was the first thing that came into his mind that got his message across and he could laugh it off as childish play or make it serious depending upon Warren’s attitude.


Warren blinked dumbly up at him. He was trying desperately to work out what Scott's game was. If he did as he was told, would he be laughed at? Was it a trick? He didn't know what to do. He could end up humiliated beyond repair, ruin a friendship, or he could act like it was all a big joke. He was so hard it hurt and he still couldn't figure out his friend's motivation. He cursed silently that he was still blushing. A wave of indignation and rebellion threatened to well up and overwhelm him. His heart thundered in his chest with uncertainty and he wished he was a telepath.


"Warren?" Scott's voice was concerned, "Did I hurt you?"


He shook his head, "N...no." He started to move, to ease himself to his feet.


Scott moved out of the way and held out a hand to help him up, eyeing the wing that had been under them for any signs of injury. Warren took his hand and stood up. He shuddered as he became aware of the cool dampness of his pants.


The brunette noticed the feathers of a wing were askew and Warren's shuddering didn't force them to fall back into alignment. He reached out and combed his fingers through the slick wet quills to straighten them. It sent another shiver down the blond’s spine, accompanied by a soft moan. Very few people knew that his wings were so sensitive.


Scott's hand pulled back sharply, "I thought you said I didn't hurt you?"


"You didn't." Warren's blush grew deeper and his wings fluttered slightly. He wanted to fly away now, wanted to spare himself any further embarrassment.


"I didn't?" Scott smiled, and his eyes drifted back to those stunning wings.


His hand came up and started combing through the feathers once again, watching his friends response. Sure enough, Warren's eyes fluttered closed and he bit down on his lip but it didn't stop the moan of pleasure from escaping. Smiling, his other hand rose up and he started combing with both of his hands, pressing into the feathers until he could feel their shafts, before his fingers sifted through the vanes that rose up from either side.


Warren’s wings positively vibrated in response to the gentle touches, and his breath started to grow ragged. His groin clenched and pulsed and his hands came up to grip his friend’s shoulders in an attempt to steady himself. The tenderness of that exploration was so arousing.


With Warren's pants clinging to him like a second skin, Scott could tell just how much the avian was enjoying his touch. Now he had an idea of what his friend wanted; he could make his fantasies a reality if he pulled the right strings. He continued to comb the soft feathers for another minute and then stopped.


The blond was shaking by the time the caress stopped. He was about two seconds away from coming in his pants. He opened his eyes and looked at Scott, a quiet whimper sounding in his throat.


"We should finish washing the car," Scott said with a nod to the soap swirled vehicle. "Afterwards, I'll have to give my slave a bath and good combing since he's been rolling around in the dirt." He felt incredibly devious; inside he was chuckling, wickedly.


Warren’s jaw dropped, Scott expected him to wash the car, in his state. "You're kidding, right?" He blurted.


Scott pointedly looked down at the front of Warren's pants, "Added incentive to hurry."


He blinked repeatedly. "The sponges are gritty." He pointed out.


"They'll rinse off," Scott smiled and pulled the hose after him, "but I don't know how you're going to get the dirt off those feathers, especially near the base, all by yourself." He said, trying to sound every bit the fake innocent, and wondered if Warren would take the bait.


Warren raised an eyebrow, "Well, since you helped get it there you can help get it off." He said with forced petulance, as he picked up a sponge from the floor and held it out to Scott to rinse off with the hose.


Scott smirked and pulled the lever on the sprayer. While they finished washing the Mustang, he was planning his next few moves and contingency plans in case Warren got off track.


The blond had focused all his efforts on cleaning the car, hoping like hell that his erection would go away if only he tried hard enough. Scott wasn't taking his time either, his hands running the shammy cloth over the vehicle to dry it as efficiently and quickly as possible, pausing only occasionally to check on Warren's progress. "Do you still want help cleaning the dirt out of the base of your wings?" he asked when they were done.


Standing back he admired his handiwork, at hearing Scott's voice, Warren turned his blue eyes on him. "I'd appreciate that." He said quietly, his waning erection suddenly reasserting itself


"You probably have everything you need to clean your feathers in your bedroom shower. I'll meet you there after I get the mustang back into the garage," Scott said opening the car door.


Warren hesitated then nodded before grabbing up his shirt and heading upstairs. His stomach fluttered with nervousness as he pushed into his room.


Scott pulled the car into it's designated parking space and then cleaned up the garage area, putting away the washing and drying materials before heading out to scoop up his shirt and head into the Institute. He nodded to Hank and Jean who were teaching Bobby how the play backgammon in the den before he headed up the stairs to the dorm rooms. Scott stopped by his room and picked up a fresh set of clothes and shoes and as an afterthought, picked up the small tube of lube he usually hid in his underwear drawer. Warren had the corner suite with the private bath because of the space requirements for his wings. Scott knocked on the door, looking down the corridor to see who if anyone observed him going into Warren's room.




Chapter 2



Warren's heart leapt into his throat at the knock on his door. He paused to wipe slightly sweat-dampened hands on his pants before pulling the door open. He ducked his head and looked at Scott through his lashes. When it came to women he knew exactly how to deal with situations like this, but when it came to a man ... when it came to Scott, he was clueless.



Scott smiled and stepped into the room. He looked around for a place to put his clothes. At first he thought to use the chair that Warren had at his desk, but then decided against it. If things went as he hoped, as he dreamed, he might need it and end up dumping them onto the floor. The bed was also not a good choice for the same reason. He walked over and placed them on the floor in front of the entertainment centre Warren had purchased when he'd first moved in.



The blond watched his friend, uncertain what to say or do. He licked his dry lips; he hadn't forgotten about the things that Scott had said about him being his slave now. He wondered if he'd really meant it. He didn’t particularly want to ask and look stupid but it was the sort of thing that could lead to making a fool of himself. He almost rolled his eyes at his attitude. Anyone would think he wanted to be the brunette’s slave.



Scott got up from placing his clothes on the floor and turned to Warren. His eyes glanced at the front of Warren's damp pants and noticed the slight bulge, he hoped Warren wouldn't be shy and turn away from him now. He'd just started to figure out that his friend might like him sexually, ‘might’ being the key word. They got along so well, better than with either Hank or Bobby and Jean was still an unknown spending most of her time with the Professor. The peek of Warren's tongue as it darted across his lips froze him in mid thought. Images flashed through his mind of kissing Warren and he could feel himself begin to harden. He took a deep breath and held it a few moments to control his thoughts and stifle his body's response to those images. He didn't want to scare Warren off if that wasn't what he really wanted. He had to start slow until he got more feedback, more positive responses. Caution first. Get him naked second.



"So, where's the stuff to clean your wings?" he asked.



"Bathroom ..." Warren pointed towards the half closed door. He shifted nervously from foot to foot.



Scott headed over to the bathroom and looked around. A rush of envy over the oversized Jacuzzi tub that Warren had had installed along one wall rolled over him and left him with a smile. He just might get to use it today. He looked around the edges for bottles of soap or shampoo and spotted several types. He also noticed an odd, wide toothed comb with a long handle. Must be what Warren usually used to comb his feathers with when no one was there to help him. He leaned into the tub area and plucked a bottle from the rim, "Is this what you usually use?"



Warren followed Scott into the roomy bathroom. He peered at the bottle in Scott's hand and nodded. "Yeah, that first then the green one, its a special formula, helps them retain their waterproofing."



"So that's how you do it," Scott replaced the bottle on the rim and stood up. "We'll need extra towels," he looked around and spotted only a few that had been hung up to dry that morning.



"I'll get some." He offered and went back into the bedroom and opened the closet where he had a stash of clean fluffy white towels. He grabbed a few and rejoined Scott where he'd left him.



Back to the doorway, Scott had already toed off his shoes and was in the process of pushing down his shorts when Warren walked back into the room. He was tempted to face the door and watch Warren's reaction when he saw him undress, but decided against it.



Warren hesitated at the sight of Scott stripping off his shorts. He blushed, suddenly realizing that he was going to have to do the same, in his current state. It was embarrassing enough that his erection had been felt and seen through his pants, but to have to strip off ... He took a deep breath.



"Here are the towels," He said and set them on the side.



Scott turned with a nod; trying not to blush or show any embarrassment as his half erect cock bounced against his abdomen. He had to keep it calm and cool. Stay in control. A swift glance showed him that Warren was more aroused than he. He turned his head away to hide his triumphant smile, pretending to concentrate on taking off his socks.



Gathering his courage, like it was no big deal he was about to take a shower or bath with his best friend while he had a hard on, Warren unfastened his pants and slid them down. He followed them down and crouched to untie his shoelaces and pull them off. When he stood up he was left in just his boxers, they tented obscenely with his erection and that was even more embarrassing. He just wished that Scott would make a move so that he wouldn't have to worry about being ridiculed, if he'd meant what he said ... he should just take control, that way Warren would know where things stood and he wouldn't have to blush so fully at his arousal.



Scott wanted to be casual about it, start off slow. It was time to start giving orders. He noticed that Warren hadn't taken off his boxers. "Take off your shorts," he ordered before leaning into the tub to turn on the faucet and move it to hot.



The blush crept down his tanned chest as his hands went to his waist. His eyes fell on Scott's perfectly shaped ass, a small smile spread across his lips and he pushed his shorts down until they pooled around his ankles, and he stepped out of them.



Scott waited until the water temperature was just right and then switched it to the showerhead. "Get in," he gestured, backing out of the way to let Warren pass. He didn't attempt to cover his lengthening erection in any way, subtly trying to show Warren that he wasn't embarrassed at his state and was in fact just as interested.



Warren stepped into the tub, his wings twitched slightly. He was fairly sure that Scott's erection had grown, it was the last confirmation he'd needed. He suspected that if Scott had only been toying with him that the other man would have left rather than respond to his nakedness when he saw he was rock-hard. He looked over at him.



"How do you want me?" The blond was fully aware of the loaded nature of his question, but didn't care anymore.



I want you on my cock and above me with those gorgeous wings spread, Scott thought and then tamped it down. Not yet. Not yet. "Put your back to the water and spread your wings a bit. Let them get good and wet," he said.



He turned to comply and his wings pulled forwards but didn’t unfold very far, it exposed the base of them to the water and the other man.



Scott stepped into the tub behind Warren, trying to stay out of the spray as much as possible and avoid the splash hitting his goggles. He ran his fingers through the feathers close to the base where Warren's shoulder blades should be.



Warren's wings suddenly jerked at the touch and his cock throbbed with the referred pleasure. He brought a hand up to press against the tiled wall. That touch ... those hands on his wings ... it was enough to make him cum without ever touching his cock. He squeezed his eyes closed and tried to get a grip on his arousal.



After removing the tiny pebbles and grit that had embedded into the wing bases, Scott picked up the shampoo and poured a large dollop into his hand. He stepped into the spray and intercepted the water on his back while spreading the soap evenly, coating both wing bases. He began to massage the soap into the tiny feathers and seeing Warren's trembling, told him to brace himself against the wall.



The Avian leaned his hands heavily against the wall, but suspected if he lost it that it wouldn't be much use at keeping him upright. He could feel the tremor that ran through him at each caress, his cock leaked steadily, the clear precum washed away down the drain.



"Scott ..." He whispered, "I ..." He groaned deeply. He was going to embarrass himself so much, but right now there was only one thing that he wanted and it was to cum.



Scott knew Warren's wings could be sensitive; they had to be to sense the slight shift in air currents when he flew, but he hadn't realized how much they also affected his sexual responses. Seeing what his touch was doing to the man, he stepped close and slipped a foam-covered hand around his waist to press against his hard abdomen, perilously close to his ultimate goal, Warren’s cock.



"What?" he whispered just above the rushing water.



Warren was breathing heavily, the contact of the warm body against him only making things worse as he felt the hand on his stomach. He tried to force deep breaths. "I ... I need to cum," He managed to get out; mildly surprised he didn't die of embarrassment.



Scott’s heart pounded and he could have leapt for joy at his friend’s words. He needed to show Warren how eager he was to communicate his need. Scott leaned forward and pressed his own hard cock against the tight curves of Warren's ass, "Let me do it."



He knew the urge to turn him around and take the cock in his mouth could be too much too soon, so he moved his hand down to the base of the avian's cock and encircled it with his fingers. The soap on his hand making it easy for him as he began to move up and down on the hot hard flesh. His own cocked throbbed and ached as it pressed between the rounded curves of Warren’s ass.



Wings fluttered slightly erratically as the hand wrapped around the blond’s erection, he unconsciously pushed back on the cock nestled between his ass cheeks. He bit his lip, his eyes squeezed tight; Warren couldn't believe this was real, that this was happening. He wasn't even sure how they'd ended up here. His head fell back and he cried out as his hot cum splashed against the tiles. His knees almost crumbled beneath him, but somehow managing to keep him upright and deny gravity its pull. "Oh, Christ," He uttered.



Scott's other hand came around to support the weakened angel in his arms and he braced his legs against the pull as Warren almost fell. His hand continued to pump until he was sure the man was spent and his cock was flaccid once again. "Go ahead," he said quietly so as not to break the moment, "kneel down. Rest." He felt an elation that only winning a tough Danger Room exercise had brought before. He had gained enough of Warren’s trust for them to be intimate on one of the closest levels. They had moved beyond friends, but the label of lovers had to be acknowledged by them both before it could be real.



Warren didn't argue, he didn't want to; he sank to his knees in the bath and tried to gulp enough air into his lungs. He hunched over as he took deep breaths and the water continued to cascade down.



Scott took the mobile showerhead off the hook that kept it in place and used it in combination with his feet to spray the dirt down the drain while Warren rested against the far side of the tub. After most of the dirt was gone, he plugged the hole and switched the spray to the tub faucet where it would fill faster. He dripped some of the shampoo into the waterfall to maximize the bubbles in the bath.



As the water started to deepen around his knees, Warren turned in the tub to look up at Scott. He could see the erection that he'd felt pressed against his ass. It bobbed tantalizingly in the air with every beat of his friend’s heart. His eyes continued up to look into the other teen’s face. Wondering what Scott would be thinking about him now?



Scott simply smiled down at him and put aside the shampoo bottle. He sat down on the rim of the tub, unobtrusively spreading his legs to not only sit easily on the narrow space and lean back against the tile, but to show that he was still aroused. "I didn't know you like having your wings rubbed," he said, both enquiringly and somewhat pleased at this new discovery.



Warren's eyes fluttered from the erection back to the handsome face. "*Like* would be an understatement. Its like there’s a direct link to my cock," He blushed, slightly. "I think the base of my wings is the biggest erogenous zone I possess."



"Really?" Scott quirked an eyebrow above his goggles. "That's good to know," he added with a smile that Warren would swear was predatory. He rested a hand along his inner thigh, "I think there's something you need to do for me." It would be a big step for Warren, he knew, but it was necessary to see if the relationship would go both ways. *If* it was a relationship.



Warren swallowed hard, knowing full well what Scott meant. His eyes dropped to his groin, "I've never ..."



"You don't have to use your mouth if you don't want to," Scott said gently, his smile softening. He didn't want to scare Warren off the whole subject now that they were making so much progress, but he did want to put the idea that they might eventually do such a thing. He needed to know how far Warren was willing to go.



"I ..." He couldn't pull his gaze off that hard cock. It stood so proud and impressive, he could imagine himself sucking on it, but he really didn't have a clue what to do. He reached out his hand but didn't quite make contact with it. His eyes came up to look at Scott's face. He wanted to, but he was so afraid of not doing a good job. He almost laughed at himself, he always had to achieve ... school or sex it didn't really matter ... he had to be the best. He finally wrapped his hand around the shaft and stroked it gently.



"Ah," Scott sighed as the warm hand encircled him, "that feels good." He closed his eyes and the glow behind his goggles dimmed until Warren could just make out the half circles of his lashes behind them. "You're doing fine," he encouraged at the gentle stroking.



Feeling his courage grow, he swiped his thumb over the head and smeared the clear fluid there over it. It glistened tantalizingly, but he wasn't bold enough to lean forward and lick at it. His hand tightened and he increased his pace, adding a slight twist to his wrist as he pulled up along the shaft. He wanted to make Scott cum, to prove to him that he was ... what? Worthy? That didn't make much sense but it was the thought that came to his mind as his hand glided up and down the hard flesh.



Scott moaned as he felt a finger graze over his glans. Imagining that the hand was Warren’s was one thing, but to actually know it *was* Warren's hand made him harder than ever. He'd already been on edge, and then Warren's hand tightened and sped up. And the twist ... he'd never imagined Warren doing that. It was new. It was exciting!



"Ah ... God ... Yes," Scott panted, it was getting harder to breathe. His hips twitched up with Warren's strokes, "Yes ... more!"



At the encouraging words, Warren brought his other hand up and gently rolled Scott's balls in his sack. He squeezed and released the shaft repeatedly as he stroked. He knew he was bringing the other man close. The fact that he was the one doing it was starting to reawaken his cock and he felt a strange sense of pride.



"Damn!" Scott cursed; one of his fantasies was finally coming true! He reopened his eyes and searched Warren's face, he wanted to remember this moment. Seeing a man he admired and envied with his cock in his hand bringing him off. It was beautiful. He watched Warren cup and fondle his balls, the concentration on his face. He really wanted to do this! It was almost too much.



“I'm going to cum," the brunette panted, his legs twitching in anticipation.



Warren increased his efforts further, not knowing why Scott had felt it necessary to tell him. He looked up into the red goggles briefly then back to what he was doing with his hands. The cock felt so good in his hand, so right. It pulsed and throbbed and he knew any second now it would erupt.



The pleasure was white hot and it spurted out in long jets as Scott shouted in ecstasy, almost falling forward off the rim and into Warren. At the last moment, he caught himself and fell back against the cold tile.



The hot cum splashed down on Warren where he knelt and his cock twitched causing him to moan with a surge of arousal. He stroked Scott's cock until he was sure he was spent. He pulled his hand back and looked at the cum that was slicked over it. Curiously, he brought the hand up to his mouth and licked at it. A mixture of bitter sweetness assaulted his taste buds.



Dragging in air with ragged breaths he knelt down into the warm water. Scott watched him with avid interest and then did something he wasn't sure he should do. He leaned forward, placed a hand along Warren's face and kissed him on the lips.



Warren had kissed quite a few girls, but they didn't compare to the feel of Scott's lips on his. His mouth opened and he leaned up into the kiss, his tongue slipping out to touch against the other guy's lips. He reached a hand up to caress the smooth cheek.



Scott instantly opened his mouth to Warren's searching tongue. He let his free hand skim up his friend’s chest, neck and face until he was cupping his head in his hands. He deepened the kiss, letting his own velvet tongue swirl around Warren's.



The soap bubbles twirled around his lower legs as he knelt up to reach for more of that hot inviting mouth, he moaned as he felt Scott's tongue play against his own and desperately pressed his lips more firmly against his. He had never before imagined feeling such raw emotion could course through his body from just a kiss.



Scott lowered his hands, letting them slide down and around to Warren's back, unconsciously bringing them to the base of his wings pulling the two men closer together as their kisses heated up. He couldn’t get enough of this, he didn’t want it to end, but he also wanted more.



Warren moaned deeply at the contact, his cock slowly refilling and stretching. The passion and intensity of the kiss stole his remaining breath and he pulled back a little to breathe. He looked up into Scott's face and he was stunned silent. He'd never really looked closely at the man he was becoming, part of him still thought of him as a kid. He was only a year younger but that had felt significant until now, until he was looking into that strong, handsome face with the floppy brunette hair. He wondered what color Scott's eyes were before. His friend was sexy, no doubting that, could probably have whoever he wanted. They said that about him to though, didn't they? And for the most part he acted how he was expected, dating a different girl every few weeks. But it never satisfied him, never left him feeling like this.



In a way, Scott couldn’t believe this was happening. He was kissing Warren and Warren was kissing him back. And it wasn't a chaste kiss or a brotherly kiss. Warren was returning his feelings. It was a shared moment that couldn't be erased. His hands flexed in the fine feathers and he remembered his friend’s words. He began a massaging motion, fingering the strong muscles and tendons with circular motions. He had to keep the momentum going. He didn't want Warren to deny what had happened. It couldn't just be two lonely guys getting each other off. He knew the blond had to beat the girls off with a stick with his looks and his family wealth. Most of the anorexic, painted bitches just wanted his friend's money, to be the next Mrs. Worthington. He had to make the moment last. He reached out and felt around for the faucet, turning the warm water back on. Keep the bath going, get him comfortable and excited again. He couldn't deny what was happening between them if they fucked, even if he had to let Warren fuck him.



Eyes fluttering at the sensation, Warren let out a groan that seemed to rise all the way from his feet. Blood rushed to his cock and left him feeling light-headed. His hands reached up to grasp at strong shoulders.



"S—Scott...” Words deserted him though, he was left not knowing what he'd intended to say.



"You're not clean yet," Scott whispered breathlessly between lip nibbles, as he used his tongue, lips and teeth to tease Warren's mouth. His hands moved out to comb the small feathers that gathered at the base and beyond. He pressed into the thick membranes with blunt fingertips, exploring the pattern the feathers followed.



Warren arched his back, popping out his muscles and his wings shivered. He wasn't sure he could handle having his wings toyed with more; they were almost too sensitive now. He just wanted to be thrown on the bed and screwed into the mattress. He wondered where the hell that thought came from. He opened piercing blue eyes and looked into the red flare of Scott's goggles.



Scott held onto Warren, his hands slipping down to his waist and lower, his fingers just brushing the top of the crack of his ass. He moved his mouth lower continuing his teasing dance focusing now upon Warren's nipples. A quick glance told him Warren was already back on his way up for another round. He couldn't move too fast, he knew, he didn't want to blow this whole experience by rushing his friend into something he may not be prepared for. He eyed the level of the water, gauging how much would be needed. He had to change sides with Warren and place his back against the angle of the tub. From there he could use the water's buoyancy to let Warren ride him or if he balked at that, at least try to get him off again.



Warren moaned and leaned into the touches and kisses, he wanted more. A sudden awareness crashed through his body, his knees hurt. "Scott ... c—can we take this to bed?" He blushed. He didn't know if his friend wanted the same as him, but he didn't want his first time to be in a bathtub.



Scott froze and looked up into his friend's eyes. Warren. Wanted. To. Move. To. The. *Bed!* He was screaming in happiness inside, but he was slightly surprised when the words left his mouth smoothly, "Sure, if that's what you want."





Chapter 3


The brunette hoped his friend didn't see his hands shake as he turned off the faucet and unplugged the drain. He got out and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his waist and hiding his thickening arousal. He gallantly helped Warren up and out of the tub, handed him a towel and grabbed a second one to run over his still dripping wings.


Wincing as he straightened up, the blond’s knees had all but gone to sleep. He took the towel and quickly dried off his chest and legs. His wings fluttered instinctively to shake them free of water. His cock was fully hard again and he couldn't believe he was about to go to bed with his best friend. Rational thought had pretty much gone on vacation.


Scott walked into the main room with a silly grin on his face as he towelled himself off after Warren's wings sprayed him. Again. The grin disappeared as he noticed the open blinds over the windows. In a place where people could build ice slides or easily climb up the building, they needed a bit of privacy. He moved to close the blinds and the one open window.


Did he lock the door when he entered? He moved to check and made sure it was secure. A side trip to his clothes and he pulled the lube from his pants pocket.


Warren dried off and tossed the towel on the side, he took a deep breath before stepping out into the bedroom. "I've never done this before," He said, probably somewhat unnecessarily.


Scott stood up from his clothes, "Neither have I, but ... I've done ... research." He turned to face the older man and opened his hand to reveal the tube he held.


He took some comfort that he wasn't the only one who was a virgin in all this. He looked down at the open hand and swallowed hard. Warren dragged his eyes up to look into his face.


"Um ... I ... top or bottom?" He asked feeling somewhat flustered. Scott had planned this, researched it. How long had he been thinking about doing this? Was it always with him that he thought about it?


Scott walked over to his friend and soon to be lover. He lovingly placed a hand on his cheek and kissed him briefly on the lips, "Let me drive first and if you don't like it, I'll let you drive next time." He hoped there'd be a next time.


Warren's wings fluttered in response to the words and gentle kiss. He licked his lips and nodded, "Okay." He turned his head and kissed the hand that had been on his cheek, bringing his hand up to hold it.


"How..." Scott swallowed down the emotion that thickened his throat, "How do you want to do it? On your knees or on your back?"


"I don't think I could on my back, with my wings in the way." Although he wanted to be able to see Scott's face, he knew it wouldn't be comfortable to lie on his wings like that. "On my stomach?" He half asked.


Scott nodded, "We could do that, too. I just thought you might like me to touch you while I'm inside you. Wrap my hand around you, make it ... feel good—better."


Warren moaned softly at his words. He'd opted for his stomach, unsure if his arms would hold him up. He nodded, "I ... yeah ... that sounds..." His wings shivered again and he was fairly sure he didn’t need to finish the sentence.


"We could place pillows between your wings to raise them up a bit or under your chest so your arms don't have to bear all the weight," Scott glanced over at the bed to see if it would work. Warren's bed was king sized to accommodate his wings and height and had more than enough pillows, most of them decorative and probably came with the bedroom set. He noticed a foam roll that looked like it was made to be a neck rest, but it would go between Warren's wings if placed vertically instead of horizontally.


Discussing it was taking altogether too long for Warren, his nerves were rising and he was afraid that he would back out. He walked over to the bed and climbed up onto it, moving some pillows under his chest he settled on his hands and knees. His wings unfurled, spreading out then folding back in again. He bit his lip. They would come up with a way to have sex face to face before next time ... assuming there would be a next time.


Scott moved up onto the bed behind Warren, his own cock hardening at the feast spread before him. If he wasn't so horny, he'd like to take his time, and he had to hurry before Warren changed his mind. He wanted to make this a good experience for his friend and with his new lover’s wings in front of him, he could use them to keep him aroused and distracted when it came time for penetration. He ran his hand down the blonde’s sexy ass, fingers sliding into the crevice while his tongue danced down his spine.


Warren moaned and squirmed, his butt wiggling slightly from side to side, muscles shifting tantalizingly beneath the skin.


Scott found and pressed gently against the tight little pucker. Warren's wiggling doing most of his work for him as he smoothly circled the clenched muscle. He popped open the tube of lube with his other hand. It took a mere moment to squeeze a small dollop onto his waiting fingertips, which quickly began to massage the wriggling ass beneath him.


Letting his head hang down, the moans fell from Warren’s lips at the probing pressure at his ass. He breathed heavily, "Please..."


A finger pushed in to the first knuckle, continuing the same tiny circling motion. Gradually, the circle began to get wider. Scott added more lube as his friend's pucker began to widen. He added a second finger quicker than he thought he'd be able to do so. Warren was much more relaxed than he expected.


The avian groaned at the breach and was surprised at how good it felt, sure it burned a little but it mostly felt good. He'd always thought that having something in there would hurt a lot. He didn't understand how it could ever be pleasurable. That was before, right now he wanted more and as if reading his mind, Scott added a second finger. He gasped, and then pushed back slightly.


Scott smiled at Warren's reaction and began adding an in and out motion to his circling. The hand warmed lube was easier to dispense and Scott took barely a second to add it to the growing entry point, he gently began to spread his two fingers apart while allowing them to penetrate further.


Arching his back slightly, it tilted his ass and he cried out at the contact deep inside him. His wings were thrumming with his arousal. "Oh ... god ..." He gasped, rocking his hips back. Those fingers felt so damn good.


Scott's cock began to throb in anticipation, a small drop of clear glistening fluid forming at the tip. Ever since he'd seen the handsome winged mutant he'd been thinking of this day, never to believe it would ever happen. And now, that angel was under his control, writhing at his touch. He spread his fingers even more, wondering if he was prepared for a third finger. He tried and succeeded, tightly, but the lube eased the way.


The addition of another finger brought the first real stab of pain and Warren winced and whimpered slightly, but he didn't try to pull away, he took deep breaths and stilled his rocking a moment, the pain slowly dissolving into pleasure, he moaned and pushed back again.


Scott was scared he'd hurt his friend and was about to pull his fingers away, but Warren pushed back into his hand. He added more lube and was more careful, keeping his fingers bunched until they moved easily within the tight aperture only widening the spaces between as Warren's muscle allowed. He placed a large dose of lube in a line down his own cock before capping and tossing the tube near the end of the bed out of the way. He used his free hand to spread the lube around his cock mixing it with his leaking precum.


"Warren, I think you're ready for me now," he said, moving closer between his friend's legs. "Lift up your ass a bit if you want me to try."


Scott's words some how managed to cut their way through the fog of lust in his mind and Warren arched his back and raised his ass up. His wings unfurled to the sides. This was it, he took deep breaths, desperately trying to relax.


Scott slowly withdrew his fingers, admiring the entryway his cock would take, the tight perineum and thick ball sac covered in fine, yellow fuzz below. He guided his cock with one hand while steadying Warren's hip with the other. The hot entrance beckoned and he entered slowly, carefully, watching for any sign of flinching or pain from his friend.


Warren sucked in air as he felt the cock nudge its way inside. It was better than fingers ... better than anything he'd ever felt before, there was still the slight burn, but that just seemed to add to it. His cock was rock hard and leaking under him. He curled his hands into fists in the bed covers. Eyes tightly closed as he fought to keep control.


"More..." He gasped out. "Please, Scott, ... fuck me."


The velvet heat wrapped around his cock as it entered. The urge to surge into the moist heat consciously held in check. "I will," Scott answered through clenched teeth. It felt so damned good! Better than any woman! He allowed himself to slowly push forward, he watched Warren wince, as the base of his cock got closer to his entrance. It was wider and thicker. He stilled and rubbed the space between Warren's wings until the pain left his face before he pushed on. When he was fully seated he stopped, the need to pull back out barely controlled. Warren needed to be comfortable with him all the way inside before he was willing to begin the rigorous movement of fucking.


The blond was panting by the time Scott was all the way in, partly from the stroking between his wings and partly because he felt so full up. That cock felt so huge inside him, and he felt like it was something of a miracle that it had made it all the way in. Sweat had gathered on his brow. A flutter ran through his wings in a wave and all he wanted at that moment was to be fucked until all rational thought left his brain … not that he had a great deal left. He pushed his hips back slightly, a silent signal that he was ready.


Scott started with a shallow out and in movement until Warren began to move with him. He wasn't sure how long he'd last.


The small thrusts were going to frustrate him to death. Warren pulled his hips forward and slammed them back, showing Scott how he wanted it.


Scott grabbed a hold of Warren's hips, finding a rhythm with which they could move. He shuddered at the tight velvet warmth that engulfed him again and again. He reached forward and the tips of his fingers brushed the hard cock that nearly poked a hole into the bed beneath. At the next surge forward, he grasped it and his still slick hands slid down to the base.


The hand on his cock seemed to flick a switch in Warren and made him thrust his hips back harder and harder, desperate to increase the depth and pace of penetration ... he wanted to cum, wanted to feel Scott cum inside him. It was all he could think of ... drawing them both towards orgasm as that hand slid up and down his cock while his hips thrust back and forth.


The sound of skin slamming into skin sounded loud in Scott's ears, but he wasn't going to stop. The sensations were beyond his imagining! He'd never felt so wonderful! He was fucking the man he'd been dreaming of since he'd first saw him arrive at the mansion! He surged, he pushed, and he pounded his way into the tight sheath beneath him, marvelling at the view of muscles and feathers as they fluttered in a parody of flight. He wanted to kiss him, but their efforts were too brutal so he gave himself solace in clutching the thick hard meat between his fingers, rubbing, caressing and pumping it in time to his thrusts.


Warren threw his head back and cried out as his body tensed, clamping his ass muscles down tightly on the invading cock. His arms shook under the effort of keeping him upright and he started to pump his cum over Scott's hand and the bed, he panted harshly for air as his second orgasm crashed over him more intensely than the first had in the shower.


Scott gasped as the first muscle spasms clenched around his shaft, the tightness making it harder to force his way in or pull back out. It was the greatest thing he'd ever felt before and threatened to push him over the edge. With trained, rigid self-control, he kept his hand pumping Warren until he began to grow soft, then he gripped his friends hips and allowed himself to let go. Teeth clenched to stop himself from crying out, he plunged into his friend's ass to the hilt forcing it in as far as it would go before cumming in heavy jets.


The feel of his insides being bathed with hot spunk was incredible and Warren groaned with pleasure at the sensation. He got a grip on his breathing and pulled his wings in, slowly sinking to lie on his front on the bed. "Incredible," He whispered.


"You're," Scott panted, as he pressed into his friend's ass reluctant to pull himself out and end the moment, "incredible."


Warren blushed. He felt so good, so satisfied and happy. Nothing else mattered except the two of them. Fear slowly crept up his spine that Scott would leave now. His ass muscles tightened as if that could stop him from pulling out and leaving him. Right now he just wanted to be held by his lover.


A trickle of sweat trailed down from Scott's temple and he realized how tired and sweaty he'd become trying to create this experience with Warren. It would take some time for Warren to recover and take up his offer to fuck him should he wish. He slowly pulled out and moved to the side where he could look up at his friend on the pillows. "Thank you," he said simply, but he hoped his new lover saw the size of his gratitude in his face.


His brow creased, even as he pondered shifting to lay his head on Scott's chest. No one had ever thanked him before and that was mildly confusing. "For what?" He asked softly. Afraid that that he was being thanked because it would only be a one off event.


"For letting me get close enough to understand you a little better," Scott whispered, his hand rose up to push some of Warren's sweaty blond locks out of the way so he could see his gorgeous blue eyes. "I thought you'd tell me to leave if I told you I wanted to fuck you or be fucked by you."


Warren blushed and moved over to curl up against him. "I ... I'm not even sure where this came from. But I don't regret it. At first I thought you were making fun of me. I couldn't believe you were serious."


"I've been watching you since you first arrived," Scott admitted, pulling Warren closer. "I didn't know ... I thought you were straight, but the Professor has always told me to observe before jumping to conclusions."


He couldn't help the chuckle that bubbled up, "Always thought I was straight, too." Warren's mind caught up with what Scott had said. "Since I first arrived? Really?"


“Yes, since you first arrived,” Scott smiled. "I noticed those girls you were with never lasted very long once they started making demands. You wouldn't commit yourself to a serious relationship and I wondered why.”


He smirked, "Gold diggers." He knew them for what they were, but had his fun for a while until they showed their true colors. "Besides, none of them ever satisfied me the way you have today," he blushed. He thought of the gift he'd bought Scott that sat wrapped in his drawer and wondered if he should give it to him.


"About that," Scott hesitated. "I'd ... I'd like to continue to...” He blushed, "The Professor would say 'explore this relationship'." His imitation of Xavier eerily accurate after years spent with his mentor.


Warren was consumed by laughter at the impersonation; it took a few moments to sink in that Scott might think he was laughing at what he wanted. He pulled himself quickly under control and looked up at him with honest eyes. "I think I would like that. A lot." He chewed on his lip. "I got you a gift," He blurted.


Scott's worried frown dissolved at his acceptance and agreement. "You got me a gift?" he asked, wondering what type of gift Warren would think of getting him.


He reached for the nightstand drawer and pulled it open. He paused a moment to look at it thoughtfully. "I almost changed my mind about giving it to you. Didn't want you to think I was trying to buy your friendship. It’s just ... you're special to me. I don't think I realized how special until now." And with that he held out the gift.


Scott eyed the two toned watch, it looked like it was made out of silver and gold, but knowing Warren it could be either white gold or platinum coated. He wished for the zillionth time he could see without the rose quartz coloring everything he saw. He took it and turned it over to examine it before putting it on and noticed the two snaking initials inscribed on the back 'SS'.


"You're probably right," Scott said, looking at the expensive piece, "I would've wondered why you gave it to me." With Warren in his arms, he couldn't easily put the watch on. "You want to help me with this?" he asked, jiggling Warren a little to show he couldn't move his arm, but was reluctant to do so anyways.


Warren watched him nervously as he studied it. His heart sank as he started to speak but soared as he finished what he was saying. He smiled, "You like it?" Reaching out he fastened it around Scott's free wrist, he'd been right it did look perfect. "It’s shatterproof and waterproof and god knows what else proof."


"It's a bit more expensive than what I would have bought myself, but shatterproof?" he smirked, "We'll find out." He turned into Warren, bringing his arms around him and gently kissed his lips.


He met the gentle kiss with soft lips. "You should be able to put it under the Professor’s chair and have him wheel over it," Warren chuckled.


"I'd rather test its limits in other, more adventurous ways," Scott answered with a waggle of his eyebrows.


Warren chuckled and buried his face in the crook of Scott's neck. He realized he could get very used to this intimacy. He pulled back and looked up into his face, "Does this ... I mean ... are we ... what are we now?"


"Lovers," Scott answered, with just a hint of question. "We could probably get away with 'Mates', but that might come off more as the Australian term of friends," Scott said, "And I rather be much more than just your friend."


Warren chewed his lip thoughtfully, there were a million thoughts crashing through his mind and he gave a small smile. He was going to assume that they were going to be a secret, he didn't know how to ask that question but he figured he would take Scott's lead on it. Then he made the comment about mates, and he wondered if Scott actually planned on telling others. "I want that too. Will ... I mean ... do you want it to be a secret?"


Scott sighed. This was the difficult part. There was good and bad to being known as male Lovers.


"Do you really want your father to know you're into men?" he asked. "The Professor doesn't care. He's known about my sexuality far longer than I have. I'm not sure how Hank or Bobby might see it. And Jean, well, I don't know her enough to tell what her reaction would be. And then there's the Press. The Professor usually keeps them away, but you know how they dig and follow you around every time you show up with your parents in public. The Professor can't keep them blind forever. But ... I'd *love* it if we didn't have to keep it a secret, even just a quiet relationship, just between us here at the mansion. I can ask the Professor what he thinks the other's reaction might be. He's got the degrees in psychology not me."


Warren sighed and pressed his face into that spot again, the crook of Scott's neck seemed to be made for him to hide his face in. He knew he was right, that his father would cut him off, that the press would have a field day with the gossip. Hank would no doubt reel off some scientific stuff and Bobby would probably giggle. A lot. He didn't want to hide in their own home. He nodded, "That's probably best. I just don't want to have to creep around. We shouldn't have to. I won't pretend that I don't have feelings for you. I don’t think I could do that if I tried." He reached up and lightly caressed Scott's cheek blindly.


Scott covered his hand with his own and kissed it, sad that the future for them was unclear. He glanced at the time on his new watch and matched it with the time on Warren's nightstand alarm clock. They were the same. "I'll ask the Professor about our situation after dinner, although, I've got to warn you, he may want to talk to you, too. Which leaves us with two hours of free time. What would you like to do with it?" He smirked.


Warren wiggled slightly and brought a wing around to blanket over them somewhat. "Snuggle," He murmured. Then there was an after thought, he asked, "What was all that stuff about me being your slave?"


"Ah, yes," Scott smiled. "It all depended upon what happened between us. I have a bit of a dominant streak in me as you're probably already aware," he said referring to his role as team leader. "That extends into the bedroom."


He frowned into the warm neck, then pulled back to look up at him again. "In what way?" He was slightly confused; he had no experience of domination in the bedroom.


"I like to call the shots. I'll probably be telling you what I want to do. Often," he replied. "I'll take what I know that you like into consideration," he reassured him. "We'll have to have lots of discussion on what you and I both want to do, too. You may eventually find you like to top instead of bottom," he added.


Warren swallowed; he wasn't sure whether he was scared or aroused by the thought. He figured he was going to have to do some research into all this, so that he could be prepared. If he was honest, he shouldn't be surprised; Scott did have a very strong personality. He nodded to all that Scott said.


"There are some website links I can give you and see what you like and don't like. It's a give and take both ways. More like a marriage than just a friendship," Scott turned Warren's palm and kissed it.


"Okay," He agreed quietly.




Chapter 4


Later that night, after dinner, Warren was checking out the websites Scott had written down for him before they'd gone into dinner, when he received the mental pressure of the Professor touching his thoughts. "Warren, would you please come up to my office?" Xavier requested politely.


Warren almost jumped out of his skin; he was snapped out of his haze from where he'd been staring at the computer. "Er, yes, Professor. I'll be right there," he thought back. Chewing on his lip he pulled himself together and headed towards the door. As he wandered down to the Professor’s office his thoughts were turning over the things he'd read. If he'd been unsure of his feelings on the subject before he was more confused now. Was Scott really into all that stuff? Spanking and bondage he could sort of understand the attraction, even blindfolds, but there were some things on those sites that just scared the life out of him. And talk of rules and punishment, collars and the like. He'd even seen a piece about orgasm control. A shudder ran down his spine as he paused outside the door. He took a deep breath and tried to shove his thoughts down as he reached out a hand and knocked.


"Come in," the Professor called almost before his knuckles sounded on the wood.


Warren turned the handle and slipped in side. He was nervous, he knew Scott had said that the Professor didn't care that he was inclined that way, but this was different. He was afraid he might try and stop them from furthering their relationship. Further more, did he know about Scott's interest in domination?


"Sit down, Warren," the Professor gestured to one of the two straight-backed chairs in front of his desk. Scott was nowhere to be seen.


He nervously crossed the room, wondering where his lover was as he took a seat. His lover! That brought a smile to his face; Scott was his lover.


"Professor?" He enquired, still unable to rid himself of his smile


"Scott has told me that the two of you are more than just friends," he said, going straight into the subject.


"That's correct."


Warren didn't see any point in adding anything at that moment. The truth was clear, he felt it all the way through his body and soul. He cared deeply for Scott.


He sighed, "You do realize the problems this will create?"


"I care about him and from what he said, the feeling’s mutual, Professor. I don't expect it will be all plain sailing, but then, all my relationships come with complications." He fought down the urge to be snotty; he and Scott wanted to be together, who cared about the inconvenience.


"What about your parents?" he asked. "You know your father already has a problem with your being a mutant. How do you think he'll feel once he knows you're gay?"


"I actually wasn't planning on telling him, yet. I know only too well that he'll most likely disinherit me if he finds out. Scott and I care for each other and while he's important I'm not yet sure it's love ... if it becomes that deep then I won’t care about losing my father's approval in the slightest. The person I fall in love with will be more important than any of that. For now though, its very new and we're only just getting to know each other in that way." Warren sat almost rigid in his chair, he'd somewhat expected that he would have to defend his right to have a relationship with Scott. He wondered if Scott had been through the same thing earlier.


"What about ridicule here, at home," he gestured to the mansion at large. "Hank has had no experience with anyone who was attracted to the same sex. He's an introvert, but I expect he may treat the two of you like an experiment. Asking you embarrassing questions at the oddest moments."


"Hank is Hank," Warren smirked, "He may ask questions but he's also incredibly accepting. And while Bobby may find it highly amusing, he finds it funny when I kiss a girl so I don't see much difference there. I'm not sure about Jean; she's an unkown quantity to me. To be honest I fail to see that anyone here would ridicule or be prejudiced against us. Aren't we supposed to feel safe in our home, Professor? Shouldn't part of that be not having to be afraid to be ourselves?" he spoke clearly and passionately.


"You've already thought about this," he nodded, acknowledging Warren's points. "You are correct. You will be safe in your own home and I'm glad you consider the school your home. Bobby is young enough and still trying to understand his own physiology for him to be flexible about the relationships around him. Jean is a beginning telepath and I've already warned all of you that she may accidentally read your minds without your approval. Being open about the relationship will make it easier on her to accept what she 'hears' as well as sees. But," he stressed with a raised finger, "should your relationship sour, it could tear the school apart. I want both of you to meet with me once a week for counseling."


The door to the office opened and Scott walked in. He stopped next to Warren's chair and smiled down at him. "I know neither of you have had the experience of a close relationship with another man," he continued. "I have. If you have any questions, anything at all, I want you to feel free to talk to me about it."


Warren glared at the Professor; he felt annoyance build in him. Counseling? What on earth did they need counseling for? If one of them were to have taken up with Jean, he seriously doubted that the Professor would make the same demand. He understood what he was saying about the consequences of what may happen if things went wrong. They were both diplomatic enough to be able to work things out like adults. As his mind acknowledged Scott's presence he looked up at him and met the smile. The annoyance disappeared and he didn't care about the Professors demands. Their relationship was all that mattered.


"Did you look at any of those websites I left you?" Scott asked.


Warren felt his cheeks redden, and he looked from Scott to the Professor and back. He nodded; he didn't want to talk about this in front of Charles. Sure the man had offered to be there for them, but he knew that it was unlikely he would go to him. It was bad enough having to justify his right to this relationship he didn't want the man knowing the finer details of what they did in private.


Charles picked up a sheet of paper with some writing upon it and held it out. Scott took the sheet and folded it a few times before placing it into his pocket. "I think the two of you will have several things to discuss over the next few days," the Professor told them. "I have a meeting to go to in New York. I'm going to take Jean with me this time, Scott." Scott opened his mouth, obviously to protest, but he held up his hand to forestall any disagreement. "It's a conference on psychology. I know you would find it boring and Jean is currently going through a rigorous training program that requires a greater understanding of the human mind. It is for the best all around I believe. I will leave you in charge until we return on Tuesday. He pulled a file folder out of a stack on the corner of his desk and flipped it open. "Until Tuesday, gentlemen," he dismissed them.


Warren had watched the exchange in silence, wondering what was on that piece of paper. He got to his feet when it was clear that they were being dismissed. He turned and headed towards the door. "Good night, Professor," he called back over his shoulder and stepped out into the corridor.


The Professor looked up briefly, "Goodnight."


"Thank you, Professor," Scott said.


"You're welcome, Scott. Remember, any questions, any time. I'm never far away from a phone," he reminded them.


Scott nodded and followed Warren out of the room and into the corridor outside.


Now that he was again alone with Scott, he didn't know what he wanted to say to him. He had a lot of questions from the websites, but didn't even know where to start.


"Let's take some dessert up to your room and we can discuss those websites I gave you," Scott smiled and headed for the kitchen.


Warren followed without questioning. He watched from the kitchen doorway as Scott gathered dessert.


Scott contemplated the tray of muffins and picked out the ones he knew both of them liked and placed them on a plate before pouring two tall glasses of milk. He handed one glass to Warren and took the other and the plate of muffins down the hall and up the stairs to Warren's room.


Warren thanked him as he was handed the glass, but other than that, he still found words failed him. He opened his mouth to speak a couple of times on the trip to his room and closed it again without uttering a word.


Scott put down the dishes and noticed that Warren's computer was still on. He tapped the mouse and the screensaver stopped its program to reveal one of the sites Warren had been looking at. He'd forgotten to close the screen when the Professor summoned him.


Warren watched as his computer screen revealed what he'd been looking at. He set the glass of milk down on the nightstand and sat down on the edge of the bed.


Scott searched Warren's face and then said, "You're not interested."


He swallowed and licked his lips, "Some of it ... I get ... but other parts ... to be honest I find it pretty scary and confusing."


Scott moved the mouse and clicked the site to its homepage, "It's trying to appeal to a wide range of people so they have varying levels of merchandise. It's the same as if you went into a sporting goods store. You'll find the typical baseball bat, balls and mitts plus all the specialty stuff like helmets and chalk for the baselines."


"That other site," Warren started, looking at his hands a moment then back up at Scott. "I don't know which parts of it were relevant. Do you want me to call you Master? Will there be rules? I just ..." He shook his head, "Information overload I think."


Scott walked over and crouched in front of his new lover. He took his hands in his, "We'll learn it all together. I've had time to go through the sites and look at everything, you haven't."


Warren nodded, his cheeks still slightly pink. "I'm just not sure what you want from me, Scott. I want to be with you, really I do, so I’ll try my best. I want to give you what you want. Maybe when I learn more, I’ll want the same things."


Scott placed his knees on the floor for balance as he leaned up and gently kissed the warmed cheeks. "I may have said 'slave' earlier, but ... it was just wishful thinking, a fantasy really. I don't want you to think I'll be treating you like the Roman's treated their household slaves."


Warren couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of him in a toga and roman sandals. "Actually, I was more thinking you wanted a sex slave that you would keep tied to your bed all the time." He smirked and kissed his lover softly on the lips. "Tell me ... how would you like it to be?"


"Oh, no," Scott smiled back, "I'd have a rope tied around your waist so I could take you for walk-ies and fly-ies." His face got more serious, "I want you every which way I can, morning, noon and night. You've given me at least a year of fantasies and I'd like to, eventually, introduce you to some of them."


"I can't believe you fantasized about me," he smiled goofily. "A rope round my waist? Thought you would have gone for a collar round my neck." He remembered the things he'd been looking at. "I think some of it might be ... fun. I trust you, Scott. I know you're not going to hurt me. It’s just that I’ll need to build up the nerve to try some of that stuff."


"I understand. A collar might be fun," Scott smiled slyly, "and some cuffs around your wrists." Already he could feel his cock swelling just from the thoughts of tying up Warren.


"From what I read ... wouldn't a collar mean I belonged to you?" The wrist cuffs sounded kind of hot though. He quite liked the idea of being tied up and ravished by Scott. "Have you ever ... y'know done this stuff with anyone else?"


"No," Scott admitted, "No one else. And, yeah, it would mean that someone 'owned' you and you were off limits should we go to one of the clubs those websites supported. No one would be able to touch you except me as long as you had a collar on." He held up his wrist and the new watch that wrapped it. "I'd almost say you've already started making some claims on me."


Warren smiled almost shyly, he guessed in a way he had, albeit subconsciously. He nodded his understanding.


"So, what do we do now?" He asked quietly.


"We could go over the websites together and I could get an idea of what you might like to try out. And if you're really adventurous, we could take a drive up to White Plains and visit an adult shop." The implication obvious that they might pick up some items for use at the adult store, in his voice. "Bobby's parents are coming down to pick him up for their yearly family reunion. Hank can keep himself occupied in the lab for hours and usually has to be reminded to eat. And the Professor and Jean will be gone. We'll practically have the place to ourselves."


Warren nodded, "Sounds like a good idea. But I also want to know what you like, too. I don't want you to hold back saying stuff just coz I might not like it, there's no guarantee that I'll try it out, but at least I'll know so I can give it some thought." He brought his hand up to caress, Scott's cheek.


Scott leaned into the hand on his cheek and then reached up and straightened one of Warren's feathers. He turned the move into a caress, dragging his fingers through the quills.


A shiver ran down his spine and he smiled, "You're going to enjoy tormenting me like that now that you know, aren't you?"


"Only when I want to fuck you senseless," Scott replied before angling in for a kiss.




Chapter 5


Warren grinned, leaned forward and pressed his lips against Scott's, his tongue snuck out and touched the soft lips to request entrance. His other hand came up to cup Scott's cheek. His cock was rapidly hardening again and he wondered how long they would go before they were tearing at each other’s clothes. But he wondered if it wouldn't be best to discuss things fully first.


Scott opened his mouth to let the probing tongue in and promptly took over the kiss, suckling the invading tongue.


The blond moaned at the way his lover took control, perhaps this was something he could get into, it was so refreshing not to have to be the one taking the lead all the time. His hands slid back and wound their way into the brunette hair gently, reveling in its softness.


Scott moved up and onto the bed next to Warren, his hands feathering up and down his chest, not quite sure how to get his shirt off.


Warren wondered if they would always be as horny as this, his lips followed Scott as he moved beside him. His hands roamed down over his torso, seeking out the buttons on his shirt and slowly undoing them. This second time he was feeling much bolder. He had a vague idea of what he was doing now, but he also knew that there would be no laughter or ridicule.


The younger man broke away to pull off his own shirt and toss it to the floor only to come back and latch onto his lover's lips. A humming sound of satisfaction coming from his throat as his hands once again sought to ruffle white feathers.


Warren's hands reached to pull the Velcro at the back apart and he finally slipped out of his shirt with a shimmy. He kissed back deeply. He gasped at those hands on his wings again, Scott was going to kill him with sex ... he was fairly sure of it.


Scott began to lean sideways onto the bed, bringing his lover with him, above him. Their naked chests met and he moved his hands away from the wings and onto the few neutral area's along Warren's back. His humming continued and his fingers traveled up and down, just hard enough to avoid tickling.


Moaning in appreciation of the change in position and the different caress, the blond began to rock his hips to grind his cloth-covered hardness against Scott's. He hadn't had a relationship where he'd been this horny for his partner. Usually, they'd be lucky to get sex out of him twice a week, never mind twice in one day. He groaned and moved his lips to nuzzle at Scott's neck, the point that was perfect for hiding his face was also perfect for licking and kissing.


Scott moved his head to enjoy the sensations Warren was creating along his neck. This was wonderful. There was so much he wanted to do with him, so many things to explore about each other. He'd never known about the sensitivity of Warren's wings and he was constantly amazed by that. He knew he'd probably drive him nuts if he kept playing with them. He had to remind himself to limit touching them. His hands came down and cupped Warren's ass, adding to the grind he was creating. They'd better get their pants off soon before they tore a hole in one of them.


Warren groaned as he felt insistent hands on his ass. He nipped at the skin lightly then started to kiss his way down Scott's chest. He covered one nipple with his mouth and licked at it, he suckled gently then scraped his teeth against it as he pulled off. He looked down at Scott with lust glinting in his eyes. "Want you," he said as he pushed back to work on his lover’s fly.


Scott moaned as his nipple was played with and worked over, he hadn't realized how sensitive they could be.


"God, yes," Scott agreed to Warren's demand. While the blond worked on his zipper, he reached and released the button on his lover's pants.


His hands went to the waistband and he started to pull "Lift up." Warren told him ... then a thought suddenly hit him and he wondered if he should be so blunt. He smiled sheepishly and added "Please?"


"You've already started learning," Scott smiled as he lifted his rear off the bed followed by raising his legs. He toed off his shoes and Warren slipped his pants all the way off. His dexterous toes pulled off his socks without any help while he rose up and finished unzipping Warren's fly. He tugged and the fabric easily slipped down the thin mutant's waist and thighs to land on the floor around his shoes. Scott leaned back upon the bed, scooting towards the center as he let Warren get out of his own footwear. He wasn't sure if he was going to fuck his lover again or if the blond was going to take the previously proffered opportunity to fuck him. He thought Warren might be sore and he'd never had it done to him. Although he had a few toys in his room that he'd experienced with; it wasn't the same with a real live person.


Warren flipped his shoes off and reached down to free his pants and socks. He climbed up onto the bed with his wings fluttering his arousal. His hard cock bobbed in time with his heartbeat. He looked down at the brunette men, naked and spread out on *his* bed. Unlike Scott, he'd never fantasized about this before, but he suspected that was very much in the past, he couldn't imagine being able to think of sex again without thinking of this. He ran a hand down the length of the well-muscled torso and pumped Scott's cock once.


"Can I suck you?" He asked, stunning himself as much as he suspected he had stunned his lover.


Scott stopped himself from nodding. Of course, Warren could suck him! But it might be better to make sure he got his role straight in the other man’s mind. He moved his arm under his head and said with a smile, "Kiss me first."


He leaned over and looked down at the reclining teen, he smiled wondering how he got so lucky, then he dipped his head and gently met those pink inviting lips. His own lips parted slightly in case Scott wanted to deepen the kiss.


Scott took the opportunity his lover provided and slipped a tongue into his mouth, searching for the other. His free hand came up and caressed Warren's side; feeling the warmth of the body above him and wondering what other surprises he had in store for him.


Warren's tongue touched and teased Scott's, exploring the length of it while it in turn explored his mouth. He moaned into his mouth as his cock registered the pleasure the kiss caused. He pulled slowly back then, with a twinkle in his eyes, started to kiss his way down his chest and abs. He paused, hovering over his target. Reaching up with a hand he wrapped his palm around the base of the erection and settled between Scott's legs. He leaned down and tentatively touched his tongue to the tip of that hard cock.


Scott's breath shuddered in his chest as his lover made his way down. He raised his knees and spread his legs wider to give Warren access to his objective and any other place down there should he wish to explore further. The warmth of his lover's hand steadying him in preparation for that first touch of warm breath and slick velvet. It was getting hard to think, his mind whirling with images become reality.


When his tongue connected that erection he moaned at his first taste, he was fairly sure this was something he could easily get addicted to. He swirled his tongue over the head then took the first inch or so into his mouth and sucked on it. He kept his teeth pulled back out of the way as he moved slightly up and down, sucking and teasing the flesh with the tip of his tongue. One hand lightly stroked Scott's hard abs while the other held the rigid cock steady for his ministrations.


"Oh, God, Warren," Scott panted. "That feels so wonderful." His hand trailed down and caressed the hand over his abs.


Warren moaned at the praise and took some more into his mouth, sucking harder and slowly moving up and down, each time taking more in. He thought of the things that girls had done to him that he knew he liked, and rubbed his tongue against the underside of the shaft. He pulled back off the hardness and kissed his way down the side only to lick back up and run his tongue over the slit, he was totally losing himself in this.


"Yes," Scott hissed, "like that." … "More. Take more of it," he half requested, half ordered.


He moaned again and sank down as far as he could on the erection, the blond felt the head hit the back of his throat and gagged slightly, causing his throat muscles to flutter around it. He pulled back slightly and sucked and swallowed around it before pulling back up, grazing lightly with his teeth.


Scott sighed as Warren went down on him as far as he could go. "Good. Good," he whispered. "Let out your breath before you go that far again."


He took a deep breath and let it out as he tried again, sinking down, he sucked and swallowed and fought against the gag reflex.


“Like that. Don't try so hard," Scott smiled, his voice husky, he gently placing his hand in the shoulder length golden hair. "We have a long time to learn how to do it right," he added.


Warren moaned, he wanted to do it right; he wanted to make Scott cum. The hand felt good in his hair and he sucked harder, moving slowly up and down the shaft. He moved his hand to stroke a strong thigh and then brought his hand to play with Scott's balls.


"Oh, God, you would touch them wouldn't you," Scott's hips hitched up as Warren caressed his sac, gagging the teen. "Sorry, sorry," he apologized.


He coughed slightly and pulled back to catch his breath, shifting to licking and pressing hot little kisses along the length. Recovered, he took the tip into his mouth again while he massaged the tightening balls. He began that slow bobbing motion again that took him further and further down the shaft. He swallowed around the cock, putting in every effort he could think.


"Yessss, you're doing it right. Won--wonder--derful," Scott panted, his legs twitching and hips jerking upwards at nearly every bob of his lover's head. "Ah, shit. I'm going to ... Aaaarrrgghhh!" Scott's eyes rolled back as his head tipped backwards over his arm. Hot jism shot into Warren's mouth with the velocity of a rocket, spurt after spurt hitting the back of his throat.


He tried to swallow it, but it made him cough in surprise, he pulled back and instead was hit in the face, he groaned and shuddered. Leaning forward he licked Scott's cock clean and looked for something to wipe his face with.


Out of breath, Scott saw Warren's dilemma and laughed.


"Come 'ere," he panted, waving him up his body.


He pulled Warren down and kissed and licked the cream off his face, the taste not unfamiliar through his own experimentations.


"God, you're good," Scott sighed, when he lay back down again. "You're gonna kill me if you learn to deep throat."


Warren moaned softly, never guessing that having his face licked would make him hornier. He grinned at the praise; he kissed Scott gently and rubbed his erection against his hip.


"What's this?" Scott's hand trailed down and fingered the hard flesh against his leg.


Warren's eyes fluttered and he moaned, his hips bucking to thrust into the hand.


"Warren," Scott's tone turned serious and he kissed his lover briefly. "Do you want me to suck you or do you want to fuck me?" he asked.


He shook his head, as he tried to collect his thoughts. He wanted to be fucked again, but Scott had just cum so he would take a while to recover. "Suck me ... please." He looked at the cushions and thought about arranging them so he could rest comfortably on them.


Scott knew Warren's need was urgent just by how hard and engorged his cock had become. He grabbed the thin pillow he'd noticed earlier and placed it atop some large ones. "Lean back," he ordered.


Warren shifted and rested on the pillows, the thin one fitting between his wings so there was no pressure on them. He leaned back and looked at Scott, his eyes skimming over his body.


The brunette smiled and grabbed a hold of Warren's ankles. "I want to see if this'll work," he explained as he raised his lover’s legs and fit them over his shoulders as he came closer. He watched to see if the pillows moved or shifted easily.


The winged mutant's eyes widened as he guessed what Scott was trying out. He licked his lips. "Will you fuck me again later?"


Scott grinned, "Of course! I was just wondering if we should stop by this shop I know about in White Plains that carries all sorts of 'interesting' cushions." His eyebrows waggled during the word interesting. "I don't think these pillows will hold very well if I fuck you as hard as I'd like to," he said, tilting his head to the side to see one of the pillows had slipped slightly. He lowered Warren's legs, spreading them to either side and licked his lips, "Damn, you're a feast."


Warren's mouth was dry at the thought. He remembered seeing something on one of the sites that it occurred to him might be a good idea; "What about a sling?"


"You noticed those, did you?" Scott asked rhetorically as he ran his hands up the insides of his lover’s legs. "Only problem would be explaining the hooks in the ceiling," he bent down and breathed upon Warren's balls with heated breath.


He threw his head back and laughed. Then his breath hitched as warm air caressed his balls. "Oh, God ..."


"I don't know if these old beams could support your weight," Scott added regretfully. "And I don't want to start doing any modifications to your room this early into our relationship. We should take things…" he ran his moistened tongue slowly up the underside of Warren's shaft. "Slow," he emphasized.


Warren moaned loudly at the contact. His hands came down to tangle in Scott's hair.


Scott gingerly lifted Warren's dripping cock and practiced what he preached; hot moist air blew down the engorged cock before Scott clamped his mouth around almost the entire length. He pulled up slowly moistening his mouth with saliva to ease his upwards pull.


He almost howled in pleasure, clamping his eyes closed, his back arched and his hips bucked. "Oh ... fuck ... that’s..." His words vanished into a loud groan. He resolved to learn how to do that.


Scott let him feel just the barest hint of teeth towards the end catching the flange of his head just slightly before he repeated what he'd done beginning a slow deep throating bob.


Warren's hands tightened in Scott's hair, pleasure was firing through his body and air burned his lungs as he panted to fill them. His wings trembled beneath him. He wasn't going to last very long.


Scott looked up Warren's body. He wanted to see how much teeth his lover was comfortable with so he increased the sensations little by little. His hand fondled the sac beneath for a few strokes and then drifted down, following the line down his perineum to rub gently over his asshole.


Crying out his hips thrust up, Warren had never had a blowjob like it. The finger probing his entrance and the teeth scraping his tender flesh was too much and as his body tensed, he thought he was going to die before he could cum ... "Gonna ... Ahhhhhh" and before he could finish he was pumping his hot cum into the tormenting mouth.


Scott sealed his lips over the cock in his mouth, not wanting to waste a drop, swallowing the thick fluid down as quickly as he could. When Warren was finished, he made sure he saw him lick his lips before he moved up to kiss his boyfriend.


Warren groaned at the sight and eagerly met the kiss, moaning more as he tasted himself on the other man's lips. His hands slid down Scott's back to hold him to him.


Scott leaned down, his weight joining Warren's on the pillows and the pillows began to give way. Laughing, Scott moved the pillows to the side and lay down on his back, pulling Warren down on top of him.


"Guess it's easier this way until we buy some of those cushions," he said by way of explanation. "See if there's anything we can buy so I can fuck you on my back. I'd love to see your wings spread out above me." He ended his statement with a gentle kiss that soon became demanding.


Curling around the other man he smiled at the mention of those cushions again. He moaned at the idea of riding Scott with his wings spread, like flying while fucking. The moan was cut off by soft lips on his, which became more insistent and passionate. Warren kissed back with equal enthusiasm. When the kiss broke apart he muttered "Wow. Today has just been amazing."


"And I still owe you a ride in my car, too," Scott said with a grin. "You want to take it up to White Plains tomorrow?" His hand trailed down Warren's collarbone and down his chest to gently rub at a nipple.


"Mmmm, yeah, that sounds good," The blond said, as he rested his head on his lover's shoulder and closed his eyes. "That's really nice." He murmured dreamily.


Scott watched as Warren slipped into sleep, yawning a time or two himself. He eyed the muffins and milk across the room and mentally shrugged. If they woke up in the night the muffins would still be good. And they could check out the information on the computer in the morning. He let his mind drift and slowly nodded off.




Chapter 6


Scott woke up the next morning with Warren half on top of him, a spread wing providing the only cover. A niggling feeling in his head told him that Xavier was the reason he'd woken.


“Are you two going to be eating breakfast with us?" the Professor mentally inquired, a note of chiding in his voice.


A blush crept across Scott's face and he quickly glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand. It was 7:30. Just enough time to shower, dress and be at the table at 8:00.


"We'll be down," Scott replied to his mentor.


Scott turned to Warren and paused, taking in the beauty of the sleeping angel pressed against his side. "Warren," he said softly and jiggled the shoulder his head laid upon. "Warren, wake up."


A soft, sleepy moan of inquisitiveness fell from Warren's lips. "Mmm?" He wiggled slightly against the warm, hard body.


"It's time to get up. The Professor wants us downstairs for breakfast," he told him, slowly raising his voice from soft to normal tone.


He didn't want to wake up; he was having a great dream where Scott had been fucking him senseless. Warren groaned and forced one eye open. He sat up sharply and looked at Scott, it hadn't been a dream and the previous days events came flooding back to him.


"The Professor?" He ran a hand through his blond hair. "Time is it, anyway?" He tried to focus on the clock.


"It's 7:30, we barely have time to get ready," Scott replied. He stood up once Warren's weight was lifted, "Where are my pants?" He couldn't walk down the hallway to his room naked.


He rubbed his face and looked around the room. He would much rather stay in bed with Scott, he felt himself getting hard at the thought.


The brunette picked up the pants that had been recklessly tossed upon the floor and began to put them on.


"I'm going to jump into the shower down the hall. We won't make it if we have to share yours." He absolutely knew he wouldn't be able to resist a repeat of the previous day's activities if they both got back inside that tub.


Warren smirked, "Shame, would rather we got all distracted." He swung his legs out of bed and stretched his limbs and his wings.


Scott paused in the zipping of his pants as Warren's wings folded out. He'd never get tired of that sight. He got back to zipping. "The Professor will be giving us his last minute instructions during breakfast and after Bobby's parents pick him up at ten, we'll have the whole weekend to ourselves."


"You want to head to that store you mentioned?" Warren asked, fluttering his wings he stepped close to Scott, angling for a kiss before they parted.


"I do owe you a ride," Scott smirked and gave Warren a teasing peck on the lips. He didn't trust himself to do much more. "If you want to go shopping in White Plains, I'll be your chauffer." He smiled and picked up his clothes and shoes from the floor. If no one saw him leave Warren's room, they'd think he'd come from his own.


The blond smiled at the sweet kiss, it was quite chaste but held a promise. He headed into his bathroom and set the shower running.


Scott opened Warren's door and stepped out. No one was in the hallway, so he quietly closed the door and headed down the hall towards the community bathrooms. After he rushed through his morning bathroom routine, he headed down to the dining room. He had five minutes to spare.


The Professor, Jean and Hank had already arrived and were seated around the large antique table that had served the Xavier’s for years. Typical breakfast fare resided inside the china dishes along the centre of the table.


Warren had to take a bit longer than he would have liked. They hadn't used the conditioning water repellent on his wings and he had to use that before he could do anything else. His hair was damp and he was still pulling his clothes straight as he stopped outside the dining room. He wasn't late by much but he knew there would be looks from at least two of the people in the room. He took a deep breath and walked in. "Morning all." He smiled, cheerfully.


His eyes sought out Scott, unsure if he should go and sit with him, they hadn't had chance to talk about this sort of thing.


"Good Morning," the Professor and Hank almost chorused with Jean saying a belated "Morning."


"Outta the way, Wings," Bobby slipped around him and sat down next to Jean, leaving the only chair open next to Scott.


Warren's smile grew as the decision was taken out of his hands and he sat himself down in the chair beside his lover. He quietly started to load his plate with food.


The Professor waited until most of the food was eaten before he began giving his instructions. Robert's parents were to pick him up at approximately ten and return to Boston for a family reunion. They would bring him back in a week's time. Jean and he would reside at the hotel in which the conference was being given. The information on the hotel, the conference schedule and the emergency phone list was on his desk in his office should they need to contact either of them.


Scott would be in charge and he had transferred funds into his account to take care of any grocery or repairs that may be needed while they were gone. He'd also transferred funds into Hank's account so he could stock up the labs and buy some of the new equipment they'd discussed the night before. He told Scott to check with the chef about meals for the next few days or should the three of them decide, they could give the Help Staff the next few days off. It was up to them.


Warren listened carefully as he ate, his foot seeking out contact with Scott's. He nodded "Sure, they could have a few days off, I'm sure we can fend for ourselves." He offered, at the Professors suggestion. He looked at the other two for confirmation.


"Yes," Hank said in agreement, "I would prefer to set my own schedule if I am going to be working in the laboratories downstairs."


Scott smiled at the Professor, "We can handle it. You two have a good time at the conference and don't worry about us."


Warren smiled at Hank and then his lover, before returning his focus to his breakfast. He was excited about his trip with Scott, he'd never been to an adult store before, and his only regret was that he would have to bind his wings. He sighed as he cleared his plate.


After breakfast, while Jean brought round the car, Scott headed up to the Professor's room to help him get his luggage downstairs. While they loaded up, Scott reassured them that everything would be fine and they'd only call if there was an emergency. Hank was practically rubbing his hands in glee and bouncing on the balls of his feet, anxious to run to the supply store.


Once Jean had driven the car past the gate and the four of them headed back inside, Scott told Hank he could go, Warren and he would wait for Bobby's parents. Hank leapt up the stairs in bounds, eager to grab his keys. Scott picked up the phone and ordered four pizzas with everything on them to be delivered to the mansion.


Warren listened in confusion as Scott ordered pizzas so soon after breakfast. He waited until he'd hung up the phone. "Um...Scott? Pizza at this time of day?"


"They're for Hank. When they get here, we'll place them in the refrigerator so he'll have something to eat. You know if he ordered it himself, he'd forget and the poor slob who delivers them will end up sitting outside the gate until he decides it was a prank call," Scott explained.


"Ah, you think of everything." He smiled widely. He felt a swell of pride at his lover.


"That's why I'm in charge," Scott stated with a smirk. "Let's make sure Bobby's ready to go. As soon as he's picked up, we're outta here." He headed up to Bobby's room.


Warren followed quietly, watching Scott's ass muscles shifting under the material of his pants.


Scott knocked on Bobby's door and entered at his call. Bobby sat at his desk playing a game on the computer. The rest of the room was a disaster with clothes thrown on the bed and a few on the floor that hadn't made it to the hamper.


"You ready to go?" Scott asked, "They're here."


Bobby jumped up from his game, wide eyed, "No! They said ten!" He ran to his closet and pulled out his suitcase.


Scott looked over his shoulder at Warren with a wink and a nod for him to go along. Laughing at the young teen's frantic pace, Scott helped Bobby load up his suitcase, including reminding him of his toiletries at the end.


Warren tried to stop himself from laughing. Scott was clever; he knew how the kid worked and how to get him moving. He'd rarely seen this wicked side of his sense of humour.


As Scott lugged the case down the stairs, Bobby ran ahead of him shouting that he was ready and looking for his parents. Scott put the case in the entrance hall and Bobby gave him a questioning glance as he headed out the front door.


"Hey!" he exclaimed, looking for and seeing no one. "I thought you said they were here!" he accused.


Scott leaned against the doorjamb, arms crossed over his chest watching the harried and frustrated boy. "They will be," he checked his new watch, "In about a half hour. Until then you can play your game."


"Asshole," Bobby ground out as he pushed past him and back up the stairs.


Warren grinned and let his laughter go. He could only hope he didn't end up on the receiving end of devious Scott, but he suspected that it was unavoidable.


Scott closed the door and with a quick peek up the stairs to make sure Bobby was out of sight, he walked over and grabbed Warren to his chest. His hands slid down and cupped his ass as he pressed his lips to his in a hungry kiss.


The blond moaned into the mouth as it captured his, wrapping his arms around Scott's waist and held him close. He parted his lips and flicked his tongue out.


Scott suckled on his tongue, sliding his own into his lover's mouth. His grip tightened and Warren could feel the hardening pressure of his arousal digging into his hip.


"Ah, there you are..." Hank's voice trailed away as he landed on the bottom step of the stairs and saw the two teenagers in a tight embrace.


Warren blushed furiously as Hank's voice cut into the passionate kiss, he pulled back from the kiss looking somewhat guilty but didn't drop his hands or move far away, so that his hard on was hidden from view.


Scott dropped his hands from Warren's ass and took a half step back. "I thought you'd already left," he said into the silence. Hank's eyes returned to normal size after a few blinks, he looked down and remembered the piece of paper in his hands. "I, uh, I wanted to know if you wanted me to pick up some dinner on my way back," the older man asked.


"The pizza's are already on their way," Scott answered.


"Oh," Hank nodded. "Thank you," he began to head back up the stairs and then turned around and opened his mouth. He hesitated for a few moments before he shut it again and headed back up the stairs in a bound.


Warren sighed and rested his forehead on Scott's shoulder. "That went well," He moaned.


"Yes, it did," Scott said, staring at the stairs. "I'm sure we'll get some sort of lecture, later, after it percolates in his mind for a few days." Scott brought his arms up across his chest in a defensive posture, "We're going to have to discuss the limits on this."


Warren stepped back from him. "You're probably right," He sighed slightly, not sure what Scott was going to say but hoping he wouldn't want them to hold off on being affectionate around the mansion.


"I'd have hated for that to have been Bobby," Scott said and gestured for them to move into the parlor off the entryway.


Warren followed him, "He probably would have thought it was a perfect opportunity to tease us."


"And it would have been the first thing he told his parents," Scott pointed out. "Not exactly what the Professor would have wanted. We need to set some sort of ground rules until we know that everyone is able to accept the two of us being together."


He nodded and wondered what sort of ground rules. He remembered asking Scott if there would be rules when he was semi-panicking about the whole domination thing. He wondered if this would be like that, if Scott would be the one making the rules for him to follow. He sat down on the edge of a chair.


"We should be able to do anything we want in our own rooms," Scott began, "but until we know everyone's attitude we should limit signs of affection."


"I know I started the situation in the foyer just now, but I wasn't thinking," Scott admitted.


Warren felt his stomach drop, he knew in a way that it was sensible, but he couldn't help but feel disappointment. He wondered if that would always be the case, that if one of the others had the slightest issue with them that they would be restricted to their own rooms. He nodded despite his hidden unhappiness.


"I know the Professor has no problems with it," Scott said. "He ... he told me he had a boyfriend before his accident put him into his wheelchair. I'm sure he'll expect us to restrain ourselves in front of everyone, probably no kissing and definitely no groping. And until we know how the others feel, no hand holding." The look on his face was strained. He didn't want to put up any obstacles to their relationship, but his responsibility as the leader made him do it.


Warren stood up suddenly and started pacing. "So basically we have to act like nothings going on? Am I even allowed to smile at you?"


The winged man felt bitter, this was his home and he'd spent long enough justifying all this to the Professor the day before. "I don't want to sneak around and worry that I'm standing too close to you or spending too much time in your company. I don't want to stand and stress over whether or not I can sit beside you at dinner and I don't want to be a dirty secret."


Warren surprised himself with the depth of his feelings on the subject. He understood that Scott had responsibilities but if he were a girl then this wouldn't be an issue. Two days ago he hadn't ever felt lust towards another guy, that he'd been aware of, and he'd gone from that to accepting that he wanted Scott. It had nothing to do with gender for him… it was about the person. He couldn't understand why others didn't see it that way.


Scott bit his lip in indecision, his limits did sound a bit stiff and Warren was right. If either one of them was female, there would have been no limit. Except, maybe, to extended groping and kissing sessions in the public areas. "Okay, maybe I was a bit harsh, but you know Bobby can't keep his mouth shut. Once he knows, his family will know and anyone they tell. I think I'm just afraid of it getting to your father. Sure, I'm afraid Bobby's parents will pull him out of the school, but I'm really afraid of your father doing the same thing. Giving you an ultimatum." He placed a hand on Warren's arm, "I just thought that if we kept it low key, there would be less damage to deal with."


Warren stopped his pacing at Scott's words and the hand on his arm. "I think if we talk to Bobby it'll be fine. He probably will just enjoy poking fun at us, that’s nothing new though. But you're right, its best left ‘til he gets back from this week home." He reached a hand up to caress his lover's smooth cheek. "I've no problem with the 'no groping in public' its not like I'd do that anyway. But I want to be able to at least hold your hand when we're watching a movie." His tone was a lot less stressed now, he knew that Scott's fears were founded, and his father could make his life hell. It wasn't that he minded so much that he could be disinherited, it was the damage and trouble he could make for Xavier's if he chose to. "I can handle low key ... but not so low key it’s off the radar completely."


Scott smiled, glad that they'd resolved their first point of conflict in their burgeoning relationship. "I think holding hands might be acceptable and a chaste kiss every now and again. And when we're out on the town, we can hit some gay friendly places and be ourselves if you don't care what your father thinks. But," he looked towards the doorway, "let's not show anything until after Bobby comes back from his family reunion."


Warren nodded and lowered his hand; "I should go bind my wings."


"And I'll dismiss the servants. The pizza guy should be here any minute, too," Scott agreed and led the way out of the room.


He smiled softly before leaving the room and heading upstairs, Warren had become quite adept at binding his wings; he just hated it more and more. Still, he was able to get them strapped down and pulled his shirt on in near record time. Bobby's parents would be arriving soon and he didn't want to leave Scott to deal with it on his own. He pulled a light jacket on over his shirt and headed back downstairs.


Warren heard a car idling in the driveway and then it left.


Scott opened the door with four large pizza boxes horizontally balanced in his hand. "I'm going to go put these into the fridge and then get the car out. Can you wait for the Drake's?" he asked. "They should be here any minute."


"Sure thing." He smiled at the balancing pizza boxes, they smelt good and despite having just eaten, his stomach growled.


He didn't have long to wait for the car to pull up. "BOBBY!" He shouted into the hallway at the top of his lungs as he watched Mr. and Mrs. Drake getting out of their car.


Scott was standing outside, between his car and the Drake's Mercedes, chatting to Mr. Drake by the time Bobby and Warren got his luggage out the door. It was a long drive and the Drake's were a little disappointed to not be invited in for a snack and a quick update on Bobby's progress with the Professor while they waited for Bobby to get ready.


Warren heard Scott explaining that the Professor had headed out of town earlier that morning for a conference. He carried the luggage across as Bobby skipped over to greet his parents. He smiled and handed the bag over to Mr. Drake.


"Hank's car is gone," Scott said as they waved goodbye to the Drake's car as it headed down the drive. "I told Chef we didn't know when we'd be back and he said he'd lock up when he left. He's making us some quick microwave meals before he leaves. You ready to go?"


"Yeah, all ready." He replied, checking his wallet was in his pocket as he watched the retreating car. "Do you know where this place is?" he turned his attention to Scott with a bright smile.


"The directions are in the car," Scott said as he made his way over to the driver's side. "Let's go."


He slid on a pair of sunglasses and slipped into the car seat. He squirmed to make himself comfortable. Reaching out he hit the button on the radio. While music filled the car, his mind brought back to him the piece of paper that the Professor had handed to Scott the night before.




Chapter 7


It only took them twenty minutes to get to White Plains, but it took another twenty to get to the north edge of town where the adult store Scott had picked out was located. He pulled into the parking lot of a strip mall in a slightly seedy area of the town and parked right in front of the shop, Babeland.


Warren looked at the shop front; he didn't say anything, just looked at Scott. A smirk played at his lips.


"What?" Scott asked as he got out, carefully locking the door before he closed it. "They're part of a chain. Their main store is in The City." He walked in ahead of Warren. The shop was well lit, clean and surprisingly spacious. Their main line of business, porn rentals, took up half the store, but the other side was full of rack upon rack of sex toys and incidentals.


Warren couldn't help but find irony in the name 'Babeland' as two guys. He had to admit though, when he stepped through the doorway, his cock twitched and he felt a surge of excited arousal. He looked at Scott, feeling like a kid in a candy store. "Is there anything in particular you want to look at?"


He pondered whether they should get porn videos; he thought they might help him grasp what it was about the domination thing that Scott liked. He shifted slightly, unsure if he should suggest it.


Scott took a folded piece of paper out of his pocket and looked down at the list he'd made. He looked around and headed over to the selection of vibrators, fake penises and butt plugs.


Warren couldn't believe it when Scott pulled out a piece of paper. He moved close, was that a list? "You made a list?" He chuckled softly. He didn't know why he was surprised, Scott was Scott after all, planning and strategy were part of what made him who he was, but a list for shopping for sex toys?


"I didn't want to forget anything," Scott answered with a smile. "I've been waiting a long time to use it, too." He looked at the display of butt plugs and checked the prices on the packed sets versus the individual items. He picked up a set that ranged from finger size to nearly a fist, "What do you think?"


His eyes went wide as he looked at what Scott was holding. Naturally he focused on the humungous one, feeling the blood drain from his face. "I think you better never expect me to take that thing in my ass," he whispered.


"It costs less than picking up three of them individually," he replied. "And we'll get that, too," he said pointing to a vibrating and inflatable butt plug that hung right behind Warren's head.


"You don't need to worry about cost," Warren blurted before he thought that that might offend Scott. But the new plug quickly distracted him. "I think we're gonna need a basket," he smirked.


"I wasn't worried about cost," Scott replied. "Remember, the Professor added money to my account? He said I shouldn't have to worry about buying the basics, just not to go overboard until we've been together for a while longer." He looked around, "Why don't you head over there and I'll get the basket." He pointed over to a darker corner of the store. It was only dark because all the black leather had a tendency to absorb the light.


As Warren headed towards the black leather indicated, he felt out of his depth. Scott had discussed this kind of stuff with the Professor, not just about his sexual orientation but also being kinky. He breathed in the smell of leather and almost moaned as the scent stirred his cock. Who would have thought a smell could arouse him. He wondered what they were looking for. He looked at the racks while he waited for Scott.


Scott placed the package of plugs and the inflatable one into the basket and smiled at the wink from the large black woman behind the counter. "Ya need any help," she said in a deep bass voice, "you just let ole Tanie know." Scott nodded in a "Thanks, but no thanks" sort of way before heading over to Warren.


Warren was looking at a leather chest harness, trying to work out just how it went on. When he figured it out he realized it would probably look incredible framing his wings. He turned towards Scott with it still in his hand. Kinky or not, this would look damn good on him, he had an image in his mind with it and some ties around his bicep... strangely though he was fighting while wearing them, he thought it would make him look almost like a warrior... an avenging angel. He grinned.


"I'm not wearing that," Scott said once he knew what Warren had in his hands. "Let's start with the small stuff," he pointed over towards the cuffs and binders.


"Its not for you." Warren said quietly, a blush creeping into his cheeks.


He moved to return it to the rack, judging by Scott's reaction, he must have been wrong about its suitability.


Scott stopped and eyed Warren, then the harness in his hand. "You want it?" he asked, his eyes searching for the price and widening slightly once he found it.


"Don't you think it would suit me?" He asked, slightly self-consciously. It was funny how Scott had said he wasn't worried about money but he still couldn’t get past looking at price tags. Warren hadn't looked at the prices on things himself for a long time. His father had raised him that money was no object if you wanted something.


A slow smile spread across Scott's face, "Oh, it would suit you just fine, but I think it's more for wearing at a club than in the bedroom."


Warren was uncertain, he liked the harness and it would look good on him. Would he take to this whole thing enough to want to go to a club? It would mean being in public with his wings out for all to see. He turned and put it back on the rack and moved over to look at the cuffs. He couldn't explain how he felt inside, disappointed didn't quite cut it.


Scott saw the dejected look on Warren's face and picked the harness back up and dropped it into the basket. It was worth the money if it would make Warren happy. He'd think of some uses for it and they'd have it just in case they ever went to a club.


"What kind of cuffs?" Warren asked as his hand skimmed over one of the rows, there were so many different kinds and he was looking at them so intently to distract himself that he missed Scott's action.


"Something you can take off yourself in case of an emergency," Scott said. "And something that can be used multiple ways," he steered past the cuffs that looked like they belonged on the belt of a kinky policeman. He looked at a packaged set of Velcro wrist and ankle ties.


Warren was looking at some purple fur lined leather cuffs ... he looked at the Velcro ones that had caught Scott's attention. "Would they take the strain?" He asked curiously, knowing that if he was cuffed it was likely that he would struggle like hell just on instinct alone.


"You don't want something that could hurt you or that you couldn't get out of," Scott informed him. "That would defeat the whole purpose. It's a matter of being able to obey. The cuffs just take the edge off the strain of trying to keep your arms or legs where they are placed."


The blond studied the Velcro cuffs, a small smile tugged at his lips. "You're the boss." Even as his fingers stroked over the fur of the cuffs he'd been looking at before.


Scott looked at the available assortment of Velcro cuffs and spotted a few furry sets. Soft rabbit skin lined the interior while serviceable nylon and Velcro held the subject in place. Metal D loops and simple fasteners enabled the cuffs to be attached to each other, wrist to wrist or wrist to ankle. The price was outrageous, but Scott kept Warren's offer in mind. They could split the cost.


Warren smiled at the choice that Scott made. They weren't leather but they looked like something he could stand to wear. They could probably move to leather later on. He mentally caught himself. He was planning ahead, he realized. Perhaps he was getting into this as much as Scott.


Scott looked at a few spreader bars. He found one that would work with the cuffs they were purchasing and would extend enough for Warren's long legs.


"What else is on that list of yours?" Warren asked, curiously.


He glanced back over towards the videos, thoughtfully, then round the room.


Scott pointed over towards the floggers.


Warren's eyes followed the direction that Scott pointed in and his eyes widened. He looked back at his lover, swallowing the lump that formed in his throat. He wished he hadn't asked.


Scott led the way and stopped before the vast array of whips and paddles. He didn't want to get anything that would leave a mark that might be seen in the showers, yet he wanted something that Warren would still feel the next day. He fingered through the fine strand whips, getting a feel for them. With a feather light touch, they could be used to tickle and with a heavier hand they'd sting.


He shifted uncomfortably, his wings almost itching to spread free. He didn't know if he was ready for this, but his cock seemed to have other ideas, and since when did getting whipped turn him on? "I'm gonna look at the videos," Warren told him as he headed to the other side of the shop.


"Mmhmm," Scott replied, still fingering the merchandise, "Go ahead. Pick out whatever you want.”


Warren wandered over to the vast porn section. He knew he was looking for something with domination in it, and he suspected he should be looking at gay videos, but apart from that... He hoped he wasn't going to have to ask the store assistant for help.


Scott chose a few floggers and moved onto the more interesting, but smaller items like blindfolds, gags, nipple clamps and cock and ball toys. He made a few selections and then looked at the collars. He wasn't sure if Warren was ready for something like that. Some were downright jewelry while others looked like they belonged on guard dogs.


He went in search of Warren among the rows of porn.


His eyes scanned the titles, occasionally pulling a video out to look at the front. On the fourth one that he'd pulled from the rack the picture on the front caught his attention. A strongly built blond man was kneeling in front of a tall brunette. He smiled, turning as he felt Scott approach. He held it up almost triumphantly. "There's so much to choose from."


"We'll need to get an account," Scott said, "I'd rather rent them before I bought them. I don't want to spend money on something I won't watch after the first fifteen minutes." He scanned the labels on the shelves and found the BDSM section, "Take a look at a few of those. They may be to hard core, but we could get one with a high AVN recommendation. I'll go sign up."


Warren nodded and started going through the titles again, renting was easier, and so he selected 4 from the shelf and carried them over to where Scott was signing them up at the counter.


The clerk was ringing up their purchases and placing them into black bags while she explained their rental policy to Scott. She smiled at Warren and then looked at the videos he was carrying. Her smile got even wider and she looked from him to Scott and back before she went back to ringing up the purchases. She frowned as the she neared the bottom of the basket. "Did ya'll need some lubricant and water proofing for these?" she asked.


Warren looked at Scott, willing to take his lead from him.


"Finish this and I'll pick it out," Scott ordered, handing the pen to Warren and he followed Tanie over to the counter where the lubes and water proofing agents were displayed. He took her recommendations for the waterproofing and the best cleaner for the toys. He hesitated at the price, but got the biggest size of the best anal lube, which was still a relatively small bottle, but Tanie said a little went a long way. He noticed a lube that would heat up and decided to get that on a whim.


Warren reached for his wallet, glad that he had the habit of carrying cash on him because he didn't want his father to know what he spent his money on.


Tanie rang up the last purchases and added the rentals. It came to $613.78 and Scott's eyes widened. He gulped and looked at Warren hoping that he'd offer to help pay. The Professor had only given him an allowance of $400 and he'd hoped to keep it under $300.


Warren riffled in his wallet and pulled out 7 $100 bills. He handed them over without a word. He figured that Scott could settle up with him later, he didn't know how much he had to spend and didn't want to have a conversation about money in front of the clerk


Scott was astonished and taken aback. He didn't expect Warren to pay for the whole amount. He'd finish their shopping and then when he knew the total back and forth they'd figure out who owed whom how much. Silently, Scott picked up their bags and headed out to the car.


Warren smiled and nodded at the clerk before following his lover out of the store, he hoped he'd done the right thing; he wasn't sure what Scott's silence signified. Was it perhaps not the done thing for the submissive in the relationship to pay for things? Perhaps he'd just committed some BDSM faux pas? He was thoughtful as they reached the car.


As Scott began to back out of the parking lot, he said, "Thanks, Warren, we should've discussed how we were gonna pay and if we had a spending limit. I'll pay you for half of it when I can get to a bank, okay?"


Warren smiled and felt a wave of relief. "That's cool. I wasn't sure what your limit was. Halves are good." He watched the passing buildings and realized they weren't heading towards home "Where to now?"


"A medical supply store. The Professor usually has me pick up stuff for him there, but there's some items that we could use, too," he replied.


Warren's brow creased, what could be of use to them at a medical supply store? He was quiet a moment while he mulled that over. "Like what?" he asked, finally.


Scott glanced at Warren and then returned his eyes to the road, "Nothing to worry about," he said. "I was thinking that your bed could get pretty messy with all the lube and cum all over it. We'll pick up some pads that'll keep the bed clean and we can wash them individually by ourselves when necessary. Don't need the Staff to go mucking into our private lives. Also there are a few foam cushions I wanted you to check out and see if they might be what we need. You're pillows are too soft and move around. The cushions are usually designed to stay in place. A few boxes or an enema kit probably wouldn't be out of line and there's one or two more item's I want to check out."


Warren nodded along as he listened, then his mind backtracked..."Enema kit?" he blinked


"Ummmhmmm," Scott grinned. "Something to clean you out every now and again. Plus I read some men like them. I thought we might try one after a marathon session. Unless you like the feeling of cum dripping out your ass?"


Warren blushed. He couldn't see any reason why he would object to Scott's cum dripping out of his ass. He closed his eyes and rested his head back against the headrest. His pants felt a little tight around the crotch from where his mind was drifting to thoughts of being fucked by Scott.


Scott pulled into the parking lot behind another strip mall and parked. They entered the White Plains Medical Supply from the back and Warren noted that it was a clean and very white store. Reminiscent of a hospital atmosphere without the ammonia/detergent smell, the place was quiet despite the other three customers, an older couple and a woman who could be their daughter or a caregiver. Scott immediately headed over to where the cushions sat in neat piles against the back wall.


Warren felt more self-conscious in there than he had in the adult store. Perhaps it was the fact that they were using 'innocent' type equipment for perverted usage. He felt naughty and paranoid, like everyone else there would know. He looked at the cushions that Scott was looking at, they were quite interesting and he could see why his lover had thought of them.


Scott tested the firmness of the foam in a wedge shaped backrest. It was stiff with a little give. Turned over, Warren could lay over it, raising his ass in the air. And it was relatively cheap at $14.99. There were also some smaller cloth covered foam columns and rectangles made out of the same material. These were cheaper at $9.99 each. "I want to get this," Scott said, hefting the wedge, "but we might want to get one or two of those." He gestured to the smaller pieces. "What do you think?"


"Do you think they'll be okay?" he looked at them, "Whatever you think, I'll try anything, they're cheap enough that if they don't work out then it’s no big loss."


"I think they'll do fine," Scott assured him and picked up two columns and two blocks. He took them over to the counter and asked the young girl at the counter to hold them for him. She smiled at them and asked how Scott's father was doing. Scott said his father was fine and moved off down another aisle picking up a hand basket as he went.


"She thinks the Professor is my dad," he explained in a whisper. "She keeps forgetting he's not so I just go along with it now." Scott reached out and picked up two barium enema kits, cheap at .99 cents each. "We'll just use the kit and throw away the barium," he whispered before Warren could ask.


He continued down the aisle to the incontinence section and looked at the merchandise on display. He saw what he was looking for, Drip Collectors. Soft absorbent sleeves that fitted over the penis. Perfect. He grabbed a package of 10. "Unless you can think of anything more," he said, "I think we're done."


Warren's mind was reeling. He looked at the drip collectors wondering what purpose they would have. He figured he should be grateful that Scott didn't want to put a diaper on him or use a catheter. He looked around the store wondering what else they had there.


Scott let Warren wander around and while he stopped at the pain relief section and picked up some arthritic ointment that would warm as it was absorbed and some strong pain reliever. He expected that Warren might appreciate it once he put him through his paces. For all he knew, he might even need it for himself.


Warren couldn't see anything else that called out to him as being something he would want to try perverting and he rejoined Scott to head for the checkout.


Once they were outside and placing their newest purchases in the roomy trunk, Scott asked, “You hungry?”


"Yeah," Warren was surprised to find that he was, he checked his watch and realized that it was lunchtime, they'd been longer than he thought.


"I know this place we can go to," Scott said, "It's a place near the outside of town between here and Salem Center. It's a restaurant bar called Harry's."


He nodded, "Sure, sounds fine by me." Warren couldn't help thinking of all their purchases in the trunk of the car. He wondered how long Scott would wait before he wanted to try them out, maybe he should only eat a light lunch? He didn't know if he wanted to watch the videos together or on his own. He thought watching porn with someone else might be a touch embarrassing, but they were already fucking and talking about things he never thought they would so it probably didn't matter much if it was.


"Great!" Scott smiled. "The Professor took me there a few times and the food is good. He told me the place used to be a seedy gay bar, but it changed ownership and now it's not so seedy."


"Is it still a gay bar?" Warren asked, looking over at Scott from behind his shades.


"Everyone's welcome," Scott replied, "The place was redecorated and the last time we were there, there were some straight couples mixed in.” Scott glanced at Warren’s slightly flustered face. “We won't necessarily be typecast the moment we walk in unless we start kissing and holding hands," he added with a mischievous smirk.


He nodded, and when noticed the smirk and couldn't help his own smile. "Which means that we could hold hands and kiss and no one would care though, right?"


"Probably, but only if you want to," Scott said. He didn't want to push anything on Warren.


"It's always good to know what your options are." He said softly with a smile. He looked out of the window at the passing cityscape as they drove along, contemplating the change in things between the two of them in just 24 hours.


Meaning of Rings - Chapter 8

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