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Disclaimer: We neither own the rights to NCIS or Torchwood or any of their characters. No money has or will be made from this fic.





Chapter 1


He was watching her across the club, the way she moved, the way she laughed; plump lips that seemed to be permanently half smiling, like she knew something that no one else did.


When he'd got that call it had been a real surprise. It had been a couple of years since he'd heard that voice and he’d never actually expected to hear it again, even though he'd promised to keep in touch. He'd promised back, but neither of them had done it.


Jack watched the sway of pigtails as she danced, he wondered if she realised what an aura she was giving off. Jethro had told him he'd recognise her, he hadn't believed it, not until he saw it for himself. He took a drink from his bottled beer, glancing away; not wanting to be caught staring as her eyes swept the room.


He'd found a darkish spot, it was quiet, and had gone mostly unbothered as he watched her. His mission was to find out how much she knew, and if it really was too much, too slip her enough Retcon to help her forget.


She loved this club: Good dancing music; hot people to dance with; and plenty of "scenery" to enjoy... like the good looking guy in the corner she kept catching glimpses of. She loved the jacket and the air of sexy mystery that he wore like a familiar suit. She wondered if he was waiting for someone in particular... or if he'd like some company.


She wouldn't be too forward. She'd just keep an eye on him, and if someone didn't join him soon... maybe she'd find a way to... casually, introduce herself. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, after all.


He smiled to himself, when his gaze returned to her; she was practically the centre of attention, she looked like she loved it but that she didn't particular care about it. It was an interesting mix. She liked to have fun and that much was obvious, it didn't matter if someone was there to enjoy it with her or not.


He gave another annoying girl the polite brush off; drunk could be very unattractive. He had to try and think of a way to speak to the raven-haired beauty. He looked down at his bottle, shaking it slightly to gauge what was left in it. Another trip to the bar was in order, he had hoped to put it off until she was heading that way but some things couldn’t be helped.


He sighed at having to leave his post, but he knew he wouldn't lose her in the crowd; she stood out too much for that. He glanced over one last time before he headed towards the bar.


Abby watched as Mr. Mysterious waved off another drunken hopeful and smiled to herself. She watched in delight as he headed for the bar. //ok, Abby girl,// she thought to herself. //time to make a move.// She pressed a soft kiss to the cheek of the pretty blonde she was dancing with and turned her back towards the blue-haired boy they'd been taking turns with. She could always find them again if Mr. Mysterious wasn't interested.


With a flip of her pigtails, she weaved and shimmied her way through the crowd towards the bar and her goal.


She offered her cutest smile to the bartender as she slid up beside Mr. Mysterious, forced into his space by the press of the crowd. The leather of his coat was soft and warm against her bare arm and he smelled absolutely divine. It took everything she had not to bury her nose in the leather and breathe him in. Instead, she shifted closer to the bar and ordered a Malibu and coke.


A quick glance back from the bar had told Jack that his luck seemed to be in, she was heading his way, now he just had to time it right. He'd drawn out ordering his drink, letting others push in front of him deliberately. His luck only improved as she pressed close by him; he felt her before he saw her, different to the other nudges and jostling club goers. She almost seemed to rub past him cat-like, he was glad he’d gone for a less conspicuous leather flight jacket than his usual woollen airforce coat, she looked like the kind of girl who would appreciate the intoxicating scent. She smoothly inserted herself and leaned in to order in a way that made him smile to himself.


Jack resisted the urge to turn and smile at her, if this had been any other situation he'd have been right there, making her his for the night or however long they kept each other’s interest. He tried to imagine what he would have made of her if he hadn't actually known anything about her.


She wasn't anything like he would have expected for a Forensic Scientist, but then people had a way of surprising him, even after all this time. He reached over to collect his beer and pay, waving the bartender to keep the change, he purposefully turned just as she picked up the drink that had been delivered and knocked her arm.


"Oh my god, I'm sorry." He yelled over the noise of the music. Fussing and reaching for napkins. "Here let me... I'll get you another." He signalled the bartender back before she had chance to even reply.


She was trying to find a way to open a conversation when he did it for her. Knocking into her arm and sending her drink over her arm and down the front of her black lace shirt. He apologized profusely, his voice amazingly pleasant even at the volume needed to be heard over the music. He started to dab at her shirt with a handful of napkins, stopping abruptly as he seemed to realize just where that put his hands in relation to her breasts. Abby couldn't stop the giggle at his sheepish grin.


"It's ok. Really!" she said with a teasing smile. She took the replacement drink the bartender presented her. She stuck out her fingerless-glove encased hand. "I'm Abby."


He had to laugh at himself as he fussed then pulled back, her drink had been replaced and thankfully she took the next step: the opportunity he’d presented her with.


"Jack." He replied and lifted the offered hand to kiss it gently, his blue eyes remained fixed on her pretty, smiling face the whole time.


Lowering gloved hand, he smiled broadly at her, straight white teeth and mischievous twinkle in his eye, it never failed him, and he hoped now wouldn't be a first. "Find a quiet corner?" He suggested, leaning close to her ear and letting his warm breath tickle it as he spoke.


She shivered as his breath ghosted over her skin, want curling slowly awake inside her. Instead of answering, she took his hand in hers and manoeuvred then through the press of bodies towards one of the few quiet corners in the bar. One of the things she liked about this club was that a few spots were designed to allow just enough acoustic dampening that you could sit and chat without having to scream over the music. You could sit and watch the crowd while escaping the heavy guitars and overly loud, drunken conversation. If you got to the corner before it was overtaken, that was.


Even if it was occupied, she was pretty sure she could sweet-talk her way to getting the booth for them. She wasn't about to let this one go without learning a bit more about him. Smiling back over her shoulder at Jack, she deliberately shimmied them between two androgynous punkers. She ran a black painted nail over one's jaw, tapping her finger against his... her... lips and winking as the punker nipped at the digit before stepping aside to show the, just vacated, booth. She restrained the urge to do a little victory twirl... barely. The punker winked back, looking over Jack with interested eyes, until the other punker stepped close to claim the just touched lips in a fierce and possessive kiss. Abby giggled and nodded to acknowledge the claim.


Jack followed her as she pulled him off through the crowd; he gave a squeeze of her hand. The crowd seem to bow to her every whim and it left him a little in awe of the presence she commanded. He wondered if she even knew the effect she had on them all. His eyes slid down her back, it was as good a view as the front. She was tall, but as he reached her feet he realised that she had a little help... tall even without the boots, they brought her up to his level. His eyes flickered back up just as she glanced at him and he grinned back at her. After passing through the flirted with duo, his eyes lingered as he slipped past, meeting the interested gaze of the other. He gave a flick of his eyebrows and a grin at the sudden possessive kiss. Pretty picture.


He turned his attention back as Abby almost twirled her way into the corner seat, pulling him along, he eased himself down into the seat and turned towards her. Suddenly at a loss for what to say, he just smiled at her, raised his beer and took a swig. She'd thrown him off balance, that didn't happen often and he had to take a moment to recapture it.


"Your public adore you." He inclined his head back to the sea of people they'd sliced through easily. "You must come here a lot?"


She looked at him in confusion, glancing back at the teaming crowd. She shrugged. "I come here a couple of times a month. Good music and a good way to lose yourself for a while. I guess some of the regulars know me." She turned her attention back to the enigma at her side. "So, Jack, what about you? I know you don't come here often. I'd remember you." She glanced at him through her long lashes.


He was right, she was oblivious as she looked back at their taken path. He nodded in agreement: the music was very good.


"My first time." He confirmed with a twinkle in his eyes.


"What brings you to this particular den of iniquity?" She reached out and stole his beer; her own barely sipped drink having been left on the bar in their eagerness to find a place to talk. Locking eyes with him she took a deliberate swallow of the dark ale, tasting the rich hops and a faint spice that had to be... him. She cat licked a stray drop of the beer from the chilled glass lip of the bottle.... and waited to see his reaction.


As she stole his beer he wondered if he'd finally met his match, she was fun for sure and really he wished to hell this wasn't a case, because he'd very much like to take her back to his hotel. The way she drank from a bottle was almost pornographic; it was a trick she could have learnt from him.


He gave a laugh, his whole face lighting up. "I was looking for someone." He told her, watching to see her reaction before he continued, "Think I found her."


She raised a delicate eyebrow at the admission he'd been waiting for someone, hoping she hadn't read him wrong. When he finished the apparent tease, she pouted at him a moment, before gracing him with an amused smile. "You think so, do you?" she teased back. "And what makes you think she's interested? A girl can't be too careful now-a-days, going off with just any old handsome stranger that swaggers into her life and catches her eye."


He grinned at her, knowing he had her when she'd formed a pout. "Well," he stretched his long legs out and looked at her, blue eyes flickering over her face, "You wouldn't have been pouting for a start." He reached over and used his index fingertip to tap under her chin teasingly.


He gave a small laugh. "And no, you can't be too careful." He nodded, remembering what had actually brought him on this mission. Somehow this delightful creature had found herself entwined with someone odd. odd like the sort of thing you know a lot about, kinda odd, he remembered Jethro's words from the phone conversation.


"Would I perhaps have a chance or do I have to join a line of waiting potential suitors?" He raised an eyebrow with a smile, taking his beer back and treating it to a similar performance as she had.


She couldn't help but laugh with him, the brief touch of his fingers leaving a lingering heat on her skin. She watched as he took another swallow of the beer, her eyes following the movement of his adam's apple as the cool liquid slid down his throat. The vision of that strong, pale column encircled by a wide leather band flashed in her mind's eye and she grinned, her eyes narrowing in pleasure. She chuckled at her own presumption. She'd just met the man and already her imagination was getting the better of her.


His question finally broke her free of the nearly pornographic images of this handsome man on his knees at her feet. She graced him with a secret smile, shaking her head. "No. No suitors. Not at the moment anyway."


"Not at the moment?" The eyebrow jumped higher in query and surprise. He would think a girl like Abby would have both men and women throwing themselves at her, with the energy she gave off it really wasn't a surprise that she'd attracted the attention of something not-quite-human.


She reached to steal his beer again, letting her fingers linger deliberately against his before taking it from his unresisting grasp. "Were you interested in applying for the position?"


"Depends," His eyes sparkled, allowing her to take the bottle again. "What does the application process involve?"


This was how he worked best, interject the serious questions with the flirtation, ease it out of her, find out what was what and she would be too busy focusing on the flirtation to realise she'd even divulged any personal information. It was important, he didn't know what he was dealing with and her life could be in danger.


Abby thought for a moment, suddenly serious as she considered the pros and cons of taking this stranger home... and what Gibbs would do to her if she put herself in danger... again. She looked into Jack's blue eyes and was struck by how much he reminded her of the Bossman. For all the easy flirting and smiles, there was a seriousness lurking in the pale depths of those eyes. But also something that made her relax - comfortable around the man even though she'd just met him. She'd long ago learned to trust her instincts on things like this. She only seemed to get into trouble when she didn’t. Like that freaky guy on-line that she'd finally managed to break connections with. She suppressed the shiver that crawled up her spine about that one; glad she'd refused to meet the man in public


But Jack... Jack didn't ping her danger radar. He pinged several other places, but not danger. Making up her mind, she leaned in close and whispered in his ear. "A late dinner and a very thorough," she nipped at his earlobe, "oral exam."


He watched the play of emotions as she contemplated the situation, her subtle changes in posture. He'd struck a nerve somewhere in her thought processes. There was definitely something. He grinned when she leaned in close, and damn, her husky voice and the nip of his earlobe made things stand to attention. It was all he could do not to just dive in there and then. If he moved too fast he wouldn't get the information he needed. His pupils were dilated and he was already more than a little aroused by her.


He turned and grinned at her, "well then, we should go and find somewhere to eat." At least in a restaurant he wouldn't have to worry about the urge to jump on her…maybe.


She loved the way his voice dropped, husky and rich. She could tell that she wasn't the only one affected by their exchange; he obviously was too. Abby looked at her watch, trying to figure out what might still be open that wouldn't be too filled with drunks or too health-code scary to eat in. "How do you feel about Thai?" she said with a smile. "And about getting out of here so we can get to know each other a bit better..." She entwined her arm with his, loving the play of his muscles under her hands as she curled into his heat to purr into his ear, "before I take you home and have my wicked way with you."


"I love Thai." He told her, a bob of his adams apple, as he swallowed the wave of lust. It felt just right as she curled into him and he almost regretted that if he found out what he needed, she wouldn't remember him tomorrow.


"Did you have a jacket?" He asked as he stood, trying not to think about what her wicked way would involve.


He wondered if he should let her lead the way to the exit with her unique crowd parting abilities. He grinned and gave a small bow, with a chivalrous wave for her to go first.


She stood and gave a little curtsey as he motioned her ahead. She took his hand in hers and wove them easily through the crowd toward the small desk by the entrance door. She smiled at the bouncer, a favourite teasing partner who took great delight in making Abby smile, and he ducked into the "employee's only" room and brought out her leather jacket. He helped her into it, his eyes memorizing Jack's features and promising pain and retribution if anything happened to Abby.


He followed her, she was almost bouncing and he couldn't help but smile as her pigtails swayed echoing her happiness. She was wonderful. They reached the desk, and as if in testament to how well known she was, the bouncer retrieved her jacket. He would have helped her into it but the bouncer beat him to it. The man glared at him. Jack allowed his featured to turn serious a moment as he studied the other man's face, then he gave a short sharp nod. His own message clear in response, I understand. Not that the bouncer would stand a chance, but he could respect a man who respected this precious gem. He offered her his arm with a charming smile.




They walked slowly, enjoying the night air after the stuffy club. Funny how he hadn’t even noticed it was that bad until they were outside. It seemed he’d been more than a little distracted. He figured that was how he’d missed sensing it sooner, that prickle, that little sensation of something being not quite right. His body remained relaxed as he walked with her, but his mind was alert and his free hand had slid to his pocket. They were being watched… followed. He could only guess at who, and he felt sure it would probably be an accurate guess.


This one was definitely a keeper. Not only was he attractive, he was smart, funny and a gentleman; she only hoped he wasn't too much of a gentleman. She grinned at the thought and wondered how much talking she'd have to do to convince him she was safe to play with. She'd bet her favourite Mass Spec that he'd be a BLAST in bed, especially cuffed to it.


The night was nice and their conversation bounced all over the board as they walked down the relatively quiet street.


Then something changed.


The old cliché of ‘it happened in a blur’ didn’t apply in this case; it was all rather slow. The sound of footfalls following steadily behind them; Jack used the reflection in storefront windows to catch glimpses of their pursuer - he wasn’t a very clever stalker. He looked mostly humanoid but it was possible he was missing something.


It took her a moment to figure out just what it was, and if she weren't used to Gibbs' odd behaviours and his sneaky, "catch the kids doing something they weren't suppose to by looking around corners" methods, she never would have noticed. Jack was watching something; something either across the street or behind them. She started looking where he was, trying to see what he saw, glad for her ability to multi-task so she could keep the conversation flowing easily while keeping whoever it was they were watching from knowing they were watching.


She tried to remember where she'd put the mace Tony had given her. She knew she had it... somewhere. She checked her pocket carefully, making it look casual. Nope- no comforting little can. Her bag? Maybe. But that was in the car, all she'd taken with her was her wallet and ID. Damn. Gibbs was gonna kill her if anything happened. And Tony would pout at her... which was even worse.


Jack acted just as the hand came out of the dark to grab at Abby; he spun her smoothly out of reach with the arm she’d linked with, before their attacker could make contact.


Then she was spinning, Jack's movements graceful and sure as he twirled her around out of harm's way. She followed through, unlinking her arm from his to free him to attack, glad now for all those self defence sessions with Tony.


With her out of harm’s way, their arms unlinked almost like it was choreographed, he knew it was probably just shock. He twirled back in their attacker’s direction at the same time as sweeping out a low kick that brought the man down. The alien didn’t stay down though, he jumped easily to his feet and lunged at him without any finesse and Jack caught the first look at the give away facial features, that identified him as not-quite-human. Jack sidestepped the lunge easily and at the same time his hand came out of his pocket, he struck out catching the alien in the ribs with the stun gun. There was a screech but he didn’t go down, instead turning to flail wildly at Jack.


She stayed out of his way, worried about distracting him and getting him hurt. She did her best to see the attacker, wanting to make sure she could give an accurate description to the police when it was all over. Jack moved like a trained fighter and Abby couldn't help but wonder if she'd managed to find another military man. He didn't exactly look the part, but he moved like Gibbs... trained, Special Forces type trained. Graceful, beautiful and deadly. And hot... really hot! A shiver of lust danced down her spine to settle somewhere around her uterus.


Blinking to clear the panty-dampening image of all that power under her control she scowled at the fighting pair, squinting to get a better look at their attacker. He was UGLY. And something about his face was... wrong. Not "ugly" wrong, but off somehow, in a way she couldn't quite put her finger on. The attacker screamed and she realized that Jack had caught it with a stun gun of some sort. But the guy wasn't stopping. She wondered if he was on something. PCP and a few other drugs could give a junkie the wild strength to withstand something like a stun gun.


“She’s mine…mine…” Their attacker called.


With a snarl, Jack struck him twice more with the stun gun and on the third he actually crumpled to a heap on the ground. The brunette used the toe of his boot to check that he was out before looking up to make sure Abby was ok.


"Oh HELL no!" She growled, placing the odd voice and the all too familiar sentiment. She watched as Jack got the guy on the ground, waiting until she knew Jack wouldn't be in danger if she distracted him. She stomped around her knight in leather armour and glared down at the fallen attacker.


She kicked at him with her heavy boot. "I *TOLD* you, you imbecilic, narrow-minded, misogynistic control-freak, I," She kicked his leg, "Am" she kicked at his hip, "Not" She shoved at his shoulder with her boot, almost wishing he would react so she could kick him in the head and not feel guilty, "YOURS!" She spat out the last word, glaring at him in the feeble light. She huffed in annoyance, straightening out her shirt from where the kicking had rucked it up a bit. Taking a deep, soothing breath she turned back to Jack and smiled.


"We should probably call the police now," she said matter-of-factly.


Jack watched with mild surprise and not a small amount of amusement as Abby set the alien to rights with the toe of her boot. Feisty, fiery, sexy... he liked that in a woman. When she turned back to him and smiled so innocently, he couldn't believe he didn't laugh out loud. "Y'think?" He asked with a hint of teasing.


He would have been quite happy to let her drag him off home and use him excessively for the rest of the night. But they had to sort out the situation first. "The police aren't going to understand this." He pointed to the creature with a sigh.


"We could always just leave him here, call back to the club and let Tiny take care of it. I'm sure he's got a few boy who are looking to let off steam." She grinned up at him innocently, wondering if he'd rise to the bait. "It's a lot easier than calling the cops. And a bit more satisfying in the long run, considering this creep's been cyber-stalking me for weeks!" She glared at the fallen attacker, only then clicking what had struck her as odd about him before. She turned and studied Jack suspiciously. "He's not from 'around here', is he?"


"No Ma'am," he said softly, looking down at the Aliens face. "In fact he's a lonnnng way from home."


There was no point in lying, Abby had obviously twigged something, and tomorrow she wouldn't remember any of this, just wonder where her stalker had gone. He rummaged in his pockets, he was sure he had a Transporter Orb in there somewhere. Tosh had worked out how the damn thing worked and programmed it so that anyone it was attached to would be returned to the Torchwood Hub, straight to the holding cells. It was nifty. He tossed it up in his hand before pressing a button and popping it in the unconscious Alien's hand.


Abby's eyes widened as she looked back and forth between Jack and the alien. Oh my god, she was looking at an alien... maybe, she thought suddenly, more than one. She turned to Jack the question dying on her lips as she watched him pull a small sphere out of his pocket and toss it casually into the air, catching it easily. He placed it in the alien's hand and stepped back. She followed his lead, blinking as the alien popped out of existence. She turned and looked at Jack, her curiosity peaked. "What was that?"


"*That* was a sluipjager I believe he was stalking you?" He smiled at her, "He won't be back." He offered her his arm again. "Shall we?" Jack was casual, as if that sort of thing happened every day, which it did: to him. He flashed her a charming smile.


She took the offered arm but didn't move, her eyebrows rose in consternation. "Not the alien, psycho-stalker. The toy! What was that? Did it disintegrate him, Send him somewhere, what? Where did you get it? Do you have others?" She bounced on her toes. "And am I going to be taking my hero to bed, or will you disappear now too?" she purred huskily, leaning into his warmth.


He laughed at her easy acceptance of the Alien and almost child-like geeky interest in the tech. "It was a Transporter Orb, it sent him back to my base, secure holding cells. My colleagues will take care of him." She was practically vibrating with energy and he grinned at her. "Oh, as long as that hero is me, I say we skip dinner." He wasn't hungry anyway.


She looked up at him through her lashes. "Of course you're my hero. But I'm hungry," she pouted prettily. "And we can always get the Thai to go." She stepped back, looking his tall form over slowly with passion dark eyes. She smiled, flashing him a look full of another type of hunger and nodded as if coming to an important decision. Deliberately locking eyes with him, she stepped into his body space. "And I think I've found a new favourite serving dish."


She reached up and threaded her fingers through his hair, tugging him down to her and claiming his lips in a powerful, commanding kiss.


He gave a little shiver at the way she was looking at him, the pout was cute, the hungry look was...something else. He wasn't entirely sure what the nod meant but, Jack had never been a serving dish... he'd been many things before but not that. He didn't really have chance to consider it though as her hands where in his hair and he was being pulled into a demanding kiss. He didn't complain, wrapping his arms around her and holding on tight as he toyed with her invading tongue. He was getting hard quickly, as she plundered his mouth. Tonight would be one of those nights when he yielded; he gave a soft moan and kissed back with as much heat as he could safely muster.


She smiled into the kiss, feeling his surrender against her lips. She growled back, her hand tightening in his hair, tugging the dark strands while she bit lightly at his lips. She pressed against him, moulding herself to him and grinding against his growing erection and letting him get a small taste of what would be in store tonight.


She captured his tongue gently with her teeth, tugging it softly before releasing it and slowing their kisses down, banking the passion... for the moment. She drew back, her hand still tight in his hair. "Do you understand what I'm asking, dear Jack? I don't want any misunderstandings." She reached up and traced his handsome face with her free hand. "And if you don't want that, I'll still take you home, but we'll completely skip the meal and just enjoy," she loosed the grip on his hair, carding her fingers tenderly through the mussed stands, "dessert." She pressed a soft kiss to his full lips, her tongue lapping gently at them before drawing away.


God she was good, he wished he could keep her, or was that a bit the wrong way round? Either way, Gibbs would kill him if he poached his Forensics Expert. His lips would no doubt be bruised from that kiss, and he had a feeling that when she was through with him, it wouldn't be the only part of him that was. He made a deep noise in his throat as she rubbed against him, encouraging his cock to full hardness.


When she pulled back he was breathless, he listened to her husky words, forcing himself to focus on what she was saying and not the throbbing in his pants. He gave a small cough to clear his throat, the way he saw it he had two options, sex or kinky sex, well gee, it wasn't every day he met a woman that wanted to dominate him; in fact they were quite rare... and even more rare was how he wanted her to.


He nodded, "I understand, Ma'am." He told her, if she didn't like the term she would tell him, but it held the message, his surrender and submission was hers for the taking… for tonight.


Abby tightened her fingers again, pulling his head back slightly, baring his neck to her. "Good boy," she praised. She bit down lightly on his skin, at the juncture of shoulder and neck, nipping and sucking until he moaned and relaxed against her.


She released him, her hand leaving his hair to trail over the back of his neck. "Food, then home," she instructed. She pulled away, her fingers trailing over his skin, her nails raking lightly over Her mark on him. She smiled, smug and pleased at how well he marked for her. She would enjoy this one, and maybe she could keep him around for a while. He was so lovely. She gifted him with a soft kiss before retaking his arm and leading them into the night.



Chapter 2


They’d picked up take out on the way as planned and he found himself at her place, he wasn’t really sure what to expect of it, or what would come, but he suspected it would be one hell of a night. It would be a shame when morning came, but he knew the gig when he signed up for it. Pity, she was hot.


Jack moved past her into the apartment and as the light came on his eyes sparkled in amusement and interest. It was every bit as Gothic styled as he would have expected, but it was also quite classy. One wall of the living room was computer and entertainment equipment, high tech, high end. There was a smart black leather sofa that looked comfortable to lounge on and in front of it was a coffee table that was as long as the sofa and slightly higher than he would usually expect. The walls were painted in a mid to dark grey and accented with a deep red and purple-ish black.


Book shelves stood adjacent to the bank of equipment, a couple of shelves were filled with books but the others had oddments on; some where very interesting looking artefacts. On the walls, hung some abstract art in bright colours. He tilted his head slightly but couldn't make out what they were. As his eyes scanned he caught a glimpse through her bedroom door and laughed, "Is that a coffin?" It obviously was, but it wasn't something you saw in a person's home on a regular basis...well, never really. It was all very ‘her’ though.


"Is that a problem?" she teased, walking past him and taking the carryout bags from him. She moved gracefully to the kitchen and set out the various containers, looking between them and Jack and trying to decide which dish should go where on her delightful new serving platter.


"No." He chuckled, "I've just never seen one in an apartment before."


He followed her to the kitchen, all sleek stainless steel and polished black granite. She had every kitchen gadget he could imagine a person could need. She was looking at him with that hungry glint again and he swallowed. "I'm guessing we don't need plates?"


She smiled, pressing against Jack's body, her black painted nails toying with his shirt buttons. "That depends on how you feel about getting naked and letting me feed you my way." She leaned up and kissed him softly. "So… are you game?"


He looked at her with a small smile, "Oh, I'm game." She hadn't set out any rules for the encounter yet, it left him a little uncertain, but he would cope. He slid his leather jacket off while she played with his buttons.


Abby looked up at him, catching the touch of uncertainty in the sexy voice. She traced the side of his face, drawing his attention to her face. "Standard rules: red for stop; yellow for slow down; and, blue for an emotional issue or discomfort. I'm into sensation not pain. But that doesn't mean I won't push your boundaries if I think you can do more.”


"I'm going to strip you down and eat my meal from your naked body." She undid the first button of his shirt. "Then we'll shower and I'll get all the parts that I couldn't get with my tongue.


"So you're ALL clean." She licked at his exposed throat. Chuckling as he leaned into her touch. "Then, I'm going to take you to bed, cuff you down with some wonderfully comfortable fur lined leather cuffs and take my time enjoying," she ran her nails down his chest teasing at his nipples, "all this," she rested her hand against his sternum and slowly slid it down his body, "glorious body." Her husky voice was practically purring as she spoke her wicked words at him of what she was going to do to him.


He looked into her eyes. Man she was good, that she'd picked up on his uncertainty; he was sure he hadn't been that obvious. He’d nodded as she laid out the rules for safewords; that was good. It had been a while since he'd played and he was a little rusty; but not so far gone that he didn't remember the important things. He wasn't a huge fan of pain, but a little was nice, sensation could hurt but it would be all good.


He’d shuddered as she described what she was going to do to him and the button was flicked open and his nipples stimulated. The images she raised in his mind, made his mouth dry and he gave a soft moan, blinking slowly as his body responded to her touch.


When her hand cupped him and gently squeezed his erection through his pants. He gasped, his breath hitching.


With the nip to his neck he groaned from low in his chest. "Yes, Ma'am" He said, breathily, so turned on already and they'd barely started yet.


She rewarded him with a kiss. "Good boy," she praised, petting his hair and continuing to tease his now full erection. "I want you to get undressed and go stand by the coffee table for me. Do you need something to remind you of your place? I have a collar I could use if you need." She traced a finger lightly around his throat. "I think it would look beautiful against your skin. But I know collars are very personal for some. It's your choice." She smiled. "One of your few this evening, from this point on."


Jack had only ever once worn a collar before, and it was quite ironic that it had been for this beautiful woman's boss. It wasn't that it was personal for him; it just took a lot to get him to a place where he wanted to wear one. He licked his lips again, "I'd like to wear one for you, Ma'am." He told her softly, it was unlikely he'd forget his place, but it would be nice to feel around his neck. He was more than happy to follow her commands.


He stepped back and slowly unbuttoned the rest of the shirt, before sliding it off his shoulders and down his arms. It joined his jacket on the floor as he revealed his upper body to her. He wasn't overly muscled but he was proud of what he had, there were signs of dedication to fitness, and the remnants of a six-pack that had softened with too much junk food. His hand went to his fly and he slowly unbuttoned and slid down the zip. He'd been working so he was wearing underwear, if he'd been out for fun then he wouldn't have bothered, he slid his pants and shorts down together, bending forward and down as he did so. While he was down there, he quickly unlaced his boots and removed them and the rest of his clothes, before slowly standing back up to reveal himself fully to her.


His blue eyes were sparkling with desire and mischief. He was pretty sure that she had to like what she saw. He was in pretty good shape, not the best...but good all the same. His cock was hard and pointing up and out, like an arrow; a solid cut seven and a half inches, not too thick but not slimline either.


Jack gave her a gleaming smile before turning and walking through the room to stand by the coffee table. The choice in furniture made sense to him now, and he wondered if she'd used it in such a way before or if it had simply been bought with such an application in mind. He had to fight hard with the instinct to touch himself; hell he wasn't so rusty he'd forgotten that doing that would get him in trouble, so instead he held his hands safely by his sides.


Abby watched appreciatively as his body was revealed. He was well built and she approved. His cock was hard, pointing out from his body and just begging to be caressed. She restrained herself. There'd be time for that later. She watched as he moved to do her bidding dutifully. She left the food for a moment and went to the bedroom and opened the ornate wooden box that sat beside the bed on her side. She slid the small drawer out from the hidden compartment at the bottom; she really loved her puzzle boxes. She withdrew the simple, leather collar with its heavy silver buckle. She didn't want anything too heavy for him, simple and elegant: that's what needed to be around that beautiful, proud neck. She closed the box and returned to stand before her new plaything. She smiled.


He was standing just where she'd left him, hands firmly at his sides and cock still hard and untouched. She stroked her newest toy like she owned it, which for tonight, she did. She continued stroking the hard length waiting to see how long he could last before moving. "Such a good boy," she praised as he remained perfectly still under her hand. She released the leaking cock, giving it a light 'tap' on the end, loving the way Jack's muscles shook to keep him still.


She left him alone and with temptation right there, god alone knew how he resisted; he surprised himself with his willpower. When she returned, her hand stroked his length, he held in the sounds of pleasure and held still with the aid of biting down on his bottom lip. It would definitely be bruised tomorrow. His whole body fought the need to thrust into that wicked hand making his muscles twitch and vibrate. He almost breathed a sigh of relief when she released him.


"Kneel for me, beautiful," she commanded.


Her command dropped him to his knees, it seemed his body hadn't forgotten what was expected of him. Again, memories of Gibbs teaching him how to kneel elegantly sprung to mind, as his body almost arranged itself without his conscious thought. He rested his butt on his heels and spread his thighs, opening his crotch for her, his back held straight and chin up proud of his submission even as his eyes lowered, hands placed on his thighs. He didn't know if this was what she had in mind but he knew he looked damn good like it.


"Oh," she breathed, pleased by his prompt and, oh so pretty, display. "You are

such a good boy." She ran her fingers through his hair, walking around him, enjoying his perfect presentation. "Trained and eager," she purred into his ear, "I'm very pleased." She held the collar so he could see it, moving in front of him. "Look at me," she commanded gently, displaying the collar for him.


His eyes came up to look at her and the collar, obediently. He was preening inside from her praise, it felt good to hear words like that from time to time. It was hard always being the boss, the one who had to make the hard decisions. It was beyond good to be able to give all that up for one night, to take a little pleasure for his own from life and know that he was good enough for someone, that he pleased them with his presence and actions.


"This means you are mine for tonight. You may speak freely unless I tell you otherwise. If you think something I've asked of you is beyond what you can do, you will tell me. I will take your concerns seriously and make my decisions accordingly. As I said, I may test your limits, but I will not break my pretty new toy." She smiled at him, her green eyes dancing with amusement.


"Now that you know my rules, Beautiful, do you still consent to take my collar?"


He nodded, "Yes, Ma'am, I do." He wouldn't think about tomorrow until it was arrived, even though he knew he had to find the opportunity to slip her the Retcon.


Her eyes were stunning, like nothing he'd ever seen before and they suited her perfectly; she was like a panther, sleek and surprisingly powerful. He was sure she'd set out to capture him tonight and had completely succeeded.


She took his lips, claiming them: showing him how much he pleased her. She pulled back reluctantly, loving the taste of him and the way his lips felt against hers. Abby caressed his face then settled the leather against his neck. She pulled the tab through the buckle, the supple leather moving easily through the custom silver clasp. She kept her fingers between his soft skin and the end of the leather as she tightened it around his neck, wanting it snug but not too confining.


She kissed his forehead softly. "Good boy." She retrieved the soft blanket from the back of the couch and spread it over the coffee table. She took a simple neck pillow from the couch as well and held it. "Lay down on the coffee table on your back, Beautiful, I'm hungry."


He arched into the kiss, but all-too-soon it was gone. He licked his lips, not to moisten them this time but to gather the lingering taste of her. She fastened the collar around his neck and his eyelids closed in a prolonged blink that hid the emotions that flashed in his eyes. Jack got lonely doing what he did, he missed not having someone to give him this when he needed it...and to give it back to them as their sub when they needed it.


His eyes opened with the kiss to his forehead and the praise that made him straighten that bit more; if it was possible. He looked at the table, it would be just about the right length for his whole six feet and one inch to fit on, it was probably spot on 6 foot but an inch wouldn't matter. He moved fluidly from his kneel to rise up and sit on the table before swinging himself round to lie on his back. It was surprisingly comfortable.


He looked up at her, this was a new thing to him, objectification wasn't something he'd ever tried and acting as someone’s table or plate certainly fell into that category. He hoped she didn't tickle or the food would end up everywhere...actually... a worrying thought occurred to him as she left him to fetch the food, what exactly was in Thai food and where was she about to place it?


She left him lying on the customized bondage bench that served double duty as her coffee table. She gathered up the cartons, smiling as she turned to watch him, making him lie there, waiting and wondering. He hadn't known some of the dishes she'd ordered, commenting that he liked new experiences when she'd ordered several of her favourites. None of them were too hot or too spicy, just enough to create a lingering tingle on the skin. She'd been on the receiving end of this particular treat before, and the thought of sharing it with Jack was a pleasant one.


She waited until his foot shifted, involuntarily betraying his nervousness. She gathered up a set of metal chopsticks and went to kneel beside him on the floor.


When Abby had disappeared, lying there unmoving had grown almost impossible as his nerves bubbled up and got the better of him. He was glad when she returned. His eyes looking up at her and seeking out hers from his vulnerable position. He wondered if he would have trusted her so completely if he hadn’t known about her before this. Probably, he mused, he did have a reckless streak.


He had noticed the metal chopsticks, it was an unusual choice, most people used wooden ones he was sure. But the cool metal on his flesh would be a challenge. He waited for her to start to lay out her meal.


She looked down into amazing blue eyes, reached out and brushed the dark brown wisps of hair off his forehead. "Comfortable?" she asked, softly.


"Yes, Ma'am." He told her quietly, his eyes fluttered slightly at her gentle touch. The table was surprisingly comfortable, obviously padded underneath the leather-clad top.


"Good." She pressed a brief kiss to his lips and opened the first carton. She used the small spoon Tan had provided with the food to place a portion of warm, white rice in the centre of Jack's chest. She pressed the soft grains into a small bowl between Jack's nipples, humming softly as she worked. Abby sat back, studying her work then nodded with satisfaction and set down the container.


She opened the cup-like container next: curried chicken with potato cubes and peas. She stirred the yellow soup-like dish, inhaling the familiar spice and murmuring her appreciation, before lifting the spoon to take a little sip, her glossed lips pursing delicately. Her head cocked to one side as if contemplating something. She took another sip, holding the spoon against her full bottom lip for a long moment before nodding. She smiled down at Jack. "Don't move now, Beautiful," she cautioned, "or you'll spill our dinner." She kissed his forehead quickly, before doling out several spoonfuls of the yellow mixture into the rice bowl she'd created on his chest. Chicken, potato and sauce stained the white rice a saffron yellow.


If it was strange lying their waiting for her to begin, it was outright weird when she started to place food on him; making a small rice bowl and feeling the heat of the rice on his skin. She seemed to appreciate the taste in the next carton before it passed her approval and was served into the little bowl made of rice. He really didn't need the warning not to move, and as long as she didn't tickle, they'd be fine. The yellow mixture was warmer than the rice and a different sensation. He licked his lips; it smelt good. So far so good, he offered her a smile as he tried to relax but remain still at the same time.


She watched as his tongue snuck out and wet his tempting lips. "Hungry, Beautiful?" She used the chopsticks to capture a bit of chicken from the carton she still held. She blew on it a bit to cool it then held it to his lips. "Open," she commanded.


He was hungry, but he probably would have been fine if the food hadn't been so tantalizingly close. It seemed she wasn't about to torment him with it though and he opened his mouth obediently, his tongue snuck out to help him capture the morsel. It was as tasty as it smelt, only mildly curried, not too hot, with a hint of sweetness to it. He gave a soft hum of appreciation. Swallowing lying down was another challenge and he was really trying hard not to get weirded out by it all. He'd experienced a lot over the years; this wasn't such a big deal really, just different.


"Thank you, Ma'am." One of the rules that Gibbs had taught him: always show a dom your appreciation when they give you something or do something for you.


"You are so sweet, Beautiful. Someone really did a wonderful job with your training, didn't they?" It was a statement, not a question and she smiled down at the handsome man giving her control of him.


But something wasn't quite right. She watched his throat work and suddenly realized what she'd forgotten; she mentally shook her head, but outwardly said nothing. She reached under the edge of the table and pressed a little lever, watching the head rise just a little; putting his head up just enough to make eating and swallowing a bit easier but not enough to disturb her handiwork. She captured a potato and once again, held the titbit to his lips. "Again."


She watched his throat this time making sure he could swallow easier, before continuing.


He smiled at her praise, if only she knew who had trained him so well. Actually, if she did... the chances were that his naked ass would be out on the sidewalk, pretty damn quick. She did something and his head raised slightly, that was nifty. He opened his mouth to her again, and this time didn't feel so wary of chewing the piece of potato and swallowing it, he licked his lips. "Tastes really good, thank you, Ma'am."


He watched her as she went back to laying out the food. She was so stunning, his cock gave a little pulse and bob as a flare of arousal ran through him at thoughts of just how beautiful she would look naked.


"So gracious," she purred at him. She opened one of the small sauce containers. Scowling, she opened the other container letting out a pleased hum. She poured a spiral of sauce around his navel, letting it pool in the indentation. She grinned and winked at him, then picked up the other container and drizzled it between the other two items on his skin.


"You're so pretty like this." She picked up a Thai roll and traced the spiral on his stomach, coating the end with the sauce. She traced his lips with the warm roll, pleased when they stayed closed. "Very good," she praised. "Open and take a bite."


How he didn't shiver when the liquid drizzled around his naval, he didn't know, sheer force of will. He did gasp slightly though at that odd sensation of warmth and wetness. The addition of the second sauce, strangely managed to pull his attention back to the little bowl of rice and chicken, the warmth from it had seeped into his skin and it almost felt like it was tingling. His self-esteem raised another notch as she complimented him. He really needed this, working all the time could bring a guy down and as much as he flirted, sometimes it was nice when someone outright told you that they found you pleasing or attractive.


He was obedient to a fault, she hadn't told him to take the food, so his lips remained closed as he was breathing through his nose. This gained him more favour and her command had his lips parting and taking a small bite just seconds later. He hummed again, feeling the sauce coat his lips as it had his belly. The roll was slightly spicier than the chicken and the sauce was so sweet the combination was delicious. And that was definitely a tingle he was feeling between his pecs.


She ran fingers through his hair, smiling at him before leaning down and licking the last of the sauce from his lips. Abby knelt back and dipped the roll into the sauce again, bringing it to her lips and taking a delicate bite. "I love what Tan does with these rolls," she said, conversationally. "That man is magic with spices. I'd love to get the chance to raid his spice rack. Not that I'd know how to duplicate half of what he does. Even with my chemistry skills I couldn't begin to get it right."


She finished the roll and picked up the chopsticks. As she ate a few bites of the chicken and potatoes, humming in appreciation, she watched his face, wondering how long before Tan's magic began to make itself known. She fed him another bite of curry, pleased at his obedience.


He raised an eyebrow, trying to look surprised at the revelation of her being into chemistry. There was a definite tingle and… was the sauce that was running along his middle, between rice and sweet sauce, actually getting warmer?


It was quiet and sensuous, better than eating in a restaurant could ever be. Just the two of them it was intimate and his nakedness didn't bother him as much. His toes wiggled at the different sensations the food created on his flesh, Tan was a magician... didn't matter who Tan was; Jack agreed. It tasted great and watching her enjoying both it and him was wonderful. He had to be careful not to breathe too deep or he'd upset the balance. He ate what he was fed and thanked her in due course when he'd swallowed.


He was feeling himself start to relax after all, but he was keeping half his attention on that warming sauce, if it got too hot, he'd need to tell her.


"Still all right, Beautiful?" she asked, running her finger down the centre of his forehead and nose, tapping the end of his cute nose playfully.


"Yes, Ma'am." He confirmed, having to bite back a laugh as she tapped his nose. She would be an awesome Mistress. If only... He pushed that thought aside, this was not the time for such thoughts, now was the time for her to be decadent and indulgent and for him to lie there and be beautiful. He was sure he could manage that. He grinned at her.


She grinned back, liking the way his eyes crinkled when he smiled, like a little boy. "Good." She took another bite of curry, and then fed him. She alternated between eating and feeding for long, comfortably silent moments. She drew the straw out of the Styrofoam cup of strong, sweet Thai tea, creamy with coconut milk, capturing a bit of the chilled liquid in the straw. With a mischievous grin, she dribbled the cold liquid over first one nipple and then the other. She captured the escaping drops of liquid on the side nearest her with her tongue. She traced the liquid back up to the peaked nipple and sucked the sweetness from his flesh.


The atmosphere was peaceful, he wasn't sure if that was a surprise or not, since he'd never done this before. He might say he was finding it almost spiritual, except he didn't deal in such sentiments really. They ate, slowly and quietly, and it was beyond nice. Until, with a wicked gleam in her eyes and a grin, she dribbled cold liquid over his nipples.


He'd pretty much settled into the warmth of the food, even the slightly disturbing sauce that seemed to get warmer rather than cooler. He yelped in surprise and his body automatically startled as coldness hit his warm nipple and confused his body. The second nipple was less as a shock than the first and he could mostly hold in the response. He thought she might be disappointed, but she didn't appear to be bothered by his reaction... in fact she seemed to enjoy it as her tongue started to lap at the liquid. He moaned as his nipples tightened further from her mouth sucking lightly in an effort to collect the liquid. His nipples were hot spots and her mouth was wicked. He groaned as she drew the action out further, in the guise of ensuring she had got it all.


She loved his control. She loved shaking it even more. His moan sent an answering shiver through her and earned him another few minutes of attention to his apparently sensitive nipples. She drew back with a sucking pull to the tender nub releasing it reluctantly. She smiled at him. "Such a good boy," she praised, surprised by the huskiness of her own voice. She placed the straw back in the cup. "Thirsty, Beautiful?" She waited for his nod. "Part your lips and trust me." She took a long pull from the straw, holding it in her mouth. She leaned over him, placing her lips over his then opening her own slowly, letting the liquid trickle from her mouth to his.


He was fighting to keep control of his breathing by the time she let go of his nipple. He licked his dry lips and wasn't sure how much longer he was going to survive this experience; he was so turned on and they'd barely done anything that he would consider sexual. She was so damn good at playing his body; any observer would think she'd been doing it for years with him.


He closed his throat but parted his lips as she pressed her mouth to his and he felt the slow trickle of the cool liquid over his tongue; feeding him the tea as she kissed him. The sheer effortless sensuality of it was incredible and almost overwhelmed him. She was turning him inside out with something so simple.


He swallowed the strong but sweet tea flavoured with coconut; another taste sensation to add to that of spices and sweet plum sauce. His body felt alive in ways he couldn't remember it feeling in the years since he'd last subbed for someone.


She was pleased by the ease with which he trusted her as she fed him the tea. She rewarded him with a deep kiss, following the dark, sweet taste of the tea into his mouth. She could feel the fine tremors running through his body as he fought to remain still. She pulled back until her lips were resting against his. "Such a good boy," she praised, her breath ghosting over his mouth. "So very, very good." She gave him another soft kiss before sitting back on her heels again. "Almost finished with the meal, Beautiful. Then desert."


He returned her passionate kiss with as much eagerness as he could, while remaining still. His tongue teased hers back, but then allowed her free rein. Her fleeting kiss was as sweet as the tea, following her praise. He took a few shaky breaths to calm himself as she sat back on her heels. He gave a soft groan at the mention of dessert, not knowing what she'd bought or if she'd even bought anything; dessert held a lot of different connotations.


She smiled at the breathy moan. She was so pleased with him. She ran fingers through his hair, giving him time to calm before she did anything else. Satisfied that he was back under control and relaxed, she opened the last container of food. She picked up the bamboo skewer and nibbled delicately at the spicy beef strip speared by the long, slender stick. She winked at him then dragged the warm meat through the untouched peanut-sauce on his stomach. She let the sharp point of the skewer scratch lightly over his skin, knowing that the mild abrasion would add to the growing heat of the sauce. She offered him the beef, watching his eyes for the coming reaction.


She'd felt that burn herself, in the past. The slow rise of heat against bare flesh that gradually built to the most delicious line of sweet ache as the nerves came alive. She was surprised at his control, his trust in her. He'd never once asked if there was a danger or commented on the growing heat, though it had to be... unnerving. It had been for her the first time, and she'd known Tan for years when he'd introduced her to this particular pleasure. Yet Jack was lying under her hands, calm and relaxed. Trusting her with his body and his pleasure.


"I think you'll like this," she purred.


Jack sucked in air as the scratch ran through the centre of the warm sauce. He gave a soft moan as it increased the tingly heat that he felt and his cock flexed obviously, in response. She offered him the meat with sauce and he glanced at her as she spoke before opening his mouth to accept it. The taste of peanuts and a mild curry flavour accompanied the beef. As he chewed it, it seemed to get hotter in his mouth. His eyes widened slightly. It tasted good but it was the strangest thing he'd sampled in a long time. He gave a soft hum and swallowed it, hoping that she would offer him another drink. His eyes met hers and he again thanked her.


His voice was a little rougher as he thanked her, his eyes speaking volumes. She scooped up a bit of the un-curried rice and held it to his lips. "Trust me," she whispered. "Rice *then* tea. Otherwise the burn will get worse."


She watched as he took the rice uncertainly, then smiled as the rice eased the burn. "Good Boy," she praised, kissing him softly. She lifted the tea and placed the straw in his mouth, watching his throat work as he greedily swallowed the chill liquid. She drew the straw back before he made himself ill on the highly caffeinated drink.


She looked down at his body, noting how little of the food remained on his skin. She nibbled on the beef before deliberately running it, and the pointed skewer through the sauce again, watching him fight the squirm the action, and renewed burn, caused. She took her time savouring the beef, watching him through slitted eyes as she chewed. She swallowed the tangy meat holding on to the bamboo stick with a wicked grin.


His thirst quenched by the delicious but strong tea, she made him shudder as the skewer scratched at his skin again. Ok, so he liked abrasion play, and this was taking it to another level as the trail heated with the sauce's special properties.


"I think I'm ready for dessert," she announced. "But Mother Sciuto always taught me to clean my plate before starting dessert." She winked saucily at him before leaning down and licking the last of curry stained rice from between his nipples. She curled her tongue around the small grains, easing them into her mouth with little flicks of her tongue. She hummed in appreciation as the curry's spice blended with the salt of Jack's skin. She was thorough in her cleaning, passing over his skin with long, slow

laps of her tongue. She caught a nipple between her teeth, biting at it delicately, tugging it upward before releasing it with a noisy 'pop'. She looked at him innocently (if you ignored the mischievous light in her sparkling hazel eyes), "Sorry, thought it was a tasty morsel I’d missed."


She placed a soft, apologetic kiss to the hard nub, licking across it with just the tip of her tongue. "Better?"


As she’d slowly started to lap up the remains of the food, he had moaned softly at her teasing tongue then gasped and jumped as she bit his nipple, he nearly came from the sensation. He took some shuddering breaths, panting slightly. His mind crying 'oh fuck' at him, as he tried to get himself under control. She looked at him sweetly as she made her apology and it made him grin. "You are wicked, Ma'am." He told her, playfully. He liked wicked.


He moaned as she licked over his nipple, his hands balling into fists, to keep from moving. "Yes, Ma'am." He replied quietly. Beyond better, he wanted more but at the same time didn't know if he could take any more.


She drew back at the rough response. She took in his flushed features and his dark, heavy cock. He was close, a bit closer than she wanted him to be at the moment. But still he lay compliant under her gaze. She took hold of one tense fist, lifting it to her lips and kissing the knuckles delicately. "Breathe, Beautiful," she commanded. She lay her other hand on the centre of his chest, feeling the rapid beat of his heart. She locked eyes with him, loving the heat in the bright blue depths.


"Relax for me and just breathe." She held his gaze, willing him to match his breathing to hers where it ghosted over the fist she still held. Slowly each finger uncurled and the rapid tattoo of his heart slowed, still fast, but not as frantic as before. She turned the open hand over and placed a gentle kiss on his palm before lowering it back to the bench.


He blinked slowly as she kissed his fist, her breath ghosting over his skin as she told him to breathe. His eyes locked with hers as he focused on the gentle in and out of her own breathing, he was pretty surprised when he fell in line with her, his body relaxing and backing away from the threat of impending orgasm. With a soft kiss to his hand she lowered it back down. He smiled at her.


She ran soothing fingers through his hair. "Do you have any idea how beautiful you are like this, Jack?" She gifted him with a soft kiss to his parted lips. "Thank you." She told him, a delicate finger placed over his lips silenced any response. She smiled at him, letting her pride in his control shine in her eyes. She caressed the side of his handsome face, then turned back to the task of cleaning him.


Jack was glad that she stopped him from responding because he wasn’t entirely sure what he might have said had he of spoken.


She smirked as she eyed the thin line of peanut sauce. Looking back at Jack's face from under long, dark lashes, she followed the line of dark sauce with her tongue. The flavour and spice burned and she lapped at it rapidly, cleaning every trace of it from his skin. The burn grew and she closed her eyes, savouring it. Feeling the endorphins bursting like champagne bubbles in her blood. She shivered, remembering the feel of Tan's tongue as he'd lapped the burning torment off her nipples, leaving her spent and shaking. She wondered if her own smile looked as feral to Jack as Tan's had to her that night.


She hoped so.


He couldn’t contain the squirmy wriggle that ran through his body as she cleaned up the rest of the sauce and the look on her face would have been scary if she wasn’t so damn lovely. She was certainly enjoying eating off him. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her, watching every move that she made.


Abby opened her eyes, seeing her Beauty watching her with wide, passion clouded eyes. Oh yes. She'd be keeping this one if she had anything to say about it. Never breaking eye contact she ran her burning tongue through the sweetness of the plum sauce, feeling the cooling effects immediately. She teased him, her hair brushing against his begging hardness as she cleaned the last of the meal from his skin. She kissed the indentation of his naval then sat back on her heels, her fingers tracing abstract patterns on his inner thigh. "You're such a good boy, Beautiful. You've done so well for me."


She reached behind her and took the last container from the bag. It was small and innocuous. She held it up for him to see. "Reward time, Beautiful," she promised, smiling at him. "This is dessert." She kneaded the soft bag, melting the contents with the heat of her hand. "Tan makes it especially for me. Sweet, delicate, with the barest touch of whatever magic it is that he puts in the peanut sauce." She waited for the implication to sink in, chuckling darkly when it did.


The same as the peanut sauce, that being the stuff that had heated his flesh and mouth; his eyes widened. He almost protested, pulling his lower lip between his teeth, he trusted her though; she wouldn’t outright hurt him in a bad way. Jack tried to push the worry way.


Her fingers shifted from his inner thigh, cupping his balls and tugging them gently, helping him stave off the threatening orgasm. "Exactly," she purred darkly. "But, this is a reward, not a punishment. So, after I begin to enjoy my tasty treat, you may come at any time." Her fingers tightened minutely as his body reacted. "But," she cautioned with a wicked smile, "I don't stop until this," she held up the packet, "is all cleaned up."


She broke the seal on the bag and drizzled the body-warm syrup over his painfully erect cock.


He whimpered softly at the slow gentle tug on his balls, breathing deeply. He knew what she was planning; it was written all over her, even before she did it, all the while she was talking, that sauce was going on his… he arched his back up off the bench as it drizzled over his cock. He moaned. The coating meant that any minute her mouth would follow. He could cum, but she would carry on until it was all clean. He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on holding back for as long as he could.


She smiled at the deep moan, loving the way the long body arched under her hands. She gave him a few moments to calm, letting his breathing slow before releasing his balls. "Good boy," she praised. She leaned down and lapped gently at the very base of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Tracing a slow line up the length of the erection while her hands braced on his hips, holding him still. She stopped just under the crown with a teasing swirl, before beginning an equally slow descent.


He had to keep his eyes closed because the sight of her licking him would have made him explode. The flipside of that was that as her tongue contacted with his flesh the timing was unexpected. He sucked in air and then moaned deeply as he felt his erection flex under her tongue. He consciously focused on his breathing trying to centre himself and hold back the impending orgasm. He bit his lower lip to hold back the urge to beg, there was really no need for it since she'd said he could cum, begging was superfluous.


"Oh god." Jack moaned.


She chuckled darkly at the moan, and sucked lightly at a spot of sauce pooled on the tightly drawn-up balls. When all she tasted was the warm salt of his skin, she moved on, licking back up the twitching shaft. She leaned in, her hair brushing his stomach, and placed a soft kiss to the tip of his cock.


He was fast losing the battle, his heart rate picking up along with his breathing. He was tumbling rapidly towards the edge with every lick and suck. Her lips pressed against the head of his cock and he felt her tongue snake out and lick delicately at his slit, he arched and moaned. A little more... that was all it was going to take to tip him over the balance. He panted.


She rode his arching hips, never losing contact with the sauce sweet treat resting delicately against her tongue. She shifted, flipping her hair over her shoulder, giving him a better view of her movements. Drawing back she reluctantly released his cock. Abby counted through two panting breaths, winked at him saucily then engulfed his erection, taking him deep in her throat and swallowing around the silken heat.


His eyes had flickered open, and the sight of her was intoxicating... hot. With that wink he knew something was coming. Jack was right... it was him. As she deep throated him, it was all over, he cried out, tensed, bucked and shot his load. He was practically vibrating and it felt as if she didn't miss a beat as he continued to cum. He panted and gasped as his body shuddered and he fought to regain his mental balance. His eyes had squeezed tight and he opened them to look at her while blood rushed noisily through his veins.


She milked him through the orgasm, loving the mixture of his seed and the sweet, spice of the sauce. Tan had been right, they complimented each other beautifully. She continued to suckle lightly even as the heavy shaft softened against her tongue. She held him in her mouth, using the flat of her tongue to capture the final traces of sweet from his skin.


She could feel the tremors running through this body as she continued her teasing. She slowly drew off his spent cock, sucking lightly as she pulled back; revelling in every shiver and whimper he gifted her with.


Jack groaned as he came down from his orgasm, the feel of her mouth suckling at him felt good, but was quickly becoming a bit too much on his sensitive flesh. He looked at her, a flicker of his tongue over his bruised lip. He considered if it was enough for him to use blue. He gave a soft whimper, deciding that he would go with what Abby wanted, she was calling the shots and it wasn't so uncomfortable that he couldn't handle it; he was no wimp. Besides, he had a feeling that she was far from finished with him.


Finally, judging that he was beyond taking much more right now, she let him fall from her mouth with an erotic 'pop'. She nuzzled the shaft for a brief moment then placed a soft kiss to his stomach before leaning back on her heels. She smiled down at his flushed face. "Such a good and beautiful boy," she purred, her fingers smoothing back his sweat-damp hair. She captured his mouth, plundering it eagerly.


"Thank you, Ma'am." He said it so sincerely, heartfelt, it was such a fantastic orgasm and she was incredible. When she kissed him, he allowed her entry to his mouth, feeling the dominance of her tongue, as it possessed him. He moaned into the kiss, even though he'd only just cum, his body was still hypersensitive.


She smiled at the breathless response, "You're very welcome, Beautiful."


She kissed him again, more gently this time, slow and sensual. Her hands smoothed over his chest, his sides, her touch light but careful not to tickle. She soothed and calmed him, maintaining contact with his skin as she listened to his breathing return to normal. She loved the level of trust he was giving her, this strong, powerful man. It was intoxicating.


"Full, Beautiful?" she asked teasingly, her hand smoothing circles over his flat stomach.


He smiled at her, white teeth gleaming and blue eyes sparkling, "Yes Ma'am, Thank You." Her hands felt so good on him. He could lay there all night while she stroked him. She had to be turned on and he hoped he'd get a chance to help her with that. If there was one thing he enjoyed, it was giving pleasure to a dom; male or female, it didn't matter, he just liked to help them find satisfaction.


His flesh sticky, he really needed a shower, those could be fun in themselves. Jack tried to read her, to work out where she would take him next; but she was mischievous and wicked, it really could be anywhere.


"Good." She rose from her knees and gathered up the cartons. "Stay," she said with a playful grin, pointing at him warningly as she took the leftovers back into the kitchen.


Jack chuckled at the way she told him to stay, images of her training him as a puppy flooded his mind he couldn't hold in his amusement. That was also something he'd never done, he had obedience training with Gibbs, but that was different, it didn't have that kind of 'tone'. He’d had no intention of going anywhere, in any case.


She grinned at his chuckle, pleased by the comfortable ease between them. She quickly placed the leftovers in the fridge and stood a moment deciding what to do next. She looked back into the living room, watching him. She wasn't sure exactly how she'd lucked out this evening, but she wasn't about to question. Even if she had ended up finding out her psycho stalker was an alien and her current plaything was far more than he appeared. Still, for her, it wasn't a bad night.


She'd have to look into her knight in leather armour’s background a bit more, especially if she intended for this to be more than a one-time thing. She couldn't be too careful, and Gibbs would never forgive her if she put herself in danger by being careless. But for tonight, she intended to just enjoy this handsome enigma. She'd quiz him tomorrow over lunch and then work her own 'magic' to find out more about her Beautiful submissive.


For tonight, he was hers and she intended to make the most of it. She trusted her instincts, and her instincts said she could trust Jack like she trusted Gibbs, or Tony, or any of her little 'work' family. So, she intended to enjoy him. She quickly stripped off her shirt and left her skirt in a puddle around her boots. She stepped out of the pool of fabric and walked slowly back into the living room clad only in her black bra, lace panties, garter and stockings and her thick soled black boots.


"How about we clean up before the next round?"


His head turned as she spoke eyes seeking her out. He smiled at her state of undress, she was every bit as beautiful as he'd expected, pale skin was complimented perfectly with black underwear, the tattoos were something of a surprise but suited her completely. He almost forgot to breath, especially when he realised she was still wearing her boots. He nodded and swung himself up and round, standing in front of her, naked and sticky from their 'meal'.


"That sounds like a great idea, Ma'am." He told her with a sparkling grin. He could do wicked too, and soapy hands could do wonderful things if they were allowed.







Chapter 3


She took his hand, leading him through the apartment to the large bathroom, her luxury. The room was larger than normal; the shower oversized enough to fit three if they were close, a bench jutted out from the wall opposite the frosted glass door, easily in reach of the handheld showerhead. An array of shower gels and shampoos and bath "puffs" were neatly arranged in a hanging caddy at the back of the stall.


Thick red and black towels hung from ornate, dragon themed towel racks. With a flick of a switch they began to warm.


She stopped in front of the sink, facing Jack, knowing that the mirror behind her would give him a tantalizing view of her tattoos and her pale skin. She let go of his hand and spread her arms in invitation. "Undress me, Beautiful."


He’d followed like a good boy, but really, who could have resisted such an enticing prospect. His eyes studied the two little stick-figure angels on her shoulder blades before sweeping over the huge gothic cross that occupied the small of her back. He smiled at her as she gave the command. It wasn't like there was much to undress but he was eager to run his hands over her flesh.


He stepped in close, his hand running up one arm to her shoulder before ghosting down lightly over her breast. His eyes followed its path before rising to meet hers, eager to confirm that his course of action met with her approval, before continuing. Some doms just wanted to be straight undressed, while others wanted the full experience. He was a sensual kind of guy and he really wanted to give back some of what she'd given him over the last... well it was easily an hour, probably more.


She pressed into his touch, her nipple hardening under his palm. His blue eyes watched for her reaction and she smiled in encouragement, nodding for him to continue.


Jack smiled when he received her go ahead, he was glad because he wasn't one for taking liberties. Sure, he was a flirt, a big one at that, and he kissed people as often as he shook hands in greeting or parting; it was just how he was. But this was different, this was heavy on the dom/sub dynamic, and god how he'd missed it. It was so natural to him, it was who he was deep inside, Gibbs had helped him find himself, but it had always been there; it just hadn't made sense to him until then.


His other hand mirrored the first, caressing up her arm across her shoulder and skating finely over her perfect breast. His gaze followed the movements of his hands intently, carefully as he took in just how stunning she was in that state. The tease was almost too beautiful to destroy. He felt the nipples harden under his barely-there touches.


He leaned forward and kissed her shoulder, then trailed delicate kisses down her collarbone and breastbone until he his face was pressed between the twin mounds. Chaste kisses: innocent, except for him being naked and his lips being so close to her female body parts. His hands skimmed down over her flat stomach and he slowly lowered himself to follow his trail down the middle of her abdomen, across her belly button and halting just above the waistband of her panties. He looked up at her with a mischievous grin, before pulling back and going down onto his knees.


His hands were gentle as they skimmed over her skin. It took all her control not to shiver at the teasing play of fingers over her flesh. Then that delightfully wicked and sinful mouth followed the trail those hands had forged. Chaste, delicate kisses peppered over her skin, down her chest and stomach. A boyish grin lit the handsome face as he lowered himself to his knees before her.


She reached down, her fingers tangling in his hair, pulling his head back so she could look into his expressive eyes. "You look like you were made to be on your knees before me," she growled. "The question is, do you know what to do now that you're down there?" She tugged him upward, making him stretch to meet her lips, and kissed him roughly.


He grinned at her, loving the pull on his hair as he looked up, “I have a little experience.” Jack chuckled. That was an understatement; he had been around the block a few million times. His hands lightly slid down the outside of her legs. Unbidden, he leaned down and kissed the top of her right boot, then slowly kissed up the outside of it to the top cuff; pausing he kissed the skin just beyond before moving to repeat the action on the left.


His attention was totally focused on his actions; eyes lowered in submission and diligence, as he pressed soft lips against the toe of her other boot then placed careful kisses up the rest of the leather. He pressed a kiss to her knee as his hands found the zip at the inside of the boot; he slowly lowered it and then eased the boot from her foot.


Quickly and smoothly he removed the right boot too. He sat back on his heels and looked up at her.


She loved his laugh; And his smile… and the boyish glee in those fantastic eyes as he looked up at her. Watching him worship here boots made her weak in the knees. The soft kisses to the inside of her knees made her panties damp and she did her best not to whimper at the delicate touch.


She lifted her foot obediently as he eased the boot off. He sat back and looked up at her expectantly. She raised an eyebrow at him, looking pointedly down at her still clothed breasts and legs. "Are you forgetting something, Beautiful, or are you in the mood to tempt fate?"


Jack smiled at her and shook his head slightly, "No Ma'am, just admiring the view." He countered her challenge. He gazed upwards for a moment before his hands returned to their task. He ignored the hardness of the bathroom tiles under his knees, his fingers slid up over sheer stockings, careful not to snag, they reached the top of the garters and he moved to focus on the right leg. Both hands unsnapped the holders and he slowly, sensually slid the silk down her leg. Leaning forward, he kissed the flesh as it was revealed. As he slid the stocking from her foot he delicately kissed her toes, before gently placing her foot back down on the floor.


He copied the action on the other foot, and as he slid the stocking off, he once again kissed her toes, but added a fleeting flicker of his tongue.


He met the challenge with a grin and knowing hands. She shivered as he slid the stockings down her legs and placed delicate kisses on her toes. It had been a LONG TIME since someone had kissed her toes. Then he did the other leg, and she did shiver, barely holding back the little squeak at the feel of his tongue.


Jack grinned with pride at his ability to pull a reaction from her; it meant he was doing it right. He kissed his way back up the inside of her leg, veering away as he reached her panty line, his hands were one step ahead and blindly reached to slide down the black lace. Fingers teased the edge of the fabric, but instead of following through he rose up and kissed her belly button, dipping his tongue in as his fingers caressed up her sides and around to the front, just above his head. He'd already noticed that the bra was front fastening, and his fingers easily unhooked it. As he moved to stand up, he marked the way with his lips. Hands leading still, they slid up and pushed the straps from her shoulders and gently followed them down her arms.


He stood in front of her, estimating she was around 5'10; now that she was minus the boots. The hands that had slid off the straps, worked their way back up her arms and lightly down to shimmer over her pert naked breasts. His blue eyes looked into her green ones and he smiled as he leaned down and delicately kissed her nipples the way he had her toes. Adding just a light flicker of his tongue.


Abby relaxed into his touch, loving the gentle caress of his fingers over her skin. The talented fingers made short work of her bra and she shifted to allow the silken garment to fall to the floor. She met his eyes, once again marvelling at their clear, intense blue. She met the mischievous gaze, hanging on to her control doggedly, and remained impassive, as his palms skimmed over her breasts. She quirked a challenging eyebrow at him, smiling as he dipped down and kissed her nipples.


He was good - so very good. The flicker of tongue made her breath catch despite her firm control. She sighed, her hands going to his shoulders and kneading at them strongly. "So good, Beautiful," she praised. She gripped his neck, her fingers tightening in the collar, her collar, resting between his warm skin and the now warm leather. "So very good." She murmured, huskily.


He glanced up at her from where he'd lowered himself to her nipples and grinned boyish. With one last flicker of his tongue, he slowly kissed his way back down to her belly button, dipping his tongue in briefly.


He went back down to his knees, unfastening her garter belt as he went and dropping it to the floor. Teasing eyes glinted up at her as his fingertips ran around the top of her panties, tickling the skin. His tongue ran from belly button down to the top of lace panties, then his hands slowly lowered them down her thighs. Nimble fingers removed them all the way and he took her in, in all her naked glory.


She shivered, stifling a giggle at the tickle of his tongue in her belly button. She carded her hands through his hair as he returned to his knees before her. She watched as he slowly lowered her underwear. She stood still, letting him do all the work; watching him watching her and smiling at the energy flowing between them. She obediently stepped out of the twist of lace when he tapped her foot, standing unselfconsciously before him; letting him look his fill.


She watched his eyes, seeing the honest appreciation in them as he looked at her. She shifted slightly, parting her legs a bit more, watching for his reaction at the subtle invitation.


He smirked at what he’d found under the black lace, a heart shape trimmed into her dark hair; not as dark as the hair on her head, but still pretty dark. His eyes flashed brightly as she spread her legs a little more and he took the invitation. Moving forward he pressed a kiss to the centre of the heart, before making his way down to its apex. His tongue flickered out finding her hidden treasure. He wasn't sure it was a good idea to indulge his urges with her standing up, the last time he'd gone down on a girl, she'd cum so hard she'd almost passed out. He grinned and blew a stream of cool air over the heated flesh.


His hands tickled up the backs of her calves as he smiled at her. Oh, right they were in there for a shower.


She waited for his reaction and matched his grin with one of her own. She braced herself as he leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to her "heart" before moving lower. Her eyes closed as she felt his tongue flicker over her clit. She pressed into the touch, loving the feel of his talented mouth on her. She whimpered as a cool stream of air teased at her sensitive flesh. She glared down at him as he drew back and smiled impishly up at her. She bent down, catching his chin with her finger and drawing him in for a deep kiss, loving the way their flavours mingled.


"You," she breathed against his lips, "are a tease."


Jack moaned into the kiss, the collar making its presence known as he arched his neck back to accommodate her. He chuckled at her comments, "I wouldn't want you to fall and hurt yourself." He murmured. "Besides, we'd never make it into the shower."


She nodded in acknowledgement before wrapping her fingers in the collar and urging him to stand. She undid the collar, holding it closed as she met his gaze. "Just because I don't want the leather to get wet does *not* mean you aren't still mine. Do you understand and accept that?"


He was pulled up to stand in front of her, he nodded, "Yes, Ma'am"


He waited while she removed the collar; his eyes still skimming back over her sexy form.


She removed the collar from his neck, running her nails over the delicate skin as she did so, loving the minute shiver the action provoked. She could feel his eyes on her as she moved about the bathroom and she added a provocative sway to her hips as she moved. She set the collar on the counter and made a show of removing the bands holding her hair in its signature pigtails. She could feel his eyes on her and wondered what he saw in her reflection in the mirror. She pivoted on the ball of her foot, smiling at him, teasingly, as she walked past him to the shower. She stepped into the shower and adjusted the water temperature to where she wanted it. Abby let the pounding spray wash over her, dampening her hair and coating her pale skin with sensual droplets. She turned and smiled at him, holding out her hand to him. "Join me, Beautiful."


Jack's smile never faltered as he waited for her to start the shower and adjust it to the temperature she preferred. Waiting until he was beckoned, he slipped his hand into hers and stepped into the cubicle with her, the hot water feeling good on his food-sticky skin. He smiled at her and leaned in through the steam and spray to kiss her softly.


"Would you like me to wash you, Ma'am?" He asked, wanting to be sure before he made the move.


She smiled, nodding. "Please." She pointed out the shampoo and body wash she wanted him to use then stood back, arms spread invitingly, and gave herself over to his touch.


He reached out and let his hands slide up her dampened skin and into her hair tilting it back slightly to make sure the water soaked through her black locks. When he was satisfied, he reached out for the bottle of shampoo. While he lathered her hair, he pondered how she must view him. He was obedient and easily controlled, but what she didn't know, and would never see, was what he'd gone through to get where he was. He'd not been like this when he'd met Gibbs. The ex-marine hadn't exactly beat obedience into him, but a firm hand had definitely been required. He tilted her suds-covered hair back under the spray and carefully rinsed it until it was free of all the soap, fingers running through it to make sure it wasn't tangled.


He was a sensualist; Abby loved sensualists. Strong fingers massaged her scalp as he worked the shampoo into her hair. He took care to make sure the suds never came close to her eyes as he urged her under the spray and worked the soap from her hair. She all but purred as his fingers worked the tangles gently from the dark strands of her hair.


He reached for the soap and started to diligently wash her body, eyes and hands mapping the tattoos that he found as he went. The contact was making him hard again, he was unashamed and not in the slightest bit self-conscious, as his growing erection occasionally rubbed against her hip, while he ministered to her luscious form.


Again, his strong hands were gentle and tender as he catalogued her body with his fingers. She let him play, loving the feel of his warm hands sliding over her skin. She smiled every time his renewing erection brushed against her. She'd reward him for his diligence and attention later, for now, she was content to remain pliant under his touch.


He lowered himself down to his knees to wash her feet and legs. His hands skimmed over her hips and then dipped down over her heart, slipping between her legs to wash with teasingly light caress. Jack smiled up at her with a mischievous grin as his fingers flickered over her sex.


She watched, enviously, as he gracefully lowered himself to his knees before her. He washed her legs and feet, cleaning them diligently before moving his hands upward towards her sex. His fingers teased at her clit, rubbing tight circles over the nerve rich skin. She caught at his shoulders as her body reacted to his touch. She let the sensations wash over her, loving the heat building in tight circles in her groin. Her fingers tightened on his shoulders. "Gently, Beautiful," she cautioned. "I don't want tonight to end too soon because of a slip." She caressed his face and stepped back, moving to sit on the shower bench. She smiled at him, beckoning him over with a crook of her finger. She spread her legs in invitation, creating a space for him between her spread thighs.


He grinned at her as she took up her position, leaving herself open to him. He crawled the small space to settle between her thighs, looking up at her waiting for the water to rinse the soap away from his target. He kissed her thighs, first one side then the other, then slowly moved up, leaving gentle little kisses to mark his path. His eyes flickered up as he reached his target, water running over his head and trickling down his face. Then his lips were pressing against her clit, kissing it, followed by the snaking out of his tongue to tease the little nub.


Jack alternated using his tongue tip to lightly tease, then the flat of it to lick more firmly. When he heard her breath hitch, he kissed his way back and dipped his tongue inside her folds, tasting her more fully and giving a small hum of appreciation. Slowly, he thrust his tongue in and out in an approximation of what he might do with his cock, feeling her flesh yield to his probing. His hands on her thighs were monitoring for the slightest quiver of muscles. He returned to teasing her clit, sucking and lightly rubbing his teeth against it, insistently... mercilessly. He wanted to show her the same pleasure she'd shown him.


She purred, petting his hair and smoothing the wet strands back from his face, as he kissed up her thighs to their apex. She relaxed as his tongue flicked against her clit, letting little sounds of pleasure fall from her lips as he pleased her. She moaned as his tongue pressed deep into her, his hum vibrating through her like wildfire. He fucked her with his tongue and she couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to be possessed, to be fucked, by this passionate and skilled man.


She melted against him, her hips twitching and thrusting in time to his touch. She gave herself over to the sensations, loving the way he made her feel. Her head fell back, resting against the cool tile as her hips thrust involuntarily. She whimpered, feeling the orgasm teasing at the edges of her awareness. She tangled her fingers in the wet silk of his hair. "Yes. Oh yes, Beautiful." She let him hear her pleasure, letting him know what he was doing to her. "Make me come, Jack," she urged breathlessly. "Show me what you can do, Beautiful."


Her fingers tightened slightly as the tension wound tighter within her. She panted through the building sensation, holding him tightly against her as he teased and tormented her with his sinful mouth. "Gods yes!" she whimpered. "Do it for me, my sweet boy. Make me come," she urged as the waves of pleasure rose higher and higher.


The tight grip on his hair was as much a turn on for him as his position. He liked hearing her, knowing that she was enjoying what he was doing. He could feel the slight tremors in her thighs, warning that she was getting close. One of his hands slipped up and he slid his index finger inside, crooking it just slightly and rubbing.


He worked insistently; he sucked the nub between his teeth and rubbed his tongue against it, urging her towards climax. The taste of her was delicious and he loved how openly she responded to him. He could stay where he was all night, just pleasuring her until they were wrinkly from the water and she was exhausted from the stimulation. The twitching in her thighs increased and he suckled harder as his finger worked slowly inside her.


Abby leaned back keening as his finger slid deep, pressing firmly and unerringly against her inner walls and G spot. She squirmed against him, holding him close as he tormented her with his mouth and hands. She felt the crest of her orgasm crashing towards her and clutched at him.


"Yes," she urged breathlessly, "that's it. Just a little more, Beautiful. Please..." She held his face tight to her mound, loving the heat and eagerness in his attention. "Just a little more," she pleaded, her body tight.


A final flick of his tongue and she tumbled over the edge, her hips jerking under his hands, pressing into his mouth and thrusting against the invading finger. "Yes!" she cried out, the word dissolving into an incoherent scream as she convulsed in orgasm.


She held him tight to her as orgasm ripped through her, wave after wave, he was pulled along and continued to rub over her clit, keeping it rolling along for as long as he could. He half hoped, if he was clever with it, that he could carry her on to another. Just the right pressure, not too light, not too hard... or so he hoped. Each woman he'd been with had been different of course, and there had been one who'd almost crushed his head with her thighs when he'd tried to carry on. Some loved it, and the second was even more intense, he'd also helped one or two discover their ability to ejaculate that way too. Her body shuddered and shook around him and he encouraged the experience to continue. Loving the way she enjoyed he pleasure that he was giving her.


She shook as his mouth continued to tease her, his finger deep but gentle as it coaxed her further and further over the plateau and into another crest of sensation. She relaxed against him, petting his hair as she spread her thighs wider, giving him access and implicit permission to play.



"Can you," she asked, her voice coming in breathless gasps of sound, "do it... again?" she challenged. "Think you can bring me off a second time, Sweet boy?" She ran the back of her fingers over his cheek. "I think you can," she praised, smiling at him.


"Show me, Beautiful," she urged. "Show me how much you enjoy pleasing me."


His eyes sparkled as he looked up at her, his mouth otherwise occupied, while she urged him to continue... challenged almost. If anyone could make her roll for a multiple, it was him. With the barest graze of his teeth over her sensitised flesh, he kept up his insistent ministrations, rubbing the little nub like his life depended on it, his finger playing over her g-spot. His eyes closed while he concentrated, the taste of her firmly imprinting itself in his mind and not caring that his chin and mouth were slick with her juices. They were in the shower, messiness didn't matter, neither did the ache in his knees. The only thing that mattered was making her crazy happy with pleasure, something he was adamant to do.


His free hand stroked her trembling thigh and he pushed a second finger inside her. His tongue never let up the whole time.


She watched him. Watched him lose himself in pleasuring her. Watched those amazing eyes close as his teeth, tongue and fingers played her like a fine instrument. She caressed his face with trembling fingers; crying out as a second finger entered her, adding another sensation to the layers already building within her. "That's it," she praised. "One more, Beautiful." Her body tightened as he drove her higher and higher. She lost her words, reduced to incoherent whimpers and moans by his eager and talented ministrations.


He hummed, the vibrations transferring through his teeth straight to the abused clit. She was slick enough that adding another finger was eased. She was tight around them and he twisted and spread them inside before moving them in and out in counterpoint to his tormenting tongue.


It was the most powerful that a sub could feel; on their knees like this, the pleasure of their dom - their whole world - and he felt like he owned the world right then. The shuddering of her body increased and only spurred him on in his efforts.


Abby curled around him as a second orgasm rushed through her. She felt his free arm wrap around her waist and she draped her arms over his back, petting him and easing him back from her. She raised his chin and claimed his mouth in a deep kiss.


"Such a good boy," she praised. She stood on shaky legs and drew him up and into the warm spray of the shower. She placed a finger on his lips, silencing any protest he might have made as she cleaned the sticky remains of dinner from his skin.


Jack's blue eyes met Abby's hazel-green eyes and he smiled beneath her finger. His legs ached from kneeling so long, but it would soon ease. She was pleased with him and that was pretty much all that mattered. Her hands cleaning him felt almost perfect and he thought it was unlikely he would protest even if she hadn't silently commanded him not to. It always felt good getting clean after dirty fun, especially when someone else helped. She didn't handle his hard on, but turned him so the spray hit it and he couldn't stop the gasp or the shudder. He would no doubt last longer a second time, but all the same it was a torment. The remains of their dinner needed to be rinsed away though. He turned his face up to the spray as well, letting it clean his face of her juices.


A quick lick of his lips told him the taste lingered even though the mess had been removed; he gave her a wicked smile and silently waited for her to deem him clean enough for them to get out of the shower. She'd been wonderfully playful and inventive and they hadn't even made it to the bedroom yet, he shuddered in anticipation of what she would do to him there.


She smirked as he licked his lips, watching his smile and the light shudder that followed. She turned him slowly, inspecting him with her eyes... and her hands. She caressed his back, down the smooth expanse as her mind quickly catalogued what she had available in the bedroom. She scratched lightly at the tan skin, watching his reaction and the way his skin took her mark.


Jack hummed at the scraping of nails down his back, his cock bounced happily at the sensation that ran down his spine to register in it. He looked back at her, unguarded lust in his eyes.


She kissed the nape of his neck. "So pretty," she purred. Dragging her nails harder down his back, watching as the skin took her mark beautifully. She nipped at his neck, sucking a love bite into existence.


Scratches and biting made him shudder and moan; he loved both. He loved the way she talked to him, how every time she reaffirmed how good or beautiful he was to her. It was so sweet, he couldn't imagine how distressing it would be to ever feel her displeasure: it would crush him. Luckily, he wouldn't have to experience that, he had no intention of letting her down tonight and tomorrow... well, there was no tomorrow for them.


She smiled evilly as he squirmed against her. "Time to get out, Beautiful," she purred. She reached around him, shutting off the water with a quick flip of a knob. She reached around him and took a hold of his erection, leading him from the shower with a gentle but firm grip.


She pulled his thoughts back to the current state of play by leading him out of the shower by his dick, he didn't blush often, but that certainly added a little pinkness to his cheeks.


She stood on the bathmat and pointed to the towels hanging from the warming bar. "Dry me and then yourself, Beautiful," she directed. "Then we'll start the next bit of fun."


He was quick to obey her command with the towels, quickly grabbing one and thoroughly drying her off, he didn't tease her or draw it out; he was quick and efficient, but not to the point of being rushed. When she was dry, he rushed to dry himself, not wanting to be a hold up, and interested to see what would come next; she hadn't let him down yet.


She watched as he dried them. He was efficient, no wasted motions or dallying. She approved of his eagerness. "Come here, Beautiful," she beckoned. She pointed to a place on the soft bath mat on the floor, and, not waiting to see if he obeyed (as she was certain that he would) she turned to retrieve his collar.


Jack moved to obey; the point indicating where, the fact she was picking up the collar suggested that he should kneel in that spot. He went down onto his knees smoothly, not all the way, just enough that he was lowered for her. He looked up at her through his lashes and a small smile on his face.


She turned back to him, pleased to find him exactly where she wanted him. She reached out and caressed his cheek, smiling back at the handsome man. "Very good, sweet boy," she praised. She placed a soft kiss on his forehead then held the collar between the two of them. "I ask again, sweet Jack, do you consent to wear my collar and give yourself to me?"


He could never tire of hearing her ask him that, and he wished that it was a question of permanence, but come morning he'd be walking away and returning to the loneliness of his usual existence. "Yes, Ma'am." Jack responded, sincerely.


She watched as a flash of sadness flickered through his bright eyes, quickly covered as he offered himself to her. She petted his hair for a long moment; running her fingers through the dark, damp strands. She placed another soft kiss to his forehead before leaning down and solemnly and formally fastening the leather collar once more around his neck.


She let her fingers linger against his skin; timing his pulse and feeling it thrum against the sensitive pads of her fingers. She traced a slow line up the strong column of his throat and ran a teasing nail up the strong jaw. She ghosted a touch over the shell of his ear, tracing the oddly delicate whorls for a long moment as she contemplated her next move.


She leaned in close, whispering huskily in his ear. "I have such plans for you, my compliant beauty," she purred. "So many plans that I'm not sure where to start."


Determined not to let tomorrow spoil the experience of tonight for him, he pushed it away as if it had never been there. Her fingers lightly caressed his skin in a way that made him smile. The kiss to his forehead solidified his smile and as the leather was once more buckled around his neck, it felt a bit too much like coming home. Her fingers didn't give him chance to dwell and he resisted a shudder at their gentle exploration. Her words made his insides flip in excited anticipation. He was sure that someone with a wicked mind like hers would have many ideas; he could understand her predicament.


She watched him, breathing deliberately against his still lightly damp skin. "What would you let me do, sweet Jack?" she growled. She ran her nails through his hair, scraping the scalp lightly and tugging briefly at the dark strands. "Would you let me cuff you to my bed with soft leather cuffs, leaving you completely at my mercy?" She drew her nails down his neck and across his bare shoulders, pressing her own naked flesh against his own. "Would you let me mark you? Let me bite and scrape across your flawless skin until it rises with the symbols I'll leave there, marking you as mine?" She bit at his offered neck, her nails dragging deeper into his skin, leaving behind faint red lines in their wake.


"Would you let me fuck you?" Her voice was rough, darkly sensual, as she whispered against his neck. "Would you let me tease and play with that perfect ass of yours until you're begging me to take you, fill you?"


She hoped she'd read his reactions correctly, that he'd be as open to this as she thought he'd be. He seemed the willing and adventurous sort, not hung up on the societal taboos so many men were.


"Would you, Beautiful?" she asked, praying that she hadn't pushed him too far.


Her words ran down his spine like a cascade of water, it made him shiver and moan. Abby's fingernails and teeth highlighting what she was asking. Jack swallowed hard. He hadn't expected her to ask about anal and it caught him by surprise; he blinked. Crazy really, he should have known she'd be into all kinds of things.


"Yes." His voice huskier than before, more needy. "Yes, Ma'am. Anything you want." It wasn't like anything could permanently hurt him after all.


His voice, low and needy, went straight to her groin, making her knees weak and her nerves sing. She ran her nails back up his spine, curling in to him, kissing his neck lightly. "Such a good boy," She praised. "Such a very, very good boy."


She leaned back and captured his lips, her tongue demanding entrance until he opened for her. She took his mouth, demanding his submission and rewarding him with her heat and passion. She kissed him for long moments, loving the give and take of the kisses they exchanged. She pulled away, smiling as he unconsciously followed her. She caressed his cheek, catching his chin and drawing him up. "The bedroom is through that door," she pointed behind him. "Go in and lay down on the bed on your stomach and wait for me." She kissed him again, a quick, teasing brush of lips, before turning him around towards the door. "Go on, Beautiful. I'll be right there."


Her kisses over the flesh she'd just been biting at made him moan ever so softly, as she praised him. When she kissed him she stole his breath, he put up just a little fight for it to be interesting and sweeter for her to gain dominance over his mouth. She won him over, his tongue acquiescing to hers and as she pulled away, he tried to maintain the contact, which seemed to amuse her. His eyes followed where she pointed and he rose to his feet, giving her a look that asked if she was coming, which seemed to earn him another brief kiss.







Chapter 4


With a smile, he took himself through to the bedroom; his eyes scanning, taking in more of the same detailing from the living room. His eyes fell on the large wooden structure, and yes it really was a coffin. He grinned and shook his head. Abby's bed was much as he would have expected, large and covered with the softest black velvet throw with a foot deep purple edging at the top, the many pillows were also encased in black and purple. He was almost afraid of messing them up. He followed orders though and climbed up on to the bed, arranging himself on this front so that he was comfortable.


She had watched him exit the bathroom, taking the time to admire the excellent view as he walked away. She grinned manically and did a very quiet but exuberant victory squeak. She moved quickly around the bathroom, grabbing a towel, a few latex gloves and wetting a washcloth liberally with hot water, leaving it sitting in the steaming water for later. She held the gloves and towel to her chest, taking a deep breath and re-centring herself, finding the inner Dominant that was so looking forward to playing with the sexy man lying so complacently on her bed.


She drew it around her like a cloak, feeling her spine straighten, her demeanour changing just enough to add an edge to her that her co-workers would find surprising. Abby walked confidently out of the bathroom and stood in the doorway, enjoying the sight of that long, strong body waiting there, just for her.


She walked silently to the side of the bed, trailing her fingers up one long leg, touching just hard enough *not* to tickle. "I'm one very lucky woman," she said absently.


Jack could feel her watching him and was determined to not fidget under such an intense gaze. He wasn't prone to it, normally self-confident and controlled, she made him come undone; found the 'boy' in him that Gibbs had tapped into and reminded him it existed. He felt her move close, but the hand on his leg still made him twitch slightly in surprise. Her words made his cheeks heat up, he felt like the lucky one. He turned his head to look at her, a smile on his lips.


She raised an eyebrow as he turned his head and looked at her. His blue eyes sparkled with mirth and she realized she must have spoken her thoughts aloud. She could feel her cheeks heating up under his playful gaze. She slapped his ass cheek sharply, smirking at him. "Brat," she teased, her own eyes sparkling with amusement. She rubbed the warming skin soothingly and winked at him.


She blushed ever so slightly and he thought it was cute in contrast to her dominant attitude. He gave a small yelp as she slapped his ass cheek, it dissolved into a moan as the sting and heat spread out through the flesh followed by her soothing hand. In response to her wink he gave a little wiggle of his butt.


She shook her head at his wiggle. "I knew it was too good to be true," she teased. "You've got a brat streak, don't you, Beautiful?" She continued caressing his perfect ass as she spoke. "Luckily for you, I don't mind a bit of," she again brought her hand down sharply on his flesh, smacking the other ass cheek then soothing as she had the first, "cheek, in my submissives."


She dug into the soft flesh with her nails, watching for his reaction with interest.


He chuckled slightly at her observation, burying his grinning face into the pillows. Jack gave a slight twitch at the second slap, focusing more on her words; he gave a small sigh of contentment as she soothed the sting. It felt good, just enough to warm the flesh. The sensation changed and sharpened as he felt her digging nails in and drawing a deep moan from him, as the pressure remained insistent. His moan became a gasp as she continued to press in.


She shivered at his response, easing back. "Good boy," she praised, tracing the half-moon marks with a feather light touch. "I love hearing you, Beautiful. Knowing what my touch does to you." She caressed his ass, loving the feel of it under her hands. "I'm going to make you feel so good," she promised. She trailed her fingers over his skin as she moved away from him and towards the nightstand where her toy box was hidden safely away. She knelt down and brought out the wooden chest, opening it but keeping it angled so he couldn't see inside if he turned his head.


He didn't doubt for a second that she could make him feel incredible, she was already well on her way to joining the elite list of the best sexual encounters he'd had; and really for a man who’d had as many as he had…that was one hell of an achievement. He turned his head to see what she was doing as she pulled a box out and rummaged in it. He had noted the location of the box for having to return anything later.


Abby drew out a pair of soft leather cuffs lined with soft, dark fur. She added the matching ankle cuffs and two lengths of silver chain. She opened a second compartment in the chest and drew out a simple hip-harness and a medium sized, vibrating dildo. She looked from the flared toy to Jack and then back again. She lay the toy down with the rest and moved to sit beside Jack on the bed. She brushed her hand through his hair soothingly. "How long has it been since someone's fucked you, Beautiful? I don't want to hurt you, so I need you to be honest with me."


Jack saw the cuffs and the harness; his pucker gave a flutter at the dildo. He knew something serious-ish was coming as she sat down on the bed and ran her fingers through his hair, and the question was somewhat anticipated. His eyes still closed, part in contentment at the touch and part so that he could think. "About 3 years." He confessed. Recent years, people had tended to assume he was a top, which usually made him grin inwardly but not correct them; if they couldn’t see it then he wasn’t going to give them that gift.


She ran her hand down his back, caressing the swell of his ass and teasing between the pinkened cheeks with a questing finger. She teased at the opening hidden there, pressing against it lightly but not breaching the relaxed orifice. She thought he'd be able to take the faux-cock as long as he was relaxed. And she could relax him, of that she was certain.


Her finger made Jack suck in his breath as he felt it tease at his hole. The muscles in his butt twitched as he fought to keep himself relaxed. He knew logically she was just playing and not yet intending to penetrate, but it was a natural instinct to clench when anything came near the orifice. He wanted it though, wanted her inside him, so few women were willing to get into the idea of using a strap on. He licked his lips and gave a soft moan of encouragement.


She smiled at his soft moan, encouraged by his response. Abby eased her hand away, smoothing a gentle caress over his ass and leaning down to press a soft kiss to the small of his back. "Like that idea do you?" she teased.


Jack smiled at her, "Yes Ma'am." He enjoyed the feel of her warm skin pressed against his.


She leaned against him, pressing herself full length along his back. Curling in close, she whispered into his ear. "Tell you a secret, Beautiful. So do I."


He had to resist the urge to reach back and stroke his fingers down her side, she was so beautiful, but he was trying to impress her with how good he could be for the short time they had together.


She pressed a soft kiss to the nape of his neck. "Such a good boy," Abby praised. She levered herself up and retrieved both sets of cuffs. Then she leaned across him, deliberately pressing her bare breasts against his back as she reached for his right wrist and fastened the cuff around it. She wiggled a bit, teasing him with the drag of her erect nipples over his skin, running her hand over his arm, then directing it towards the headboard and smiling as he complied. She shifted again and repeated the procedure with his left arm, weaving the connecting links through the sturdy headboard and securing the cuffs together.


Jack felt himself lowering further into the mindset as the cuff encircled his wrist. There was something about being bound that tripped a switch in him. He moaned softly as she teased him with her body and the beautiful breasts that he'd not that long ago been able to touch and taste. He licked his lips in memory. His cuffed wrists were joined above his head, giving him room to move and be comfortable. Still, he couldn't resist the cursory tug on them. "Thank you, Ma'am." His voice was little more than a whisper.


Abby carded her fingers through his hair, leaning close and kissing his cheek. "You're very welcome, Beautiful." She rose from the bed and retrieved the ankle cuffs and the chains. She rounded the end of the bed and ran a fingernail teasingly over his instep, her hand deftly capturing his ankle to keep him from pulling away and possibly hurting himself.


His foot did jerk slightly at the almost tickle; it was enough on his sensitive foot and it was lucky that she'd caught hold of his ankle or he might have kicked her.


"Ah, ah, ah," she scolded, teasingly. "None of that now." She wrapped the cuff around the surprisingly shapely ankle and ran the length of chain through the D-ring on its side. She connected the chain to the panic snap that was attached to the ring bolted in the bed-frame. She ran her hand up the long length of his leg; teasing at his exposed balls before drawing her nails back down the inside of his thigh.


She ran her fingers over the sole of his foot again, not trying to tease this time; just keeping connection between them before moving back to the other side of the bed and securing that ankle in the same way. She stood back and looked at him, spread before her like a feast. She leaned in and ran her tongue over his leg, teasing at his Achilles tendon, up the back of one strong calf, stopping to nip and tease at the back of his knee before trailing biting kisses up his thigh to where it connected with his glorious ass.


She licked the crease there before biting hard and sucking at the skin, marking him with a deep red love-bite.


His ankle secured, his leg was spread. He groaned when she teased his balls, biting down on his lip slightly. Her fingers made it jerk again slightly, despite her amused scolding. When she finished securing his second ankle, he felt wide open to her and she took advantage of that. He moaned softly at the bites before gasping at the lick and hard bite. He was at her mercy, and he knew he wouldn’t regret it.


She sat back, her hand possessively on his leg, and surveyed her handy work. He took marks so beautifully. She looked over at her toy chest, spotting a familiar, Goth-kitty eyeglass case. She smiled, looking over the broad expanse of his back. Oh yes, he would make a wonderful canvas. She grinned, all but bouncing off the bed and quickly began buckling herself into the leather and canvas harness, settling it low on her hips. She picked up the dildo, checking to make sure the vibrating egg was secure before placing it into the double-ring locking mechanism. She settled it into place, shivering as it teased against her covered clit. She shifted around, making sure it sat comfortably without interfering with her movement.


Jack had turned his head once again to take in the sight of her as she strapped on her fake dick. It suited her in a way he couldn't quite put his finger on. A smile pulled at his lips as his eyes skimmed over her form.


Satisfied, she picked up the glasses case, a pair of the latex gloves, and the bottle of lubricant. She placed them on the bed beside his hip before climbing back onto the bed. She straddled his hips, settling the cool plastic of the dildo against the crease of his ass before leaning over his back. She once again pressed her bare chest into his back, letting him feel the hard points of her nipples. "I'm going to mark you before I fuck you, Beautiful." She caressed his shoulders, easing what tension she found there.


When she straddled him, he gave a sigh at the pressure that settled along his crack and then the feel of her breasts once more against him. He shuddered at her tone while he gave a soft hum of relief at the lightly massaging fingers. He hadn't realised that he would want her to mark him and he wondered how she would do it. "Please?"


She felt the shudder that passed through him and continued to massage at his shoulders, calming him. "Since you asked so nicely," she said sweetly. She opened the glasses case and took out a short bamboo skewer and an alcohol wipe. She opened the wipe and ran it over his back, loving the way his skin goose-bumped up in its wake. "You need to hold very still for me, Beautiful. And I want you to tell me your safe words before I begin. I need to know you can tell me if it's too much."


His heart rate picked up as she opened a case and then tore open something that allowed the scent of alcohol to permeate the close vicinity. She was wiping his back with it and he could feel his skin prickling slightly as it went. Safe words? "Red for stop, yellow for slow down and blue for emotional distress or discomfort, Ma'am." He repeated back at her from earlier. He really wondered if he should be worried, but once again pushed those thoughts aside, if there was one thing his inability to die gave him, it was the ability to enjoy edge-play in a way normal people probably would be unable to.


"Good boy," she praised. She took hold of the skewer like a pencil and contemplated his back and what mark to place on him. Remembering how beautiful he was on his knees before her, she grinned and mentally laid out how best to position the mark. She idly ran the tip of the skewer over his skin, letting him get use to the feel of it while sensitising his back to her touch.


He felt something moving over his skin, lightly scratchy; almost ticklish at times. It pulled his focus to it and he tried following its trail. He had no idea what she was using but the sensation wasn't unpleasant, like a fingernail being dragged over his skin. He fought hard to suppress a shudder, remembering that she'd told him he had to keep still.


"Very good, Beautiful." She ran the tip down his spine, pressing just a little bit harder, watching the skin redden under the sharp tip. She moved to just off the side of his spine, drawing the tip down slowly, pressing in deeper. She repeated the action several times, watching the skin react to the touch and feeling him fight to remain still.


"Stay very still, Beautiful," she purred, her hand pressing lightly down on his upper back to hold him still. She pressed the tip into his skin, just below the line of his shoulder blades and directly beside his spine, and drew the skewer down watching the flesh take her mark, leaving behind the faintest touch of blood. She pulled her stylus away from his skin, rewarding him with a soft kiss to his shoulder blade. "So good, Beautiful."


He gasped, as whatever tool she was using pressed in harder, it left a fiery trail on his flesh that she went over and over, it was hard for him to stay still. He'd been in the position before of course, where he had to stay still, but this felt very different. She moved and when she drew the point down again, it felt like he was being sliced open. He sucked in air, and his cock pulsed where it was trapped between his body and the bed, but other than that, he remained still. His reward was a kiss to his shoulder and he gave a quiet hum of pleasure at it. The line she'd drawn on his flesh blazed and his attention was fixed on it. He took deep breaths and tried to relax again, not even having realised he'd tensed up until he had to relax.


She waited for his breathing to settle before starting again. She ghosted a line, angled out from the bottom of the first, checking to see how it looked. Satisfied with the angle, she once again pressed hard, dragging the tip over the trace line and watching the skin react. Not giving him time to tense further she drew the third line back from the end of the second, perpendicular to the first, forming the kneeling legs of her figure. She added a quick arc for a foot before finally drawing back and blowing a soft stream of air over the raised abrasions. She kissed the arc softly and let him catch his breath.


The second line had made him tense, the third had made him whimper slightly. His flesh burned probably more fiercely than if she'd just whipped him. "Oh God." He cried out at cool breath on his flaming flesh. It hurt and it was turning him inside out, but he loved it, he hadn't lost any of his erection, if anything it was even more insistent. He was losing his ability to focus on what she was drawing on him, all he could do was feel the burning lines, blurring into his flesh and making little sense of what they represented. He wondered if she really had cut him or if it just felt that way.


She arched over his back, her hands soothing over his tense shoulders. "Breathe, Beautiful. Breathe for me and relax. You're doing so well. I'm so proud of you." She kept up the murmured praise until his breathing once again slowed to near normal. "Almost done," she reassured. "Just a little more. You're doing so well."


She caressed his skin gently, refocusing his attention away from the burn of the lines and back on to the unmarked flesh. She repositioned the skewer, and drew an mildly elliptical circle on the top of the first line; an unmarked face, downturned in submission. Above the head, a delicate halo, matching the angle of the stick-figure's head. She soothed him again, and then began the final marks. An angled line from the back, across the knobs of his spine, stretching towards the opposite shoulder blade: a wing born in blood.


Jack's breathing came back under control and his body started to relax despite the fire. Her gentle words of praise helping to soothe him. He felt her fingers lightly stroking him and sighed as he relaxed completely. When he felt her start again, he was ever more sure that the design was something specific, but not having a clue what. It felt like a ring of fire on his back, followed by a second smaller one just above it. He bit down on his lower lip and his muscles popped out in sharp relief on his arms as he strained to keep still for her.


The downward arch of a feather line from the wing's tip. Three more, each progressively shorter than the one before, drawing the eye with its graceful sweep. Another shortened circle beneath the wing, drawn out to represent arms drawn back and secured. A thicker line, forearms bound together with rope, and a few short "fingers" completed the design. She could feel the way he shivered beneath her, his hands clenching in their restraints. "All done," she breathed against his skin. "All done, Beautiful. And you've made me so very proud."


A lull calmed him slightly, but his mind was spinning and it felt like his head might explode. She made a few more deep marks that made him cry out and he felt like someone was letting off tiny explosions all over his back. He almost never heard her telling him she was all done because of the sound of rushing blood in his ears and the not-quite-attached to his body sensation. Wow. What the hell had she done to him to make him come undone so thoroughly? His tense muscles had turned to mush and he thought he was in danger of melting into the bed.


She caressed his sides, soothing and praising him as he rode out the endorphins. She shifted her hips, reminding them both of the hard length nestled between his cheeks. "Still with me?" she asked softly, her body arched over his carefully. She placed a tender kiss to his shoulder and waited for his answer.


Jack opened his eyes, a smile playing at his lips as she rubbed the length against him. "Yes Ma'am." He murmured, not sounding as convincing as he would have liked.


She chuckled at his breathless and blissed out tone, pressing the faux-cock against him a bit harder, teasing him. "Something you wanted, Beautiful?" She shifted her hips back, repositioning the dildo so that it slid lower, glancing over his perineum and balls lightly before drawing back.


He groaned at the teasing dildo. He was so aroused, and the fire in his back seemed to heighten the sensitivity in the rest of his body. He gasped slightly and nodded. "Please, anything..."


"All right, Beautiful," she soothed, her hands lightly running up and down his sides. "It's all right. I'll give you what you need." She moved off his hips to lay beside him on the bed, her leg still resting on top of his. She leaned up and kissed him gently. "Just relax," she urged, her fingers brushing at his sweat damp hair. "Relax and trust me to take care of you."


He sighed, her voice and touches doing to him exactly what she wanted: relaxing him. His eyelashes fluttered slightly as her fingers brushed at his hair. He trusted her, he still wasn't sure why, but he did, implicitly. It was a very rare thing for him to experience; usually he retained a degree of wariness about everyone, no matter how deeply involved with them he became. He gave her a small nod, still feeling slightly detached from his body, it was like was he attached only by lines of fire on his back.


She kissed him before sitting up and turning to release his ankles from their restraints, hitting the panic snaps but leaving the cuffs and chain attached to his ankles. She urged him to kneel, reaching up and snagging two pillows to place under his slender hips, angling him up to give her better access to his beautiful ass.


She settled him back on the pillows with a gentle touch to the small of his back. She rewarded him with a nipping kiss to each ass cheek. "Good boy."


He followed her hands where ever they wanted him to go, kneeling up then settling down on the pillows, he gave a little shudder at what he knew was coming and the feel of cool air tickling his pucker. The shifting of his body caused the skin on his back to tighten and send renewed flashes of pain through his back that made him gasp. His eyes closed against the flare, biting down on his lower lip, he moaned.


Abby caressed his hips and lower back slowly. "Breathe, Beautiful. Breathe through it for me." She stroked and soothed, urging his attention away from the pain and back towards what her hands were doing. "You're doing so well, my sweet Jack," she praised. "I'm so proud of you."


Judging him as relaxed as he was going to get, she knelt back and settled herself comfortably between his spread legs. She moved the supplies within reach before leaning forward and parting the delectable ass cheeks to expose the hidden temptation beneath. She breathed across the twitching pucker, watching as it reacted to the teasing touch. Without giving him time to fully process what she intended, she leaned in and licked a stripe from his tight balls, over his perineum, and up and over his anus with a flat tongue.


His deep breaths seemed to ease the burn, but at the same time increased the fuzzy feeling in his brain. He'd barely registered that she'd moved when he felt her breath on him from behind. He gasped then moaned as she licked at him. "Oh... oh god."


She chuckled darkly and did it again, her hands holding his hips still as she teased at the opening with her tongue.


She traced ever-decreasing circles over the nerve rich flesh, feeling it flutter under the pointed tip of her tongue. His moans went straight to her gut, making her body tighten in lust and need; but this was about Jack. Her sweet, beautiful and submissive Jack; her hero in leather armour. She pressed her tongue tip against the ring of muscle, teasing it open with short, strong stabs. She loved the feel of him squirming under her hands and opening under her tongue.


He didn't need to hold still anymore and his body was taking full advantage of that, shivering and squirming as she went at him with her tongue. A combination of pleasure and pain, from his back, coursed through him. His moans fell freely from his lips as he lost himself in the sensation.


She teased him, riding out each shiver and unconscious thrust of his body. She loved that she could do this to him. "Love you like this, Beautiful," she purred against his skin. She reached over and drew on one of the latex gloves, settling it over her hand with the ease of long practice. She kissed the small of his back, resting her head on the swell of his ass as she coated two latex covered fingers with lube, rubbing at them to warm the thick gel.


"I'm going to make you feel so wonderful," she promised. "You've been such a good boy, you deserve this reward." She continued her soft praise as she began tracing her slicked fingers over his relaxed anus. With gentle pressure she breached his body, spreading the slick lubricant over the clenching muscles.


He was breathing roughly by the time she eased her tongue away, he only just heard the snap of latex and the flip of a lid on the lube. She really pulled his attention into focus as her slick fingers pressed into him. He groaned in pleasure, a slight burn from the rapid increase from tongue to fingers. He pushed back on them wantonly, unable to help himself. Her words burned deep into his brain. All thoughts of anything other than the here and now completely blown away. His fingers curled into his fists and he took shuddering breaths to try and calm himself down before he started humping the bed.


"Good boy," she praised. Her fingers continued to thrust gently into him, matching his movements, giving him what his body demanded. She kept up the motions, riding out his pleasure while her own built. From one finger, to two, finally to three as his body relaxed and opened for her. She scissored him open, preparing him to take her. She loved the feel of him taking her in, holding her tight in such an intimate grip. Judging him ready, she withdrew her fingers and discarded the slick glove. She knelt between his thighs, one hand continuing to pet and ground him, keeping the connection between them even as she drew back. She coated the dildo with lube then placed the flared tip at his opening. "Is this what you want, Beautiful? I need to be sure it's what you want."


Jack was losing himself in the rhythm of her fingers, his body thrumming. The pain blurred away to meld in with the pleasure so that he couldn't tell where it began and ended. The fingers pulling out made him groan in frustration, but the tip of the dildo quickly replaced them. Jack had to fight to focus on her words, she was making him think *and* form a coherent sentence? He hummed loudly, but knew it wasn't enough. "Please." He managed to gasp out, "Please, yes, Ma'am."


She smiled at the gasped out words. "Good boy," she growled. Holding his hips still she pressed forward, burying herself in his body in one slow, inexorable thrust. As her hips came to rest against his ass, she stilled, letting him adjust to the unforgiving length of the dildo. She rubbed at his lower back and sides, holding him still without confining him too tightly. She loved the feel of him squirming against her.


The dildo entering him pulled a long drawn out low moan from deep inside. He huffed, breathing harshly and fighting with his remaining brain cells to hold on to his control. Jack was making noises that he was mildly aware he hadn't made in a long time, and his body felt so damn alive under her caress. His back arched and his hips started to rock of their own volition. His ass muscles fluttered and clenched as they would around a real cock, and there was a moment of lucidity when he wondered what she was getting out of it all. The thought quickly disintegrated as his squirming caused the fake cock to rub over his prostate. His breathing hitched.


"Like that, Beautiful?" she asked huskily as he moaned, squirming against the dildo, causing it to press back tightly against her clit. Abby pressed forward, hearing the hitching breath she knew she'd found his prostate. Chuckling evilly, she reached for the controller for the vibrating egg nestled tightly in the base of the artificial cock. "It’s about to get better," she promised. Her thumb switched the egg to its lowest setting, sending a mild vibration through her clit and through the conductive material of the cock buried deep inside the handsome body that was stretched beneath her.


His eyes flew open as the vibrations started, his mouth opening but no sound came out. His hips bucked back on the intruder and his whole body shuddered with the pleasure. When the sounds came again, they were louder and even more needy.


Her body shivered at the needy cries falling from Jack's lips as his body bucked and twisted against her. "That's it, Beautiful," she said, her own voice catching as his movements pressed the vibrating egg harder against her throbbing clit. "Let me hear you, sweetheart. Let me know how good it feels." She pulled out, feeling the grip of his body as it held tightly onto her cock, then pressed just as slowly back in. She listened to his cries, reading his body for what he wanted, what he *needed* from her. Abby began a slow, steady pull and thrust, angling so that the vibrations pressed against his prostate on every other inward thrust.


She could feel her own body responding to their actions, her body shaking as she tried to keep a steady rhythm for him. She leaned forward, careful not to brush against his back as she whispered against his skin. "You're going to remember me tomorrow, Beautiful. You're going to remember exactly how I've made you feel tonight." Her hips began to move faster and she flipped the switch another notch higher, moaning as the vibrations shivered through her.


He gave himself over to the movement of her hips, his mind unravelling with the repeated stimulation to his prostate. He was shuddering and sweating with the exertion, thoroughly lost to the sensations. He could hear her words and they registered on such a deeply emotional level it made his breath hitch amongst the gasping moans. He was quickly tumbling towards orgasm again, closer and closer to the edge with each thrust. He cried out softly as the stronger vibrations registered. "Please... god... please..."


His voice pulled at her, urging her on. Abby deliberately leaned down, pressing her breasts against the heated, raised design, *her* design etched into his skin. "You're going to remember exactly who owns you. Whose mark is on your back and why," she growled possessively, her own hips speeding up their thrusts. "Every time you move. Every time you shift or breathe or even sit down, you're going to think about me. You're going to remember who marked you." She whimpered, as she felt her own orgasm tugging at the edges of her awareness. "Who claimed you, marked you." Every assertion was punctuated with a hard, punishing thrust of her hips. "Who made you hers!"


She reached back and flipped the vibrations to full, barely holding back her own frantic moans as her body fought to hold back until *she* was ready. She pressed in hard, knowing from the way his body twitched beneath hers that the vibrations were shivering against his prostate. She stilled, her arms wrapping around his chest, holding them tightly together. "And you'll remember how very *proud* you made me," she breathed into his ear. "Come for me, Beautiful," she commanded, "Let me hear your pleasure."


With each thrust punctuating her words, they sank in and he keened noisily. The carnal meeting of bodies in reverse of traditional couplings. He gasped and cried out as her flesh pressed against his sore back. He made her proud and that made it all worth it. His body tensed at her urging, shuddering and twitching before he started to cum, spurting over the bed and clenching around the dildo. He panted raggedly.


She felt his body seize beneath her and allowed her own orgasm to crash over her, her hips twitching involuntarily, driving her a last few times into his tight body. She fumbled for the switch, flipping off the vibrations. The sound of their ragged breathing was loud in the sudden silence.


Abby kissed his neck, his shoulder, any part of him that she could reach. "So beautiful. Thank you, precious. You were so good for me." She caressed his hair, kissing him, gentling him as his breathing calmed. She moved off him slowly, kissing his spine as she levered herself up to kneel behind him. "Relax again for me, Beautiful. I don't want to hurt you." She drew back slowly, easing the faux-cock from his body, relishing the way his body shuddered under her hands.


She massaged his ass and thighs. "I want you to stay right here for me. All right, Beautiful? I'll be right back." She moved from the bed, placing a lingering kiss to the small of his back before heading into the bathroom to get something to clean them both with.


Jack made soft noises as she kissed and caressed him, letting himself relax after his incredible brain bursting orgasm. He wasn't sure he was still in one piece, and he wouldn't have been able to move if he'd tried. He shivered though as her warmth disappeared from his and groaned as she withdrew from inside him. Abby disappeared and seemed to return before he'd really even registered her leaving.


She returned from the bathroom with a warm washcloth and smiled at the long sprawl Jack made across her bed. He was breathtaking. She knelt beside him on the bed and ran the warm cloth over the marks on his back, cleaning it gently. She kissed his shoulder and reached up to release the connecting latch between the leather cuff, freeing his hands. She drew his arms down, rubbing them, checking that they weren't cold or cramping. Satisfied, she kissed his forehead then moved to clean the rest of him.


She spread his ass cheeks, pressing a soft kiss to the swell of them before beginning to clean between them, checking that she hadn't hurt him.


Again, all seemed well, and she gave one last, intimate kiss to the still twitching pucker. "Get comfortable, Beautiful," she said gently before moving away to take the washcloth back to the bathroom.


His breath hissed through his teeth as the warm wet cloth stung at his marked back, what had she done to him? Abby distracted him from that thought by releasing his arms, he winced slightly from having been in the position so long and so tense while there. He hummed happily at her gentle kisses and ministrations. "Thank you, Ma'am." He murmured, still sounding blissed out.


As she left him once more, he moved gingerly onto his side, the action sending more flashes of pain through him. He settled with a sigh.


Abby returned after cleaning up herself and made quick work of clearing off the bed and climbing in beside her drowsing lover. She curled around him, inhaling the scent of his skin and sighing happily. "You are a wonderful man, Jack," she purred, her voice husky.


He smiled at her as she joined him, loving the feel of her warmth as she curled around him. He shook his head at her compliment. "I'm nothing special." He protested, coyly.


She cleared her dry throat, swallowing and chuckling when it didn't help. "Figures," she said, smiling against his skin. "I just get comfy and *then* I realize I want a drink of water." She rested her forehead against his shoulder, chuckling at the absurdity of it.


His fingers reached up to toy with her hair. "May I fetch you a drink, Ma'am?" He asked cutely, it may have seemed cheesy to some, but he was able to carry it off with enough charm to get away with it.


She ran her fingers over his cheek. "You don't need to, Beautiful. But if you'd like to, I'd greatly appreciate it," she said honestly. She leaned in and caught his lips in a long, gentle kiss. "And you *are* special," she countered. "And I'm very lucky to have found you." She pulled him in for one more kiss before letting him go. "Thank you. The glasses are in the cabinet above the sink, and there's bottled water in the fridge." She did her own sprawl back onto the soft bedsheets. "I'll just stay right here and let you wait on me," she teased, winking at him playfully.


He grinned at her kiss and the following gentle tease and eased himself from her bed. The time she'd spent in the bathroom cleaning up had allowed the marks on his back to ease somewhat. They were still holding his attention, but were not so strong it took his breath away. He padded, unashamedly naked and barefoot through to the living room. Once alone, his grin faded, he hadn't expected the opportunity so soon. He knew though, he had to take the chance while it was offered. He would remember her and the fantastic night together, the marks on his back would take a few days to fade but her skill and the connection would stay with him for eternity. It was bittersweet; tomorrow she would forget he ever existed.


Jack picked up his jacket and went into his pocket; pulling out a small packet he extracted a small pill. He stared at it, feeling the pang of loneliness in his gut making his eyes sting with tears. He shook his head and headed for the kitchen. He found the glasses easily and pulled the bottle of water from the fridge before pouring it. He'd rarely hesitated to use Retcon, sure he didn't dish it out without thought, but when it was necessary he always did what was needed. So, why was it so hard to drop that little pill into the water? With a heavy sigh, he let it fall for his fingers. "Sorry, Abs. I think you're fantastic too." He whispered. Maybe he could Retcon himself? He rolled his eyes knowing full well that he couldn't. He watched the pill dissolve like it had never been there; a quick stir and he carried it carefully back to her.


The ache from their activities was nothing compared to the ache in his heart. He pushed a smile on his face though as he entered the bedroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he held the glass out to her. "Here you are, Ma'am." God, but she was beautiful.


Abby stretched, her body languid from the night's activities. "Thank you, kind sir," she said with a grin, taking and draining half the glass before setting it on the bedside table. She held up the blankets for him, urging him under them and into her arms. He slipped under the covers but didn’t move all the way up close.


Jack wanted to snatch the glass back as she put the glass to her lips. It took every ounce of his considerable control to allow her to drink. He could swear he felt something inside break a little more. He wasn't stupid, he knew he wasn't in love with her, sure he believed in love at first sight, but that wasn't what this was about. They had connected so easily, it was so rare that someone understood him the way she did.


She kissed him before settling him against her bare breasts. "I'll check your back again in the morning, Beautiful. I have some salve that should keep it from hurting too badly." She rested her cheek against his hair, feeling sleep tugging at her. "The alarm is set to go off in time for me to get to work," she said, stifling a yawn. "But you're welcome to stay and sleep longer. I'll leave my cell number on the fridge for you." She closed her eyes, chuckling at how quickly she'd decided she could trust him enough to leave him alone in her apartment. "But I warn you," she growled teasingly. "I have friends who know how to hide bodies so they're never found, mister." She opened one eye and glared teasingly at him. "So no stealing my computer or my coffin."


He chuckled softly at the threat, oh he knew Gibbs well enough to know that was true, but he wished him luck with *this* body. "Your coffin and computer are safe, I promise." He smirked, his humour feeling somewhat hollow.


"I need those." She chuckled against his hair, planting a loud kiss against the soft strands. "You did wonderfully, Beautiful. I'm so pleased with you." She snuggled close, sighing as she tightened her arms around him. "Can I keep you?" she whispered, remembering the line from a movie Tony had made her watch with him a long time ago. She never heard his answer as sleep finally succeeded in dragging her under.


He was still wearing her collar as she fell asleep, a moment of relief as her question managed to free the tears he'd been resolutely hanging onto.


"I wish you could, Princess." He whispered, stroking her hair and watching her sleep. "I really wish you could."







My Stalker is An Alien II



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