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Mistaken Identity

Type: One shot.

Rating: 13+

Fandom: NCIS/RPS (sort of)

Pairing: Sort of Gibbs/Tony or Mark/Michael

Warnings: Real Person Slash (kinda), slight language.

Summary: Actors ride a fine line between fantasy and reality, between real life and work. What would happen if, after suffering a head injury, they lost sight of what was real and what was fantasy?


Reinforcing Ownership

Type: Series - complete

Authors: azure chaos & Toomuchfandom

Rating: 18+

Pairing: Gibbs/Abby

Warnings: Het; Love Slave Fic; BDSM, sexual torment.

Chapters: 4

Summary: Abby is in trouble and Gibbs has decided that she needs to be reminded who she belongs to.


Rescue Pup

Type: Series - 52,839wds WIP

Rating: 18+

Pairing: Abby/Gibbs/Tony

Warnings: Angst, AU, BDSM, deals with past abuse, Established Relationship, H/C, Het, Language, Male Dom, puppy-play Chapter 14 has descriptions of sexual abuse.

Chapters: 15 (last: ch14 & 15 - 3 Oct 08)

Summary: Abby wants a puppy, but its Abby and there’s always gotta be a twist.



Rescue Pup: Hero's First Christmas.

Type: One off - part of pup!verse (poss future) added:26/01/07 4,200wds

Rating: 18+

Pairing: Jethro Gibbs/Abby Sciuto/Tony DiNozzo.

Warnings: M/fm, BDSM, puppy play, established relationship, dealing with past abuse.

Summary: Hero has been with his new family for Six months and it’s his first Christmas with them; will it be a huge hit or a complete disaster?

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