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Fandoms: Torchwood/ NCIS(vaguely – if you squint)

Characters: Ianto Jones/Cpt Jack Harkness

Rating: 18+

Type: One shot, stand-alone.

Warnings: BDSM, M/m

Kinks: Knife play/cutting, Bondage

Disclaimer I don't own the characters or ideas behind NCIS or Torchwood, no money has or will be made from this fic.

Complete 20th June 2008. (2016wds)

Summary: Ianto makes some pretty patterns.


A/N Written for my kink_bingo card: Wild Card – Knife Play. This is an existing universe created by kendermouse and I but this fic was written as a completely stand-alone piece. Jack and Ianto are in an existing BDSM relationship with Abby Sciuto from NCIS, Jack is a sub while Ianto is a Switch and Abby their Domme.






Jack entered the bedroom, he wasn’t tired but he was emotionally drained. It had been a tough week at work, Junior, their pet alien who was now part of their team, had gone missing and they’d been frantic to get him home safe and sound. As naïve as the young alien could be and how totally unfamiliar he was with the majority of earth’s peculiarities, they had worried for him. He couldn’t speak, a physiological after effect of the mistreatment he’d faced at the hands of his own race and communicated solely by American Sign Language, which Abby and Gibbs had taught to him. He was handsome in that he could easily pass as Tony DiNozzo’s identical twin…except for the amber-yellow eyes.


They hadn’t stopped working until he was back with them. As it turned out, he’d caught a bus and ended up in the wrong place, he had been so thoroughly lost that he’d simply sat and waited, hoping that he would be found by one of Jack or Abby’s computer systems.


They had found him eventually but it had taken a number of recalibrations to pick up his bio-signature and retrieve him. He’d been badly shaken by the whole thing and had been more than anxious to return to his lovers. The reunion had almost broken Jack’s heart as he watched Gibbs and Tony wrap around the younger man. Gibbs had started talking about electronic tagging; Tony had grinned and agreed until the dom had made it clear he meant for both his boys.


He tugged his shirt off and dropped it carelessly on the floor of the dressing room, his pants and shorts had followed quickly. Stretching out his long aching limbs he’d headed into the bathroom to shower.


The hot water pounding against his skin hadn’t soothed his turbulent emotions but it had eased the soreness in his muscles, relaxing the tension somewhat. He worried about all his team but that worry had soared to heights of paranoia over the last week.


When he’d stepped out of the bathroom, naked except for his collar, Ianto had been waiting for him. His lover, dressed completely in black leather, from his boots and pants to his vest and the wide band around his bicep.


Jack had stopped where he was stood, eyes lasciviously scanning up and down his lover’s enticing body and meeting piercing, knowing eyes. He swallowed hard. His cock already twitching and hardening.


“Sir?” he’d asked carefully, already feeling the way the power balance had shifted.


The short, single answering nod told him he was correct.


“Kneel,” Ianto told him in dark Welsh tones.


And Jack had been powerless to refuse even if he’d have wanted to; which he didn’t. He arranged himself into a formal kneel, his perfect butt resting on his heels, thighs spread wide and his back straight. His hands rested calmly on his thighs, palms turned upwards as his eyes lowered in submission. It wasn’t often that Ianto took charge, wasn’t often that Abby let him, but when he did it was usually pretty phenomenal.


He could feel the other man slowly circle him, even if he couldn’t hear or see him without turning his head. Then even that wouldn’t help as his world darkened with the application of a blindfold to cover his eyes. Fingers ran through his damp hair and tugged firmly, tilting his head back, unseeing eyes aimed towards the ceiling. Hard lips pressed against his own, harsh and possessive as a tongue swept in and claimed his mouth before teeth bit and tugged at his lips.


He was groaning and fully hard when Ianto had finally relinquished his lips and he knew they would be blue with bruising by tomorrow. Hands inspected him and then he heard a metallic click and a tug at the front of his collar.


“Up!” The beautiful Welshman urged.


Jack took a moment to orientate himself before standing slowly, feeling slightly off balance as he straightened. Hands ran over every inch of his body as he stood there, inspecting and memorising. Then fingers ran down his crack as more wrapped around his balls and he gave a low moan of pleasure and appreciation. Then just as he was getting used to the touches, they were gone again and he felt almost bereft.


“I thought you were supposed to keep yourself prepared, boy?” The stern voice, that he so rarely heard from Ianto, asked.


Jack cringed. “Yes Sir, I forgot,” he blushed hotly, another rarity. He’d been so caught up with his thoughts over Junior that his usual routine had completely been abandoned.


“Hmm,” the contemplative reply gave little away. “And what if I forgot to use lube when I fucked you?”


Jack swallowed around a smart-assed answer that tried to make its way out. “It won’t happen again, Sir,” he promised his younger lover, feeling genuinely remorseful.


“It better hadn’t, I’m not in the habit of damaging my toys, boy,” the voice was clipped, unhappy, but sexy as hell even as it made Jack’s mouth dry and sweat start to form at the thought of displeasing him.


The sudden tug on the leash made him stumble forward slightly in surprise as he took the hint to follow. He was slightly disorientated in their room due to the blindfold so it was a bit of a surprise when his shins contacted their bed. The round structure took up the centre of their room, was comfy and more than big enough for the three of them to sleep comfortably.


Warm hands contacted his body and firmly urged and eased him onto the bed until he was laying spread out on his front. He was cuffed quickly, the ties tightening to hold his four limbs in place, spread-eagle. His cock was trapped under him, aching and throbbing with need.


Strong hands massaged his shoulders and down his back as Ianto worked out the last of the tension. He felt like he would melt into the mattress but was fairly sure that he hadn’t been tied up for the purpose of a massage; even if the most innocent things did tend to get turned into kink with them.


When he was sighing and completely relaxed, the hands disappeared. The bed dipped. Then minutes later the scent of antiseptic tickled his nostrils and he moaned softly in anticipation of what was to come. He felt the cool pad run over his back in a thorough way that was covering every inch. Ianto had never used Abby’s skewers before but he had watched on several occasions as she had worked on him to leave the prettiest patterns on his flesh. The young Welshman had also never been on the receiving end of them.


However, what Jack had been expecting and what he got were two separate things, as cool metal pressed flat against his back and ran firmly over his shoulder blade. He stilled, breath stopped in his lungs. That wasn’t a skewer: it was a blade.


Ianto chuckled darkly and then straddled his ass, his leather-clad crotch nestled against him. “Like that Jack?” he asked casually, “It was a present, can you guess who from?”


He let his breath out carefully and it shuddered slightly. Jack groaned, eyes closed tight behind the blindfold, knife play was something he’d never tried before but he’d thought about it plenty. “Gibbs,” he murmured quietly.


“So smart, my boy,” Ianto said cheerfully, lyrical voice filled with pride and just a hint of amusement.


The flat of the blade became the dull edge and it slowly traced lines down over the flesh leaving a red welt in its wake but not breaking the skin.


Jack had to hold in the urge to shudder, the lack of sting told him that he hadn’t been cut, but he knew he had to hold perfectly still. His breathing was as shallow and slow as he could keep it: he wanted to avoid hyperventilating.


The blade shifted again and this time he felt a sharp prick and winced, separating his facial reactions from the rest of his body the best he could, in an attempt to keep still.


As he rotated and swirled the tip of the knife on the lightly tanned flesh, Ianto watched with intense curiosity as his boss and lover gave himself over to the thrill of the blade. Of course, the fear was mostly removed given Jack’s unique regenerative abilities, but there was so much that was still innately ingrained. He felt that he lacked the finesse and elegance for the skewers that Abby used, but this - the blade - suited him perfectly.


He was quiet as he teased, moving from the tip, to the dull-edge to the flat of the blade and back again. Covering his whole back, in one way or another, with the red raised lines of pretty patterns with the exception of his left shoulder. The only sounds in the room were their breaths and the occasional moan of pleasure from Jack.


He kept up the torment, moving the dull-edge over the flesh in slow meandering but deliberate lines, leaving the slightly reddened welts that didn’t really linger. The tip would prick occasionally and he would feel the body below him tense when it did. When finally the time came and it pricked without the answering flinch, Ianto smiled to himself in triumph. His lover had given himself over to the sensation completely, and that was when he truly began.


The sharp edge of the blade cut into the flesh and left a trail of red welling up in its wake. Instead of a hiss of pain Jack gave a confused moan of pleasure. It stung but it also went straight to his cock. The blade moved over his left shoulder blade, slowly and carefully drawing out a design that Ianto had settled on before this whole thing had begun.


The slightly metallic scent of blood was becoming more noticeable as Ianto worked. Occasionally, he would wipe the blood trail clear so that he could see what he was doing properly, the sting of alcohol making Jack moan even then.


Jack found all he could do was lay there and moan, feeling like he had melded with the bed, eyes closed in bliss even with the blindfold. He’d tried to follow the pattern but had given up when his cock had pulsed and pulled his attention back to it.


Time seemed to pass in an altered state as all he could do was focus on each pass of the blade, each swirl and straight line equally. He thought that it would go on forever; half hoped that it actually would. But then it stopped and he felt the man above him shift and the blade disappeared.


“Perfect,” Ianto told him and wiped the blood from the other man’s skin. It continued to seep out and he decided to let the air and Jack’s own immune system take care of it, the area had been cleaned and that was all that counted. He looked appraisingly at his work, the intertwined Initials that were cut delicately into the indomitable Jack Harkness’ skin.


Tools set aside, Ianto had reached for the lube, coated two of his fingers and plunged them into Jack’s hole. The preparation was hurried and messy but completely effective. Jack had already been relaxed so it didn’t take much to ready him for more than fingers.


Ianto didn’t even strip off; he simply unzipped and pushed inside.


The fuck was hard and fast, pounding into him like there would be no tomorrow and like only that moment mattered. Jack almost got left behind as he felt Ianto lose control above him. It happened so rarely that he could only revel in the feel of it. The noise in the room grew louder, harsh gasping breaths, the moans and grunts that came with the hard slap of flesh against flesh.


Ianto cried out and flooded his ass with hot cum and Jack was instantly tipped over the edge and his voice echoed his own release.





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