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Disclaimer: The CSI boys aren’t mine, I don’t own them and no money has been or will be made from this lil ficlet.

A/N: I love mpreg, this lil snippet just came to me, I’m just poking fun at myself.



“I’m pregnant. You’re laughing at me and I’m pregnant. My life can’t get any crapper.” Greg flung himself down into a chair.


“I’m not laughing at you Greg, I’m happy.” Gil sighed and shifted to crouch in front of him.


“You’re happy that my life is over?” The young CSI accused, his eyes narrowing at his boss.

“Your life isn’t over, Greg. A baby isn’t going to ruin your life.”


“Baby!” The pregnant man snorted, “I don’t even know how this happened, it’s too damn freaky…how can I be sure its… y’know…human. I’ve read about this stuff on the net. Magic, demons, mutant experiments, its hardly ever natural and when it is…” He shuddered.


Gil took his hands in his. “Look, I’m here for you, I’ll give you anything you need. I’ll look after the both of you. But, just because it’s not natural doesn’t mean that it’s not a human baby in here.”


Brown eyes blinked, they glittered suspiciously with the hint of tears. “I’m a guy.”


“I’m well aware of that, Greg.” Gil smirked.


“Why do they always do these things to us?” His voice was dejected and defeated; he slumped in the chair and stared at his slightly rounded belly.


“Who, Greg? Who did this to you?” Grissom’s tone was gentle, as if soothing a frightened victim.


“Them!” He inclined his brown and bleach blond dappled hair. “The writers, damn fanfic writers. They toy with us, humiliate us, make us wear clothes we wouldn’t be seen dead in, make us have sex with people we couldn’t give a second look at…and then they do…this.” He pointed to his stomach. “Pregnant!”


“You wouldn’t normally give me a second look?” Gil tried to hide his sadness at that statement, but he had to admit that Greg had a point with the other stuff. He knew in the past he’d been the one unlucky enough to be pregnant. That particular time he’d almost died and would have if it wasn’t for Greg.


Greg’s face softened as he looked up at Gil. “Not you, it’s different with you…I like those ones.” He blushed slightly, remembering the time he was tied up at Gil’s mercy. “I like them a lot.”


The smile that blossomed on Grissom’s face was priceless, “I’m glad, I like them a lot. We’ve got through some tough times together; the fanfic writers aren’t all to blame for that either. We’ll get through this, you and I. Do you know who the father is?”


Greg shook his head, “I must have missed something, you know how my mind wanders sometimes.” He shrugged.


“We’ll figure it out.” Gil smiled softly and kissed him on the forehead.


“I wish it were yours.” He gave the other man puppy eyes. “I guess it could be.”


“Are you saying you would’ve missed me screwing you until you were pregnant?” The corner of his mouth twitched and his eyes crinkled in amusement.


“What?? No…definitely not… but, well maybe they were shy and couldn’t bring themselves to write the sex bit.” He glared up at the ceiling.


Nodding sagely, Gil agreed, “It does happen. They like the idea of us having sex but can’t write it.”


“Do you think they’re listening?” Greg whispered.




“This baby better pop out with ease and not leave me with stretch marks.” He shouted up at the ceiling then. “And I want a little girl. I’m gonna call her Rosie. Do you hear me?” A scowl etched on his features as his eyes became more watery.


Gil wrapped his arms around the young man and held him gently murmuring encouraging and sweet words. They were used to having these challenges thrown at them, it wasn’t the worst by a long way. They would survive, and the writers would be happy until they come up with something else to mess their lives up with.






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