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Reinforcing Ownership

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Disclaimer: None of the characters from NCIS belong to us; they’re the property of the show’s makers. No money has or will be made.

A/N: ~denotes use of sign language~  Warning: Here be Het

A/N2: All my paragraph breaks got eaten - I hope I've rectified this problem properly.

Reinforcing Ownership




Chapter 1


Gibbs pretended not to pay attention to the usual bantering of DiNozzo and McGee. Sometimes, he really felt like a high school principal: having to slap one or both of them upside the head to get their minds back at work, instead of talking about girls; especially DiNozzo, since he liked to brag about his latest conquests. But, when McGee mentioned that he was going out on a date with Abby, his blood started to boil. He didn't show he was angry, and he usually wasn't jealous, but McGee asking Abby out was one step too far away from his comfort zone. Abby was his, and his alone.


"DiNozzo, take McGee and find out where the hell Ziva is hiding." Gibbs barked as he got up from his desk. "Help her out if she's in trouble."


He walked to the elevator in his usual casual manner, but once the elevator doors shut, he balled his fist and hit the wall. It didn't dent, of course, all it did was make his hand hurt, but he didn't care. He was going to show Abby that she belonged to him and that she should have asked for permission to go out with McGee, first.


The loud music coming out of Abby's lab was perfect. Abby usually didn't hear him walk into the lab, despite the sliding doors, and this was an advantage. He paused for a short moment near the doors to see Abby dancing to the music while she processed bloodspatter from the crime scene. She was damn sexy the way she swung her hips on to the beat and he wanted to take her there and then, but that wasn't the option or the plan that he had in mind for his girl. He snuck up behind her, and grabbed her pigtail, before dragging her off to the nearest storage cupboard.


Lost in the music while she was absorbed in her work it was a real shock to find herself being pulled by the pigtail. She yelped and turned to lay into the person when she saw it was Gibbs, she started to smile but he had a stony expression that told her to think better of any cheerful welcome.


They reached the storeroom and she looked up at him, "Um, hey, Boss." She never called him Master at work, even though she longed to, even in their little haven as they were now. "Is…something up?" She started to strip off her latex gloves to avoid contamination.


Once the latex gloves were off, he pushed her against the back wall. Gibbs didn't push too hard, just enough to let her know that he wasn't happy with her at all. She had smiled, at first, and now she was looking like a deer caught in headlights; even though her eyes were sparkling. He put his hands against the wall, locking her in his personal space and stared at her for a long time.


"I don't know, beautiful." He spoke with a low, threatening voice, almost growling at her. "Is there?" he cocked his head a little and studied her face.


Abby had the feeling she was in trouble, he had backed her up to the wall and now held her in place, without actually touching her. His words led her to believe she'd done something wrong; racking her brain she couldn't put her finger on anything. She mentally reviewed her day, she couldn't remember breaking any rules: she’d only had 2 giant Caf-Pows, well within her daily limit; she most certainly hadn't been off masturbating; and she hadn't told anyone about the two of them, which was the other big no-no. She frowned, thoughtfully.


She hadn't... Oh! McGee! A big doomy feeling crept over her, she hadn't told him she couldn't go out and she hadn't checked with Gibbs about going out for a drink with him.


"He caught me off guard, Boss. Honestly, I'd have asked before I went." She tried to placate him, but suspected it was too late already.


"McGee just informed DiNozzo upstairs." Gibbs growled and took one step closer towards her. "You think you can keep secrets from me, Abs?" He was glad that Abby wore a short skirt underneath that lab coat. It made access so much easier, if he decided he needed access. For now, this mental game they were currently in would do. If she squirmed, he'd take action.


Abby swallowed hard, "No, I don't keep any secrets from you." Her voice was almost a whisper, "I tell you everything." Just maybe not when she should, she thought to herself. Just what had McGee told Tony anyway?


"Fancy restaurant, Abby?" Gibbs took one more step. Abby would need the rest of the space to turn around, if he thought she had to. "Clubbing? Drinking?" He fought his urge to turn her around and whack her ass. She was going to give in to him eventually and until then he had to be patient. He was making sure he wasn't touching her, with only his eyes fixed on her, he made sure she wouldn’t touch him or move around.


"Just a drink after work, it was no big deal, boss, honest." She tried to explain why she hadn't checked with him first. He hadn't minded her going out for a drink with Tony in the past; but then Tony was all talk about the ladies and actually preferred the guys. Abby always knew she was in real trouble when he didn't touch her, not many people saw the tactile side of Jethro Gibbs, but she did and she knew that when he didn't touch her it was bad... really bad.


"Why?" Gibbs saw that she was thinking. He saw in her eyes that she realised how deep she was in trouble. His mind already flashed forward to the new body bag he had ordered for her, and how much fun he could have with her and that body bag, but that was for much later; after she had screamed, given herself completely to him, after he had made sure that nothing, absolutely nothing, could make her think other than that she belonged to him.


"Just a drink with a colleague, you've let me go before and it's not like it's a date or anything." She pulled her lower lip between her teeth, "Oh god... he didn't think..?" She cringed, McGee had been asking her for a "drink" not just a drink. "Oh! Really boss, I never thought." Her tone turned a little pleading, the last thing she wanted was to be punished over this, and damn she really had to start thinking like a man.


"Abs, Abs… Abs…" Gibbs said tauntingly, while he shook his head and he licked his lips. "I really thought better of you."


He kept his hands in place but leaned a little forward to make sure that the next words were taken seriously. "Turn around."


Her blood red lip was pulled between her teeth again as she looked at him nervously. Slowly, she turned in the little space she had, almost afraid of what was going to come next. He obviously wasn't satisfied with her defence of how it was all a misunderstanding. She should have known better, she really should have had a clue that McGee wasn't just interested in a drink with a colleague. Whatever her Master did to her, she deserved it for being so stupid. How had she overlooked the evidence? Abby's hands came up to brace against the wall automatically.


"Good girl." Gibbs approved. "Spread your legs." She wasn't going to get away with this. There were so many things that he wanted to do with her, but he knew he had to behave himself as much as possible in the cupboard and take the rest home with him. He helped her out of her labcoat with minimal touch and directed her hands back to the wall with a small push of his finger on her shoulder blades. "What kind of a bad girl are you, Abigail?"


She followed his instructions and spread her legs as wide as she knew he liked them to be. Abby's hands had to leave the wall, as he stripped her lab coat off, and his small touch was enough to make her to put them back where they had been. His question made her shiver inside, he hardly ever used her full name. It was an unusual question and one she didn't have an answer for, so she didn't try to make one up, she dropped her head forward slightly though, to acknowledge that she'd heard him.


He knew that she didn't have an answer to that, and he wasn't really in the mood to give her that answer either. "Stay." he ordered, while he moved away. "Don't move a muscle."


He pulled his keys from his pocket and opened a box on the nearest shelf. He hardly used that box, especially because of its contents, but it had proven useful to have around at work on more than one occasion. In that box, he kept the smaller toys, toys that could be easily explained by Abby in case someone found them.


He decided to go for the slightly vibrating butt plug with a remote control. There were still 6 hours left until they could go home, and Gibbs would probably enter her lab more than once in the coming 6 hours, with either DiNozzo or someone else, and this was the perfect tool to make her go crazy when she was not allowed to cum; but she didn't need to know that.


He put both the small remote control and the butt plug itself into his jacket pocket; he didn't need them right now. He turned back to Abby and lifted up her skirt. "I thought I told you this morning... no underwear."


The Goth girl didn't dare move, she hardly dared breath, but she heard his movements and knew the box was being opened. She bit back a whimper of nervousness at what he might choose to do to her. She felt the draft of her skirt being lifted up and then she was in trouble again. Had he said that? God, she’d forgotten. She closed her eyes, "Sorry, Boss, I forgot."


"Good, you're going to need them." he told her, as he pushed the cloth of her skirt into the thick black belt she was wearing over her skirt. Then pushed the panties down her legs before he helped her step out of her underwear.


Gibbs was going to give her a choice in what he used to spank her: his belt or his hand. He decided that she deserved to choose, even though she had made two mistakes today, and the last mistake had already been forgiven in his head; it was actually quite useful that she had forgotten that she wasn't allowed to wear underwear today. "Belt or hand?"


He had to admit, not touching her like he was used to, was getting harder and harder; he always found it hard not to touch his girl, she was absolutely beautiful… even though she needed to be punished.


She did whimper then, she hated being given a choice, especially when it came to punishments. He had exposed her to him and she was stood bare-assed in the cupboard, she shivered as cool air tickled her sex between her spread legs and she prayed to every deity she could think of (and they were numerous) that no one would walk in.


"Hand, please, Boss." At least it would allow her some physical contact with his flesh, even if it were punishing her.


"I want you to be quiet." Gibbs threatened. He usually didn't spank her at work; mostly because people could walk in and out, and they could easily get caught; but as long as Abby could stay quiet, he didn't have a huge problem with it right now - it also offered a little thrill of excitement. "Can you promise me that, Abby?"


She bit her lip and nodded, "Yes, Boss."


Gibbs raised his hand and let it come to rest on Abby's ass. He started softly, but by the time his hand landed on her ass for the fifth time, it had started to grow in intensity.

She had learnt a long time ago how to breath during a spanking, it wasn't always easy to remember how in the heat of the moment though. She was fine as he started off lightly, it would have been pleasant if it hadn't been a punishment. But she was in trouble and her headspace wouldn't let her enjoy it.


The sixth stroke fell heavier than expected and she sucked in a breath, but kept from crying out in surprise. Her flesh was starting to sting and heat up in response to the repeated smacks.


By the tenth stroke he didn't know whether to quit or continue until twenty; Abby was sure as hell doing her best not to make any noise. While spanking her, he’d continued to listen to her breathing. "Breathe, Abs!" he reminded her. He kept wishing that it was already 6 hours later, so they could go home and continue this more privately; he wasn't done with her yet, though. He paused for a short moment for Abby to catch her breath. He didn't really know why, but he suspected that if he didn't Ducky might have had to come and give her extra oxygen, he was sure about not letting that happen.


She hadn't realised that, with holding the noise in, her breathing had gotten all wacky; his prompt made her aware of it and she was grateful for the pause to get herself breathing normally again. Her butt felt like it was on fire; Abby never could understand how he managed to do that with just his bare hand.


She knew that she wouldn't be lucky enough to get away with just a spanking, this was just the tip of the iceberg, a reminder and a promise for later; Gibbs was like that.

He spanked her hard, one last time, to surprise her and then turned her around. He knew he had to get back upstairs, to the bullpen, to keep an eye on DiNozzo and McGee. If they’d already returned, they would need to continue the search for that unknown witness to the murder of the petty officer who was lying on Ducky's slab.


Abby barely suppressed the surprised yelp that tried to escape at the sudden random hard smack; it rocked her on her feet. She was spun round to face him before she had even recovered from the impact. Somehow she managed to resist the urge to rub her butt, she knew he didn't like it when she did that.


He looked at her, sternly, and let her continue to catch her breath until she could breathe reasonably normal again; even though part of him felt she didn't deserve it. There wasn't much he could do to her right now, he couldn't continue like this in the cupboard, and at home there was this whip just begging to be used. Plus, he had something else in mind for her.


Her breathing under control she looked at him with something akin to remorse. Saying sorry, right now, wouldn't help; she knew that from experience. She waited to see what he would say or do next. It was nearly never so straightforward.


"It's all so pretty." he gently pushed her back against the wall and put his leg between hers. He was very close to her; and he needed to be. He lifted up the front of the skirt and, like the back, pushed the cloth between her belt and her stomach so he had free access. "All red..." he muttered. "And it will be worse when we get home." that sounded like a threat and promise at the same time.


She swallowed hard at his words, her eyes locked on his face, studying his blue eyes as he talked. The front of her skirt lifted up like it was gave her a thrill; any other time it would have made her wet just to be like that in a work area. She wasn't surprised by the promise of more punishment at home, but she wondered what he was planning now. Her shaved pussy displayed for his viewing pleasure as her now red ass had been.


"If I wasn't so disappointed in you..." Gibbs nuzzled her neck. "I would have gotten down on my knees and made the pain in your ass go away by kissing your fine pussy." He needed her to relax now, otherwise the little surprise he had in mind wasn't going to work. It was a surprise to her, but at the same time a punishment and it would make sure she remembered that she was his for the rest of the day.


She gave a small sigh as she felt his lips at her neck, tilting her head to give him more room. Abby knew he was still unhappy and she wasn't being let off, but the affection was welcome; it was a sign that even though he was disappointed, he still loved her. The image of him on his knees, pleasuring her, his mouth on her sex was enough to get her juices flowing, not that it took much; she was usually easily aroused when it had anything to do with her Master. Her tongue flickered out over lipstick-covered lips.


Gibbs moved his hand down to her pussy and started to gently rub her clit with his thumb. She was already getting wet, which was very good.


"Good girl." he told her. "Just so we're clear, you're not allowed to have an orgasm,” he continued more sternly, as he wet one finger with her juice and found his way in to her vagina; all the while still rubbing her clit with his thumb.


Her hands reflexively came up to hold onto his upper arms, as his fingers found her little nub and played with it; his words and the movement of his fingers only increased her arousal. Abby nodded her understanding, "Yes, Boss." Her voice sounded a bit gaspy even to her own ears. When the finger pushed inside she had to bite her bottom lip to stop a moan. She wouldn't be allowed to cum, this was torture. He could be such an evil man at times; which of course was why she loved him so much.


He moved the second finger inside of her, and observed the expression on her face. She was having a hard time, and he was pleased. He knew that she thought of this as torture, but oh boy, if she only knew. Gibbs couldn't help but stifle a grin. Unlike Abby, he held great control over his hormones. He especially needed to right now, because he couldn't return upstairs with a huge bulge in his trousers. "You like that, Abigail?" he muttered.


As she opened her mouth to respond, the only sound that escaped was a gasp. She took a moment to re-compose herself the best she could. "Ye-s, Boss." She gave the tiniest of keening noises as the two fingers moved inside her, he was trying to drive her crazy; it was the only explanation.


He slowly pulled his fingers out of her, knowing that she was ready, and to tease her he softly pinched her clit. "Close your eyes."


She squeaked at the pinch and let her eyes fall closed. She trusted him completely, but that didn't mean she wasn't nervous as anything closing her eyes on him, knowing there were so man different things he could have taken from the box.


Retrieving the plug from his pocket, he wet it with his own saliva, before gently pushing it inside her pussy. She jumped a little in response to being filled and made strange muted moans, which didn't surprise him. "Don't cum." he warned her.


She whimpered at the added instruction as the plug settled inside her pussy. No coming; she had to hold off, take deep breaths, eyes squeezed closed as she backed herself away from the metaphorical edge. Abby could handle it: she'd handled worse.


He wasn't going to let her feel what this plug could do, not yet at least. It would come as a total surprise. He made her step back in to her underwear, mostly because he didn't want to run the risk of the plug falling out when Abby had other people in her lab. Things could get messy if that would happen.


"Open your eyes, look at me!" he lifted up her chin with his index finger and looked at her. Her usual pale cheeks looked flushed with red, her breathing had picked up a little more pace, and Gibbs knew that her heart was probably beating in her throat. This was torture. Not the spanking or the words prior to the spanking, but the plug, and the instruction not to come.


Abby's eyes fluttered open; her panties back in place and the skirt had been freed to hang as it was intended. She felt hot all over and it didn't help to look into those piercing blue eyes that could always make her melt.


"We've got work to do." Gibbs said calmly. "You're going to go back and finish processing those bloodspatters, and call me when you're done doing so. I will come down to the lab and hear you out." He spoke slowly, to make sure every word he said would be heard and understood. "Whatever you do, don't cum." He didn't really like to go cold turkey like this, he usually wanted to continue, but he knew that this was in fact the ultimate punishment. Abby would be hot and on the edge for most of the time, without the opportunity to reach climax.


He turned around to lock the box again, so Abby couldn't see what he’d taken, and then turned back to her. "When I leave this lab, I want you to call McGee down and then tell him off, set things straight. You're mine, don't ever forget that."


She nodded her understanding to everything Gibbs said. It was going to be a real test of skill and concentration to work with the plug in, but she'd done it before; granted it had been a long time ago and she'd been allowed to cum then. She didn't know what she was going to say to McGee, she had to make sure he knew she wasn't interested in him like that.


She picked up her lab coat and slid it on, waiting for him to go first and give the all clear before she followed. Every step she took caused the plug to move inside her and she bit her lip. She pushed the white sleeves up to her elbows, ready to get back to it.


Gibbs smiled, and nodded. "See you soon, pretty girl." he softly patted her cheek. "Wait until this song is over before you come out of the cupboard." He turned, pushed open the door and left her standing there as he closed the door on her. When he rode the elevator back upstairs, he felt a little less angry with Abby than he’d been before he’d gone to her, but if she believed that he was done with her, then she was wrong.


She swallowed and nodded, "Yes, Boss." Watching him go, she stayed where she was until the song that was blaring out faded away, her sex was already aching with need, they had hours of work left and she was going to die of arousal. Abby had eased herself out of the cupboard, tightening a pigtail as she went and returned to her work.


Chapter 2


It was hard to focus with the plug in her pussy, her butt still stinging from the spanking, and Abby had to work extra hard at ensuring she didn't make any mistakes. It was probably a good exercise for her, she was more diligent than usual and she considered that she had probably become relaxed and complacent with her work.

She eventually managed to lose herself in the music and work, her hips started to move to the tunes and shifted the plug inside her, it pulled her up short with a whimper. Time passed so slowly when she was in that constant state of arousal.


As she hadn't called to tell him that she was done with the bloodspatter, Gibbs decided to check it out himself, and took McGee and DiNozzo with him. DiNozzo wondered out loud why Gibbs hadn't bought Abby a Caf-Pow! when he’d bought coffee for himself. Gibbs answered sternly, that he didn't need to buy a drink for Abby every time he went down to see her.


After he entered the lab, followed by his two Agents, he turned down the music. "Abby?"


She span around to face him, a little disappointed that he wasn't alone but at the same time relieved that he didn't look angry anymore. "Hey, Gibbs... guys." She bounced slightly, just about managing to stop herself from going weak-kneed as the action stirred things up again.


"I was just about to call... this spatter was like a puzzle." her hands came up to emphasise her point. "Three different kinds: the high velocity from the blunt force trauma, radiating out..." She looked at blank faces as she’d started to indicate the pattern with her hand sand sighed. "He was struck hard on the back of the head, would have incapacitated him instantly, if not killed him,” She pointed to the rough area at the back of her own head, “the rest belongs to another donor, because they're low velocity and some are directional droplets not spray; inconsistent with our vic’s injuries. Our vic either injured his attacker or there's a second vic." She concluded.


She had drawn a map on the computer using the scene photo's and diagrams that Tony had made. Abby could tell them the exact movements through the scene. But she decided she'd babbled enough for now.


"You don't have the results yet?" DiNozzo pinched in, his voice sounded surprised. Gibbs looked at DiNozzo approvingly, and then looked back to Abby. "Well?" he echo-ed. Waiting until she’d started to talk again before flipping the controls on the remote in his pocket.


"Tony, Tony... y'know..." She paused as a deep vibration started up from the plug and she had to put her hand out on the counter as casually as she could, and tried to keep her voice as light and chirpy as usual. "It doesn't go that fast. I can't make it go any faster than it does." Abby stopped and took a deep shuddering breath as she fought down a moan. "I did however do a blood grouping on it. Our vic is AB pos…our second donor… O neg; should narrow it down for you."


Oh god, the man was pure evil, if she'd thought he was trying to drive her crazy before she was almost certain of it now. Maybe he was trying to push her to the point where she dropped to her knees and begged him in front of the others. No! He didn't work like that and he had already said he didn't want the others knowing.


"Abby, are you okay?" McGee asked, worried.


Gibbs fought the urge to slap his junior agent upside the back of his head. He knew that Abby hadn't told McGee yet that the date was off, otherwise McGee would have been sulking upstairs. He did, however, like the reaction of Abby to the plug, he could see that she fought every feeling just to try to come across as Regular Abby.


He let go of the remote control, and decided to sign her the question. ~Did you tell McGee yet? If not, tell him now.~ He smirked. She was almost on that edge again, and she couldn't do a thing about it, not with DiNozzo and McGee around.


Abby nodded, "I'm fine, McGee." She deliberately used his last name not the first, as that was just too familiar right now. She followed Gibbs' signed question and signed back, ~sorry, no… I was busy with work, Master~. Adding to herself that she'd been equally busy trying not to come at the same time


She took a moment, turning to move samples around on the desk as a way of composing herself, before turning back to the younger agent. "McGee, I know I said I'd go for a drink with you, but, well I can't... you see, the thing is I didn't realise what you meant and… well, I'm in a relationship." Subtext: I belong to your boss!


Gibbs was pleased with the way Abby told McGee off, but McGee looked extremely puzzled.


"You never said anything about being in a relationship, Abby!" he whined.


"You know, it’s rude to talk with your hands." DiNozzo stated, belatedly which was followed by a quick slap around the back of his head. "Sorry boss." DiNozzo winced.


"Yeah, I know, the thing is… you're a workmate and I didn't realise you were asking me *out* out." She tried to look apologetic, but it was hard with the pleasure the plug was causing her.


"You flirted with me, Abs." McGee started again.


An internal panic started to rise up, she had? But, damn she flirted with everyone, didn’t she? "I flirt with Tony, McGee, it doesn't mean I want to go on a date with him." She crinkled her nose up.


“Hey…what’s wrong with going on a date with me?” Tony chimed in.


"Stop the domestics, will you." Gibbs barked. "O negative blood?" he repeated Abby's words.


"DiNozzo, try to find someone in the Petty Officer's surroundings who’s O negative. McGee, I want you to go back to the crime scene with Ziva and try to find something we over looked. I'll be with Ducky." he turned on the plug again. "And Abby, you better work harder." he growled.


She had felt the familiar flutter as he used that tone with them, the one that could make her melt. Then the plug was vibrating again and she tried to cover up her squeak with a cough as she gripped the bench. "Working as hard as I can, Gibbs." She tried to sound as light and innocent as she could. 'Just Abby... nothing going on here, just me... no one is turning me on so much I want to scream - honest.'


McGee had a smirk on his face that Gibbs didn't like. "You're fantasizing!" he pointed out. This time, Gibbs did slap the back of his head, quite hard too.


"I thought I gave you two an order. Go!" he barked and saw how McGee and DiNozzo nearly ran out of Abby's lab.


Abby watched them go before turning and pressing her face into her palms. The buzzing making her breath catch in her chest.


Gibbs made sure that no one was around when he walked towards Abby, invading her personal space. He leaned a little in to her from behind and whispered in her ear. "Don't cum." his voice was soft and low. "Remember that." with his back turned towards one of the camera's he felt safe enough to slide a hand under her skirt and took one of the butt cheeks in his hand. "Do they still hurt, pretty girl?" he asked, teasingly.


She nodded at his words, how could she possibly forget that she wasn't to cum. Fingers slid up under her skirt and the illicit nature of it was almost enough to make her lose what little control she had left. Abby was treading a very fine line.


It didn't hurt, not really, there was a little residual heat but it wasn't painful, not by comparison to what he'd put her through in the past. "Not really, Boss." She admitted, with a little shake of her head; almost sad that they didn't.


With minimum space to slap her ass one last time because of the camera, he slapped her again, hard. He was used to having barely any space left because of the head slaps he gave his junior agents…and his senior one.


"Work." he growled. "You better have some results by the time I get back." he switched off the vibrating plug again. "If you need to use the little girl’s room, I want you to ask me first."


She sagged slightly as the buzzing was switched off, the ghost of it still made her pussy tingle though. She nodded at his orders, "Yes, Boss." She was going to be a mess by home time.


He took a few steps back and nodded. "Good girl. Get back to work."


He walked out of Abby's lab and went down to see Ducky, to find out if he had anything new to tell him. The force with which the Petty Officer’s brains had been bashed in with would probably amaze Ducky, either that or he'd try to stop Palmer from digressing from the subject. Sometimes he thought that Palmer deserved a good spanking, but Gibbs wasn't the one to give it. Maybe he should ask DiNozzo to take Palmer out.


Chapter 3


Abby went back to work, trying to act like nothing was going on, even as her insides were beginning to feel sore from the prolonged arousal. She kept looking at the clock on the wall, unable to stop herself from watching time pass so slowly. She’d been going an hour, carrying out tests on the swabs taken of the blood and running a tox screen on the PO's blood. The urge for the bathroom had been gradually growing stronger, but she'd been putting it off. She drank too much Caf-Pow; it always had this effect on her.

She chewed her lip and stared at the phone a minute before picking it up and hitting the speed-dial button to her Master's cell.


Gibbs looked at the caller ID of his cell phone. It was Abby. He had been on his way in to see the Director, but stayed outside to answer the call from his girl. "Gibbs." he answered as normal as usual.


"Master, I... please may I use the bathroom?" She asked, clutching the phone close to her ear and looking round to make sure she wasn't overheard.


Gibbs couldn't help but smile and started to take the stairs down. "Go to the one near Autopsy, wait for me there." He was not allowing her to take the plug out herself, even though he trusted her enough that she would put it back in, but he wasn't going to let her have that freedom. He chose the bathroom near Autopsy because that one wasn't used a lot. It was far away enough from Autopsy so Ducky and Palmer wouldn't hear them.


"Yes, Master." She replied, and then hung up. She took her lab coat off and headed for the elevator. Thank god she'd gotten over her phobia. Abby reached the bathroom and went inside to wait for him. She wasn't sure why he wanted to come down, it wasn’t like he hadn’t trusted her in the past, perhaps it was a control issue; reaffirming that she was his property and she couldn’t do anything if he didn’t let her. That thought made her shiver, there was never any doubt in her mind, but it was always good when he reasserted it.


He’d taken the stairs instead of the elevator and made sure that Ducky and Palmer were busy before entering the bathroom. "It's safe, pretty girl." Gibbs told her when he spotted her. Her cheeks looked flushed. He was wondering if he should turn on the plug once more, to make her squirm, before he'd allow her to go. He pulled the remote control out of his pocket and smiled as he waved it in front of her nose.


She smiled at him, pleased to see him despite the reason for it. She almost fell to her knees at his feet when he told her it was safe but she restrained herself. Abby's eyes fell on the remote that she'd logically known he had. Her tongue swiped over painted lips and her eyes came up to meet his, unable to let the whimper that had been building up for the last few hours.


He advanced on her, making her back up against the wall, and started to nuzzle her neck while he switched on the plug again. He wanted to kiss her, hard, but he didn't. This was still all about punishment, and he liked to see his beautiful girl having a hard time. "You didn't think I'd let you go to the bathroom that easily, did you?" he muttered.

Abby whimpered again, back pressed against the wall, the vibrations once again making her breath catch. She shook her head, no, she didn't; things with Gibbs were rarely easy because she so often unintentionally messed up.


"Please... Master." She really thought she might die from this, wondered if it was a possibility... if anyone ever had; she'd have to do some research.


"You're a mess, aren't you?" he continued. His hands slid under her skirt and he slowly removed her underwear. "You want to cum, don't you?" He let her step out of her underwear and he slid his hands up her legs back to her pussy.


She whimpered and nodded her reply as she stepped out of the soaked panties. She was a mess, and she did want to cum, and she was fairly sure her chances of being allowed to were somewhere between zero and non-existent. She gasped at his fingers on her overheated sex.


"You're all wet and ready." Gibbs went down on his knees. "You probably want me to take you here and now, don't you?" He put the front of her skirt between her belt and stomach again and slowly removed the vibrating plug.


She whimpered at his words and the plug being pulled out, as it sent more waves of pleasure surging through her. "Please, Master... I'm going crazy... please, I'll do anything you want." Her voice pleaded, she would do anything for some relief.


"Oh I know you will do anything I want." Gibbs couldn't help but grin a bit. He started to lick her sex clean of her juice: first the outside, and slowly moving inside towards her clit and down towards her lips. She tasted fantastic, he could taste that she was right on the edge, he could taste her desperation and it amused him, and to be totally honest with himself, it aroused him too - which was unfortunate.


Her hands came to rest on his shoulders for stability; Abby didn't trust her legs to hold her up once he started to lap at her labia. She was shuddering with arousal and so close to losing control. "Please, oh god, Master, you're going to kill me."


"No, I'm not." Gibbs growled and got up. He stroked her cheek with his hand and kissed her on her nose. "Go to the toilet, and wipe yourself clean after you're done."


He had to be careful not to let her get weak in the knees as she still had to walk on those high heels for at least 2 or 3 hours, it depended on how long his team took to come up with something substantial in the case. He still had to talk with Jenny Sheppard, because she knew more than she was saying and he wanted to know why. He decided he would clean the plug with ice-cold water from the tap; it would give it a new sensation even if it would only last for just a few moments. He held it under the flow of water, as it grew colder the longer the tap ran.


Abby had nodded mutely, wanting to whine but knowing that wouldn't do her any good at all, in fact it would only make it worse. So, she’d carefully made her way into the stall and left it unlocked; she wasn't allowed to lock doors on her Master.


It took a few tries, she was so aroused it was difficult to pee; it ended up coming out in an interrupted flow of fits and spurts. When she was done it was with great relief, cleaning herself up she straightened her skirt and flushed before opening the door. She gave Gibbs a weak smile.


"Why did you straighten your skirt?" Gibbs was still holding the plug under the cold water. "You think I'm done with you?" he growled. "Back against the wall, spread your legs." he turned the water off and didn't bother to dry off the plug, but gave it a little shake to get rid of the excess water.


Abby's eyes widened, it hadn't even occurred to her, it was just a natural action after going to the toilet. Damn, she was just racking them up today. She moved back to where she'd been before and spread her legs wide.


He moved towards her, and put the skirt back where he’d left it before she’d gone to the toilet. "You're forgetful, Abs." he said, disapprovingly. "You seem to be forgetting a lot of things today, don't you?" He stared her coldly in the eyes. "I'm going to make sure you'll remember all of our rules tonight. I'm going to teach you to pay attention,” he snarled at her. "You're being a very bad sub today."


She swallowed hard; not one that was usually prone to blushing, his chastisement brought a red stain to her normally pale cheeks. She didn't like being a disappointment to him. Abby knew there was no point in apologising, she'd been told that before, no room for sorry just do better next time. She lowered her eyes submissively.


Without warning, Gibbs pushed two fingers inside of her, feeling that she was still hot and ready. He pressed his thumb against her clit, never removing his eyes from her face, and not moving any muscle in his stoic face either. He was planning on driving her even crazier, before putting the cold plug back where it was before. "Yeah, you know you've been wrong." Gibbs affirmed. "My precious Abs." he said in a low voice, pushing his fingers even deeper into her vagina.


Abby muffled her cry, if this had been for fun he would love to hear the sound of her begging and pleading, but it was punishment and she wasn't stupid enough to push her luck any further. She had some how managed to get herself in so much trouble in just one day and it was snowballing, the best - the only - thing to do was endure his punishment and ride it out. She gave a small squeak when his fingers pushed even deeper. He'd once threatened her with fisting; he'd never done it but she would never put it past him to bring it back up.


"You have no idea what I'm going to do with you when we get home, do you?" he whispered in her ear. He continued to massage her clit until he felt Abby nearly buckle at the knees. He stopped just in time for her to stop herself and pulled out his fingers.


He knew that he was going to make her fall apart one way or the other when they got home. If she behaved, he'd even let her cum. He liked having his Abby right there on the edge, and often made her stay on the edge for a long time, but that only happened for fun, usually. This was the very first time that he kept her like this for so long at work, and it was the perfect punishment, for now. Since the plug was still wet from the cold water, he decided not to waste any more time and pushed it up her vagina. He didn't bother about easing it in; she was already in such discomfort that it no would no longer make any difference anyway.


Gibbs had stopped just in time and she was still feeling weak, she barely had time to recover from his fingers being removed, before he was pushing the cold plug inside. Abby whimpered, softly and grabbed his arm for balance, her boots could prove a hazard in her state; she was almost on the verge of delirium with the pleasure. God only knew what her evil-minded Master had planned for when they got home. The coldness of the plug inside her only made things worse. She was dropping quickly and deeply into subspace and she doubted that was a good thing while at work, how she was going to get anything done was beyond her.


He placed his hands on her shoulders and kept her on her feet. "I was going to make you stay at work for at least another two hours, but you can't work now, can you?" he asked sweetly while he looked at her. He wasn't teasing; he was punishing her, but he had actually taken it a little too far at work, and he knew it. "Abby?"

Her eyes came up to look at him, pupils dilated and just a little vacant, she wasn't all the way gone yet, she still knew her name, but it wouldn't take a great deal more to push her the rest of the way. "Master?"


"Abby, do you want to go home?" He asked patiently, while he let go of her briefly just to pick up her underwear from the floor and put it in his pocket. He caught her in time before she stumbled and fell.


"Samples." She shook her head trying to clear the fog, "I was running some samples." She told him, it wasn't an answer. She frowned, "Yes." Any work she did now would be worthless; actually worse than that, it could be a major screw up. Had Gibbs really just put her panties in his pocket, wow. She felt so exposed and open the plug inside her and skirt tucked up like that. She hoped he would let her straighten it before they left the bathroom.


The ex-marine straightened her skirt and flipped his cell-phone open to call DiNozzo and tell him that he was taking Abby home, as she had thrown up in the bathroom. DiNozzo would believe it instantly after Abby's weird behaviour in the lab.


Abby wondered if he was developing mind reading powers as he untucked her skirt and straightened it for her. She smiled at him; if anyone saw her they'd think she was drunk or high. Damn, she hoped no one saw them.


He put an arm around her and directed her towards the door into the hallway. It was better for her to be in subspace at home rather than at work. He didn't want her to screw up her work and his case because he’d pushed her too far. Maybe it was best for them to eat something too, before they continued this at home. He couldn't remember when the last time was that he had eaten something, and to the best of his knowledge, Abby hadn't eaten lunch either. That could make the evening he had in mind for her very short. But first, he needed to get her in safe environment: home.


She leaned against him as he put his arm around her, every step made the plug rub inside her and she had to fight the urge to moan. They were back in hallway now; they had to be careful. She listened to him talking to Tony on the phone, and realised that was her cue to act ill; she could do that.


When they got to the car he helped her into the passenger side, he climbed in to the driver’s seat and discreetly leant over and got rid of the plug to allow her to sit more comfortably. He needed to be careful with her, he wasn't feeling too sure about him driving while she was sat on her own even next to him. He had to drive carefully, as he put an arm around her and made her head rest on his shoulder. He was glad that she wasn't too deep in subspace yet, she didn't speak incoherently, but he knew that it wouldn't take much for her to get there, completely. He decided to behave himself, but he still refused to give her the order to cum.


Abby let him take care of her, she trusted him to know what was best. It was lucky he'd seen how deep she was falling when he did or he'd have had to carry her out over his shoulder; he probably could too. She whimpered slightly when he pulled the plug out, but was happy to lean against him in the car. The drive home couldn't go quick enough for her.


Chapter 4


Gibbs helped Abby out of the car when they arrived home and put an arm around her, while he directed her towards the front door.


"Are you hungry?" he asked, sweetly as he opened the door and gently led her inside. Even though they were safe within the walls of his house, he still wanted to make sure that the upcoming evening would stay safe. Being dehydrated and hungry meant that it wasn't safe, sure, a little appetite wasn't a problem, but Gibbs had felt his stomach protest after so much coffee and hoped that he still had some leftovers in the fridge that they could use. "Are you thirsty?"


"A bit, Master. Sandwich or something?" She felt him directing her through the house; it was good to feel so taken care of. Usually, she tried to be the one who did things like making food and fetching drinks, but it seemed like he doubted she was up to it, so she wasn’t going to protest.


She was so hyper aroused, there was little chance she was going to come back up until she'd cum, she'd never been down like this when they weren't in a full on scene and it was a trippy feeling. She was tempted to declare, 'wow, cool.' He would have to strip her away, take her all the way down, before he could piece her back together again, with the state she was in now.


"No sandwich... that's too light." Gibbs replied while he looked in the fridge. "Sit, Abby," he told her more sternly. He was slowly going to have to build everything up again. Abby sounded like she knew what she was talking about again, and that was a good sign, but she was still quite vague and dependent on him.


"What about Ducky's famous stuffed duck?" he inquired.


He didn't want to explain how Ducky's duck was sitting in the fridge. The medical examiner had come over when Abby wasn't around, with the duck and a bottle of bourbon, and they’d ended up talking about Gibbs' boat and Ducky's mother all night long, without even touching the duck; just like old times. Gibbs didn't want Abby to feel left out so he hadn’t told her, but the duck was really the only thing in his fridge with any substance to it.


She sat, fortunately there was a chair there for her butt to connect with or she would have been on the floor. "Ducky's duck?" For some reason that was enough to make her giggle. She didn't even know if she liked duck but she would try it. "Sure, coffee?"


"Yeah, Ducky's duck." Gibbs chuckled and put the bird in the microwave. He had done it before, so he knew that it would be ok.


"You stay put." he gestured to her to make sure she understood. He took two glasses from a half empty cupboard and poured some iced tea in them. "No coffee." he replied, he knew that coffee was one of the drinks that dehydrated a person, and that wasn't a good idea in her current state.


She gave a small salute at his order to stay. Abby was surprised though at Gibbs deciding against coffee. The caffeine could have given her a lift. She sat and waited for him, she wasn't going to get herself in any more trouble today.


He set down the glass in front of her. "Maybe later, just not now." he stroked her hair for a moment. "You've had enough caffeine." He turned around again and placed some plates and cutlery on the table.


"How are you feeling, Abby?" God, he realised he must have been very worried about her, just to ask her that.


She rubbed at her temples; she was feeling a little fuzzy. "Not too shiny."


"You'll feel better after eating something. Drink your iced tea." He took a sip of it himself, and rather wished it was coffee, but it wouldn't be fair to drink coffee in front of a girl who handled caffeine differently than he did. When the microwave pinged, he set the stuffed duck on the table, sliced it into a reasonable size and put two slices on Abby's plate.


Abby took a drink of the iced tea, it wasn't that it was unpleasant, but it wasn't coffee and it wasn't Caf-Pow. The duck smelt good, she started to eat and gave a small moan at the rich taste. She wasn’t really in the mood to eat it all but knowing that it wasn't a point to be discussed, she did her best. She was quiet, not like her usual self, it could be from being down so far in her subspace or the fact that she was in trouble, she wasn't really aware that she was acting any differently though.


Gibbs wondered if he needed to call it a night and spoil her by making her relax on the bed without any further punishment or play, but then again, it had to be gotten out of the way and Abby hadn't used the safe word. He even wondered if she still remembered the safe word. "Abby?" he touched her arm. "What's the safeword?"


Safeword, she had one, there was a pause while the brain messenger ran around looking for the answer, before she triumphantly answered with a smile, "Penguin."


"Good girl." he stroked her cheek. "You know when to use it, don't you?" he took a bite of the duck, and observed her. She wasn't entirely present, which was his fault.

Abby nodded, "Yes, Master." It had been a long time since she had used her Safeword… since she'd needed it. Usually, he was so good at judging what she needed, often before she knew herself.


"Good." he finished eating before her, and drank his drink after that. He was sure as hell feeling a lot better, and Abby looked more alert. He waited for her to finish her plate and empty her glass before giving her an order. "Go upstairs and strip." he told her. "Make sure you're ready when I come for you."


She'd only just set her cutlery down when he gave her the order, she was a little surprised at the sudden change around, but he had to know what he was doing. She was eager to obey, to make up for messing up so badly with McGee. Abby pushed back from the table and gave him a smile before heading up the stairs.


She reached the playroom, guessing that was where he meant her to wait. She unzipped her boots and pulled them off, placing them by the door, next she unbuttoned her black short-sleeved shirt and slipped it down her arms folding it and placing it on the small shelf that was there just for that reason. She unbuttoned her skirt and slid it down her slim hips, folding it and placing it on top of her blouse. Finally, she unclasped the front fastening bra and placed that on the top. Abby went to the centre of the room and sank to her knees to wait in the expected position: on her knees, her thighs spread, bottom resting on her heels with her back straight. Her hands behind her back one clasping the other wrist, and her head lowered slightly.


Gibbs cleaned the table and put the dishes in the sink. He'd deal with them later, probably early in the morning. Even though he could make Abby wait as long as he wanted, he decided that a ten-minute wait was enough. He needed to punish her, but that didn't mean that he'd let his girl and her muscles get cramped up. He took the stairs and decided to observe her from the doorway of the playroom first. She looked pretty, beautiful, hot. The fact that she knew she had been wrong could be read from her posture, even the way here head was bowed so she wasn't facing him.


"Tell me Abby, what did you do wrong today?" He asked without moving into the room. He knew, but he wanted to make sure that she knew too.


Abby didn't look up when she was addressed; the time on her own had put her deeper into the headspace, and had given her time to centre herself. She was as submissive as she got, but perfectly coherent.


"I failed to recognise McGee's attentions and by doing so agreed to a situation where he believed we were going on a date and I never asked your permission before I gave him my answer, leading to a misunderstanding and him to believe that I'm available when I'm not." She paused and took a breath, "I wore underwear when you told me not to. And I straightened my skirt before you gave me permission to, Master." She was fairly sure that covered them all.


He walked into the room while she was talking, and took a black blindfold from one of the shelves in the playroom. "Good girl."


He had to admit, she had an amazing memory. And her being coherent made playing and punishing feel a lot safer too.


"Close your eyes." he was standing behind her, ready to put the blindfold on. He wanted to make this feel as intense as possible, and even while he was certain that he could take her so high without the blind fold, he still didn't want her to see what he was doing, taking or whatever he was planning to do. He put the blindfold over her head and adjusted it tight enough on the back of her head.


She closed her eyes when directed and felt the material slip over them.


"You made another mistake today, pretty girl." he lowered his voice. "By forgetting to ask my permission to go out with McGee, you made me feel like you've forgotten who you belong to."


"Master...No, I could never forget that I belong to you." Abby had asked him once to allow her to get his tattoo on her body, he had told her he would tell her when he thought she was ready and she had known better than to ask again.


"Is that true, baby girl?" Gibbs moved away from her, but kept an eye on her. He wanted to see her, her body language, her beautiful pale skin covered with all her tattoos.

"What if someone else, for example, someone like Tony, could make you feel more and better than I can?" He knew that wasn't the case, even though Gibbs had chosen her, he had given her 3 sessions to decide whether she wanted to stay and be his sub and lover or not, and she stayed. It had been her own choice; still, he knew that she would feel hurt because he asked her that question. "Someone younger than me, someone from around your own age? A young blonde stud with blue eyes and muscles that can be seen from underneath his tight shirt?"


"Its the truth, Master." Abby told him. As he continued to talk, she shook her head emphatically, why would he even ask her that, "I'm yours Master, I belong to you. I don't want to be with anyone else." Her voice cracked slightly at the very idea of it. The thought of waking up in the morning and not having him there was almost unbearable; it made her heart ache.


Gibbs smiled. He took his favourite riding crop from the nearest shelf and started to circle her without really making any sound with the whip. She could hear him walk around her, hear his breathing, but that was it. She didn't know what he was holding and that felt good. He noted the bench in the corner and thought that it would be a good idea to help her up and get her on that bench so he could have her nice firm ass in sight. He had spanked her at work, he knew that, but he had given her a choice then, and now she wasn't getting one.


"What would you do, if I left you blind folded inside the play room, cuffed to one of the pipes, and sent McGee in? Would you know the difference?"


She sucked in a breath at his words. "Always." Abby believed that she could pick her Master's touch out from a hundred others, every time. He could possess her with a brush of his fingers, because he* knew that she was his and it echoed in everything he did and said.


Gibbs grinned deviously. He put the whip down near the bench and grabbed a pair of latex gloves from his pocket; he always carried them with him, as he often needed them for work. He slipped the gloves on his hands, making sure she heard that.


"Alright, Tony, get her on her feet." he ordered to no one in particular and helped Abby up. What would she do? Scream? She could scream as loud as she wanted or needed. Curse? That would be fun.


Abby frowned, wondering what he was doing, her head raised despite the blindfold trying to hear more acutely, to feel... She hadn't felt or heard anyone else in the room; Tony was at work and could never keep quiet for that long… besides, Gibbs wouldn't... would he? Hands helped her to her feet, latex-covered. No… he wouldn't, not when he was punishing her, maybe for fun, but not now. She kept her triumphant feelings inside. "Master." She murmured, fondly. Damn, but she loved this man.


Gibbs chuckled and smiled widely while he stroked her hair with one hand. "You really think I'd let Tony come and play while you've been a bad girl?" he directed her to the bench, and carefully helped her to kneel down.


She shook her head, pigtails swinging lightly, "No Master, I know you wouldn't." Because, they'd both enjoy it too much for it to be a punishment.


He got rid of the gloves by idly tossing them somewhere he would find them later to throw them out, and then started to pull the ribbons out of Abby's hair. He stroked her long black hair for a moment and put his hand on her back. He gently pushed her forward so her upper body would rest on the small velvet bench.


Abby felt his hands guiding her and she followed their silent instruction, kneeling and bending over the bench, her butt pushed up in the air. It felt odd with her hair out the pigtails, but she knew he liked to run his fingers through it; personally, she liked it when he tugged on one. She settled herself as comfortably as she could and waited, hoping that if he was going to spank or flog her, he would be kind enough to restrain her.


He reached towards a shelf and took two thin black strands of silk. They had played with rope before, but Abby's skin was so sensitive that the normal rope actually cracked her skin badly and she’d had to wear special moisturized bandages around her wrist for several days. Gibbs then realised, that by using silk, he could restrain her, make her feel uncomfortable and yet make sure she wouldn't get badly hurt, by using fabric that looked pretty on her too. He went down on his knees and secured her wrists first: each wrist to one leg of the little bench. Gibbs stayed quiet when he turned around and gently spread her legs so he could secure her long sexy limbs to the other legs of the bench. "Look how pretty." Gibbs licked his lips and softly caressed her butt. "But it's going to look even better."


Abby gave a soft moan as she felt the silk caress her skin, and then he expertly tied it. He knew the right way, the knot wouldn't slip or tighten and he could pull it free with a single tug; she often wondered if it was something he'd picked up in the Marines. She shivered as the air tickled her smooth hairless sex where he'd spread her legs. Fingers caressed her flesh and she let herself fall; she was in his hands now and she was safe.


"How many times did I spank you with my hand this afternoon, girl?" Gibbs slowly got up and reached for the crop again. He knew he had spanked her eleven times in a row, and then one more in her lab when Tony and McGee were out of sight. He just wondered if she remembered; if she did, he'd whip her twelve times…if she didn't remember, he'd think of something else.


She tried to remember, but Abby wasn't sure if it was eleven or twelve, her brow creased, but it was impossible to count after the fact. She applied logic, eleven was an odd number for him to spank her in one go, so she went with: ten in the cupboard and one in the lab, "Eleven?"


"Close enough." Gibbs muttered. "I want you to count the times the crop lands on your beautiful ass." He knew Abby could take a lot, but he was slightly more careful with her after what had happened earlier that day. It had worried him, and in the back of his mind he still was afraid that something might happen again. This was very unlike him, but it was also a reminder for himself that he should have behaved at work and should have waited until they were home.


Twenty was a good number; he'd start softly so she could get used to the whip, and then build it up. He never went full force with the whip; he’d experienced first hand that whipping on full strength was a really bad idea unless it was using one far less nasty than the one he was going to use now.


"Think you can do that? If you fail, we have to start all over again."


"Yes, Master. Out loud or in my head?" She asked to clarify.


"Out loud." Gibbs replied with a low voice, half muttering.


It was harder to count out loud, his punishments were usually like that, it stopped her from being able to enjoy it as much, stopped her from reaching full subspace.


Gibbs stroked her ass first with the rectangle of leather at the end of the crop, before making his first strike. He wanted to see the pretty pale ass turn red. When he thought she was ready, he slowly lifted up his arm and brought it down on her ass.


Abby prepared herself for the strike, using the way he stroked it over her skin and then when it was pulled back, to anticipate when it would fall, but she didn't know if he would use the crop as a cane or with just the tip. The first fall was soft and she counted, "One!"


He decided that by the time she counted to five he was going to whip her a little harder. He thought she looked absolutely beautiful the way she was laying on the bench, tied up, naked. He wondered how long it'd take this time before her voice started to squeak.


The crop continued to fall, and by six it had increased in intensity, if it wasn't punishment then she would be enjoying it; but it wasn't and she wasn't supposed to. She continued to call out the count. It was as he reached ten that it started to make her voice crack; each strike had increased incrementally. She was wet; being spanked or whipped always had that effect on her, but the difference was psychological, although physically her body was still processing it as a sexual event, her mind processed it as having let him down. It made her breathing hitch: disappointing him to the point where he punished her had been known to make her cry and Abby wondered if this would be one of them times, as the knots tied themselves up in her stomach.


By the time she counted to twenty, Gibbs was aware that she had an internal struggle going on. He got down on his knees and put the crop beside him. He softly started to caress the red-hot flesh of her ass. Usually, he'd whip her more, but with the twelve spanks at work and now twenty strokes at home he decided that it was enough - until he saw signs of her ass turning pale again; then he might consider retrieving it and give her ten more. He noted that she was wet, but decided to ignore that for now.


He slid his hand upwards onto the small of her back, tracing the big black cross with his index finger. He knew it made Abby go crazy without the blindfold; he was wondering how it felt with the blindfold on. While he was stroking the cross, he looked around in the room to see what would be next, and then he remembered that he had ice in his freezer.


Abby's eyes were wet under the blindfold by the time he set the crop down and hands started to slide over here heated flesh. She moaned from the flash of stinging pleasure that the touch caused. She felt him tracing over her tattoo and shivered, the skin marked by the large cross usually was more sensitive to touch, something she still couldn't totally understand. She squirmed under his touch, wanting to feel his hands moving all over her, soothing her. It never ceased to amaze her that her threshold was lower for a punishment than it was when it was for fun; she could take so much more when they were just playing... and had even cum just from being flogged before.


"Don't move." Gibbs ordered her as he got up. "I need to get something." He put his hand on her head and softly pushed on it to make sure she got the message.


He left the room, and turned around to watch her from a distance. He knew, that if he was to get her on her feet now, that it wouldn't take much for her knees to buckle, and decided that the bench would do. He'd even turn her over and tie her up while she was laying on her back when he was done with her back side. He knew there were so many things he could do to punish her, things they usually did for pleasure, especially now her body reacted as if it was pleasure and he was sure that her head wasn't reacting like that at all; but he’d be careful, he didn’t want to spoil it for when they where having fun. He slowly moved away and made his way down the stairs towards the kitchen.


She wasn't sure where he thought she was going to go when she'd been tied by his expert hands, but either way, the fall of the crop was still reverberating through her and she was quite happy to remain where she was and enjoy the aftershocks. She heard him leave the room and her breath hitched in a sob; he'd only gone for something, but he'd left her alone and that wasn't an easy thing for her to deal with in her current state. Abby wondered how long the punishment would last for, she'd been pretty bad after all.


Gibbs did what he did best. He had the ice in a small container, and had snuck up on her. He was glad that he had fixed the stairs so they weren't creaking anymore every time someone walked on it. Tony hated it when he did it at work, McGee too, and it came in handy for Abby's lab; he was good with the stealthiness. He was close to bursting out in giggles; he felt like a little schoolboy planning to do something bad - even Gibbs had his off moments. When he saw Abby was still lying there, it was not like she could remove the restraints herself, he almost felt bad for what he was going to do. He quietly took a cube of ice out of the container and placed it on her hot ass.


Abby jerked and screamed in shock, anyone would think she'd just been shot from the sound that she let out. Her whole body had reacted and pulled at the restraints, twisting to try and get away from whatever that was. Gibbs could be a cruel bastard sometimes; just when had he actually come back, had he even ever left?


"Master?" She gasped out, her body finally providing her with the possibilities of what had just been pressed against her flesh.


Gibbs chuckled. "Don't worry, I'm here." He had anticipated that Abby would react something like this, but the actual response was much better than he could have ever thought of. He decided to stay quiet, and put a row of ice blocks on her spine, all the way up to her neck. He had some ice left, so he planted one on each shoulder blade, on the halo of the two little stick figure tattoos.


Abby bit her lip, feeling more ice placed on her flesh; without being told, she guessed that she was meant to stay still, to keep the ice there until it melted away. It wasn't easy, she was so turned on she had an ache in her abdomen from the need for release, and the ice only added to the sensations that were flowing through her. She wanted to shudder and squirm under it; she continued to fight it, and that only made her more and more wet: he could control her body without words and with such small actions. She wondered if he understood how completely he actually owned her.


Gibbs placed the container aside and sat down on the floor near her head. "So beautiful." he muttered, as he started to caress her hair with one hand and watch the row of ice slowly melt. Her whole body was hot; he could even feel it on the skin underneath her hair. She lay absolutely still, but he knew it wasn't easy. "What's the rule about going for a drink with someone other than me, pretty girl?"


She had resorted to small shallow breaths for minimum disturbance of the ice; the hand running through her hair momentarily disturbed that with a sigh of contentment at the soothing touch. Then Abby heard his words and took just a moment to ensure that speaking wouldn't upset the balance, "I need to ask your permission first, Master."


"And why do you need to ask me permission first?" he felt that he had punished her enough, but he wouldn't tell her yet. After the ice was melted, he'd turn her around and drive her crazy. He already had something in mind. She was already nearly there, and he was hoping he'd get her as far-gone as she’d been at work, since it was safe now. Gibbs wasn't worried anymore. He had everything in control.


"Because I belong to you, Master." She replied without hesitation. The slide of icy water over her flesh as the ice melted was almost too much to keep herself from shivering; but she was insistent that she wasn't going to let him down any more in one day.


"Good girl." he planted a kiss on her head and got up. He slowly removed the remaining ice of her body and softly caressed her ass. It was still hot. He wondered how she'd react if he'd blow a little air on it.


"I'm proud of you." He told her as he got on his knees and started to blow air on her heated behind.


"Thank you, Master." She told him, meaning it from the bottom of her heart; feeling lighter to have earned his approval back. The removal of the ice was a relief and she relaxed her tight control, shuddering as she felt his breath tickling the damp flesh. Abby moaned loudly.


Gibbs smiled. She was relaxing and that was a good thing. Her back was all wet from the ice, and he decided rather than getting a towel he would lick it up himself. "I want you to remember that." he spoke softly as he moved in towards her back and started to lap up the water, tasting not only water, but also the essence that was Abby. Salty and tasting faintly of gun-powder, as she must have put her home made perfume on that day.


"Yes, Master." Abby replied, just before the touch of his tongue on her flesh made her shiver and squirm in her bonds. She moaned softly at the pleasure of his mouth on her. The intimate touches relaxing her, both physically and mentally and registering in her aching sex.


When he was done, he first untied her legs. Then he walked towards the shelves and selected a vibrator. He sure as hell was going to drive her insane. He moved back to Abby and caressed her ass again. Moving his hand downwards, towards her sex, he could feel that she was wet. He briefly touched her clit and wet his finger inside her vagina shortly before moving back towards her ass again. Abby was moaning, and she'd probably beg him for release soon, but he wasn't done yet. He pushed his wet finger into her anus and started to stretch her. "So pretty... so beautiful." Gibbs muttered.


The dark-haired beauty flexed her legs as they were released, to ease them. Fingers touching her clit made her moan and spread her legs wider. She was surprised though when, after dipping his finger in her pussy it moved back to her tiny sphincter and started to push in there: Abby gasped and moaned as it slid in and out, lubricated by her own juices. He didn't often use her ass, but that didn't mean that they didn't both enjoy it. She couldn't help but push back to meet the probing, stretching finger.


"Please, Master..." Damn, she needed to cum so badly.


Gibbs moved the vibe out of her vagina when he decided she was stretched enough from behind and started to ease the turned-off but wet vibe in to her hole. "I know Abby... whatever you do, don't cum until I tell you to."


She whimpered, knowing that she was powerless to do anything but obey his commands. There was just no way she could cum without his command; she wasn't sure when he'd managed to condition her to that but he had. The vibe easing into her ass was unexpected but pleasurable; it wasn't as good as his cock filling her though. She took deep breaths to try and keep herself under control.


Gibbs started to thrust the vibe in and out for a while, for her to get used to the feeling. He couldn't help himself, her ass was so pretty, so open and inviting, and yet he didn't want to spoil the fun. He had finally allowed himself to get turned on by her, her noises and her reactions, and his cock rubbed against the fabric of his trousers. He wanted her so badly, and maybe in a way of testing himself, he made her suffer a little while longer. He knew, that only one word would make her fall into a climax, and he was going to try to drive her even crazier before letting her. "You like that, pretty girl?" Gibbs' voice sounded low, teasing. "Would you like me to turn the vibe on?" He slowly started to caress her back with his free hand while he still thrust the vibe in and out, every thrust a little harder than the last.


Abby cried out with each thrust and groaned in response to his question, "Please Master... please... I'll do anything you want... fuck me, let me cum…please." Her voice was full of need and want, she couldn't remember ever sounding so desperate even though she knew there had been times when he'd been just as bad... if not worse; but they had been for fun not punishment. Although it seemed that was done now and they'd moved on to the fun part.


He knew she must have been on edge for at least 6 or 7 hours now. "Does that mean you can't take any more, Abby?" he teased her. "Or just not much?" he stopped thrusting into her with the vibe and pulled it out and set it aside. He crawled around on his knees and brought his face close to hers. She couldn't see him, but he could see every brilliant and beautiful detail of her flushed face. "Want me to free you from your restraints and take you to bed?" he whispered and licked her lips.


She whimpered, knowing it wasn't for her to tell him how much she could take; that was his decision, but really, she hurt so badly if she didn't cum she was going to die... that’s how she felt. "Please, Master." Abby moaned, she wanted him to fill her, possess her, she didn't care where or how... she just needed it, and she needed to cum.


He pulled on the silk and they fell away, removing her restraints and lifted her up from the bench. He walked to the bed with her and laid her on the bed on her back.

She hissed as her stinging ass came into contact but was glad for the softness she sank into and sighed contently.


"Count to twenty, slowly." He ordered her, while he started to get undressed. She deserved a little comfort after all the things he put her through today, and to be honest he’d felt something snap in his back earlier, so a bed was good. Not that she was off the hook yet.


Abby was confused by his instruction but started to do as he said, counting out loud. “One…… two……three……”


She could hear the rustle of fabric as she continued and guessed he was undressing, she sure hoped so; she wanted him so badly, it seemed like the only thing that mattered to her.


When he was naked, he crawled on to the bed and his hand started to caress its way up starting from her toes, slowly up to her knees and lingered at her inner thighs. "Beautiful girl." he planted a kiss on her stomach before he bit her softly to tease her on the same spot.


She shivered as his hand started to slide up her legs, her breath catching at the caresses and nibbles. "Eighteen...." She swallowed hard against the surge of arousal, "Nineteen....." Her hand found its way into his hair, "Twenty!" She moaned long and low, squirming.


He decided to leave her sex alone for the moment and took her breasts into his hands. He softly squeezed them, just hard enough to make it hurt a little. She was ready, her nipples were hard, and he took that as an invitation. He moved his head towards her left breast and started to play with her nipple with his mouth. Sucking it, licking it, biting it, driving her absolutely to madness.


Abby arched into his hands, moaning at the pressure of his hands squeezing her breasts. Then when the heat of his mouth covered a nipple she moaned louder, "Please, Master... oh god please..." words started to lose meaning in her head and all that mattered was the next touch, lick, bite or kiss.


"Want me to fuck you Abby?" Gibbs asked, he already knew the answer, and she probably couldn't say any sane word at this moment, but he asked. His cock was wet from pre-cum, and wouldn't have any trouble sliding in to her wet, hot and ready pussy in one thrust if he had to. Nevertheless, one hand moved down to her sex and started to massage her clit. Not that she needed that kind of stimulation anymore, but over-stimulating could be fun too.


She nodded and moaned her request in response. The frustrated girl's moans grew louder at the stimulation of her clit, her hips rocking up into his hand. She couldn't wait to feel him bury himself inside and had no idea how he'd held himself in check for so long.


He positioned himself on top of her, deciding to give her the comfort of the soft pillows and mattress and moved in to penetrate her. He didn't need to look; he was so familiar with Abby's beautiful body that he knew what to do. He decided to ease himself into her, not because she couldn't take a full thrust, just because he wanted to see his girl squirm underneath him.


"Want the blind fold off, Abs?" Gibbs asked huskily. She was gorgeous. She was his girl, and a big girl too; she had done so well in the past few hours. She was his, and his alone.


Abby nodded at his question, she wanted to see him, missed the sight of him and wanted to look at him as he pushed into her. She felt the head of his hard cock pushing into her and moaned in delight; finally! But he was taking his own sweet time about filling her with it, and if she'd been half out of her mind before she was delirious now, tossing her head from side to side in need. She needed him so badly to fill her up and ride her hard.


Gibbs got rid of the blindfold and after Abby's eyes had adjusted enough to see him again, he saw the need and desperation in her eyes; she wanted him, she wanted him hard and fast. He tried to stay in control of his own body, but after playing for so long he just couldn't help himself. His thrusts started to become harder and quicker; he was close to reaching his climax but wanted her to cum first. "Cum for me, Abby." he growled.


Looking up into his eyes, she lost herself in their blueness, as he thrust into her. She was a tightly coiled spring just waiting to snap at the right moment... from the right word, and as he drove into her with increasing pace and depth the word came and she flew apart. Abby cried out loud enough to hurt her throat as her body was racked with her orgasm, she was on fire, her flesh overheating and her abdominal muscles spasming and contracting, hips pumping up to meet his thrusts as her whole body shook with release.


"Good girl... beautiful... pretty." Gibbs muttered. He felt Abby's skin heat up even more as she was allowed to finally get release, her hips bucked and he felt her whole body shudder when the moment came. He felt every single muscle in his own body scream for release and gave in to the feeling. His breathing was distorted as he started shoot, filling her up.


Abby moaned in completion as she felt him fill her with his cum, that was the moment of ultimate glory, not just that she had cum but that he had too, and that he'd flooded her insides. Her hands gripped and slid over his heated and sweat-slicked skin. Her mind was in pieces but she knew he would hold her until he'd finished putting the pieces back together. "Love you, Master... love you." She murmured.


"I love you too, my pretty girl." Gibbs took a moment to regain his breath before he would pull out of her. If it was humanly possible, she was scattered all over the room and her brain was pretty overheated. He kissed her softly on her lips and eased his now limp cock out of her. She looked as if she was as high as a kite, and she deserved to be. He settled himself next to her and took her in his arms. "I got you Abs." he softly nuzzled her neck. "You make me feel proud." he slowly started to rock her gently.


She grinned goofily as he pulled her to him and wrapped his arms round her. He had her; he would never let go. Her dilated pupils still showed her hazy state of mind, nothing that a good long snooze in the arms of her Master wouldn't cure though. And while she slept he would rebuild her, good as new. He was proud of her, and that was so insanely important after the way she'd messed up, but she was forgiven now, it was over and there was no way she would make the same mistake again. Abby nuzzled into his neck and let her eyes slide closed, the adrenaline that she'd been riding on for hours slowly seeped away and left her exhausted.


Gibbs felt how Abby slipped into a deep sleep and made sure her breathing was normal, and her temperature was normal before he would allow himself to have a nap. He idly played with her hair after he had pulled the covers over the pair of them to ensure that she wouldn't cool off to rapidly. Finally satisfied that she was fine, he closed his own eyes and drifted off into a sleep that was light enough that he could still keep an eye on her, hear her moan in her sleep, hear her breathe. She was his; he knew it, and she knew it.





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