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Stargate: Atlantis



SGA Team




Title: Exhale

Author: azure_chaos

Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis

Pairing: Major Evan Lorne/Lt. Col. John Sheppard (there’s just not enough of it)

Rating: 18+

Type: One-shot. 1260 words.

Warning: Anal, BDSM, Breathplay, Slash.

Complete: 31st Dec 2008 – Happy New Year.

Summary: Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard thought he knew how to breathe, he’d been doing it all his life after all.



Title: Perceived Freedom

Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis

pairings: Ronon Dex/Major Evan Lorne

Rating: 13+

Type: One-shot. 1736 words. Complete :12th Dec 2009

Spoilers/Warnings: Domination/submission, reference to off-screen assault.

Summary:  When Evan Lorne is captured while off-world, Ronon Dex is ready to make someone wish they had never been born.



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