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Fandoms: X-men/NCIS

Characters: Scott Summers/Remy Le Beau/Jethro Gibbs

Rating: 18+

Type: One Shot – Stand alone.

Warnings: BDSM, Double penetration, M+/m, Threesome.

Disclaimer I don't own the characters or ideas behind NCIS or X-men, no money has or will be made from this fic.

Completed: 25th Jun 2008. 2000words

Summary: Some times something is just so good, you have to share.


A/N: Written for my Kink Bingo card: Double Penetration (2 holes).









It wasn’t something they did very often, but then it was also something that Scott couldn’t do completely without. He ran a hand through his brunette hair and it fell immaculately into place. His eyes shielded behind ruby quartz set into aluminium wrap-around frames, they looked cooler than his usual eyewear. And apparently leather was his thing too, Remy had pouted at him until he’d conceded and put on the pair of tight pants, partnered with a white sleeveless shirt he looked hot and for once he knew it.


Of course, it helped that his boy was by his side, and how could any guy fail to feel good about himself with a hot guy like Remy on his leash. They were in DC on X-men business, but the mission had been completed and they had some down time to enjoy. It wasn’t easy to find time for each other back in Westchester and they certainly couldn’t be as open as they were right now. That was what brought them there; looking for fun and a sense of belonging if only for a short time.


Sometimes they both needed to forget that they were mutants and X-men, thief and team leader, and just enjoy the pleasures that were out there for the taking. Especially Remy, who was such a sensual person; pleasures of the flesh meant everything to him.


The club was moderately busy for a Friday night and he’d been glad to find a seat easily. Scott was still nursing a couple of bruises, but they were well hidden beneath his clothes. Not so with Remy, who wore his bruises like a badge of honour. He was barely dressed, wearing a leather jock that showed off his long graceful legs, perfectly shaped ass and of course left him open to his Master’s touch. With a body and confidence like the Cajun’s he could get away with it. His muscles were tight and toned, his body sculpted to true perfection. The collar around his neck was fairly simple but was the perfect reflection of his eyes. Black leather set with red gem studs.


Remy’s eyes were unmasked: they could get away with it here, there were plenty who wore contacts and that’s what most would assume about him. He knelt by his Master’s side, quietly watching the room and soaking in the emotions that curled around them. A pleased smile curled his lips and he resisted the urge to break form and curl around Scott’s leg.


The music had a pumping bass that seemed to drive right through Scott’s core; that and the way the dancers gyrated against each other settled in his genitals. He’d already been half-hard since they’d started to get dressed and he knew for a fact that the pouch of Remy’s contained a hard cock that had a leather strap tight around the base. It turned him on even more.


With a slow smile and a tug of his boy’s leash he had him between his legs and looking up at him with those stunning red on black eyes; he wished he could fully appreciate them. The slow blink was all Cajun seduction and silent charm. The smile looked like the cat that got the cream and Scott could almost believe that since Remy was so feline. Another tug brought his boy’s face forward and into his crotch, the instruction was clear.


Remy’s tongue went to work over the leather, his hands remaining passively by his sides as he used long strokes and kitten licks to cover the growing mound. He could feel the warmth in the leather from the body underneath and moaned softly in appreciation of his task. He lost himself in it, tasting, nuzzling and kissing his Master’s crotch. There was a vague thought about what the rest of the team would say if they saw him now, but he quickly pushed that away…they had no place here.


Scott’s hand found it’s way into thick auburn hair and found a strong grip to hold his boy where he wanted him; not that he needed to. He knew that Remy could do that for hours if he was allowed to; the brunette suspected he was the one that wouldn’t be able to take that much.


“Stunning pet,” a low voice rumbled from beside him.


Scott looked up at the man, not sure whether he’d just sat down or if he’d been there a while. He was older, late forties or early fifties with salt and pepper hair that was becoming more silver. He held himself like a soldier and carried an air of confidence about him that spoke of being in command.


“That he is, thank you,” he replied with a nod of acknowledgement and a wolfish smile. “He has a hell of a mouth too.” Scott raised his bottle of beer to his lips and took a long pull as he let the implication hang for a moment. He took the time to get the measure of the man.


He couldn’t fail to notice the hungry look in the man’s eyes as he took in the sight in front of him and, making a decision, tugged on the leash at the same time as pulling his hand back in the long hair.


Remy understood the message and sat back to look up at Scott, eagerness in his exotic eyes.


“Our friend here wants to sample that talented tongue of yours, boy,” Scott told him almost conversationally.


Those unique eyes slid across, noticing the other man for the first time, he smiled his most charming smile. “Oui, Master.” He shifted his body until he was on all fours and crawled the short distance to between the man’s legs.


Scott looked at the other man for any indication that he was uncomfortable with accepting Remy’s ministrations. But the man simply wrapped a hand in his boy’s hair, gave a soft growl and pulled him in against his leather-clad crotch.


“Name’s Gibbs,” the man told Scott casually as Remy’s tongue went to work. Eyelashes fluttered over blue eyes just slightly at the eager indulgence.


“Scott,” he replied taking another swig as he greedily drank in the sight of his boy pleasuring someone else. “Boy’s Remy.”


“How far you share him?” Gibbs asked, his hand alternating between petting and gripping the soft hair. He was already hard and that was only over his pants.


“All the way, but only if I’m involved,” Scott answered honestly.


Gibbs nodded, he wasn’t immune to the good looks of either man and, Dominant or not, Scott had the brunette boy-next-door look that he went for. He could just imagine looking at that handsome face while they spit-roasted the young man. He knew no one would blink an eye if they were to do that right where they were sat but he didn’t know if the other two were up for that.


“He’ll go as far as he’s given permission to,” Scott said with a nod towards his boy, noticing that Gibbs was finding it increasingly difficult to appear unaffected.


Using the hand in his Remy’s hair he pulled him back, looking down at him. “Unzip me and show me what that mouth is capable of, boy.”


A thrill of pleasure ran down Remy’s spine at the instruction and made his bound cock throb. A steady hand came up and carefully popped the button and unzipped the leather pants that the other Dominant was wearing. He couldn’t help an unconscious lick of his lips as the guy’s cock came into view: not quite as long as Scott’s eight-inch dick but thicker. He wrapped a hand around the shaft and revelled in the weight of it as he leant in and flicked his tongue over the head.


Gibbs tried to keep his eyes open wanting to watch as those wicked lips wrapped around his cock. But the sensation was too damn good that he soon lost himself in it.


Feeling movement beside him, he opened his eyes to see Scott getting to his feet. The brunette gave him a teasing smile and reached down to raise his boy’s ass up so that he was on all-fours once again. It was enough warning that he was confident as he slid a finger along Remy’s crack that he wouldn’t bite down in surprise. From behind his shades he met the Gibbs’ gaze. He slid a finger easily into Remy’s lubed hole with a smirk: he was a planner after all - and Scott always planned for every situation.


Two fingers followed one; he could tell by the way that Gibbs sucked in air that rather than making his boy miss a beat, it had caused him to redouble his efforts. Two became three and Remy was obviously having trouble stopping himself from pushing back. Satisfied that he was relaxed enough he pulled his fingers back out. Scott pulled the ass up as high as he could without risking dislodging Remy’s mouth from the other man’s cock and settled for going down on his knees behind his boy.


It was quick work to unzip and pull his aching cock out. He pressed the tip to his boy’s anus and pushed forward. Hands holding him steady, reassuring him while he adjusted to the intrusion.


Remy moaned around the cock in his mouth as he felt himself impaled on, what could only be, Scott’s cock. He sucked slow and determined, trying to convey his own arousal, as he waited as patiently as he could for his Master and lover to start fucking him. Gibbs’ cock tasted so good, the precum smeared on his lips and tongue as he blew him. His ass felt so good and so right but he felt a frustrated noise begin to bubble to the surface. And just when he thought he couldn’t take it any more; Scott began to move.


The rhythm was slow at first and it suited Remy fine as he sucked and swallowed around Gibbs. It was obvious from his grip though that Scott would soon become more demanding with his pace. He was careful to hold back his teeth and relax his jaw in anticipation. Humming around the cock in his mouth and sending out what he knew would be delicious vibrations.


Scott needed this, more than he’d actually realised, and the sight of his boy with his face buried in Gibbs’ lap was just too damn arousing. It helped that the older man was handsome and he felt somewhat sure there’d be an exchange of numbers when they were done.


Gibbs was vaguely aware that they had spectators, but that was par for the course with what they were doing and where. He looked up from Remy’s talented mouth to be met by shielded eyes. He wondered about that, but not enough to be distracted from what they were doing. They were both incredibly handsome men and there was just something about them that spoke of safety. He filed that away for examination later.


As he noticed Scott picking up the pace, he started to move the boy’s head back and forth in time. Enjoying the fuck by proxy as the lips and tongue slid over his shaft. He let his head fall back in enjoyment and was the first to cum with an inaudible rumble of pleasure from somewhere deep inside.


Remy eagerly swallowed every spurt of hot cum with enthusiasm, trying hard not to lose even the tiniest of trickles. He let the softening cock fall from his mouth as Scott started to drive harder into his ass and he grunted with each thrust.


He felt it through the other man’s fingers first, then stuttering thrusts and flex of the hard battering ram inside him. Scott’s orgasm washed over Remy every bit as much as it did the man himself. He felt his ass filled with spunk and heard his Master panting. He was gasping himself: needy and unfulfilled but satisfied in a whole other way.





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