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Soul Illusion Ch10

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Chapter 10




The sky was a velvety black streaked with an orange glow from the city lights.  He couldn’t see the stars and that made him feel a little sad, even though he could feel them.  Xander lay on the damp grass, eyes closed and taking deep breaths.  He was letting himself feel the universe around him.  Reaching out to touch the corners of existence and checking on the things that needed doing once he’d completed his current project.  He was going to be a busy boy.


He was still troubled by Buffy.  Willow had come around when she’d seen him perform the Guardian spell, only the purest heart was capable of such an incantation otherwise it would have bitten him on the butt. They had talked and the young witch had been upset by the fact that Giles had lied to them for so long.  He’d reassured her; he was only following the instructions of the Council, after all.  In some ways that made things worse, Giles had followed their rules sometimes, but there had also been times when he’d gone against them and their beliefs.  He hadn’t stood up for the person he knew Xander was, but still believed that he could be evil.  That was saddening.


The conversation had resulted in him restoring Willow’s magic.  Withholding it would only have worked against him and she now believed in him.  He knew she was no longer a threat to him.  Buffy was a different matter though, she still believed what Giles had told her, and she had not liked the idea of him being gay at all.  He knew she hadn’t figured out that he was with Angel yet but, even as oblivious as she could be, it was only a matter of time.  He wasn’t going to avoid being affectionate with his Master while they were around her when she was going to be with them for a while.


“Listening to the world rotating?” the smooth baritone asked.


Xander smiled without opening his eyes, “Yes, Master. Checking it was spinning at the right speed.” He grinned, cheekily.


Angel laughed and sat down beside his boy.  His voice turned serious, “They’ll be looking for us, won’t they?”


“They never stopped, just they’ve picked up the pace now.” He turned onto his side and looked up at the other man.


“Do you think it’s safe for us to stay here? Shouldn’t we move somewhere else?” Angel asked.


He shrugged, “it doesn’t really matter where we go right now. I want to move after we take out Wolf, I’ll open a portal and we’ll go somewhere safe. Hart will up the campaign to find us; he’ll be ready to trace the spell when I pull Wolf in. We’ll need to find Greg somewhere safe and Spike won’t want to leave him.”


He shifted close and draped himself over his Master, kissing his jaw and licking at his earlobe.  Hands came up to hold him in place and a soft rumbling noise started in the hybrid’s chest.  A warm hand held the back of his head and he felt a tongue licking at his neck, over the area where he’d been bitten, he gave a small shudder as he felt teeth scrape the area.  Xander moaned softly, his own baby-vamp fangs distended and he copied the action as he grazed Angel’s shoulder. 


He was hard, as usual when in his master’s presence, and when he felt fangs gently pierce his shoulder and the pull of sucking he thought he was going to cum just from the feel of it.  The hand in his hair tightened and he got the message, piercing the warm flesh and taking a mouthful of the warm sweet blood. He moaned and rocked his hips, needing release.


Angel licked over the twin puncture wounds and they healed instantaneously, “Cum for me, boy.”


Xander muffled his cry against his lover’s neck as his body responded to the command; he was powerless to stop it, even if he’d wanted to.  He shuddered in strong arms and filled the insides of his pants with his spunk.  Gasping for air while strong hands soothed and caressed him.


“Port us to our room,” was the quiet command.


With a lazy, satisfied smile and a wave of his hand, the shimmering portal opened and Angel lifted him, carrying him through it and stepped out the other side into their bedroom.  He landed on softness as he was placed on the bed, smiling up at his lover as his messed up clothes were gently removed. 


He was left lying naked on the bed while he watched Angel move around the room, taking his own clothes off and gathering the things he wanted.  He returned to the bed and with a touch of the bigger man’s hand to the inside of his knee, he pulled them up to his chest, displaying his plugged hole.


Angel smiled and tapped at the base of the butt plug, the vibrations against his prostate made Xander moan softly.  His sated cock already starting to recover and respond.  His Master climbed up on the bed with him, dipped his head and licked between his legs, over smooth hairless flesh.  The warm tongue swirled over his balls and up along his shaft as it twitched to try to fill as quickly as it could.  Then the warm mouth was taking him in and sucking on him insistently. 


The Chosen One arched and gasped, all the power in the universe didn’t compare to the feeling of that mouth on his cock.  His hands gripped at the covers while the dark head bobbed slowly up and down.  He felt a tug at the base of the plug, it was turned inside him and then pulled out. 


While Angel pushed his erection into his boy’s hole, his lips and tongue made their way up his body, swirling over the scarred ‘A’ that decorated his chest.  Teeth homed in on a nipple and a sharp fang lightly scrapped it, just enough to draw a thread of blood. 


Xander arched and cried out, his cock now rock hard and pulsing and his ass impaled by the cock he worshipped.  Hips moved slowly and shallowly as Angel’s mouth worked at the nipple, sucking the small drops of blood from the wound.  He licked his way across to do the same to the other nipple. Xans hands grabbed at the headboard as he fought hard against the urge to squirm in lust, it was important that he remain still for the exploration. 


The man over him looked up along his body with golden eyes, fangs distended and the distinct ridges visible on his forehead.  He morphed in response, small fangs dropping down and his eyes flaring brilliant solid blue, hips rocking to meet every shallow thrust. 


Angel licked his way up to his boy’s neck, nuzzling and nipping lightly at it drawing tiny pinpricks of blood and lapping it up before it could heal. He retracted his fangs and kissed Xander hard, tongue pushing in as he dominated his mouth. Their hips picked up pace, thrusts coming faster and deeper, hard enough to make the younger man grunt with each unrelenting drive in.  He met each one with eagerness; the slap of flesh and their moans of pleasure and desire filling the air.


He buried his face in his boy’s neck as he pounded into his hole, the effort making him sweat. His orgasm rapidly approached, the sharing of blood had been a powerful aphrodisiac and had pushed him close enough to the edge before he’d even entered Xan.  He wrapped a hand around the younger man’s cock and stroked it.


“Cum, boy,” he rumbled in his ear.


Xander cried out, his body tensing and channel tightening around the invader in his body as he shot his spunk over their torsos and Angel’s hand.  The hybrid followed him over the edge urged on by the clenching around his cock, sinking fangs into the soft flesh as he exploded.


The younger man gasped for air as he felt the hot flood in his ass and the piercing of his neck.  His Master only took a mouthful before licking the wound clean; it had already healed.  The cock was eased out of him and the older of the two rolled onto his back and pulled his boy half on top of him. 


Xander lay curled against him, his head resting on the strong chest and leg draped over a thigh. His breathing slowly returning to normal as fingers stroked over warm flesh.


“Wow…that was…”


He felt Angel smirk rather than saw it. It made him giggle and tease the nipple that his fingers found. 


Angel’s hand slipped between Xan’s thighs and teased just behind his balls.  The response was a soft groan that was part protest and part pleasure. “I think when this is over we’ll get you pierced,” Angel said casually.


Xander swallowed at the suggestion, not sure whether to be turned on or scared stupid. “Um, can we discuss it before that?” he asked carefully.


“Sure,” there was a hint of teasing in Angel’s tone that suggested they might discuss it but it would still be his decision.


They fell into silence.


“I can feel your heart beating under my hand,” Xander said, slightly in awe, after a few minutes.


The hybrid’s fingers slid over his boy’s shoulder and neck, caressing the area lightly where there should have been a bite mark.  “That’s good,” he paused, thoughtfully.  “Your blood is powerful stuff.”


The younger man chuckled, “What did you expect?”


There was a shrug, small enough that it didn’t dislodge him from his comfortable position.  “What happened, with Ram?”


“We had a nice chat and then I introduced him to his retirement package,” Xander said with a soft snort.


“You had a nice… Xander…” He rolled his eyes in amused exasperation.


Xan chuckled. “It’s ok, he thought he could bargain his way out of it.  Didn’t quite realise what he was dealing with, I think.  Thought I didn’t know what will happen when all three of them are gone.”


“And what will happen?”  Angel tangled a strong hand in soft brunette locks.


“The company will go into liquidation.  Anyone who has a contract with them will find themselves in a sticky situation,” he said with a grin.


His Master froze. “Xander, you do know that I have…”


He brought a hand up to press a finger against the lips, silencing him. “<b>Had</b> a contract.  It was broken when everyone got their real memories back.” The silencing finger pulled back and he stroked his hand down the other man’s face.


“That’s not the only contract I signed,” his voice was quiet, he thought his boy would have known this, couldn’t understand why he didn’t.


“I know, but it wasn’t yours to sign… and even if it was, whoever heard of a vampire’s blood being legally blinding.  It’s not like it was even your blood in your veins.”




“The Shanshu Prophecy was never about you, Angel, you were never going to be made human, this was always your destiny… <b>I</b> was always your destiny.  Just as you were always mine,” he told him, softly, like he was explaining it to a child.


“Not about me? And what do you mean about the vampire’s blood?”  He sounded even more confused than he had before.


“I would have thought it was obvious,” he said with a smile. “A vampire can’t make their own blood, that’s why they drink it from others.  In effect it’s stolen blood, so when you signed the contract in blood it wasn’t your blood to sign it with but the blood of the person you’d last fed from.  In the case of signing away the prophecy it was Dro...”


“Don’t!” there was more than just a twinge of guilt in the man’s voice.


Xander turned to lay on his front on top of him, propping himself up on his forearms and looking into deep soulful eyes. “Destiny, Angel: yours, mine and his.  He lived a really long life, it was his time and it was your destiny to give him the peace he’d earned.”




He shook his head, “They would have killed him anyway and they wouldn’t have been as merciful as you were.”


“I wasn’t,” Angel denied.


“You were. You might not think so, but compared to what they would have done to him; it was.”


He reached up and stroked Xander’s face tenderly, asking softly, “Destiny?”


He nodded and turned his face to kiss the hand.


“So the Shanshu Prophecy…”


“Never about you. You were always destined to be far more.”


Angel was thoughtful a moment, staring into chocolate brown eyes.  “My whole existence?”


“Not all, but the major events: being turned, Connor, taking on W & H and even Will.” Xander confirmed with a small nod.




He received a smile at that half-question.  “He has his own destiny.”


“Will he…I mean, is the Shanshu about him?”


Xander tapped the side of his nose, then shifted back to his original position where he was half-draped over his lover. “Can’t tell you all my secrets.”


“I still don’t know exactly what you are.  I know you’re the Chosen One, but I don’t know precisely what that means.” A hand skimmed down the boy’s side and over his butt cheek and settled there.


There was a soft knock at the door and in their post-sex repose neither of them could respond in time before the door opened and a blonde head peeked in, already talking.


“Angel, I know it’s late but I was wondering if we could talk about…” Buffy’s eyes had been scanning the room and finally fell on the bed.  Her hazel eyes widened, her mouth forming an, “Oh!…Erm…bad time… I’ll… just… later.”


The head disappeared before either male could make a response and the door was pulled closed with a soft click.


Angel groaned, “Should I go and stop her?” He wasn’t worried about her feelings, so much as the damage she could do.  Still, neither had made a move.


Xander shook his head slightly and smiled, “She’ll be ok; Willow will look after her.”


“Are you sure, she could…”


There was a flare of blue in the younger man’s eyes as he tilted his head to look up at his Master. “I’m sure.”


“Of course you are.”  Brown eyes rolled in response and he had to stop himself from smacking his forehead at his brief brain-fart moment.


There was a chuckle as Xan settled back in his previous position, fingers drawing idly on pale flesh that would soon tan.  They lay in comfortable silence for a long while before he spoke again.


Demi-god,” Xander said softly.


“What?” Angel asked, his mind racing to try to work out what his boy was talking about.


“You asked what I was, I guess the closest description I can get to it, is that I’m a demi-god,” he explained, casually.


“Xander!” Angel’s tone was firm and exasperated in equal parts.


“What?” The younger man frowned slightly, tilting his head to look up into the other man’s face.


“You didn’t think I might need to know that before I claimed you?” He tried to make his tone stern, but the affection in it meant it didn’t quite come out as intended.


The reply was a lopsided grin and, “No?”


Angel sighed, "Remind me to spank you later for withholding information."


“Yes, Master.” He gave a cheeky grin and then turned his face back down and kissed the warm chest under his lips.




Buffy had walked away from the bedroom door in a daze.  Angel had been in bed… with Xander?  That didn’t make any sense.  Angel wasn’t gay was he? Hell, she didn’t even think the ex-Sunnydaler was.  Her mind was spinning with the, admittedly very erotic, scene that she’d discovered.  Who would have thought that two guys would look that hot together?  But it was Angel and Xander, and had the world really gone that crazy?  And what did it all mean for the vampire’s soul?


She found herself outside of Willow’s room and chewing lightly on her lower lip, she knocked.  Having learned a quick lesson, she waited for the door to be answered rather than walking in. 


“Hey, Buffy,” the redhead grinned at her. “Wow, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.” She grabbed her friend’s hand and led her into the room.


“How cool do you think it would be to live in an actual hotel like this?” Willow almost bounced on the spot, “I mean look at this room, it’s beautiful.”




“Huh? Oh, ghost-seeing look. You didn’t, did you… not that that would be weird for us.”


Buffy shook her head, “I think there’s something…in the water.”


Willow’s face screwed up slightly as she tried to figure out what was going on, giving up she asked sympathetically, “What happened?”


“I went to see Angel, but he was…with someone.”


“With someone?  Oh…ohhhhhh “with” someone.”  The redhead nodded, sagely.  “Well, it’s been a long time since you and he… he’s bound to have moved on.  It’s not the blue girl is it? She gives me the wiggins, I do like her hair though.”


“No… not her… not any her.”


Another cute Willow-frown while she deciphered the comment. “Ohhhhh,” she said brightly when it finally sunk in.  She was just a little too excited at the realisation than perhaps she should have been and she tried to damp it down a little. “Well, he is a vampire,” she said, slightly less excitably.


It was Buffy’s turn to frown. “Why does that matter?”


The witch shook her head, “I knew you should have hit the books more.  Vamps don’t really have issues about what gender they have sex with, they just… y’know: like sex.”


The depowered slayer blinked, “So, what, he’s like bi?”


“Well, I guess that’s one way of putting it, but more… omnisexual.  They generally go for any gender or um… species.”


“You mean… ewww!  Wills that’s gross.”


At first she didn’t know what she’d said and then her green eyes widened and her hand came up to her mouth and she giggled. “No, I mean… demony species, not… ew… gross.”


“And sex with other demons isn’t gross?”


“Depends on the demon, some are pretty hot,” she said matter of fact.


Buffy just looked at her, still with the blinking rapidly in a very confused and perplexed manner.


Willow broke the silence that started to gather around them, “So, who was it? Oh my god, was it Spike, because I totally thought that them two had some serious UST going on, they’re always trying to kill each other but then never actually doing it.”


The blond shook her head, bangs flipping from side to side. “No and can I just say ‘ew’ at the mental of that one?”


“Oh come on, you’ve bumped uglies with both of them, you mean to tell me the thought of the two sex god vamps together doesn’t…” The death glare stopped her from finishing that sentence and she zipped her lips and mimed throwing away the key.


“Xander!” Buffy said suddenly, with no further preamble.


The redhead looked around at the sudden statement, thinking she meant he was there.  “Huh?”


“It was Xander… with Angel.  They were… very naked.”


“No. You’re kidding.  Really?”  Her tone was that of the gossip swapping, scandalised but actually more fascinated than anything. “Wow, I guess he really has been making some changes.”


“I think you could say that.”  She sighed and stretched out on the bed.  “It doesn’t hurt like I thought it would.”


“Well, sweetie, it’s been years and you have had a few other men since then.  Maybe you’re just over him now.”


The blonde turned onto her side and looked up at her friend. “You’re probably right. But OMG was that embarrassing, they looked like they’d just finished.  Can you imagine if I’d been like five minutes earlier?”


Willow laughed and gave a silly smirk as she lay down beside her. “You’d have got a real show.”


“I would have died.”


“Were they… I mean… did they look hot?”  she asked conspiratorially quiet.


“Oh god yes!”


They both giggled and laughed together at the shared information.  When they finally fell quiet again Buffy gave a heavy sigh.


“What do you make of all this… ‘Chosen One’ stuff?”


“Sweetie, I think he’s for real, I mean, he did the Guardian spell, even I can’t do one of them.  And both Angel and Spike trust him.  He and I talked and I think what he’s told us can be trusted.” She sighed too, “I’m not happy that it means Giles has lied to us.  That’s the bit I find so hard to deal with.”


“Maybe he didn’t,” the slayer said, thoughtfully.


“But if we believe Xander, then that means he must have.”


“What if the council lied to him?  They’ve done it before.  Maybe he was just going off the information he’d been given?”  Buffy reasoned.


“You mean like we were?” Willow asked.




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