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Disclaimer: I don’t own yahell, Spike, Abby or the NCIS or Angel teams. Neither do I own Spike’s poem from the last episode of Angel. No money has or will be made from this fic.

A/N: I know Goth_girrrl is not one of Abby’s recognised net nicknames, but none of the others fit with what I wanted for this. Post Angel s5.



Talk Is Cheap


Chapter 1

leah_slut has entered the chat

leah_slut: how is everyone?

Sindydoll: good thanks, you?

leah_slut: bit overwhelmed, i’m new.

Vamp_Dom: Welcome to the madhouse then.

Goth_girrrl: yeah, welcome

Sindydoll: you might want to fill in your profile

leah_slut: thanks.

LordFuller has entered the chat

baby_girl left the chat

LordFuller has left the chat

slutsub4u has entered the chat

slutsub4u: any domme’s wanna cam?

slutsub4u: i’ll do anything ya want me to.

slutsub4u has left the chat

Goth_girrrl: *yawns*

Vamp_Dom: What’s the matter girrrl?

Goth_girrrl: I really should be more choosy who I cyber with.

Vamp_Dom: LOL yeah, it pays to check them out before you’re left high and wet.

Goth_girrrl: Oh it’s worse than that.

Sindydoll: boring?

Goth_girrrl: could say that.

Goth_girrrl: oh I’m such a bad girl.

Goth_girrrl: *paints her nails*

Vamp_Dom: What colour?

Goth_girrrl: black!

Vamp_Dom: Good choice, pet.

Goth_girrrl: why thank you kind sir. *chuckles*

Sindydoll: how d’you type with wet nails.

leah_slut: very carefully lol

Vamp_Dom: Very easily, actually.

Goth_girrrl: you paint your nails?

Vamp_Dom: *holds black nails up to the screen* course.

Goth_girrrl: that’s so corny.

Vamp_Dom: Oy!

Goth_girrrl: well it is… I mean… it’s so…wannabe.

Vamp_Dom: *splutters* tis not.

Goth_girrrl: tis too… I mean … its not like you can be a real vamp, so really you are a wannabe.

Vamp_Dom: Am too a real vamp.

Goth_girrrl: yeah, sure! *chuckles*

Vamp_Dom: Just you wait pet, you’ll see.

Goth_girrrl: are you gonna bite me?

Vamp_Dom: You bloody wish.

Goth_girrrl: awwwww poor vampy all upset with me now?

Vamp_Dom: Wannabe?! *grumbles*

Goth_girrrl: *pets the big bad vampy*

Vamp_Dom: Hey… no petting the vamp. *growls*

Goth_girrrl: gah… gotta go, boss alert.

Vamp_Dom: Bye, pet.

Goth_girrrl: *smooches and runs*

Vamp_Dom: One day, little girl… lol

Goth_girrrl has left the chat

Abby shut the window down and spun on her chair to smile up at Gibbs.

“Having fun, Abs?”

“Research, boss.” She grinned up at him.

“Sure.” He smiled indulgently, flipped a pigtail and handed her the large Caf-Pow!

“Any results for me yet.”

“The computer is still doing its magic, DNA turned out to be female, no relation to our dead marine, running it through the databases now.”

“Call me the minute you have anything for me.”

“Sure thing, Gibbs.” She called to his back.

She sucked on the straw, moaning with appreciation at the burst of fizzy caffeinated drink across her tongue; there were times she could marry that man. She opened another window on her laptop and clicked the link to return to “ChatSmut”, logging in, it opened on her default chatroom.

You have now entered: The Leather Kiss.

Goth_girrrl: miss me?

Vamp_Dom: Who are you again?

Goth_girrrl: hahahah, you’re so funny.

Vamp_Dom: Dontchya just know it, pet.

Goth_girrrl: woah, where did everyone go?

Vamp_Dom: They all left… heartbroken by your exit.

Goth_girrrl: *rolls eyes*

Vamp_Dom: Alone at last, pretty girl.

Goth_girrrl: oh purlease, how long have I known you now vampy? Has that line ever worked on me?

Vamp_Dom: Was worth a try *sniffs*

Goth_girrrl: I wish there were more like you.

Vamp_Dom: *sighs* why doesn’t it ever work on you anyway?

Goth_girrrl: I’m immune. *grins* it’s like my superpower or something.

Vamp_Dom: *rolls eyes*

Goth_girrrl: hehe, you look funny when you do that.

Vamp_Dom: Do not

Goth_girrrl: do too

Vamp_Dom: I so do not *huffs*

Goth_girrrl: well at least my rapid exit got me out of cyber-boredoom.

Vamp_Dom: You never said what was wrong with it.

Goth_girrrl: ahhh well he was writing it for both of us, telling me my reactions, what I was doing… how close I was to orgasm.

Vamp_Dom: And you were painting your nails, that’s bloody brilliant, pet *smirks*

Goth_girrrl: I know… sometimes I wonder why they bother having someone to play with, they should just get themselves a private room and go for it.

Vamp_Dom: Hahaha cyber-masturbation

Johndoe has entered the chat

Johndoe sent you a private message: would you like to cyber girl?

Goth_girrrl: no thanks john.

Johndoe has left the chat

Vamp_Dom: 6 months.

Goth_girrrl: what’s that?

Vamp_Dom: How long I’ve known you…been chatting on here.

Goth_girrrl: wow, is it really?

Vamp_Dom: Yeh.

Goth_girrrl: time flies.

Vamp_Dom: When you’re getting bad cyber.

Goth_girrrl: haha.

Vamp_Dom: So, why has it never worked on you?

Goth_girrrl: I dunno… I like you too much I guess.

Vamp_Dom: You won’t play with me because you like me? That doesn’t make much sense, pet.

Goth_girrrl: I know *frowns*

Vamp_Dom: ‘Fraid I’ll be a disappointment when you get me alone?

Goth_girrrl: we’re already alone :P

Vamp_Dom: Yeh.. but anyone could walk in…it adds a naughty thrill, dontchya think?

Goth_girrrl: shyness has never been one of my qualities.

Vamp_Dom: Me either, pet… me either.

Goth_girrrl: hang on… my babies are beeping and flashing at me.

Goth_girrrl has stepped away.

Vamp_Dom: Huh?

Vamp_Dom: Oh! Results time… and the winner is?

Goth_girrrl has returned

Goth_girrrl: The ex-wife did it!

Vamp_Dom: Knew it!

Goth_girrrl: sure you did.

Vamp_Dom: Did too.

Goth_girrrl: *rolls eyes* how old are you?

Vamp_Dom: 126 in vamp years

Goth_girrrl: you’re deranged *affectionate smile*

Vamp_Dom: Nah… really… I was turned in the year 1880, honest.

Goth_girrrl: *pets*

Vamp_Dom: *growls and pins girrrl to the wall* told ya not to pet the vamp… am not a bloody kitten.

Goth_girrrl: *looks at him wide-eyed* my what big teeth you have *giggles*

Vamp_Dom: Oh for… *shakes head and walks away for a smoke*

Goth_girrrl: those things’ll give you cancer

Vamp_Dom: Newsflash, already dead, pet, it’s all part of the vampire thing.

Goth_girrrl: *grins* so why will you never tell me your name?

Vamp_Dom: Don’t wanna scare ya, do I?

Goth_girrrl: it’s only a name.

Vamp_Dom: Nickname, pet, one I earned.

Goth_girrrl: so how come you’re not out killing innocents and drinking their blood?

Vamp_Dom: Don’t do the killing innocents thing.

Goth_girrrl: oh? Why’s that? You’re not one of them “vampires aren’t really evil” kinds are you?

Vamp_Dom: *snorts* bollocks to that, pet. Vampires are evil through and through, just… y’know it’s not bright to go around slaughtering people all over the place, especially when the slayer knows what you look like.

Goth_girrrl: slayer? You’ve never mentioned a slayer before, what’s that?

Vamp_Dom: Bloody annoying blond bint, that’s what. Her and her bloody band of white hats.

Goth_girrrl: you’re really not making any sense

Vamp_Dom: In every generation one is called… blah blah sodding blah; when one dies another is called, they’re teenaged girls with special powers called to fight against evil, vampires specifically… that’s why she’s called the vampire slayer. They’re life expectancy isn’t too good. But Slutty has made an annoying habit of coming back from the dead. Not that I’ve got much room to talk on that front.

Goth_girrrl: are you on any meds?

Vamp_Dom: *rolls his eyes* I’m not delusional, pet. I’m telling you… meet me and I’ll show ya.

Goth_girrrl: I’ve told you… I’m too careful to risk something like that.

Vamp_Dom: Pity, I wouldn’t hurt you, pet, just wanna see your pretty face.

Goth_girrrl: so smooth, and what about the being a vampire thing?

Vamp_Dom: Told ya *shrugs* don’t do that killing innocents thing, besides, there’s far more fun stuff to do together.

Goth_girrrl: so, like, do you sleep in a coffin, too?

Vamp_Dom: *snorts* do I buggery, I’m too sodding old for that rubbish. Prefer a nice comfy bed, I do.

Goth_girrrl: I have one, slept in it a few times, it’s quite restrictive, but I like that.

Vamp_Dom: You slept in a coffin?

Goth_girrrl: sure

Vamp_Dom: And you think I’m round the bend?!

Goth_girrrl: so, just say you are one, really… is it boring?

Vamp_Dom: Nah, there’s always something fun to get up to. Times change, new toys to play with, new trends, new cars.

Goth_girrrl: what do you do with all your time, do you work?

Vamp_Dom: LOL, not as such.

Goth_girrrl: how do you mean?

Vamp_Dom: My broody grandsire has a private detective agency, I help him out.

Goth_girrrl: you’re broody… *blinks and laughs* are you telling me that there’s a vampire that runs a detective agency?

Vamp_Dom: Damn right, pretty good at it too… as much as I hate to admit it. Deals with all the unusual kinds of stuff.

Goth_girrrl: like what?

Vamp_Dom: Things that go bump in the night

Goth_girrrl: ghosts? *laughs*

Vamp_Dom: Noooo, demons, vampires, the occult shit. Although there were a couple of ghosts once.

Goth_girrrl: um… ok!

Vamp_Dom: You think I’m nuts don’t you.

Goth_girrrl: you have to admit it sounds highly unreal.

Vamp_Dom: Well… not to me coz I live it… but… I can understand how it would seem odd to you. *sighs* it’s a pain, coz I really like ya, pet, wish I could show you so you’d believe me.

Goth_girrrl: *hugs*

Vamp_Dom: *plays with your pretty black pigtails*

Goth_girrrl: *grins* you know that turns me on.

Vamp_Dom: I know! *looks all innocent like*

Goth_girrrl: so, you should tell me your name and I’ll tell you mine… since we’ve known each other so long… seems kinda stupid me calling you vampy and you calling me girrrl.

Vamp_Dom: Kinda like it myself. *sniffs*

Goth_girrrl: lmao

Vamp_Dom: If I install yahell messenger will you talk to me on there?

Goth_girrrl: sure and you’re avoiding the question

Vamp_Dom: *sighs and rolls his eyes* Spike

Goth_girrrl: I don’t see what’s so bad about that

Vamp_Dom: *grins, flashing his teeth* maybe I’ll tell ya how I got the name sometime.

Goth_girrrl: I can’t wait.

Vamp_Dom: Your turn

Goth_girrrl: what?

Vamp_Dom: Name, pet… that was the deal.

Goth_girrrl: oooooh, *grins* Abby

Vamp_Dom: Pretty name.

Goth_girrrl: you say the sweetest things *blush*

Vamp_Dom: Yeh yeh

Goth_girrrl: *chuckles*

Vamp_Dom has left the chat

Vamp_Dom has entered the chat

Vamp_Dom: Sorted, yahell is up and running, same name as on here :) add me?

Goth_girrrl: added… I’ve got you in the matrix now.

Vamp_Dom: *snorts* silly bint.

Goth_girrrl: hey

Vamp_Dom: *kiss* wanna move to yahell then?

Goth_girrrl: sure, its dead in here *sniggers*

Vamp_Dom: Ha bloody Ha

Goth_girrl: :p

Goth_girrrl has left the chat





Chapter 2

Spike: Hey sweet thing, where’ve you been?

Abby: work went nuts for a while, sorry I had to run out on you *hugs*

Spike: Everything ok now?

Abby: yeah… I’m home now, a whole weekend ahead of me.

Spike: Not off out clubbing, pet?

Abby: nope, having a nice quiet night in with a carton of strawberry icecream

Spike: Nice pet, can I come over and share with ya.

Abby: *chuckles* nice try vampy, I’m not inviting you in *grins*

Spike: Oh! So NOW you believe me?!

Abby: LOL

Spike: I see, you’re making fun of the old bloke

Abby: you’re not old when you live forever ;)

Spike: Older than you’ll ever be, pet

Abby: you mean you aren’t going to turn me so we can live the happy ever after?

Spike: How am I gonna do that when you wont tell me where you live :P

Abby: *rolls eyes*

Spike: Can’t blame a guy for trying *flips your pigtail*

Abby: *climbs on your lap and leans against you*

Spike: *looks dazed before wrapping his arms around you* everything ok, pet?

Abby: my boss got shot.

Spike: Woah! Do I have to come hunt down a bad guy.

Abby: *shakes my head* nope, it just… sorta caught up with me

Spike: *strokes your hair* not surprised, it usually sneaks up on you like that

Abby: I dunno why, it’s not the first time… he’s been shot before

Spike: You got the bad guy?

Abby: oh yeah, one of the guys shot him.

Spike: Dead?

Abby: as they come

Spike: Well nothing to worry about then, pet.

Abby: I know… it’s just… I dunno…

Spike: Abs, you guys have a dangerous job, it’s ok to sometimes feel vulnerable, you need someone to lean on and make you feel safe and I’m serious when I say that if you ever need me all you have to do is call

Abby: vampy…

Spike: Ssh, it’s ok. You don’t have to say anything, you’ve got my number and that’s all you need

Abby: you’re too good to me *smiles*

Spike: Well I’ve invested a lot of time into pulling you under my spell now haven’t I pet *winks and kisses your forehead*

Abby: can’t believe it’s nearly 7 months.

Spike: Yeah, and what would you do without me to come home to at night

Abby: *chuckles and kisses your cheek* you’re incredibly soft-centered for the big bad vampire.

Spike: *grins and growls playfully* just don’t tell anyone or I’ll have to kill them.

Abby: *digs you in the ribs*

Spike: I’m joking, I’m joking…relax lol

Abby: *cuddles into you* good, I’ve had enough of homicidal maniacs to last me a lifetime.

Spike: You haven’t been in the chatroom for a while

Abby: nope, just seemed that the cyber was getting worse everytime, I thought I’d give it a rest for a bit

Spike: Y’know I could help you with that

Abby: vampy…

Spike: I know I know… we’re friends, blah blah blah. Can’t help it if I’ve got a soft spot for you tho, pet can I?

Abby: *blushes* you are sweet

Spike: But you don’t fancy me enough to let me cyber-shag ya

Abby: I’ve never seen you

Spike: Can remedy that pet…

Abby: we’re not meeting

Spike: Wasn’t going to suggest that, pet… was gonna send you a pic, when I work out this damn digi cam thingamie

Abby: you don’t have to do that

Spike: Want to pet… can even get me checked out at work if you want… won’t find anything… don’t exist… long dead after all.

Abby: *grins* it’ll be nice to know what a 126 year old looks like

Spike: LOL

Abby: :o)

Spike is sending you 1 file

File sent - Open

Spike: There you go then, pet… that’s me.


Spike: Well, say something?

Abby: … that’s really you?

Spike: Yeh, not bad for a bloke of my age, eh?

Abby: somehow not quite what I expected

Spike: What did you expect, pet?

Abby: not sure, I thought you’d be dark-haired I guess, more …dark!

Spike: Nah… leave that to Angel.

Abby: Angel?

Spike: Broody grandsire

Abby: he’s a vampire…called Angel?

Spike: Yeh.. well… Angelus but Angel since he got the soul and stuff.

Abby: *blinks* ok… now I’m confused, you told me you didn’t believe in all that good vampire shit.

Spike: In general, no… pretty much unique he is…well he and I.

Abby: *frowns*

Spike: You’re back to the not believing me aren’t you.

Abby: it’s just too…farfetched.

Spike: *sighs*

Abby: sorry

Spike: *shrugs* Nothing I can do about it, pet. Picture won’t prove nothing… you’d say it was make up.

Abby: it’s not that I don’t want to believe you… it’s just…

Spike: It’s cool, pet, don’t worry… so long as you think I’m sexy, that’s all that counts.

Abby: lol, well… can’t really deny that, you have the most amazing cheekbones.

Spike: Thanks, pet.

Abby: and your eyes are so blue.

Spike: *grins*

Abby: you’re trying to seduce me aren’t you?! lol

Spike: Is it working?

Abby: hmm…maybe a little…

Spike: *winks*

Abby: you’re such a flirt

Spike: What’s the harm, pet, what are you afraid of?

Abby: well… what if… y’know…I couldn’t stand it if you became bad-cyber man

Spike: Not gonna happen, pet. never had any complaints ;) and if I’m crap you can teach me how to do it right :P not that I will be… bet I can make you go weak at the knees.

Abby: oh really?

Spike: Yeh, well anythings gotta be better than the crap you had lately, right?

Abby: true, lol.

Spike: *twirls your pigtail around my fingers*

Abby: *shivers* now you’re just trying to make me all horny.

Spike: Working?

Abby: *looks at your pic* yeah.

Spike: Tell me what you’re wearing, pet.

Abby: what I’m really wearing or what I’d be wearing in fantasy land?

Spike: *rolls his eyes* You mean to tell me you don’t sit around in silky lil babydoll dresses

Abby: lol, actually I was goin more for the pvc bustier and thong

Spike: Mmmm, I’d love to see you in that, one of them with the cut out breasts

Abby: you’d like to see me period

Spike: Tease!

Abby: mmhmm :P

Spike: Well?

Abby: I’m wearing a black strappy top and a short black skirt

Spike: *slides my hand slowly up your thigh, under your skirt*

Abby: *swats at your hand giggling* bad boy

Spike: *grins*

Abby: *traces a finger over your perfect cheek bone*

Spike: *turns his head and snaps playfully at your finger*

Abby: *squeals and pulls it back laughing*

Spike: *nuzzles my lips against your neck* Mmmm you smell nice.

Abby: thanks, it’s my own blend of perfume… made with gunpowder. should I be worried that you’re nuzzling my neck

Spike: *chuckles and licks* Told you pet, don’t bite innocents.

Abby: who’s innocent… I’ve been arrested loads.

Spike: Oh… well in that case…*scrapes blunt teeth over your sensitive flesh*

Abby: *shivers* that shouldn’t feel so good

Spike: *grins* always does, pet

Abby: *slides a hand over your chest* so I’m assuming you’re not a natural blond

Spike: *snorts* Sandy brown is the natural colour, looks better bleached tho *twirls your pigtail* what about you? naturally black?

Abby: nope, I’m a blonde, and no you can’t check the carpet to see if it matches…

Spike: Awww, thought you and me were getting a bit closer.

Abby: *smiles* I’m shaved clean down there, there’s no carpet to compare lol

Spike: Mmmm, just how I like my subbies to be.

Abby: really? Didn’t know you had that many

Spike: Not currently, had a few in the past though.

Abby: yeah?

Spike: One or two, pet, been around a while ;)

Abby: 126 years

Spike: I was a bit wet in the beginning, took me a while to get into the domination thing.

Abby: aren’t all vamps dominant?

Spike: *snorts* Nah, was quite sub back in the beginning, dependent on Angelus and stuff, he was stronger, older… made him the dominant one

Abby: you and he…?

Spike: Yeh… it’s what happens… it bother you?

Abby: absolutely… not! I think bi guys are hot, I have a thing for watching two guys together

Spike: Really?

Abby: totally, guy on guy sex is hot

Spike: *grins*

Abby: *kisses your cheek*

Spike: Wish you were my pretty girl.

Abby: *smiles softly*

Spike: *hand runs up and down your arm lightly, lips move up to nibble at your ear*

Abby: *shivers*

Spike: What are your limits, sweet thing?

Abby: *grins and leans into you* All of them? for like real life too?

Spike: Yeh, want to know them all, pet.

Abby: Scat *screws up my nose* incest, kids, dead, drugs, being given away (temp or permanent), sharing with other subbies, permanent injury, branding, public exposure, breaking the law. tattooing is open to discussion as is piercing.

Spike: Very sensible ones, pet. Do you have a Safeword?

Abby: penguin

Spike: ??? LMAO

Abby: well… it would certainly stop you in your tracks wouldn’t it? *grins*

Spike: True, pet… very true *caresses your cheek, and down to your chin, tilting your face slightly up towards mine, bringing my lips down on yours softly and kissing you slowly… gently, just lips for now, no tongue*

Abby: *sighs softly as your lips press against mine, surprised when you don’t push for entrance. My hand comes up to hold the back of your neck… lips parting slightly.*

Spike: Mmmm *my hesitant tongue comes out to trace over your lips, requesting entrance as I feel them part slightly, flickering over the sensitive skin before sliding in a little.

Abby: *I moan and part my lips further allowing you entrance, the tip of my tongue touches yours lightly*

Spike: *the touch of your tongue against mine feels so good, so right and I slowly probe your mouth, exploring and playing with your tongue, lips moving against each other in a long unhurried kiss*

Abby: *my tongue starts to reciprocate, rubbing against yours and teasing it then pushing it back a little to tickle the underside*

Spike: *my tongue retreats and I pull back, catching your lower lip between my teeth and pulling back, nibbling lightly on it, my hand slides up your arm and lightly skimming over the fabric that covers your breast*

Abby: *moans* damn, Vampy, you sure know how to kiss a girl.

Spike: Tell me what you want, pet.

Abby: *strokes your cheek with the palm of my hand* I want you to take control

Spike: *smiles* That’s my good girl, let me take care of you, show you that not all cyber’s bad, yeah?

Abby: I think that kiss already showed me that

Spike: *grins* Fingers running across your stomach lightly, teasing just under the edge of your top.

Abby: *shivers, tongue flickering out over my lips, eyes looking into yours*

Spike: *sees in your eyes that you want this, and slides my hand up pulling your top up with it, until I can pull it off over your head*

Abby: *bites my lower lip as you pull my top off and expose my breasts, not feeling self conscious but a little shy at the initial unveiling* they’re pierced, with rings.

Spike: I want you to copy what I do to you, pet… do it to yourself, will you do that for me?

Abby: *nods* yes.

Spike: Yes what?

Abby: *blushes slightly* yes sir *pulls off my top in r/l*

Spike: That’s a good girl. So beautiful. *lets my fingers slide over your flesh, over the perfect mounds of your breasts, lightly tracing circles over them before closing in on your pierced nipples. Brushing the little nubs, testing their sensitivity as I flick the left ring up and down*

Abby: *sucks in my breath at you gentle touch, moaning softly as you lightly play with my nipple ring, the sensation sending sparks of pleasure all the way through me*

Spike: Sensitive, pretty girl?

Abby: yes, sir

Spike: *twists the piercing slightly, tugging on it just a little*

Abby: *moans and arches my back* oh god yes

Spike: *grins* not god pet, just Spike ;)

Abby: lol… feels so good…

Spike: *copies the action on the other nipple*

Abby: *turns my head to press my face into your neck, moaning with the pleasure of your touch* please, sir… more…

Spike: So responsive, my pretty one. *pinches your right nipple between my thumb and forefinger, pressure slowly increasing, then adding a twist before letting go*

Abby: *gasps and moans, feeling myself getting wet in response*

Spike: *smiles in satisfaction at the way you respond to my touch* So beautiful, your lips parted like that as you moan in pleasure *repeating the pinch and twist before brushing the tightening nub with the pad of my thumb and then scraping my nail lightly over it*

Abby: *gasps, cries out softly* damn…that’s… *moans*

Abby: Damn… the phone’s ringing, brb…

Spike: Ok, baby girl, hurry back.

Abby: Damn… it was work… I have to go in…man this really sucks, you’ve turned me on so much… *groans*

Spike: *kisses your forehead* work comes first, pet, I know that. I’ll be here later.

Abby: you’re wonderful, thanks vampy. *smooches hugs and runs*

Spike: Take care pet and be good.

Abby: *grins and pulls my top back on before tightening my pigtails* always am. ;) bye sexy





Chapter 3

Spike: Hey, pretty girl

Abby: hey

Spike: *pulls you into my lap*

Abby: *rests my head against your shoulder*

Spike: *my hand slides up your thigh*

Abby: *puts my hand on top of yours to stop it, lacing my fingers with yours* not in the mood

Spike: Oh? You ok? What happened?

Abby: no… everything… very bad day.

Spike: *cuddles* Tell me about it? might help

Abby: god, where to start, my coffee machine broke so I didn’t have time to make coffee before I had to leave for work; got stuck in traffic, because some idiot ran a stop sign causing an accident that snarled up the only route I can take, for an hour; I finally got to work and I realised I’d left my cell phone at home; I was over half hour late and my boss was already waiting for me in the office with the biggest pile of evidence to process that I’ve ever seen, and the damn stuff was just all over the place an absolute mess; the place I get my soda from… their machine had broke; while I was processing samples the mass spec had a brain fart and did something whacky that messed up the results, luckily it didn’t contaminate the samples so I could retest but I couldn’t use that machine until it had been checked.

Abby: And then… the guy who has a crush on me came in and started hitting on me… ick he’s so slimey and he kept trying to touch my arm and stuff

Spike: *growls*

Abby: I punched him in the arm, he soon left… although he’s such a moron he probably thinks that means I fancy him. Boss comes back to hassle me over the samples I couldn’t run coz of the broken mass spec. And finally… my car ran out of fuel on the way home because of having to sit in traffic in the morning and I had to call AAA

Spike: Baby girl, that doesn’t even come close to a bad day in my book.

Abby: oh really… this I’ve got to hear *folds arms and taps foot, waiting*

Spike: Well pet, there are several bad days I can tell you about… lets start with: there was this beauty of a woman, Cecily, she was something else, classy and elegant too. She was my inspiration… my muse. I was a poet you see, and in love with her. I gave a recital to a group of local middle class people from the circle we moved in; only mother was sickly. After sharing some of the poems I went to fetch drinks for myself and her, only… I over heard some of them talking and they had given me a nickname, William the bloody…awful poet. I heard her laughing and left, upset. Wishing them all bloody. I never made it home, that was the night I met Drusilla, my sire…that was the night I was turned. Now that’s a bad day.

Abby: what happened to Cecily?

Spike: Turned out to be a vengeance demon, Hatrack, she started the nickname to get me to leave because she was going to exact a curse on someone at the party.

Abby: *shakes her head chuckling*

Spike: What?

Abby: that’s just ridiculous.

Spike: Ok then, how about this, there I was, minding my own business… living happily on the hellmouth had me a nice set up. These soldier boys called the Initiative captured me, took me to their top secret facilitiy and did all kinds of nasty tests on me, peeling my skin off, sticking things in me, feeding me drugged blood, and they put this bloody chip in my head. Made it so I couldn’t even think about hurting a human without getting zapped by it, damn thing near fried my brain… I managed to escape and when I did I couldn’t feed, ended up at the mercy of the slayer and the white hats, chained in the watcher’s sodding bath tub while they fed me just enough to keep me alive.

Abby: that’s gotta be more than one day *grins*

Spike: Oy there’s no pleasing some people

Abby: *hugs*

Spike: Alright then try this one… it was after I got my soul. Slutty and the slayerettes were up against the first, after he’d tried to send me round the twist. Angel shows up with this amulet, that’s gotta be worn by a champion and all this malarcy anyway, says it can’t be him for some reason so I take it, put it on… into battle we go knowing that we probably won’t all make it out, but we’ve gotta try our best to seal the hellmouth. Damn thing activates, frying all the uber vamps, seals the hellmouth but in the process turns me to dust… but… the irony of it is… I think I’m dead… but next thing I know… and keep in mind at this point Angel and I still pretty much hate the sight of each other… next thing I’m materialising out of the damn amulet in his sodding office… and to cap it all off… I’m a ghost and when I try to leave I end up right back there. Technically it didn’t all happen in one day, but it was like one for me.

Abby: wow

Spike: See… knew that one would get you…was a really bad day that one.

Abby: *shakes head* with an imagination like yours you should be a script writer

Spike: Oy! Imagination?! Telling you the gods honest truth I am.

Abby: sure thing vampy *kisses you on the cheek* thanks for cheering me up… you always know how to put a smile on my face

Spike: *blinks*

Abby: *grins*

Spike: *flips your pigtail* Keep on thinking what you like, pet, I know the truth.

Abby: *leans against you and sips my coffee* so, been up to anything fun?

Spike: Nothing you would believe.

Abby: yeah but I find your stories entertaining, they make me feel good

Spike: Funny that, pet… getting slimed by demon spawn never really my idea of fun.

Abby: you like the violence!

Spike: Well… y’know… I am a vampire… it’s what we’re meant to do.

Abby: *chuckles*

Spike: Yeah you can laugh.

Abby: so… you’re real name’s William?

Spike: Er… yeah.

Abby: and you’re a poet?

Spike: Bloody hell, was… a bloody awful one too.

Abby: share some with me?


Abby: pleeeeeease

Spike: Gah!

Abby: please with a cherry on top? ^.^ *puppy eyes*

Spike: You’re an evil woman you know that?!

Abby: hahaha, does that mean you’re gonna come and slay me?

Spike: Nah… but bad girls need a good spanking :P

Abby: promises

Spike: Well if that’s what you’re after…

Abby: *chuckles*

Spike: Ok… this is part of the last one I wrote… read it at a biker bar just before… well… the day I thought I was gonna die… again.

Abby: *listens*

Spike: "My soul is wrapped in harsh repose,

Spike: midnight descends in raven-colored clothes,

Spike: but soft...behold!

Spike: A sunlight beam

Spike: cutting a swath of glimmering gleam.

Spike: My heart expands,

Spike: 'tis grown a bulge in it,

Spike: inspired by your beauty...

Spike: effulgent."

Abby: WOW

Spike: bad?

Abby: awesome, totally… awesome *sloppy kisses*

Spike: Yeh? Really?

Abby: really! Wouldn’t lie to you.

Spike: *nuzzles your neck*

Abby: *smiles*

Spike: Gah… brb… Angel

Abby: k

Spike: Damn, y’know there are times when that man really bugs me.

Abby: what’s up

Spike: He’s just giving me shit about using the computer and not researching…he’s just bitter coz he doesn’t know how to use one.

Abby: what are you meant to be researching?

Spike: Weird symbols.

Abby: oh?

Spike: Yeh, came across them last night when we were out doing the thing I don’t tell ya about coz you think I’m nuts.

Abby: right! lol

Spike: *rolls eyes*

Abby: I was gonna ask why you can’t multi-task, but you’re a guy!

Spike: Hey!

Abby: *grins* you know it’s true

Spike: I have ADD, I bounce from one thing to another… find it hard to focus

Abby: you find it easy enough to focus when talking to me… and who ever heard of a vampire with ADD?

Spike: Well now you have and talking to you is different, you hold my attention

Abby: *grins*

Spike: *twirls your pigtail*

Abby: gah. *swats at your hand*

Spike: *laughs* what’s up, lil girl, you don’t want me turning you on?

Abby: just not in the mood, y’know

Spike: Still feeling grumpy?

Abby: less so… but… y’know, my heads just not in the cyber place

Spike: Ok, I’ll be good.

Abby: sure you will *grins*

Spike: Am positively angelic me.

Abby: an angelic vamp… sure…

Spike: Well there is broody pants.

Abby: *snorts* just coz his name is angel… why is he called angel anyway?

Spike: He was angelus before the soul… coz he had the face of an angel… deceptive see. Then when he got the soul he did the prince thing and reinvented himself in english lol instead of latin or whatever. think his bint of a sire called him it – Angelus that is.

Abby: his sire?

Spike: Yeh, Darla… bitch that she was.

Abby: was? And I’m guessing you don’t like her much

Spike: She’s dust now… again.

Abby: again

Spike: Yeh… that’s the thing about us from the line of Aurelius… have a habit of not staying dead.

Abby: lol you don’t say

Spike: You’re humouring me?!

Abby: me? *looks innocent*

Spike: Yeh, you *tickles your side*

Abby: *giggles* still think you should write a book

Spike: There’s already been plenty written about us.

Abby: yeah?

Spike: Mmhmm, won’t find them in a library tho, pet, least not a regular one.

Abby: how come you’ve had books written, are you like Lestat or Dracula or something?

Spike: Dracula, that ponce?! Not a chance. *snorts*

Abby: Dracula is real?

Spike: Unfortunately… he’s also a prized git.

Abby: you know him?

Spike: Yeh… no love lost tho… kinda disagree on a few points.

Abby: oh? *grins*

Spike: Yeh stuff in the books is a load of crap, though he did manage to tell the world how to kill his own kind. Stupid wanker.

Abby: what about the stuff about you?

Spike: About the four of us mostly… scourge of europe is what we were known as.

Abby: the scourge of europe?

Spike: Yeh, Angelus and William the Bloody.

Abby: O.o

Spike: *shrugs* Just kinda stuck.

Abby: so what about drusilla, where’s she now?

Spike: God knows, think she’s dust but can’t be sure to be honest only one who’d know would be darla and we know she’s dust for sure coz Angel watched her stake herself to have the sprog.

Abby: sprog??

Spike: Yeh, connor, her son. The destroyer *snorts*

Abby: I’m lost… didn’t think vampires were meant to be able to have children… well not the traditional way

Spike: Can’t… normally… was the PTB playing games I reckon.

Abby: ptb?

Spike: Powers That Be!

Abby: you mean like god?

Spike: *snorts* Nah… no such thing as god, luv just a bunch of higher beings who think they have the right to meddle in people’s lives.

Abby: I’m so lost

Spike: You and me both, pet, you and me both. Don’t matter much tho since you don’t believe me :P

Abby: *smiles at you* I love the world you create tho

Spike: You say the sweetest things, pet.

Abby: so who’s connor?

Spike: Angel and Darla’s son.

Abby: is he evil?

Spike: Nah he’s in college, bit of a brain actually, kid can fight though.

Abby: you said he was called the destroyer?

Spike: Was what they called him in another dimension, think he’s named in some prophecies and stuff too.

Abby: okay!

Spike: LOL

Abby: so is he a vampire too?

Spike: Nah, he’s human… mostly… has the vamp speed and strength with none of the sunlight/holy water allergies.

Abby: how old is he?

Spike: Well… he’s about 20 biologically like… but that’s coz he went to a demon dimension for a few weeks and came back a teenager.

Abby: interesting

Spike: LOL that’s one way of putting it

Abby: do you have any kids?

Spike: *snorts*

Abby: what?

Spike: Not the paternal kind, pet.

Abby: so you’ve never turned anyone?

Spike: Never!

Abby: why?

Spike: Had enough responsibility looking after my loopy sire without dealing with fledges.

Abby: fledges?

Spike: Newly turned vamps, they’re a bit stupid… a lot stupid, rarely live to be as old as me.

Abby: ok… but you were a fledge once?

Spike: Nah… it’s complicated pet.

Abby: right

Spike: *sighs*

Abby: what is it, vampy?

Spike: Sometimes, I wish you were asking coz you believed me, is all.

Abby: sorry

Spike: Yeh, me too.

Abby: you’ve not explained why you’re called Spike, yet

Spike: Em… ok… can I not do that?

Abby: you’re embarrassed?

Spike: Nah, proud of it I am, just… don’t wanna gross you out or nothing.

Abby: haha… I make art out of gunshot wounds and you think you can gross me out? give it your best shot bad boy *giggles*

Spike: brb Angel again.

Abby: k

Spike: I gotta go… he needs me to go help him kill some big nasty.

Abby: take care, babes.

Spike: You too, pet *kisses* bye.

Abby: bye *smooch*





Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Abby: hey you, where’ve you been, it’s been nearly a week?

Spike: Had a spot of bother, all sorted out now though.

Abby: what sort of bother are we talking about?

Spike: Took some bad hits from the demon Angel and I went after.

Abby: you were hurt?

Spike: Yeh, healed up right fine though, no worries.

Abby: Spike? What aren’t you telling me?

Spike: Nothing you need to worry your pretty head about, pet. I’m fine now, Angel patched me up.

Abby: I’m glad.

Spike: Me too… sometimes I half expect him to leave me in a pool of blood.

Abby: he wouldn’t, would he?

Spike: Nah… much as he says he hates me, I know he loves me really ;)

Abby: oh yeah?

Spike: Yeh!

Abby: I expect you aren’t going to elaborate on that

Spike: Nope.

Abby: lol

Spike: How are things at your end?

Abby: ok

Spike: How was the party?

Abby: you remembered?

Spike: Course I did.

Abby: it was…ok… it made me feel lonely

Spike: *wraps my arms round you* Know how you feel, pet.

Abby: yeah, I expect you do *smiles wistfully*

Spike: How’s work been?

Abby: ok I guess… Tony’s driving me nuts but that’s nothing new, he thinks he’s fooling everyone with that play boy act but he’s so obviously playing for the other team, I find it amusing really… he’s like an annoying brother

Spike: *snorts* Maybe we should introduce him to Angel?

Abby: haha, how old is Angel anyway

Spike: old! 260 plus and he did about 500 years in a hell dimension

Abby: *blinks*

Spike: Yeh… better just to say he’s old.

Abby: guess so *grins* still Tony likes his men older

Spike: LOL they could be good for eachother… Angel needs someone to loosen him up.

Abby: *grins*

Spike: *trails my fingers up and down your arm*

Abby: *turns in to press my lips against your cheek* he’s not the only one btw

Spike: oh?

Abby: yeah… although 126 is a lot older than I have experience of

Spike: *laughs*

Abby: *grins and nuzzles*

Spike: *gives your pigtail a lil tug* Feeling horny pet?

Abby: mmhmm could say that

Spike: Take your clothes off, pretty girl.

Abby: all of them?

Spike: Yes, pet, just like last time, yeah, you do what I do to you.

Abby: *nods and smiles enthusiastically*

Spike: Good girl.

Abby: *unbuttons my shirt quickly and lets it slide from my shoulders. fingers reach down and unbuckle my belt, pulling it off and dropping it on top of my shirt. Quickly unzipping my skirt, it slides down my legs to puddle on the floor. standing in lacy black underwear. reaching up to unfasten my bra and sliding it off, dropping it to the floor before hooking my fingers in my panties and slowly sliding them down my long legs and stepping out of them.*

Spike: *lets my eyes slide over your perfect body* Tell me about those piercings and tattoos, pet

Abby: *steps up close and takes your hand to take you on a guided tour*

Abby: *sliding your fingers over my left wrist, and the three triangles on the inside, then up along my forearm over the RIP on the inside, further up, ghosting my pierced nipple then up to my shoulder, and over the spiders web on my neck, while turning and letting your fingers trail down over the stick figure angel, then down over my back and the larger cross.* watch it doesn’t burn your fingers

Spike: LOL… needs to be blessed for that.

Abby: *grins and throws you a cheeky look. sliding your fingers down my leg to the left ankle, three little dots on the outside. Moving your hand to my other ankle, the inside of my right one and the smilie face. I let your hand slide up on its own, up the inside of my leg and catching it just before it can ghost over my pierced sex. carrying it up and running it over the other stick angel on the other shoulder, down my right arm, turning back to face you as fingers move over the upper forearm and the eternity symbol before skimming down over the P on the inside of my right wrist and off.*

Spike: Beautiful, pet, tell me about the piercings.

Abby: my nipples are pierced horizontally, with hoops through; I have a vertical and horzontal clit hood bars and a hoop through my clit

Spike: Very very nice pet, I bet that was quite an experience.

Abby: *grins wickedly* oh yeah, I didn’t get them all done at once tho

Spike: Would you ever get more?

Abby: you don’t think that’s enough? *giggles*

Spike: Maybe get your labia pierced so it can be tied up all pretty.

Abby: would you like to do that to me, Sir?

Spike: Hell yeh, pet, love to see you all tied up down there, more effective than a chastity belt I reckon that’d be.

Abby: mmmm I have one you know… French 18th century

Spike: Really?

Abby: yeah *grins* it’s awesome

Spike: I just bet it is.

Abby: *winks*

Spike: *Reaches up and plays with your pretty pierced nipples, pinching on the tender lil nubs and twisting them a bit before tugging on the hoops and twisting them* Beautiful!

Abby: *moans softly* more, please, Sir

Spike: Since you ask so nicely pretty girl, *catches the hoops with my thumb and forefinger and slowly pull, stretching your nipples out with them*

Abby: *arches my back, trying to follow the pull but knowing not to take a step towards you*

Spike: You’re a good girl, Abby, who trained you?

Abby: *blushes* I’ve had quite a few doms over the years, no one serious tho

Spike: *nods and strokes my fingers down your cheek* No need to blush, pretty girl.

Abby: I’m not normally the kind of girl who blushes lol

Spike: Well I didn’t take you for the shy type, that’s for sure.

Abby: *grins and chuckles*

Spike: I want you to sit on my lap, straddling my thighs and facing me.

Abby: *climbs onto your lap, thighs held apart by yours, feeling exposed as I brace my hands on your chest*

Spike: *Smiles at you, running my hand up from playing with your nipple to hook behind your neck and pull you in for a kiss. my lips claiming yours as my tongue forces its way into your mouth to taste, explore and tease*

Abby: *my lips part to allow your tongue in and I play mine against it, teasing the tip against it and sucking on it with a soft moan*

Spike: *My hands slide down your body, one slipping between your thighs to flicker over your pierced clit. Swallowing your moans as my mouth dominates yours.*

Abby: *arches as your fingers touch me, moaning for more, my hands coming up to hold onto your shoulders for balance*

Spike: *Pulling back from the kiss, I suck and nibble on your lower lip before letting it fall from between my teeth. My eyes skimming down your naked body appreciatively. Kissing along your jaw I nuzzle your neck, licking and kissing, scraping blunt teeth over your pulse point, feeling the thrill of the blood pumping below and breathing in the scent of your arousal*

Abby: oh god, that’s…so hot.

Spike: Even better in real life pet, and no that wasn’t a hint or an attempt at getting you to agree to meet me.

Abby: *shivers as your lips and hand turn me on further, squirming on your lap* please, Sir.

Spike: *Smiling at your plea, I push two fingers into you and crook them slightly, rubbing against the soft flesh I find there. Lips making their way up to nibble on your ear, flickering my tongue against it. Fangs distending and scrapping lightly, but dangerously close to piercing the skin*

Abby: *gasps, holding on tight as your fingers penetrate me, I start to ride them, unable to help myself, my hips rocking back and forth on your lap, wishing it was more than just your fingers in me*

Spike: Like that pet, like the danger? Like my fingers pushing into you? *My other hand unfastens my jeans, pushing them down and easing my erection out. Eight inches of hard flesh. I can’t decide which I want more, you’re pretty mouth or your tight hot pussy*

Abby: Cyber 8? *giggles*

Spike: *Shakes head*, for real, want a picture of that too, pet? *Grins*

Abby: um… I don’t think I could handle that right now. Please, Sir…want you inside me.

Spike: *Nudges you off my lap* Hands and knees, pretty girl.

Abby: *I shudder as I slide off your lap, going down onto all fours, parting my legs slightly in invitation*

Spike: Beautiful! *Getting up, I push my jeans off and toss them aside, circling you as I take in your naked body, open and ready for me, the light glinting off the metal piercing your pussy and the slick juices that I can see on the folds. I crouch down behind you, parting you further with my hands and take a lick with my long tongue, tasting you with a hum of approval. My cock is hard and I want you so much, straightening up, I move in, pressing the tip of my erection against your sex. Feeling a moment of resistance before it eases in.* So good, pretty girl… so hot, feels like you’re burning me up.

Abby: *I try to hold steady, feeling you inspecting me, a shudder running through me under your gaze. Moaning and gasping in pleasure as I feel your hands and then your tongue on me. When your cock presses in I groan in need, pushing back to impale myself on you* oh god, yes!

Spike: That’s it, pretty girl, gonna take all my cock like a good little slut now, aren’t you?

Abby: *moans* yes, Sir, please…fuck me.

Spike: *Can’t help myself anymore, I start to pull back and then thrust back in, starting slow and steady, long thrusts that take me all the way in and then pulling almost all the way back out. Setting up a smooth fucking motion before I start to up the pace. My fingers grip your hips tightly, guiding you onto my dick as my hips move.*

Abby: Oh god… please? *Pushing back to meet every thrust wanting it harder, faster, wanting you to give me permission to cum*

Spike: *I pick up pace, thrusting harder, deeper, faster. Slamming in over and over as I feel you push back to meet every stroke, always wanting more. Your cries music to my ears*

Abby: *crying out with every thrust, unable to silence myself even if I wanted too. so close I need to cum so badly* please, Spike… Sir… please.

Spike: What is it, pretty girl, what do you want?

Abby: please… god… can I cum? Really… please, Sir?

Spike: You’re stroking yourself?

Abby: yes Sir. *whimpers*

Spike: Do you have a dildo?

Abby: of course, should I get it?

Spike: Yes, girl, be quick!

Abby: brb

Abby: back

Spike: Good girl… how big is it?

Abby: about 6” long, about 1 and half inches thick.

Spike: Nice… fuck yourself with it pet.

Abby: *whimpers* yes, Sir. *pushes it inside* oh god… it feels so good

Spike: Not as good as the real thing though is it, pet.

Abby: no, Sir. Please… oh god!!!! I need to cum. pleeeeeeease?

Spike: *Thrusts into you harder, knowing you’ll be feeling it the next day, everytime you sit down, everytime you walk around you’ll feel it and remember me fucking you like this, getting so close myself, I reach under you and rub your clit, urging you towards release* cum for me pet

Abby: *whimpers* ooooohhhhhhhmaoufmiejolhg!!!!!!!!

Spike: *harder…driving in one last time, my body going tight and I throw my head back crying out as I shoot cum deep inside you, feeling you vibrate around me, your body shaking.

Spike: Pet?

Abby: oh god… I think you broke me

Spike: LOL and just think… I didn’t have to touch you to do it.

Abby: you were right

Spike: Of course I was. ….What about?

Abby: *chuckles* about not being disappointed about cybering with you. it was incredible. thank you

Spike: It was a pleasure, pet.

Abby: Did you cum?

Spike: *Grins* Yeah! Got me quite a mess here… should clean up before Angel walks in and gets an eyeful.

Abby: nothing he hasn’t seen before though, right *winks*

Spike: Oy!

Abby: *giggles*

Spike: BRB

Abby: ok :)

Spike: Back

Abby: YAY

Spike: *Pulls you into my arms and holds you tightly*

Abby: *sighs contently*

Spike: Think you’ll be able to sleep now, pretty girl?

Abby: totally, and I’ll have some amazing dreams too, I bet!

Spike: *Grins* Good girl. *Kisses your hair*

Abby: mmmmmm *nuzzles*

Spike: …Dammit!!!

Abby: angel?

Spike: Yeah!

Abby: it’s ok, I understand… when you’ve gotta go slay demons…ya gotta go.

Spike: LOL *Kisses you hard* Be good!

Abby: always. you be careful.

Spike: Always, Abs, always. *kisses and leaves*





Chapter 5

Things had started to take a very weird turn at the club, Abby had noticed some odd things out of the corner of her eye. Granted, it was a weird club so odd was pretty much the norm, but this was odder than usual. Whether it was because of her relationship with Spike and the outrageous things he’d told her over the internet, she wasn’t entirely sure. She had been inclined to think she was imagining it, mostly.

A trip to the bathroom turned the night around and her opinions changed greatly from that moment on. She was the only one in there and had just finished washing her hands when there were some odd sounds from beyond the door. The music that pounded out was momentarily blocked out by something totally indescribable. Abby couldn’t ignore that feeling anymore. She didn’t know what the hell to do, it wasn’t like she could call work and tell them that something weird was going on at the club she was in.

She paced back and forth slightly before making up her mind and pulling out her cell phone. The number was in there, but she had never thought she would ever call it. ‘Please god, let him be for real’. She hit connect and listened as it rang out.

“ ‘ello?” an English voice, much like she’d always expected, answered.

“Spike?” she whispered, afraid to raise her voice any louder.

“Yeah…?” She could hear the question and confusion in his voice, the unasked ‘who is it?’

“It’s Abby.”

“Bloody hell, pet. Didn’t expect you to ever call. What’s wrong? Where are ya?”

“I’m at a club, something weird’s going on… how could you tell something was wrong?”

“Apart from you whisperin’? Can hear screaming in the background.”

“Screaming?” She couldn’t hear it; all she could hear was the music. “Oh! Spike, I really need your help, I hope all that stuff you’ve told me is true.”

“Tell me where you are, pet and we’ll come.”

“Club Liberation,” she told him uncertainly, “You know where it is?”

There was the sound of keys tapping on a keyboard before he spoke again, “Got it, where abouts are you?”

“Girl’s bathroom.”

“Good… look up at the ceiling.”

Even though Abby thought it was a strange instruction, she did as he said.

“Is it those squares that you can push up?”


“Right… this is what I want you to do…”

She listened carefully, afraid that if she didn’t she would somehow mess it all up. He hung off with strict instructions to turn her phone off. She did that straight away and pushed it into her pocket. Going into one of the stalls, she climbed up on the cistern and reached up to push the tile in, thankful for being tall for once. The tile pushed away, she pulled herself up through the opening and into the ceiling space, remembering exactly what he’d told her. She made sure she was settled on the metal framework and replaced the tile precisely. All she had to do was wait.

Time passed slowly, hiding in the ceiling, she was aware that the bathroom door into the club opened and closed at one point. The music in the main club still blared out but from the sound of it, it was unattended.

Abby heard a loud noise come from the main club, like someone gutting a pig and then silence. The music had been shut off too. She had no idea how long she’d been hiding up there for, her fingers firmly crossed that Spike was who he’d said he was and that all that time she’d made fun of him or teased him, she had been wrong. The door to the bathroom opened and she heard footfalls.

“Abby?” The same voice from the phone, loud and clear and right below her. “It’s safe, pet, you can come down now.”

She didn’t know why, but she hesitated a moment; it was a moment of truth. Soon she would find out just who Spike really was and he would see her for the first time. It was a meeting that was never supposed to happen. They talked on line, she shared things with him she wouldn’t or couldn’t share with anyone else. And they’d been intimate several times. Part of her was a little nervous that he wouldn’t like her.

“Pet, I know you’re scared, can hear ya heart going, but you need to come down now.” Spike’s reassuring voice called up to her.

Slowly, she pulled the ceiling tile out and peered through the opening at him a moment before lowering herself down through the opening. She felt his hand on her leg, guiding it to the cistern, and then he was helping her balance and lifting her down onto the ground. Abby stared into the bluest eyes she’d ever seen.

“Every bit the pretty girl I imagined,” he told her.

“Thanks, I… god I’ve never been so glad to be wrong.”

He gave her a smirk and wrapped his arms around her. “S’ok, pet. I’m here now, it’s alright.”

She’d expected it to feel awkward, but it never, it just felt right and she found herself shaking in his arms as it all caught up to her. Abby wrapped her arms around his waist, her head on his shoulder and he held her tighter.

“Ssh, s’ok, pet, I’ve got you now, it’s over.”

The door opened behind them making Abby jump, the strong arms tightened slightly to remind her that she was safe. As the bleach-blond looked around she peered over his shoulder at the tall dark-haired man in the doorway.

“S’ ok, Abs, it’s just Angel,” he reassured

The other vampire nodded at her, “We have to go, cops are on their way. There’s a back way out.”

“C’mon, pet lets get you home.”

The forensics expert was too shell-shocked to protest, it was a bit late now to worry about him knowing who she was. Besides, she suspected that if the man really wanted to find her then he could have ages ago. So, she let him guide her down a passageway, following the tall broody-looking guy. She couldn’t help but think that it was kind of cool the way his long leather duster flapped behind him though, dramatic.

They pushed through some doors and out into an alley, a car was parked nearby and they headed straight for it. Abby was grateful that Spike kept his arm around her waist the whole time, as if knowing that she was a little wobbly on her feet and left to her own devices would probably be a pile of nerves on the tarmac by now.

Safely in the car, she was surprised when the blond vampire climbed in the back with her, rather than riding up front with his buddy. He flashed her a smile, blue eyes glinting.

“Believe me now, do ya?” he asked with a teasing smirk.

“It’s a little hard not to.” She smiled shyly at him.

He flipped one of her pigtails and she gave him a sideways glance, a sparkle of mischief in her hazel eyes. “Now, you know what that does.”

“Dunno what you’re talkin’ about, pet.” Spike affected fake innocence with a small sniff as he draped one arm along the back seat.

“Where are we going?” The smooth but impatient baritone asked from the driver’s seat.

“Well, Sire… if you don’t know how am I meant to?”

Abby could almost hear the rolling of eyes, Spike had described the action to her so many times she felt like she already knew the man.

“I meant, where are we taking your friend to.” He turned around to look at them and she caught his gaze, chocolate brown eyes, soulful but also with a low burning passion. She found herself thinking about being caught between both these sexy men, she would make it her mission to stop the man’s brooding.

“I don’t want to take you out of your way, anywhere I can get a cab is fine.”

The dark head shook, eyes once again locking with hers, holding her captive. “It’s not safe out there, we’ll take you home, just tell me where.” His tone was so much softer when he spoke to her, more patient and sounding less of long-suffering.

She gave him directions.

Eventually, they pulled up outside her apartment building. There hadn’t been much room for conversation on the way, with her having to guide their journey. Spike looked at her a little puppyish, he’d held her hand for some of the ride, seemingly unbothered by the attention not being on him where he would prefer.

“You want me to see you up to the door, all proper like. Since this is our first date an’ all.”

Abby chuckled and looked at him and shook her head, “You’re bad, you know that?”

“Course I do, I’m the big bad, after all.”

There was a soft chuckle from the front seat and it was Spike’s turn to roll his eyes, “Oy, stop earwiggin’.”

“It’s not like I can help it, Spike.”

“You could pretend like you weren’t.” He pouted.

“Sure, I’ll just put my fingers in my ears and sing ‘lalala…I can’t hear you’.”

That made Abby laugh and she could swear she heard him smile. “Thank you so much for coming tonight, guys, I don’t really wanna know what it was, but thanks for taking care of it, it can’t have been nice.”

“No worries, it’s what we do,” Spike told her.

“He’s right, you did the right thing calling,” Angel agreed.

She turned her uncertain gaze back on Spike, not knowing what to say or do now, she pulled a plump lower lip between her teeth.

“It’s ok, Abs,” he told her, “Go on, we’ll watch to make sure ya get in alright and we can talk online later.”

She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight, giving him a swift peck on the cheek before pulling back. She threw Angel a smile.

“Bye guys.” And with that, she pushed open the door and almost trotted to the front door of her building, having unlocked the door, she paused to wave to them before disappearing inside and up to her apartment.





Chapter 6

“So, what did you get up to this weekend, Abby?” Tony asked from where he was sat on one of the stools in her lab, swinging it back and forth slightly.

“Oh, you know…the usual. Went clubbing, got attacked by demons, rescued by sexy souled vampires it was all rather samey.” She waved a hand in the air dismissively before going back to studying the sample under the microscope.

He laughed, assuming she was joking. She just shot him a grin and carried on with what she was doing.

Tony was playing around with some paperclips when something popping up on the laptop caught his attention.

Spike: Hey, pretty girl

He smirked and shot Abby a quick look to make sure she was still distracted.

Abby: Hey yourself.

Spike: How are you feeling now? After the weekend?

Abby: I’m ok.

Spike: I know it was pretty freaky.

Abby: Yeah… but… y’know freaky isn’t always bad.

Tony bit his knuckle, he didn’t really know what she’d done at the weekend so he had to try and bluff it. He kept shooting looks over at her to keep tabs on her.

Spike: *Chuckles and pulls you into my lap.* You were pretty shaken up, I was worried about you.

Abby: Well, it was… you know… a shock.

Spike: Yeah, I know. *Plays with your pigtail* I’m glad you called though.

Abby: *Giggles* yeah, me too.

Spike: So, what are you up to?

Abby: The usual.

Spike: No big mystery to solve then?

Abby: Not right now.

Tony knew he shouldn’t be doing it, but he just couldn’t help himself. It was fun. The trouble was, he didn’t know what ‘Spike’ knew about Abby and what she did.; he didn’t let that stop him though and was smiling to himself.

Spike on the other hand was frowning, something was off, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it thought. He decided to test the water a little.

Spike: You ok, pet? You seem a bit quiet.

Abby: Yeah, just work distracting me.

Spike: How dare they *smirks*

Abby: I know, anyone would think I didn’t have a life.

Spike: *Snorts* There’s little doubt after the weekend.

Abby: Yeah, I mean talk about the fun and excitement.

Spike: That you’re idea of a fun night out, pet?

Abby: It isn’t yours?

Spike: Not my idea of a perfect date…

Abby: Oh?

Spike: Well, y’know… I’m a romantic kinda guy.

Abby: Of course.

Tony smirked to himself, what sort of name was Spike anyway? It was as bad as Chad or Blaise.

The bleached-blond was wondering why Abby hadn’t taken the opportunity to have a dig about the ‘big bad vampire’ being romantic, and asking how he showed that… half a dozen eyeballs on stalks?

Spike: *Winks* Pretty girl, you know it’s true. *Grins*

Abby: *Smiles* So, what was wrong with the date?

He thought it was the perfect way to find out what his friend really got up to on the weekend, none of this rubbish that she fed them to freak them out.

Spike: You agree it was a date then?

Spike was moving beyond the niggling feeling that something wasn’t right and on to downright suspicious, something wasn’t right about all this, it didn’t sound like the Abby he knew, her writing style was different, she was being so brief and where was the shuddery chastisement for teasing when he played with her pigtail? He decided that a more specific test was in order, and if he was right… well, then he’d have a little fun with it.

Abby: Well what would you call it?

Spike: *Smirks* You usually do that kinda thing on a date?

Tony panicked a little, what kind of thing was he talking about? What had Abby been doing? This was proving harder than he expected and he gave a small frown before typing his reply – taking a wild stab in the dark and keeping his answer obscure enough.

Abby: Not usually, but… well… there’s a first time for everything and it seemed right at the time.

The blond vampire had been right and now for some fun of his own.

Spike: That friend of yours you were talking about… the Italian one…

Abby: Tony? What about him?

Spike: You really think he’d be interested?

At first there had been excitement and curiosity, then there was nervousness. Abby had been talking about him, but what on earth had they discussed? This could be tricky.

Abby: Which bit?

Spike: All of it, of course *winks and grins*.

Abby: I’m not sure anymore, I’d have to give it some thought or talk to him.

Spike: Ok, not sure how long I can wait though.

Abby: What do you think I should say to him?

Spike: Anything ya like, pet. You know him best. Think the biting thing will be an issue.

Abby: Depends. He kinda likes biting.

Spike: Well that’s good to know.

Abby: It is?

Spike: Yeah, right useful it is.

“Oh my god, Tony! What are you doing,” Abby shrieked, seeing him tapping away on her computer.

He flashed her a smile that said ‘you know you love me’. “Just chatting to your friend Spike here, seems like an interesting guy.”

She punched him in the arm and he shot her a look. “OW!”

She pointed a finger at him in a determined gesture of warning before pushing him away from her laptop.

Abby: Spike, god, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know tony was playing on the computer. *glares at him* Maybe he and Angel should get it together I bet he could whip him into shape in no time.

Spike: LOL, good to have you back pet. Yeah, boy seems a bit of a brat, but no worries I sussed him out. ;-)

Abby: always the vampire private detective *chuckles*

Spike: But of course, pet.

Abby: *kisses you on the cheek*

“What was he talking about?” Tony asked, “What’ve you been saying about me?” He rubbed at his arm as he peered over her shoulder.

Abby nudged him away slightly with a husky chuckle.

Abby: you’re bad, y’know?!

Spike: Big Bad, that’s me, pet. Remember.

Abby: the big bad poet and alround knight in shining armour.

Spike: *Rolls eyes* confusing me with captain forehead.

Abby: *laughs* I liked him.

Spike: Well, yeah, he has that affect on people who haven’t known him for…as long as I have.

Abby: I guess you’ve been around him long enough to annoy each other.

Spike: The boy still there?

Abby: yes! *nudges tony again*

Spike: No hard feelings, mate. Was nice playin’ with ya.

Tony looked a little embarrassed, and shifted slightly, “I knew he was just teasing, knew he knew it wasn’t you,” he said petulantly, but still wondering if they really had been talking about him.

Abby gave him a sympathetic smile and patted his arm, “Never mind, Tony. Spike’s clever like that but he’s a big pussy cat once you get to know him.”

Abby: he’s a bit put out that you busted him *chuckles*

Spike: Can’t get much past me, pet. Enhanced senses and all that.

Abby: Spike, you’re on the computer

Spike: *Sniffs*, yeah, so?

Abby: *laughs* never mind.

Spike: So, Saturday was fun.

Abby: Laugh a minute, I enjoyed hiding in the ceiling cavity

Spike: See, I know how to give a girl a good time, coulda been the sewer… imagine the smell.

Abby: don’t even…

Spike: *Smirks*

Abby: when are you taking me on a proper first date?

Spike: *Blinks* You mean that? Y’d actually go out with me?

Abby: seems a bit pointless to resist now that we’ve met

Spike: Brilliant.

“Abs, don’t tell me you went on a date with someone you met online?” Tony asked worriedly as he read the words on the screen.

“Of course not, do I look that stupid.” She shot him a glare. “It wasn’t a date.” She declared as she typed.

“He could be a homicidal maniac, haven’t you learnt anything from working here? And what’s this about ceiling cavities?” He was only concerned for her safety; she was his best girl. He liked Abby a lot, like a sister or something. He didn’t want to think of her getting into trouble.

“Au contraire, Anthony. I’ve learned a lot.” She waggled her eyebrows. Her face turned serious, “He’s a good guy. I hadn’t planned to meet him, but I got into a spot of bother on Saturday and he was the only one I knew would be able to help.”

“That was then…”

“Look.” She smiled, “If it would make you feel better you could come with us. As a chaperone.” Abby suggested, brightly.

Abby: Tony’s worried about us meeting. Thinks you might be dangerous

Spike: Pussy cat me… did ya tell him that?

Abby: *grins* thought you said you weren’t a ‘bloody kitten’

Spike: LOL We’ll have you speaking proper English before ya know it, pet.

Abby: :D So, I was thinking…

Spike: Ut-oh. I should be worried, shouldn’t I?

Abby: *looks all innocent*

Spike: Not fooling anyone, Princess. *Smirks*

Abby: *pouts* was worth a try though

Spike: Always. *Grins*

Abby: anyway… I was thinking maybe Tony could come with us.

Spike: Come with us?

Abby: on the date… as a chaperone

Spike: You think we need one of them, pet? I’m not gonna jump ya.

Abby: I know, but it would make him feel better… besides, he’d probably just follow me anyway. You could bring you-know-who make it less awkward.

Spike: *Grins* I like your thinking, pet.

Abby: *bows* why thank you, kind Sir.

Spike: Deal. We’ll make a time later, I’ve gotta go do a work thing.

Abby: Ok, babes. *smooch*

Spike: *Kiss* See you later, pretty girl. Oh and tell him, the biting thing…really is useful.

“You-know-who? And what’s this about biting? What did you tell him about me, Abs?” Tony DiNozzo was worried, but at the same time very curious.

His hazel eyes sparkled slightly and the Forensics expert thought he was more than a little interested.

She smiled sweetly at him. “I just told him how hot funny and smart you were.”

Tony didn’t believe her!





Chapter 7

“I can’t believe we’re doing this. You don’t even know this guy,” Tony grumbled as he straightened his Armani suit jacket.

“He’s fine, and so is his friend. Quit worrying,” Abby replied with a serene smile, turning to make sure his clothes were right. “How do I look?” She held out her arms, eyes sparkling.

“Fantastic,” he answered, truthfully.

She was dressed in a black velvet and chiffon dress that had enough layers to it that an outfit that should have been see-through was perfectly opaque; the material so light that it didn’t even look bulky for the amount that it was. The velvet bodice cinched her waist and boosted her cleavage. Her hair was down and lay in soft waves framing her face. It was sexy and elegant at the same time, perfectly Abby.

“Why thank you.” She brushed a kiss to his cheek, “So do you.”

Smiling brightly, Abby pulled open the door to the restaurant and stepped inside, Tony following close behind. They were greeted by the maître-d.

“Table for four in the name of Aurelius,” she told the man, still smiling like the cat that got the cream.

His eyebrow twitched slightly in curiosity but he held his façade of the unfazed. “The rest of your party has already arrived, allow me to show you to your table.”

The name didn’t mean anything to DiNozzo, but it seemed to mean something to the very stiff looking maître-d (whose name Tony couldn’t remember) as he saw the flicker across his face. La Paradou, one of the most expensive restaurants in DC, he’d been there a number of times in the past with an ex who had very rich tastes, but not in the last few months. The man that Abby had hooked up with was obviously in the money to pick a spot like this for a first date.

Abby tried to act casual and not out of her depth as she spotted a minor celebrity at a table on their way over to join their dates. She did a very good job of affecting an air of confidence, like she visited somewhere like this all the time; impressing herself by the way she avoided turning into a complete babbling fangirl.

As they approached the table, she spotted Spike and smiled at him. He stood and grinned back at her. Angel, who had his back to them, followed his grandchilde’s lead and stood also, turning slightly to greet her.

“Wow, you look so awesome. Very suave,” she told the bleached-blond.

“He scrubs up well,” Angel chipped in, making Spike roll his eyes.

“You look beautiful,” he told her, his voice taking on a slightly more polished accent than she remembered from when they’d met the previous weekend.

She gave a slight blush and a bob of a curtsey as Spike, ever the gentleman, pulled out a seat for her and then helped her sit. His eyes flittered to the brunette man that had accompanied her; he’d been hanging back and had gone unnoticed until then.

“This must be Tony,” the younger vampire nodded towards the NCIS agent, holding out a hand to greet him.

Angel turned further, having missed that there was anyone else with the young woman, brown eyes met green and a smile flickered across his face. He was tall, athletic and incredibly handsome. Angel probably wouldn’t have said he was his type but seeing him there like that, filling out his suit so well, he was fairly sure he’d just had his tastes in men successfully challenged.

“Spike, but then we’ve already met.” He winked at the reference to their online conversation. “This is Angel.”

Tony shook the offered hands, frowning slightly at the coolness of the flesh that the two men had, but dismissing it fairly quickly on account that they were both hot in other ways. He took his seat, aware of how the dark-haired man was checking him out.

“Angel, that’s an unusual name for a guy,” Tony said, looking for a conversation opener.

“He’s an unusual guy,” Spike pointed out.

The wine waiter appeared. “Mr DiNozzo, how nice to see you again. It’s been quite a while.”

Tony nodded at the man, “A few months. Yes.”

“A bottle of the usual?” the waiter asked.

“Um...” He looked at his companions, wondering if they would rather do the ordering.

“So long as the usual is good.” Angel nodded his approval.

“Fine with me,” Spike concurred, not that he really cared about wine or anything.

Abby gave her colleague a smile and nod, before smiling up at the waiter. It wasn’t really a surprise to her that Tony would have dined there in the past; he had no qualms about flashing his cash when it was to his advantage.

Dinner was a relaxed affair despite the expensive setting. Angel handed over a credit card to pay for the meal like it was every day he paid out the sort of prices the place commanded. Abby liked Spike a lot and found herself focusing her attention mostly on him, which was really the point of the date. He was sarcastically funny, but also intelligent and extremely nice on the eyes. It left Tony talking to Angel and they seemed to bond quite well.

Afterwards, they stepped out into the cool night air, it was a nice night, clear and not too cold.

“Taxi or walk?” Spike asked as he slipped his jacket from his shoulders and draped it around Abby’s. Both vampires had forgone their trademark black leather dusters in favour of smart suits and ties for the evening, but he would still have given up his beloved duster for her.

“Walk,” the other three replied, virtually in unison. A taxi would mean that things would be over far too quick for any of their liking.

Abby smiled at Spike as she pulled the jacket around her and said softly with a slight husky giggle, “Why thank you, kind Sir.”

His arm stayed around her shoulder after placing it and she happily leant into him. It was kind of cute how close in height they were and his body felt strong and fit against hers just right.

The other two walked a few feet behind talking about some movie from the fifties. They were all smiling and chatting as the scents of the city tickled their noses and the light breeze ruffled hair. All was well until Spike stopped and turned to look at Angel. Both vampires looked at each other and seemed to be assessing something in the surrounding atmosphere; their bodies shifting to alert - battle stance.

“You feel that?” Angel asked Spike.

“What?” Tony asked with a frown and wishing like hell he had his sidearm with him. But this was a date… his brain trailed off at that thought, he was on a double date, with Abby and her bleached-blond and he with tall, dark and rolling in it. He blinked.

Spike simply nodded once in response.

Even though Abby hadn’t seen them fight at the club, she recognised something in the shift in attitude; it reminded her of her colleagues preparing for a take down. She moved close to Tony and looped her arm through his and whispered to him, “Stay close.”

They came from two directions, two of them in front and two of them behind. They were obviously a bit stupid if they thought that four of them were going to be any sort of match for Spike and Angel. The two souled vampires flanked their humans, protecting them.

“Well well, what do we have here? So nice of ya to bring us these treats,” one of the vamps said as he slipped into his demon face.

Spike snorted, “yeah right.”

The stupid, and probably still quite young, vampire moved nearer and sniffed the air. “You carry the stench of humanity.”

Even Angel rolled his eyes at that comment.

“It’s better than the stench of unwashed sewer rat. Really, mate, you oughta think about a shower now and then. Bloody waste of good leather.” He looked at the pants he was wearing. “Sure don’t wear them as well as my buddy Angelus here.”

Monsters, they were weird looking enough that they had to be some kind of monster. Tony stared at them and then at Spike’s back as he taunted the guy. Did he have a death wish or something?


One of the would-be attackers stiffened at the dropped name.

The spokesman for the group missed the reaction and gave a derisive snort, “What sort of name is Angelus?”

Spike could hear the growl from his grandsire, he snorted, “One that goes well with the name William the Bloody.” He shifted to a cocky stance and started to almost bounce on his toes.

“William the…” Tony started to ask, but Abby put a finger over his lips.

“Yeah right, as if.” The vampire with a wish to get dusty laughed and looked to his buddy expecting him to be laughing too.

The buddy had taken a step back though, “Rocko, think we better…”

Angel had spun niftily and plunged a stake straight through the heart of one of the rear flanking vamps. He exploded in a cloud of surprised dust.

“Cool,” Abby muttered.

Tony blinked and tried to work out where the guy went while Spike shot her a sultry grin and, without looking, did a neat roundhouse kick that floored the advancing companion. He was there with a quick dip, stabbing his own stake through the stunned vampire’s heart.

The one who’d recognised the names could be seen trying to run for it, but Spike looked up and with a feral smile took off after him. Calling back to Angel, “Dimwit’s yours.”

Spike was older and faster so it was only natural that within seconds he was in front of the fleeing vamp, blocking his path. “Smart boy like you shouldn’t ‘ve been hanging with a suicidal dust bunny like that. Pity y’ didn’t run sooner.”

“Look, we’re on the same side, I wouldn’t have attacked ya.”

The blond snorted, “Not on the same side, tosser. And really, I oughta stake y’ just for wearing that shirt.” He waved a hand at the Hawaiian shirt that he was wearing.

Spike watched as a punch came towards him. He caught the fist easily and twisted, break the arm with a satisfying snap and using the damaged appendage to turn the assailant and push his broken arm up his back.

“Should have gone with that ‘not attacking’ thing. See, now I know it’s ‘cause you’re a piss poor fighter and not ‘cause you’re as smart as I first thought.” Spike speculated aloud, before reaching up and snapping his neck.

He returned to the others, still brushing dust from his suit. “Well that was a bit of an anti-climax.”

“Just can’t get the quality of vamp attacks these days,” Angel agreed.

Abby wrapped herself around Spike. “My hero.”

The blond menace smirked and kissed her on the forehead. “That was nothing spectacular, pet.”

Tony stood looking at the pile of dust in disbelief. He pointed at it, opened and closed his mouth and then looked at Angel. “Vamps? As in…vampires?” His bête noire was right there, had been staring him in the eyes and had been… turned to dust by their two ridiculously good-looking dates? Delayed fear shut his brain down.

“Think we better get to your place, pet, boy looks like he’s about to faint,” Spike told Abby as he watched Tony swaying slightly.

With a small smile, Angel dipped under the human’s arm as he draped it around his neck and wrapped his own around his waist, in support. A stunned Tony didn’t protest as they walked the rest of the way to Abby’s apartment supported by his ‘date’.

Abby had flapped a little as they climbed the stairs to her apartment, she was excited after seeing the guys in action, even if that was tame compared to what they were used to. Spike could smell her reaction to it and it made his own body respond in kind. Angel kept giving him looks but he didn’t care.

She unlocked her door and went inside, expecting them to follow as she chattered animatedly about the very brief fight.

“Um, pet.” Spike said from outside the doorway; their path hampered by the invisible force field.

She turned and looked at them, surprised to find that they weren’t right behind her. She frowned a look of pure concentration as she contemplated the problem. “Oh! I invite you in to my humble abode,” she told them with an overly dramatic flourish.

Spike chuckled and rolled his eyes, all while looking at her with affection. She was too cute for words.

Angel followed him in and kicked the door shut behind him, easing the still very stunned DiNozzo onto the sofa. “Think he’s gonna be ok?” He was starting to get a little concerned about how non-responsive the guy had been.

“Tony, oh sure, he’s just…well, not used to stuff like that. I mean, he knows how to get into trouble well enough…this one time, he and Ziva got locked in a big metal container… stuffed with millions of dollars in counterfeit money. They had to burn it to keep warm.”

Spike laughed and Angel frowned slightly.

“Oh, and then there was that time when my creepy lab assistant, that I so didn’t want, framed him for murder. And I was the one that uncovered all the evidence that pointed towards him… that was awful, evidence is meant to be my friend and there it was putting my bestest buddy in jail.”

The blond continued to chuckle and his grandsire’s frown only deepened. An oblivious Abby only continued to excitedly regale them with Tony’s exploits.

“Then there was the time he got plague…but this is Tony… so of course it wasn’t normal plague, it was genetically modified. And he was just recovering from that…first day back at work and he got blown up saving Kate and McGee’s butts.”

“Exactly what do you and Tony do for a living?” Angel interrupted her catalogue of the boy’s calamities with the barest hint of a growl in his tone.

“Oh… we work for NCIS…that’s…” Abby didn’t get to finish.

Angel’s jaw visibly clenched. “I know what it is.”

Spike looked at the older vampire, slightly worried at the flare of anger, his eyes had turned gold and he remembered the visit from Lawson. “Uh… look, Peaches, they solve crimes and shit, they don’t do stuff like that anymore. Least not these guys. Ok. They’re good guys. Honest.”

“Like your word ever meant anything, Spike.” Angel folded his arms over his chest.

“Oy, y’know that’s unfair. Don’t take that shit out on me, it wasn’t my fault.” Spike tried not to look hurt and guilty at the accusation.

“You were there though.”

“Not by choice, same as you.” Although he had adapted better to the soul and demon co-habiting, Spike still occasionally faced a wave of guilt when faced with some of the things he’d done. He had done what he had to in order to survive on that submarine, but that was before and even though he was rationalising and down playing it outwardly, inside it still turned his stomach.

Abby watched and listened, fascinated. They both knew exactly what they were talking about and she gathered that it had something to do with NCIS, but she had no clue what.

Angel conceded the point with a soft grunt and turned his eyes back to Tony. The young man had come around a bit and looked up at him with bemused hazel eyes.

“Was a long time ago, Angel, let it go,” Spike’s unusually gentle voice urged and he nodded towards the cute agent on the couch.

“How do I know we can trust them. How do you trust them, after everything the military did to you?”

Spike shook his head and replied, “Different. Gotta see past the organisation and see the people. You helped me save Abby, she wouldn’t do anything to compromise us. And junior here, I think he’s more interested in investigating other things.” He gave an almost lascivious wink. “You’ve gotta get past it, Sire.”

“If they…” Angel started to say, in a rare moment of concern for his grandchilde.

“Don’t go soft on me now, Pet,” the blond teased, lightly.

The dark-haired vamp gave a nod of acknowledgement. Their relationship had changed a lot since that apocalyptic night in LA. He’d finally had to admit to being proud of Spike, that he really was a champion of the light now. He could hardly remember why he’d given him such a hard time. Xander had called it UST, he’d had to bite the bullet and ask Willow to explain what UST meant. He remembered how his eyes had widened at the revelation, and then he calmly informed Xander that the sexual tension had actually been resolved many times in the past and that actually that was part of the problem. He couldn’t remember a time he’d taken so much pleasure in the boy babbling and blushing, he was almost Angelusy in his satisfied glee.

“Maybe we should make the boy some tea or somethin’, pet,” Spike suggested to Abby.

She almost bounced at the suggestion. “Oh, excellent idea. I have bags or leaves, I keep them in for when I have Ducky over sometimes.”

He smirked at her enthusiasm and led her towards what his nose told him was the kitchen.

“Will they be ok?” she whispered when they were alone.

Spike nodded. “Sure, captain broody will sort him out.”

“He wasn’t very broody tonight,” Abby observed as she set about the task of making tea for everyone, whether they wanted one or not.

“Yeah, noticed that too. Boy might actually have a good effect on him, knew we were right to put ‘em together. If he ever comes out of his coma that is.” He chuckled and Abby punched him on the arm.

“That means ya like me, pet,” he teased.

“If we were twelve.” She rolled her eyes and moved in to place a kiss on his cheek, “that, on the other hand, means I like you as a grown up… all 127 years of you.”

The blond smiled at her and pulled her in for a hug. “What about you, you ok after what happened?”

Abby nodded. “Things aren’t gonna be dull with you around, are they?”

He gave a soft snort, “Never, pet.” His hands slid up and down her back as he stared into her eyes. He leaned in and brushed his lips ever so lightly against hers, before increasing the pressure slightly, her lips parted and his tongue slipped into her mouth to explore. Their first kiss and it made him tingle.






Talk is Cheap - Chapter 8


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