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on April 12, 2007 at 5:14:50 pm

Disclaimer: I don’t own yahell, Spike, Abby or the NCIS or Angel teams. Neither do I own Spike’s poem from the last episode of Angel. No money has or will be made from this fic.

A/N: I know Goth_girrrl is not one of Abby’s recognised net nicknames, but none of the others fit with what I wanted for this. Post Angel s5.


Talk Is Cheap


Chapter 1


leah_slut has entered the chat

leah_slut: how is everyone?

Sindydoll: good thanks, you?

leah_slut: bit overwhelmed, i’m new.

Vamp_Dom: Welcome to the madhouse then.

Goth_girrrl: yeah, welcome

Sindydoll: you might want to fill in your profile

leah_slut: thanks.


LordFuller has entered the chat

baby_girl left the chat

LordFuller has left the chat

slutsub4u has entered the chat

slutsub4u: any domme’s wanna cam?

slutsub4u: i’ll do anything ya want me to.

slutsub4u has left the chat


Goth_girrrl: *yawns*

Vamp_Dom: What’s the matter girrrl?

Goth_girrrl: I really should be more choosy who I cyber with.

Vamp_Dom: LOL yeah, it pays to check them out before you’re left high and wet.

Goth_girrrl: Oh it’s worse than that.

Sindydoll: boring?

Goth_girrrl: could say that.

Goth_girrrl: oh I’m such a bad girl.

Goth_girrrl: *paints her nails*

Vamp_Dom: What colour?

Goth_girrrl: black!

Vamp_Dom: Good choice, pet.

Goth_girrrl: why thank you kind sir. *chuckles*

Sindydoll: how d’you type with wet nails.

leah_slut: very carefully lol

Vamp_Dom: Very easily, actually.

Goth_girrrl: you paint your nails?

Vamp_Dom: *holds black nails up to the screen* course.

Goth_girrrl: that’s so corny.

Vamp_Dom: Oy!

Goth_girrrl: well it is… I mean… it’s so…wannabe.

Vamp_Dom: *splutters* tis not.

Goth_girrrl: tis too… I mean … its not like you can be a real vamp, so really you are a wannabe.

Vamp_Dom: Am too a real vamp.

Goth_girrrl: yeah, sure! *chuckles*

Vamp_Dom: Just you wait pet, you’ll see.

Goth_girrrl: are you gonna bite me?

Vamp_Dom: You bloody wish.

Goth_girrrl: awwwww poor vampy all upset with me now?

Vamp_Dom: Wannabe?! *grumbles*

Goth_girrrl: *pets the big bad vampy*

Vamp_Dom: Hey… no petting the vamp. *growls*

Goth_girrrl: gah… gotta go, boss alert.

Vamp_Dom: Bye, pet.

Goth_girrrl: *smooches and runs*

Vamp_Dom: One day, little girl… lol

Goth_girrrl has left the chat


Abby shut the window down and spun on her chair to smile up at Gibbs.


“Having fun, Abs?”


“Research, boss.” She grinned up at him.


“Sure.” He smiled indulgently, flipped a pigtail and handed her the large Caf-Pow!

“Any results for me yet.”


“The computer is still doing its magic, DNA turned out to be female, no relation to our dead marine, running it through the databases now.”


“Call me the minute you have anything for me.”


“Sure thing, Gibbs.” She called to his back.


She sucked on the straw, moaning with appreciation at the burst of fizzy caffeinated drink across her tongue; there were times she could marry that man. She opened another window on her laptop and clicked the link to return to “ChatSmut”, logging in, it opened on her default chatroom.


You have now entered: The Leather Kiss.

Goth_girrrl: miss me?

Vamp_Dom: Who are you again?

Goth_girrrl: hahahah, you’re so funny.

Vamp_Dom: Dontchya just know it, pet.

Goth_girrrl: woah, where did everyone go?

Vamp_Dom: They all left… heartbroken by your exit.

Goth_girrrl: *rolls eyes*

Vamp_Dom: Alone at last, pretty girl.

Goth_girrrl: oh purlease, how long have I known you now vampy? Has that line ever worked on me?

Vamp_Dom: Was worth a try *sniffs*

Goth_girrrl: I wish there were more like you.

Vamp_Dom: *sighs* why doesn’t it ever work on you anyway?

Goth_girrrl: I’m immune. *grins* it’s like my superpower or something.

Vamp_Dom: *rolls eyes*

Goth_girrrl: hehe, you look funny when you do that.

Vamp_Dom: Do not

Goth_girrrl: do too

Vamp_Dom: I so do not *huffs*

Goth_girrrl: well at least my rapid exit got me out of cyber-boredoom.

Vamp_Dom: You never said what was wrong with it.

Goth_girrrl: ahhh well he was writing it for both of us, telling me my reactions, what I was doing… how close I was to orgasm.

Vamp_Dom: And you were painting your nails, that’s bloody brilliant, pet *smirks*

Goth_girrrl: I know… sometimes I wonder why they bother having someone to play with, they should just get themselves a private room and go for it.

Vamp_Dom: Hahaha cyber-masturbation


Johndoe has entered the chat

Johndoe sent you a private message: would you like to cyber girl?

Goth_girrrl: no thanks john.

Johndoe has left the chat


Vamp_Dom: 6 months.

Goth_girrrl: what’s that?

Vamp_Dom: How long I’ve known you…been chatting on here.

Goth_girrrl: wow, is it really?

Vamp_Dom: Yeh.

Goth_girrrl: time flies.

Vamp_Dom: When you’re getting bad cyber.

Goth_girrrl: haha.

Vamp_Dom: So, why has it never worked on you?

Goth_girrrl: I dunno… I like you too much I guess.

Vamp_Dom: You won’t play with me because you like me? That doesn’t make much sense, pet.

Goth_girrrl: I know *frowns*

Vamp_Dom: ‘Fraid I’ll be a disappointment when you get me alone?

Goth_girrrl: we’re already alone :P

Vamp_Dom: Yeh.. but anyone could walk in…it adds a naughty thrill, dontchya think?

Goth_girrrl: shyness has never been one of my qualities.

Vamp_Dom: Me either, pet… me either.

Goth_girrrl: hang on… my babies are beeping and flashing at me.

Goth_girrrl has stepped away.

Vamp_Dom: Huh?

Vamp_Dom: Oh! Results time… and the winner is?

Goth_girrrl has returned

Goth_girrrl: The ex-wife did it!

Vamp_Dom: Knew it!

Goth_girrrl: sure you did.

Vamp_Dom: Did too.

Goth_girrrl: *rolls eyes* how old are you?

Vamp_Dom: 126 in vamp years

Goth_girrrl: you’re deranged *affectionate smile*

Vamp_Dom: Nah… really… I was turned in the year 1880, honest.

Goth_girrrl: *pets*

Vamp_Dom: *growls and pins girrrl to the wall* told ya not to pet the vamp… am not a bloody kitten.

Goth_girrrl: *looks at him wide-eyed* my what big teeth you have *giggles*

Vamp_Dom: Oh for… *shakes head and walks away for a smoke*

Goth_girrrl: those things’ll give you cancer

Vamp_Dom: Newsflash, already dead, pet, it’s all part of the vampire thing.

Goth_girrrl: *grins* so why will you never tell me your name?

Vamp_Dom: Don’t wanna scare ya, do I?

Goth_girrrl: it’s only a name.

Vamp_Dom: Nickname, pet, one I earned.

Goth_girrrl: so how come you’re not out killing innocents and drinking their blood?

Vamp_Dom: Don’t do the killing innocents thing.

Goth_girrrl: oh? Why’s that? You’re not one of them “vampires aren’t really evil” kinds are you?

Vamp_Dom: *snorts* bollocks to that, pet. Vampires are evil through and through, just… y’know it’s not bright to go around slaughtering people all over the place, especially when the slayer knows what you look like.

Goth_girrrl: slayer? You’ve never mentioned a slayer before, what’s that?

Vamp_Dom: Bloody annoying blond bint, that’s what. Her and her bloody band of white hats.

Goth_girrrl: you’re really not making any sense

Vamp_Dom: In every generation one is called… blah blah sodding blah; when one dies another is called, they’re teenaged girls with special powers called to fight against evil, vampires specifically… that’s why she’s called the vampire slayer. They’re life expectancy isn’t too good. But Slutty has made an annoying habit of coming back from the dead. Not that I’ve got much room to talk on that front.

Goth_girrrl: are you on any meds?

Vamp_Dom: *rolls his eyes* I’m not delusional, pet. I’m telling you… meet me and I’ll show ya.

Goth_girrrl: I’ve told you… I’m too careful to risk something like that.

Vamp_Dom: Pity, I wouldn’t hurt you, pet, just wanna see your pretty face.

Goth_girrrl: so smooth, and what about the being a vampire thing?

Vamp_Dom: Told ya *shrugs* don’t do that killing innocents thing, besides, there’s far more fun stuff to do together.

Goth_girrrl: so, like, do you sleep in a coffin, too?

Vamp_Dom: *snorts* do I buggery, I’m too sodding old for that rubbish. Prefer a nice comfy bed, I do.

Goth_girrrl: I have one, slept in it a few times, it’s quite restrictive, but I like that.

Vamp_Dom: You slept in a coffin?

Goth_girrrl: sure

Vamp_Dom: And you think I’m round the bend?!

Goth_girrrl: so, just say you are one, really… is it boring?

Vamp_Dom: Nah, there’s always something fun to get up to. Times change, new toys to play with, new trends, new cars.

Goth_girrrl: what do you do with all your time, do you work?

Vamp_Dom: LOL, not as such.

Goth_girrrl: how do you mean?

Vamp_Dom: My broody grandsire has a private detective agency, I help him out.

Goth_girrrl: you’re broody… *blinks and laughs* are you telling me that there’s a vampire that runs a detective agency?

Vamp_Dom: Damn right, pretty good at it too… as much as I hate to admit it. Deals with all the unusual kinds of stuff.

Goth_girrrl: like what?

Vamp_Dom: Things that go bump in the night

Goth_girrrl: ghosts? *laughs*

Vamp_Dom: Noooo, demons, vampires, the occult shit. Although there were a couple of ghosts once.

Goth_girrrl: um… ok!

Vamp_Dom: You think I’m nuts don’t you.

Goth_girrrl: you have to admit it sounds highly unreal.

Vamp_Dom: Well… not to me coz I live it… but… I can understand how it would seem odd to you. *sighs* it’s a pain, coz I really like ya, pet, wish I could show you so you’d believe me.

Goth_girrrl: *hugs*

Vamp_Dom: *plays with your pretty black pigtails*

Goth_girrrl: *grins* you know that turns me on.

Vamp_Dom: I know! *looks all innocent like*

Goth_girrrl: so, you should tell me your name and I’ll tell you mine… since we’ve known each other so long… seems kinda stupid me calling you vampy and you calling me girrrl.

Vamp_Dom: Kinda like it myself. *sniffs*

Goth_girrrl: lmao

Vamp_Dom: If I install yahell messenger will you talk to me on there?

Goth_girrrl: sure and you’re avoiding the question

Vamp_Dom: *sighs and rolls his eyes* Spike

Goth_girrrl: I don’t see what’s so bad about that

Vamp_Dom: *grins, flashing his teeth* maybe I’ll tell ya how I got the name sometime.

Goth_girrrl: I can’t wait.

Vamp_Dom: Your turn

Goth_girrrl: what?

Vamp_Dom: Name, pet… that was the deal.

Goth_girrrl: oooooh, *grins* Abby

Vamp_Dom: Pretty name.

Goth_girrrl: you say the sweetest things *blush*

Vamp_Dom: Yeh yeh

Goth_girrrl: *chuckles*

Vamp_Dom has left the chat

Vamp_Dom has entered the chat

Vamp_Dom: Sorted, yahell is up and running, same name as on here :) add me?

Goth_girrrl: added… I’ve got you in the matrix now.

Vamp_Dom: *snorts* silly bint.

Goth_girrrl: hey

Vamp_Dom: *kiss* wanna move to yahell then?

Goth_girrrl: sure, its dead in here *sniggers*

Vamp_Dom: Ha bloody Ha

Goth_girrl: :p

Goth_girrrl has left the chat


Chapter 2


Spike: Hey sweet thing, where’ve you been?

Abby: work went nuts for a while, sorry I had to run out on you *hugs*

Spike: Everything ok now?

Abby: yeah… I’m home now, a whole weekend ahead of me.

Spike: Not off out clubbing, pet?

Abby: nope, having a nice quiet night in with a carton of strawberry icecream

Spike: Nice pet, can I come over and share with ya.

Abby: *chuckles* nice try vampy, I’m not inviting you in *grins*

Spike: Oh! So NOW you believe me?!

Abby: LOL

Spike: I see, you’re making fun of the old bloke

Abby: you’re not old when you live forever ;)

Spike: Older than you’ll ever be, pet

Abby: you mean you aren’t going to turn me so we can live the happy ever after?

Spike: How am I gonna do that when you wont tell me where you live :P

Abby: *rolls eyes*

Spike: Can’t blame a guy for trying *flips your pigtail*

Abby: *climbs on your lap and leans against you*

Spike: *looks dazed before wrapping his arms around you* everything ok, pet?

Abby: my boss got shot.

Spike: Woah! Do I have to come hunt down a bad guy.

Abby: *shakes my head* nope, it just… sorta caught up with me

Spike: *strokes your hair* not surprised, it usually sneaks up on you like that

Abby: I dunno why, it’s not the first time… he’s been shot before

Spike: You got the bad guy?

Abby: oh yeah, one of the guys shot him.

Spike: Dead?

Abby: as they come

Spike: Well nothing to worry about then, pet.

Abby: I know… it’s just… I dunno…

Spike: Abs, you guys have a dangerous job, it’s ok to sometimes feel vulnerable, you need someone to lean on and make you feel safe and I’m serious when I say that if you ever need me all you have to do is call

Abby: vampy…

Spike: Ssh, it’s ok. You don’t have to say anything, you’ve got my number and that’s all you need

Abby: you’re too good to me *smiles*

Spike: Well I’ve invested a lot of time into pulling you under my spell now haven’t I pet *winks and kisses your forehead*

Abby: can’t believe it’s nearly 7 months.

Spike: Yeah, and what would you do without me to come home to at night

Abby: *chuckles and kisses your cheek* you’re incredibly soft-centered for the big bad vampire.

Spike: *grins and growls playfully* just don’t tell anyone or I’ll have to kill them.

Abby: *digs you in the ribs*

Spike: I’m joking, I’m joking…relax lol

Abby: *cuddles into you* good, I’ve had enough of homicidal maniacs to last me a lifetime.

Spike: You haven’t been in the chatroom for a while

Abby: nope, just seemed that the cyber was getting worse everytime, I thought I’d give it a rest for a bit

Spike: Y’know I could help you with that

Abby: vampy…

Spike: I know I know… we’re friends, blah blah blah. Can’t help it if I’ve got a soft spot for you tho, pet can I?

Abby: *blushes* you are sweet

Spike: But you don’t fancy me enough to let me cyber-shag ya

Abby: I’ve never seen you

Spike: Can remedy that pet…

Abby: we’re not meeting

Spike: Wasn’t going to suggest that, pet… was gonna send you a pic, when I work out this damn digi cam thingamie

Abby: you don’t have to do that

Spike: Want to pet… can even get me checked out at work if you want… won’t find anything… don’t exist… long dead after all.

Abby: *grins* it’ll be nice to know what a 126 year old looks like

Spike: LOL

Abby: :o)

Spike is sending you 1 file

File sent - Open

Spike: There you go then, pet… that’s me.


Spike: Well, say something?

Abby: … that’s really you?

Spike: Yeh, not bad for a bloke of my age, eh?

Abby: somehow not quite what I expected

Spike: What did you expect, pet?

Abby: not sure, I thought you’d be dark-haired I guess, more …dark!

Spike: Nah… leave that to Angel.

Abby: Angel?

Spike: Broody grandsire

Abby: he’s a vampire…called Angel?

Spike: Yeh.. well… Angelus but Angel since he got the soul and stuff.

Abby: *blinks* ok… now I’m confused, you told me you didn’t believe in all that good vampire shit.

Spike: In general, no… pretty much unique he is…well he and I.

Abby: *frowns*

Spike: You’re back to the not believing me aren’t you.

Abby: it’s just too…farfetched.

Spike: *sighs*

Abby: sorry

Spike: *shrugs* Nothing I can do about it, pet. Picture won’t prove nothing… you’d say it was make up.

Abby: it’s not that I don’t want to believe you… it’s just…

Spike: It’s cool, pet, don’t worry… so long as you think I’m sexy, that’s all that counts.

Abby: lol, well… can’t really deny that, you have the most amazing cheekbones.

Spike: Thanks, pet.

Abby: and your eyes are so blue.

Spike: *grins*

Abby: you’re trying to seduce me aren’t you?! lol

Spike: Is it working?

Abby: hmm…maybe a little…

Spike: *winks*

Abby: you’re such a flirt

Spike: What’s the harm, pet, what are you afraid of?

Abby: well… what if… y’know…I couldn’t stand it if you became bad-cyber man

Spike: Not gonna happen, pet. never had any complaints ;) and if I’m crap you can teach me how to do it right :P not that I will be… bet I can make you go weak at the knees.

Abby: oh really?

Spike: Yeh, well anythings gotta be better than the crap you had lately, right?

Abby: true, lol.

Spike: *twirls your pigtail around my fingers*

Abby: *shivers* now you’re just trying to make me all horny.

Spike: Working?

Abby: *looks at your pic* yeah.

Spike: Tell me what you’re wearing, pet.

Abby: what I’m really wearing or what I’d be wearing in fantasy land?

Spike: *rolls his eyes* You mean to tell me you don’t sit around in silky lil babydoll dresses

Abby: lol, actually I was goin more for the pvc bustier and thong

Spike: Mmmm, I’d love to see you in that, one of them with the cut out breasts

Abby: you’d like to see me period

Spike: Tease!

Abby: mmhmm :P

Spike: Well?

Abby: I’m wearing a black strappy top and a short black skirt

Spike: *slides my hand slowly up your thigh, under your skirt*

Abby: *swats at your hand giggling* bad boy

Spike: *grins*

Abby: *traces a finger over your perfect cheek bone*

Spike: *turns his head and snaps playfully at your finger*

Abby: *squeals and pulls it back laughing*

Spike: *nuzzles my lips against your neck* Mmmm you smell nice.

Abby: thanks, it’s my own blend of perfume… made with gunpowder. should I be worried that you’re nuzzling my neck

Spike: *chuckles and licks* Told you pet, don’t bite innocents.

Abby: who’s innocent… I’ve been arrested loads.

Spike: Oh… well in that case…*scrapes blunt teeth over your sensitive flesh*

Abby: *shivers* that shouldn’t feel so good

Spike: *grins* always does, pet

Abby: *slides a hand over your chest* so I’m assuming you’re not a natural blond

Spike: *snorts* Sandy brown is the natural colour, looks better bleached tho *twirls your pigtail* what about you? naturally black?

Abby: nope, I’m a blonde, and no you can’t check the carpet to see if it matches…

Spike: Awww, thought you and me were getting a bit closer.

Abby: *smiles* I’m shaved clean down there, there’s no carpet to compare lol

Spike: Mmmm, just how I like my subbies to be.

Abby: really? Didn’t know you had that many

Spike: Not currently, had a few in the past though.

Abby: yeah?

Spike: One or two, pet, been around a while ;)

Abby: 126 years

Spike: I was a bit wet in the beginning, took me a while to get into the domination thing.

Abby: aren’t all vamps dominant?

Spike: *snorts* Nah, was quite sub back in the beginning, dependent on Angelus and stuff, he was stronger, older… made him the dominant one

Abby: you and he…?

Spike: Yeh… it’s what happens… it bother you?

Abby: absolutely… not! I think bi guys are hot, I have a thing for watching two guys together

Spike: Really?

Abby: totally, guy on guy sex is hot

Spike: *grins*

Abby: *kisses your cheek*

Spike: Wish you were my pretty girl.

Abby: *smiles softly*

Spike: *hand runs up and down your arm lightly, lips move up to nibble at your ear*

Abby: *shivers*

Spike: What are your limits, sweet thing?

Abby: *grins and leans into you* All of them? for like real life too?

Spike: Yeh, want to know them all, pet.

Abby: Scat *screws up my nose* incest, kids, dead, drugs, being given away (temp or permanent), sharing with other subbies, permanent injury, branding, public exposure, breaking the law. tattooing is open to discussion as is piercing.

Spike: Very sensible ones, pet. Do you have a Safeword?

Abby: penguin

Spike: ??? LMAO

Abby: well… it would certainly stop you in your tracks wouldn’t it? *grins*

Spike: True, pet… very true *caresses your cheek, and down to your chin, tilting your face slightly up towards mine, bringing my lips down on yours softly and kissing you slowly… gently, just lips for now, no tongue*

Abby: *sighs softly as your lips press against mine, surprised when you don’t push for entrance. My hand comes up to hold the back of your neck… lips parting slightly.*

Spike: Mmmm *my hesitant tongue comes out to trace over your lips, requesting entrance as I feel them part slightly, flickering over the sensitive skin before sliding in a little.

Abby: *I moan and part my lips further allowing you entrance, the tip of my tongue touches yours lightly*

Spike: *the touch of your tongue against mine feels so good, so right and I slowly probe your mouth, exploring and playing with your tongue, lips moving against each other in a long unhurried kiss*

Abby: *my tongue starts to reciprocate, rubbing against yours and teasing it then pushing it back a little to tickle the underside*

Spike: *my tongue retreats and I pull back, catching your lower lip between my teeth and pulling back, nibbling lightly on it, my hand slides up your arm and lightly skimming over the fabric that covers your breast*

Abby: *moans* damn, Vampy, you sure know how to kiss a girl.

Spike: Tell me what you want, pet.

Abby: *strokes your cheek with the palm of my hand* I want you to take control

Spike: *smiles* That’s my good girl, let me take care of you, show you that not all cyber’s bad, yeah?

Abby: I think that kiss already showed me that

Spike: *grins* Fingers running across your stomach lightly, teasing just under the edge of your top.

Abby: *shivers, tongue flickering out over my lips, eyes looking into yours*

Spike: *sees in your eyes that you want this, and slides my hand up pulling your top up with it, until I can pull it off over your head*

Abby: *bites my lower lip as you pull my top off and expose my breasts, not feeling self conscious but a little shy at the initial unveiling* they’re pierced, with rings.

Spike: I want you to copy what I do to you, pet… do it to yourself, will you do that for me?

Abby: *nods* yes.

Spike: Yes what?

Abby: *blushes slightly* yes sir *pulls off my top in r/l*

Spike: That’s a good girl. So beautiful. *lets my fingers slide over your flesh, over the perfect mounds of your breasts, lightly tracing circles over them before closing in on your pierced nipples. Brushing the little nubs, testing their sensitivity as I flick the left ring up and down*

Abby: *sucks in my breath at you gentle touch, moaning softly as you lightly play with my nipple ring, the sensation sending sparks of pleasure all the way through me*

Spike: Sensitive, pretty girl?

Abby: yes, sir

Spike: *twists the piercing slightly, tugging on it just a little*

Abby: *moans and arches my back* oh god yes

Spike: *grins* not god pet, just Spike ;)

Abby: lol… feels so good…

Spike: *copies the action on the other nipple*

Abby: *turns my head to press my face into your neck, moaning with the pleasure of your touch* please, sir… more…

Spike: So responsive, my pretty one. *pinches your right nipple between my thumb and forefinger, pressure slowly increasing, then adding a twist before letting go*

Abby: *gasps and moans, feeling myself getting wet in response*

Spike: *smiles in satisfaction at the way you respond to my touch* So beautiful, your lips parted like that as you moan in pleasure *repeating the pinch and twist before brushing the tightening nub with the pad of my thumb and then scraping my nail lightly over it*

Abby: *gasps, cries out softly* damn…that’s… *moans*

Abby: Damn… the phone’s ringing, brb…

Spike: Ok, baby girl, hurry back.

Abby: Damn… it was work… I have to go in…man this really sucks, you’ve turned me on so much… *groans*

Spike: *kisses your forehead* work comes first, pet, I know that. I’ll be here later.

Abby: you’re wonderful, thanks vampy. *smooches hugs and runs*

Spike: Take care pet and be good.

Abby: *grins and pulls my top back on before tightening my pigtails* always am. ;) bye sexy

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