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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the recognisable characters, they belong to the makers of CSI.

A/N: This fic was inspired by a bunny from my Master, Tj. This intended pwp may well turn into a series of one offs, like snippets rather than flowing, but we’ll see coz… dude its het and I’m gay dammit (I swear someone put something in my drink).


The Anniversary Present




Heather was feeling extremely pleased with herself. She had finally found the perfect anniversary present for her husband. She sipped from her cup of tea as she looked across at the large package, a self-satisfied smile on her face. With blood red painted nails and lips and dyed black hair she looked gothic and almost beatific. Gil was going to love it, she was sure of it.


She heard the front door open and close, slowly uncrossing her legs, she stood up and walked across the room to greet him before he could come looking for her. A black velvet bodice clung to her torso lifting and presenting her ample breasts perfectly; the skirt flowed out from her waist.


Gil Grissom continued to slip out of his jacket even though he could feel her presence in the doorway. He turned, a small smile on his lips, it had been a long night, but coming home to his stunning wife made it all bearable. Today was their special day; it had been 2 years of marriage. To say it was blissful would undeniably be untrue. They clashed, all the time… a battle of wills, both dominant and vying for the status of being on top. Sometimes the power struggle made it fun, but other times it was just plain infuriating. The only thing that would make coming home to his Lady Heather perfect would be if she were to drop to her knees for him. But this was Heather and she wouldn’t be herself if she were that submissive, it didn’t mean he didn’t long for someone who was though.


Heather stepped into his waiting arms and placed a kiss on his cheek that left a red kiss mark. Normally, the make up she used left no trace, but this time she wanted it to.


“Happy Anniversary, darling.” She purred huskily.


Griss smiled at her and stroked her pale cheek. “2 years, where’s it gone?”


She grinned and tugged his arm towards the drawing room. “I got you the most wonderful present.”


Following her indulgently, he tried to guess what she could possibly have bought him. Gil’s curiosity only grew when he saw the large package stood in the middle of the room. It was huge, but she’d made sure to cover it in gift-wrapping paper all the same. A huge red bow sat on top of it. His lips twitched with a smile.


“Heather…” He started to say but a finger against his lips stopped anything he was going to say. He felt somewhat guilty that all he’d bought her was a necklace and earring set.


“Just open it, darling.” She smiled.


He nodded and didn’t even need to crouch to start peeling the paper off. As the paper was removed it revealed a sight he’d never thought he would ever see. At first he’d thought the gift was the puppy cage, but then he realised there was something, or rather…some *one* inside it. What’s more, they were naked and kneeling with their head bowed and hands cuffed behind their back. Gil’s eyes slid over the body, he recognised the hair.


Questioning steel blue-grey eyes came up to look at his wife as the last piece was stripped away.


“I knew how much you wanted one.” She smirked mischievously, her eyes twinkling. She pulled him aside and indicated for him to sit down before pouring him a cup of tea.


“It’s perfectly ok, Gil. I’m not blind or an imbecile, and I’m also secure enough to be able to share you. I know that you don’t love me any less, but I also know that I can’t be everything you need, just as you can’t be everything that I need. So he’s more a gift for both of us, I suppose.”


“But, Greg?” He whispered, as if the caged boy wouldn’t be able to hear him if he did.


“He came to me, he wanted to use the services of the club. We talked at length and I realised that it was not a suitable situation for him; he wouldn’t be able to find what he needed there. This, however, is perfect for all concerned.”


Gil studied the boy in the cage, his pose sweetly submissive, not a hint of defiance in his posture, he obviously wanted to be there. After a short time he nodded. “I’m assuming this is a permanent arrangement?” His eyes belatedly shifted to her after asking the question.


She nodded, “He has expressed that wish. We need to discuss details, but that was a conversation for the three of us to have together.”


“How long has he been in there?” Griss asked conversationally, like he wasn’t really talking about a man who worked for him kneeling naked in a cage.


Heather turned her wrist to look at her watch, “Half an hour.” She said simply.


He nodded, “Good, he can last a little while longer yet then.”


She raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow and he smirked. Getting to his feet he took her hand and led her over to the chaise that was directly in front of the cage, if Greg was to look up it would be perfectly in his line of sight. Gil stopped and leant into kiss her, hands sliding slowly down her body until they got to her waist. He eased her down onto the lounger and followed her down. He quickly hitched her skirt up and sank to his knees between her thighs. His wife didn’t bother with underwear; she thought it was an inconvenience.


Slowly, Gil licked along the inside of her thigh as they parted instinctively for him. Swirling it over the pale smooth flesh he traced patterns moving ever upwards towards his target. His mouth covered her smoothly waxed mound and his tongue tormented her clit insistently until he heard her breath catch above him. He’d been very deliberate in where they were positioned; he wanted Greg to know, to see. Heather was his and he could have her anytime he wanted, but Greg… he would only have her when he was told he could. He wanted to tease the boy into hardness and keep him wanting what he wasn’t going to get… not yet anyway.


Heather squirmed under his attentions, moaned and let her head roll back against the cushions in her pleasure. Her hand slid through his salt and pepper hair while his mouth worked her clit and lips just the way he knew she liked. He was the expert now, he could make her reach orgasm in under a minute, or he could hold her on the edge for hours. He could make her cum repeatedly if the mood took him, which was part of what he loved about pleasuring a woman. But pleasuring a man was equally as good, you got to see the result, the final release that was testament to the other person’s enjoyment and hard cocks were so much fun to torment.


Gil sucked and nibbled on her clit hood before catching her clit between his teeth and nibbling on it. She arched and cried out, her moans starting to fall steadily, she was never one to hold back on the noise, the hand in his hair tightened. She was close; he knew it. He repeatedly flicked his tongue tip against the tender hard nub and pushed a finger inside her, crooked it and over she went. Breath hitched and words becoming incoherent, her thigh muscles trembled and tensed and he tasted her juices flooding his tongue and mouth.


He kept going until she started to relax, her breathing calming down but aftershocks continued to make her shudder periodically. He sat back on his heels, smiling smugly as Heather’s eyes opened and looked at him with a twinkling smile. Gil didn’t care that her juices were smeared over his lips, nose and chin. He leaned in and kissed her… giving his finger a crook and twist for good measure before slowly pulling it out.


Gil stood, turned and looked down at the panting young man in the cage, he smirked and crouched once more. “Look at me, Greg.” He ordered firmly.


Dilated brown eyes came up to look at him, it was obvious from his body language and ragged breathing that the boy had been aroused by what had just happened in front of him. He held his hand through the bars, “Lick it clean, there’s a good boy.”


Heather had smoothed down her skirt and watched the scene with interest, she had been right, Gil needed this and he was going to have a great deal of fun training their new pet.


An eager tongue flickered out and there was a quiet moan as Greg caught the first taste of his Mistress’ juices. He shifted forward and began lapping and sucking at the offered hand with enthusiasm. He didn’t stop even when he was sure he’d cleaned away every last drop.


Gil eased the hand away from him and with his other hand he gently stroked down the naked man’s cheek. “Such a pretty little present. You’re mine now, aren’t you, boy?”


There was a visible shiver ran down Greg’s spine and he nodded, “Yes, Master, yours.” And he looked happy about that fact.


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