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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, they belong to Joss

Whedon and co. no money was made from this fic.


Chapter 1


“Please?” The man’s voice begged.


“No way, it’s over. After what you’ve done? You’ll be lucky if any of the other’s ever forgive you.” A screeching female voice condemned him.


“I haven’t *done* anything.” He wasn’t going to let this go without protesting.


“By omission, Xander, by the very fact you never did anything, you did it.” Anya’s wonky reasoning, her tone was bitter and accusing.


Spike stood outside the door to the apartment, he had been about to knock when he’d heard the argument raging from inside. He decided to stand and wait a while to see what the hell the silly bint was going on about now. Probably the boy wasn’t giving her enough orgasms, as she always put it. He snorted to himself and popped a cigarette between his lips but didn’t light it.


“How the hell do you work that out?” Xander yelled back. It was the first time his voice had been raised enough to be deemed a yell.


Spike raised an eyebrow. He had never heard the whelp raise his voice to the ex-demon.


“You never told us and you should have.”


“It was no ones business but mine.” The boy’s voice was full of desperation.


“You don’t think that you should have told me? I had a right to know. Dammit Xander, you’re supposed to love me. I know now that was all lies.” Anya yelled and Spike could almost hear her pout.


“How I feel about you has nothing to do with this.” Xander’s voice had dropped again, but it was still loud enough for vampire hearing.


Spike felt so sorry for the young man, even though he had know idea what was going on, he sounded so defeated, so depressed.


“How can you say that Xander, how can I even look at you the same way, now I know the disgusting truth?”


“You think I’m d…disgusting?” The whelp was clearly upset at these words.


The vampire was almost ready to barge in there and start tearing her a new one for upsetting his nummy treat. So, the boy wasn’t *actually* his, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t pretend.


“No wonder you’ve been so distant lately, with all this going on in your head. I really should have known something was wrong.”


“You’re the one who hasn’t been there for me Anya, I needed you and it’s like…like you’re dead to me, have been for weeks. Ever since I asked you for your help. Of course I was going to pull away from you.”


“You’re sick Xander, you need help. Your friends will help you.”


Sick? What kind of sick? The vampire was worried at first but then he turned over in his mind the tone of voice that had been used and realised she didn’t mean the ‘ill’ kind of sick but the ‘freak’ kind of sick. He felt sad for his nummy treat, the woman should be more understanding of the boy.


Spike heard her moving towards the door and before she could pull it open he had vanished round a corner, out of sight. He waited until he heard her footsteps retreat into the distance before returning to knock at the apartment door. Likely, the whelp would need some comfort and he still needed to feed.


The door was opened a jar and Xander peeked out at him through the crack.


“Spike, what are you doing here?” The brunette asked, his voice was pitifully quiet, like all the fight and caring had gone out of him. He looked slightly lost and his eyes were reddened. “I was just about to go to Giles’, pre-patrolling meeting and all that.”


Spike gave him a smile, “Hungry, and wan’ed some company.”


Xander blinked slightly at what appeared to be a genuine smile instead of the usually snide smirks that the vampire gave anyone. He didn’t have the energy to comment or protest so he held the door open for him and just walked away; it was a clear signal for Spike to come in and help himself to the blood in the fridge.


The blond was worried now; he’d never thought anything could ever knock the boy down like this. He sauntered in and walked through the kitchen, retrieved a bag of blood, poured it into a mug and popped it in the microwave to warm. Leaning against the counter, he crossed his arms across his chest and thought over what he’d heard, trying to work out what to do about it. He wondered if he should come clean about hearing them arguing, but was sure that would just make the whelp defensive.


The ping of the microwave snapped his focus back and he turned to retrieve his mug. Wandering back through to the living room, he found Xander sat on the sofa pulling his boots on.


“Want some company?” Spike asked, casually, as he watched him tightening his laces.


Xander looked up at him, blinking in confusion, “What? To the meeting?”


“Yeah, and on patrol, could do with kicking some demon arse.” Spike winked.


The brunette thought about it a moment, shrugged and gave a small smile, “sure it’d be good to have the company.”


The vampire nodded.




The meeting was dragging, Xander had slouched on the couch hoping like hell that Anya wouldn’t turn up and decide to tell them all about his “sickness” as she’d called it. Spike had sat himself down next to him, they had spent a while exchanging witty barbs and his mood had lifted a little, then the blond had pinched him on the side, under the cover of his folded arms. Xander wasn’t sure how he hadn’t yelped, but strangely or not, considering recent realisations, it had turned him on. Now as he sat next to the vampire he was finding it hard to concentrate on what was being said. He just kept thinking about what it would be like if he could have what he needed.


Giles was wittering on about some kind of portent to, yet another, coming apocalypse. “When the Coyote’s howl is heard under the blood red moon, there will come a …”


Spike had tuned out; he really didn’t care too much for finding out about the world coming to an end… again. The white hats would all work it out without his input, so he turned his attention to figuring out what his nummy and the bint had been rowing about. The boy had lightened up a bit on their walk over, and once Spike had started up the usual bickering things had seemed almost normal. But he could still see sadness in the boy’s eyes, and his scent was so… needy. When he’d pinched the whelp, for amusement, he’d been surprised at the sudden leap in the smell of arousal from him. That had caused the raising of his scarred eyebrow in thought. //Very interesting reaction their, pet//


The meeting adjourned and Spike, with fake reluctance, agreed to partner the whelp on patrol. Their usual banter continued as they walked to the cemetery. When they reached their destination, they wandered aimlessly amongst the headstones for a while; silence fell between them. Xander was worrying about things with Anya and Spike was trying to work out how to get him to open up.


A crunching sound caught his attention and the blond stilled and held up a hand to the boy. //Just can’t get the quality of vampires these days// Spike spun and kicked out with his foot sending the fledge - that had been not-creeping up on them - sprawling. He could hear Xander making witty comments from the side, and giving marks out of ten for style and performance. Spike shook his head, chuckling as he thrust the stake into the attacking vampire’s chest. He stood up and brushed the dust from his leather coat and grinned at the boy.


“Might want to look out behind ya, pet.”


Xander yelped and jumped to the side, pulling a stake from his waistband and turning as he brought it upwards. Luck would have it, that the fledge was just lunging forward and at the unfortunate angle, the stake found its target without any effort on the human’s part.


Spike patted him on the back. “Nice work, pet.” He let it rest there a little longer than necessary while he contemplated the boy’s luck.


Xander gave a mock bow, “why thank you, that kind of action took many years to perfect.”


They both snorted in amusement at the same time. They looked at each other, sniggering, before carrying on walking. Xander scrunched his eyes up and stopped, looking into the dark.


“What’s that?”


Spike focused his attention on what had distracted Xander and frowned. He could hear the rustling of leaves in the wind but it wasn’t the usual sound. They proceeded with caution, slowly edging closer to the anomaly. A swirling mass, extending less than three feet up from the ground, was in front of them, picking dirt, leaves, and anything else up from the ground and sucking it into spiralling type of cyclonic winds. It was stationary and the things it had sucked up were not spat back out but remaining within the funnel.


“Well, it is Sunnydale,” Xander grumbled, “Like we would get a normal cyclone.”


The blond vampire had to agree. “S’weird alright, think we should go tell the Watcher?”


The whelp was looking at it too curiously and Spike put his hand on the boy’s arm just to be sure he didn’t try to do anything stupid, like stick his hand inside.


“What if it moves while we’re gone?”


“Doesn’t seem t’ be goin’ anywhere, pet. Ain’t letting you go back or stay here on your own. We stick together.”


They headed back to Giles’ house, at a more rapid pace than they’d been moving before. When they reached the front door, Xander was about to reach out and knock when his arm was again caught in Spike’s grip. The vampire put a silencing finger to his lips and listened carefully.


“So, you see… I’m worried about him, Giles. I mean… he obviously has a problem if he wants that sort of thing. Don’t you think? It’s not normal for a young man, surely? He needs help, we have to help him.” Spike could hear Anya’s voice from inside, she was telling the man about his nummy’s problem.


Spike leaned down and whispered in Xander’s ear, “Anya’s in there talking to the bloody Watcher.”


He could scent fear and shame rolling off the boy at his revelation, looking at his face he could see the colour had drained from it. The vampire still had hold of his arm and he gently pulled him away from the house. He didn’t let go of it, afraid that Xander would bolt before he had chance to find out what was going on.


They ended up in an all night diner, Xander couldn’t believe there were any of them stupid enough to still be opening after dark in Sunnydale. He had kept looking at the hand on his arm, and wondering what Spike knew. He hadn’t tried to shake the grip off on their walk, in fact he’d found it strangely comforting, it had helped ward off the panic that was overwhelming him.


Spike led the way to a booth at the back of the diner and ordered them both coffee and donuts. When they were settled, he finally let go of the arm he’d been holding. He was studying the brunette closely for clues as to what was going on, but was still drawing a blank.


“D…did you hear… I mean could you tell what she was saying?” Xander finally asked, breaking the silence.


“Yeah, I’ve heard some… heard some at your place too. Figured, if you wanted advice you’d ask, y’know?” Spike said casually, leaning back in his seat. “She’d finished telling him about it and was on the ‘he needs help’ bit.”


“Christ.” The brunette exclaimed and leaned forward burying his face in his folded arms.


After a little while, Spike could see his shoulders shaking and thought for a moment that he was crying, but there was a distinct lack of the scent of saline. Then the boy looked up at him and he could see he wasn’t crying but laughing. The vampire raised an inquiring eyebrow and waited patiently for his nummy to calm down.


The waitress brought their order and gave Xander a strange look before leaving them alone. Looking at his coffee, he finally stopped laughing and shook his head.


“You would think, an ex-vengeance demon that’s lived as long as she has would have at least come across that sort of thing before. I mean, I thought if anyone would get it, she would.” He was still chuckling to himself at some, as yet, private irony. He added sugar to his coffee and looked up at Spike.


The vampire had been waiting with a patience that few had ever given him credit for possessing. He prepared his own coffee, “What sort of thing’s that then?”


Xander stared at the mug on the table, turning it in his hands, then took a deep breath, looked up at Spike, and smiled shyly. “Bondage, S&M that sort of stuff… y’know kink. I asked her to dominate me.” His voice was quiet and he smelled again of shame.


Spike blinked at the answer, a small smile tugged at his lips, it grew and grew until it was a broad grin, and then he was laughing. He laughed so hard his sides ached. Xander sat there looking at him bemused, then his lips twitched with a smile again and he relaxed visibly.


The vampire forced himself to calm down and smiled encouragingly at Xander, “She, an ex-vengeance demon, thinks that *you’re* sick for wanting kinky sex?” He shook his head, “That’s hilarious, pet.” He chuckled again and then grew serious as he scented the shame again.


The whelp was staring at the coffee in his cup with such intensity that it was a wonder it wasn’t boiling on its own. He looked utterly miserable and embarrassed. The blond reached a slender hand across and took hold of one of Xander’s, giving it a light squeeze of reassurance.


“Silly bint doesn’t know what she’s thrown away.” Spike muttered. He didn’t think it had been loud enough to be heard, but that dark haired head shot up to look at him.


“There’s nothing wrong with you, pet. There’s lots of people like it that way. Hell, I should know, kinky as hell meself, y’know.” Spike’s blue eyes twinkled, knowingly.


He’d captured the brunette’s attention and he was looking at him with lost, chocolate brown, puppy dog eyes. “You’re into that stuff too?”


The blond gave his trademark smirk and nodded, he still hadn’t let go of the hand and was now lightly stroking it with his thumb. “Yeah, Angel too… in fact… he’s probably the kinkiest guy y’could ever meet, you’d be surprised at what he likes, pet.” He winked, conspiratorially.


“Angel?” Xander blinked and at the confirming nod he continued, “how do you know?”


Spike grinned, “peaches is my grandsire, remember. Vamps tend t’ keep it in the family, if y’know what I mean?”


Xander’s eyes widened. “You and Angel? Do you think Buffy knows?”


The blond vampire laughed and shook his head. “Not likely, doubt she’s the type t’ take kindly to her fella batting for both teams.”


“Wow… that’s… wow…”


Sipping his coffee, Spike watched the, normally vocal scoobie, struggling for words. “So, believe me when I tell you, there really is nothing wrong with you. Nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, you ain’t sick, or in need of help and its her loss. That stuff can be bloody good fun.”


Xander smiled shyly at him. “She acted like that to me being kinky, how do you think she’d handle me being bisexual?”


Spike felt his insides flutter with joy, he hadn’t thought he’d had a chance, that even though he thought of him as his nummy treat, he was straight and off limits. He grinned. Oh, this was going to be fun.


“Reckon she’d try t’ have you committed, don’t worry though, pet, not gonna let her do that now am I?” He said softly, squeezed, and then patted Xander’s hand.


The human blushed, “Spike?”


The blond menace raised his eyebrow, and pointed at the donut on Xander’s plate, “Eat up, pet, think you’re gonna need your strength.”


“Spike, I haven’t even said I’m interested in you, you’re making assumptions aren’t you?” He shook his head mournfully.


“Nah, pet. I can smell a mile off that ya like me.” He leaned over the table and whispered, “Want me t’ make you mine, don’t ya, pet. Tie you up, make you hurt so good, then fuck you hard… mark you as mine.”


As he talked, he could smell the arousal of the boy, increasing with each suggestion. When he finished, Xander moaned softly, any normal person would have missed it, but not Spike with his preternatural senses. He nodded at the boy, acknowledging that what he’d said was the truth. Xander dug into his donut, practically inhaling it, he drained his coffee cup and got to his feet.


“Well? What are you waiting for?” The brunette asked, looking down at the still seated Spike. He pouted and gave pleading puppy eyes.


The blond was on his feet and next to him within the blink of an eye. “Are you sure, pet?” He whispered into his ear, deliberately blowing cool air over the sensitive skin.


Xander shivered, “Oh yeah”





Title: The Sickness

Author: azure_chaos

Fandom: BtVS

Pairing: Xander/Spike

Warnings: AU, m/m sex, bdsm.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, they belong to Joss

Whedon and co. no money was made from this fic.



Chapter 2


A strange silence hung in the air between Spike and Xander as they headed towards the human’s apartment. He was fairly sure, that since Anya had dumped him, it was unlikely that she would be back there without some kind of warning. Nervous anticipation made his insides leap and his dick was so hard it made his jeans tight. Xan had never before thought of the vampire’s ability to smell his arousal and a mortifying thought occurred to him that Angel must have been able to smell him too. He groaned audibly and the blond head turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow.


Xander just shook his head, hoping that the vampire wouldn’t push it. He was more than grateful to receive an understanding nod, as the bleach blond turned his attention back to where they were going, hands shoved firmly in his duster’s pockets.


Spike’s mind was racing away with itself, examining all the possibilities of what they could spend the night doing together. In reality, he thought that they would probably only get a little spanking fun and a little holding down, maybe some light bondage if Xan had something suitable for tying. He was glad now that he hadn’t let on that his chip was deactivated or he might never have had this opportunity. He felt he should probably tell the whelp though, there had to be trust between them if this was going to work beyond a one-night stand. If he was honest with himself, he’d wanted the boy for so long, he was sure that to get only one night with him would drive him insane.


He took an unneeded deep breath and steeled himself. “Got something I need t’ tell you, pet. Before we do this.”


Xander looked at him nervously, “What?” His mind was running away with him. “If its to say that it’ll be our secret that’s fine. I mean its not like I figured you’d want Buffy or Giles knowing, actually its probably best they don’t. They might try to stake you or say you’d put some kind of spell on me or something. And hey, y’know, if its just a one off you want then that’s ok too, I mean, I can’t say I wouldn’t be disappointed coz, I would… you already said that you know I like you…”


Spike stopped and pulled him round to face him, he pressed a silencing finger against the human’s lips; it was the only way he could think to stop the babble. It worked, Xander stopped talking and stared at him, wide eyed.


“Don’t just want one night with you, pet. Want more than that, but I’ll take what you’re comfortable about giving for now. It’s not what I wanted t’ say. I… bloody hell…” Spike frowned, it was harder than he thought, he didn’t want to risk the way the whelp might look at him, but he couldn’t build any kind of relationship on a lie. “I like you a lot, and I won’t hurt you in anyways except the good way, but I need t’ be honest with you.”


“Oh. Kay.” Xander acknowledged, his voice slightly hesitant.


“The chip doesn’t work anymore, hasn’t in a couple of months.”


The brunette could only stand and blink at him. When his voice worked again he started to talk, “Are…are you sure? Don’t answer that it was a stupid question, of course you’re sure it’s your head and you’d know if you were getting zapped or not and oh my god, this means you’ve been helping us coz you want to and not coz you have to?”


This time Spike waited until the words had stopped naturally, he stood watching the boy, studying his reaction, trying to guess at what would come next.


“Wow.” Xander concluded after a pause.


The bleach blond nodded.


“Why?” Chocolate brown eyes scrunched up slightly as Xan looked thoughtful.


Spike shrugged, then smiled. “Sort of enjoy the challenge, and it had its benefits.”


“Benefits?” Confused words accompanied the whelp’s blank look.


“Got t’ hang out with you.” The vampire clarified, “I’d say that was a strong benefit. I enjoy our verbal sparring.”


“Have you… I mean… since… have you been out and…?”


“No, pet, I’ve not been snacking on the locals, been feeding only from the little plastic bags.” He smirked, but not mockingly.


“B…because…?” Xander prompted.


“Knew you wouldn’t like it if I did?” Spike nodded and smiled, his head tilted to one side, he was still evaluating the boy’s reaction.


A blush crept up the brunette’s cheeks and a shy smile tugged at his lips, “Really?”


The blond vampire simply nodded.


“That’s… I mean… not exactly romantic in the conventional sense but… hey you’re a vamp so I should take any symbol of romanticism I can get I guess. I’m… impressed, that you’d do that for me.”


“Didn’t even know you were interested, but, I knew if I didn’t make the sacrifice then I’d miss out on even getting to be your friend.” Spike shrugged as if he hadn’t said anything important and started walking again towards the apartment.


A dazed Xander quickly caught him up. “Thanks, for being honest… and for… y’know not eating people. I haven’t changed my mind. In fact, I think I’m probably more sure now.”


The smile that Spike gave him nearly stopped Xan in his tracks, he couldn’t remember ever seeing such a dazzling smile on the vampire. Didn’t think he’d ever seen him so genuinely happy. He smiled back. He was really going to do this, he was going to get to indulge two fantasies at once, being dominated and having sex with Spike… he was going to be dominated… by Spike. The realisation made his erection pulse and flex and he bit his lip. He wondered what the blond would think of his toy collection and the thought made him blush.


He let Spike enter the apartment before him, turned and locked the door so that even if Anya did turn up, she would have to knock. His stomach was full of butterflies and it was only made worse by how relaxed and at ease the vampire seemed. Logically, of course Spike had nothing to be nervous about, hell… he’d played with Angelus so this was child’s play to him. Xander could only guess at the sort of things those two would have got up to when they were both evil. He thought it was strange that he wasn’t thinking of the blond as being evil anymore, the fact that he was making a conscious effort to fight on the side of good made a huge difference to him.


Xan slipped his jacket off and hung it up; he shoved his hands in his jeans pockets and worried at his lower lip.


“So, um… can I get you anything… or…”


Spike tilted his head and smirked in mild amusement.


“I have…um…some…” Xander made to go past the vampire through to the bedroom, but his wrist was grabbed and his progress halted.


He swallowed and looked into piercing blue eyes. A pale cool hand reached up and stroked his smooth cheek and he couldn’t help but lean into it even if he’d wanted to.


“Just relax, pet.” The vampire smiled and leaned in, ghosting pale lips against Xander’s.


He couldn’t help but let out a small moan of pleasure at the tingling sensation that ran through him at the contact, the brunette brought his other hand up and rested it on Spike’s waist. He leaned in, turning the brief contact into a more full one, pressing their mouths together and parting his lips in silent invitation. The feel of that cool tongue slipping into his warm moist mouth pulled another moan from him, he adjusted his stance, moving nearer, closing the gap between them. Xan felt a strong hand tangle in his hair at the back of his head and grip him firmly in place.


The kiss was slow and deliberate; Spike methodically explored the human’s mouth with his unusually long tongue, teased and toyed with the boy’s own tongue and tickled the roof of his mouth. He had to remind himself to let the boy breath, but it would have been so easy to get caught up in the kiss. He allowed Xan to breath while he nibbled and sucked on the boy’s lower lip, when he let it go it was swollen and would most likely be blue tinged with bruising the next day. He placed a tender closed mouth kiss on those soft plump lips then kissed his way along the warm skin to nuzzle at the boy’s neck. He’d half expected Xander to flinch, and was pleasantly surprised when all he did was tilt his head to the side to allow better access. His nummy treat really did trust him, and that thought… that power, was incredibly intoxicating.


Slowly, he ran the tip of his tongue over the sensitive flesh, a shiver ran through the boy he was holding in response and he smiled to himself. The blond vampire nipped lightly at the skin with blunt human teeth, it caused a moan and the scent of arousal grew even more in strength. It actually seemed like the whelp wanted to be bitten, and that thought warmed him inside. Spike pulled back, a soft smile on his lips and eyes twinkling and looked into glazed chocolate brown eyes.


“Strip off, pet.” Spike’s voice was barely more than a whisper.


A dazed and highly aroused, Xander started to unbutton his shirt, a blush crept up his cheeks and his hands shook slightly. The buttons were fumbled slightly but finally it fell open, it was quickly pulled off his arms and discarded, the t-shirt underneath was almost torn off over his head and landed on top of the shirt. His sneakers were kicked aside and his hands went to his belt. He swallowed hard, took a deep calming breath and unbuckled, unbuttoned and pushed down his jeans and boxers together, with determination.


He was trying hard not to think of the implications of what was to come, and he was surprisingly unfazed by finding himself standing naked in front of the blond vampire; the same vampire who was appreciatively looking over his body with a hunger in his eyes. Taking in sculpted muscles formed by manual labour, flat stomach, strong muscular legs and that bigger than average, beautiful cut cock, which had reared up well past a 90 degree angle.


“Stunning, pet.” Spike told the blushing boy as he circled him, slowly.


A cool pale hand caressed lightly over the muscular butt and it twitched slightly under his hand in response, causing Spike to chuckle quietly. Wanting to impress, Xander’s posture had straightened and he held himself as steady as he could while the vampire inspected him. The hand slid up his back, so lightly the contact was barely there at all, but it was enough to cause the human’s skin to tingle and send a shiver running along his spine.


“Could quite happily keep y’ naked, pet.”


The blush deepened and Xander felt the urge to say thank you. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself though. Spike seemed to know exactly what he was doing and for all his reading and self-exploration, Xan felt a little like he was out of his depth. The vampire came to a halt in front of him, his hand slid over the tanned torso and rubbed lightly at a dusky brown nipple. The brunette couldn’t help but moan, his cock flexing and his eyelids fluttering slightly but not quite closing.


“Spike…” He whispered, with need.


“S’ok, gonna make you feel real good.” The Brit whispered in his ear, teasing his ear lobe with the tip of his tongue while he was there. “Tell me what you want, pet, want to hear you.”


“You… I want you Spike, I want you to take control and just… make me yours… all those things you said in the diner… I want that…and more. Please?” Xander forced his voice louder than it had been, trying to convey his certainty and need.


The fingers that had rubbed over his nipple began to pinch lightly, and then rolled the tender nub between them, the pinch strengthened and he arched his back a little and gasped. Who would have known that they could feel that good? Spike’s other hand came up and matched the action on the other nipple, simultaneously pinching harder and harder. The gasp became a moan of pleasure-pain.


“Please… oh god… yes… that… again… please?”


The attention stopped and the lips were by his ear again, “What I want, when I want it, that’s what you’ll get.”


Xan shuddered. “Yes, Sir.” He’d thought he would find it a weird thing to say, a hard place to fall into, but such a small action and so few words, and he was there and it felt so damn natural.


Spike smiled at his boy’s response and rewarded him with a nibble to the earlobe.


“I have… things… in case… I mean, I don’t want to presume but…” The brunette trailed off.


“Things, pet?” The vampire asked with curiosity.


“Things… um… toys and stuff.” His voice was quiet and his blush had deepened.


Spike’s scarred eyebrow shot up with interest. “Show me, pet.”


Xander nervously, led the way to the bedroom and crouched down, he reached under the bed and pulled a storage box out. He lifted it onto the chair that sat in front of the dressing table and opened it for Spike.


The bleached blond looked into the box, trying hard not to show the amazement he felt at the collection that it held. A smirk tugged up one side of his mouth and he looked at the whelp with amusement.


“And here I was thinking we were gonna have to improvise even on restraints. Quite the collection, I’m impressed, pet, seems you’ve thought of most things.”


As expected the blush deepened even more, even as Xan smiled at the praise. “I wanted to experiment.” He explained.


“I can see that.” Spike chuckled and lifted out a black leather collar with a d-ring at the front. “Bit plain for my taste, but it will do… for now. Do you know how to kneel right, or do I need to tell you how?”


By way of answer, the human went down on his knees, resting his butt on his heels he spread his thighs a little, he held his back straight but then seemed unsure what to do with his hands, unable to decide between resting them on his thighs or holding them behind his back. He’d read up on this stuff on the internet but he wasn’t too sure which would be preferred in this instance.


Spike couldn’t help but smile at the enthusiasm; he looked down admiringly, then nudged the toe of his boot between the knees.


“Wider, pet.”


Xander obeyed and, even though it felt a bit embarrassing, he opened his legs wider.


“S’better. Hands on your thighs, palm up. Chin up. I want to see those beautiful brown eyes.” Spike’s voice directed him and on the last instruction a slender finger tilted his chin up a little. “Perfect. Just, bloody perfect.”


All thought that this could be a one off event fled from the vampire’s mind, this delicious mortal… his nummy treat, was going to belong to him and only him.


“This collar is just for play, I might see about getting you a proper one sometime in the future, if you please me, pet.”


The leather was fastened around Xander’s neck, it wasn’t too tight but just enough that he could feel it and not forget it was there. He knew it was silly since he bought the thing himself, but it felt like something important was taking place. Even with Spike’s words, it was as if the vampire was starting the process of staking his claim.


“Thank you, Sir.” The brunette said sincerely, as he looked into twinkling blue eyes. He had the almost overwhelming urge to bend down and kiss Spike’s boots; he still felt embarrassed enough that it held him back though.


“While you’re down there, take off my boots, pet.”


Reaching out with his hands, he unlaced the boots as efficiently as he could, even as his hands still shook a bit. When they were undone far enough, Spike obligingly lifted first one foot then the other, to allow him to pull them and the sock underneath off. He put them tidily under the chair and looked up at the other man, who now seemed to tower over him. He’d shed his duster at some point and was stood in a tight figure hugging black t-shirt and black jeans. He was fairly sure he could make out the bulge of the vampire’s erection.


Spike smirked down at him, almost sensing what was going through Xander’s mind as his eyes were at crotch level. He reached out with a slender pale hand and gripped a handful of brunette hair; he pulled the boy’s face against his denim-covered erection and ground himself against it.


Xander moaned at the tight hold on his hair, and being pressed so close to that most intimate part… it made his cock pulse and caused him to moan again. He rubbed his cheek against the hardness beneath the fabric then turned to press his lips against it. He’d never done anything like this before but he was following his own desire. He wanted this like nothing before. He wanted to unzip Spike and pull that rigid dick out, he wanted to kiss it, suck, lick and worship it. He felt his own cock leaking in response to the images in his mind.


“You like that, pet?” The blond vampire smiled as he asked the obvious. “Wouldn’t you rather have unobstructed access.”


“Please, Sir.” Xander’s voice was quiet and breathy; he knew that if Spike told him to, he’d beg for that cock, unashamedly.


Spike smirked, the view and stimulation against his crotch was just too much for him and he used his grip to pull the eager boy’s head back.


“Take my cock out.” He told him, his voice husky and his eyes flecked with yellow.


Xander brought shaky hands up to the fly of the vampire’s black jeans. His cheeks flushed as he pulled the zip down and unfastened the button. He pulled the jeans open and could see that Spike was wearing no underwear, the tip of his uncut cock peeking out. He gripped the waistband and eased the tight denim down over slender hips until the pale cock was free and pointing straight at him. He swallowed a nervous lump that had formed in his throat.


The grip in his hair held him just out of reach of the enticing cock, as if knowing that all he wanted was to take it into his mouth and taste it. He raised his eyes to look up into the glittering blue eyes. He was being closely studied, assessed, he hoped that he’d pass and that Spike would see fit to let him suck him off. The brunette couldn’t suppress the whimper of desire and need that rose up from deep with in. It surprised him, before today he hadn’t realised how much he could want this, how much he could want Spike dominating him. He knew that being dominated would turn him on, but he hadn’t figured it would be so much that he could be one step away from cumming just from being naked in front of the blond vampire.


“Suck me, pet, show me how much ya want to please me.” Spike said as he released the firm grip and gave the boy the room to move that he needed.


Xander’s pupils dilated with lust and he moved closer, feeling his heart slamming hard and fast in his chest. He knew that Spike could hear it and could smell him. There would be no secret of the emotions that ran through him even if there were no explanation as to their cause.


He flickered out his tongue and it connected with the tip of that pale cock, Spike gasped and his cock bobbed up and down in front of Xan’s face. The boy would have laughed if he hadn’t been so nervous and eager to get it right. He brought a hand up to hold the long hard cock steady. With it held in his palm he could estimate the length and he would bet money on it being around 8” long. He felt his anus flutter at the idea of it pushing into his hole.


Xan wrapped his lips around the head and sucked on it, almost too delicately for Spike’s tastes. The vampire whimpered, his eyes turning gold as he looked down on the erotic picture of the brunette’s lips wrapped around his cock.


“Suck harder.” He growled softly.


The young man immediately obeyed, taking another couple of inches into his mouth and increasing the suction. Spike’s eyelids fluttered, he was so turned on he didn’t know how long he could hold back. He was determined to allow the whelp enough time and space to get used to the feel of sucking cock at his own pace, but the urge to grab his silky soft hair and pull him down hard on his cock was strong. He groaned from deep down inside at the effort it took him to resist.


Xander moaned at the taste of the cool flesh, it was not at all how he expected it to feel; he had expected to feel somewhat demeaned by being in a position like this. But while he felt submissive, a small part of him felt powerful. He was being trusted to have the vampire’s most important body part in his mouth so close to teeth that could damage, and he was giving pleasure… him, Xander Harris… his mouth was giving Spike the pleasure that had him moaning and flexing.


The vibrations caused by the human’s moans felt fantastic as they ran through his cock, Spike wondered if that wicked mouth was going to send him as crazy as Dru. To say the boy had never sucked dick before, he was sure doing a great job of it. His mouth was now sliding up and down the first half of the pale cool rod, occasionally he would feel the light graze of teeth over the sensitive flesh and he wanted to howl, it felt so good.


Xander slid his lips up and down, sucked, swallowed and moaned around the vampire’s erection. His movements caused an alternating pressure from the collar around his neck, reminding him of his place. His own leaking hard on was forgotten in his eagerness to please.


“That’s it, pet…ahhhhh... Gonna cum…” His words died off as he threw his head back and cried out, shooting his cool cum into the eager mouth. He gasped unneeded air and then murmured. “Swallow it, pet.”


Xander had been holding the cum in his mouth, not really sure what to do with it. He swallowed it as instructed, but some had escaped and trickled down from the side of his mouth. Spike couldn’t resist the debauched image that the whelp presented and bent down to plunder his lips. He licked at the trail of spunk and pressed his mouth against the warm one, he thrust his tongue out to urge Xan to part his lips for him.


The warm pink lips opened invitingly and Spike thrust his long cool tongue inside, probing and mapping the inside of his mouth. He could taste himself mingled with the taste of the whelp and he moaned. His fingers curled into the soft hair and he pulled back.


The dark-haired man was gasping for air, never in all his life had he been kissed with such passion and intensity. He looked up into those piercing blue eyes feeling totally lost and flustered.


Spike ran a fingertip along the edge of the collar, lightly teasing the skin. He tapped the leather once and straightened up.


“Tell me what you want, pet.” He requested.


Xan’s brain felt like it had been replaced with mush, he had no idea what he wanted. Had he known to start with? He looked up at Spike feeling slightly dumb, his cock chose that moment to throb painfully and reassert his need for release. Was that it? Did he want to cum? Yes and no. He didn’t want it to be over yet, but he was so hard that it hurt.


“I… Sir…”


The bleach-blond watched the war of emotions flittering through brown soulful eyes. He could almost smirk with pleasure; the boy didn’t know how to answer.


“Tell me, pet. There’s no right or wrong answer.” Spike encouraged.


“Please…anything…” Xander managed to say.


A slow smile spread over the vampire’s face, he leaned in and whispered into the brunette’s ear. “I’ll let you can cum anytime…just for today.”


Xander shivered as cool air brushed his ear and the words worked their meaning into his mind and body. He whimpered. “Please… I’ll do anything you want.”


Spike smirked, “Might want to save that promise for the days I won’t let you cum.”


He stepped away, stripped out of his clothes, and then went to look in the box. He let his fingers run over a few items, he picked out and set aside some of them. He moved back to the kneeling man and crouched down. He leaned in and licked, kissed and nibbled at an ear while his fingers toyed with Xan’s nipples, pinching and playing with them. Satisfied, he moved back and deftly attached a clamp to each one.


Xander cried out in a mix of surprise and pain as the clamps pinched his tender nubs painfully. Despite the hurt, his cock bounced and leaked with pleasure.


“Oh god.” He groaned.


“Not even close, pet.” Spike chuckled. “Up.” He indicated for Xander to stand.


It took a second to filter through to his lust-addled brain but then he was moving and standing in front of the vampire. He whimpered as Spike’s fingers toyed with the clamps, increasing the burning pain.


“Up onto the bed, on all fours.” Spike told him with a light swat to his butt.


He watched as Xander scrambled to obey, climbing up and onto his hands and knees like an eager little pup. The vampire almost expected him to wag his backside. He smiled and retrieved the small butt plug, lube and a paddle. He set the items on the bed and ran his hands over the pale bubble butt. The white skin of Xan’s ass was in stark contrast to the tan that darkened the rest of his body. He smiled and smacked first one cheek then the other.


Xander gasped and bucked slightly, as the sting of the slaps warmed his flesh. They weren’t particularly hard but they were more than enough to send a message of intent to him. He was Spike’s and the vampire could and would do what he wanted with him. He groaned at that thought and an image of the blond sinking fangs into his neck almost made him cum just from the imagined sensation.


The hand struck again, over and over, each contact harder than the previous one. He gasped and moaned; his arms started to shake at the effort of holding himself up as the sting turned to a deep-set burn. Xan was leaking steadily, pre-cum pooling on the covers. Just when he thought he couldn’t take much more the blows stopped and the cool hands that had been cruel just moments before were caressing the heated flesh, easing the burn. That sensation was almost as overwhelming as the slaps had been.


A cool fingertip ran down his crack and massaged his pucker. Xander sucked in air and shuddered with pleasure. Smiling, Spike picked up the lube and coated his fingers. Returning the slick index finger to the tiny entrance he teased it and slowly pushed his finger in. The sounds his boy made as it eased inside had his cock rapidly hardening again. He slowly worked the finger in and out and stirred it around inside, relaxing the muscle. After a short while he added a second finger.


Xander whimpered at the uncomfortable burn of being stretched wider, but it soon died down and he was moaning with pleasure in no time. The fingers were eased out and he tried pushing back in an effort to reclaim them. There was a deep chuckle, followed by something cool and slick pressing at his entrance again; it felt different though.


Spike slid the plug into the tight hole, watching with satisfaction as it disappeared slowly inside. He could hardly wait to replace it with his cock. He fucked Xan with it a couple of times before settling it deep inside the twitching hole. Caressing one reddened cheek with the palm of his hand, he picked up the leather paddle in the other. He rubbed the flat of it against the other cheek and was amused when his boy shivered again.


Barely giving him chance to register the paddle’s presence, the blond vampire brought it down on the fleshy globe with stinging force. As he had done with his hand before, he rained down increasingly harder swats with the paddle. He watched the trembling Xander, carefully listening to his heart rate and scenting his arousal. He aimed the paddle so that it covered the base of the plug and brought it down several times.


The blows pushed the plug in hard and deeper, Xander cried out loudly, his body tensing, every muscle snapping rigid and his cum spurted out with such force he cried out again.


Spike gave one last smack with the paddle and tossed it aside. His cool hands slid over the burning flesh then down to toy with the plug. With one hand he slicked his cock, with the other he stirred the plug around, opening the whelp up enough. He pulled it out, tossed it to join the paddle and pressed the head of his hard cock to the opening.


Xan had collapsed forward onto his elbows, but his ass was still high in the air. Spike reached under him and easily pulled the clamps from his boy’s nipples. There was a pause and then a loud cry of pleasure-pain as blood flowed back into the tortured nubs. The softening of Xander’s cock halted and started to fill again, he gasped and whimpered, he’d never experienced pleasure like this. He felt Spike at his ass and tried to relax to let him in.


There was almost and audible pop as his cock head breached that tight hole. The vampire moaned with pleasure as his cock was enveloped in a velvet grip. Xan gasped for air, feeling like he was being filled up and split open. He pushed his hips up, requesting more, he would only be happy when Spike was deep inside him.


Spike got the message and pushed insistently all the way in, not stopping until he was seated balls deep. He caressed his hands along Xan’s back, when they reached his shoulders he dug his nails in and dragged them back down, leaving 10 long red welts. Xander arched under the sensation, crying out and undulating his hips as his ass muscles squeezed and worked Spike’s cock.


That tripped the switch and the blond thrust his hips, driving his cock in over and over, hard and fast, he was in no mood for a long slow fuck, he wanted to cum and he wanted it now. He fucked Xan with a punishing pace, his face shimmered and his fangs elongated. Gripping the brunette’s hips tight enough to leave bruises he pounded into that willing ass amid moans and grunts of pleasure and pleading words that demanded more.


One last hard driving thrust and Spike threw his head back and howled as his cool cum slicked the human’s insides. The sensation of being filled with the vampire’s seed was too much and Xander came again. His whole body shuddered his second release. He panted hard, the air burned his lungs, his body felt sated, well used and suddenly very heavy.


Spike eased out and lay down beside him, reaching out an arm to gather his dark-haired boy he pulled him close and stroked his soft hair.


Xan gradually caught his breath, realising he was being almost cradled against the blond’s chest, he nuzzled his cheek against the skin and caressed it lightly with still shaking fingertips.


“Wow.” He murmured, hoarsely.


“Prize for the understatement of the century goes to the Harris whelp.” Spike chuckled. “You’re bloody amazing, pet. And it wasn’t wow, it was fucking awesome.”


Xander grinned goofily, if this was what it was like to be sick, he didn’t want to be cured.


“Better get some rest, pet. You’ll need it if you’re gonna keep up with the big bad.” Spike grinned. “We’ll talk about rules and stuff tomorrow.”



The End (for now)

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