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Ultimate Mission

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Disclaimer: The characters (except Scion) aren’t mine, I just wanted to play with them and get them to do rude things… I’ll give them back when I’m done, promise. No money has or will be made from this fic.

A/N: I originally completed this fic 13th April 2005, it was my very first fanfic, I’ve since re-edited (Nov 2007) in order to post it here.

This fic should be the only one left that is affected by the glitch from when the system changed over. I'll try to get too it as soon as I can.



Ultimate Mission







Chapter 1: The Rescue



Scott stood outside the motel room door; his fingers poised, raised beside his visor, ready for action. Cerebro had picked up the mutant’s signature, but something had caused the loss of connection so further information wasn’t available. He was going in blind and solo on a rescue mission, but it was one he wasn’t willing to delay on. The man had been missing for far too long.


Slowly, he turned the handle and stepped into the gloomy room. Closing the door behind him, he briefly registered the figure on the bed as he scanned the room for any other occupants. Satisfied that they were alone he turned his attention back to the bed. The man was on his front with his face turned towards Scott. He was naked, spread wide, hands and ankles chained to the bed, ass spread wide, and a blindfold covered his eyes. He was utterly divine all spread out with taut muscle rippling under tanned skin. Scott felt his cock harden as the situation wound its way into his brain. It was doubtless that the chains would be able to hold him should he choose to no longer be held captive; he was here by choice.


Logan held his breath; the strange scent of the man who had entered the room tickled his nose and seemed vaguely familiar. He tried to place it and his inability momentarily annoyed him. He knew he should have been nervous or worried that the man in the room with him was not the man he’d been expecting, but it was just like Scion to spring a surprise. It wasn’t like Logan couldn’t defend himself if he needed to, he was under no illusion about the chains purpose being merely for atmosphere and neither was Scion. His curiosity flared but he didn’t speak, he was forbidden to speak unless spoken to. He smelt the lust curl through the air, radiating and mixing with the scent of the other man. A hand came to rest on his bare ass cheek and the muscle flexed involuntarily. Fingers circled lightly on the flesh sending a shiver up his spine and registering in his already hard cock, trapped between his belly and the bed.


Scott had stepped closer to Logan; unable to stop the urge he had to touch the god sprawled out before him. Never before had he seen his teammate in such a vulnerable position, begging to be controlled and dominated and it was turning him on in ways he had never imagined. Sure he had fantasised and drooled over the man for a good couple of years, but this was beyond his wildest dreams. He noticed that Logan’s tight pucker was glistening with lube; he was prepped ready for sex. The realisation registered in Scott’s groin and he had to bite back a moan. He knew the older man would be able to smell his arousal and hear his thundering heartbeat, but there had so far been no reaction from him.


Slowly, he caressed up the other man’s back, from ass to shoulder. It would be so easy for him to unzip and take the prone man there and then, after all, he wasn’t exactly protesting the touch. He hadn’t spoken a word and Scott wondered if he had recognised his scent or if he’d been expecting the scent of someone he didn’t know; it had been a long time since he’d seen him but he didn’t think the feral forgot a scent.


The idea of taking what was on offer appealed momentarily to Scott, then he realised it wasn’t what he wanted. Logan wasn’t laid out like this for him; this display of submission was for someone else and Scott realised that if it wasn’t being offered to him personally, then he didn’t want it. He wanted Logan to offer himself up for him and him only.


Logan waited, wondering what was going to happen, the hand still rested on his shoulder where it had travelled to with such gentle torment. The man was so close now and the scent was nipping at his brain. He took a deep breath, the smell of fruit and spice hit him like a wave, and underneath that, something that was undeniably…. Recognition hit him like a sledgehammer and he groaned inwardly.


There was no time to wonder how he felt about Scott Summers hovering over him, finding him in such a compromising position, or the resulting lust it had caused in the man; as the hand moved from his shoulder and gently removed the blindfold. Scott was smiling at him as he blinked to regain his focus, before the brunette took a step back. The smile was genuine, affectionate even, not smirking or the smug ‘I’ve got one on you now’ look that he might have expected from the Cyclops he thought he knew.


Scott crouched by the bed, wondering if the smile was too much, but he couldn’t help himself. “It’s good to see you, Logan. I’ve missed you.”


Logan did groan then. “Cyke, what’s goin’ on?”


“Thought you were in trouble, came to rescue you.” And there was the smirk, but it wasn’t an unpleasant one.


“Oh.” Was the only reply that Logan could manage.


“Want me to rescue you Logan? Then I could be your knight in shining armour.” Scott grinned the toothsome, boy next door, butter wouldn’t melt grin.


“Er, you ‘lone Cyke?” Logan was suddenly worried that the whole of the X-men were going to come blundering through the door any minute and find him like this; his reputation was already on shaky grounds.


“Yeah, solo mission. Don’t panic.” Scott perched on the edge of the bed. “Way I see it, we’ve got two options. One, I walk out and leave you strung up and waiting for your intended visitor. Two, I unchain you and you come back to the mansion with me.”


Logan opened his mouth to speak, but Scott wasn’t finished yet.


“Now don’t get me wrong: your choice is your choice, and for all I know the guy you’re waiting for…he could be quite the stud. But, I’d be lying if I said the thought of leaving you lying there for someone else’s pleasure didn’t give me a little nip of the green eyes. I have to admit, you’ve never looked so appealing, Logan. I would much prefer to take you home and… well… take you.”


Scott smiled a wicked smile that made Logan’s groin tighten. He growled softly, a noise that Scott could easily have misunderstood.


“Untie me, Cyke.”


Still not overly clear on his intentions and now more than a little nervous, Scott leant over the bed and unfastened the cuffs from their attachment points. He stepped back waiting to see what Logan would do.


Swinging himself around to sit up on the bed, Logan cracked his neck and rubbed to ease stiff muscles, he’d been strung out a while and his muscles had knotted themselves up. All the time he massaged his shoulders he eyed Scott carefully, unabashed at his cock sticking straight up in front of him.


Scott worked hard to try and stop his gaze from wandering over the Canadian’s well-built body, but failed. His eyes drifted down to the part of his anatomy that was begging for attention, waving in the air like it was. His mouth watered and he brought his eyes deliberately back up to meet Logan’s. Even with his eyes hidden, he knew that Logan would be able to see the meaning behind that look.


“Never took you as the kinky kind, Cyke.” Logan mused with a half smile on his lips.


“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.” Scott shot him that wicked grin again, but this time he saw the affect it had and the grin grew even bigger. He located a neat pile of Logan’s clothes and tossed them to him. “Leave the cuffs on.” He ordered and sat down to watch the other man dress.


The order was met with a growl, but the pulse and throb of the Wolverine’s cock, confirmed the sound as a lusty acceptance. Sure enough, Logan pulled the clothes on and left the cuffs in place.


“Do you need to leave a note or anything?” He quirked an eyebrow behind his visor.


The other man shrugged and shook his head. “ ’S a casual thing. Come and go as we please.” He explained as he picked his leather jacket from the back of a chair and slung it on.


Scott was already at the door, hand outstretched for the handle when it opened in front of him. He stepped back, scowled and then a slow smile spread across his lips as he took in the man in front of him. His gaze moved from the man to Logan and back again, trying hard not to smirk. The stranger did the same. The feral had stopped in his tracks, unsure what to do next in the face of the two meeting.


“Scott Summers.” The X-man broke the standoff and offered his hand to the stranger. Shielded eyes skimmed over floppy auburn hair, hazel eyes and chiselled features. He was almost the same height and his build was very similar to his own, perhaps not quite as toned, although he looked older.


“Scion.” The other man said finally, after his eyes had taken in Scott the same way and he offered his hand.


There was a slight electric tingle as their fingers contacted in a firm handshake and Scott looked to his teammate, dipping his head and raising an amused eyebrow.


Logan swallowed, looking from one to the other and back, why had he never noticed it before? Scott was giving him that toothsome grin and his stomach flipped at the realisation of what he’d seen in Scion. It was the man in the doorway that broke the silence with a laugh.


“I don’t think I’m much of a substitute for the real thing, Logan.” Scion spoke with what sounded like a cross between amusement and regret.


The Canadian stepped towards them then. “Sir…” Scion’s hand came up to silence him.


“It’s ok Logan, go with your Master.” He looked pointedly at Scott, even as his words were directed at Logan.


He didn’t need to be a telepath to know the warning that lay in those eyes. This man may be willing to hand Logan over to him, but he cared what happened to him and the message was clear that if he hurt him in the wrong way, then Scion would hunt him down and make him very sorry.




Chapter 2: Home


Scott had nodded his acceptance of the warning and left the room, followed close behind by the feral, who hadn’t stopped for any kind of tear-filled farewell it would seem.


They were soon in the Blackbird and on their way back to Westchester; Logan was quiet and Scott’s mind had wandered to the man he’d been trying to get to fill his place. He had a lot of questions, but wasn’t sure what to start with. How; when; why; how long; and, more why’s… the questions kept bubbling to the surface.


“I never knew you wanted me like that,” he said finally, speaking as if to no one.


Logan startled out of his own thoughts and came up to sit beside Scott. “Didn’t think you’d appreciate me asking you to chain me up and make me your sex toy.”


Scott snorted with amusement, “All this time I thought you were hankering after Jean. Was it me all along?”


He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Logan blush. He hadn’t thought it was possible or likely that the older man would, could, ever blush, but the evidence was right in front of him.


“I’m a flirt, Scott, it’s natural ta me, I flirt with most pretty women. But mostly it’s a deflection. Didn’t think you’d appreciate my advances, like I said. You always seemed ta dislike me.”


“So it’s ok for you to deflect but not for me?” He raised an eyebrow, a smile still tugging at his lips. His eyes drifted to look over at Logan’s crotch and he couldn’t help but lick his lips.


“Still hard?” he asked, almost nonchalant and was rewarded with a deep lusty growl.


The brunette wished he didn’t have to concentrate on flying, he wished they were closer to home, he wished he’d thought to fuck Logan before they’d taken off, he wished a lot of things. He was tempted to tell the other man to take it out and play with it, but knowing his luck the guy would spurt cum on his instruments and fry the plane’s controls. Instead, he bit his lip.


By the time they arrived back at the mansion Scott had a mental list of things he wanted to do, Logan was top of that list. However, his plans were interrupted as they were leaving the hanger and Jean came rushing out to greet the estranged X-man; Draping herself over him like some schoolgirl with a crush. He realised in that instant that he was glad that their relationship had ended and so what if he’d been the bad guy, at least he’d had fun fucking Remy. At least Remy had been appreciative of his attentions, he thought and smiled to himself.


He started to turn to talk to Logan when the professor’s voice echoed in his head. ~Scott, come to my study so we can debrief~


He cursed silently, behind carefully erected shields with the telepathic strength of adamantium. He gave Logan a lingering look, he seemed to be trying to pry Jean off him, but she’d caught sight of the cuffs circling his wrists and had started fretting.


Scott left the hanger, vaguely aware of the sound of a low growl different to the ones he’d heard coming from the older man earlier. He wondered if it was because of his departure or Jean’s attentions. The questions were whisked out of his mind as he stepped into Xavier’s office.


The debriefing didn’t take long, there wasn’t a lot to say. He didn’t mention the position he’d found Logan in, just that he wasn’t being held against his will and there had been no need for action of any kind. Still, Xavier had managed to drag it out for a good twenty-five minutes. He left the office and removed his visor, pinching his eyes closed and massaging the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger as he stood outside the door. He replaced the visor with a pair of his ruby quartz shades before heading for his room to shower and change his clothes.


The mansion was strangely quiet for evening. There were no kids charging around and he made it to his room without being interrupted. As he turned the handle and reached for his key he was surprised when the door opened, already unlocked. Inside was semi darkness, lit only by the gloomy light of dusk coming through the window, and his eyes scanned the room looking for anything out of place. His eyes skimmed over the shadowed form kneeling on the floor at the foot of his bed. Reaching out to his left he flipped the light on even as his right hand closed the door behind him.


He felt his cock harden from the vision in front of him: Logan was kneeling, naked, on the soft sheepskin rug, on the floor at the foot of his bed. His body was beautifully poised and showing off strong sculpted muscles. His back was straight and his backside rested back on his heels, thighs spread wide, displaying his aroused genitals, unashamed. His hands were rested upturned on his thighs as if offering himself up as a gift, and although his chin was lifted and his head held high, his eyes were submissively downcast, examining the floor. Scott thought he might cum just from the sight in front of him. He smiled to himself. Knowing full well that the other man would be able to smell his emotions in the air.


Logan hadn’t been sure what to make of Scott’s departure from the hanger, whether it was a dismissal or uneasiness at the way Jean was acting. She had tried to remove the cuffs from his wrists and he hadn’t intended to growl, it had just happened. She had flinched and only then seemed to notice that he wasn’t flirting the way he usually would. He made an excuse to leave and headed for his old room.


He’d sat on his bed for a short while, wondering what to do. Back at the hotel, Scott had seemed to be interested in pursuing this, and Logan could hardly believe his luck, he was probably the only reason he would ever come back to the mansion. When Scion had called Scott his Master, there hadn’t been any protest; that seemed like he was giving some sort of consent to the situation, especially after Scott had instructed him to leave the cuffs on. He’d stared at the cuffs for a while and made a decision: he wasn’t going to just let this fall away; they would end at an impasse with neither one having enough courage to make a move. He knew what he had to do; he had to show Scott that he was certain about this. He had to offer him his submission.


He’d been slightly surprised to get no answer at Scott’s door and when he tried the handle he’d found it locked. An idea formed and he’d picked the lock. But as he knelt there, naked, in Scott’s room, waiting for him to arrive… doubts had begun to creep in. What if Scott didn’t want this? What if Scott had only been toying with him? He grew nervous.


Smelling Scott before he saw him, he heard the door open. For a moment his senses caught the smell of nervous apprehension. Then as the light was switched on it morphed to lust and what he could only identify later as approval. It became apparent that he would make him wait, as he didn’t immediately acknowledge him. This was definitely a good sign; if he wasn’t pleased then he would have said as much straight away.


Scott stepped into the room fully and set about stripping off his clothes, only partially paying any attention to Logan. He stepped silently into his ensuite and dumped his clothes in the laundry basket in the corner and turned the shower on, exchanging shades for shower goggles. He deliberately left the kneeling man to contemplate what might happen.


He showered, unhurried by what was waiting for him in the bedroom, knowing full well that he would still be there when he was finished. He briefly considered easing his arousal in order to prolong proceedings but decided that the other man would be able to take the edge off just nicely for him. He smirked to himself and his cock bounced as he towelled himself dry.


Droplets of water clung to his hair as it dangled over his goggles until he towelled it to merely damp. Goggles were exchanged back for shades and he sauntered back into the bedroom naked, his hard-on jutting out proudly.


His eyes slid over Logan and he noted, pleased, that the man hadn’t moved from his position. He stepped closer until he knew his feet would be in his field of vision.


“Look at me,” he instructed.


And Logan’s eyes obediently ascended to meet Scott’s gaze.


He studied him carefully, searching the submissive eyes; the look in them was so utterly compelling. He could see things in them that he’d never noticed before. Those eyes seemed to silently plead with him, promising things better than words could express; requesting and desiring.



“You want this?” he asked quietly, as he looked down on the heavily muscled man.


The only reply was a nod of affirmation.


“This is for keeps, Logan, not something casual like you had with Scion. No switching it on and off. No messing around with others. It will be a commitment…to us, to this. And this is how it will be.” His hand indicated the submissive position; they would be Master and slave.


Logan nodded, he knew what was being offered, and he wanted this, he’d dreamt about it for a long time: belonging to Scott Summers. It sometimes seemed like that was what his purpose in life was meant to be, only it had seemed that the other man had been oblivious. Now he knew that it wasn’t the case, that he had been masking the truth, maybe he hadn’t been ready for it. He suddenly believed in fate, that everything in his life had been building and preparing him for this and it had come neither too soon nor too late.


“People will know. Can you deal with that?” Scott’s fingers tenderly caressed the stubble on Logan’s cheek. And the resulting growl was almost undecipherable from a purr.


Logan seemed to take a moment, but only a moment, to consider it. Then he nodded in agreement.


A grin spread across Scott’s face, a mixture of relief and joy. Oh yes, he wanted this. He wanted the world to know he was the man who held control over the beast known as Wolverine.


His finger tilted Logan’s chin upwards and he lowered his mouth to brush a kiss over his lips, and was rewarded with that combined purring growl. This man in front of him was an utter paradox.


Scott straightened up and stepped round behind Logan, with gentle force he pulled his arms behind his back and fastened the cuffs together. The brunette’s mind flashed with all the fun he could have with a man whose body could heal itself and a wicked grin lit his face. Pausing briefly to close the blinds he came back around to face his new toy, the grin still covering his handsome features.


“We’ll discuss rules another time. Right now I’m horny, suck my cock.”


No sooner had the words left Scott’s mouth than his eager toy had his lips wrapped round his erection. A moan of pleasure and relief fell from his lips as his hands came up to tightly grasp Logan’s hair, feeling it for the first time. The brown hair was softer than he would have expected, the unique style dissolving under his fingers. He was tempted to pull him all the way down onto his shaft and roughly fuck his mouth, but he wanted to see what this ‘boy’ could do with his mouth.


Logan went to work, laving his tongue over the head of his new Master’s cock, running along the slit then down the underside. Wrapping around it as he slid the head into his mouth, sucking on the first inch while his tongue plays over the spongy sensitive part. He slid his lips further down the shaft, sucking and teasing the flesh with his tongue. Bobbing his head back and forth, sliding the first few inches in and out, going further every time.


Half of Scott’s cock in his mouth and he could feel it press at the back of his throat on the in slide. He changed the angle slightly tilting his head and relaxing his throat, a deep breath in through his nose and he slid all the way down to the root, burying his nose in the dark curly bush of the man towering over him. The man whose breath was hitching and growing ragged. The man who was whimpering and moaning softly from the pleasure, that Logan was giving him. The man whose hands possessively tangled tightly in his hair.


He wished he could touch him, reach up his hands and stroke silky thighs and wrap around to hold onto that firm ass for leverage and support. His mouth slid up and down the hard cock in his mouth, almost all the way off, before plunging all the way back down. He tasted the bittersweet pre-cum on his tongue and pulled his mouth off Scott’s cock, moving his lips lower to lick and nuzzle at his Master’s sac. Logan was caught in the moment but was snapped back to reality as a sharp sting scorched his shoulder blade. He looked up, puzzled.


“I said my cock boy, not my balls.” Scott knew he was being pedantic, but he wanted to set boundaries, he wanted to make sure that Logan did what he was told. Improvisation wasn’t always welcome. Truth being that he didn’t like his balls sucked when he was so close to orgasm; it was too painful for him. His toy looked suitably apologetic and returned to sucking the hard rod bobbing in front of his face.


He captured it in one swift move and swallowed it all the way to the root once more. He held it there, swallowing and sucking around it, aware of what the contractions in his throat would be doing to the other man. He wanted to look up and see the pleasure on his Master’s face but knew better than to steal a glance. Instead he focused on pleasuring the cock, making love to it with his mouth, urging him on towards his climax.


Scott was panting harshly, his head thrown back in pleasure. The mouth on his dick was doing amazing things. He never would have guessed Logan to be a champion cocksucker, but the evidence was providing itself. Coherent thought melted away, as all that mattered became about his impending orgasm. As that hot mouth pulled back one more time and the tongue swiped over the tip of his cock that was all it took; like flipping a trigger, he spurted his cum into the eager waiting mouth as he held him there with the tight grip on his slave’s hair.


Logan made no attempt to pull away; he had no intention of doing anything other than swallowing the offering. He caught it all; gulping it down he didn’t miss a drop, then gently cleaned the softening cock with his tongue. It was only then that his own hard on reminded him of its presence and he growled quietly deep in his chest.


Scott stepped back from him, a satisfied smile on his face. “Welcome home, Logan.” His voice filled with amusement.


The feral looked up at him, licked his cum covered lips and almost shyly replied, “Thank you… Sir.”




Chapter 3: Claiming


Scott looked down on him for what seemed like hours. Logan ignored the way his legs had started to cramp from being on his knees so long.


“On your feet boy.” The quiet commanding voice finally ordered.


Logan didn’t hesitate to comply, moving through the pins and needles, knowing they would pass quickly of their own accord once his healing factor took care of it. Even so, he was slightly wobbly as he rose to one knee and then all the way up. Standing in front of Scott like that wasn’t intimidating; he’d faced scarier men in his time. But his new Master was almost an enigma to him. He hadn’t known the other man had even liked guys, never mind him, never mind the kink. He found himself wondering why he’d never known, and his eyes slid submissively to the floor.


A long slender finger tapping his chin brought his gaze back up and Scott was studying him. Not for the first time, Logan found himself wishing that he could see the eyes behind the shades, like they would in some way give him a glimpse of the soul that resided inside.


“Look at me unless I tell you otherwise, pet. Looking at the floor implies you have something to feel ashamed of. And I can tell you now: being my slave is nothing to be ashamed of.” The voice was soft, but the air of dominance didn’t disappear.


Logan swallowed hard, his cock responding to his Master’s voice with a strong throb.


“You understand?” Scott asked.


Logan nodded. He wasn’t sure what it was about Scott that had always managed to reduce him to feeling like this. Like he was a teenager who couldn’t trust his voice not to betray his feelings. Except, until now, he’d managed to hide it behind a carefully constructed wall of machismo. That wall was gone though and he was left with the raw emotions behind it.


Scott leaned in to speak in his ear, “Say it boy,” he hissed.


Logan swallowed again as warm breath tickled his ear and he tried to find his voice. “Y… Yes Sir, I understand.” He managed with just the hint of a crack in it.


The brunette grinned at him like a cat playing with a mouse, then wrapped a hand tightly in the shorter man’s hair and pulled his head roughly to the side, exposing the soft line where neck meets shoulder. He flickered out his tongue over the sensitive skin and trailed it frustratingly lightly up to his ear. He nipped briefly at the lobe, raising a deep rumbling growl from the man under his hands, and then slid his tongue back to the nape.


He pressed his lips against the flesh opening them slightly to allow his tongue to trace maddening circles on the skin. He grazed his teeth and raised yet another lusty growl from his prey. Quickly deciding that the noises he could pull from his boy were music to his ears, he bit down, then suckled the flesh back up to grind between his teeth. The quiet growl grew louder, lust, pleasure, need, desire all mingling into that sound. Logan made no movement while he bit and sucked hard at his flesh. Scott pulled back slightly and watched as the mark he’d made slowly started to fade.


His lips were back next to the feral’s ear again and he breathily hissed, “Going to make you mine.”


Another growl, but this one sounded so needy, it was a pleading noise, almost begging. Scott looked down at his slave’s painfully hard erection. A toothsome grin, that could no longer be associated with the innocent boy next door, split his face. He reached his arms round the heavily muscled torso in front of him and separated the cuffs. His mouth covered the Canadian’s and he melted soft full lips against thinner ones that parted obediently to allow his tongue access.


The resulting purr from Logan as his tongue slid into the eager mouth brought a smile to his lips. Resisting the urge to press harder into the kiss, he enjoyed tormenting; his tongue slowly explored the warmth, the taste that was the animalistic man at his disposal. He felt his cock reawakening. He parted the soul-wrenchingly tender kiss and stepped back. The look on his boy’s face was almost dreamy, like someone had hypnotized him.


“On the bed boy. On your front,” he commanded.


Scott watched with approval as his slave complied. Logan had spread himself out as he had been when he’d found him in the hotel room. Moving closer to the side of the bed, he reached out and ran an appreciative hand over the firm buttocks; they felt steely and unyielding beneath his hand, they were so strongly muscled.


He was under no illusion that the other man could crush him easily if he chose. What still puzzled him slightly was that Logan didn’t choose to. His pet wanted this as much as he did; maybe even needed it. Perhaps he was in need of some one else to take control of his inner beast, in order for it to be calmed? Sure, he was strong; he was the field leader of the X-men after all; but under his hand was 200lbs of pure muscle, combined with another 100lbs (plus) of indestructible metal, and he was no match for that.


Logan’s body had always left him slightly in awe; he figured that so much muscle was needed in order carry all that metal. His hand circled lightly, caressing the silky ass cheek under it while his thoughts drifted. Where to start? There was so much to choose from. But he didn’t want to show his whole hand straight off, or risk scaring his new toy into wondering what he’d gotten into. Underneath all that self-control and assertive principled demeanour was a latent sadist, just waiting to get out. He needed to ascertain if the feral had the masochistic tendencies to be able to handle him at full force, but their first time together was not the time for that.


Scott raised his hand and landed a stinging smack to the ass cheek. Logan replied with a growl and an attempt to rub his cock between himself and the duvet. Cyclops moved his hand and pressed it at the small of his back to still the movement.


“I didn’t tell you to move boy. I would stop that unless you’d rather not cum for a week.”


Another growl, this time echoing frustration. Scott hadn’t realised that those growls could have so many different undertones, or that he would ever be able to tell the difference between them. It was like learning a new language and he was quickly becoming fluent. He climbed up onto the bed and settled himself, kneeling between his prone slave’s legs. He leaned forward and ran the tip of his tongue over the cheek he had just slapped, swirling teasing patterns. He felt the flesh under his mouth twitch at the sensations and he nipped at it with his teeth… growls were rumbling from below him, like the start of an earthquake, and this amused him greatly, but did nothing to hurry him along.


He trailed his tongue lightly over the hot hard flesh and across to the top of Logan’s crack, he teased with his tongue and heard the catching of breath from beneath. He worked his tongue up Logan’s spine, kissing and nipping as he moved, until his body was pressed over the top, rubbing his new erection against his toy’s ass and nibbling on the back of his shoulder. He could feel the tension rippling through the body below him and knew that Logan was fighting hard not to rub back.


“Very sexy, boy,” he mumbled into the flesh that he was devouring with his mouth. “So hot.”


The rumbling growls were sending exquisite vibrations through him and more than anything he wanted to possess this wild beast beneath him. He slid back down the muscular back and shivered slightly at the loss of body heat against his chest. He ran an exploratory fingertip down his toy’s crack, seeking out the pink puckered flesh. His digit locating it and noting that it was still slick with lube, or had Logan lubed it up again when he’d come to wait for him? He massaged the sphincter making his boy gasp and work hard not to buck under the teasing sensation.


“Still slick, boy?” It was half question and half statement; a round about way of Scott getting an answer to an unasked question.


There was a slight silence and then, “No, Sir. Prepared myself for you...I…” A hesitation.


“What, boy?”


“I hope that wasn’t too presumptuous of me, Sir.”


He shook his head, unseen by Logan. “Not at all, boy. It was most thoughtful. Normally, there would be times when I’d want to take you dry, but I can imagine with your healing abilities, getting you to remain loose enough to do that would be damned impossible. I bet you’re tight as a virgin every time regardless how many times you’re taken and by how big a dick.” All the while he spoke, he was playing with that ring of muscle and as if to make a point, when he paused he pushed his finger through the slippery tight ring. He bit his lip then spoke huskily. “I’ll take virgin tightness every time, boy.”


As his finger entered Logan, it was met by a mixture of growl, groan and purr that Scott would previously have thought impossible. He slowly slid the finger in. Holding it there and gently wriggling it in its snug channel. Then he crooked it and brushed his toy’s prostate.


“Oh God,” fell loudly from his slave’s mouth.


Scott grinned. “No, boy, just your Master.” He did it again. “Tell me what you want, boy.”


“Please…” came the whimpered reply.


Scott decided that was the sound he liked the best. “Please, what, boy?” He held his finger still as he waited.


“Sir… Please… more,” Logan whimpered louder and begged.


A wicked grin crossed Scott’s face and he pulled the finger out, then pushed two fingers back in; pushing forcefully against the resistance, without mercy. His boy yelled and he briefly wondered if anyone would come running, a thought that quickly dissipated, as the body below him was positively thrumming at his touch. Two fingers in to the hilt and he scissored them apart, opening the tightness, trying to relax the clenching muscles. He crooked his fingers and hit that spot again, aware of the sparks of pleasure that would be soaring through his toy’s body. This wasn’t just about taking pleasure; it was about giving it too. He was nothing if not a generous lover. Logan was panting for air beneath him and he figured the man was close. He stopped what he was doing and just held his fingers there, letting him relax slightly.


“Don’t you dare cum until I tell you, boy,” Scott told him.


The Canadian groaned; it wasn’t as if he was unused to the command, but it was one that had never meant so much to him until it came from the man he had wanted to own him for so long. He wanted his Master’s cock inside him, he wanted it to split him open and take him, possess him, leave Scott’s scent marking him as owned.


If anyone had ever said that the great Wolverine would enjoy being called boy by the man who’s fingers were up his ass, they probably would have been committed as certifiably insane. The truth was; it felt awesome to be Scott Summers’ boy, the words rippled through his body and mind. Sure he was older, but age was irrelevant, this was about dynamics and he knew his place. He was so close to cumming just from the digits in his hole, but he wanted his Master’s cock in him when he did cum, like a final completion to mark this as real. He concentrated on his breathing and trying to cool his mounting arousal, taking a step back from the edge.


His body visibly relaxed and Scott knew this signalled he was back in control of his cock, for now. He pulled his fingers from the gripping channel. He couldn’t wait any longer. He gripped his toy’s hips tightly and pulled. “On your knees, boy.”


Logan scrambled back, so that he was on his knees, ass aimed upwards tempting Scott more, his shoulders pressed into the pillows and head turned to the side. The brunette rubbed the tip of his hard on against the slippery pucker and Logan fought hard to hold himself steady while he was teased with the promise.


“Tell me what you want, boy,” he commanded, his voice thick with his own lust.


The reply was growled, pleadingly, “Please… Sir… take me… fuck me… make me yours.”


The sound of that deep rumbling voice begging to be fucked was almost more than Scott could take and he pressed his cock forward, one hand holding himself steady the other gripping his slave’s hip tightly. The head breached the tight sphincter with an almost perceptible pop. He groaned his pleasure.


“So damn fucking tight, boy. You feel so good round my cock. I’m going to fuck you so hard.”


Logan growled, wanting desperately to push back on the invading dick, but knowing better than to do so. He pushed another inch or two inside, biting his lip and shifting both hands to grip his boy’s strong hips, his fingers digging into the yielding flesh hard enough to leave bruises on a normal man. Holding his cock there he stroked the silken but solid flanks under his hands and landed a harsh stinging slap to one cheek.


Logan bucked, an action that nearly pulled him forward off his Master’s cock, in an effort to prevent that he pushed back with a little too much force and with a cry he impaled himself fully.


“Fuck!” Scott cried out, and tried to hold on enough to not cum there and then at the tightness that clutched at his cock and vibrated around him, with the constant reverberating growls that the man under him was emitting.


Once he’d pulled himself back together enough he eased back, the channel clutched at him as if begging him to stay. He pulled back until just the first couple of inches were inside. Another harsh slap to the other side resulted in the same reaction from Logan, and Scott forcefully impaling the older man again.


“Oh fuck yeh, that’s the way, boy. Show your Master how much you want his cock.”


A sheen of sweat covered his boy’s back and Scott leaned forward and licked across his shoulder blade. There was no let up from the growling and it was doing amazing things to him. He gripped a handful of hair and pulled his boy’s head back and up. Logan raised himself onto his elbows in silent obedience and Scott used the grip as an anchor point. Holding a hip and a handful of hair he possessively settled into a long slow rhythm, revelling in the tightness around him.


Logan was breathing hard and noisily in between the growls and groans. His pace quickened, his thrusting growing more determined, harder, faster, and deeper. Slamming in and grinding himself against the meaty ass, before pulling back and slamming back in all over again. His slave started to push back to meet each thrust, increasing the intensity. Scott was driving, and fast losing control. He felt his balls tightening and as he slammed in deep he let go off the hip to reach underneath for the dripping cock; he squeezed it tight.


“Cum for me, boy,” he ordered through his lust haze and stroked Logan’s cock firmly.


His boy arched his back, every muscle in his body tensed and he screamed as he came hard. Ass muscles flexed and clenched at his cock and it was all he needed to send him over the edge; his mouth opened with a silent cry and he filled his slave’s ass with his hot spunk. One final stabbing thrust and Scott collapsed on top of the heaving back, gasping for air.


“Damn, boy, you’re one hell of a ride,” he managed to say as he regained his breath.


His hands slid along Logan’s chest and connected with hard nipples, he pinched them both simultaneously and felt the flex of ass muscles around his cock and the growl that the action caused. Scott grinned and nipped the neck that was too tempting to resist. Pulling out he rolled onto his back and pulled the other man down with him.


Logan hesitated momentarily then snuggled close against his Master, resting his head on his chest. He listened to the hard thumping rhythm of the heartbeat under his ear and smiled.


“Thank you, Master.”


Scott’s arm came up to hold him possessively, the other slipped to his toy’s cock, slightly surprised to find it was still hard.


“Mine!” Scott said with certainty despite his sudden weariness. “All mine.”


Chapter 4: Recognition


Scott slowly rose to wakefulness, he was aware of a pleasant warm weight resting across his chest. Years of living with his optic blasts had ingrained in him not to open his eyes without checking his glasses or visor were in place. Sure, enough his face was bare, reaching a hand out to the nightstand his fingers connected with a pair of shades and he pulled them back to settle them on his face before opening his eyes.


He looked down at the mop of dark hair and smiled as the memory of the previous evening came back to him. He stroked a lazy hand down the warm torso and turned his head to check the time. 3am. Running a hand through his hair to settle it back into place and his stomach growled, he was hungry, he hadn’t eaten since… well since breakfast he suddenly realised. His fingers tangled idly in the hair at the nape of Logan’s neck. A soft appreciative moan came from the other body and he shifted. He moved back so he could look up at Scott and gave him a heart-stopping smile.


“You sleep with them things on?” Logan indicated the shades with a hint of amusement.


“Nope, just put them back on. I used to have sleep goggles; Jean wouldn’t sleep with me unless I was wearing them. But I prefer to sleep without.” A frown rippled briefly across his handsome face.


“Didn’t trust ya, eh?”


Scott virtually glared at Logan.


The older man flinched slightly. “Sorry, Sir, I didn’t mean…” His eyes flickered away.


Scott’s finger tapped his chin and Logan knew what this meant. He shifted his gaze back to look at his Master.


“You’re right, she didn’t,” he said simply and tangled a hand in his boy’s hair.


“She was too preoccupied with trying to get me to fit into her little compartment designated “fiancé”.”


He saw the questions in Logan’s eyes, sensed his uncertainty. “Go ahead, what’s on your mind?”


“I was just wondering. I mean, ya can tell me if I’m outta line, but. What happened between you two?”


Scott shrugged. “Firstly, if you were out of line I would let you know. Secondly, there’s nothing wrong with asking questions as long as you’re respectful… you should know that if I didn’t want to answer then I wouldn’t.” He was quiet a moment and Logan thought perhaps he wasn’t going to answer.


“She found out I was fucking Remy.”


He was speechless; he could only stare at the other guy with his mouth open.


“You need something to fill that hole boy?” Scott chuckled softly and Logan snapped his mouth shut.


“Gambit? You fucked Gambit?” he asked, trying to check he’d heard right.


“Yeah, quite a lot actually. The guys a slut…the good kind, really adventurous, great lay… not as good as you though, pet.”


Logan felt a tug of jealousy and a territorial growl escaped before he could catch it.


Scott looked at him thoughtfully a moment. “Oh please Logan, like you have any right to react like that. You were off being fucked by Scion, your Scott Summers substitute.” His voice was more amused than bitter and he slipped out from under him and off the bed, hunting for shorts and t-shirt. “Don’t worry, pet. It was casual, a bit of fun. We both had needs and we met them. Look on Jean’s face was pretty priceless though. It’s been over for a while in case you were worried.”


“Why… I mean, why did you need to? I thought everything was good with Jean.”


The brunette snorted. “On the surface.” He tossed him a pair of his sweat pants. “She was always trying to control me, everything I said and did; couldn’t take it anymore. I need to be in control. I’m not a submissive man, Logan, no matter what some people may think of me. And it was only a matter of time before that needed an outlet. Remy just happened to be there when things reached boiling point. A willing and eager participant, he was practically begging to be dominated. I didn’t realise he would end up projecting all over the damned place. His shields have always been formidable, like mine. It’s why I wasn’t worried about the telepaths snooping about.”


Logan was staring at the sweats.


“Put them on, boy. I’m hungry,” Scott said, noting the confused look.


“It’s three in the morning,” Logan protested flicking a look at the alarm clock.


“I know. That’s why I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten in about twenty hours.” His stomach chose that moment to let out a loud growl as if to highlight his point. Logan was already scrambling into the sweats.


The pair went downstairs in virtual silence, not wanting to risk waking any of the other sleeping residents. As they entered the kitchen Logan headed straight to the fridge to start making sandwiches. Scott quirked an eyebrow then sat himself down at the table. He silently watched his new pet preparing food and making hot chocolate for them both. He was aware that he was staring but the sight was too good to ignore, watching the muscles in his back flexing and his perfect ass shifting under the fabric of the pants. He was so far in his own thoughts that it was utterly jarring when he was pulled out of them.


“Oh, hey guys.”


Scott turned his head to see Bobby standing in the doorway.


“Icecube.” Logan acknowledged with a smirk.


“Didn’t think anyone would be about at this time of the morning. What are you doing up anyway?” Bobby’s words all sort of ran together as if breathing was unnecessary for him.


“Midnight snack, a few hours late.” Scott indicated the sandwiches that Logan was in the process of concocting.


“Oh.” Bobby’s eyes narrowed and then grew big. “Ohhh!” his tone changed as if something had just occurred to him. “You… err, ok. Well I think I’m gonna be going to bed now guys… I’ll see you in a few hours.” And then he was gone, as quickly as one of Kurt’s bamfs.


Scott chuckled.


“What was that?” Logan’s brow furrowed in puzzlement.


“I think Bobby sussed out what we’re doing… or to be more precise, what we have been doing.” Scott chuckled some more. “The whole school will know by lunch.”




Scott’s eyes shot quickly to meet Logan’s face and he frowned. “I thought you said you would be ok with it.”


“I am, I mean I will be, it’s just… a lot sooner than I thought. I’m not even used ta it yet and now everyone will know.”


Scott inclined his head slightly in contemplation.


“I mean it.” Logan closed the space between them and dropped to his knees beside Scott with a soft growl, he looked up with sincerity etched on his face as he took of one of the other man’s hands in his. “I don’t care if they know. In fact I want them to, hell the whole fucking world should know. It’s just… quick.”


Scott reached out his other hand and ran it down Logan’s stubbled cheek with a tender smile. “Today’s been quite a whirlwind, I know what you mean. But they would find out sooner or later and at least we won’t have to sneak around.”


“Aren’t you worried about…”


“Jean?” He raised an eyebrow behind his shades then grinned. “Hell no. I’m more worried about her pawing you. That’s my job.” His thumb grazed Logan’s lips then dropped to roughly pinch a nipple.


Logan growled and that wicked grin grew. “Food, Pet.” He nudged his shoulder and sat back in the chair still grinning as his boy took the hint and returned to the counter.


The feral’s thoughts were flying at a million miles per second. The whole school would know. He wouldn’t have chance to tell Rogue himself, to explain things. Had Bobby noticed the cuffs? If he had would he understand the significance? Was he ready for everyone to know? Was he ready to deal with Jean knowing? Would the others accept them? So many questions and thoughts as he ate in almost silence, Scott’s foot was lightly stroking his and it was comforting. He could handle it all, he belonged to Scott Summers and that was all that mattered. He looked up at his Master to find him smiling back at him and he smiled too. Who gave a damn about the rest of the world; right now there was just the two of them.


The silence between them was comfortable as they ate and then climbed the stairs, like things had always been like this. Logan doubted anyone other than him would be able to smell his Master on him, but he could and that was all that counted. He felt changed. He hesitated when they reached their floor, unsure how to ask whether he was invited back to Scott’s bed.


The fearless leader sensed the change in atmosphere, as well as any empath might. “What?” he whispered, slightly concerned.


They were outside Logan’s room and he looked at the door then back at him.


It seemed Scott was developing some latent telepathy… he smiled warmly and leaned close to his ear. “Not your room anymore, boy. You think I want you sleeping anywhere but with me?” his words were almost inaudible to anyone but Logan.


Logan’s insides did somersaults, his heart landing somewhere up in his throat. His eyes twinkled and his mouth turned up in an endearing smile. Scott grabbed his wrist and dragged him down the corridor and pushed him gently into his room. He shook his head to clear it as it span with the sudden movement. His Master pulled him tight against his body and grinned.


“Does that thing ever go down?” He indicated what he was referring to by grinding a leg against his toy’s erection.


“Some times, not usually when you’re about though.”


“I like that. A boy who’s always pleased to see his Master is very good for the ego.” He bit Logan’s neck making him growl, low and deep.


Scott chuckled and released his grip, stripping off his t-shirt and shorts before climbing under the covers. He watched as he struggled to mentally get a grip following the teasing contact. His boy slid the sweat pants off and his erection slapped him in the abs. The brunette grinned at the sight and slid down in the bed. Closing his eyes he removed his shades and set them within easy reach.


“Don’t forget the light,” Scott told him


He heard the click, soft foot falls that were in contradiction with the weight of the man making them, then the dip of the bed and a warm body snuggling up to him. Logan wrapped himself protectively around him and Scott fell asleep happy, contemplating that he wouldn’t have taken the other man as the snuggling kind.


7am brought the rude awakening of the blaring radio alarm clock. Scott groaned, reached out a hand and thumped the snooze button, unwilling to move, he was cozy and fuzzy.


The Canadian growled softly at the disturbance and mumbled something unintelligible.


“Time is it?” Logan finally managed to verbalise.


“Seven…training in thirty,” Scott replied sleepily, in explanation for the interruption, eyes still closed, body still relaxed.


Logan growled, quietly. “Ya not moving?” he noted the lack of movement and not moving himself.


“Don’t wanna.” The younger man spoke softly like a petulant child refusing to get out of bed for school. “Comfy.”


There was a rumbling chuckle in reply.


“What?” Scott raised an eyebrow, his equivalent of opening an enquiring eye.


“Never thought you’d be like this in the morning.”


“You thought I was the jump out of bed at the first beep, full of zest and bouncing to face the day?” He snorted… still not moving.


“Pretty much.”


“Not that energetic. Hate mornings. Dislike morning training. Bed good. Logan warm.” He pulled his boy closer for emphasis and almost dozed off again.


The snooze activated and the radio blared again.


“Fuck!” Scott grumbled. His hand shot out again and smacked the alarm clock into silence. This time the hand returned with his shades. He rubbed sleep from his eyes and put them on. Slowly blinking his eyes open.


“I need a day off,” he complained and started to ease himself out from under the muscular frame draped over him.


“So ya are getting up?”


“Need shower,” he said and walked like a zombie to the bathroom.


When Scott emerged from the bathroom dressed in sweats and looking like his usual, in control rod-up-his-ass self, Logan opened his eyes and blinked at the transformation. He tried to look past the other man into the bathroom. An enquiring eyebrow rose behind the shades.


“Just wondering what you did with the other Scott, the one that didn’t want to get out of bed.”


He chuckled, softly. “I stash him in the laundry basket.” He pulled on a pair of sneakers.


“Breakfast is still 8.30. I’ll see you there.” He leaned across and kissed his boy on the forehead, grabbed his visor and headed out of the room.


Exiting the lift into the sub levels of the mansion, he found the others were already waiting for him outside the danger room, a couple were talking, a couple looking like they were still half asleep. He nodded a good morning and entered the code into the keypad, the door clicked and swung open. The lights flickered on automatically and the others followed him into the room. Scott led them methodically through warm up exercises for a good ten minutes, before dividing them into pairs.



“Storm with Nightcrawler, Gambit with Rogue, Iceman you’re with me.” He concluded. “No powers.”


He and Bobby became each other’s world as they sparred. They were both sweating and the young blond was starting to look nervous, the team leader was never normally quite so full on with him.


They had been going for about 15 minutes. Scott blocked an attack, grabbed Bobby’s wrist, twisted and spun, moves as sleek as a panther, he had the Iceman’s arm up his back and his victim was panting for air.


“Getting sloppy, Iceman.” Scott muttered in his ear, not releasing his grip but barely holding it all the same.


“What’s eating you this morning, Cyke?” Bobby dipped and twisted out of the grip. They were face to face again, but Scott was still holding the wrist loosely.


“Nothing Ice, just think I’ve been too soft on you in the past. It’s not like an enemy would hold back is it?”


Bobby blocked the next punch, swung away, dipped and jumped a ground kick. Maybe Cyclops was right… he was upping his game to meet the challenge. It was bringing out moves he didn’t know he had. He briefly wondered if there was another motive. He signalled a timeout to his sparring partner and wiped the back of his hand across his sweating forehead.


“I’ve not told anyone,” he almost whispered, only loud enough for Scott to hear even if the others hadn’t been in their own worlds. “And I won’t, it’s not my place.”


Scott took a swig of water from a sports bottle and looked at him for a moment.


“That would be appreciated, at least in the short term, ‘til we’re used to things.”


Bobby grinned, “I think it’s great by the way. Unexpected, but cool.”


He grinned back and called to the others who were still fighting. “Swap around. Rogue with Storm, Kurt with Iceman, Gambit you’re with me.”



Remy winked at Cyclops as he stepped up to him. “Cher, Remy thinking you no’ normally fight against ‘im.”


“Well tell Remy it’s about time I did.” Scott chuckled, he always enjoyed playing with the Cajun when he talked about himself in the 3rd person, the first time he’d done it Remy had been completely thrown off balance and it had amused him greatly that he’d been able to. After that it became a sign of affection and familiarity.


Gambit grinned at him, his fingers flexing and relaxing, his red on black eyes narrowed slightly.


Scott opened with a roundhouse kick, Remy ducked it easily and did a ground sweep as he spun under the brunette’s leg, he caught Cyclops off guard and he stumbled slightly. His grin grew. They exchanged a barrage of attacks and blocks, both hands and feet, moving across the floor, both men were tall and both men had unexpected grace and fluidity to their movements. They reached a stale mate and Remy laughed.


“Remy thinks y’re ‘olding back, Scotty.”


“What would make him think that, Gambit?” Scott raised an eyebrow behind his visor and dipped a sweeping ground kick which was easily jumped but his opponent wasn’t ready for the flying roundhouse kick that he followed straight into, catching him on the shoulder and sending him sprawling.


“Nice moves, Scotty.” Remy flicked himself to his feet. “But dat ain’ what Remy talkin’ ‘bout, cher.”


Scott frowned as another round of attack and block played out, until he dropped again to a ground kick, this time Remy somersaulted clean over the top of him, landing behind him, his foot quickly coming back to connect with his back and sending him sprawling.


“I can’t imagine what you’re talking about, Gambit.” Scott grinned and got to his feet, noticing the time, he dismissed them all to warm down and hit the showers before breakfast.


Remy hung back, coming close to Scott as if he was going to tell him a secret.


“Cher, las’ nigh’ someone projecting der emotions all over de place.”


He raised an eyebrow, he knew for a fact that he wasn’t projecting, his shields were second nature; he didn’t even need to put effort into maintaining them anymore.


“De Wolverine, he back, non?”


“Yeah, you know that, he got back yesterday. That’s no surprise,” Scott replied and started towards the exit.


“Oui cher, dat is no surprise, mais, Remy he surprise’ t’ fin’ Wolverine projecting submissive feelin’s mixed wit’ lust an’ amour.”


He stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Remy. “What’s that got to do with me Rems?”


“Oh cher, Remy, he t’ink through de options. He ain’ stupid, mais Scotty knows dis. Remy know only one person in de house able t’ induce dose kinds of feelin’s.” He winked at the brunette.




“Cher, don’ worry. Remy won’ say not’ing t’ no one.”


“Thanks, but not what I was going to say.” Scott was moving for the exit once again.

Remy tilted his head enquiringly and followed.


“I was going to ask if you’re ok with it.”


Remy waved a hand as if batting something away. “Remy think it do Scotty and Wolvie good t’ be enjoying each ot’er.” He paused, stopping just as they reached the door. “Remy… I… t’ink y’ deserve ‘appiness, cher… bot’ of y’.”




Chapter 5: Boundaries


Remy and Scott entered the dining room together, they had chatted about the training session as they made their way up, mostly relaxed. When they entered the room they both headed over to were Logan sat, noticing only at a second glance that he was sat beside Jean and not looking overly happy about it.


Scott sat himself down on the chair directly opposite his boy and noticed with a slightly amused smile that he was still wearing the leather cuffs around his wrists, he wondered if it was a conscious thing or if he’d simply forgotten they were there. The Cajun eased himself into the empty chair beside Logan.


“Good t’ see y’ back, Wolvie.” He gave the feral a dazzling smile.


“Gumbo. Ya miss me?” Logan smiled, uncertainly, he was still getting used to what his Master had told him about having had a fling with the young man. He liked Gambit and they had always been buddies, but he had to admit to a slight hint of jealousy.


“Mais, oui. N’ one else can drink Remy unde’ da table like ol’ Wolvie.” He grinned, wickedly.


“What are your plans for this morning?” Scott interjected towards Logan, with a barely noticeable smile of affection, as he raised a piece of toast to his mouth.


“Thought I might go for a walk, in the woods, S...Slim.” He caught himself as the word Sir almost made its way out. He blushed, fortunately it was mostly hidden by the whiskers on his cheeks.


Only two people picked up on the momentary fluster of embarrassment, Scott who was looking at him intently, broke into a broad grin, and Remy who’s empathy surged at him with the emotion. Jean was wholly oblivious, and opened her mouth. Cyke saw it before she could speak.


“You should take Remy with you.” Scott slipped in, before Jean had chance to speak, he knew she was about to invite herself along.


Logan glared at Scott, who looked to Remy, whose smile was glittering. He was well aware of what was going on.


“Oui, Remy woul’ like dat, jus’ like ol’ times, an’ we can catch up, homme.”


“That’s sorted then.” Scott said with a small triumphant smile. He was well aware of the way Jean was angling herself towards his boy, even if Logan himself hadn’t noticed it. When they had arrived she had practically been draped over him, and the thought of her putting her hands on his property did not create pleasant feelings in him.


As breakfast finished, they started to go their separate ways. They stopped in the hallway, just outside the large mahogany doors.


“I’ll see you at lunch, Logan,” Scott told him with a smile and set off in the direction of his classroom. “Have a nice time.”


Logan had glared again.


Remy had run to his room to change and reappeared by the feral who was waiting for him by the front doors. He shot him an eager smile.


“Well Wolvie, shall we go?” He opened the door wide and held it open for his friend.


They walked in almost silence along the gravel path. A lot had changed while Logan had been gone and he had no clue about Remy’s empathy having come to fruition, so he was oblivious to the barely detectable feelings that the Cajun was getting from him.


The thief thought it was cute that the Canadian was feeling the tinge of jealousy over what he and Scott had shared; it had only been casual and that was no competition for the way Scott felt about Logan. It wasn’t that he’d ever told him, and of course Scott’s shields were so solid his empathy was of no help there… it had merely been intuition that had told Remy that his fuck buddy had strong feelings for him, maybe even loved the feral; it was the way he talked about him. But he was also aware of other emotions that Logan was unwittingly sending out, he wasn’t happy, Remy was wondering if it was directed at him. He needed to lighten the mood so he started to chatter happily, half English & half Cajun, and before long the tension had lifted, they were laughing and joking and it was like the man hadn’t been away at all.


Scott concluded his class and sent the teenagers on their way, a good five minutes before they were due to finish at twelve. Slightly stunned at being allowed out early, but not wanting to mention it, they filed out quickly in case he should realise his error and call them back. He was in a good mood and he felt like passing it on. The teenagers pondered his loss of mind as they laughed out in the corridor. With a grin he turned to sort some pages on his desk. Feeling the air move behind him. His grin grew bigger.


“Did you have a nice walk?” He asked without turning round. He heard the door click closed and turned his head. Logan was glowering at him.


He growled. “What the hell was that… ya think I need a babysitter now? Of all the damned people.” Logan’s voice was angry and accusatory. He was pissed off.


Scott’s brow furrowed as he turned fully towards the Canadian. “Pardon?” His face morphed into a look of warning, all signs of his smile had vanished. “I think you might want to rethink your attitude here, boy.”


“Fuck you. Sir.” Even as the words left his mouth, he knew he had gone too far.


Scott stepped towards him coolly, that in itself unnerved Logan and he swallowed, unable to do anything except watch him advance. The feral’s hands flexed nervously into fists before relaxing again.


He stopped within the zone of personal space, eyes glowed red behind his shades, but no emotion showed on his chiselled features. Even without being able to see his Master’s eyes, Logan could feel them boring a hole through him; he held steady, while wanting to shrink away.


“I think you are forgetting yourself, boy. You already presume to know what my intentions were this morning.” His voice was calm and steady, and Logan knew this was worse than if it had been filled with rage and anger. “While presumptions are forgivable if you seek to question them respectfully. You coming into my classroom and being blatantly disrespectful, is not.”


Logan wasn’t sure if he was meant to respond. Scott was still towering over him, his face unreadable. He swallowed hard again. “I…” Logan started, but was halted by Scott holding up his hand.


“Did you have a good time?”


He nodded, he had, but he was uncertain as to what Scott’s point was. He opened his mouth to speak again and was silenced once more.


“I don’t want to hear it right now. I want you to go away and think about what you just did. And I want you to consider, that if your presumption is incorrect, then what other explanations are there for my suggestion of Remy joining you. Now, get out.” His tone had been even and calm through out, even with his final command. Scott turned away from Logan and returned to his papers, signalling the conversation was over; his good mood totally destroyed.


Logan had momentarily considered speaking up, but realised at this point in time it would only make things worse. He chose instead to shrink away and leave. He headed for the Dining room. He was one of the first to arrive, he found a seat and thought he would save the seat beside him in case his Master would join him. He wasn’t hopeful, but he would make the effort none-the-less.


He felt miserable. He didn’t know what had come over him to act like that towards Scott, he hadn’t meant to, he had merely meant to ask why, but it just hadn’t come out right. He and Remy’d had a good time in the woods, it was rare that he could be in the kid’s company and not relax and enjoy it. The Cajun was so full of energy and fun it was almost impossible to not enjoy yourself with him around. His shoulders were slumped as he played with his glass of water. Movement caused him to look up as Gambit sat down opposite him.


“Merde Wolvie, you look like someone killed y’ cat.” Those red and black eyes studied the slouched form in front of him, the waves of disappointment and worry were almost tangible.


“I fucked up,” he said quietly.


Remy looked up as Scott entered the room. Logan looked in the direction too. Scott looked back and deliberately chose to sit beside Bobby.


“Merde.” Gambit swore again. “Y’ pissed Scotty off, non?”


Logan was staring at his glass again and nodded with defeat.


“Mais, y’ seemed so ‘appy dis mornin’, what happened?”


The feral looked up at him, uncertainly, did he know? Those scarlet eyes were looking at him filled with understanding.


“He told ya?”


Remy chuckled softly, “Mon ami, he didn’ need t’ tell Remy.” He looked at the leather cuffs still encircling the thick wrists. He could tell Logan was blushing and he smiled warmly. “Y’ weren’ ‘appy abou’ Remy going for a walk wit’ y’. Did y’ mout’ off at ‘im?”


Logan growled, softly, how did Remy know that? “I didn’t need no babysitter, Gumbo.”


Remy chuckled, softly, cocking his head curiously. “Is dat what y’ thought? Or did y’ think Scotty was tryin’ to make y’ jealous?”


Logan’s eyes locked with the thief’s.


“Oh, mon ami. Remy t’ought y’ was a clever man, mais, he can’ always be right.”


Remy gave Jean a pointed look as she drew close and sat in the chair that Logan had been saving in case Scott would join him. She never even asked if the seat was taken, just sat herself down. Logan looked at her then back at the Cajun, he was met with a raised eyebrow.


“Fuck.” Logan muttered under his breath and lowered his head to his hands. He peeked up at his buddy for confirmation of the realisation that had just hit him. Remy simply nodded. “Fuck.” He muttered again.


The Canadian pushed his lunch around the plate, ignoring the conversation around him. He kept stealing glimpses at his Master. After what seemed like a torturous eternity. Scott got to his feet, cleared his dishes and headed for the door. He moved quickly, pushing his chair back and headed after the taller man. By the time he reached the door the brunette was already striding off down the hall.


“Scott,” he called as he ran to catch him.


His Master stopped and turned to look at him, that unreadable look still on his face. He raised an eyebrow.


“I’m sorry, I’m an idiot. I… I didn’t realise you were just after protecting me,” Logan mumbled his head bowed slightly, he couldn’t bring himself to look up at him.


“Look at me,” Scott told him softly and when he obediently raised his eyes he saw that the expression there had softened. “I’m glad you realised your mistake. But the way you handled it…” He shook his head, disapprovingly.


Kids were passing them in the hallway as the teacher stood looking down at the feral.


“Now isn’t the time, we’ll discuss this tonight,” Scott said quietly.


“I…” Logan began and was silenced by a look.


“Tonight, after dinner. And take those cuffs off,” he said but, not unkindly. With that He turned and left his boy standing there.


He had to throw himself into his training classes with the younger members of the school in order to focus fully. He had to work hard to keep his mind calm over what had gone wrong with his pet. He couldn’t let him get away with speaking to him like that, he had to set the boundaries and he had to do it now, far sooner than he had expected to have to.


After the training sessions were done he took himself out in his sports car. He drove for over an hour and found himself outside his favourite store, he’d come there once with Remy, the Cajun had been like a kid in a candy store and he briefly wondered what Logan would be like in there. He made a note to bring him sometime, but right now he wanted to get himself some supplies without the Canadian being aware.


The first time he had visited the store he’d been surprised by how modern, light and airy it was, not the usual seedy looking place that those kinds of shops tended to be, rundown with poor lighting and questionable looking clientele. He’d seen people in business suits in the shop on several occasions. He liked the atmosphere and he liked the manager, they always chatted casually when he visited.


He picked up a basket on his way in. He figured his purchases would be numerous, although he’d been here before, he didn’t own that many toys. Besides, he liked to buy things that would suit the individual, not just anything in general. Browsing shelves he shifted the basket from side to side.


He was staring at row up on row of cuffs, leather, metal, PVC and even fur covered. The colours varied too, black, white, pink, purple and blue. His eyes came to rest on a black set of padded leather cuffs, they were 3” wide with double buckles, round the middle ran a row of bluntly spiked studs and around the outside edges of the buckles ran an engraved celtic design in deep red. His smile spread and he reached out a hand to touch the leather. Turning them over in his hands he noted the d-rings and also that they would be lockable with the addition of small padlocks. He sucked in air at the sight of the price, but they were too perfect for his boy for the cost to bother him. He set down his basket and wrapped one round his wrist to check the size, approximating the circumference of Logan’s thickly muscled forearms. Satisfied, he placed the wrist cuffs carefully in his basket and reached for a pair of ankle cuffs in the same style.


He shopped happily with a grin on his face, the situation still to be resolved was momentarily pushed from his mind as he added restraints, clamps, floggers of varying descriptions and finally he added several plugs, dildos and vibrators. He made his way to the counter and the manager smiled at him.


“Looks like someone’s got themselves something new to play with,” the manager, Max, said and nodded towards the haul in the basket.


Scott grinned. “Oh yeah.”


He pulled out the cuffs, “Wild one?”


“Sometimes positively feral.” Scott chuckled to himself while he fingered his credit card, knowing how this lot was going to burn into his savings.


An hour after entering the store, the X-man emerged with his new toys, a smile on his face and several hundred bucks lighter. He’d loaded his bags into the car and gone to another store across the street. He returned to the car with his purchases and climbed in to set off back to the mansion as he turned his mind back to what was to come. He disliked having to use punishment; hell he disliked just the word. It was necessary to do something to remind Logan of the rules. He didn’t know for sure that his boy had been trained in his submission, but certain things about the way he reacted and displayed himself seemed to hint that he had been. Disciplining his slave shouldn’t be necessary, but it was, he just had to work out the most effective way.


Scott had pulled into the garage shortly before dinner would be served. He managed to make his way to his room with his new purchases without being stopped by anyone. Once in his room he locked the door and set about sorting through his purchases, unpacking, unwrapping, removing labels and tags, he washed the insertables in warm soapy water and dried them carefully. Then he carefully placed all the articles in the toy chest that sat beside the door to the bathroom. Satisfied he discarded his rubbish into a black plastic bag and took it out to the dumpster before joining the others for dinner.


He sat with his boy at dinner; when he had arrived he’d sat in the chair beside Jean that she had obviously been keeping for Logan. This had annoyed her, amused Remy and brought a slight smile from the feral as he had sat down on the other side of Scott. Scott felt like he’d won a minor victory. He noticed that he had done as he’d said and removed the cuffs. It wasn’t that he’d minded the display of submission, although he doubted anyone outside him and the Cajun had known what the cuffs were about, it was simply that he hadn’t been the one to put them on, they didn’t symbolise submission to him but rather submission in general and so they meant nothing to him.


Logan was quiet as he ate, but that was fine because Remy had chattered enough for all of them, he was either oblivious that everyone else was not in the mood or he had taken it on himself to try and ease the tensions. Scott opted for the latter, knowing the Cajun’s empathy had to be going nuts with the negative feelings surrounding him. The feral finished his meal and excused himself while the others were still eating and chatting. Scott didn’t stop him, he knew that his boy would be going to their room to wait for him, instead he gave him a gentle smile. He was rewarded with a small hesitant smile in return, the first that he’d seen all the way through dinner.


He had given Logan a good 15 minutes to ready himself. He had come to a decision on how to show him that he wouldn’t take that sort of thing from him, it was simple but he hoped effective. He opened the bedroom door and stepped confidently inside. He briefly studied the scene in front of him. His boy was knelt on the rug once again, naked and displayed submissively for him. His breathing was slow and even and Scott momentarily wondered if he’d been meditating to calm his nerves over what was to come.


“Look at me.” He ordered, as he stood in front of his boy.


Logan’s head immediately lifted and his eyes came up to meet his Master’s shaded blazing gaze. A look of tenderness filled Scott’s face and he felt himself relax slightly. As his boy watched him, he pulled a chair over and sat down directly in front of him. He leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees and silently studied his slave’s face.


“I know you figured out what my intentions were this morning,” Scott started simply.


The feral nodded, unsure if he was permitted to speak.


“I told you that I want you to talk, you don’t need permission as long as you’re respectful.”


He dropped his eyes to the floor at the memory of his outburst at lunchtime.


“Look at me, pet,” he reminded him again.


“I’m sorry, I really am.” Logan said; his eyes were sad as he raised them back to look at him.


Scott knew he was apologising for earlier and he nodded. “I know you are. I would ask what you were thinking, but the answer to that is obviously: ‘you weren’t’.”


Logan resisted the urge to drop his gaze again. It was part shame and part previous training. It was going to take some getting used to his new Master preferring him to look at him and not the floor. He could understand why; the eyes were a window to the thoughts and feelings that were going on inside, he noticed that more than ever, now that he was unable to see what was going on behind his Master’s shades. He knew that his own eyes were reflecting his own regret and disappointment in himself.


“I explained to you that this would be more than just in the bedroom.”


Logan nodded.


“You know I can’t just let this go.”


He simply nodded again.


“Stand up,” Scott told him, as he stood himself. He went to the toy box that was just outside of Logan’s peripheral vision, he knew that he wouldn’t turn to look; he didn’t want to make things worse for himself.


The brunette returned to him and turned him so that he was facing away. He pulled his boys arms behind him and fastened the arm binder on them, forcing his arms close together, he laced his fingers together for comfort, the position had pulled his elbows towards each other, arching his back, pushing his chest forward. Scott pointed to the darkened corner of the room; a two foot gap between the edge of his desk and the wall.


“Kneel there, facing the wall. I want you to think about what happened today. I want you to be sure that you are able to do this fully and I want you to think about what you have to do to make sure we don’t end up in this position again,” Scott spoke softly but there was little doubt about the dominance in his tone.


Logan moved to comply and as he settled onto his knees his Master stepped up behind him and ran a hand through his hair.


“Twenty minutes, and don’t move from here.”


He left his boy kneeling in the corner, for a moment he studied the form from across the room, then moved away, not wanting to distract him from his contemplation. Scott was distracted by a knock at the door and stepped out into the hallway.


Remy smiled ruefully at him. He knew that Logan was in the room and that he would be able to hear him, so he took Scott’s hand and pulled him down the hall and into his own room.


“Cher, Remy t’ink y’ need to teach y’ boy how to tighten his shiel’s” He sat down on the end of the large four-poster bed.


Scott sat himself on the desk chair and looked at the Cajun.


“Remy feel almos’ sorry fo’ him, he’s projecting all kindsa sadness. Wolvie really sorry, cher, an’ so disappointed in ‘imself.”


The brunette smiled weakly, “It’s not like I like to have to do this, Rems. But if I don’t then it’s like saying he can disrespect me and get away with it. I’m not going to take him acting out like that, hopefully it will teach him to think properly before he speaks.”


“Remy knows dat it’s ‘ard on y’ Scotty. ‘m jus’ glad y’ never disciplined m’.” He giggled softly.


“You know what we had was very different, Remy. Logan and I, it’s the real deal. You and I was a nice little arrangement that suited both our needs but it never left the bedroom. I can’t have… don’t want just that with him.” He smiled, warmly.


Gambit nodded at him with a dazzling grin. “Oui, Remy understan’s, y’ in love wit’ de man, mais, y’ still need t’ work on ‘is shiel’s.”


Scott chuckled softly.


Logan was staring at the wall; his mind was whirling with thoughts. He felt so bad for having messed up so quickly. He was grateful to Scott; he pondered that thought a moment. Yeah, he was, he could have got angry and told him that he didn’t want the hassle; instead he was taking the time to correct him. He realised how much he needed that, to know that the control was real and not just an illusion. He had spent far too many years on the edge of his feral side, fighting hard to control himself, to keep himself in line without really knowing where the line was.


He didn’t know if it was enough anymore. He needed someone to care enough to take that control from him. To know that his Master was stepping up warmed him and it calmed him. He knew what was expected of him as Scott’s boy. Without that he was lost, just muddling through in some odd semblance of what he thought was expected. His inner beast needed someone to show it that it wasn’t acceptable to be loose. He knew that if he chose to resist the control he could. But he also knew that Scott was powerful enough to be able to physically put him in his place.


That had been the attraction of Scion; his manipulation of electricity had excited him, he knew that if he’d chosen to the man could have fried him and it would have been a long road to heal from that. The domination by these men was not illusionary it was very real. The differences between the two were that Scott was in control of himself as well; he was an example of what Logan wished he himself could be, and the man cared about him a lot. Scion hadn’t cared that much, he had been a submissive lay to him, and that was nice, the control he exerted over him was temporary, for however long they were in their liaisons, and it was far from total.


Scott wanted full control, and if he stepped out of his place then his Master would care enough to put him back there. He wanted it, he needed it, his inner beast needed that calming external influence, as sure as he needed oxygen. The other difference between the two dominants was much more significant than the rest, he loved Scott, had done so for a long time. He still remembered their first meeting and the bravado that he had relied on to cover the way the younger man had set his thoughts and emotions reeling. He had thought he’d understood what drove Scott, but as he’d been getting to know him the last couple of days he had realised that the man had been as much an enigma to him as he himself was to most other people.


Logan was pulled from his thoughts as the door clicked open and then closed. He knew the scent, his heart rate quickened slightly as his Master entered the room. How long had he been kneeling there, he had no idea. He suddenly realised his shoulders ached from the unnatural position they were forced back into. He felt rather than heard Scott move closer and then there was contact as his hands came to rest gently on his tense shoulders. He crouched behind him and started to unfasten the arm binder, even as his arms were fully released Logan made no movement. He could almost feel Scott smile, pleased with him.


“There’s a good pet,” Scott spoke softly his mouth close enough to his ear that he felt the warm breath tickling his skin slightly.


Scott’s hands massaged his aching shoulders knowingly and slowly eased the tension as they relaxed, his hands moved down his arms, which he still held together behind his back by the interlaced fingers. His hands were separated and brought slowly round in front of him.


“Can you stand?” His Master’s caring voice asked, Logan could smell the concern coming from him, it was tinged with guilt and regret and it momentarily confused him.


He was stiff as he raised himself to stand and his lover supported him slightly, knowing it was probably unnecessary but wanting to anyway. He gently turned Logan round to face him and studied his face, then stroked his thumb lightly down one cheek. The brunette took one of the older man’s hands and led him into the centre of the room. His hand threaded it’s way into the other’s thick dark hair and he lowered his lips to brush against his boy; breath warm against the sensitive skin, holding there a moment before plunging in to take his mouth, tongue teasing its way inside and exploring, unhurried and thorough.


The feral growled softly as he felt himself harden in response, his eyes closing instinctively as Scott deepened the kiss, his lips pressing with a hardness that would bruise any ordinary man’s lips. Teeth captured his bottom lip and he nibbled and sucked on it, being rewarded with yet another lusty growl. He gradually released his boy’s lips, moving away then punctuating a soft kiss to the other’s lips, moving further away he looked into Logan’s eyes.


“Sir…” he gasped, voice thick with his arousal.


“I hope you learned something from your contemplations, pet. I don’t want to have to discipline you over something like this again. You have to trust that when I suggest something that it’s with your best interest at heart. And you have to know that if you’re uncertain about my decisions then there is a right way and a wrong way to go about voicing them. I’m not going to ask what conclusions you drew about your behaviour while you were thinking, but anytime you want to share them, then I would like to hear them.”


“I’m sure I want this. I need this… all of it. Need ya to have this control of me, Scott,” he stated, simply.


Scott smiled, understandingly. “You can fuck up Logan and I’ll correct you, no matter how many times. I don’t give up on someone because things are tough.”


He could feel his hard on aching in his jeans, and his boy’s arousal was visible, but he wouldn’t do anything about it yet. He didn’t want to send mixed messages. Instead, he pulled him onto the bed with him and cuddled his boy, reassuringly.


“We need to work on your mental shields at some point, you’re driving Remy’s empathy crazy.” Scott chuckled softly as he played with the other man’s hair.


“Gumbo’s an empath? Well don’t that just explain a lot.” A low laughter rumbled in his chest.




Chapter 6: Playtime


Scott awoke with the weight of Logan draped over him. Looking across to the alarm clock he saw it was just past midnight. He didn’t know when they’d fallen asleep, they had been talking in depth about the last couple of days, his boy’s shields and several other things. He tried to ease himself out from under his sleeping boy without waking him, but failed; the movement stirred him.


The older man reflexively tightened his grip around the warm body and then his eyes snapped open. “What’s up?” he mumbled into the other man’s chest.


“Bathroom,” Scott explained, running a hand through his hair before he exited the bed.


When he came back into the bedroom the Canadian had sprawled across the bed on his stomach and had snuggled a pillow under his head and against his chest. He grinned at the scene in front of him. The covers were rumpled around the tanned waist and he couldn’t stop his gaze wandering over the strongly muscled back. He felt his cock reawakening and a wicked grin spread from his mouth to his sparkling fiery eyes, behind his shades. He crouched in front of his toy chest and began removing items. He wasn’t sure if Logan was still awake, but he knew that even if he was he wouldn’t look despite curiosity. Scott had become very aware that Logan had been well trained by someone, something they had yet to talk about, but would later.


He straightened up and returned to the bed, perching on the edge. He leaned across and placed a tender kiss in the centre of his boy’s back. The drowsy man shifted on the bed and murmured something unintelligible.


Scott lowered his lips next to Logan’s ear and blew warm air against the lobe, then whispered softly. “Lets have a little fun, boy.”


His hand slid under the covers and he stroked the hard buttock and then slid a fingertip along Logan’s crack. He was answered with a quiet lusty growl. In two rapid movements, he’d pulled the covers all the way off and the pillow from Logan’s hands. He was grinning broadly as Logan turned his face to look up at him.


“What ya do that for, Sir?” he grumbled.


He groped his own hard on through his jeans and looked meaningfully at his pet. “Got something for you boy… If you’re good.” He smirked as the other man licked his lips and started to move towards him.


Scott shook his head and held up a stilling hand. “Uh-uh. On your stomach, boy. And close your eyes,” he added, as his pet obediently did as he was told.


Scott quickly retrieved the chains and cuffs from where he’d left them. First moving to the foot of the bed and fastening a leather cuff firmly round each ankle. Pulling the feet apart and attaching chains between the cuffs and the bed frame. Gently he ran a hand up the inside of Logan’s right leg, over the solid silky ass cheek and up the muscular back and shoulder, as he moved up towards the head of the bed. He took his toy’s right hand in his and fastened one of the wider leather cuffs around the wrist, making sure it wasn’t too tight. Again attaching chain between the cuff and the bed frame, he pulled the arm up and out.


He slowly circled round to the other side of the bed, his hand brushing lightly over the skin on the side of his body nearest to him. All the time he was silent and his eyes were appreciating the body he was manipulating. He repeated his actions with the final limb and let his gaze wander over the spread eagle form of Wolverine.


“So utterly beautiful,” he sighed softly and Logan’s skin flushed slightly as a soft growl rumbled barely audibly. Now the man was laid out for him and him alone just as he’d wanted at the hotel.


Scott stroked his hands over the solid mounds of his boy’s ass and he squirmed under his palms. He responded with a sharp smack to first one cheek then the other. He wasn’t sure if it had stung his palm more than it had Logan’s ass. He smiled thoughtfully, and returned to pick up another toy. He picked up a medium sized butt plug and crossed to the bed. Grabbing a handful of Logan’s hair he turned the prone man’s face towards him. Leant forward and brushed a kiss across his soft lips, feeling the prickle of whiskers, he flickered his tongue out and licked at the other man’s mouth sensually.


The feral growled again, slightly louder, but kept his eyes closed. While his mouth teased his boy’s, his hand was rummaging blindly in the top drawer of the nightstand. Retrieving the bottle of lube, he broke the kiss and moved to the end of the bed. He climbed on and settled himself on his knees between the invitingly spread thighs. He deftly and generously lubed the plug and rested the palm of his hand against the powerful ass, while his other hand rubbed the tip of the slippery plug against the tight little pucker. Scott teased the pucker with the wet tip, massaging it against the opening, applying a little pressure then easing back. Repeating that action, each time adding a little more pressure and slowly the plug eased its way inside.


Logan whimpered, something was invading his ass and he was trying his hardest to relax for it. He wasn’t sure if it was his Master’s cock, finger or something else, but as it entered he could tell it was too narrow at first to be his cock but it was getting wider as it went in so it wasn’t a finger. It continued to get wider, slowly moving in and out, his mind was whirling. The invader was still getting wider and there must have been a good three inches inside him. Finally, something changed and it seemed it was past the widest point. He groaned and growled.


“That’s a good boy. You’ve got that plug nicely snuggled in your butt now, it’s not going anywhere.” He stroked the butt cheeks approvingly.


His mind settled once he knew what was inside him; he could feel the delicious pressure deep inside and he could now enjoy it. He felt his ass squeezed tightly and then the warmth of his Master’s body against him as he spread himself teasingly over his back. A warm tongue moved over his shoulder and neck, he felt teeth nipping at his flesh and growled in pleasure. His cock was almost painfully hard, pressed between his heavy body and the bed.


Scott’s hands were moving over his skin and it felt like he was being touched everywhere. There were nips at his earlobe and Logan had to fight hard not to start humping the mattress. Hot breath was tickling his ear as teeth tormented the tender flesh, he knew that the other man couldn’t permanently hurt him, and momentarily that thought disappointed him. He wished that his Master could mark him; that he could have bruises and bite marks left on his body as a sign that he was owned by the magnificent man who was pressing down on him.


“I’m going to make your body burn, boy,” Scott whispered huskily.


He gave a lusty growl of consent and the brunette pulled his body back over the naked skin, torturously slowly. He knelt back between those spread thighs and tapped firmly on the base of the plug a few times making the feral buck and squirm at the internal vibrations. Scott smiled, pleased with the reaction, then lowered his mouth to swipe his tongue over an ass cheek. His boy moaned and growled, and he bit down hard on the flesh making the man under him buck and yelp mostly in surprise. He did the same on the other cheek before slipping off the bed.


Scott looked thoughtfully at the toys he’d selected before and picked up a wide leather paddle. Lightly he stroked the leather over the taut ass. Logan remained still.


“You want to feel that boy? You want your Master to make your body burn and scream with pleasure and pain, until you can’t tell the difference?”


The response was a growl.


“Tell me boy, what do you want?”


“Please… Sir. Yeah… I want it….I.”


“What boy?”


“I wish you could leave your mark Sir.”


Scott smiled, the tenderness in his eyes hidden behind ruby quartz. He leaned close to Logan’s ear once again. “You know that if you throw a pebble in a lake that the ripples are visible for only a short while but the pebble remains on the bed of the lake forever.”


His boy’s brows knitted and he pressed a kiss to his forehead. “Even though the marks won’t be visible, you’ll know that they’re there deep inside.”


The answering growl told Scott that this was something that he’d needed to hear and he pressed his lips against the older man’s fleetingly.


He didn’t give his boy time to think before he started raining down the paddle on his ass. Almost as quick as the paddle could raise a red blush Logan’s healing factor would counteract it, so he landed the blows harder and in quicker succession. He was counting in his head as he alternated paddling a set of five to each cheek and the backs of the thighs.


A sheen of sweat had covered his torso at the effort that he was putting in. He knew the blows were stinging the flesh as his boy squirmed and growled with pleasure. After 60 he tossed the paddle to one side and leaned forward to kiss the reddened heated skin. He soothed his hands over it and Logan moaned loudly then growled as Scott bit down on the cheek he was stroking. He watched as the blushing skin returned to normal colour and kissed it softly.


Looking back at his toys, he selected a crop and ran it over his hands. He slashed it through the air and watched as Logan tensed visibly at the noise. The brunette grinned, he knew he could never hurt the man and that was part of what would be so perfect about this relationship, he was going to be the ideal recipient for his sadistic pleasures. He pressed the tip of the crop against the base of the plug and pushed on it, pressing it in, then rhythmically tapped on it, knowing it would be vibrating deep inside his pet’s channel. Sure enough there was a frustrated growl laced with his pleasure.


He grinned, shifted his position and swished the crop through the air, slicing a red welt across Logan’s ass cheek with the shaft of it. He brought the crop down again and again, crisscrossing red welts in various stages of healing. He covered the ass cheeks with red lines and then carried on down the backs of Logan’s legs. He could tell the other man was feeling the pain of the searing blows by the noises he was making. And he could tell from those noises that they were quickly melting into pleasure. The marks disappeared all too quickly and he had to work at it to make sure they lasted longer than a few seconds.


Scott’s muscles were ached from the strength he had to put behind the strikes. He covered the backs of the thighs with the red stripes and back over the ass cheeks, which had already faded to a pink flush. He stripped the meaty ass again. He heard Logan start to whimper among the growls. He wondered if, even as the flesh healed, the sensitivity remained to amplify the next volley of blows. Logan was working hard at not squirming madly; he could see the muscles in his shoulders and upper arms shifting under the golden skin.


Using just the loop on the end of the crop he lightly traced down the bound man’s spine and watched as he shivered in response. He carried on down the sweating ass crack, tapped briefly against the base of the plug, then down to nudge at swollen balls. He tapped them lightly with the loop, watching as his boy squirmed, simultaneously trying to get away but also wanting more. Scott could almost feel the internal struggle that his boy’s frustration was causing in him. He stroked the loop teasingly lightly then tapped against his testicles. Unintelligible words were falling from Logan’s mouth.


In one smooth movement he pulled the crop back from it’s tormenting and sliced it down viciously across the flexing butt cheeks. The feral howled. Scott smirked wondering if they would wake the entire mansion.


“Do I need to gag you, boy?” His voice was filled with amusement.


Logan growled his response.


He laid the crop down and moved his hands over thighs and ass with feather light caresses. The older man was incoherent as he squirmed and attempted to verbalise. He watched the muscles across the broad back flexing and tensing, shifting under the skin. He covered the tingling flesh with his burning kisses, occasionally tracing patterns with his tongue tip then blowing cool air across damp skin. He felt his cock pulsing in his jeans, painfully hard and the fabric so tight. He unbuttoned his fly and slowly pulled the zip down. He noticed the other man grow still at the sound and smiled.


“Is that what you’ve been waiting to hear, boy, your Master unzipping his pants? You think that means he’s finally going to fuck your tight little pseudo-virgin hole?” His voice was low and teasing, thick with lust promises and torment.


His words were met with a pleading growl. Scott eased his jeans down and pulled them off. Slowly stroking his hard thick eight inches. He looked down at his heavily veined shaft and couldn’t remember when he’d last been so massively hard without being about to tumble over the edge. Logan’s pleading growl came again. The brunette surmised that he was now beyond words and he was down to the base animal.


“I’m stroking my cock, boy. All the while, I’m looking at you all spread out and hot for me, your body so aroused that a simple touch to your sensitised skin would make you cry in a mix of agony and ecstasy. You look so damn hot there, and I want to fuck that tight hole and make you beg and scream my name.”


Logan’s responses were telling him that his words were getting through and hitting the intended spot. He was so close himself, he tightly gripped the base of his cock and felt his impending arousal back off a bit. He gasped at the sensation and took a moment to compose himself. He wasn’t ready to finish just yet.


Picking up the leather cat o’nine tails, Scott stood beside the bed and draped the cool tendrils across the tanned back. Slithering the tails slowly across the heated skin, across the shifting muscles of his back and down across the recovering flesh of ass and thighs. Dancing the leather teasingly. His pet growled and squirmed, tried to hold still, tried to follow the path of the torment.


He brought the cat down experimentally lightly. Logan stilled then. Satisfied with his position, Scott began to whip his boy’s shoulders, snapping the tails sharply on one side then the other, quickly building a rhythm for the strikes. He watched as the flesh reddened angrily. The blows were intense enough that the flesh didn’t quite have chance to recover before the next. Welts formed as the tails bit deeply into the flesh.


His boy was howling into the pillow, muffling his cries. He smoothly shifted his position and whipped the cat across the still sensitised ass. Lashing it over and over mercilessly until he could see the burning of the skin reflected in its colour and the stripes covering it. The backs of Logan’s thighs received the same treatment. Angry welts bloomed and remained a few minutes as Scott unleashed his desires on his willing boy. By the time he had finished there the shoulders were almost back to normal colour and he started all over again.


Logan lost himself as the whip struck again and again. He let himself go and felt the world become warm and fuzzy. He was floating, the pain biting his flesh dissolved rapidly to pleasure, his body felt alive, every sensation heightened. He felt his mind soaring. He’d never experienced a feeling like it and he loved it, he knew that he’d reached his euphoria. Scott had taken him to the place he needed to be, he couldn’t remember having ever experienced such intensity, his body was on fire and he never wanted it to end. Even the pain from his erection was fuelling this feeling of ecstasy.


He had never been so out of control and yet felt so totally at peace with himself. He was so far gone that he didn’t realise the blows were no more slashing into his flesh; it still felt like his body was being struck. He wasn’t aware of his ankles being unchained and being pushed onto his knees. He only became aware at a tugging on the plug and whimpered as it was removed. He could hear his Master’s soothing, yet arousing voice, but couldn’t put what was being said together. He felt the head of his Master’s cock press against his ring and that was all that mattered in the universe.


Scott groaned, kneeling on the bed behind Logan, he pressed himself into his boy’s already prepped hole. Sliding his hands over the still reddened flesh of ass and shoulders, he could feel the heat coming from the welts even as the healing factor worked to remove them from the skin. He thrust into the tightness and his boy’s growl vibrated around him as the tightness of his lover’s passage grasped at him.


He moaned; he was so horny his finesse went out the window and he fucked into his lover with wild abandoned. Driving himself in to the hilt over and over, pounding the willing body beneath him. He gripped the Canadian’s hips tightly, short fingernails biting into the flesh. He reached a hand around to grasp Logan’s cock, wrapping his hand tightly around the hardness; he felt the heat from it, the warm liquid leaking over his knuckles. He thrust in over and over, he felt himself close to the edge.


He leaned over and nipped at an ear lobe and whispered, “Cum for me, boy.”


Even in his far away mind the command registered and he cried Scott’s name into the pillow as he released a painfully mind blowing orgasm.


The brunette thrust in deep and hard, one last time and threw his head back in a silent cry, filling his boy’s ass with his spunk. Scott collapsed forward onto the sweaty back, gasping for air, and kissed between the barely still pink shoulder blades, murmuring endearments.


When he’d recovered a bit he pulled slowly out and heard a soft moan from the man beneath him. Scott focused his thoughts and unfastened the chains restraining Logan’s wrists. He slipped into the bathroom and wiped himself over with a cool damp cloth before returning to the bedroom with another. He sat down on the bed and slowly moved the cool cloth over Logan’s fevered flesh.


His boy shifted onto his side and he could see the glazed look in his eyes. He remembered Remy talking about subspace and as he looked into those far away eyes wondered if that’s where his pet had gone. Tossing the cloth back into the bathroom Scott lay down and gathered Logan into his arms, watching the eyes drift close.


“That’s it baby, you did so well, rest now. So proud of you, you did so well. Love you so much,” he murmured softly, close to his boy’s ear. He turned the light off, closed his eyes to remove his shades and fell into a relaxed sleep with his arms protectively around his boy.




Chapter 7: Acquiescence


Logan had been back almost three weeks and he had had settled into a nice steady routine with Scott. His dom hadn’t really expected him to take too kindly to being given chores and tasks to do, but Logan seemed to revel in it. He would hum to himself as he went about doing the laundry and cleaning the room. Scott would sometimes sit and watch him over the top of his own work with a smile on his face. His boy was content and so was he. The sex was great too, and Scott had been keeping him completely off guard with what to expect.


Almost everyone had worked out that they were an item, with the exception of Jean and the Professor, who had been gone on business for a couple of weeks. But now that she was back, the mansion was tense.


It was evening and Logan was making their bed, Scott had gone missing again as he had every evening for the past couple of weeks. Logan had wanted to ask about it, but he didn’t want to be a high maintenance whiner, he figured if it was something Scott wanted him to know then he would tell him. Perhaps the Fearless Leader just liked to take a couple of hours away to be by himself? Logan didn’t mind too much, he mostly used the opportunity to meditate or go down to the gym for a work out.


As he smoothed the sheets over the bed his hands rested on the leather cuffs encircling his wrists. He smiled to himself rather wolfishly. The only times they had come off was when he was in the shower or pool. Scott had told him that at least one of them would have to come off if he went on a mission and he had growled a protest, until it had been pointed out that they would make him an easy target; virtually cuffed already he would be easy to restrain. And, while Logan liked that while they were around the mansion that Scott could drag him off and cuff his hands behind his back in one easy move, he didn’t think he would appreciate Sabertooth having the same luxury. Scott had growled at the thought of Sabertooth’s hands on his boy.


Logan chuckled at the memory of the odd little sound that had come from his Master’s throat. His Master was the jealous kind, he’d filed that info in the mental folder marked ‘important’.


Scott liked to drive him crazy insane with lust, take his satisfaction and leave him hanging - frustrated. Scott was a sadist. He hadn’t allowed Logan to cum in three days despite using him repeatedly for his own pleasure and making sure that he was hard virtually the entire time. Logan had been surprised at the younger man’s stamina, although in hindsight, he shouldn’t have been. Then there were times that Scott would just tie him up for fun, trying out different kinds of intricate Japanese Rope Bondage techniques, and then leave him there looking pretty for a couple of hours.


Logan had found himself forced to spend time with Remy learning how to build more effective shields. Surprisingly, he’d found himself enjoying the Cajun’s company a lot more than he’d expected and would often seek him out just to sit and chat with. The kid knew plenty about kink, he’d had his share of play partners, but Remy had revealed with some sadness that he’d never had an owner. Logan had felt sad for him too, although all he’d done was offer the guy another beer and smoke in a show of sympathy, he knew what it felt like to need someone to lay claim and take ownership.


The first time Remy had seen the new cuffs he had cooed over them and called them “beau” and how said much they suited the fiery Canadian. The odd thing was; many of the residents were now commenting on how “unfiery” the Canadian had been lately. Bobby had said he seemed almost mellow, while Scott was downright chirpy. Bobby had complained that someone had turned his world on its head and he didn’t know which way was up anymore.


Logan was still musing over these thoughts when Scott returned from wherever it was he got to. The bed wasn’t made and Logan was still dressed.


Scott’s brow furrowed.


Logan had turned to greet him with a smile on his face but then noticed the look that his Master was giving him. He looked at the time, then at the bed and at himself. He knew better than that.


“Fuck.” Logan muttered.


Scott raised an eyebrow and Logan realised that had been altogether the wrong response. He caught himself before he could repeat his error and dropped to his knees at the brunette’s feet bowing his head forward to kiss the tops of his boots, in the hope that he could placate him with the apologetic body language.


“Up,” Scott’s voice was even and devoid of detectable emotion.


They had spent an hour a day for a few days going over one word commands until they were second nature to Logan. He complied without hesitation sitting back on his heels, his eyes still lowered on Scott’s shoes.




Logan’s gaze nervously, but obediently, rose to meet Scott’s. The younger man’s face was unreadable and that only served to raise his pet’s anxiety. Automatically, he clamped on the shields that Remy had taught him; He didn’t want Remy picking up on this. Scott was studying him silently.


“Did something distract you from your duties boy?” Scott enquired.


“I… yes Master. I…” Logan wasn’t the blushing kind, Scott had already made him blush more times in the last three weeks than he had before in all his life, though. There was the faintest of colouration in his cheeks; he couldn’t believe he was about to admit this. “I was daydreaming.” Yeah, the rough, tough Wolverine… was daydreaming!


Scott had to fight hard not to laugh or even smile. He put effort into keeping the neutral look on his face. “About?”


Logan had hesitated and he tapped his foot on the wooden floor impatiently.


“About how good the last few weeks have been, Master, how ya make me feel,” he admitted.


“And how is that, my boy?” Scott’s tone softened, slightly, putting emphasis on the possessive nature of the pet name.


Logan swallowed and replied, “Happy, content… secure… safe.”


Scott nodded thoughtfully, then spoke. “Up.”


Logan quickly got to his feet.


“Strip,” Scott instructed as he turned away and started to unbutton his own shirt; he didn’t wait to make sure Logan complied; he knew he would.


“Finish making the bed, then wait for me in position.” Scott disappeared into the bathroom and showered.


Logan could hear the sound of the water running, and imagined it cascading over his Master’s body, as he quickly stripped off his own clothes and folded them onto the chair. He collected Scott’s shirt from where it lay on the floor and did the same with that. Then he made the bed with army taught precision.


When Scott returned from the shower Logan was kneeling on the rug at the end of the bed. His thighs were spread and his hands where resting on them turned palms up, the way the other man liked it. Water droplets still glistened on Scott’s torso and his hair hung damply over his forehead, he had a towel wrapped around his waist, but Logan could see the evidence of the hard on.


The younger man paused a moment to look his boy over; his posture was faultless and Scott marvelled again, at how such a big guy could hold himself with such quietly contained grace. He figured it must be the martial arts training.


“What am I going to do with you?” he mused to himself as he circled his boy, inspecting him from all angles.


It was a rhetorical question and Logan knew he was not expected to respond.


“You’ve been so perfectly behaved. Daydreaming is not a bad thing Logan, it’s not something I want to discourage, but it should be done in your own time when it doesn’t interfere with what is expected of you.”


Scott went to the toy box and retrieved the armbinder. Stepping behind Logan he pulled his arms back behind him and slid it into place, tightening the laces. Logan was unable to prevent the soft growl.


“Corner,” Scott instructed with a wave of his hand.


Logan knew what was expected from the last, and only other, punishment and moved into the corner without hesitation or query.


Scott waited for him to settle on his knees before he stepped behind him. He crouched and levelled his mouth with Logan’s ear. “I had plans for us tonight pet, but looks like you’ve blown it. I’m not just displeased because of your inability to complete your tasks satisfactorily but because I now miss out on the fun time I had planned for us. I want you to think on that and think of a way you can make it up to me. Last time was twenty minutes, this time it’s forty.”


Scott stood up, slipped into some clean clothes and left Logan kneeling in the corner of the room to think. He didn’t really know where he was going to go to kill the time and his erection was almost maddening in his tight jeans. Before he’d really given it any thought he found himself in the kitchen making coffee. He was leaning against the counter, staring into space, his mind nicely blank when a cough pulled his attention back to the room. His eyes went to the doorway.


“Scotty? Remy t’ought y’ an’ y’ boy were goin’ ou’ t’nigh’.” Remy was eyeing him curiously as he came across to him.


Scott silently retrieved the Cajun’s mug from the cupboard, set it beside his own and filled it with coffee. He handed it to Remy as it came: black and unsweetened.


“Merci.” Scott hadn’t answered the question, but Remy didn’t push him.


“Not going tonight,” Scott said, trying hard not to sound like a sulking child. “Had to give Logan some thinking time.”


Remy blew on the hot coffee and took a sip at it. “Wha’ did Wolvie do, Cher?”


Scott pulled out a chair and sat down at the table and Remy followed his lead to sit opposite.


“He let himself get distracted from what he was doing.”


Remy studied him closely, waiting for the rest of the explanation.


Scott sighed and explained. Remy dutifully said nothing just nodded his understanding.


“Remy t’ink y’ go some ot’er time, eh Scotty?” he offered, by way of consolation.


Scott nodded, staring into his coffee still feeling cheated of his night out.


“Y’ tell ‘im abou’ de idea Remy had yet?”


Scott shook his head. “Hank and I have been working on it. It’s coming together ok… I just didn’t want to bring it up to Logan and it not work out. I want it to be a surprise.” He smiled weakly.


“Don’ wan’ no false hopes, oui?”


Scott nodded his agreement, “Who would have thought Remy would be so clever, eh. You’ll have to tell him thank you from me.” Scott chuckled and winked.


The kitchen rang with the sound of the Cajun’s laughter and Scott’s good mood started to return. The time passed quickly after that and he checked his watch. Scott excused himself and made his way back to his room. Talking with Remy had done nothing to ease his arousal. Even though they had been over quite some time, the boy still oozed sexy from every pore, even when he didn’t use that empathy of his. He paused briefly outside the door to his room, he knew that Logan would smell his approach. He gathered his thoughts and pushed the door open.


Logan was how he’d left him; he hadn’t doubted that he would be. Scott stood and watched him breathing, he briefly wondered if his boy had put himself into a meditative state. He stepped up close behind the kneeling man and crouched. Slowly, Scott unlaced and removed the sleeve binder and massaged Logan’s tightly bunched shoulder muscles to relieve the tension there, then he moved his way down each arm.


“Up.” Scott said simply and Logan took a second to ease himself up off his knees.


Scott was still crouched and he massaged all the way up each of Logan’s legs to return proper circulation to them. He heard Logan’s ‘almost purr’ deep in his chest and straightened up, noticing the erection his boy was now on his way to sporting. He wrapped a hand tightly round it and pressed his thumb against the base of the cum tube painfully. The erection receded. Logan growled a soft noise of frustrated dissent but quieted with Scott’s look.


Scott stroked a finger down Logan’s cheek and across his lips and he saw the battle in his boy’s eyes as he fought to stop himself sucking that finger into his mouth.


“Good boy. Did you get your thinking done?”


Scott turned away and went to sit on the edge of the bed, he pointed to the spot on the floor by his feet. Logan moved and kneeled in the place his Master had indicated. He brought his gaze up to meet Scott’s shielded eyes.


“Yes Master. But…” He trailed off, unsure what he wanted to say.


“But what?” Cyclops asked.


“I don’t know how to make it up to you.” Logan’s voice rumbled.


Scott fought down the smirk as it formed. “I’m sure you’ll think of something pet.” He said seriously and ran a hand through Logan’s hair.


He wanted to take his boy, he wanted to fuck his mouth with abandon, but he knew right now was not the time. He would never follow discipline with pleasure. Comfort and reassurance was in order for sure, but never pleasure. They sat like that for a while. Scott staring off into space while Logan rested his cheek against his thigh and growled a contented sort of noise.


“Go and shower.” Scott instructed quietly, eventually breaking the comfortable almost-silence. “I have some papers to mark.” He looked at the pile on the desk that he’d been putting off for a couple of days.




Chapter 8: Revelations.


The next morning Logan woke first, he was curled on the rug at the foot of the bed where his Master had banished him to for the night. Logan stretched and cracked his joints out. Scott had told him that sleeping there would remind him to concentrate when he was making the bed in future. Logan had slept in worse locations but it was the separation from Scott that hit the hardest and had made the lesson more memorable. His Master was in the room with him, but he wasn’t able to touch him or hold him. That was painful and he would make sure he never incurred that particular punishment ever again.


He eased himself up off the floor and watched Scott sleeping for a while. Scott had kicked the majority of the covers to the bottom of the bed and was only covered by the crisp white sheet. Logan could clearly make out the tenting that signified his morning erection.


Logan eased himself onto the bed and gently moved the sheet back to join the rest of the covers. He found himself staring at Scott Summers, fearless leader of the X-men in all his naked glory. Logan swallowed hard, the sight still caused him to stop and stare in awe.


His Master’s face was so relaxed and open in sleep. He looked like an ordinary man, but Logan was under no illusion as to how deadly the sleeping man was. He leaned over and took the erection in his mouth. Suckling on just the tip while his tongue played in the slit. Scott’s cock was cut, long and thick, Logan had often considered how unexpected that had been, but of course it followed that a man who so easily took command would be so well endowed. The sleeping man stirred under the attention of Logan’s mouth. Slowly he started to slide his lips up and down the length, taking more into his mouth with each downward slide.


He felt movement but didn’t let it distract him from his self-appointed task. A gentle hand came to rest in his hair and he knew his Master was awake now. He heard the catch in Scott’s breath followed by a soft moan of appreciative pleasure.


Logan shifted his position and swallowed as he sank down on the hard flesh, he didn’t stop until his nose was buried in the dark bush of Scott’s pubic hair. He swallowed and sucked around the invader in his throat and Scott bucked and groaned at the pleasure. Logan’s tongue worked against the sensitive underside then he slowly pulled back off until just the tip remained in his mouth. He teased the slit with his tongue and sucked hard. Scott’s back arched up off the bed as his grip tightened in Logan’s hair and he filled his boy’s mouth with his bittersweet cum.


Scott moaned as he relaxed back onto the mattress, panting heavily and stroking Logan’s hair as he continued to nuzzle the softening cock. He reached his free hand across to the nightstand and retrieved his shades.


“Now that is one hell of a wake up call,” Scott mumbled, his voice thick with sleep and lust and he pulled Logan up to kiss him hard.


Scott felt his boy’s hard cock press against his hip and he grinned into the kiss.


“Mmmm. Wish we could stay like this all day pet,” Scott sighed contently as he separated the kiss.


He lightly slapped Logan’s ass and slid out of the bed. “Come on pet. Shower.”



A month later


Jean had been back a couple of days but somehow Logan had successfully managed to avoid being in close proximity with her. Mostly, he mused, because he had been chained to the bed with an inflatable vibrating butt plug up his ass, a blindfold covering his eyes and a penis gag in his mouth. Now that was one hell of a way to spend your day off, but somehow when Jean cornered him in the kitchen and asked him where he’d been, he didn’t think she would appreciate the truth.


Logan had his head stuck in the fridge looking for something to eat. Scott was working on his bike and Logan had been finishing off some chores all morning. He hadn’t realised that he’d missed lunch until his stomach gave a mighty growl and had driven him down to the kitchen. His eyes were scanning the shelves of the fridge looking for meat.


“Logan. Where’ve you been hiding?” Jean’s voice broke into his thoughts and he jumped.


It wasn’t like Logan to be caught off guard like that. He straightened up and pulled sandwich making things and a beer with him as he closed the fridge doors.


“In bed mostly.” He almost grunted at her.


“I tried your room, there was no sign of you,” she replied almost petulantly.


Her mouth was pinched, that was all he noticed as he turned his attention to making his sandwich. He pushed his sleeves up his arms and the cuffs were blatantly displayed, he doubted she would understand their significance. He shrugged as he took a drink of beer and spread butter on his bread.


“Ya wanted me for a reason?” he asked gruffly.


“I thought you might like to go to see a movie tonight.”


He turned to look at her. She’d moved into the room and was standing too close for comfort. “Sorry, I can’t. Got plans.”


“Plans?” Jean sounded like the idea was impossible, like how could he possibly have something else to do. “With whom?”


“With…” he started to say but was interrupted.


“With me.” Scott said from the doorway, crossing his arms across his strong chest and leaning against the doorframe.


She spun around to look at him.


“With you?” She asked incredulously. “You’d rather go out with Scott than with me?” Jean asked Logan without turning away from Scott.


Scott smirked. “Who said anything about going out, Jean?”


She gave him a dirty look, which only succeeded in making him smirk more.


“Yeah, right, in your dreams Summers. Like you could really get Logan into bed. He doesn’t even swing that way.”


It didn’t seem like it would be possible for the smirk to grow anymore, but some how it did. Jean turned to look at Logan, who was looking at Scott with an almost soppy look in his eyes.


“Christ Scott, are you going to fuck your way through the entire team?” Jean screeched.


Logan growled dangerously at her words.


“No Jean, I’m perfectly happy with Logan. I don’t imagine I’ll be wanting to *fuck* any of the other guys. Although Angel has a tidy fuckable ass.” He winked at Logan as he skirted around her and drew closer to his boy.


Raising Logan’s hand to his lips he kissed it, then turned the wrist over and kissed the inside of the leather cuff. Scott could almost hear Jean’s jaw drop and her long disgruntled blinks. He smiled warmly at his boy. He heard Logan’s quiet growl of arousal at the gentle possessive kisses.


“I don’t fucking believe you Scott Summers,” She blasted as she shook her head, flicked her hair dramatically then flounced out of the room in disgust.


“I thought that went quite well.” Scott chuckled quietly before capturing Logan’s lips with his own. An action that rewarded him with a repeat of the soft growling purr he was becoming so very fond of.


“Finish making your sandwich, pet.” Scott instructed and took Logan’s beer bottle and sat himself at the table to watch his boy’s ass while he worked at the counter.




“Is every guy on this damn team gay?” Jean muttered to herself as she walked along the forest path to the boathouse.


“Non Jeannie, not all o’ dem. Some o’ dem be bisexual.”


She turned as Gambit dropped gracefully out of a tree and landed easily on his feet. She was sure he was part cat.


“Remy, he be ambisexual,” he giggled softly at his own joke, “An’ Hank, he be totally ‘etro. Ain’ too sure abou’ de ange, or wheels.” He shrugged as she glowered at him.


He lit a cigarette and offered the packet to her. Her nose wrinkled, as he knew it would.


“So, y’ foun’ out abou’ y’ boys, non?” Remy cocked his head as his eyes studied her face.


“Yes.” She hissed.


“Dey bon toget’er Jeannie. Remy ain’ never seen eit’er one of dem s’ ‘appy and relaxed.”


Jean did a good impersonation of a Wolverine type snarl.


Remy shrugged in response. “Y’ don’ own neit’er one of dem Jeannie. Dey deir own men.”


“It’s just not fair.” She snapped. She took the cigarette from Remy’s fingers as he gawped at her. She took a long drag and sat down with her back against a large tree.


“Merde.” Remy muttered and sat down beside her, lighting another cigarette.

“And what the fuck are them leather bracelets about. Is that some kind of gay thing?” She grumbled in annoyance.


Remy’s tinkling laughter annoyed her more and she shot him a look that would challenge Bobby’s ability to freeze water. He eased the laughter down a notch and smiled at her. It was his best ‘I understand’ smile. He hoped it was enough.


“What?” She asked and lightly probed him with her telepathy.


“Don’ even try Jeannie, de prof can’t get t’rough m’ shiel’s. Y’ certainly won’t.”


“You know something. Spill Gambit.”


He sighed. “No’ fo’ Remy to say Chere.”


“Don’t make me hurt you.”


He blinked and looked at her, he figured from the look in her eyes it was almost certain that she was serious. “S’all bon, Jeannie. Dey cuffs no’ bracelets.”


“Cuffs?” she asked dumbly. “And the difference is?”


“Bracelets, dey be pretty mais, dey have li’l function beyon’ dat.”


“And cuffs have a function?”


“Oui.” Remy smiled and nodded to emphasise this affirmative.


“Like what?” she asked, puzzled.


Remy sighed, feeling like he was about to explain the birds and bees to a 10 year old. “Like dey a symbol, mon ami.”


“Of what? How?” her confusion only increased.


“De cuffs, dey have rings, non?” Remy asked, knowing full well that they did.


She nodded.


“An’ clips attached,” he confirmed.


She nodded again but now she was scowling at him intently.


“Which means?” he prompted, deciding he wasn’t going to do all the work here.


She scowled more. He could see her putting a puzzle together.

“Something fastens to them?” She asked uncertainly.


“Like wha’, mon ami?”


“I don’t know,” she snapped again.


“T’ink Jeannie, dey have clips an’ rings.”


She thought, then her eyes went wide and he almost saw the light bulb of dawning light.


“How is that a symbol?” she ground out.


“Jeannie, de man, he wearin’ cuffs… dey clip toget’er wheneve’ whereve’. Wha’ y’ t’ink?” He was mildly exasperated; she couldn’t be that naïve… could she?


She looked blank. Remy sighed. He hoped Scott or Logan wouldn’t kill him for this.

“Dey a sign of de man’s willin’ness t’ be dominated. Dey be a symbol of his submission. O’ his bein’ own’d.”


“Logan? Be dominated? What the hell are you talking about Gambit? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. Like anyone could own Logan!”


He knew she was unhappy with him when she called him Gambit instead of Remy.

“Is it mon ami? Y’ seen de cuffs,” he pointed out and charged his cigarette butt. He flicked it and watched it explode with a pop about ten feet away.


“Dominated…owned… by whom?” she demanded. Trying to imagine anyone man enough to dominate the feral man.


“By de man who pu’ de cuffs on, chere.” He was growing tired.


“That doesn’t help.”


He looked at her meaningfully. “Who y’ t’ink pu’ de cuffs on de man Jeannie, who ya t’ink close enough t’ do dat.”


She blinked.


He gave up. He stood up with a sigh of distinct weariness. “Scottie pu’ dem on ‘im. Scottie owns de man.”


He left Jean sitting where she was, blinking dazedly into space. Her brain was trying to sort out the information. It just didn’t make any sort of sense.




Chapter 9: Rewards



“I thought you said we were staying in?” Logan looked at the leather pants that were laid across the end of the bed.


He turned to Scott who was already dressed in black leather pants that had laces up the outside of each leg and hugged his crotch leaving very little to the imagination. He was also wearing a black form hugging t-shirt that emphasised his defined muscles. Logan felt his cock harden more and throb in his jeans. He watched as his Master was fastening a small silver hoop through a hole in his ear that he’d never noticed before.


“I never actually said that. Now, hit the shower boy,” Scott told him without paying him much attention.


“Now! Or I’ll leave you kneeling in the corner while I’m out having fun,” Scott commanded and it was finally enough to jump Logan into movement.


He watched his boy disappear into the bathroom and grinned to himself. He moved to the nightstand and pulling open the drawer he removed the small box that was inside. He opened it almost reverently. This was what he and Hank had been working on for the last two months. It was finally complete and tonight he intended that Remy would get his reward for the idea. He slipped his shades off and in a manoeuvre he had practiced dozens of times under the doctor’s watchful gaze fixed the tiny devices into the ports either side of his temples, hidden in the hairline, just above his ears.


Scott knew Logan had been looking forward to spending the night with him. He’d worked it so that Logan would be gone for almost three weeks while Hank performed the surgery that was required to make it all possible; and now he was back. They had developed the device together, pooling their combined knowledge of biology and electronics. Clicked in place Scott opened his eyes and blinked a few times to adjust to the influx of colours that he was starting to get used to again. He wondered momentarily about his boy’s reaction. The bathroom door opened behind him and he knew it was time to find out.


Scott replaced his shades and turned to watch Logan get dressed with a secretive grin that he knew was making his boy nervous. He watched as the big man dowsed his legs in talcum powder before pulling on the tight leather pants. He loved leather, the touch, the smell and the look of it. The way it hugged so tight and more than hinted at the treasure it was hiding inside. Logan was looking round for a top.


He grinned at his boy and opened his toy chest, he pulled out a leather body harness and motioned Logan over. He fastened and tightened buckles and unzipped the pants to fasten the attached strap around the base of Logan’s half hard cock and balls. He stroked the hardening cock a few times and then fastened the strap, this simple act pulled the rest of the straps into line and framed the muscular mans torso perfectly. Tucking his boy back into his pants he zipped the opening back up.


Scott used his fingertip to tilt Logan’s chin up, his boy’s eyes obediently rose to look at him. He noticed something was different but wasn’t sure what it was. Scott kept his gaze there and his hand moved to his shades, he took them off, closing his eyes for dramatic effect. When the shades were tossed aside he rested his hands either side of Logan’s face. He started to open his eyes and felt Logan flinch, Scott’s hands held him firm though and his eyes were opened all the way.


Logan gasped loudly as he looked up into the most stunning eyes he’d ever seen. His hand lifted to the burning blue eyes, not quite reaching their destination afraid to touch. He’d never seen anything like it. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected when he thought of Scott’s eyes but this wasn’t it. The whites of the eye were such a bright white, the irises a piercing bright blue and the pupil seemed to glow a pulsing red/black.


“How?” he managed to whisper in his awe.


Scott turned his head to the left and shifted the hair away from the implant. Logan ghosted his fingers over the area. “It was Remy’s idea, manipulating the theories from cochlea implants. Hank and I thrashed out the details and he operated while you were in Michigan. It’s a neural implant affecting the optic nerve to regulate the blast causing signals. They have an external part that plugs in to activate the implant. If I press on the implant I can still use my blasts, Hank is working on an intensity regulator for it. Then perhaps some way of giving me neural control over it so all I have to do is think about it.”


“Operated?” Logan was hypnotized by the intensity in those eyes but he’d picked up on that word. “Wasn’t that risky.”


Scott looked at him with a reassuring smile. “It was, if it had gone wrong it could have blinded me. But I have every faith in Hank and he didn’t let me down.” The brunette’s smile turned to a blinding white grin.


“I can see in Technicolor now and an added bonus is when I wear them my headaches disappear. I never realised your eyes were such a delicious shade of brown, chocolate coloured.” It was Scott’s turn to gaze into his boy’s eyes.


His hand caressed Logan’s stubbled cheek and he leaned down to press his lips gently against the shorter man's, tongue slowly snaked out to probe and search almost soul deep. He broke away from the kiss when Logan gasped and Scott grinned with triumph.


“So we have to thank Remy for his idea, don’t you agree boy?”


Logan could only nod his agreement he wasn’t quite able to speak again yet. Scott chuckled and handed him his leather jacket.




Scott drove the jeep not ready to tell Logan of their destination, he wanted it to be a surprise. Logan knew better than to try and pester him into giving anything away and after his first attempt of asking where they were going, he’d fallen silent. All he knew was that they were moving away from the city.


The quiet in the car was comfortable between them and Scott was possessively resting a hand on his boy’s upper thigh. Scott was lost in his thoughts about Remy. He’d noticed the boy becoming more and more withdrawn the last month. He didn’t really know what was going on, but he knew that though he was normally a party animal his friend was becoming a recluse. He suspected quite strongly that the Cajun was lonely and that the random encounters that he’d been happy to enjoy in the past were no longer satisfying him.


He had been watching Logan and Scott with almost a sadness around him. So Scott had pointed him in the direction of a club where he knew the owner. He hoped that Remy would meet someone there who would want more than a random fuck, that they would see how special he was and be willing to cherish him the way he deserved. His buddy had told him that the kid had come along a couple of times but had kept himself to himself mostly, certainly not the Remy he had come to know. His buddy had also told him that Remy had been interested in the charity auction that was coming up and a cunning plan had formed in Scott’s devious mind.


The building seemed to appear out of nowhere, there was certainly no other property for miles around and Logan swallowed hard as they pulled into a rather full car park. Scott cut the engine and turned to face him with a wicked smile. He pulled a bag from the backseat and rummaged in it, he pulled out a two inch wide studded black leather collar with two D-rings on the sides and an o-ring at the front. His eyes scanned Logan’s face as he saw his boy’s eyes light up.


“Take your jacket off.”


Logan slid out of the leather jacket without a moment’s hesitation and turned to face Scott full on, his chin slightly raised. Scott fastened the leather snugly round his boy’s neck and lifted one of his hands to kiss the inside of the cuff encircling his wrist. This had become a symbolic gesture of Scott reaffirming his ownership.


He didn’t own with an iron fist, he didn’t tie his boy up in unrealistic demands and rules. He liked his boy to think for himself, to be able to act without having to consult his Master. If he wasn’t able to do that then he would have been unable to function as an X-man. But that didn’t mean that Scott didn’t have expectations of the way he should behave and Logan knew that if he didn’t, then he would invoke his Master’s displeasure and some form of discipline. Respect in everything, words and actions, was important to Scott and he had to admit that everyone at the mansion seemed to like the calmer version of Wolverine that he now was. The beast inside his boy now knew where the boundaries were and he rested within them accordingly.


Scott climbed out of the jeep and pulled his bag of toys with him. He could see Logan eyeing the bag curiously as Scott led the way across the car park. There was a long line of people waiting outside the entrance but he ignored them and went straight to the front. The doorman smiled at him and nodded, holding the rope aside for him and his boy to enter, eyeing Logan with interest as he passed. Logan was tempted to drop his gaze submissively, but his Master’s words rang in his head about not having anything to be ashamed of. He lifted his chin with pride, he was Scott Summer’s boy and that was a wonderful thing.


Logan kept his place by Scott’s side, watching the club life swirl around them. Scott seemed to know a lot of people there and Logan pondered that thought, it amused him slightly. The more he got to know Scott the more he realised that the man he thought he’d known before was just some kind of super hero illusion.


Logan’s eyes were scanning the comfortable space, it wasn’t like the sleazy joints he’d been to in the past and it wasn’t a club built for dancing and one off pick ups, this was a club where you found friends, where if you gave yourself a chance you could become part of the family. Most people arrived with someone, couples or trio’s mini families in their own rights. But there were others who were part of the family but arrived alone or with friends and split up when they got inside.


There were burly looking men like himself, some were dom and some were sub, there were also plenty of cuter boys, some were naked, some were partially covered, leather, denim, PVC and some dressed like girls in corsets and short skirts, with thigh high boots and six-inch heels. He only saw a handful of biological women; it appeared that the club was predominantly male.


There were plenty of comfortable looking chairs arranged around low coffee tables around the room. Some of the chairs were occupied by doms with boys kneeling beside or between their legs, some were petted some were ignored. At one end of the room stood a well stocked bar, and the other end a raised platform that seemed to serve as a stage. There was music playing but it wasn’t so loud and overbearing that you had to shout to talk.


They found a seat and Logan fetched them drinks. When he had returned from the bar, Scott was talking with a man not much older than himself. They seemed to know each other well and the conversation was animated. The man had commented a number of times about seeing Scott without his shades on. He’d also studied Logan for a while and feral mutant had been made to show himself off for the man, whose name he didn’t know, before returning to kneel by his Master with his head rested against his thigh.


Scott’s hand played with his boy’s hair in a way that spoke of familiarity and that no thought was needed for the action. Logan was listening to their conversation and soon ascertained that the man was co-owner of the club, he was excited about something that seemed to involve selling off subs. Logan had started to growl at the thought of boys being sold unwillingly, but then picked up the words charity slave auction and settled down. The man excused himself and Scott turned his attention on Logan for a while.


It was difficult to judge the passing of time in the club, but after a while spotlights came on focused on the platform. There were curtained areas to each side and Logan assumed that one side would be where the boys were waiting but he was unsure what would be on the other side. The man who had been talking to Scott took to the stage. Scott’s grip tightened in his hair. He looked up at his Master and for the first time realised that he had a green paddle with a number on it.


The rules of the sale were explained. The boys were volunteers and all money was to go to charity. The period of sale was for 1 night only unless otherwise stated or the boy wished to prolong the period, no extra cash was to be exchanged with the slaves, this was not prostitution. The boy’s limits were to be given when they were introduced, and they were told that if they couldn’t abide by them, not to bid. If you broke a stated limit the time contract was broken and the boy was free to leave, if prevented then there would be serious repercussions. Logan listened intently.


For the next hour boys of varying kinds were sold, some couldn’t really be described as boys anymore, not by the longest stretch of the imagination and some already had owners who bought them; Logan thought that was sweet. The auctioneer announced a short break and then something special after; the auction wasn’t over yet.


After the intermission the something special made his way onto the stage, he was dressed in fine billowing black silk trousers, his pale torso was bare, his wrists were encased in black leather cuffs and joined together in front of him. Logan’s eyes slid over the slender form, noticed bare feet, graceful legs, a thin collar encircling the delicate neck, long silky auburn hair framing his fine features and stunning red on black eyes.


Logan was captivated; he’d never seen Remy looking so enticing. He heard Scott chuckle and looked up to find he was chuckling at him. Bidding was swift but the increments small, they showed no sign of slowing until Scott raised his paddle and pledged five thousand. Logan could see Remy blinking in their direction. He knew the bright light of the spotlight would mean he wouldn’t be able to see them. The room hushed as the bid was made and then a quiet burble rose up again and the boy was sold… to Scott. Logan watched as his Master’s friend, the club owner, led Remy off into the other curtained area - that he had now worked out was where the bidders paid for and collected their slaves for the night.


Scott stood and signalled for Logan to follow and to remain silent before they stepped into the curtained area. Logan saw his Cajun friend was blindfolded and watched as his Master proffered his credit card to pay. His cock was almost painful now, it had been hard for so long with the strap around it and from the thought of what might be to come.


He hadn’t thought about sharing Scott in anyway with anyone, and since the moment of jealousy when he’d found out that Scott and Remy had a history, he had become good friends with the boy. Sure he’d always been aware the kid was outrageously pretty for a boy, but he hadn’t considered the idea of playing with him. Now, looking at the sexy young team mate he found himself growing more and more aroused at the thought that Scott was going to play with him, and Logan wondered what his part would be: if Scott would use both of them; if maybe he would only be allowed to watch; or, even if Scott would let him play with Remy?


Scott silently attached a leash to Remy’s collar and with a wink towards his friend tugged for him to follow. The boy’s features looked a little confused, but he followed without protest. Logan’s gaze shifted between Master and newly acquired slave as he silently followed. He wondered if Remy could feel it was them, if he was allowing his empathy to test out their intentions. Scott led them to the back of the club where there was a door beside the bar. He nodded and smiled at the barman as he unlocked the door and led his two boys through.


After a short walk Scott opened another door and they stepped inside a plushly furnished room. At one end a large comfortable looking sofa covered in cushions in front of a real fire, soft looking fur rug on the floor between the two. On the other wall a king sized four-poster bed, made up with black satin sheets and deep red satin throw.


The lighting was subdued but Logan noticed that there were two doors in the wall beside the bed. He raised an enquiring eyebrow at his Master who smiled at him and placed his lips gently against his. Scott lifted his wrists and kissed the insides of both cuffs and Logan understood what he was telling him, that no matter what he belonged to him, he was his and that he had nothing to worry about, Remy was not a threat to him. Logan nodded and smiled.


Scott’s hands gently but insistently moved Logan to stand in front of Remy and then pushed him down to his knees. Stilling him there in front of the sexy Cajun. Scott took Remy’s hands and unclipped the cuffs from each other and quickly refastened them behind his back.


Remy was chewing on his lip and Logan could smell the conflicting emotions swirling through his body, he was nervous, he was scared, but he was aroused as hell. Logan smiled almost ferally as he thought back over the boy’s listed limits, there weren’t many and the ones there were he probably would have no desire to break, him and Scott alike.


Scott was stood behind Remy now and he leaned forward and ran the tip of his tongue along his neck at the edge of the delicate collar, lightly teasing the skin he nipped teasingly with his teeth, as his mouth moved over the tender flesh. Remy obediently tilted his head to the other side giving the exploring mouth more room.


“Monsieur...Sir.... s'il vous plait,” Remy moaned softly.


He was answered by a nip to his earlobe. Scott gave Logan a look and a nod. He didn’t need to translate; Logan’s hands moved to the waistband of the silk trousers and pulled the fabric down over the hard cock, hooking the elastic behind the boy’s balls to expose him. He noticed with a pleased smile that Remy was shaved smooth there; he found naked genitals so damn sexy.


Remy gasped and Logan grinned as he leaned forward and swiped his tongue over the sensitive cock head. Remy’s hips involuntarily bucked forward at the sensation and Logan’s hands moved to firmly grip his hips.


“S’il vous plait,” Remy tried again, pleading, his voice thick with lust.


He wanted to see who owned him for the night. He’d worked out, when the tongue hit his cock, that there were at least two of them. One mouth was tormenting his neck and ear; the other was playing with his cock and balls. And what a talented mouth it was.


Logan rubbed his tongue against the underside, running the tip along the full length of the shaft, before taking just the head between his lips and sucking hard. He kept a steely grip on the hips that tried to thrust the cock forward to push more into his mouth. He grazed his teeth against the tender underside and grinned around the hard flesh as Remy yelped and tried to buck.


His mouth moved to the balls and sucked hard on each in turn. Remy was yammering in half French and half English, cursing, pleading and begging. Logan momentarily wondered if Scott would gag the boy. He stole a look up to see what his Master was doing and saw him leaving strings of tiny bruising bites across Remy’s shoulders and collar bone. His hands were on tender nipples and pinching mercilessly. Logan groaned around Remy’s aching cock at the memory of what those hands felt like on his nipples when Scott decided he was going to torment them to see how long he could keep them sore for despite the healing.


What Logan couldn’t see was that Scott had insinuated his crotch into Remy’s bound hands. Remy was massaging and squeezing, while Scott was working hard at keeping silent. It was harder for him than it was for Logan; he was usually so vocal in their lovemaking and play.


He moved away from behind Remy and the boy started to beg more.


When Scott returned, he reached his hands around and fastened clamps on each hard, tender nipple. Remy yelped in a mix of pleasure pain and his cock jumped in Logan’s mouth. His balls had pulled up tight and Logan could smell only arousal pouring off him now.


He looked up at Scott hoping that he’d understand that the boy was close. Scott nodded his assent and Logan doubled his effort, taking the entire length deep into his mouth and swallowing around it, sucking as he pulled back then plunged back down on it, setting up a steady rhythm.


He could feel the body vibrating above him and his mouth was flooded with salty cum as Remy cried out and his legs almost gave out. Scott caught him holding him upright as he filled the hot mouth and Logan cleaned every last drop.


Logan sat back and looked up at the boy’s blissful face and his Master was smiling at him wickedly. Scott removed Remy’s blindfold and he blinked his eyes and looked down.


“Mon dieu.” Remy gasped when he saw Logan on his knees in front of him. He turned his head and met Scott’s eyes. Disbelief crossed his face. “Scotty… y’eyes, cher?”


“I know Rem, your idea worked damn fine. We wanted to say thank you.” Scott was smiling that deceptive boy next door ‘I’m gonna eat you for breakfast’ smile.


Remy smiled sweetly and looked back down at Logan who was still on his knees. “Y’give a damn fine blo’ job Wolvie,” he said with a chuckle.


“Oh Rems, we aren’t through with saying thanks yet. That was just a taster to get you to relax,” Scott said as he pulled the clamps off the boy's nipples.


Remy yelped, whimpered and swallowed hard then he realised his genitals were still lewdly hanging out and blushed.


“Up boy,” Scott told Logan as he wrapped the leash attached to Remy’s collar around his hand.




Chapter 10: One Night


Scott led the pair over to the doors that Logan had noticed earlier beside the bed. He opened one and led them into a playroom. Logan’s eyes scanned the room and was impressed at how well equipped it was. Stocks, St.Andrews cross, horse, spanking bench, bondage table & chair and a multiple attachment points on the walls, ceiling and floor to name just a few. There was a sling pushed into one corner out of the way and in the centre of the room stood a large elaborate frame system that Logan knew could take a person attached in pretty much anyway you could imagine and still allow access all around the captive.


Scott set his bag down on the large bondage table with an audible clunk. He looked from one boy to the other with a smile that Logan could swear was more feral than he could ever manage.


“Remy, help Logan out of those pants.” Scott unclipped the cuffs and turned his attention to the bag.


Remy dropped to his knees in front of Logan and his face reddened again as he felt his cock start to harden again at the position he was in. He was on his knees in front of the mighty Wolverine… somebody pinch him hard this had to be a dream. He leant down and unfastened the heavy boots, he was tempted to lean down and kiss them, his cock gave a jump at the thought and he could barely stop himself but he didn’t know if Logan would appreciate it. He gave in to the urge and lowered his lips to the shiny leather of the left boot before shifting and repeating the action on the right one. It earned him a growly-groan from the man standing over him. He smiled and then, as if he hadn’t done anything, lifted each foot and pulled the boots smoothly off.


He sat back on his heels and his hands actually shook as he reached out to unfasten Logan’s fly. He looked up at the older man and was reassured by an almost gentle smile that Remy couldn’t help but return. He popped the button and slid the zip down then slid the tight leather down over hips and thighs. Shifting his position slightly he peeled the seemingly second skin down Logan’s legs and off his feet. He folded them and placed them on top of the boots that he’d set aside.


He was in no hurry to move from his position. He looked up and his eyes met that impressive cock, harnessed and hard. Remy licked his lips but didn’t reach for it. He was listening to Scott’s movements as his eyes slid over the hair-covered muscles of his Canadian team mate. He was so lost in the sight in front of him that he didn’t notice Scott move up behind him until hands stroked through his silken locks.


Scott gently gathered the length into his palm and twisted it tightly around his hand with a finishing tug. Remy yelped and moaned.


“You like Logan’s cock, slut?” Scott knew how to turn Remy on, they’d played enough in the past that he knew what he liked, he knew the words that were a no go, but he also knew the ones that would send him insane with arousal.


Remy tried to nod but the grip in his hair held him too tightly. “Yes.”


“Yes what, slut? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten your manners since I last used you? It would be a shame if we had to spend the night on reminding you.”


“Sir, yes Sir. Remy be sorry fo’ fo’gettin’ ‘imself Sir. ‘e do bette’ Sir.” Remy thought he’d done so well to remember to speak in English only that he’d forgotten about the most important word.


Remy’s voice was so eager and sweetly submissive that Scott thought he was lucky he didn’t cum in his pants from the sound of it.


Scott smiled wickedly down at the boy. “You want to suck my boy’s cock is that it, slut? I bet you want to rim him too, don’t you?”


Remy emitted a little whimpering moan, his cock pulsed and his eyes fluttered. “Yes, Sir, Remy woul’ like dat very much.”


“Don’t fret slut, there’s plenty of time yet. We’ve got all night and Logan here has the most incredible stamina. You know you could be sucking him for hours, he could come a dozen times and he wouldn’t tire. I know how much you’d love that slut, to just be a little cock sucking machine,” Scott murmured the arousing words into Remy’s ear and he squirmed and moaned in response.


Logan watched as Scott’s grin grew and he tugged the boy by the hair until he was standing but had to bend at the waist, then he pulled him towards the frame, not stopping until Remy was stood in the centre.


“Stay!” Scott commanded as he loosened his grip on the boy’s hair.


Scott turned to Logan. Blue eyes studied chocolate brown, searching for an unspoken answer to an unasked question. He came to a conclusion, smiled brightly and pointed to the wall were metal poles varying in length from twelve to forty-eight inches dangled from hooks.


“Choose one, pet.” Scott knew this was an interesting tactic, would Logan choose thinking the spreader bar would be used on him or on Remy, would he play safe or go for broke. He watched the question flitter silently over his boy’s face.


Logan stepped up to the wall and looked at the different lengths. He didn’t like to be spread too wide but he knew the kid was agile and would probably look sexy as hell with his legs spread to their widest extent. But he didn’t know if the bar was for him or Remy. He realised this was what Scott had intended and that was what the devious smile had been about.


He reached up and took down a bar he guessed to be about thirty-six inches in length. He turned and offered it to Scott as if he was offering him a ceremonial sword. Just by looking at it Scott knew what Logan wanted. He smiled, kissed Logan tenderly on the lips and took the spreader bar from him. Logan watched as Scott returned to crouch in front of Remy. He lifted the silk pant legs and smiled, he had guessed that the boy would probably be wearing ankle cuffs and he wasn’t disappointed.


“Looks like my boy wants to see you spread wide, little slut.” He nudged the inside of one ankle and Remy didn’t need telling to spread his legs and how wide. He blushed at Scott’s words and, as the bar was clipped onto the ankle cuffs, being spread wide like that. At least he still had his pants on. Then he remembered how embarrassingly his genitals were displayed. He wondered if a tent in his pants would be more or less embarrassing at that point.


“Perhaps my boy wants his own toy. What do you think about that, slut?” Scott whispered in his ear, as he stood up from securing the boys ankles wide apart.


Remy’s eyes shifted towards Logan and Scott slapped him across the cheek. Logan winced at the sharp contact but Remy’s cock jumped.


“Look at me, slut, not at my boy, he’s not the one talking to you is he? You don’t want to be rude do you?” Scott spoke evenly, no anger or displeasure colouring his voice in the slightest.


Logan realised there was a lot he didn’t know about the way Remy liked to be treated that Scott had already learned. He was already suspecting that he was in for surprises.


Remy blushed. “Non, Sir,” He said so soft it was barely audible.


“Then answer my question, slut.”


“Remy t’ink dat ‘e woul’ like t’ be dat toy, Sir.” Remy’s cock pulsed and leaked a little as if to agree.


Scott grinned at the boy wickedly. “Do you think you could handle it little boy? That big man over there… with all that solid powerful muscle and the animal just below the surface… do you think you could take what the beast can dish out? Do you know what he’d do to you, pretty slut?” Scott continued to murmur as he walked around the boy appraising his form.


Taking one wrist he stretched the arm out to the side and up and attached it to the frame with a chain. “He’d beat you black and blue, rip into you, whip you with all that undisguisable strength, fuck you with his big, hard, thick dick. Probably wouldn’t even stop to lube you up before slamming home into you. Or he might be generous and use the blood from your wounds to smooth his way in.”


Scott moved across and fastened the other wrist in place spreading the boy tightly wide. Remy was moaning softly at his teasing words.


“You’ve seen him fight, slut, do you think he’d fuck you with the same animalistic intensity as you see in him while he’s in battle. Fuck like he’s fighting, pounding into you and splitting you apart. Biting down on that tender flesh of yours to taste your blood and mark you as his. He’d make you bleed boy, tear your flesh and leave his mark permanently on you.”


Logan’s beast was stirring at his Master’s words and he watched and smelt the youngest man’s arousal growing stronger where he thought it was impossible. He watched Scott’s hand grip the base of Remy’s cock and the boy groaned in utter frustration, he had been so close.


He sagged in the bindings as much as he could, which wasn’t a lot, as his cock backed away from orgasm. He was breathing heavily and it burned his lungs with the effort.


Logan’s nostrils flared at the scents that assaulted him. Scott moved towards him and smiled that wicked smile.


“He likes to be used hard. Just don’t call him anything other than slut,” Scott whispered in his ear, only just loud enough for Logan to hear him.


Scott opened his toy bag and indicated for Logan to help himself. Logan could hardly believe it. He was really being allowed to play with Remy. He stared into the bag and the first thing he picked out was a leather cock strap. Remy had cum once already, and he wouldn’t get to again until Logan was ready to let him. Stepping in front of the bound kid, his toy for the night, Logan reached down between them and fastened the strap tightly around the base of his cock.


Remy tensed and pulled on his wrist restraints, eyes wide he was chewing on his lower lip. He was staring at Logan, his gaze and scent a heady mixture of lust, need and fear. Logan growled softly and watched the kid shiver in his chains. He let his hands slide up the taut slender body, he knew the kid was strong but his muscles were deceptively sleek. He pinched the tender nubs of Remy’s nipples hard making the boy arch into his hands.


“Oui oui. S’il vous plait,” Remy babbled in French.


Scott smacked the Cajun’s ass hard, catching him by surprise. “English slut, you know that by now.”


“Sorry Sir. Remy be good Sir, promise.” As Remy pleaded Logan saw the smirk on Scott’s face.


Logan pinched the boy’s nipples hard again and added a twist while he leaned forward and licked along the row of bruises over his collarbone from Scott’s earlier attentions. He released the torturous grip on the nubs and flicked them with his fingernails. The moans and whimpers of pleasure-pain that fell from the Cajun’s lips were music to Logan’s ears.


He stepped around behind the boy and licked at this shoulder, then nipped briefly before he sunk his teeth in, breaking the flesh and tasting the tang of blood. He growled as Remy cried out and the scent told Logan the cry was one of pleasure and need. He suckled on the flesh then pulled back to swipe his tongue gently over it. Logan’s hands skirted down pale flesh of Remy’s back, he mapped and noted several scars marring the flesh, until he reached the waistband of the silk pants that were riding his hips. He pushed them down to expose the perfectly moulded ass.


His finger travelled the length of the exposed ass crack and down to tease the boy’s pucker. He was rewarded with a purring moan as the muscles in Remy’s back shifted beneath the skin. He massaged the sphincter firmly and pressed the digit testingly against it, it started to open for him. He grinned as he felt the slippery entrance; the boy had lubed himself up before the sale and Logan was sure he would have done the same himself.


Logan thrust his index finger firmly into the tight slippery hole to the hilt. Remy moaned and breathed heavily. Logan watched the muscles across the boy’s back and shoulders shifting and flexing under the tight skin. It was a work of art the way those muscles moved and he was sure there were more than in an ordinary human, it only served to convince him that Remy was part animal, possibly a cat.


He pumped the finger in and out rapidly and watched as his new toy twisted and pulled at the chains, while a string of unintelligible noises cascaded from his lips. As suddenly as the finger had entered Remy it left. His hole was spasming at air and Remy groaned his frustration.


Logan had moved away to the toy bag, when he returned there was no preamble before he thrust the mid-sized plug up into the boy’s hole. He held it there a moment to be sure it would stay put before moving his hand back. He slapped the tight butt cheek in reward.


He rained down blows to the Cajun’s ass; stingingly hard slaps, then tenderly soft caresses mingling together until the boy didn’t know what was coming next and his cheeks glowed a pleasant red, radiating heat. Logan reached up and unclipped the cuffs from the chains and clipped them together behind his back. He retrieved nipple clamps and swiftly attached them to the tender looking nubs.


Remy moaned louder as they bit down on his flesh and louder still when Logan added 100g weights to each one. Remy was chewing heavily on his lip to bite back his cries of pleasure-pain and Logan ran the pad of his thumb over them in a silent command to release it.


He leaned up and kissed the boy softly, he was rewarded with a lusty moan. He smiled and stepped away. As if reading Logan’s mind Scott released an overhead pully and lowered a chain from the top of the frame. Logan grinned as he clipped the chain to the leather wrist cuffs and Scott started to crank it back up. As the chain shortened Remy was forced to bend forward at his waist as his hands were raised up behind him. It was an unnatural position and there was stress on his shoulders Scott took it to the level of his comfort and then cranked it one more time. Remy groaned in discomfort.


Logan moved to his Master and didn’t need to make the verbal request as Scott reached for his cock harness and unfastened it. Scott kissed him hard, stealing his breath and leaving Logan gasping. He realised how much Scott was getting off on watching and that made him want to work harder to please his Master, to bring him pleasure by proxy.


The brawny Canadian moved back in front of his toy, moving in close so his cock was waving in Remy’s eye line where he was being forced to look at the floor.


“Suck me slut,” Logan’s deep voice rumbled.


Despite the added pull on his shoulders and his increased discomfort, the little slut didn’t hesitate; he took that hard cock in his mouth and sucked on it like it was his entire universe. He took Logan’s dick head and sucked on the tip, he was trying to take more into his mouth but he had little room to move.


Logan didn’t move closer to make it easier for him, he was enjoying the strain he could see in the tight muscles. After a short time though Logan needed more and took a step closer and thrust his entire length into the boy’s eager mouth. Remy sucked and swallowed on the cock noisily, rubbing his tongue against the underside and against the foreskin, where it was pulled back taut to reveal the purple head. The weights attached to his nipples where swinging and pulling torturously and making him moan and whimper around the flesh in his mouth, delicious vibrations that heightened Logan’s pleasure.


Remy grazed his teeth against the sensitive skin and Logan howled in pleasure. He started to thrust into the warm wet mouth, his hands holding Remy’s head still while he drove his cock in over and over, thrusting so his cock hit the back of his throat on every stroke. Logan pushed deeper and Remy gagged, the Feral was beyond caring: his orgasm was in sight and he forced his dick down the other man’s throat.


The tight muscles spasmed around his cock as the boy fought to accommodate it. He swallowed over and over and finally adjusted to the intruder in his throat. Logan was growling deeply as his breath came in rapid gasps.


He was fucking the boy’s mouth as if he was fucking his ass and it felt fantastic. He felt his orgasm spark in his groin and fire through his entire body causing him to throw his head back and open his mouth in an animal sounding cry of pleasure.


Remy’s mouth was flooded with bittersweet cum that was essence of Logan and he greedily swallowed it, there was just too much though and some dribbled down his chin even as he tried to consume every drop.


Logan pulled out and looked down at the pretty face with the semen dripping off his chin and his cock didn’t even have chance to soften at the erotic image. It renewed its hardness straight away and Logan grinned as Remy groaned. He looked over at Scott who had his own erection sticking out from his open leather pants and was stroking it leisurely.


“He has the most amazing mouth, Master.” Logan leered towards Scott.


Scott nodded; he knew only too well what a delightful little cocksucker the slut was. Logan beckoned him over to share the boy’s skill. He wanted to see his Master’s cock in that angelic mouth. Scott smiled in that way, which now made Logan shudder ,and came over to stand in front of the dangling boy. Logan gave the weights a tap and set them in momentum.


Remy groaned in frustration, his cock was steadily leaking and his balls hurt with the need for release, yet still he craved more, more pain, more pleasure, more humiliation.


Scott rubbed his cock head against swollen lips and they opened instantly to allow access and Scott thrust in, taking up where Logan had left off, battering the back of the boy’s throat while he sucked and swallowed.


“That’s it, pretty slut, take my cock in your throat, it’s what you were made for isn’t it? Hmmm? Yeah… take it all… Suck it,” Scott moaned and gasped out the words as he took his turn fucking Remy’s face and he thought back to the boy’s fantasies that he’d confessed to him.


Scott pulled back just before he was about to cum and shot his load all over that pretty face.


Logan groaned as he watched his Master cover the boy’s face with spunk, it dripped off his nose and chin and he looked like he was in bliss. He’d been stroking his cock while Scott had fucked Remy’s face and had quite quickly reached the edge again. He cried out in pleasure and satisfaction as he added his cum to Scott’s.


What a debauched image the boy now made. He didn’t realise Scott would shoot on Remy’s face he’d intended to do that himself after his Master had cum in the boy’s mouth, but the fact Scott had done it first made it even more arousing.


Remy was panting hard and a string of his precum connected his cock to the floor, the humiliation of wearing two men’s cum on his face was amazing, better than he’d imagined, the shame he felt at enjoying it only intensifying his pleasure. Even more so, someone else’s slave was using him and you couldn’t get much lower than that; he was reduced to being the lowest of fuck toys. He knew it only felt so good because the two men in question were people he trusted with his life. He needed to cum so bad and the ability to even babble was swiftly vanishing. And he wondered what was next… he never wanted this night to end.


Logan looked at the fuckable slut displayed for him, his mind full of all the things he would like to do to the young man. The images in his head revived his flagging cock and it pulsed back to life.


Scott chuckled at his insatiable boy.


Logan walked back around behind the boy and ran his hand over the still reddened flesh of his ass. Remy sucked in air and moan long and deep at the sensation. Logan began to smack the rosy cheeks as he had earlier. The Cajun’s babbling started up again in encouragement and occasionally Logan could recognise he was pleading for release, to be allowed to cum. This amused him more and he increased the power in his swats.


He didn’t need a paddle, as he knew with his hands fortified with adamantium as they were, he could cause more pain than the heaviest of paddles. Over and over his hand landed, it stung the palm of his hand with the power he put behind it but it was short lived and he knew that it was hurting the boy a lot more. He figured Remy wouldn’t be able to sit without thinking of this moment for a week. He wondered if Scott would put the boy on light duties or if he would serve to exploit the discomfort. He grinned and stopped to caress the burning flesh. He bent down and bit into the tempting red flesh, his teeth breaking the skin and causing blood to pool in the teeth marks, he licked at the blood briefly.


Logan couldn’t take it anymore and in one smooth move he pulled the plug from the boy’s clutching hole and started pushing in his own erection.


Remy cried out and squirmed under the assault of the thickness splitting him apart. His body shuddered and squirmed, this only increased his predicament as it sent the weights swinging more erratically.


Logan growled from deep in his chest. “Christ slut you feel so fucking good around my cock. Tight and flexing those muscles down on me,” Logan said gruffly as he continued to force his cock into the slippery, wanton hole.


Despite the plug, the boy was still tight and even though he’d already cum twice Logan wasn’t sure how long he could hold off; if need be he’d cum and carry on fucking the boy through his orgasm - gotta love that healing factor at times like that.


He reached around the chain and wrapped Remy’s hair around his hand as Scott had done earlier, using it as an anchor point he pulled the boy’s head back and thrust all the way in. Logan didn’t even pause to give Remy time to adjust to his size he just set up a punishing rhythm, driving himself in over and over hard and deep. His tight hold on the boy’s hair arching and emphasising his delicate neck.


The kid was all moans and whimpers, his throat too taut to be able to form words. Logan gave a guttural growl as he thrust in with unbridled lust and spurted his cum up the spasming channel. It clutched at him and gripped him tightly like being jerked off by a strong hand in a velvet glove. Remy’s body gave Logan no chance to lose his hard-on. Sweat was pouring off the Canadian’s body from the work out he was getting, this was more exercise than a two hour danger room session and infinitely more fun.


Logan slapped the boy’s ass and pulled slowly back.


Remy groaned expecting to feel the void of being stretched wide and left wanting as the invading cock was pulled out. But it never happened: the cock never left, it just pulled all the way back until only the head remained inside. Remy was dazed his head was spinning. With Logan’s recovery abilities it was like half a dozen guys were using him and not just two. He wanted to lose himself here, like this. His hole was trying to pull the cock back but it was just there tauntingly, only just inside and it was driving him insane. Finally he couldn’t stand it anymore and thrust back against Logan driving the hardness all the way into his needy ass.


Logan reached around and unclipped the clamps on Remy’s nipples, causing a scream of agony from the boy as blood flowed painfully back into the tortured flesh. Tears cascaded down his face and mingled with the cum drying on his skin. Pain and humiliation was sending him into space.


Logan was fucking him maddeningly slowly now. Every thrust rasping over his prostate. Remy was delirious. He was being tortured with pleasure. Logan gave Remy possibly the longest fuck of his life with a slow unhurried pace, all time stood still for the boy as his world became about the long thrust in, slow pull out and the pause before it started all over again.


It seemed like hours had passed when something changed. The thick cock filling him up twitched and pulsed, Logan changed up the gears and the ride became fast and furious once again. Logan drove deeper and deeper, each thrust impossibly harder than the last leading him towards yet another climax. Logan pulled back in a rush of cum as he threw back his head in a silent cry and spurted his cream inside and outside of the boy’s butt.


The older man regained his breath and looked across at Scott who had cum a second time from watching, Logan returned his Master’s satisfied smile.


While he watched, Scott rummaged in his bag and came out holding a single tail whip; he offered it to him. Logan took it from him and looked it over. It looked particularly vicious and he wondered if Scott had used it on the boy before, he certainly didn’t recall having it used on him. Logan gave the whip a test swing and cracked it in the air. He noticed Remy jumped and cried out at the sound despite there being no contact. Logan’s eyes glittered and he grinned at Scott who he realised was already grinning at him.


Setting the whip down a moment Logan came round in front of the boy and wrapped his arms around him as he unclipped the chain. He caught the boy’s weight and looked across at Scott for help. Scott understood and came forward and unclipped the cuffs and recuffed them at the front. He reattached the chain and cranked the pulley until it pulled the boys hands up over his head and took all his weight. He was stretched so tight he was almost up on tiptoes. Logan nodded and growled appreciatively and Scott went back to perch on the bondage table and watch.


Logan positioned himself behind Remy, his eyes shifting over the boy’s form, cum mixed with the blood from his bite on the boy’s ass and cum was also dripping down the insides of his thighs. The waistband of the silk pants was pulled tight around his thighs and the trickle of Logan’s cum disappeared from view inside them.


Logan pulled his arm back and flicked his wrist sending the tail soaring through the air and cracking a long red flare across the boy’s pale shoulder. Remy gave an agonized cry and Logan briefly wondered if this was the right thing to do, but the spike in lust from the boy soon wiped out any doubt. And he cracked the whip several times in even succession, raising bright red welts across both shoulder blades. Remy’s cries lessened in intensity as each slash of the whip remained equal in power.


Logan paused, reached around the boy and released the strap around his cock. He stepped back and his eyes narrowed as he remembered the words that Scott had muttered to the boy, the words that had aroused the Cajun so thoroughly. He spotted his target point and, with more power in the action than before, brought the whip down to slice the flesh across the flaming red striped right shoulder blade. The skin broke and blood started to ooze from the gash. Remy tightened in his bonds, cumming hard and screamed with all the power in his lungs as Logan brought down two more strikes in quick succession just an inch separating them from the previous.


Logan stepped forward, eyes studied the three parallel cuts, each one around six inches in length and the blood was trickling from the top one down over the other two and on down the pale back. Logan dipped his head and lapped the blood up, running his tongue over the stinging wounds.


Remy had fallen silent and when Logan was satisfied with the blood having been cleaned from the boy’s back he walked around in front of him. Using a handful of hair he pulled Remy’s head up so that he could see into those stunning red on black eyes. They were glazed and dilated with lust, Remy was gone, flying high on the pleasure and endorphins flooding his body. Logan tenderly stroked the kid’s face then kissed his lips softly. He pulled the boy’s pants up and looked over to his Master.


“Flying?” Scott asked with a knowing glint in his eye and Logan could only nod. “Hang on to him and I’ll release his hands.”


They worked as a team to release Remy from his bonds while preventing him from dropping to the floor. Logan gathered him up in his arms and carried him back through to the bed in the other room. Gently he lowered the spent boy between the covers as Scott pulled them back. He turned him onto his side and covered him up carefully.


Scott gathered him into his arms and kissed him deeply, lips melting together as his tongue slowly searched Logan’s mouth. It was a tender kiss full of emotion and love rather than passion and lust. When he pulled away Scott was smiling affectionately at his boy. He patted his butt and pointed to the bed.


“Climb in, pet.” Scott’s voice was gentle and he stripped his clothes off quickly.


Logan slid into the middle of the bed and Remy curled a leg around his and moved his head onto the strong chest. Scott watched and climbed in on the other side of his boy he kissed Logan’s neck where the collar hit the flesh and mirrored Remy’s position as he settled the covers over them.


Sleep came quickly.




Chapter 11: Arrival.


It had been a week since Remy had woken up in the arms of Logan and Scott. His bruised ass was healed now and the cuts made by the whip were well on their way. But his body still burned with the memory of the night. It had been… he tried to think of a word to describe it, but none of them came even close. Awesome just didn’t seem ‘awesome’ enough of a word. He sat on the dock with his feet trailing in the water soaking up the sun, his shirt and boots beside him, sunglasses on and resting back on his hands his back and neck were arched as he turned his face upwards and drank in the rays.


His mind slid easily over the events of that night and how much he had needed it. He’d needed to be reminded that someone cared about him. He was under no illusion, Scott and Logan didn’t want him as a lover, but they cared about him, maybe in some way loved him as a friend. They must do to have given him a gift like that.


The morning after had been so deliciously sweet. When they’d awoke he’d been carried to the concealed bathroom and cleaned with such tenderness it almost made him weep. There had been a lazy jerk off session, but nothing more. He knew when they left the club that the night and every thing that had happened would become just a memory never to occur again.


The trouble was, as wonderful as the night was and as much of a high it had put it him on, it had reminded him of what he was missing in his life. And after the euphoria, which admittedly had lasted a good few days, he started to feel even more depressed than before. Logan and Scott had reminded him he was desirable and deserving, he craved that, he wanted someone who would remind him that day after day.


His friendship with the other two had deepened and Logan had become quite protective of him. He chuckled quietly to himself as he thought of the warning growl Logan had given Warren when he’d made a comment about the Cajun during a danger room session. Remy hadn’t been 100%, his ass was still bruised and he was moving stiffly. Warren had said something about him needing to stop lying on his back, being fucked so much and focus on being an X-man. The growl from Logan had surprised Remy as he’d tried to wave it away and laugh in the face of the insult. For a worried moment he thought Logan might even attack the winged mutant, but he seemed content with the reaction the deep growl had received and Warren had backed off, holding up his hands in surrender.


It had felt good to have someone to protect him. It was odd because he’d thought he and Warren had been getting on better lately, but that just went to prove that appearances could be deceptive. He refused to use his empathy unless it was necessary, so he found it quite hard to tell when people were being insincere. He pondered how he had gone from distrusting everyone, to desperately clinging to threads of trust for anyone who would talk to him. He wanted to be able to trust, he was tired of feeling detached from people.


He had talked extensively with Scott about why he was depressed, not that his friend was surprised he had suspected that Remy was lonely. Remy had explained that he was fed up with being used for sex; he wanted someone who would… he’d paused and Scott had filled the gap. “You want to be adored and cherished,” he’d said, and all Remy could do was agree. Scott had reassured him that there was someone out there for him and that he just had to be patient. Despite how old he might feel, Scott reminded him that he was still young yet.


Remy sighed softly and pulled his feet out of the lake. He got to his feet pulling his shirt with him and tugging it on. He picked up his boots and wandered through some grass to dry his feet before pulling them back on and making his way back to the mansion.


“Remy can you get the front door. Logan has a visitor,” Bobby called to him across the entrance hall.


He’d been on his way himself but he wasn’t supposed to leave the security room. “I’ve given him a call on his comm., and he’s on his way down,” Bobby continued as he turned away when Remy made his way to the entrance.


Remy was meant to be on his way to the danger room to meet Scott but a detour to welcome the visitor wouldn’t take too long. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. His shades were still on even inside the house; the light of summer was just too bright for him at the moment. He pulled open the door and opened his mouth to speak, no words came out though and the usually cool Cajun crumbled.


“Hi.” The stranger smiled at him brightly. “I’m here to see Logan.”


Remy remembered to shut his mouth but that was about the limit of it. Logan’s friend was gorgeous, he had strong chiselled features that reminded him of Scott, but his hair was shorter, spiky and… blue. Behind his sunglasses Remy blinked several times in a vain attempt to engage his brain. The stranger was looking at him curiously.


“My name’s Scion,” he said as he tried to shake the boy out of his shock.


“Mon dieu!” was Remy’s whispered reply.


“Oh, yeh, I guess I look like your friend Scott.” He waved a hand minutely upwards and with a broad smile added, “even with the blue hair.”


This knocked Remy out of his stupor. “Non, Scotty no’ look…” *that good* he wanted to add. “…no’ dat much like y’.”


Remy shook his head to get the fuzz from it and stepped back holding the door open.


“Fo’give m’ rudeness, monsieur.” Remy mumbled and motioned for the stranger to step in. “Sorry, wha’ y’ say y’ name is ‘gain?”


At that moment Scott announced his presence. “Gambit,” his voice echoed round the large space. “You were supposed to be at training ten minutes ago.”


Remy winced visibly and turned to face the disgruntled sounding leader of the X-men.

“Oui Scotty, Remy was on his way, mais Bobby ask ‘im to let Logan’s frien’ in.”


Remy’s hand indicated the stranger to Scott and as if only seeing him for the first time, recognition flashed in his uncovered eyes.


“Scion. This is a surprise, what brings you up this way?” Scott offered him his hand to shake and the other man simply looked at the hand, making no move to shake it.


“Having a few problems. Logan mentioned the school and I thought you guys might be able to help.” He indicated the offered hand, “Better not.” He held up his hand and Remy gasped as electricity leapt and sparked between the fingertips.


“That sort of problem!” Scott realised as he watched the arcs of electricity zipping across the man’s palm and linking digits.


Scion pulled his hand into a fist and shoved it back in his pocket. Their collective attention was then drawn to the stairs as Logan came down them. His brows knitted momentarily when he saw the man then gave a greeting smile. Scott had noticed the warring emotions flittering across his boy’s face and smiled encouragingly.


“Scion’s come to ask us for some help with his powers, Logan.” Scott’s tone was composed as he silently reassured his boy.


“What’s wrong with ‘em?” Logan nodded a hello and folded his arms across his chest.


Scion opened his mouth to explain but Scott cut in. “Perhaps we should go somewhere and sit down.”


“Oui. Coul’ go t’ de kitchen. Remy make ev’ry one coffee.” Remy smiled triumphantly.


“Er, who’s Remy?” Scion asked slightly embarrassed as he thought maybe it should be obvious.


Logan looked from him to Remy with a chuckle. “This is Remy.” He pointed at the Cajun. “An’ take the shades off inside kid.”


Remy blushed and hesitated. He liked this Scion guy; the last thing he wanted was to scare the guy away with his eyes. On the other hand it was best to get it over with… it wasn’t as if he could wear them forever. He lowered his head and slipped them off. He turned as to make his way to the kitchen but Logan’s hand caught his arm and he turned to look at him. His eyes were drawn to the other man as if by instinct and Scion sucked in air and gasped.


Remy blushed. “Sorry monsieur, Remy’s demon eyes no’ pretty, eh? Remy know dey offend some people.” He turned his gaze away in shame.


Scion moved as Remy’s gaze drifted so that he could still see into the burning red on black, even though Remy was refusing to meet his eyes. “No…” he started, captivated, “They’re the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.”


Remy locked eyes with him then and he could almost hear Scott grinning. He studied the man in front of him, carefully. Without meaning too his shields dropped slightly as if to subconsciously test his sincerity. Scion’s eyes went wide The Cajun realised what he’d done and slammed his shields shut again. He watched Scion shake his head as if to rid a thought.


“What was that?” he asked raising a sparking hand to rub his temples.


Remy bit his lip and fled for the kitchen muttering an apology as he went. Scion looked at the other two questioningly. With a sigh Logan explained about Remy’s empathy as they followed him towards the kitchen.


Remy was embarrassed as he busied himself with the task of making his own special blend of coffee. He hated when he lost control of his empathy like that. He told himself hundreds of times that it was something that he should keep locked inside his shields but there were times when they had needed it for a mission or some other situation. He heard the others enter the room after him and he focused on his task even harder while the others talked.


As he placed cups of hot coffee on the table he heard Scion saying how his powers had started to get out of control about a month or so ago. He told them about shorting out his office building when he hit the button on the photocopier.


“Maybe dey no’ be out o’ control s’ much as growin’ stronge’.” Remy cut in without thinking and they all turned to look at him.


“What d’ya mean, Gumbo?” Logan asked.


He tried to kill the blush that was starting to get annoying but failed. Pulling himself up to sit on the counter Remy folded his hands in his lap. “When Remy was younge’ ‘is powers started t’ ac’ crazy. Was used t’ controllin’ dem by dat point, mais… dey started gettin’ ‘arder t’ control an’ Remy was chargin’ de mol’cules in de air roun’ ’im. Firs’ t’ought dat dey outta control, mais den realise’ dat dey gettin’ stronger an’ so ‘arder to control.”


Scott nodded it made sense. “You get used to controlling your powers at the strength they are, so if they increase in strength the control you have is no longer enough.”


Remy nodded.


Scion was looking confused, Logan had said the kid was an empath so what was this talk about charging things. Scott talking to Remy cut into his thoughts. “What caused it, why did they start to get stronger?”


“Remy was tol’ it was likely emotional stress or ‘ormones.”


Scion snorted involuntarily. “I’m a bit old for hormones to be playing havok.”


“What about emotional stress?” Scott looked at him with a raised eyebrow.


Scion’s brow creased as he thought back over the last couple of months. “My dad died. I guess that’s a possible trigger,” he paused. “How did you get them under control?”


Remy chewed on his lower lip. “Made some bad choices me… a mistake. Wouldn’ recommend doin’ wha’ Remy did, monsieur.”


Scott realised he knew this story now and decided it was best for the young Cajun if he steered the conversation away from the subject.


“Well knowing what caused the sudden surge may help us to work out how to help you get it back under control. It might be best if you meet with Hank… Dr.McCoy… He can run some tests and see if he can find out what’s going on with your powers.” He nodded thoughtfully. “Yeh, I think that would probably be the best first move. If that’s Ok with you?” He turned his gaze back to Scion.


“That’s fine by me, when do we start? This has been causing enough problems, I just want to get it sorted,” he explained, as Scott’s look seemed to be considering his eagerness.


“I’ll take you down to see him now. He’s always fascinated to meet a new mutant. You should have seen his glee when he met Remy.” Scott chuckled to himself and stood up pushing the chair back as he did.


Scion followed him closely and Scott paused to call over his shoulder that he would meet Remy for training in ten minutes. Remy groaned audibly and Logan and Scott both chuckled.




Training with Remy had gone well. Scott was pleasantly exhausted and Remy was back on form. It hadn’t passed his notice that the Cajun had taken to Scion. He was calling him ‘sir’ which was a bit of a give away, whether he even knew he was doing it was another point all together. They had been going about an hour and half when the lights fazed off and on with a buzz. It had thrown Remy off his stride and Scott had landed a kick to his side that he would normally have been easily dodged.


“That’s not like you, Rems?” Scott mentioned as he checked he hadn’t caused any significant damage.


He generally didn’t hold back when sparring with the other man, as he was normally lucky to land an attack anywhere near him, so the contact had been full force. The Cajun was winded and caught his breath before answering.


“Was worried ‘bout Scion.” His answer slipped out unbidden and Scott recognized the horror that crossed Remy’s face at his revelation.


Scott chuckled kindly. “Don’t worry Rem, your secrets safe with me… I figured you liked him. He’s a good man.”


He waited while his partner grabbed a swig of water, “I think he quite likes you too.”


Remy spurted the water in surprise. “Merde, Scotty… dat no’ nice to Remy. Makin’ fun o’ ‘im like dat.”


Scott shook his head and handed the boy a towel to wipe his chin. The lights buzzed off and on again but with a slightly longer off time.


“I’m serious Remy. I wouldn’t make fun of you like that you know me.” He waved a hand towards the ceiling, “I think we best call it a day. If he blows the mansion we could get stuck in here.”




The electrics had flickered a couple more times before Remy made it back to his room. He showered quickly and flung himself on his bed to relax for a while. His thoughts drifted to their visitor. He was just slipping into a pleasant daydream where the man was kissing every inch of him. The phone ringing disturbed him.


“Merde,” he cursed aloud before lifting the receiver. “Oui?” He erased the irritation from his voice.


“Remy would you make up the guest room for Scion, he’s going to be with us for a few days at the least,” Scott asked, knowing full well that the Cajun wouldn’t hesitate to do the task.


“Oui, Scotty, Remy ge’ righ’ on it.” His stomach felt full of butterflies and his heart had jumped to somewhere in his throat. That wasn’t even mentioning his erection that was now making its presence known.


“Thanks.” Scott grinned down the line and hung up.


Remy hung up and looked down at his hard on. “Merde, y’ timin’ always sucks.”


He reached for a clean pair of jeans and a shirt, pulling them on as he continued to talk to his waving member. “Later… Remy take care o’ y’ later… mon dieu… am talking to m’ dick now.” He rolled his eyes at himself as he zipped up.




When Scott hung up he turned his attention back to his boy, a grin still covering his handsome face.


“Boy’s got it bad.” He smiled down at the muscular man from where he straddled his stomach.


Logan blinked but couldn’t respond: his mouth was filled with a black leather penis gag.


“Now… where was I?” Scott was feeling wicked and he grasped the chain joining the clamps that were tight on Logan’s nipples. Pulling it slowly but insistently. His boy’s eyes went wide and his back arched up off the bed despite the weight of his Master on him. He felt Logan’s cock flexing against his ass and he winked down at his boy.


“Liking that aren’t you.” It wasn’t a question and the sparkle in his eye told Logan that his Master was really enjoying himself too.


“Maybe I’ll just fuck you and leave you lying here like this… desperate to cum. Waiting for me when I come back later. I wonder how long I could keep you like this until someone noticed you were missing.” He chuckled as his eyes glittered with humour. He couldn’t see Logan’s lips but he could see the smile in his eyes, he found the idea amusing too.


Scott tugged on the chain again and he could hear the deep animalistic growl of lust, need and frustration that rolled through Logan’s chest. He leaned forward over the older man’s body, resting his hands on the bed either side of his shoulders, and licked lightly at his nose, teasing the tip of it with his tongue. Oh yes… he was in a good mood today. He chuckled as Logan squirmed beneath him and he planted a kiss to the spot he’d been licking before rubbing the tip of his own nose against the Canadian’s in an Eskimo kiss. Logan reciprocated the movement and for some reason this served to increase Scott’s good mood.


He smiled, the blue of his eyes sparkling, the red of his pupil seeming to leap like a flame. He straightened out his arms and peered down at Logan.


“I love you Logan,” he said seriously.


Logan’s eyes looked up at him, silently studying. He knew that Logan regretted the gag preventing him from responding in kind. Scott gave him a tender smile. He was going to fuck his boy into the mattress until he screamed around that gag. The tender smile turned wicked as he slid himself down Logan’s body.


Pausing Scott licked and flickered his tongue over the tender nipples over and around the metal clamps. Logan growled and squirmed beneath him and that only fed his wicked feeling. Slowly pulling on the chain he stretched the nipples out from the muscular chest as his tongue continued to tease them. He heard the familiar growling-purr and chuckled softly to himself as he released his hold on the chain as slowly.


Moving further down the bound body he paused again to circle Logan’s belly button with his tongue, occasionally dipping suggestively into it. He didn’t dwell there long though before continuing down to his target. His body slipped between his boy’s legs as he blew a stream of teasingly cool air over the heated flesh of Logan’s hard cock. He watched as magnificent muscles shifted and played under tanned skin.


“Maybe I’ll shave you so you’re all smooth down here like Remy.” He smiled at his teasing and then chuckled at the dangerous growl that was the reply.


His tongue darted out to flick over the exposed head of Logan’s cock when he least expected it and Logan jumped. Scott grinned like a feral cat playing with a mouse as he continued his randomised attack of Logan’s erection. Sometimes the contact was firm sometimes it was barely contact at all; it came when least expected, keeping Logan off guard. Scott liked this game, it amused him… he could probably play it all day and not get bored. Logan was emitting a soft constant lust-filled growly purr that spurred him on.


Finally Scott captured the throbbing cock in his mouth and slid his lips slowly up and down the length of it, his tongue teasing and rubbing against the flesh as he went. He hummed softly around the cock knowing that the vibrations would feel so good. He felt Logan flex and throb in his mouth and tasted sweet precum. He sucked and swallowed around that hardness long enough to make his boy start to pull on his bonds and twist with pleasure.


He sat back on his heels and watched Logan writhing in pleasure on the bed. He reached a hand behind him and released his boy’s ankles from their chains and in one easy move had pushed his knees up to his chest baring his target. Scott pulled lube from his jeans pocket and unzipped his fly, releasing his painfully hard cock from its tight confines. He didn’t take very long to lube his boy’s tight hole and was soon pushing his dick into that so tight hole. He paused just inside the opening, closing his eyes and sighing with pleasure. It always felt so damn good to be inside his boy.


Once Scott had given Logan enough time to adjust to his invasion he fucked him with a rapid pace. He was close to the edge and he knew from Logan’s growls that he was too. He thrust in hard and deep, reached forward and released the clamps from his boy’s nipples. The instant they were clear, the pain of returning blood flow caused Logan to jerk up off the bed, howling around the gag and he was cuming hard between them, covering their bellies. The spasming and tightening of the hot channel gripping his cock was all that was needed for Scott to bury himself deep, throw back his head in a silent cry and add his own shuddering orgasm to Logan’s.


Scott collapsed forward onto the muscled torso and panted to regain his breath. His cock slipped from its sheath and he sighed in contentment stroking his arms up Logan’s sides as legs came down to settle on the bed. Both men fell into a light satisfied slumber.





Chapter 12: Connections.


Remy was perched on the kitchen table, looking up at the clock on the wall as the hands slid round. It was gone two pm and there had been no sign of Scion since the lights flickering when he was in the danger room with cyke. He cocked his head to the side thoughtfully and as if making a decision he jumped down off the table and busied himself making sandwiches. Assembling food onto a tray. He paused a moment, tapped his chin thoughtfully before digging in the fridge once more. With a smile he placed two bottles of juice on the tray and carefully picked it up.


It wasn’t until he was stood outside the door to the med-lab that Remy started to have doubts. What if the gesture was unwelcome? What if Scion thought him stupid for it? He whimpered and nearly turned to leave. Instead he reminded himself how much he always hated being stuck in the lab and that it was unfair to starve a guest on his first day at the mansion. He pushed himself through the door, the large door disturbing the air inside with a whoosh. Hank and Scion both looked at him and the usually cool Cajun found his mouth going dry and he was sure he was going to start shaking.


“Yes Mr.LeBeau, what brings you voluntarily into my domain?” Hanks smiled kindly at him.


Remy swallowed hard and attempted to throw up some semblance of a cool mask. “Eh, Remy t’ought y’ ‘ad our guest ‘ere fo’ lon’ time an’ no’ fed de poor man. S’ Remy brought ‘im down some food. Not’in’ fancy, jus’ san’wiches, mais… can’t go starvin’ de guests Henri.” Remy gave a dazzling smile.


“That’s very thoughtful of you Remy.” Hank noticed the time and gestured Remy into the lab, “My, you’re right the time has flown. You must be hungry young man. I’ll be in my office taking a look at the data we have so far.”


“That’s really nice of you Remy. Thanks.” Scion smiled as he took a sandwich and one of the bottles of juice.


Remy perched on a nearby exam table and waved the thanks away. “Y’ welcome, monsieur. Remy kno’s wha’ bein’ stuck in dis ‘ere lab can b’ like.”


Scion chuckled softly. “Scott was right when he said Dr.McCoy would be fascinated. He’s had me doing all kinds of tests.”


Remy nodded and smiled, “Remy was li’l bi’ worried when de ligh’s started goin’ crazy ‘fore.”


Scion actually blushed at that, Remy had to do a double take to make sure… but sure enough his cheeks had a distinct pink hue to them. He gave one of his disarming smiles.


“No’ nee’ t’ be ‘barrassed mon ami. Dis place seen worse dan a few flickerin’ lights.”


“I was confused by what you said earlier,” Scion paused to consider his words carefully but as he did so they were interrupted by Hank’s sudden reappearance.


“When was the last time you gave blood, Gambit?”


And that was the other thing Scion was confused about, everyone seemed to have more than one name and it was… weird. He looked at Remy as his whole attitude seemed to change. He’d jumped down from his perch.


“Well, mon ami, Remy t’ink ‘e ‘as some t’ings dat e’s mean’ t’ be doin’ ‘bout now,” he said as he was edging towards the exit.


“Remy, you know we have to keep the blood stocked up-to-date, we can’t run the risk of not having a suitable supply for you in an emergency,” Hank chided.




“And now seems like the perfect time, you’re here already and you have company.” Hank continued.


Remy mistakenly looked to Scion for help in his escape. Instead the other man smiled his own disarming smile. “Come on Remy, you can keep me company down here while the doc does his prodding and poking.”


“Merde,” Remy cursed as his body moved of its own volition back onto the exam bed. He’d barely known the man half a day and already a smile could have him wrapped around his little finger. “Merde,” he mumbled again for emphasis.


Hank chuckled as he started setting up the equipment. Remy wasn’t afraid of needles, it was just the whole thing of being here and enduring any kind of procedure. He turned his focus to Scion as Hank inserted the needle into his arm.


“So mon ami, whe’ y’ from?” Remy tried to sound casual but he knew he was failing, although Scion never so much as smirked at his attempt.


“Originally California, but I’ve moved around a lot. Most recently been living in South Carolina.” He smiled warmly and shifted back so he was propped against the backrest of the exam bed he had previously sat on the end of.


Hank disappeared back into his office.


“So… about your powers…?”


Remy explained about his charging power in the simplest way possible and hoped it was enough to satisfy the other man’s curiosity.


“Isn’t it unusual for a mutant to have more than one gift?”


Remy grinned. “Oui, Remy be special, monsieur.”


“You have the empathy, the… what you call ‘charging power’ and then there’s your eyes.”


“Oui, dat right, but Remy ‘ardly call ‘is eyes a gift.”


“I told you, I think they’re magnificent. What did you mean earlier when you said they offended people?”


“Dey be de eyes of de devil.”


“That’s ridiculous Remy.” Scion’s brow wrinkled in concern.


“Non, de people dey tell Remy all de time. Devil’s chil’, spawn of de devil… le diable blanc.” He shook his head and looked away from those warm brown eyes.


“Remy… look at me.” Scion shifted so that he was sat sideways on the bed, gazing intensely at the good-looking Cajun.


Remy looked back at him unable to stop himself, he blinked away the shame that threatened to take him prisoner. All he could see was the kindness on the other man’s face.


“Listen to me… those people were idiots. What they think doesn’t matter. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and in my opinion they suit you perfectly.”


Remy blushed. Scion had called his eyes beautiful. No one had ever said that to him before. Sure, Scott had said he was pretty, but that was different. He wondered why for a moment, and then he had to admit to himself the reason it made a difference was because this man was possibly the most gorgeous guy he’d ever met. He wasn’t one to fall for someone easily, but those eyes and that face, not to mention that soft voice. He was falling fast and hard. He couldn’t stop the blush that rose, and he didn’t really want to.


“Merci, monsieur,” he said softly and brought his left hand up and played loosely with a few strands of long auburn hair.


The time seemed to pass quickly. Remy had fallen into comfortable conversation with the almost stranger and before long Hank was back and removing the blood pack and needle.


“Rest a little while, Remy,” Hank instructed. Before he even had time to move though Remy had bounced down off the bed.


“Don’ need to res’, Henri. Remy be fine.” He grinned at the doctor, then promptly fainted.


Hank caught the Cajun before he could hit the ground then laid him down on the bed to come round and rest. He gave a soft chuckle. “The boy will never learn.”


Scion for his part looked concerned. He slipped off the bed and hovered close to Remy’s side while Hank checked blood pressure and pulse rates.


“He got up too quick and his blood pressure plummeted. Sometimes there’s just no telling the young man,” he told the other man. Noticing the worry in his eyes he added, “He’ll be fine after some rest. Although getting him to rest is usually quite a chore in itself.”


Scion couldn’t help himself, he wanted to finger a lock of that hair to find out if it was as silky as he expected. But he couldn’t, the way his powers were he didn’t want to risk adding an electric shock to the boy’s current problem. He smiled gratefully at the doctor as he fussed slightly over the unconscious Remy. He hadn’t expected to meet someone who could make him feel like this when he came here looking for Logan. Logan and he had been buddies for a long time and they had shared some fun times, but he had never had feelings for him beyond friendship and lust. This was beyond anything he’d ever felt before.


From the minute the young man had opened the door and stood looking at him open-mouthed he’d felt ‘something’ stirring. He thought he might have to stamp on it because his first thought was the boy had some kind of learning difficulty. But then he remembered how similar he looked to Scott and realised that he had just been in shock. Then when they had been talking and that odd sensation had hit him that Logan had explained was the Cajun’s empathy, it sparked that little something into a fully-fledged desire. He had the urge to protect and care for the guy, alongside that feeling of lust was the small flickering flame of love starting to grow.


What was more, he didn’t know for sure but it seemed like his interest might be mutual. The only problem he could foresee was his interest in the alternative lifestyle. He decided he should probably talk to Scott or Logan about it before making any kind of move. Remy seemed kind of fragile.


Remy started to stir and opened his eyes.


“Merde. Wha’ ‘appened, di’ somet’in’ ‘it poor Remy?”


Scion’s bit back a chuckle of relief and amusement at Remy’s expression as he rubbed at his face.


“No Remy, you fainted,” Hank explained.


“Dat’s impossible, Remy nev’r faint. Y’ makin’ dat up.” Remy scowled and Scion couldn’t hold back the laugh anymore.


“Afraid it’s true, Remy. You went down, lucky the doc was close enough to catch you.”


Remy blushed and swore in Cajun.


“You need to lay there and rest now Remy. I’m putting you as inactive for 48 hours, and you’re not leaving the lab until I’m sure your blood pressure is back to normal,” Hank told him, raising a hand part way through to silence the protest that was about to come from his patient. “I’m going to let Scott know the situation. Keep an eye on him please,” he directed at their guest and then disappeared into his office.


Scion’s eyes were crinkled at the edges with his warm smile. “How do you feel?” He asked and had to fight the urge to play with that hair again. He pushed his hands deep into his pockets in an attempt to beat it.


Remy blushed. “Remy feelin’ stupid.”


Scion chuckled softly and shook his head, “that’s not what I meant.”


Remy smiled shyly. “Head ‘urts.”


“I think that’s probably normal…” the rest of what he was going to say cut short by a siren sounding.


“Merde.” Remy said and started to sit up.


“Not you, young man. You’re on standby,” Hank said as he hurried from his office.


The siren came again.


“What on earth?” Scion asked as he wriggled his fingers in his ears to clear the ringing.


“I’m afraid I have to leave you. Remy, I want you to rest for ten minutes then Scott wants you in the security and communications room, but you’re to take it easy.”


“Merde, if Scotty dat desperate for someone t’ watch de place den it mus’ be a big t’ing,” Remy observed.


“It is Remy and you’re not up to it. Stay here, rest and look after our guest.” Hank gave the other man a smile and was gone leaving Remy to try and answer Scion’s questions without saying something he shouldn’t.




“Are you sure I should be in here?” Scion asked nervously looking around at all the equipment lining the walls.


“Oui, monsieur. Remy already tol’ y’. Y’ b’ fine s’long as y’ sit on y’ ‘ands.” Remy smiled at him.


When they first entered the room Scion had been terrified to come in, afraid of shorting out something important, after all it was called the security and comms office, which usually meant important stuff was in there. Remy had just told him to sit on his hands and he would be fine. He’d complied but it didn’t make the worry go away.


Remy hadn’t really explained what was going on, he’d said that sometimes the staff at the school would go to help mutants in trouble, but that was the extent of the explanation. He had sensed he shouldn’t push it any further even though he had questions. Remy had obliged him, seemingly knowing that he had needed to know more in order to understand. He’d explained that sometimes when mutant’s powers manifest they can cause big problems, he cited the case he knew of when the mutant had flattened a school. That made sense, people with control over their powers helping those who’ve yet to have any, that was the purpose of the school to some extent.


They had been sat in the small room for a couple of hours. Occasionally, Remy would push some buttons and talk to people through the mic of the headset he was wearing but mostly he sat flicking from image to image on the CCTV screens relaying the empty rooms and grounds of the mansion and chatting easily about anything unimportant.


Remy sighed loudly and stretched. He was bored, it was very rare that he was left behind on a mission alone, so he was nearly never involved in co-ordinating communications between the two teams.


Remy looked at the clock and sighed again. Then his stomach growled. “Merde. ‘ungry.”


“I’ll go fix us something, I think I can remember my way back to the kitchen,” Scion offered as he got to his feet.






Remy switched from camera to camera following the other man’s progress. He watched him in the kitchen. He stopped at the fridge, looking from his hand to the fridge handle then back. Tentatively reaching out Remy saw the arc of electricity connect the two and the kitchen lights dimmed. The hand was jammed back into its pocket. Scion was battling with himself, how to fetch food for Remy without shorting out the electrics. He looked around the room and found nothing useful. Remy watched as his shoulders slumped and he made to return empty handed.


Remy was feeling bad that he hadn’t realised that Scion would have a problem. He switched camera’s to follow the journey back, his attention was focused solely on that screen. Scion stopped in the hallway. His eyes seemed to be looking towards the front door with fearful curiosity. He hit the sound button and changed one of the other screens to show what he was looking at. His heart jumped and landed in his throat.


“Mon dieu.” He hit the comms button. “Cyke, we have an intruder…Sinister… no time, gotta help Scion.”


The headset hit the chair before Scott hand time to reply and he was out of the room and on his way to the entrance hall. He skidded to a halt in front of Scion.


“LeBeau, well isn’t this just a bonus. I must say, security around here is severely lacking for a change.”


“Back off Sinister,” Remy snarled but this only amused the other mutant.


Sinister knew the boy was no match for him. He could crush him like a bug so he thought it was an empty threat. Remy dropped his shields and fired a bolt of overwhelming dark emotions at the man who had hurt him so many times. Sinister screamed in response, one knee buckled and he fell to the ground holding his head. Remy couldn’t sustain the flow and snapped his shields back in place.


“Who is that?” Scion took the opportunity to ask while the opponent’s was down.


“Dat mistake I tol’ y’ about.” He didn’t take his eyes of sinister for a second.


He could almost feel Scion’s confusion and it made him fortify his shields. Sinister was getting back to his feet.


“Looks like you’ve learned some new tricks LeBeau,” Sinister sneered.


Remy felt Sinister touching his mind and unceremoniously ejected him.

Sinister looked pissed now. Nobody did that to him.


“Stay behind me.” Remy whispered to Scion almost accent free and easing them slowly backwards.


“You don’t need to protect me. I can look after myself.” Scion whispered back, unsure whether to be pleased of the protectiveness or annoyed at the implication.


“Not dat the problem, mon ami. Jus’ need ya behind m’.”


Sinister was leering, “oh look… the thieving whore has got himself a boyfriend. Well I wonder if he has your mental prowess ,whore?”


“You leave him de hell alone Essex,” Remy snarled. His hackles raised as his potential lover was threatened.


He fired another emotional bolt but it barely had an effect this time. Sinister was prepared for him now. He had to come up with something else. Remy concentrated in a way he’d never done before. Scott had told him that he should be capable of this but he’d never tried it. He knew that he would have been able to do it without thought before he had sought help to control his powers.


Someone who he cared about was being threatened and suddenly his vision was changing. He could see the energy contained within the molecules of everything surrounding him. Molecules glowed, sparkled pulsed, it would have been pretty if he had stopped to think about it. He focused on Sinister and saw the soft glow slowly spread around his nemesis. He bit his lower lip at the effort. Sinister was still, he was looking down at his hand unable to do anything.


“What do you think you’re trying to achieve little, whore?” Came the sneer that wasn’t so convincing anymore.


Sinister was focusing on his cells trying to beat back the attack on his very core, but Remy was operating at a level beyond even him. When had LeBeau become this powerful? Wasn’t the procedure he performed supposed to stop this from ever being possible? He couldn’t even make a retreat because he couldn’t move too freely and the security systems prevented him opening a tesseract.


Remy growled from deep inside. He needed more energy. His hand homed in on the nearest source, he grabbed Scion’s hand and the electricity pulsed into him even as the other man tried to pull back from the grip.


“No Remy,” he protested.


But Remy was in an altered state of consciousness; the only thing that was registering was his task. The glow around Sinister grew as he lost the fight against the exciting of the molecules in his body his eyes were wide with disbelief. His body was heating up and vibrating. He could see the glowing in Remy’s eyes even though there was sufficient distance between them that he shouldn’t have been able to see the changing colour. A slow grin spread across Remy’s face as he realised that he was going to succeed.


“Dis be g’bye a’ long last. I never realised dat I jus’ needed to stop bein’ scared o’ y’ to beat y’. Now… wave bye bye, baiseur de mère.”


There was a loud explosion, Remy felt himself moving backwards and then blackness.






Chapter 13: Aftershocks


Scott had received the garbled communication from Remy as they had stood in the empty laboratory. It had been too easy getting in and he was suspecting that they were either in the wrong place or on a wild goose chase.


“Intruder… Sinister…. help Scion.” Was all that Scott could make out of the message, but it was more than enough. He hadn’t had chance to ask more as the connection went dead.


“Fuck.” What had he been thinking leaving Gambit and Scion alone in the mansion like that? That was just plain stupidity, he berated himself silently as he rounded up his team.


“We need to return immediately. Code red,” he instructed into his comm. link.

The team knew better than to ask questions at the utterance of those two little words and immediately everyone was headed for the jet.


He didn’t have much he could tell them on the flight back, just what Remy had said. Logan looked worried; he knew what Remy had suffered at the hands of the mad scientist and who knew what they were going back to. Remy had no defence against the monster. Scion might be some use but that was uncertain, perhaps Sinister would have some way of adapting to the electricity, maybe even using it to his advantage.


Storm kept attempting to reach the control room and failing. The line was dead. She was trying hard not to panic about her brother, the last thing they needed was for the weather to hamper their return. She looked to Cyclops in the pilot’s seat. He seemed to be praying. She’d never known her team leader to be religious. That was somehow all the more disconcerting; when the atheist begins to pray you know you’re really in trouble.


Hank was feeling useless. He needed to be back there, he needed to be able to patch up any damage, he hated when there was nothing to do. He was questioning his presence on this mission. The young mutant that they had been going to rescue from Sinister’s clutches most definitely existed because the professor had registered his presence through Cerebro. But Charles had been content to take a watch and wait stance until the intelligence came that Sinister had captured him. There was fear not only for the mutant but also for the repercussions of Sinister having him in his power.


Charles had been awestruck by the power the young man had, he was most definitely omega class and he hadn’t known anyone with that many individual powers existed. He was like the ultimate in mutants and they had to act to stop Sinister perverting that power for his own ends. The intelligence had turned out to be a trick it would seem. Hank was annoyed that they’d let themselves be fooled like that. He looked across at Bobby and Warren.


Bobby was visibly agitated. He was shifting on his seat as if his movements could some how speed up their flight. Warren looked like he was trying to settle him and failing. Scott looked around at his team, they all looked worried, even Warren looked concerned and he wondered if it was for Remy or the mansion. His eyes met Rogue’s and he wondered what was going on behind the steely exterior.


Storm had made contact with the second team and they were on route back to the school as well. Scott was thankful that the school had been on summer vacation, god alone knew what the consequences of Sinister wandering into the school grounds would have been if all the kids had been there. His thoughts drifted to Logan in the other smaller jet with Jean, Kurt and Peter. He needed to take his mind off the impending feeling of doom that they would be going back to find either of the two corpses or nothing at all. He started to think about how they would launch a rescue mission.




The journey took too long even though in reality it only lasted in the region of forty-five minutes. There had still been no contact with the mansion and it wasn’t looking good. As the jet touched down, Hank was already unbuckling his seatbelt and heading for the exit.


“Lets try to stay calm and focused,” Scott told his team. In reality he felt anything but calm but he couldn’t let the other’s see that. He had to remain collected and in charge.


It was Scott that located the pair. He had gone straight for the security office. Flicking from camera to camera he spotted the two lifeless forms slumped against a wall in the entrance hall. There was blast damage and he furrowed his brow wondering what the hell had gone on. He called the others on their comm. links and was at the scene in seconds. Checking gently for pulses he was careful not to move either one, he found it odd the way Remy’s body was covering Scion’s and he wondered if Remy had been shielding him.


Hank was next on scene, he noticed the damage to the large hallway the blackened walls and scorch marks all round. He shook his head and focused on the two injured men.


“They have pulses,” Scott told him and straightened up. “Scion’s is weak but there.”


“Bobby, Warren, go to the lab and gather stretchers, back boards, neck braces and anything else you think we might need,” Scott instructed as the two appeared.


“Storm,” Scott looked at the worried face of the normally composed woman. “I need you in the communications room, let the other team know what they’re coming back too. And, see if you can find a recording in there of what happened,” his tone was that of a leader and she was startled by his lack of emotion. His face softened, “They’re alive but we really need to know so we know how best to help them.”


Storm nodded and immediately took herself off to her assigned task, quietly grateful to have something useful to do to occupy her from her fear for Remy.


The next thirty minutes passed in a blur of activity as they set about carefully separating the young men and getting them strapped on the back boards, while moving them as little as possible. They were all in the med-lab now and the other team had arrived back.


“I’m surprised the place is still standing that blast looked significant. Do we know what happened?” Jean asked as she entered the lab to help Hank with his patients.


“Storm is reviewing the security footage,” Hank told her as he finished pushing the buttons to activate the scanner.


Scion seemed to be in the most danger at the moment; his vital signs were weak. Jean stepped up to the exam bed that Remy was occupying and checked his pulse again. His eyes fluttered slightly and she reached out to touch his mind. She knew that normally his shields were impenetrable but he was injured and they may be down. She was surprised to hit a solid wall and gasped withdrawing quickly. As she checked him over his fingers twitched and a soft groan fell from his lips. She gave Hank a look.


“He’s waking up,” she told him and then turned her attention back to the patient. “Remy, can you hear me. It’s Jean. Squeeze my hand if you can hear me.”


Her hand was squeezed gently and his eyes fluttered open. She gasped audibly. Her mouth went dry.


~Hank.~ She managed to send telepathically.


He looked over to her from his screens; startled by the shift to telepathic speech he noticed her expression.


~We need to see that recording, stat.~ Her mental voice had a shake to it. He’d never known Jean to lose her cool in a crisis and it worried him. He came over to the bed and Remy’s gaze shifted to him.


“Oh my!” Hank exclaimed softly.


Remy coughed to try and find his voice. “Why y’all lookin’ a’ m’ like dat?” He groaned as he tried to move but found he was strapped firm. “Merde, wha’ y’ do t’ m’?… Whe’s Scion?”


“Remy, calm down. You’re strapped down until we can check you for broken bones. Both of you were unconscious when we arrived back. Scion is in the scanner as we speak,” Hank told him as he placed a gentle hand on Remy’s arm.


Remy settled slightly. “’ead ‘urts,” he said quietly.


“What happened Remy?” Jean found her voice again and gently squeezed his hand and pulled up a chair.


“Sinister, ‘e jus’ walk righ’ in t’ de mansion. Scion… ‘ad gone t’ de kitchen fo’ food. ‘e was coming back an’ saw Sinister. I got dere as quick as I could,” Remy paused to think about what had happened. “Got between dem. Sent an emotional wave a’ dat nutter. He didn’ expect dat. Mais… den ‘e start t’ threaten ‘e was goin’ t’ mess wit’ Scion’s ‘ead. I… couldn’ let ‘im do dat.” Remy squeezed his eyes closed and gathered his next words.


A whoosh of air through the lab signalled the opening of the door and Storm walked serenely in. “He blew Sinister into dust,” she finished for Remy, a proud look on her face.


Remy’s eyes opened and he tried to see his Stormy but he couldn’t turn his head in the brace. He cursed loudly at it and she came close.


“Brother, what you did…it was amazing.” She smiled at him and he couldn’t help but smile back. She raised her eyes to look at Hank. “Your other patient provided Remy with the energy he needed to achieve such a massive charge. I suspect Remy drained him of his electrical charge. It’s possible that it’s so closely tied to his life force that it has caused his unconsciousness.”


“Merde. I di’ dat? Mon dieu, I nev’r b’ able t’ look ‘im in de eyes again,” Remy fretted.


Storm soothed him while Jean and Hank set about trying to help their other patient with the new information.




Scott was pacing back and forth outside the med-lab when Logan arrived. Coming straight to him he pulled the taller man into an embrace.


“It’s not ya fault,” Logan said instinctively. “None of us had any clue that we were being sent on a diversion.”


Scott shook his head. “I shouldn’t have left the two of them here on their own. I should have known better when it comes to Sinister.” He felt bad but he let Logan comfort him. He needed it and so did Logan, they’d both become protective of the Cajun.


One by one the rest of the team assembled in the hallway waiting for news. After what seemed like hours Jean came out to talk to them all. She had been unsurprised to see them all gathered there.


“Remy is fine, he has a headache but we think it was caused by using his powers with such intensity rather than a concussion. He has…” she hesitated, “A side affect of… well, his eyes have changed.”


Brows furrowed and half a dozen voices asked questions all at once. She held up a silencing hand. “Storm said the transformation occurred when he tapped into Scion’s electrical current to sustain his power while he…” she paused the idea was still causing her some problems, “while he charged Sinister.”


There were gasps in unison. Rogue laughed and everyone turned to look at her.

“Ahm sorry, sugah,” she apologised, the seriousness of the situation taking its toll on her sanity. She and Remy had called it quits a long time ago. But she still had a soft spot for him. He had opened her eyes to so many things and if it weren’t for him then she would never have known what it was she wanted from a relationship. “Ah ahlways told him that he had it in him.”


“Remy charged Sinister?” Bobby looked stunned and confused. “What happened? Did he escape?”


Jean shook her head. “He’s plastered around the entrance hall. I imagine cleaning him away will be as difficult as getting rid of him in the first place was.”


Warren shook his head. “Did you really just say that Gambit blew Sinister up?” His voice was a mix of awe and disbelief. He checked his ears but Jean was nodding.


“What about his eyes… ya said they were changed?” Logan asked quietly his imagination running away with itself and he worried about blindness and all kinds of possible scenarios.


“They… well they turned gold.”


Another collective gasp.


“What about Scion?” Scott cut into the murmurs that bubbled forth.


“He’s still unconscious. We’re working on the theory that Remy draining his electrical charge resulted in a shift in balance in his normal physiology. That in, mind Hank and storm are trying to reintroduce a charge into his body while being careful not to fry the poor man.” She smiled softly. “Remy is feeling very bad about it.”


Questions started to bubble up again and she raised her hand again. “That’s all I can tell you right now. Go and refresh and eat. There’s nothing you can do here.”


The group dispersed leaving Scott and Logan. Jean took one look at Scott’s face and decided it was best to leave him where he was. She offered Logan a soft smile, finally seeing the feelings between them as he comforted her ex. She returned to the lab.




Hank was used to fighting with the young Cajun in order to get him to remain in the lab but not this time it would seem. Remy was propped up on pillows taking it easy like he’d been told but Hank knew it had more to do with wanting to be there when Scion woke up. So far there had been little sign that it would happen any time soon, although their idea to introduce a light electrical charge into his body had helped and his vital signs had strengthened considerably. The scan and blood tests were clear and it seemed like they were simply playing a waiting game and so far it had been twenty-four hours. Scott and Logan had hung around for almost eight hours before Hank had sent them off to sleep.


Remy was dozing lightly when he felt a strange tingling in his mind. It wasn’t unpleasant but it was somewhat disconcerting. His eyes opened as he tried to focus on the feeling. As he focused on it the tingling grew and gave way to a feeling of confusion, it wasn’t his, it felt… foreign. He checked his shields. They were up at 99%.


“’enri,” Remy called for the doctor’s attention and he came out from his little office where he was analysing the results from his tests with Scion.


“What is it, Remy?”


“Feelin’ li’l strange Henri,” Remy said a little uncertainly he couldn’t explain what he felt.


The words prompted Hank to start checking blood pressure and heartbeat. “What kind of strange?”


Remy tapped his temple lightly. “I’s like a confused buzzy feelin’. No’ fel’ not’in’ like it before.”


“Confused buzzing? How intriguing.” Hank flashed a light in each eye and Remy blinked the spots away. “Perhaps I should get Jean to talk to you. I know that she has described her link with Scott as feeling like a buzzing in her mind.”


Before Remy could say anything else Hank had the phone in his hand and was waiting for Jean to answer.




Remy sagged down on his bed and sighed deeply his head was pounding. Jean had left him to go and discuss things with Hank. She was pretty sure that the extreme conditions that had occurred during the Sinister attack had caused Remy to form an empathic link with Scion. He closed his eyes and focused on the alien emotion in his brain, it had grown stronger over the last hour. Confusion and anxiety coloured the feeling and it was starting to wear him down. He focused and started to conjure up feelings of warmth and reassurance. He visualised placing them over the buzzing applying the soothing emotions like a balm. He felt them almost melt and join together the confusion eased somewhat.


“’m s’ sorry cher, never mean’ t’ hurt y’ like dis,” Remy said softly.


He mentally stroked over the buzzing it had the knock on effect of easing his headache and Remy fell into a restful sleep.




Hours later a sharp pain shooting through his head woke Remy suddenly and he let out a yell of pain, clutching his head in his hands instinctively. He could hear voices and movement but all he was really aware of was that searing pain like someone was trying to rip part of his brain out. He tried to hear the voices but when he focused on them the pain got worse. He remembered the buzzing that had been there earlier, he couldn’t feel that now and he was suddenly struck by the thought that maybe this pain was coming from the link. He tried to calm himself and gather soothing thoughts but it was so hard to do with the painful onslaught that was dragging him down. What was worse, he didn’t know how to shut it off, his shields obviously were unable to stop it. It seemed almost like they were caught in some kind of painful feedback loop.


Tears stung Remy’s eyes as he struggled with calming himself. He got his breathing under control using some of Logan’s meditation techniques. Then instead of trying to get away from the pain, he focused on it. He gathered all the calmness he was generating for himself and covered the pain with it. The pain just absorbed it, easing slightly then growing again. He set himself in a cycle of calming himself then sending it. After an eternity the loop seemed to crumble and the calm didn’t just get absorbed. Someone wiped sweat from his face. The pain receded to a level he could tolerate and he opened his eyes even though he was exhausted.


Jean smiled down at him and mopped his brow again. “Well done,” she said softly then looked across to the other bed where he knew Scion lay.


Remy turned his head and his black and gold eyes met with puzzled looking hazel. Remy blinked and blushed. As much as he’d wanted to know when Scion woke up he wasn’t ready for facing him knowing that this was all his fault. He wondered if Scion would berate him for stealing his electricity or be annoyed at the unwanted link. Remy tried to steady himself for what painful words would come.


“Your eyes,” Scion whispered. “I didn’t think they could get any more amazing. How did it happen?”


All the Cajun could do was blink in shock. That was so not what he expected and he really didn’t know what to say. Storm had told him the transformation had happened when he’d used Scion’s electricity to energize his charge.


“Je suis désolé,” Remy replied as his eyes filled with tears of guilt and regret. “I’m sorry.” He translated.


Scion’s eyes went wide as he felt the strange emotions filter along the link. “Is…is that you?”


Remy nodded and turned his face away, briefly noticing that Jean had made herself disappear. “I’m sorry. Didn’ mean t’ hurt y’ an’ I didn’ mean t’ get in t’ y’ ‘ead like dat.”


The emotions caused an ache in the pit of Scion’s stomach and he didn’t know what to do. “Remy, it’s fine. It freaked me out at first and I tried to get rid of it but then you started pouring all these warm feelings into me and it felt really nice. Please don’t feel bad. I’m going to be Ok,” he paused. “ I… I’m not too sure what happened. Did he hurt you?”


The flow of emotions changed slightly, lifting and feeling lighter almost hopeful. He smiled and figured it would take a while to get used to labelling what emotion went with what sensation. Remy turned back to look at him.


“Non. I wasn’ goin’ t’ let ‘im hurt y’. I… I blew ‘im up. Mais, it took a lot of m’ energy an’ without even realisin’ I started t’ draw y’ ‘lectricity from y’ an’ use dat. Dat what made y’ unconscious, an’ what change’ m’ eyes an’ form’ de link,” Remy explained very matter of fact but he was belied by the warring emotions that trickled inadvertently down the link.


Scion gave him a warm smile. “You saved us.” He knew instinctively. “I mean, I don’t know who that guy was, but I can tell that you were terrified of him. And the way he spoke to you.” Scion winced at the dark feelings suddenly entering his mind.


“Remy,” his voice was quiet and pleading.


“Merde. I’m sorry, really I am.” Remy panicked and tried desperately to get the feelings of shame back under control.


“I can’t tell what the sensations mean exactly, but I can tell when they’re good or bad emotions. Maybe when we get out of here you’ll be able to show me. Like tell me what it is then send it so that I’ll be able to recognise them.”


Remy shrugged. He was scared that if he encouraged the link then when Scion left it would hurt more than if it was left alone. The link was there but that didn’t mean he had to deliberately feed it, and he had to find some way of being able to block it to keep those negative emotions locked in so they couldn’t hurt the other man.


Scion squinted slightly at him. “What are you feeling Remy? I don’t understand what this is you’re sending me.”


“Merde. I don’ wan’ y’ t’ know wha’ dat is,” he said without thinking.


“But I want to know Remy.” Something else suddenly occurred to him and a soft smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. “You’ve stopped referring to yourself in third person.”


Remy’s brow wrinkled. When had that happened? He thought back. “When I took de power back from dat monster.”


A bright swelling wave enveloped Scion. “Pride,” he identified.


“What?” Remy looked at him puzzled.


“What you’re feeling, the emotion you just sent, it can only be pride.” Scion’s smile was disarming.


Remy could only nod his affirmative and try his hardest to hold onto that emotion despite the sudden twinge of fear at the idea he would get used to Scion being there and then he’d be gone.


“Back to the dark thoughts again?” Scion sighed, softly. He wondered how Remy had managed to send him the soothing feelings he had before. Closing his eyes he concentrated on feeling good things. Happiness, warmth, care, concern and anything else that usually felt good.


Remy gasped at the sensations that filled him it made him feel so warm and wanted and it chased the fear away.


“Mon dieu, wha’ y’ doin’?” he asked in awe.


“I’m repaying the favour from when you soothed my panic earlier. This link works both ways. I think I like it.”


Remy felt his heart start to beat faster, he liked it too and no matter how much he wanted to be scared of getting too close right now he couldn’t stop it. He wanted this connection. He didn’t want Scion to ever leave, right now he was here and he felt so good inside his mind that he wanted to just enjoy it. For a while they just lay there looking across at each other, feeling each other through the link.



Chapter 14: Resonant


Hank had released Remy and Scion twenty-four hours after the latter had regained consciousness, satisfied that they were both fine and not suffering any ill effects. Scion’s charge had recovered to his normal levels and no one was quite willing to address the fact that the problems that had brought him to the school in the first place had seemed to be sorted by the whole experience.


Four days later they had become good friends and Remy was more than fond of the soft buzzing he felt in his mind. Scion was almost always happy and content and he loved that feeling wrapping around him like a warm blanket. It surged and tingled whenever he laughed and Remy had started to hope that the other man would stay permanently.


Scion had wanted to talk to either Scott or Logan before he tried to start any kind of relationship with the Cajun, but the pair had been called out on a work project the day that they were released from Hank’s care. Things were growing very relaxed and comfortable between him and Remy. He’d even learnt what all the little French phrases and words meant that were uttered on a regular basis. He wanted to take it a step further but every so often he would get these dark sensations from the Cajun that kept holding him back and Remy refused to tell him what they were representing. Every time he thought they were getting somewhere the brick wall was slammed back up, it was hard to get to know the young man like that and he was starting to wonder if he had misread the attraction between them, thinking it was mutual when it wasn’t.


Four days after leaving, Scott and Logan returned and the former had immediately called Remy to his office. Scion had felt the change in the sensations flowing from Remy, they got darker and darker until he felt like they were going to bury him and he instinctively started soothing the link as he had done a couple of times before. Remy had emerged and had virtually stormed up the stairs, passing Scion on the way without acknowledging him.


An hour later Scion had been sat in the kitchen talking to Bobby when he felt the link getting weaker and weaker and eventually it felt… gone. His mind felt almost empty with the presence missing from it and he felt bereft. He went looking for Remy but when he couldn’t find him ended up seeking out Scott instead. Scott had explained that Remy had left on some business in New York and that he’d be back in a few days. He hadn’t even said goodbye. Well, that told him what he needed to know didn’t it?




“Merde.” Remy grumbled to himself as he drove away from the mansion. Scott had sent him on a mission; he was the only one who could do it, as it required his skills as a thief. That didn’t make it any easier though and he hadn’t been able to tell Scion because he hadn’t wanted to say goodbye to him. Which he knew was pretty crazy, the guy would know he was gone. He could feel the link growing weaker in strength and soon it would probably vanish altogether. Then Scion would probably think he didn’t care enough to say bye. He cursed himself and thought about going back, but he reminded himself that he was in a hurry to reach his destination.


When the link did vanish from his mind Remy felt like crying. He had grown so used to it he hadn’t wanted to be without it ever again. It felt as if someone had cut a limb off it had become such a palpable part of him. There was only one thing for it, he would have to finish the mission in record time and get back to the school. He had to tell Scion how he felt.




With a stomach full of giant butterflies Remy punched in the access code for the front gate and rode the driveway to the garage. He’d pulled off his mission in two days… the minimum time possible for the complexity of the job. Parking his bike he swung his leg off and turned to see Scott was there to meet him. Remy pulled the disc from one of his pockets and handed it to him while his other hand removed his shades. He was about to hurry inside when he froze. Something was wrong. His mind was…empty. He had been too busy with the butterflies that he hadn’t noticed there was no minute buzzing as he drove up, but now he could feel that it wasn’t there. There was no link. His smile fell from his face and he turned clouded eyes back towards Scott.


“Scion?” He hoped the questioning use of his name would be enough.


“He went home Remy.” Scott said softly.


Remy’s stomach clenched sickeningly, he’d been such a fool to think that anything would ever come of these feelings. He should have known better by now that good things like this just didn’t happen to Remy LeBeau. He felt the burning at the backs of his eyes and blinked, quickly forcing a mask into place he shrugged nonchalantly and walked away.


He couldn’t hide it from Scott though, he’d known him too long and too intimately to be fooled. Scott could see the Cajun was deeply upset, he should have tried harder to talk Scion into staying but he had seemed like his mind was set.




“We should do something.” Scott spoke softly into Logan’s ear.


Logan was sat in one of the recliners on the veranda, his feet up and cigar clamped between his teeth. He was watching the Cajun who was sat beneath a large tree, his back against the trunk and scribbling in a notebook. The kid had been depressed as hell since he had returned from his solo mission a little over a week ago and Logan was worried about him. He had been trying to put on the “Gambit” mask as Scott liked to refer to it, but neither Logan or Scott were taken in by it. Scott because he knew him too well and Logan because he could smell how unhappy he really was.


Logan shifted his eyes from the kid to look at Scott as he sat down.


“What d’ya suggest, chief?” Logan took the cigar from his mouth and stubbed it out.


“I have an idea.” Scott grinned. “You just leave it all to me.”


They both watched Remy for a while then Scott stood up and took Logan’s hand and pulled. Logan chuckled at the effort to pull him to his feet, he wanted to just sit there and chuckle while Scott tried to shift his massive weight, but then something wicked glittered in the younger man’s eyes and Logan was on his feet faster than it seemed possible for a man his size to move.




“Merde Scotty. I don’ feel in da mood f’ goin’ out,” Remy protested.


“I don’t really care Rem’s we’re going. You’ve been depressed long enough. A night out dancing will do you good. Now get dressed.” Scott tossed the black PVC pants at him for emphasis.


Complaining all the way, Remy complied. He’d had to reassess his wardrobe on account of his eye colour change. The blood red shirts no longer looked quite so good with his golden eyes, but he really did not suit gold when it came to clothing. Remy decided to go for all black. He didn’t want to wear the PVC pants but he wasn’t in the mood to argue with Scott so he covered his legs with talc and poured himself into them. He pulled a black silk shirt from the wardrobe and buttoned it to just over halfway up. Perching on the end of his bed he fastened his boots on and stood up straight to look at Scott.


“Ready, cher. Le’s go.” Remy waved his hand towards the door his tone still far from happy.


Scott smiled approvingly and pulled open the door, not looking back to see if his friend was following. For his part, Remy followed obediently in silence, tugging and straightening the cuffs of his shirt.


“Logan no’ comin’, mon ami?” Remy asked slightly confused as they climbed in the jeep and set off.


“He’s meeting us up there.” Scott turned the radio on and tapped the steering wheel to the song that played as he drove.




Scott parked the car and Remy followed him straight to the front of the line outside the club. The doorman greeted them, eyeing Remy like he was a piece of meat. Remy had renewed self-confidence though after the Sinister incident and he stared back at the man. His golden gaze proving to be even more intimidating than his red one had been and the man, despite being almost three times as wide as Remy, actually took a step back.


Inside the music was pulsing, unlike their last visit that had been more sedate. Remy felt his mood start to lift as the beat moved through his body. He smiled slightly and headed for the bar. A couple of shots of vodka later and Remy felt himself getting a nice little buzz going, vodka did that to him unlike most other alcohol. He turned back to face Scott with a grin.


“Dat hit de spot. Now, goin’ t’ dance me.” He smiled and gave a shimmy of his hips his eyes glimmered momentarily.


Scott watched the young Cajun making his way to the dance floor already moving his body to the music. He shook his head and chuckled. It didn’t take much to raise the boy’s spirits, but he knew they wouldn’t stay up long just from the music and dancing. His eyes scanned the room and sought out Logan’s, he found the older man sitting on a chair watching the few who were already on the dance floor.


It was early yet and the doorman was only letting people in slowly. Scott flickered his gaze between the Cajun and the Canadian. He couldn’t help but grin. Remy was commanding the attention of almost everyone in the room and he wasn’t even using his empathy. His body moved so fluidly with the music it was like it was part of him. His moves could arouse the most virtuous person.


Scott crossed the room and sat down beside Logan, flashing him a brilliantly wicked smile.


“Pet.” He pointed to his feet and Logan slipped off his chair and knelt on the floor between Scott’s legs, still facing the dance floor.


“He threw back a couple of shots of vodka,” Scott said with a soft chuckle.


Logan understood the implication.


Remy was having a great time. His mind was buzzing and his body hummed with the vibration of the beat through his body. He closed his eyes and focused on the music, losing himself in it. He was aware some people were watching him, but he didn’t care, he was letting his hair down and having fun for once. He felt a wave of alien lust and passion surge through him and he fortified his shields. Remy was aware of what getting too drunk could do to his shields and he couldn’t risk letting his empathy loose in a place like this. He felt a hand on his shoulder and his eyes shot open. He looked at the hand and then at its owner.


“I t’ink y’ shoul’ b’ removin’ dat.” Remy allowed his eyes to bore into the man in front of him.


It wasn’t that the man was ugly; on the contrary he was quite decent in comparison to some that he’d had to fight off in the past. But Remy wasn’t in the mood for people touching him and he took exception to people invading his personal space without permission. He pondered how in the past he would have apologised and made to leave but he was almost a different guy since he had destroyed the man who he’d feared for his entire adult life. He was powerful now in a way that he’d never been before, no longer the defenceless victim Remy. He owned his destiny now and no one was going to mess with him again.


The glare didn’t work and the man made to move closer. Remy shrugged the hand from his shoulder and evaded easily when the man made to grab for him.


“Oh the little pretty boy likes to play hard to get does he?” The man leered.


Remy glared at him and his eyes sparked with warning. “I’m no’ playing anyt’ing. I ain’t int’rested in y’. Now, if y’ know wha’s good fo’ y’, y’will leave m’ alone. Y’ really don’ wan’ t’ make me angry.”


The man was still leering at him, but he seemed to be considering the information. The glare won again and the man held up his hands in defeat, he didn’t say another word just disappeared into the crowd. Remy looked around him; there were more people there now. Suddenly the music didn’t make him want to dance and the heat was getting cloying, he started to make his way to the exit for some air.


Halfway to the door a hand caught his shoulder and he turned, fist pulled back ready to punch the person touching him.


“You don’t want to do that.” The smooth voice said and Remy was able to stop the momentum of his arm just in time.


“...” Remy opened his mouth to speak but no words would come out.


A smooth chuckle rang in his ear. “I think we’ve been through this bit before.”


“What y’ doin’ ‘ere, monsieur? Scotty said y’d gone ‘ome.” Remy’s voice was pleasantly incredulous as he stared into those warm hazel eyes.


“I did. But I came back.” Scion gave him a disarming smile.


Suddenly Remy realised his mistake in thinking the buzzing in his mind was from the alcohol. He blinked, he was stunned, he could feel such strong emotions flowing down the link now and they made him sway on his feet. Scion’s hand caught his elbow to steady him.


“Why?” Remy asked, partly suspicious and partly hopeful.


“Scott asked me to join the team.” Scion started, the smile still curving his lips and crinkling his eyes.


Remy’s heart sank a little at that announcement. Scion was back and that was good, but he wasn’t here because of him. His hope trickled away.


Scion’s smile faded as the darkening emotions seeped into his mind. “Remy?”


“Merde.” Remy realised what had happened and pulled his arm free and fled outside before Scion could stop him.


Scion followed the Cajun outside as closely as he could but he still had to stop and visually search the car park to find him. His eyes swept over the area a second time and picked out the lanky frame that he was after. He strode over and stopped behind him. Remy was breaking into a jeep that Scion was fairly sure was Scott’s.


“I thought you’d be glad I came back. Scott said…” Scion trailed off as Remy turned to look at him and interrupted his explanation.


“Y’ came back t’ join the team,” Remy almost hissed his hurt.


“Scott asked me to join the team, yes.” He gasped at the pulse of pain that hit his mind and he grasped his head.


Recovering slowly he focused on his feelings for the Cajun and started pouring them down the link. Then it was Remy’s turn to gasp. The pain eased and Scion straightened, looking Remy in the eye.


“Will you please let me finish?” His voice instructed.


Remy blushed, he hadn’t known there was anything else left to say and even if there was he wasn’t sure he wanted to hear it. He nodded though.


“He asked me to join the team, but I only accepted because of you.” He finally was able to say it all and he felt Remy’s confusion touching his mind. “I missed you Remy, Scott said you were missing me too. It seemed pretty stupid to be that far apart if we both were unhappy like that.”


“Mais, y’ left while I was away,” Remy almost accused.


“I did. You left without saying anything to me. I thought… well I thought I had got it wrong and that you didn’t actually care about what might happen between us. The idea of staying and not being with you hurt, so I left.”


Remy’s eyes were wide. It was his fault, as always… it was all because of him, because he hadn’t told the man how he felt, because he hadn’t told him he would be back soon, all because he was scared of being rejected he had hurt the guy he cared for and pushed him away. He felt warm flesh touch his cool cheek and realised Scion’s hand was caressing it.


“Mon dieu. I’m s’ sorry. Didn’ mean t’ hurt y’. Seems t’ be all I do, non? I was scared, merde, I was a fool.” The words fell from Remy’s lips.


“Scared? Of me?” Scion asked feeling slightly concerned at that idea.


“No’ exactly of y’. More dat I woul’ ge’ close t’ y’ an’ den y’ leave.”


Scion shook his head slightly and smiled affectionately. “Silly boy.”


Remy realised the irony of that, he had pushed him away because he was scared he’d leave. Didn’t that just make sense, not! Something occurred to him his stomach flipped and his mouth dried slightly.


“Wha’ y’ doin’ ‘ere, mon ami?” Remy’s brow furrowed curiously.


“I thought we just covered that.” Scion chuckled but Remy was shaking his head slightly.


“Non, here!” Remy indicated the club.


“Oh. here!” Another chuckle echoed quietly in the still night air. “Logan said this was the place to come to meet hot Cajun submissives with beautiful black and gold eyes. Do you know any?” Scion gave a dazzling smile as he teased lightly and the link lit up with colour and heat, almost sizzling in his mind and causing him to bite back a moan.


“I t’ink I maybe know someone who fit dat description, monsieur,” Remy purred and smiled sweetly. “Mais, dat boy be a brat an’ ‘e no’ be easy t’ get to, y’ know. T’ink y’ may ‘ave to woo ‘im a lot.”


Scion pretended to be thinking it over “Hmm, he sounds like a lot of work… but I hear he’s worth the effort.”


The genuinely ecstatic smile that he received in response nearly knocked Scion off his feet and he wrapped his arms around the Cajun in a warm gentle embrace.





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