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World What Day

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Disclaimer: I don’t own either of the CSI guys and I’m not sure if there is a day such as this.


A/N: In answer to the challenge by adnamamai for fics based on unusual/wacky real or made up holiday/celebration days

World 'What' Day?


“Greg, I think you’ve misunderstood.” Gil said patiently, looking at his boy: ready for work in his usual attire but with a few unusual additions.


“Nu-uh. It says quite clearly on the calendar.” He retrieved it from the kitchen and pointed at it as if to prove he was right. “See… ‘World Take Your Pet to Work Day’.”


“Greg… It doesn’t mean human pets.” He said softly.


The dapple-haired lab tech pouted. “But…”


“Besides, I take my pet to work everyday.”


The pout intensified: It wasn’t the same: he wanted a declaration.


Griss cringed, he never could resist that adorable pout; it was his doom and downfall. He hated to see his boy disappointed, especially when it was genuine. He caved, “Ok, go and get your leash.”


The smile that blossomed on Greg’s face was more than worth it. The younger man bounced away to retrieve the leather and chain leash. He was already wearing his black leather collar set with small amber gems and the small silver tag that declared who he belonged to. He shook his head and chuckled wondering what the others at work were going to make of him turning up with Sanders on a leash.

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