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Bring Me To Life

Type: Song Fic

Rating: 18

Pairing: Logan/Remy

Warning: Song Fic, Graphic m/m sex, Hurt/comfort.

Date: 25th May 2005

Summary: After Antarctica Remy has shut down, he needs someone to bring him back to life, that someone is Logan.



Type: songfic (July 2005)

Rating: PG

Pairing: Logan/Remy (preslash)

Warnings: Hurt/comfort

Summary: Remy is deeply affected when a child with similarities to himself dies before they can get to her on a mission. He seeks comfort in the one person he knows he can trust with his life.


Down Low

Type: One Shot; ficlet - 1149wds

Rating: 16+

Pairing: Remy Le Beau/Logan

Warnings: Angst, AU, diabetic-coma-inducing ending, First Person, Suicide attempt.

Summary: A strong man is brought to rock bottom before an angel brings him back from the pit and saves his life.


Fire and Ice

Type: movieverse, Drabble - 100wds

Rating: PG

Pairing: Pyro/Iceman (John/Bobby) although, not really.

Summary: Why did Pyro join Magneto?


Goodbye My Lover

Type: Song Fic (completed 28/06/2005)

Rating: Teen

Pairing Remy/Logan

Warnings: Dark themes, Character death, AU, Angst, Suicide.

Summary: What would happen to Remy if his lover Logan was killed during a mission?


Look What I Caught

Type: Short ficlet - 359wds

Pairing: Logan/Remy

Summary: Humorous end to a camping trip.


Meaning of Rings

Authors: azure_chaos & LS/Sarafimm

Type: Epic, Series - 38,254wds -WIP (Last update: 20 Dec 06)

Rating: Adult 18+

Pairing: Scott/Warren

Warnings: AU, BDSM, First time, Kinks, Graphic m/m sex.

Chapters: 10

Summary: Scott Summers had just turned 18 and along with the usual presents he gets the one thing he’s wanted for so long but thought he never would have…Warren.


Tears and Rain

Type: song fic - 1752wds

Rating: Teen

Characters: Logan & Remy Le Beau

Warnings: Angst, song!fic, shmoop

Summary: Remy's past is chilling him to the bone, he contemplates the things he's done and what he should do next to help save himself.


Ultimate Mission

Type: Series - 47,274wds

Rating: 18+

Pairing: Scott/Logan, Scott/Logan/Remy, M?/Remy

Warnings: M/m, AU, threesome, hurt/comfort, BDSM: Humiliation, Whipping, Spanking, Biting, Oral & Anal.

Chapters: 14 (complete 1st Dec 07)

Summary: Scott goes on a rescue mission and finds more than he expected.

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